Dynasty (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

A Used Up Memory

1 - Previously on Dynasty - What if I can never see again? Nadia, the nurse we spoke about.
I don't need you, so you're dismissed.
The judge has agreed to grant bail on the condition - of house arrest.
- BLAKE: I'm not gonna be much help to you if I'm in prison for murder.
If Jeff finds out you're my stepdaughter I won't tell anyone who I am.
What are we gonna do? We're supposed to have entertainment.
Hello, everyone! I'm Vanessa.
Hey! - You okay? - Yeah.
So, how's your fiancé? Nonexistent.
Femperial is my company, and I want it back.
Is Liam's amnesia contagious or have you just lost your mind? I love you, Liam, but I'm really moving on this time.
You know, you know, you know that I want you I don't, I don't, I don't really want to I know, I know, I know You always knew You know, you know, you know that I want you I don't, I don't, I don't really want to (OVER EARBUDS): I know, I know, I know You always knew.
MONICA: New York was New York.
Same as always.
I am thinking about opening a Club Colby there.
Anyway, I want to know about Evan Tate.
Where is he on a scale of boy toy to bae? Evan is strictly a rebound.
Every rebound you've had since junior high has involved peach schnapps and lacrosse players.
And since I don't see either of those, I'm thinking you like him.
Uh maybe I like him.
A little bit.
But I am removing the other "L" word from my vocabulary.
"Love" or "Liam"? Both.
I need to work on forgetting Liam, which is ironic.
So, yeah, Evan and I are just having fun.
Classic denial.
It's good that you're distracting yourself.
Wait, who's in denial? You.
It doesn't matter how much fun you have with Evan.
You are not over Liam.
You'll always love him.
Whitney Houston style.
Hey, we are not focusing on the "L" words, remember? We are focusing on work.
Speaking of, Evan is also helping me with my media company, which I am renaming (PLAYS DRUMROLL ON TABLE) Fallon Unlimited.
The name of the fake company that you launched last year.
Yes, exactly.
But, this time, it's real.
And the first thing I am doing is remaking the company's misogynistic men's magazine into a lifestyle monthly.
You know, less phallic, more Fallon.
Think O but less Oprah.
- So, basically, more Fallon.
- Yes.
Good morning, ladies.
How's business? You are still co-owners of Broken Glass Recording Artists, right? 'Cause I thought you might be interested in actually doing some business.
Uh signing my latest musical recording ingenue, Vanessa, before someone else snaps her up.
You manage the girl from the hotel's opening? Sure do.
And if you're interested, I can make it happen.
Well, I mean, she's worth auditioning, if we're going to revive the label, which we kind of should, because I am in an empire-building mode.
Okay, but we are not renaming the label Fallon Unlimited.
We can discuss it.
BLAKE: Forget about it, Mitchell.
I'm putting plan B into action.
Well, I'm not gonna tell you about it on the phone, am I? I'm guessing the change of venue didn't happen.
You know, Mitchell's survey shows that 89% of Atlanta residents polled have an unfavorable association with the name "Blake Carrington".
- And that wasn't enough to sway the judge? - No.
I just paid good money to find out that people hate me.
But not enough to help my case.
Well, the jury will be sequestered, so hopefully they won't see any more negative press.
Which brings us to plan B.
But I'm the one who's going.
No, that is not what we discussed.
And I don't think I like it.
You're under house arrest.
And we're talking about a civil servant, not a violent criminal.
He's willing to help us.
He's obviously not the cleanest guy around.
Look, I know if Anders were here, you'd send him.
But he's not.
So, I'm the next best thing.
I just don't want you to end up on trial, too.
I won't.
I can handle it, Blake.
He must be here for that Synergy Horizons convention, 'cause, uh, I can feel the synergy from here, if you know what I'm saying.
Hello? Is anyone home? Because an incredibly hot guy just walked by, and you have your head buried in ketchup.
I have to finalize the late-night bar menu.
Don't you have people that can do this for you? Yes, I do.
But this place is my baby.
Blah, blah, blah.
You are missing opportunities left and right.
When was the last time you even kissed a guy? Okay, don't project your lonely girl lifestyle, lack of a man and general thirst onto me.
No thirst here, my friend.
I am fully hydrated.
After a jailbird and a security risk, I'm taking a break from men.
You know, I even hired a professional headhunter to help me find a female CEO for Femperial.
Why? 'Cause you can't trust your own instincts there either? Right.
So I have nothing but time to help find someone for you.
I don't need someone, Kirby.
- Oh, come on.
- Mm.
Who can resist a chance at a little romance? Okay.
(EXHALES) You're right.
Maybe I could use some fun.
- (SQUEAKS) - Okay.
EVAN: Bad news.
The name "Fallon Unlimited" is apparently owned by someone already.
What? But that's impossible.
I'm holding a press conference today to announce the company and magazine rebrand.
I need the rights secured by then.
I mean, the whole thing is centered around the name.
I'm on it.
All right? It's probably some old lady named Fallon who knits holiday sweaters.
Creating an attractive offer sheet - shouldn't be a problem.
- Okay.
Well, good, because the magazine is the first company asset that I'm putting my own stamp on, and I don't want it to be the last.
Since we're talking deals, I've got another offer for you.
I'm having dinner with my mom tonight and was thinking maybe you'd want to come along.
Do you hate your mom that much? I mean, do you not remember what happened the last time I saw her? I've got meds and a masseuse standing by.
Yeah, I want you guys to get along.
And I didn't want her to find out for the first time by accident that you and me were dating and flip out.
What do you think? You know what? Let's do it.
An apple.
You're doing great.
Now, just remember, when you're feeling your way around without the cane, keep your fingers bent more so you don't snag a nail or cut yourself.
Well, a little more pain won't matter.
Oh, I didn't realize this was a pity party.
What's the occasion? I'm having trouble adjusting to my new role in the family.
They won't even let me help with my father's defense.
I know it can be a very emotional time.
Most of my patients feel pretty lost, end up with some serious trust issues.
Well, that's nothing new, especially with Fallon always having it out for me.
But now my stepmother is following her lead, and she's trying to poison me against Blake.
If there's any way I can help How can you help me with that? And why would you want to? Because I know you.
You've been hurt a thousand times.
That's why you don't trust people.
And I know, because I have the same scars.
Why should I trust you? You shouldn't.
Not yet.
But you'll see that you can.
Bottomless mimosas ended with brunch.
But since I owe you a drink, anything you want's on the house.
Tempting, but I just came to check on you after our little I, Tonya scare.
Don't worry.
There's not a scratch on me.
And I don't scare easy, FYI.
Good to know.
Now, one of my sources tells me that you're new to the city.
So I thought I'd offer my services as your on-call Atlanta tour guide.
Give me your phone.
That is my number.
Use it at will.
Oh, I absolutely will.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (CLINKING) You know those come out of my paycheck, right? Don't be stingy.
With the drinks or the gossip.
What were you talking to Michael Culhane about? Oh, just some light flirting with the guy who saved my life.
No biggie.
I see you inherited my taste.
Tall, dark, handsome and the owner of a multimillion-dollar sports franchise.
He's all over the gossip sites.
I don't need his bio.
He'd be the perfect partner in a power couple.
You could date for a few weeks, establish yourself on the social scene, and then use it to help your music launch.
Do you have to turn everything in my life into part of your master plan? Uh, yeah.
That's my job.
Look, if I'm gonna be hanging out with Michael Culhane, it's gonna be because I like him.
Then we can both get what we want out of this.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Knock, knock.
You're fine.
You've moved on.
You've moved on.
Uh, your publisher's office moved, probably to some crowded coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.
This isn't about work, Fallon.
This is about us.
I didn't know there was an us.
Look, I don't know what there is.
All I know is that my memories are starting to come back, and I really just I think talking to you might help me remember more.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize I was your on-call memory technician.
I get that playing "guess that recollection" might be fun for you, but it's not easy for me.
And it's definitely not fair.
I understand, but half of what Ashley told me is about her is actually about you.
And I don't know if there's any other way for me to clear up what's what.
Why don't you go ask that tramp? Because I don't trust her.
And she's totally out of my life now.
Look, um, I don't think that going down this road is a good idea, for me, so I'm going to have to decline your offer.
I know you're afraid of being let down again.
And, Fallon, I get it.
But if there's ever gonna be a chance for the two of us in the future, I need you to go out with me tonight.
So I'm begging you.
(PHONE CHIMES) Okay, fine.
One dinner.
But after that, I am walking away.
- I had no idea Dominique was a music manager.
- Mm.
- Does she have a lot of clients? - Right now, she's focused on me, which is why it sometimes feels like she's trying to control my entire life.
Well, remember that she works for you, not the other way around.
You got to stand up for yourself when you need to.
I know I should, but she can be a little scary sometimes.
I thought you didn't scare easy.
Well, that mainly applies to back alley fights.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) But I'm glad you were there.
I'm glad I was there, too.
(VEHICLE APPROACHES) - What's wrong? - Uh, a couple paparazzi just pulled up outside.
Do they know who you are? Yeah, I just got out of a situation they covered pretty heavily.
You mean, when you were in jail? That would be the situation.
I'm not one for the spotlight.
My mom's been through enough heartache since my dad passed.
Don't need her reading another wild lie about me on Page Six.
Well, we can go if you want.
I do, but you want to have a little fun while we do it? Not having my picture taken might piss some people off on my end, but let's do it.
(LAUGHS) Have fun with your baby now Before the room turns upside down and hold on tight 'Cause by the end of the night, you'll be leaving With a date that you didn't drive (PAPARAZZI SHOUTING) Yeah, round and round we go Where we stop, nobody knows Where we stop, no one knows Round and round and round we go Yeah, round and round we go - (PAPARAZZI SHOUTING) - MAN: To the left! Yeah, here we go, five, four, three, two, one (BOTH LAUGH) (BOTH LAUGH) Round we go.
Carrington will be overjoyed.
Fallon Unlimited is yours.
Oh, yes! See, I knew you were worth every penny.
Well, you haven't actually paid me anything yet.
- Well, every metaphorical penny.
- Hmm.
Well, now we have something to celebrate tonight with my mother.
What? (EXHALES) It'll be fine, I promise.
Look, I really hate to do this so last minute, but I can't make it tonight.
We can reschedule; it's just that something just came up that I have to go to.
No, it's fine.
I, uh, I totally get it.
Things happen.
You, uh, forget you have an appointment, (CHUCKLES): your dad's on trial for murder.
The usual issues.
- Thank you for understanding.
- Of course.
We'll talk tomorrow? Yeah.
(GLASS SHATTERS) KIRBY: Uh, is the rooftop bar closed? Because that was only five minutes, and that's too quick, even for a midafternoon date.
Yeah, and it was four minutes too long.
Okay, well, that's not really giving anyone a chance.
It is when you set me up on a date with one of my own employees.
Yeah, I thought he looked familiar.
Kirby, that is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Now I won't be able to fire him, - no matter how bad he is at his job.
- Okay.
All right, that was probably my fault.
But you have to admit, other than, you know, the whole employee thing, Quincy was perfect for you.
I deserve another chance.
Fine, just make sure to check his W-2, okay? Absolutely.
Wait, what's a W-2? Oh, my God.
Google it.
Do you know who that is? SAM: Oh, he's just some guy that rented one of the, um, conference rooms.
But he's not my type, so focus.
With a little advertising, we could make a weekly showcase at the club into a thing, like we always wanted.
Are you even hearing me? No, not really.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying to figure out what to wear tonight.
Um, excuse me.
We're having a private conversation.
Oh, I'm just fixing Adam a plate.
Okay, well, make it quick.
So where's Evan taking you on this big date? Uh, it's not a date.
And it's with Liam, not Evan.
Oh, my God.
I knew you weren't over Liam.
I am over Liam.
I am just helping him with his memories.
That is all.
His memories of what your yoni looks like? Fallon, this is such a terrible idea.
I'm going with you.
I don't need a chaperone.
Fine, you don't want me to come, do me a favor.
Every time you start to feel love butterflies in your stomach, tear off a small piece of bread and put it on the table.
You know I don't eat bread.
Not to eat.
To remind you to detach.
Like you're detaching the bread.
That's ridiculous, but I do need your help.
To pick out an outfit.
On a scale from nun to hooker, how sexy are we talking? Oh.
BLAKE: He just didn't show up? No.
Well, he was there somewhere, because he called and said he'd still do the deal.
It just has to be with you, in person.
Well, he can't come to the house.
And you can't leave, so You're being monitored, Blake.
And that thing will let everyone know the second you leave the property.
I'm already on trial for murder, honey.
I can't get into much more trouble than that.
If you get caught, you'll look guilty, and it will affect the entire trial.
And if we don't get to the jury, it won't matter.
How do you plan on keeping it from going off? Well, who says I'm taking it with me? This may be my first ankle monitor, but it ain't my first rodeo.
I'm not sure if this is interesting to you, but I found something out about Liam.
That's Fallon's amnesiac ex, right? Yes.
Did he get his memory back? No, but it sounded like Fallon was going on a date with him tonight.
Are you sure it wasn't a business thing? Because they No, no, no.
It's definitely a date, because she was supposed to go on a date with someone else.
Evan, maybe? - Evan Tate.
They're dating? - Not anymore.
It looks like she may be getting back together with Liam.
Uh, yeah, I'd really rather they didn't take a walk down memory lane.
It might be too late to stop that.
Unless we get Evan to show up when Liam does.
That would really screw things up.
But, um, I'm-a need your help with that.
Although I I don't want you getting into trouble.
I like a little trouble every once in a while.
I thought your issue was with Cristal.
My issue is with everyone in this family except my father.
I need to get back to my rightful place.
Well, where there's a will, there's a way.
Well, it's funny you should say that, because I think where there's a will, there's a stepmother trying to get her name in it.
Which is another thing I'd love your help with.
- Geez, Mom.
- (DOOR CLOSES) How did you even get in here? That's the last thing you need to be worried about after running around town till all hours.
- So, what, I have a curfew now? - No.
But I can give you one if I have to.
If you act like a child, I'll treat you like a child.
What are you so upset about? I'm upset because I called in a favor to some of those photographers to catch you out with Culhane to get your face out there.
But then they told me that you ran away from them.
I'm sorry.
I guess I just got caught up in the moment.
That's not how this works.
We don't get caught up.
We do what we're supposed to do when we're supposed to do it.
Got it? Yes, ma'am.
But I got you an audition at Club Colby tomorrow at 3:00 with Monica and Fallon Carrington.
This is what we've been working towards.
I really appreciate this, Fallon.
I know it can't be easy.
Anything I can do to help the less fortunate.
You know me.
Or, at least, you used to.
See, it's just so random.
I mean, I could be, like, working out or watching TV.
It's just like, boom.
They just show up like flashes.
You know, sometimes it's full memories, and sometimes just, like, little pieces.
And that's all great, but at the risk of sounding narcissistic, where exactly do I fit into all of this? That's what I want to find out, because between what Ashley told me, my mom and-and the book I wrote, everything's just kind of like a giant jumble in my head.
So, the ski trip.
That was with Ashley? Yes.
And I would rather not talk about that, if possible.
A weekend in Jamaica? Afraid that must've been Ashley, as well.
So Turks and Caicos was us.
Okay, you know, I, uh I don't think I like this game anymore.
- Can we please talk about something else? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
This is so helpful.
Are you gonna eat any of that bread? You don't even remember that I don't eat bread.
Okay, now what? Um, knowing my father, he keeps important paperwork in the bottom left-hand drawer of his desk.
But it-it's probably locked.
What do you expect to find in this will? I'm worried that Cristal's trying to disinherit me.
This is the easiest way to find out.
Or you could just ask.
Try the-the desk behind you.
Uh, the far left drawer.
The key should be in there.
BLAKE: I'll take it in the study.
(GASPS) BLAKE: No, I left my notes upstairs.
That was too close.
We'll have to try another time.
FALLON: This whole night has basically been me helping you with memories of Ashley, and I got to be honest.
It's not exactly my idea of a great date.
Well, I never said this was an actual date.
I mean, it's more of an exercise.
Well, I hate exercise, which is yet another thing you don't remember about me.
Look, it may not seem like it, but remembering anything at all is is a really good sign.
For you.
Liam, nothing has changed when it comes to us, and it doesn't feel great to me.
I mean, yeah, you remember us in a park, which is great.
But do you remember that we were engaged? I mean, do you remember that you loved me? Do you realize how painful this is for me right now? I'm sorry.
I really didn't.
I-I don't know.
Maybe this wasn't the best idea.
Look, Liam, I don't know if you're moving on or you're moving forward or you're moving backwards, but I just I feel like I'm moving in circles, and I just can't do it anymore.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I can't.
(SIGHS) - Excuse me.
- Hey.
Why don't you do everyone a favor and leave Fallon alone.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? Someone who cares about her.
Well, I'm not trying to hurt her at all.
Because I don't want to have to hurt you.
Excuse me? Just don't test me.
Stay away from her, okay? It is much cozier in here.
Although I did have fun running from the photographers yesterday.
- (CHUCKLES) - Though, Dominique was not thrilled.
How did she even know? Dominique somehow knows everything.
Well there are no photographers in here.
So, uh we can do whatever we want? (PHONE VIBRATING) BLAKE: You ready? JENNINGS: No.
Are you? Nerves of steel.
Okay, we have 45 seconds to get this right, or I go back to prison.
No pressure.
Okay, the battery should be dead in three, two, - one.
- (BEEP) Go.
Get the cord.
- (BEEP) - Okay.
It's resetting.
(PHONE VIBRATING, CHIMING) And there's the police.
Right on time.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I forgot to charge it last night, but it's plugged in now, as you can see.
Yeah, and it's charging.
Thank you.
(ALARM CHIMING) What is that? Are you baking cookies? No.
That's what's telling me that Blake's house arrest ankle monitor just went off for a minute.
- How the hell do you know that? - 'Cause I hacked it.
Jeff Colby, tech genius.
You might've heard of me.
Why on earth are you keeping track of Blake? Because ever since he had that judge thrown off his trial, the whole thing's felt crooked.
I'll bet he's trying to leave the manor right now to do something else shady.
Uh, hello.
May I speak to Blake Carrington? Oh, this is Richard from his lawyer's office.
It's, uh it's kind of an emergency.
I'm sure he's there.
It's probably just a glitch.
Not available? Really? Oh, no.
That's okay.
I'll, uh, I'll just try him back later.
Oh, he's definitely gone.
And if Blake gets caught off his property, he's in violation of that court order.
Doesn't matter what he's doing.
He'll face more charges and go back to jail.
I just got your message 15 minutes ago.
I am so sorry.
Not only did you blow another golden opportunity.
You made me look like an idiot in front of Monica.
Well, where is she? I'll apologize.
She had somewhere else she needed to be, which is why she and Fallon moved up the audition, which you would have known had you checked your phone.
You said 3:00 p.
I'm sorry.
Where the hell were you? That's none of your business.
You are my business, sweetie.
Now, really, where were you? You were with Michael Culhane again, weren't you? So what? No, I like him.
He's fun.
(LAUGHS) Do you think Kim married Kanye for fun? Wait, who said anything about getting married? I wanted you two together for the free publicity.
But since he's become a distraction, you're done with him.
You don't tell me what to do.
Excuse me? Yes.
Excuse you.
The problem with your plans is that they never include what I want.
And right now, I want some space to breathe.
So just do your job, and I will do mine.
Thank you for coming.
Are we all squared away with the name? Yeah.
All you have to do is, uh, sign where indicated.
Is everything okay? Look, I'm sorry I had to cancel dinner so last minute.
Was your mother upset? Please tell me she didn't have another panic attack.
No, no, she's fine.
And I, uh, understand.
When Liam calls, you have to answer.
Your assistant told me you wanted to meet at 9:00 for drinks.
When I got there, I saw you and Liam, so I'm not sure what's going on.
I am.
My assistant didn't know where I was going.
It was Adam.
He is screwing with my life because he is blind, and he has nothing better to do.
Nevertheless, I wish you'd been honest with me.
Look, I was just going to meet with Liam to make sure the relationship was totally over and, believe me, it is.
I hope so, you know, because I I saw how upset you were.
But whatever is or was going on with Liam has nothing to do with my feelings for you.
He doesn't even remember me, and you and I are we're just getting to know each other again.
And I really would like to see where it goes.
So come with me to the press conference tonight.
Okay, I'll introduce you as the in-house counsel to Fallon Unlimited.
It'll be kind of like a date.
A, uh, date surrounded by a bunch of reporters asking questions.
That's how I roll.
You'll get used to it.
Your new Anders told me to hang out in here.
Said they couldn't find Blake.
I'm sorry.
What can I help you with? Oh, you can't help me with anything.
I'm just here to talk to my Uncle Blake about a business opportunity.
Should only take a few minutes.
Um, the only problem is he's resting.
I didn't think house arrest would be so strenuous.
You'd be surprised.
Those ankle monitors are pretty heavy.
Yeah, I bet.
Well, I can just wait.
Actually, that's probably not a great idea.
He gets a little cranky after a nap.
Uh, but I can relay a message.
Yeah, that's okay.
I'll just tell him when I find him.
MAN: Our parents, our teachers, our institutions, all flood our minds with poison Where are you going? It's like cutie-palooza over there.
See, we're always looking outward for the answers.
But spoiler alert: the answers are right inside us.
I thought you were supposed to help me.
Hello? Fine.
I'm going alone.
MAN: for the simple fact that the world is always trying to drown out that little voice that's saying, "Trust your instincts".
And that voice is the only one that matters.
Thank you.
(APPLAUSE, PEOPLE MURMURING) Pretty thought-provoking speech.
(CHUCKLES) I'm just a simple man trying to get a message out to the people.
Although, my instincts are saying - that you didn't pay the entry fee.
- Yeah.
Well, uh, I was still very impressed by the message and (CLEARS THROAT) you.
Were you impressed enough to pay full price next time? - No.
- Hmm.
But impressed enough to buy the first round.
- (CAR ALARM CHIRPS) - Hey, tell me something.
Does Adam Carrington still have that blue coupe - with the black rims? - Yeah.
That is one sweet ride.
It doesn't look like it's here.
Uh, maybe Fallon took it out.
Clearly, Adam isn't going to be driving it anytime soon.
(CHUCKLES) Poor guy.
Poor guy.
IG family, let's play a game.
I'm somewhere in Atlanta driving around my car.
The first five people to spot me and hit my DMs with my location get five K in cash each.
Car details are in my bio.
Catch me if you can.
BLAKE: Okay, I have jumped through all your hoops.
So, if we could make this as quick as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.
How the hell you get that ankle monitor off? Is that your idea of "quick as possible"? I need your help, and I'm willing to pay.
Look, you're in charge of sequestering the jury, right? I set up all transportation, meals, all the logistics during trials.
That is fascinating.
I need that jury at a specific hotel La Mirage.
- Can you make that happen? - Yeah, not a problem.
But why you want the jury living in that bougie hotel anyway? It's an environment that I can control.
Okay, I can make it happen, but it's gonna cost you.
MAN: There it is! I guess you can afford it.
That's the car.
Yeah, I can pay.
Did you tell anyone else about this meeting? - 'Cause that would be an issue.
- (CAMERAS CLICKING) Just you and me, unless you told people.
We need to wrap this up now.
I know you can't see me right now, but my face does not look happy.
Hello, Fallon.
(SNIFFS) Mm, you do smell mad.
Do you really have nothing better to do than to screw with my life? At this point, not really.
But since I can barely feed myself right now, - how could I possibly mess with you? - I don't know.
You always seem to find a way.
Like inviting Evan to my dinner with Liam.
I mean, seriously, what was that about? I don't know what you're talking about.
And it's not my fault if you can't keep your men straight.
But even if I had told, uh, is it Eric, to show up My eyes are rolling.
it would have been to get you away from Liam, because I don't think that's a healthy relationship for you.
I need you to get your own life and stay the hell out of mine.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Dominique? I know we don't know each other well, Michael, but you're going to stop seeing Vanessa immediately.
I don't remember asking for your opinion on my social life.
I'm not giving you my opinion.
This is fact.
You really are as crazy as she says.
What if I told the press you engineered that entire Victor Diaz attack for free publicity? So I'm Jussie Smollett now? Because that's ridiculous, and there's no evidence to back it up.
I don't need evidence, darling.
By the time I'm done planting stories, your credibility will be shot, and the league will force you to sell the Atlantix.
So, if you'll excuse me, I have your career to bury.
Vanessa and I have been on two dates.
Not sure why you're overreacting here.
Because I've invested too much into her to have you ruin it when we are on the cusp of something great.
I'm not doing anything to hurt her career, but it seems to me like you're using her.
(LAUGHS) Are you kidding me? I have been grooming Vanessa since she was a little girl.
Choir practice, talent shows, voice lessons.
I took her to her first concert ever Whitney Houston in London.
I have invested my time, my money and my heart into this girl.
There is too much on the line to allow you to distract her.
You know what? You might be a headache that I don't have the pill for.
You keep your drama.
I'll save my sanity.
I'm glad we've come to an understanding.
Who the hell are you? And what are you doing getting into Adam Carrington's car? Wasn't getting into that car.
I was just taking a walk.
I just saw you turn off the alarm.
Thank you so much for coming.
- By the end of today, - (CAMERAS CLICKING) hopefully, half of you will be writing about this, and the other half will be begging me for ad space in my new magazine.
(LAUGHTER) I am here to introduce you to Fallon Unlimited, which is more than just a name that I paid a lot of money for.
It is a brand, it's a lifestyle, and "unlimited" really is the right word, because we are planning to have businesses in every form of media you can imagine, including our new namesake magazine.
(APPLAUSE, WHOOPING) I am presenting a new vision and a new mission: to focus on girls and women feeling their own unlimited power.
Any questions? (REPORTERS CLAMORING) Yeah, I have a question.
FALLON: Excuse me? LIAM: This new vision that you have for the future, is there any possibility of also going back to the past? The reason we are moving forward is so that people can leave the past behind.
What if you lose subscribers who liked it the way that it was? I don't think that will happen, because most subscribers don't even remember what it was like.
I mean, they must be thinking of a different magazine.
Questions? What if they're starting to remember this one? FALLON: Well, I can't just change my entire company because someone thinks they may possibly remember what a magazine did or did not look like two years ago.
REPORTER: Hey, can someone else ask a question here? - In a minute.
- Okay, by the way, Fallon Unlimited has new subscribers.
Okay? Who actually know the brand and appreciate it.
Isn't your favorite color cobalt blue? Well, it's Yes, it is.
And your favorite flowers are are white lilies, right? Okay, I don't know what this has to do with anything.
It has to do with the fact that I remember, Fallon.
I remember that you love drinking Southsides and eating bacon and driving in convertibles.
Liam, we can't do this anymore.
And you hate wine coolers and, uh, bangs.
Well, I mean, who doesn't? Fallon, I'm not doing this to blow up your world.
I am doing this because I remember my world won't be the same without you in it.
Most importantly, I remember I was in love with you.
I found the perfect guy.
He's smart and funny and cute.
Well, if I wanted all those qualities, I would just date myself.
No, he's not for you; he's for me.
I'm dating Joel Turner.
The-the speaker guy from the conference.
Kirby, I'll let you stay here if you want.
You don't have to sleep with a different guest every night just to keep a roof over your head.
We're not sleeping together.
He's actually done a lot to help me build my self-confidence.
I might even be able to be my own CEO.
He's all about learning to trust yourself.
That sounds dangerous.
(PHONE VIBRATES, CHIMES) What's wrong? The Atlantix's next opponent just canceled their reservation.
- Why? - Because the Victor Diaz story just came out, and now they don't feel safe staying here.
- This is a disaster.
- I'm sorry, Sam.
- Hey, you.
- Oh, Joel.
Um, hi.
This is the-the hotel owner, - Samuel Jones-Carrington.
- Pleasure.
You don't have any interest in joining Kirby and I in Savannah, do you? - You're going to Savannah? - KIRBY: Mm-hmm.
Oh, I take groups down from time to time for meditative retreats.
There really is nothing like the isolation of the country to make you feel a true need for belonging.
- That sounds a little creepy.
- (CHUCKLES) Well, I'm-I'm sure it does, to people without the capacity to understand.
Uh, we might even be talking about Joel writing a book for Femperial.
Do you want to come? No, I don't think that's gonna happen.
I have, um, enough problems to deal with here at home.
- Okay.
Well, your loss.
- Hmm.
- Ah, nice of Sam to set you up like this.
- Yeah, I like it.
Better than where my stepmom and I lived growing up.
Oh, you lived with your stepmom? Yeah, my mom died when I was really young, then my dad got remarried, but then he left us all.
Wow, I'm-I'm sorry.
Th-That's tough.
Yeah, it was tough.
But my stepmom is fantastic.
She encouraged me to sing.
Paid for years of vocal lessons.
Took me to my first concert.
We saw Whitney.
Where'd you see Whitney? We flew to London to see her.
Best night of my life.
That's funny because Dominique told me she took you to see your first concert.
Whitney Houston.
In London.
She did? (CHUCKLES) Well, I don't, I don't know why Vanessa, stop.
Dominique's your stepmom, right? I wanted to tell you.
I was going to, I swear.
You got to promise not to tell Jeff and Monica anything about this, please.
If they hear we're related from someone else, they will never accept me.
And Dominique will kill me.
(SIGHS) So you just snuck in there and saw it? I was able to swipe the key, then I went back during lunch.
You took the actual will? No.
Just pictures.
I'm not crazy.
And? Wh This legalese is pretty thick, but it looks like Blake changed it pretty recently and Cristal is the sole heir.
I'm sure he set up something else for you.
I I had a feeling.
She won, and now I have nothing and he's abandoning me.
You don't know that.
Cristal's gonna pay for this.
But I can still help you win Blake back.
And, in the meantime, even if you're losing Blake, you've still got me.
FALLON: Your fancy words were nice, but now it's time to put your memory to the test.
I didn't realize that there was gonna be a quiz.
You forget, I like keeping you on your toes.
Am I gonna be graded on this? Most definitely.
Tell me, do you remember this? Not really.
How about this? - That's vaguely familiar.
- Okay.
Well, just this once, I'll give you a reminder.
Wait a minute.
How did you ? Yeah, every step is strategic and sets up the next several.
It's just like the trial.
First the judge, then the jury.
It's all falling into place.
Having the jury at La Mirage will be a big help.
I just have to convince Sam and Anders to allow me access to the floor, then persuade one of the jurors to vote for acquittal.
There's a hung jury.
It's too expensive to retry me.
WOMAN: I'm sorry, Mr.
JEFF: Blake.
How was your nap? Well, it was great, thank you.
Uh, I take my beauty rest where I can get it.
You think I don't know what you're up to? Well, it's a king's gambit.
It's pretty basic, actually.
(CHUCKLES) I may not have been able to catch you on your little off-campus excursion, but your jury plan is dead.
I ran into your man, uh, Greg.
He didn't want to chat, but I found out who he is, and I told him about my cousin, the police chief.
Put a pretty good scare in him.
Well, no crime has been committed.
Not one that you can prove.
Oh, of course not.
I know you're too smart for that.
But I also know he won't be making any more risky moves on your behalf.
Hey, would you do me a favor and get out of my house right now? Oh, you don't have to tell me twice.
(DOOR CLOSES) Damn it.
This puts us back to square one with the jury.
I guess it's better that this blew up now as opposed to in the middle of the trial.
Then it would've been over for me.
I guess we dodged a bullet.
But with Jeff shooting, I don't know how many more misses I have.
Your, uh, real assistant let me in.
Ah, yes.
I should probably fire her pretty soon.
She assumes I'm still in-house counsel, which, uh, I'm thinking is not a great idea.
Look, Evan, I really am sorry.
It's just that Liam and I have this - Hey, hey.
I-I get it.
- You do? Yes.
What you two have is special.
You know, I can see that.
And I don't want to stand in the way of true love.
I guess I'm just a romantic.
Well, thank you.
I hope we can still be friends.
Somebody shut down the Fallon Unlimited website.
Great first day.
Hey, Allison! Allison!