Dynasty (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial

1 - Previously on Dynasty - I'm already on trial for murder, honey.
I can't get into much more trouble than that.
Dominique's your stepmom? You got to promise not to tell Jeff and Monica.
Dominique will kill me.
We're sisters.
Now, you would've thought that my poisoning your father would've done the trick.
NADIA: I've got him wrapped around my little finger.
Just like you wanted.
See the people Walking down the street Fall in line just watching all their feet They don't know where they want to go Michael Culhane? Yeah? - You've been served.
- They got the beat They got the beat, they got the beat The first issue will be released in days, - and we're expecting ad revenue - Fallon Carrington? Allison? Must be on a break.
You've been served.
All the kids just getting out of school They can't wait to hang out and be cool - Joseph Anders? - Yes? You've been served.
And they wanted me to give you this.
This is Joseph Anders.
BROWN: This is D.
Erica Brown, the lead prosecutor in the case against Blake Carrington.
And you're just calling to make sure I got your subpoena.
How thoughtful.
We have records of you coming in contact with the victim.
Well, I come in contact with a lot of people.
Most I don't recall.
Well, if you happen to recall the truth in this case, and are worried for some reason about incriminating yourself, we can offer you full immunity in exchange for your honest testimony.
If you'll excuse my french, you can take your immunity and shove it up your CROWD (CHANTING): Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! As I said, this case isn't about me.
This is about one man being held accountable for his actions.
That's why it's the people v.
Blake Carrington.
We're very confident that we have more than enough evidence - to make our case.
Prosecution obviously has nothing.
That's why she's constantly on TV talking about how guilty I am.
Now, Vegas has me at even money to walk.
Huh? Not to bet against the house or the manor, in this case but didn't they find Mac wrapped in a body bag with your DNA on it? Oh, a drop of DNA will never hold up against my army of lawyers.
And the justice system wins again.
Don't listen to him, Father.
I saved the last case of blue belt's reserve vintage for us to crack open when you're acquitted.
I know how much you love the winery, so I thought it was fitting.
CRISTAL: How thoughtful, Adam.
Did Nadia hold your hand while you picked that out? Or maybe you don't need her anymore? No, no.
Nadia has been instrumental in, uh Is everything okay, son? Yeah.
Yeah, I Everything's fine.
I just, um, I j I just need a minute.
FALLON: Well, I've been subpoenaed to testify, for the other side.
They're probably gonna ask me about your character.
Well, I trust you will be honest and truthful as you extol my virtues.
What virtues? I'm not gonna perjure myself to save your ass.
Hey, no one asked you to lie.
However, I happen to know that your magazine launches in a few days, and a little positive press on your father couldn't hurt.
Well, I didn't start a magazine to be your PR mouthpiece.
But don't worry, I will publicly support you.
I'll even put on a special "dad is on trial but probably innocent" outfit.
Speaking of (SIGHS) The nerve.
You know, if my father wants positive press, then he should just buy his own magazine.
You know? Like a normal person.
I mean, does he not understand that my future as a media mogul depends entirely on the success of this first issue? Belt? Well, he is on trial for murder, so he may have his mind on other things.
Oh, please.
This is who he is.
Controlling, ruthless.
Always trying to spin things.
Speaking of, are you sure you're not tempted to put a positive spin on this article? Me? I'm not writing it.
No, I am, as you already know.
I'm just wondering if my publisher/girlfriend is gonna censor what I want to say.
Liam, I am not like my father.
Okay? This apple fell so far from the tree that people aren't even sure if it's an apple.
- Mm.
- So you write your article the way that you want, as long as you meet your deadline tomorrow so we can publish it online.
You are so hot when you order me around.
MONICA: I thought I made it pretty clear on Thanksgiving that I didn't want to see you again.
I was hoping you would have processed this whole "Vanessa is my stepdaughter" thing by now.
You lied to me and Jeff about who she was and tried to use us to launch her career.
I'm sorry if that takes more than a few days to process.
Please don't let your anger for me affect how you feel about Vanessa.
- She's innocent in all of this.
- (SCOFFS) The club residency Is gone.
And I'm gonna have Jeff change the locks so you can stop barging in here like you belong.
Where is Jeff? He's been unreachable all week.
His assistant said he would be back from the airport by now.
Oh, is that why you're here? You thought you could come over here and do damage control.
Well, good luck, 'cause Jeff is gonna be even more pissed than I am when he hears about this.
JEFF: Oh, Jeff already knows.
I looked into your so-called client while I was in Europe.
- Jeff - I don't need your excuses.
Okay? I've had enough of those for an entire lifetime.
I don't hate you.
I'm not cutting you out of my life.
But I know exactly who you are.
And I've made my peace with it.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Enough peace to promote Vanessa on your streaming service? Don't push your luck.
I'm not the Dalai Lama.
MITCHELL: Prosecution is offering a pretrial plea deal.
- 25 years.
- Did you just meet me? I'm not spending 25 years in prison.
And I'm not pleading guilty to murder.
If the jury finds you guilty, you could face life in prison or worse.
You assured me things were looking solid.
They were.
But then I heard from my man on the inside that the District Attorney has an ace up her sleeve.
A secret witness she's trying to add who could place Mac at the manor around the coroner's time of death.
What? Who is it? I have no idea, but you should seriously consider taking the deal.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That we got a rat.
Trouble is, a lot of people live and work at the manor.
Question everyone.
Trust no one.
Find out who it is and eliminate the problem.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we're here today to settle a very simple question.
Is Blake Carrington a murderer? Now, I know what you might be thinking.
Not this respectable, successful man, whose face you've seen on the cover of Time and Forbes magazine.
But Mr.
Carrington has another side.
One you won't see on magazine covers.
Dark, ruthless, with a temper only surpassed by his bank account.
A man so lacking in morals he would hire a hit man to solve his problems.
And when that hit man dared to turn on him, Blake Carrington murdered him.
And then left his body to rot in his fancy, private lake.
(QUIETLY): The jury is eating this up.
And Daddy looks like he's about to explode.
After hearing our evidence and witness testimony, it will be undeniable that Blake Carrington deserves to be brought to justice and judged guilty of murder.
You might want to tone down the death stares while the jury is watching you.
They're believing this crap.
You can't lose your temper.
That's exactly what they're hoping for.
We hooked up twice that night and again in the morning.
(CHUCKLES): And let me tell you, - Joel has the most gorgeous - (SHUSHES) Can you please tone it down? I have customers here.
Plus, I'm going through a dry spell.
What about Fletcher, the PR guy? - I thought he kissed you.
- He did.
And then I never heard back.
- Must have meant nothing.
- Never engage with negativity, Sam.
Think positive and it'll happen.
Okay, rainbows and butterflies are not your best look.
It's all Joel.
He told me I was his best student at the meditation and motivation seminar in Savannah last week.
I mean, you should've seen him teach, it was like he was touching my soul.
Just when I was finally starting to get my appetite back.
He wants me to spend a bit of time at the HQ in South Carolina.
Thinks I'll benefit from being around other people that think with light.
And you're going? I want to, but I should probably be here for my dad while he's dealing with the craziness of Blake's trial.
Especially since he moved back into the manor.
That's always gonna be his home.
It's his happy place.
- It's like the manor touches his soul.
- Okay.
You know what? I'm feeling my, uh, negative energy rise, so, uh, I'm gonna go find Joel and meditate.
And by meditate, you mean sex, huh? I worked for six years as Blake's driver and was his business partner as well.
Isn't it true that you would often drive the victim, Nathan Macintosh, at Mr.
Carrington's request? Yeah.
Blake relied on Mac to do his dirty work.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
I'm sorry.
I drove him at times.
Carrington told the police that he hadn't seen Mr.
Macintosh in ten years.
When was the last time you saw Blake and him interact? Wow.
Ten years? (INHALES SHARPLY) Good thing he wasn't under oath.
- Objection.
- He can't say that! Just answer the question, please.
I saw Mac regularly up until the time I quit two years ago.
So you knew what he did for a living? He was a fixer for Atlanta's elite.
For the right amount of money, he'd do anything you needed.
Intimidation, beating, murder.
BROWN: And were you surprised that Blake Carrington had this type of person in his life? Oh, not at all.
They're cut from the same cloth.
After all, I know that Blake is capable of murder.
I've seen it.
That man killed my father.
- Hey, he's-he's ly he's a raging liar.
- Objection! We are not trying - Mr.
Carrington for - He is lying.
Sit down, Mr.
You lose control again, you'll be watching this trial from a jail cell.
ANDERS: Because of the nature of this trial, I will be speaking to every employee.
Now, let's get started.
Have you ever heard anyone speak poorly of Mr.
Carrington? The groundskeepers hate that he never cleans up after Bo.
Gunnerson thinks that he doesn't appreciate her cooking enough.
- He loves my cooking.
- Have you seen or heard anyone meeting with the authorities? Mrs.
Gunner's uncle used to work for HUD.
(LAUGHS) that's a government authority, right? I think Tony might know something.
I don't know anything.
And he's always bragging about how his kids love video games.
ANDERS: I hear your children like video games.
Maybe I do know something.
But I shouldn't.
All this glaring is getting a little unsettling.
Don't shoot the messenger or the gardener.
I was hanging with someone here last weekend.
I heard 'em on the phone say the word "FBI.
" Who was it? Kirby.
You're really doing so well on your own.
Pretty soon, you won't need me at all.
Don't say that.
You know, I-I have been wondering what what happens if I do get my vision back? Well, for one, I'd be thrilled for you.
As for my job, the agency I'm with will place me somewhere new.
But we'd still see each other.
Well, some of my patients aren't in the city.
Or the state.
But we'll work things out somehow.
You know what this needs? Some of those special Brooklyn olives.
Be right back.
(CRIES OUT) (GRUNTS) - Nadia! I - What happened? I was just trying to make us some tea, and I thought I could do it by myself.
Oh, it's all my fault.
I never should have left you here alone.
I just pushed myself too far, I guess.
It was stupid.
Well, I'm here now for however long you need.
Your little Thanksgiving stunt cost us the residency at Colby Club.
How many times do you want me to apologize? I am sorry that I let it slip to Monica that I am your stepdaughter.
Can we please more on now? Actually, we can.
But only because I've decided Blake is going to help us get what we need.
A record contract? A record contract, yes.
But so much more.
I'm talking about our brand.
Our empire.
And my half step-uncle is offering to help us? In the middle of his murder trial? No.
But while the national spotlight is focused on the Carringtons, there's no reason why we can't take some of it for ourselves.
We're gonna be national news.
I think I might have developed feelings for him.
I even thought about going to Blake and confessing everything.
(CHUCKLES) You're kidding.
Right? I mean, honey, you're a good actress, but the whole therapist with a heart of gold routine just isn't playing.
You know, you're not the first person who's tried to squeeze money out of me, though you may be the cutest.
You'll get the rest once you pull the trigger.
Adam is finally in love.
So break his heart, if you can find it.
Look at this.
Secret meeting in the gun room, a bag filled with cash.
Book Club meeting? What are you doing here, Cristal? Like you said, this is a secret meeting.
Oh, I was actually looking for Nadia, so I could fire her.
But this seems so much better than that.
Cristal, I know that we are not exactly friends, but you're not gonna tell my daddy about this.
Whatever you're up to, I want in.
Or else I will go to Daddy, and everything you've been plotting will go up in smoke.
Yeah, I need a background check on the owner of a black sedan, KLZF917.
Show me to my seat.
Dominique Deveraux, sister of the accused.
I don't see you listed here as family.
Did you win one of the lottery tickets? Do I look like I need a lottery ticket? Cristal, could you tell this ridiculous man that I'm family? I'm sorry, I don't know this woman.
Cris-Cristal! Are you done spit shining our Bible, Ms.
Carrington? Oh, your honor, I am in the process of launching a magazine, so I cannot afford to get sick.
All right, I'm done now.
Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? On my new custom Gucci purse, yes.
Carrington, would you describe your father as a temperamental man? Well, I believe "passionate" is the PC term.
According to various news reports, he has routinely thrown items at family and staff members when he loses his temper; is that true? Well, I'm not sure that I would say "routinely.
" but he always aims just to the side of a person's head.
- This is not true.
- FALLON: For what it's worth.
Are you aware that several of his assistants came forward last year with stories of their abuse? I am, yes, but Are you aware of any instances when your father broke the law? - Objection! Relevance? - Your honor, Mr.
Carrington's historical disregard for morals and laws is crucial to establishing his capacity for murder.
You can answer.
I am aware that you don't get to be Blake Carrington without breaking a few Fabergés, if you know what I mean.
I don't know what you mean.
But moving on, what about instances where he's paid off police or a politician? I can neither confirm nor deny that.
Are you aware that your father hired Mac to perform illegal activities, such as covering up the death of a teenage girl in your home? I did tell the police that, yes.
Carrington, do you believe your father is capable of murder? Can I plead the fifth? Your face is saying no.
I can tell.
Um, I believe that everyone is capable of murder.
You know? Under the right circumstances.
BROWN: We don't need a dissertation on the human condition, Ms.
So, then yes.
He's capable, but-but only in a universal kind of way.
No more questions.
Somehow, I don't think my own daughter suggesting that I could kill someone was helpful.
No, it wasn't.
We need to go after her.
The question is how hard? NADIA: I can't wait.
Meet me in the loft tonight? Mm.
I miss you, too.
(GASPS) Adam! (NERVOUS CHUCKLE) I didn't see you there.
Who were you talking to? No one important.
But it's lunchtime.
Let me make you something in the kitchen.
Come on.
Would you say that you have a vendetta against your father? Of course not.
And didn't you steal Carrington Atlantic from him and then sell it? I didn't steal anything.
We got a great price, and I don't know why you're acting like I'm the one on trial right now.
Did you leak his dead wife's sex tape with zero regard for his feelings? Wow.
I-I did, yes, but Do you hate your father because he cut you out of his will? Objection! - BROWN: Leading.
- I don't care about his will.
Isn't it true that if your father has bribed the law, it was to get you out of numerous DUIs, and that he offered you multiple jobs, and then you had him fired as CEO from his own company? Can you define "numerous"? Is this why you are perceived and I'm quoting several articles here as "nothing but a spoiled, rich brat who wouldn't be anywhere without her father"? Objection! Order, Ms.
Carrington! You are in contempt and will be fined.
How dare you! How dare I what, hmm? Last time I checked, this is my house, and you called me a murderer.
So if I want some grapes, I will have some grapes.
I did not call you a murderer.
I said you were capable of murder.
Same difference.
Oh, you'll be fine.
- (CHUCKLES) - Goodbye.
I really hope you are reporting on every bad thing that happened in court today.
And to think he wants favorable coverage.
"The heiress lost her cool and displayed an unknown talent for gavel hurling.
" Wow.
You're really writing about that? I'm reporting on the trial, and it's Fallon, it's part of the trial.
And I'm guessing you haven't looked online lately, because I'm not the only one writing about it.
No, no, that's true, but you are the only one who happens to be my boyfriend, and writing for my own magazine, so, I don't know, a hit piece on me being insane really doesn't feel like the best way to go on this one.
No offense, but I didn't make you look insane.
But how do you think that'll make me look, writing an obviously biased article? Like someone who doesn't want me to be the joke of the publishing community.
Fallon, you said I should write this however I wanted.
Is it always gonna be like this working with you? You know what, you're, uh, you're right.
You do what you need to do.
I've discovered the identity of our mystery witness, sir.
- (SIGHS) It's Kirby.
- What? How do you know? Well, I was tailing her, and I didn't recognize someone she was talking to, so I ran his plates, and it turned out the car belongs to a federal agency.
She's always blamed the family for my heart attack.
Didn't want me coming back here.
She thinks that you are toxic.
So we'll deal with her the way we would any other traitor.
She is my daughter, sir.
And this is largely my fault.
I let her go far too young.
She deserved better from me.
We all do the best we can as parents, Anders.
You were a good one to me when I needed you.
Kirby made her own choice here.
Try not to think too much about it tonight.
We'll figure out how to handle this tomorrow, together.
I can't stop thinking about how you let our mother off the hook yesterday.
Dom is who she is.
And the sooner you accept that, the better.
But I do have some other news for you.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
No, not at all.
I called you both here to tell you that I need a break from all this.
So I'm going to New York for a while.
You don't have to leave because of Dom's craziness, okay? That's just our family.
We're extra.
I'm opening the new club there anyway, and I was wondering if you'd want to come with me.
None of this mess is your fault, and it'd be cool to get to know a new family member.
Who knows, maybe we could work together.
You're talented.
And believe me, I know you don't need our mom's crazy to make it.
- So think about it.
- I will.
I should let you two say goodbye.
All right.
Take care of my baby while I'm gone.
I'm gonna miss you.
Back at you.
Oh, what news did you have for me? Don't worry about it.
Just have fun in New York, okay? - Take care of yourself.
- We'll talk later.
I guess your sister wasn't in the mood to meet your new wife.
CRISTAL: I knew it! I knew you were cheating on me, Blake! - (GLASS BREAKS) - (NADIA SCREAMS) NADIA: Oh, Mrs.
Carrington, I'm sorry! CRISTAL: How could you? With the help? Do you have no self-respect? How long has this been going on? I want an explanation.
BLAKE: I don't need to explain myself.
Then you explain.
We've been sleeping together for months.
That's why I was hired.
BLAKE (OVER RECORDING): You're just making things worse.
CRISTAL: Months? I thought you were screwing Adam.
No, I only slept with Adam to make your husband jealous.
I was using him.
CRISTAL: I want you out.
Don't ever show your face around here again.
(CRYING) He's gone.
I can't believe how well that worked.
Yay, us.
Blake's TED talk snippets were very helpful.
Well, I'm sure it's the first time anyone's ever listened to them.
Nadia, nice performance, but Cristal's right, we don't need to see you around here ever again.
I mean, your deviousness was great when it was useful, but now I just don't really trust you.
I understand.
Good doing business with you, ladies.
I hope this works and Blake finally sees Adam for what he is.
Oh, it'll work.
I mean, Adam isn't exactly subtle when he's upset.
I mean, he usually snaps in the craziest way possible, like, putting my face on my mother.
(GRUNTING) Blake? - What are you doing here? - You and I need to talk.
About what? Have we ever talked before? Don't play dumb.
I know that you've been talking to the FBI, you ungrateful little bitch.
You've been nothing but a parasite since you came back.
I refuse to engage with your negativity right now.
- Whatever you think - I don't want to hear a word from you, all right? You are not testifying, and you are leaving town immediately.
Bought you a plane ticket to Australia, but frankly, I don't care where you go.
You just stay away from me and my family.
Are you seriously trying to banish me? I have no idea what you're talking about.
- I have not been talking to the FBI about you.
- Just stop.
Just stop.
Stop with the lies, all right? If I hear you're ever back in Atlanta again, we're gonna have a problem.
Does my father know about this? Yeah, Anders is the one that told me about what you did.
Everyone wants you gone.
Sir, when you've got a minute, I've had a few thoughts about, um, how we should proceed with our secret witness.
Actually, I took care of that last night.
What do you mean? I thought we were going to discuss this together.
We were, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt that I had no choice.
I gave Kirby a plane ticket to Australia and I told her that she was no longer welcome in the manor or in Atlanta.
Look, I know this court case is high stakes and that you may not be in the best frame of mind, but exiling my daughter Look at what I did to Fallon yesterday on the stand.
Do you think I wanted to do that? No.
When we're talking life and death, we need a firm hand with our children.
I didn't want you to have to do it, - so I took it upon myself.
- I see.
Are we still good for your testimony today as we discussed? (QUIETLY): Okay.
This is Joseph Anders.
Is the offer of immunity for testifying against Blake Carrington still on the table? Is this the La Mirage front desk? This is Beyoncé's assistant.
Yes, that Beyoncé.
We're considering your hotel as a base for her upcoming tour.
Of course, we'd need to swing by to make sure everything meets her very high standards.
I'll be right there.
- Sam, where are you going? - Beyoncé's people are on their way to my hotel, and I need to go make sure everyone gets in formation.
Oh, my god, I'm panicking.
How's my outfit? That's better.
Hey, you wouldn't mind if I take your spot? I'm dying to support my brother.
Do whatever you want, I'm barely listening to you.
Hey, she can take my spot.
I heard your premiere issue is being delayed.
Something about a break-in? Yup.
Someone must really have it out for me.
They deleted everything from our hard drives and remote storage, including the first issue and the distribution list, so now everything has to be recreated from scratch.
Well, that sounds terrible.
Oh, save it.
You must be thrilled that we will not be able to cover your trial in a fair and unbiased way.
Well, I guess that means that your temper tantrum won't be mentioned either, right? That would've embarrassing for you and your magazine.
It's almost like you planned this.
Who would do such a thing? I would, which is how I know you would.
You're at least as smart as I am, maybe smarter.
Obvious facts aside, hypothetically, if I did have something to do with this, it would be your fault because you made a fool of me in court, and, hypothetically, not publishing would be much better for my relationship with Liam.
Well, color me hypothetically impressed.
Hmm? You poison your own well and then you act like a victim? That's a classic Carrington move.
Admit it, huh, you're a regular chip off the old Blake.
Please never say that again.
And also, unlike you, I don't destroy family members, or control them.
Don't sell yourself short.
You sabotaged your own magazine, you got Liam on a leash.
You could be savage when you need to be.
Sometimes, you're more me than me.
And you know what? I'm proud of you.
(CHUCKLES) We know that Mac disappeared on March 15, which matches the coroner's reports.
Where were you that night? At the manor, as usual.
BROWN: As the majordomo, would you say that you are privy to everything that goes on in the household? Well, there's not much that happens that I don't know about.
Did you see Mac at the manor the day he disappeared? - Yes.
- (GALLERY MURMURING) Is your butler betraying Blake? Why was he there? Mac had botched a job that Blake had hired him to do, so Blake asked him to come to the manor to punish him.
BROWN: Would you describe Blake's attitude going into this meeting as intense? Possibly ready to kill? Objection, your honor.
- Calls for speculation.
- Sustained.
Objection, you skanky bitch! How dare you accuse my dear brother of such a thing! Our father is rolling over in his grave.
I don't know who you are, but you need to stop attacking the prosecutor.
Your honor, I'm Dominique Deveraux, sister of the defendant.
May I approach the bench? You may do no such thing.
Carrington, please get your family under control.
This is not a good look for you.
Are you going to let them drag me out of here? Blake! I need my purse.
Skank, skank, skank! Prosecution, please, continue.
So what happened when Mac arrived? (SIGHS) Uh, I'm sorry, sir.
I-I I can't lie anymore.
Blake was very angry when Mac arrived, and he threatened him and his family.
They had a physical altercation.
I had to intervene.
I took Mac outside to cool off; and that's when he attacked me.
I fought back, but Mac was unbalanced.
He was a killer.
And is this when Mr.
Carrington came outside? No so, um, the truth is, um I got the jump on Mac, and I killed him.
BROWN: But Mr.
Anders, you are under oath.
This is not the testimony that we expected.
Your honor, the D.
is badgering the witness.
- How am I badgering the witness? - Order! - (ATTORNEYS ARGUING) - Order! Order.
Everyone, quiet.
Anders? I would remind you perjury is a serious crime.
I stand by my testimony.
(MURMURING) JUDGE: Then I'm calling for a brief recess.
We'll reconvene in the afternoon.
was none too pleased.
And the judge was distraught that she couldn't charge me right there for Mac's murder.
Well, nothing you said could be used against you.
Who would've thought the prosecution offering you an immunity deal would be a good thing? Well, it helps that we could use it against them.
And you calling them last minute, that was perfect.
No prep.
They assumed that you would turn on me.
There's no way they can convict me now.
Especially with their secret witness being taken care of.
We won, Anders.
Both of us.
Though I'm not entirely happy.
Because of Kirby.
I have to admit I had a moment of doubt.
But I've always looked on you as my son.
I couldn't allow them to put you in prison.
Your father did the same thing for me when I was younger.
Almost Dickensian, really.
But Kirby's my child, too.
I don't want to have to choose between my children.
I see.
She made a mistake.
And yes, we have a duty to be firm with our children, but we also have a duty to give them unconditional love.
You've forgiven Fallon many times.
Maybe I went too far.
Why don't you bring Kirby back? She can even stay in the manor again.
And if there's any issue with dodging a subpoena, we'll have my legal team take care of it.
Yeah, I'm gonna leave you to it.
And Anders? Thank you.
Kirby, this is your father.
I just rang to say I'm sorry.
Come back.
I'm trending and a meme.
Everyone is obsessed with the sister who attacked the prosecutor because she loves her murderous brother - that much.
- What's your next trick gonna be? Breaking him out of prison? Ha! I wouldn't rule it out.
But now Hot Tea Atlanta wants to do this "making of a murderer's sister" profile on me, and they're going to follow me around court this afternoon.
- You should come.
- I've been thinking, mom, and I would rather do this without your antics.
Antics? I'm doing this for you.
You're doing this for yourself.
And honestly, I don't even feel like I can trust you anymore.
Not after what you pulled with Jeff and Monica.
I've always seen you as more my child than anyone.
There's so much of me in you.
My singing career may have died on the vine, but I would give up everything to make sure you succeed.
I think it's best if I leave for a bit.
Monica invited me to New York.
And I'm going with her.
But what about the empire I'm building? It's nothing if you're not here.
I got to pack.
- Hey.
I was reading that? - Yes.
I, uh, I may have done something crazy.
Okay, does this have anything to do with the break-in at the magazine? Or why the first part of my article - isn't getting published? - Well, why would you think that? I mean, yes, it's-it's true.
It's just, I don't appreciate that it was your first guess, but that's not the point.
The point is, I have learned my lesson.
Only you could spin something this insane - into a positive.
- No-no-no-no-no, it's genuine.
My eyes have been opened.
I realized I am too much like my father.
Which is not a good thing.
I mean, look at him.
The man is a hop, skip, and a guilty verdict away from prison.
Okay, well, your learning a valuable lesson doesn't negate the crazy that you just put me through.
No, no, no, I know, I know.
That's why, from now on, I am making a conscious effort to be better.
Maybe start with an apology? Yes.
Um Look, I, uh, I know that I have a flare for the dramatic, and I can crush with an iron fist when I should be handling with a velvet glove; but that stops now.
Okay? And I am sorry if I drove you crazy.
Thank you.
Actually there is someone else I should be saying this to on my journey to becoming a better person.
Because he certainly never will be.
What did you do now? Julia? Where's Adam? I haven't seen him since last night, but Ms.
Carrington? We just got a call from the caretaker.
The vineyard is on fire.
Oh, my god.
SAM: Hey.
Got your text that you're leaving with Joel.
You weren't gonna run off without saying bye, were you? I didn't think you were here.
I thought you were in court.
Long, confusing story, but let's just say Beyoncé's assistant is on a yacht with the Obamas and not calling me.
Anyway, why'd you change your mind? What about being here for your dad? Oh.
My dad's gone full paranoid crazy.
He thinks I'm some sort of secret witness in Blake's trial.
Anders thinks you're what? Don't even ask, because I barely understand.
I mean the FBI was contacting me, but it wasn't about Blake, it was about Joel.
I knew that guy was a problem.
You know what? Maybe you shouldn't go.
Oh oh, no, no-no.
It's just about stupid stuff, like some misfiled tax liability.
- It's not a big deal.
- Oh, yeah, but what if Joel's lying? I mean, you can't spell "fib" without F-B-I.
- What? - (HORN HONKING) Oh.
That's Joel.
I'll probably see you in a few days.
Have fun.
Be careful.
And don't forget to call me.
Or I'll be worried.
Oh, my god, Adam? Fallon? What-what what are you doing here? I am so sorry.
This is all my fault.
- What do you mean? - Um Well, it all started when I paid Nadia to make you fall in love with her.
And then I staged a fake fight, with Cristal's help, to make it look like - Blake had sex with Nadia.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
So that's not true.
I, I just (LAUGHS) I just burned down father's vineyard! - Well, maybe it's salvageable.
- Uh How could you do this to me? I'm at my most vulnerable.
I'm gonna make it up to you, okay? I will buy us a new vineyard.
I'm already blind! And now I'm heartbroken, too? I know, and I'm so sorry, but Wait, how did you get up here? And how were you able to set fire to the vineyard if you can't see? I'm very capable with my cane.
I knew it.
I knew that you could see.
How dare you try and just manipulate me when I am being sincere in my apology! Well, you made me burn down a vineyard! FALLON: You have been faking the whole time, haven't you? ADAM: No.
That's something you would do! You.
- It was you that hit me over the head.
- What? I remember everything now.
- You hit me over the head! - Whoa, whoa.
- I nearly died! - Hey, hey.
Calm down.
It looks like your amnesia is turning into insanity.
You're unbelievable.
And you're still lying, you psycho! No, Liam! Guys, stop! Stop! Stop, stop, stop! Liam! (WOOD CRACKING) - (BOTH GRUNTING) - No! Liam! Keep the camera trained on me for the entire session.
She's the third wife.
You are unbelievable.
Last chance to make a plea deal, Mr.
You're only over here making this offer - 'cause you know you're gonna lose.
- BAILIFF: All rise! Your honor, the people would like to request the addition - of a final witness.
- Objection! Sit down, Mr.
- You aren't a lawyer.
- Objection! Your honor, this witness has been abroad and was only able to return to the States yesterday.
Your honor, that is not our problem.
He is not on the list.
This person will prove Mr.
Carrington's guilt.
Our entire case hinges on this testimony.
I'll allow it.
(SIGHS) Then we call our final witness.
Their surprise witness is Jeff Colby? (SCOFFS) What a joke.
Please state your name for the court.
Of course.
It's Alexis Carrington Colby.