Dynasty (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

Mother? I'm at La Mirage

1 - Previously on Dynasty - I'm sorry.
I have a fiancé.
The judge has agreed to grant bail on the condition of house arrest.
MICHAEL: We got a new midfielder in from Cuba.
I was trying to get out for a long time, - and I needed help.
- What do they want? COFFMAN: Your brain cells are turning against one another, causing significant cognitive dysfunction.
I think I need to be on my own for a while.
Vanessa, I just need you to sit tight a little while longer.
Someone call 911.
What if I can never see again? Well, now, that's better.
I know you can't see it, but it's the start of a beautiful new day.
I never knew how much I'd miss the sunrise.
But your being here makes all the difference.
Thank you, Father.
It's, uh, only been a week, and the doctor says we won't know anything until the swelling goes down.
- Mm-hmm.
- In the meantime, - I want you to keep your chin up, okay? - Mm-hmm.
We have blueberry muffins at three o'clock, eggs at six, up there in the corner at 11 o'clock, we got some OJ, and high noon is coffee.
- Sugar? - JENNINGS: You think your sweet father would forget that? And how's our patient today? Keeping my chin up.
Your nurse should be here any minute.
Nurse? I I didn't order a nurse.
Well, I was just about to tell you.
Cristal talked to some friends of hers from her therapy days, and we found someone who comes highly recommended.
Oh, no, no.
I-I don't need a professional.
- The only care I need is from you.
- Well, I'm not gonna be much help to you if I'm in prison for murder.
I need time to prepare for trial.
Blake's been assigned a judge.
Son of a bitch built his reputation on being tough on white-collar criminals.
So your stepmother and I are working out a plan to get someone a little bit more sympathetic on the bench.
Have you considered interviewing the interns in the office? They know where the skeletons are.
Don't get overemotional, Adam.
We're on top of it.
You just focus on getting better.
- Mitchell's waiting for us downstairs.
- Ah.
I'll have someone from the staff take care of it.
Don't you go anywhere, Adam.
Nadia will be here soon.
Where are you off to? Let me guess, you are going to go find Liam so you can sing him the soundtrack to West Side Story.
Oh, no.
I am done with all that.
Liam wants nothing to do with me, so I have decided to get back to business.
That is shockingly mature.
- Agreed.
- So which business? The record label with Monica, the media conglomerate you bought so you could steal the publishing company, or that restaurant you bought so you didn't have to stand in line? The empanadas were worth it.
And maybe you should worry more about your own business, and less about mine.
- Yeah, I am worried.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) I have a grand opening coming up, and there's a shiny plaque dedicated to a giant homophobe - in the middle of my lobby, so - Mr.
LIAM: Hey.
LIAM: Fallon.
I'm gonna go anywhere else.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here? I, uh, wanted to return your stuff.
At least I think it's yours.
Ashley said she would never buy hooker heels, even if they are spring runway.
Thank you.
- Is that all? - Actually, I was wondering if you had any of my stuff.
Like my passport maybe? I just I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Yes, Liam, I have your stuff.
I have a ton of your stuff, including your passport.
We were practically living together.
I just I just gave you my passport? You asked me to hold onto it because you were constantly losing it.
You were forgetful, even then.
Plus, we were talking about taking a big trip together.
I'm sorry.
But do you think I can get it back? I will have to look for it later.
Sorry, my career needs me.
Yeah, that's fine.
Uh, just let me know.
(DOOR CLOSES) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Sorry, I was just showering.
Any updates? - Can I finally get out of here? - Not yet.
The private security firm hasn't found the guys who're after you.
But the store finally restocked gummy bears.
So there's that.
I'm going crazy in here, man.
I feel like I'm in prison.
Prison doesn't look like this.
Trust me.
I-I know you're bored, especially since you're used to a more active social life.
But I need you to stay out of sight until this is done.
- Okay? - Yeah.
- And no posting on social media.
- Oh, my God.
Kirby? I guess you're not that bored.
And clearly, you're doing just fine.
I'm sorry, is that a judgment that I hear? 'Cause you dumped me, remember? How long has this been going on? None of your business.
Actually, Victor is my business.
Our fall opener is next week, and I don't need him being distracted by booty calls.
You know what? Save your lectures for someone who cares.
Gummy bear? Maybe if you stare at it hard enough, it'll just disappear.
You think? I think you should stop obsessing about the plaque and get back to work.
Yeah, but I can't.
Every time I walk past it, I feel it watching me, like a homophobic Mona Lisa.
May I suggest that you focus on the reason that you accepted the plaque as a compromise? You have a redone hotel that opens in 48 hours.
Have you had a chance to approve the final party plans yet? No.
Ever since Hootie canceled, I just haven't been able to get back into it.
Well, maybe you should interview our prospective new bartender.
You know what, you're right.
It does happen on occasion.
I sold my soul for this place, and this party better be lit.
FALLON: Wow, it looks like "bring your unqualified daughter to work day" in here.
But actually, - it's your lucky day.
- You're leaving the country? Hmm, that's a little funny.
- What's this? - An offer to buy Femperial.
It is my company, and I want it back.
This is an insulting offer.
You have more than this in your change purse.
You paid one dollar for the company.
You would be making $2 million on your investment.
- Even you can do the math on that one.
- I'm sorry, but I'm not selling.
I will double the offer.
But only if you get your outlet-mall stilettos off my desk.
I told you, Femperial's not for sale.
Oh, please.
You really think that running Femperial's Instagram account in any way prepared you to be the CEO - of a major corporation? - Of course not.
Which is why I'm bringing on a new CEO.
But, you know, since I'm technically still the boss, and you're trespassing, I might just call security and have you escorted from the building.
Although, I am tempted to kick you out with my, uh, outlet-mall stilettos.
This isn't over, you conniving little wombat.
Monthly chelation therapy will mitigate the side effects of the neurotoxicity.
But it's not a cure.
My advice: take it easy.
Enjoy life while you can.
Because once your cognitive functions start to diminish, they don't get any better.
DOMINIQUE: Hello? I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had company.
And I didn't realize you still had my spare key.
- Hmm.
- Mom, this is Danielle, my car broker.
You can never have too many, right? I hope you mean cars, and not brokers.
I'll be in touch.
Are you okay? You look so tired.
Just a little worn down.
Is it work? Because maybe I can help.
I'm thinking about getting back into music management.
Okay, since when have you been in music management? I was doing it in New York.
And I know you just bought a streaming service, so maybe I could help you find talent.
(SIGHS) No offense, but right now, the last thing I want to talk about is work.
But I'll think about it.
- All right? - Of course.
COMPUTER VOICE: Things are heating up in the Blake Carrington murder trial.
- Prosecutors have - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Father? - It's me.
- And Nadia, the nurse we spoke about.
- Oh.
The nurse that I didn't ask for? Good news: technically, I'm an orientation - and mobility instructor.
- Great.
Whatever you are, I don't need you.
So, I'm sorry that they wasted your time, - but you're dismissed.
- Good luck.
We have a couple of choices on where to start.
- Basic indoor orientation skills - Look, I'll level with you, Florence Nightingale.
If you just leave now, you'll save us both a lot of time.
Sorry, but I'm not going anywhere, so you may as well get used to me.
You'll be done within a week.
In a week, you'll be wondering how you lived without me.
SAM: A cellist? - Are you serious? - She's earned quite a few accolades with the Atlanta Philharmonic.
And I'm sure her family's thrilled, but it sounds boring.
I mean Martinis? Boring.
Lobster canapés? Boring.
Where's the magic? The sparkle? None of it is right, Anders.
Sam, the party's tomorrow.
Changing the plans now would be a radical course of action.
Then let's be radical.
We need to wow everyone.
And right now, I'm not wowed.
I'm actually un-wowed.
So we're going big.
And because we're restoring the name the hotel had in the '80s La Mirage I think we should lean into that vibe.
You know, embrace the spectacle.
Kind of like Vegas, but classier.
I take it you want me to cancel the cellist? Uh, yeah, cancel.
This is my coming out as a real live businessman.
It has to be perfect.
Now, fortunately, I have an amazing idea.
Ashanti is in town.
So I'm gonna get her to sing at the party.
Perhaps she'd like a cellist to open for her.
(CHUCKLES) And people say you're not funny.
So you're saying there's no way we can get Femperial back from Kirby? I'm saying I haven't found one yet.
Don't you have, like, a dream team of lawyers available to you? Why did you choose me? Well, the family lawyers are a little busy with my father's murder trial.
- And also, I don't trust any of them.
- (CHUCKLES) So you come to the guy who sabotaged your community service garden, and tried to send you to jail.
That makes sense.
Yeah, I think so.
Look, I'm trying to handle this discreetly, because the last thing I need are rumors that Fallon Carrington got duped into selling her company for a dollar.
Also, I was in a hurry, and you had an opening.
Well, patience isn't exactly your strong suit, is it? No.
It'll take a lot more than lukewarm coffee for me to show you my strong suits.
(EXHALES) So, how's your fiancé? Um, nonexistent.
Yes, that chapter is closed, and the book is back on the shelf.
Got it.
Well, uh, maybe we could grab a drink sometime, or some scalding hot coffee.
Well, I would like that.
But let's just maybe see how this part turns out first.
There is one thing we could try.
Hi, there.
The bar is not technically open yet, but can I get you a drink anyway? Whatever you're making is fine.
It is a blue mango martini, and I'm calling it the Naughty Girl.
(GASPS) What the hell, Mom? You were supposed to be waiting in New York for my call, not coming to Atlanta and getting a job at a club owned by a semi-Carrington.
- You defied me, Vanessa.
- Because you were taking too long.
You promised I'd be able to move down here weeks ago.
And it's not like I got a job at Club Colby.
I am so close to earning Jeff's trust.
If he finds out you're my stepdaughter, I promise you he will not react well.
I won't tell anyone who I am, but I'm staying.
I thought that's what we both wanted.
Look, I know how hard you've been working down here.
I'm just ready to start my career.
And we'll get you on Monica's label and use Jeff's streaming service to play your music, and soon, everyone will know who you are.
I'm sorry.
I know it takes time.
Don't apologize.
I'm happy to see you.
(BOTH LAUGH) Oh Yes, Lauren, I re I really appreciate it.
And I-I, actually, I want to get this done as soon as possible.
No, no.
You're my only choice.
Um Hey, Lauren, can I, uh, give you a call back? Yeah.
Excuse me.
How can I help you? Excuse me.
- Hello? - FALLON: Hi.
They're just getting rid of the stuff I don't want.
Sort of cleansing the office of your aura.
Uh, is Liam's amnesia contagious or have you just lost your mind? Neither of those, but you just lost your lease.
Because although you may own Femperial, my lawyer thank you, Evan discovered that the signatory on the building's lease is not Femperial, but the company I bought to get Femperial.
So really, you're the one who's trespassing.
Well, what about all my stuff? My files? Oh, well, Kirby, I'm not heartless.
I told the boys to be gentle when they throw it out on the curb.
(SCOFFS) You are a petty, petty woman.
But with a great office.
I'm not gonna lie, that felt pretty good.
Oh, what? Is it bad form to gloat in the legal community? This is Lauren Hall's résumé.
Looks like Kirby's about to close a deal to make her CEO.
And with an actual grown-up with a proven track record on board, Kirby won't have any trouble securing a new lease somewhere.
- Wow.
Good for her.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Why does it seem like when you say "good for her," you don't really mean it? What are you planning to do? I don't know.
It's percolating.
But, hey, you should come with me to this hotel party tonight.
You can get a front row seat to the Kirby show and we can celebrate our victory.
It's a date.
Oh, well, it's Yeah, I guess it is.
Hey, there.
Big fan.
Kind of in my zone, so I know, but I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration.
Also, my hotel is opening tonight.
You should totally come to the party.
It's the only hotel in Atlanta owned by a queer person of color.
And if you wanted to sing? I appreciate you being a big fan and all, but yoga's kind of, like, my "me time.
" So I'm probably not gonna be able to sing at your hotel tonight.
I read somewhere that you love soccer.
I could get you VIP season tickets to the Atlantix.
That's sweet, but I actually don't even live here.
Well, Victor Diaz is gonna be there.
He's really hot and you can hang out with him if you want.
- (ALL SHUSHING) - Okay, relax.
You're unemployed and doing yoga in Buckhead, not India.
Victor Diaz? He's the midfielder, right? - Uh-huh.
- He's kind of cute.
So cute.
This could be kind of cool.
- Well - Wha After class.
If Anders still worked here, we'd know every time this judge even thought about something illegal.
Only thing this P.
found on him is that he sucks at golf and his son's a loser.
Pretty sure that's not enough to get him to recuse himself.
Okay, but what if Judge Fairbanks has been dealing illegally with my family for years? He has? No.
But once I make a few calls, the past can be adjusted.
I don't know about that.
There's just too many things that could go wrong.
My father and I are finally on speaking terms, and he can be very helpful with this sort of thing.
You should check on Adam and Nadia.
When I popped in earlier, he seemed reluctant to let her help.
I should be the one helping him.
You can't do everything, and we need to prepare for the possibility that he may never get his vision back.
- Meaning what? - We should consider sending him to a private rehab, until he learns how to live with this.
You know what? Let's-let's just fix one problem at a time, starting with the judge.
You look like you could use a break.
I baked you some oatmeal cookies.
I remembered they were your favorite.
And I remember Grandma making them for me because you said baking ruined a good manicure.
Okay, fine.
I paid someone to make them, - but it's the thought that counts.
- (SCOFFS) What do you really want? I was hoping we could spend the day together.
Well, that sounds nice, actually.
Doesn't it? And then, tonight, you can be my plus-one for the grand opening of La Mirage.
No way am I going to a Carrington party.
The only Carrington going tonight is Fallon, and she was the first one that offered to help when you were missing.
I thought it would be a nice way for us to relax and hang out, but it looks like it was a foolish idea.
Forget I mentioned it.
If it'll make you happy, then fine.
I'll go to the party.
(QUIETLY): Very happy.
Jessica? Hi.
Fallon Carrington.
Listen, I wanted to invite you to the grand opening of La Mirage tonight as my guest.
Of course I'll send the jet.
Are you kidding me? You were the very first person I thought of, Barbara.
Can I add you to the VIP guest list? (GASPS) Fantastic.
That's right.
Kirby will be there, too.
(CHUCKLES): Yes, it'll be quite a show.
I'll see you tonight, Kit.
("CLAIR DE LUNE" PLAYING) - NADIA: There you are.
- (SIGHS) (WHISPERS): For the love of dogs, why are you still here? Because we are supposed to be working on your cane skills, not your piano skills.
Trust me, when you can get around without hugging the walls, you'll feel amazing.
Now, look, I know this will be overwhelming and and tough that's very mature.
(PLAYING LOUDLY) Ow! What's wrong with you? I don't think I'm the one with the problem here.
Well, I do.
So what is it? Tell me.
Abusive husband? Oh, no, no, no, wait.
Drunk parents, right? See, I'm just trying to figure out what makes someone so pathologically and annoyingly helpful.
Your diagnosis is both completely wrong and irrelevant.
It's a good effort, though.
I know I'm the blind one, but why can't you see that I don't want your help? I'd be more worried about what some other people in this house are thinking of you.
But I'll be upstairs if you need me.
- You're new.
- I'm Nadia.
Well, I would love some champagne while I get ready.
You can just bring that to my room.
I'm not a maid.
I'm Adam's therapist.
- And you are? - Now feeling very sorry for you.
Do you have specialized training with sociopaths? - Is that why they hired you? - Sociopaths? - What do you mean? - (PHONE RINGING) FALLON: I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
Hello? Liam? LIAM (OVER PHONE): Fallon.
That's me.
Uh, look, I was just calling to check in about my stuff, see if you found my passport yet.
Oh, well, um I've just been really swamped, and I haven't gotten a chance to look yet.
Okay, well, I'd appreciate if you could do it, I don't know, you know, soon? So, just, um, let me know, I guess.
Will do.
A photo of my VIP guests? Oh.
- Cute.
- You need to send me that one.
- Okay.
- Me, too.
- Of course.
- Oh, my gosh.
This hotel is amazing.
I'm loving this whole Moroccan vibe.
Are you loving it enough to give a surprise opening night performance? We may be able to work something out.
- If I could stay here for free - Done.
for life.
- Free for this life and the afterlife.
- Yes.
(CHUCKLES): Ashanti.
Um, I didn't know you'd be here.
Uh, can I get you a drink? Um, I really don't drink.
But I'll take a strawberry mojito - with a tiny bit of alcohol.
- VICTOR: Dos.
- I'm in training.
- All right, got it.
We're kind of cute.
You should post that on Insta.
#LaMirage, #BoutiqueChic.
Actually, uh, do me a favor and just, uh, keep me off social tonight? Uh But I can't wait to hear you sing.
Are all the soccer players this sweet? - (CHUCKLES) - VANESSA: All right, - here we are.
- No, um, this one's for Ashanti.
Thank you.
- Salud.
- Salud.
I think.
EVAN (CHUCKLES): I can't tell which looks more incredible, this place or you.
Oh, look at you.
Making a cheesy line sound genuine.
You must be great in front of a jury.
Hey, uh, will you excuse me for just one sec? EVAN: Uh, I didn't realize you were meeting someone else here.
Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no.
That's just my cousin.
I mean, I did sleep with him and then almost marry him, but the bottom line is, he's my cousin, so it won't happen again.
Got it.
But not really.
That's fine.
Listen, go get some food and explore, I'll find you in a little bit.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What was that for? For disappearing off the face of the planet and letting us all think that you were dead.
Whoa-whoa-whoa, that, that was not my fault.
My boys surprised me with a heli-skiing trip, and-and I cut my hand as they were wrestling me into the party bus.
Okay, and it didn't occur to you to call your family and let them know that you were okay? I mean, Monica was practically out of her mind.
I was on a remote mountain in some Swiss canton I'd never heard of.
I didn't have any service.
I had no idea people thought something shady happened.
Look, I'm sorry for scaring you.
Means a lot that you cared.
I will forgive you.
This time.
Oh, look.
Your mom is torturing the help.
JEFF: Yeah.
Probably not for the first time.
Uh, - guess I should go and save that poor girl.
- Yep.
Mom, what are you doing? Okay, okay.
Uno más.
Just the three of us.
Please? A vez.
Ready? Um actually, the light here is way harsh, so why don't we come over to this side? Yes.
Slow down.
I'm not feeling so well.
(GROANS) - You okay? - Yeah.
All right.
Well, I know you don't own this building, so you can't kick me out of here, too.
- I've come to bury the hatchet.
- Oh, in my skull? - Good one.
But no.
- Okay, what's this about? Evan helped me see that I might have gone a little crazy trying to get Femperial back, so I am sorry.
- Really? - Yes, really.
Now accept my apology before I change my mind.
I'm very fickle that way.
Okay, fine.
Apology accepted.
Can I have my office back? What? No, this is an apology, not a charity event.
I still need an office, but come on, can't we just call it a truce and end this war? - Fine.
- Good.
Thank you.
To women supporting women.
I can hear you.
Then you're obviously filled with gratitude that I'm here to keep you from breaking your neck.
Just let me help you get wherever you're going.
I won't even talk, you can wallow in peace.
(GROANS) Look, I j I just want to talk to my father, and I don't need you to hold my hand - while I'm doing it.
- Fine, just try the cane.
Will you just find someone else to harass, please? I know you've got major daddy issues, but acting like an entitled brat is a bad look, and it sure isn't gonna win Daddy's love.
But it will definitely help Cristal make her case for sending you away.
- So how about you just take the damn cane? - I - Aah! - (GRUNTS) Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm s Nadia? Na N-Nadia.
Nadia? Nadia, I-I didn't mean to - Ah - FALLON: Another round, - please.
- Uh-uh.
I surrender.
Oh, come on, Kirby.
Your people descended from hardened criminals.
You'll be fine.
Thank you.
Ready? Come on.
Bottoms up.
- Oh.
- Good girl.
- Come with me.
- Huh? Come on.
- Lorna? - Oh, I think it's Lauren.
- Lauren Hall, right? Your soon-to-be CEO? - Hello, Kirby.
Uh, Fallon Carrington.
I don't think we've had the pleasure.
The pleasure's mine.
(WHISPERING): I didn't know she was gonna be here.
(NORMAL VOICE): Well, I invited Lauren so she could witness your business savvy - in person.
- Yep.
Business savvy.
Yep, that's me.
- Savvy at business - Oh, look at that, isn't that Barbara Padden over there with Jessica Woods and Kit Peterson? - LAUREN: Yes.
- FALLON: You know them, right? I mean, they are your competitors in publishing.
I do know them.
What I don't know is - why they're here.
- Oh, well, I guess Kirby invited them.
No, I (CHUCKLES) I don't even know who those women are, they're just It's Uh, hold on, I need, uh, I need water.
I think, if I had to guess, she's probably just keeping all of her options open for the new CEO position.
I mean, to be fair, - she didn't know you were here.
- Oh, that's clear.
You said I was your only choice.
You are.
You are.
Um, there's just been a bit of a mix-up.
Look, Kirby, why don't you go try to find the ladies' room and freshen up a little bit? Here's your purse.
(GASPS) - What's this? - A minibar.
LAUREN: Okay, this night has been very illuminating.
Thank you for inviting me.
We're done.
Wait, what? I think she likes you.
- (FEEDBACK) - Hello, everyone.
- I'm Sam, owner of La Mirage.
- (APPLAUSE) And to thank you guys for coming out tonight, we have a surprise guest for you.
So without further ado, Grammy award winner Ashanti! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (CROWD MURMURING) Uh, give me one second.
Ashanti is not feeling well.
She's in one of our guest rooms, looking rather ill and refusing to move more than five feet from a commode.
What are we gonna do? We're supposed to have entertainment.
What about that string lady from the philharmonic? - The cellist? - Yeah.
She'll be in bed already.
- Well, go wake her up.
- Oh, it's too late for that.
I'll tell you what, though.
I'm rather adept at juggling fruit.
If you've got three oranges, I could put on quite a show.
I'm just gonna pretend I never heard that.
VANESSA: Hello, everyone.
I'm Vanessa.
And since Ashanti couldn't make it, - I thought I'd provide some entertainment for you.
- (MUSIC STARTS PLAYING) Who gave the microphone to my bartender? Mixologist.
Has anybody told you you're like a queen You're like a star, so beautiful tonight Has anybody made you feel like nothing Could ever stop you or hold you back if you tried? You deserve the world, you deserve the world Just give it everything You can have it if you believe It's finally your turn Now it's your turn Just give it everything 'cause, baby, you got this Anything, you can do anything you want Isn't that the bartender you were harassing? I wasn't harassing her.
She's one of the artists I was managing in New York.
She's pretty amazing.
What's amazing is how Ashanti got sick at the last minute, and the bartender you happen to manage was right there, just waiting to perform.
Isn't it, though? Serendipity.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) You are one crazy woman, you know that? Does that mean you're ready to work together? You've got the streaming platform, I've got the artists.
Why are you pushing this so hard, huh? Why can't you just be my mom? For once? That's exactly what I'm trying to do.
I know I can't take any of the credit for how well you and Monica turned out, but I'd like to think the one thing I gave you was your love of music.
We used to spend hours making up silly songs and dancing around.
I remember.
I thought it would be a way for us to reconnect.
Get back to happy times.
All I want to be is your mom.
Well, I could really use a mom right now.
Because I'm sick.
What? Remember how I told you Adam came after me? Well, he poisoned me.
And it caused some damage to my brain.
I don't understand.
What-What's wrong? It's called neurotoxicity.
And eventually I'll lose my ability to speak, my motor skills.
Could be years.
Could be months.
Jeff, I'm sorry.
Don't give up Don't give up, just don't give up.
Thank you.
(LAUGHS) Leaving so soon, Judge? Uh do we know each other? Not officially.
I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you've been going through.
Trouble? What, uh? I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name? Cristal.
This is completely inappropriate, Ms.
Of course.
You're right.
I just I wanted to apologize for what's happening with my family and your son.
What does your family got to do with my son? That's your son, isn't it, with my brother? I just hope these photos don't get out.
How would it look if the press found out that a prominent federal judge asked the Flores family for a favor for his wayward son? I don't know where you got these pictures, but I have never spoken to any member of your family.
So strange, because my father swears you promised favorable judgments for all his U.
We both know that's a lie.
But the media will have a field day with it either way.
What you're doing is despicable.
I'm comfortable with that.
(DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) This party's a disaster.
My surprise guest is off being sick somewhere, your daughter's stealing liquor, and my bartender's the entertainment, though she was quite good.
And I might be tendering my resignation.
Look, I don't have time for your jokes I never get, Anders.
Well, unfortunately, on this occasion, I'm not joking.
What? I came here to be your partner, not your lackey.
If I wanted to get ordered around, I'd go back to the manor because at least I get my meals for free.
Hold up, you are the one that told me to focus on the hotel and not the plaque, and that's what I did.
Th-This whole night was me trying to erase that plaque with a giant spectacle.
Well, I'm afraid the plaque can't be erased, which is why I wanted you to focus on the hotel.
Focus on what owning the hotel brings you, like the opportunity to promote more Latinos into management, or to support a cause that's close to your heart.
Yeah, that does sound more like something you would say.
You're the boss now.
Use that responsibility to do some good.
We need to talk.
Look, I'm-I'm sorry about Nadia.
It was an accident.
- If she's claiming I hit her on purpose, I - No.
She's not claiming anything.
I haven't even spoken to the girl.
She didn't quit? No, no.
Father, I'm sorry.
Just please give Nadia a real chance for me.
All right? Otherwise things may have to change.
What do you mean? If you can't figure out how to work with Nadia, we've been discussing sending you to a school that specializes in this type of thing.
Who-Who's "we"? You mean Cristal? Cristal is my wife, and she's not going anywhere.
You need to get used to the idea that she's gonna be around and having a say in what happens to our family.
But this, this decision depends entirely on how you handle things - from here on out.
- I SPORTSCASTER: Now it's 1st and 10 at the 30-yard line.
(CONTINUING INDISTINCTLY) FALLON: Ladies, I just want to thank you again for coming.
You truly can't imagine the joy your presence has brought me.
Talk to you soon.
I'll sell Femperial back to you.
I just want to be done with your whole family.
You win, Fallon.
Surely you realize that, since you no longer have a competent CEO, my offer has dropped significantly.
Why are you so obsessed with teaching me a lesson? Let's call it my generous spirit as a female mentor.
I don't get it, you never even cared about Femperial.
You always called it a "boutique company.
" You don't even like books unless they're about you.
Oh, my God.
That's what this is all about, isn't it? I can't believe I didn't see this sooner.
This is about Liam.
This has nothing to do with Liam.
You are drunk.
Hmm, I'm not too drunk to smell your desperation.
What, you think that being Liam's boss is gonna make him fall in love with you again? Aw.
That's just sad.
You know what? I think I will keep Femperial, if only to protect Liam from his stalker.
Offer rejected.
With you by my side She's right, isn't she? God, I'm such an idiot.
- No, no, no, Evan, it's - No, no, no, I get it.
I misread the signs.
It's all cool, but, uh, find a new pawn to help get your fiancé back.
You've already done enough damage to my life.
With you by my side.
Oh, no, thank you.
I'll have my reservations manager reach out.
Let me guess, Miley Cyrus? The Trevor Project.
We're partnering up.
Starting tomorrow, the hotel will have a permanent room block available for at-risk LGBTQ youth.
Well done.
I told them they could call me any time, or reach out to my partner Joseph Anders, who helped me make it all happen.
As your partner, I'm very proud of you.
Now let's get back out there.
I hear this party's lit.
JENNINGS: The judge agreed to recuse himself.
He's announcing it tomorrow.
Do you know how sexy you are when you're devious? Yes, but tell me again.
Hmm incredibly sexy.
I'm glad you think so.
I will look into finding a really good place for Adam to go.
Oh, no need to.
He's staying right here with his family.
Blake, - we talked about this.
- Mm-hmm.
- He's a liability.
- Not anymore.
I took your advice and had a long talk with him tonight.
He's agreed to give Nadia a chance.
Oh, that's great, but And to give you a chance.
You know what would be great? If my wife and my son could coexist peacefully so I could focus on the trial.
Well, then that's exactly what we'll do.
(DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) SAM: Culhane, - you made it.
- Why the hell was Victor down here, and where is he now? Last time I saw him, he was going out back with some friends of his.
No, n-n-n-n-no.
Por favor, por favor, por favor.
- No, no, no, no.
- (SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) No, please, I won't say anything to anyone! Hey! (GRUNTING) - You okay? - Yeah.
Call 911.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
(KNOCKING) Fallon? What are you doing here? It's pretty late.
I just, um, I wanted to give you your stuff.
Your passport is on top.
I really appreciate it.
I love you, and I probably always will, but I'm really moving on this time.
Look, I think it's probably for the best that we just both go our separate ways.
Goodbye, Liam.
Bye, Fallon.
Fallon, is that you? I can smell your perfume.
No, it's me.
And it's a little weird that you know your sister's smell, - but whatever.
- Nadia, I'm-I'm sorry about earlier.
It really was an accident, but I, I promise I'm I'm gonna be on my best behavior from now on.
Please don't give up on me just yet.
I'm here, so let me help you.
What do you really need, Adam? Doesn't matter.
She's not going anywhere anytime soon.
I'm assuming you mean your stepmother? Yeah, that's the one.
Well, then maybe I can help you.
Evan? Hey.
Thank you for coming.
Look, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior.
I mean, in my defense, I really, really didn't know that I was doing what I was doing to be close to Liam or whatever.
I mean, it was all subconscious or unconscious, so The point is, I'm really, really sorry.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry, too.
You don't owe me anything.
You know, you know I don't blame you for Trixie, and having an amnesiac ex-fiancé can't be easy, it's just One thing I didn't lie about is my interest in seeing where this goes.
So if you'll give me a second chance?