Dynasty (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned

1 - Previously on Dynasty - The district attorney - has a secret witness.
- It's Alexis Carrington Colby.
FALLON: I paid Nadia to make you fall in love with her, and then I staged a fake fight, with Cristal's help, to make it look like Blake had sex with Nadia.
So that's not true.
I just burned down Father's vineyard.
LIAM: It was you that hit me over the head.
(GRUNTS) - I nearly died! - No! (BOTH PANTING) FALLON: Oh, no! Liam! Liam! - (BOTH GRUNTING) - Come on! Pull me up! (GASPS) - (FALLON SCREAMS) - Aah! - (THUD) - (GRUNTS) JUDGE: Order! Order in the court! Your Honor, the defense requests a recess so we have time to prepare for this surprise witness.
Court will resume in one hour.
May I approach? Wow.
What the hell are you doing here? Just doing my part to make sure justice prevails.
Mm, right.
And you're a Colby now.
Well, I hope Jeff didn't have to pay too much for your allegiance.
You change your loyalty as often as you change your face.
You and I both know you have nothing relevant you can say against me.
You have no idea what I know and what I don't know.
Which must be terrifying for you.
We should postpone her testimony till later in the week, so we have time to prepare.
Ah, there's nothing that woman has to offer that would convince anyone I was guilty.
- You don't know that.
It's - Trust me.
The more time we give her, the bigger story she'll spin.
Put her on the stand.
Let's get this over with.
Are you sure you're not hurt? Do I know you? Now's not the time for amnesia jokes, all right? Good to know.
Okay, look, are you sure that nothing got jostled up there? Like, you're not gonna wake up tomorrow and think that you're in love with your fourth grade girlfriend, right? Audrey Simmons.
She was pretty cute.
Probably super hot now.
(LAUGHS) You're sure that you remember Adam hitting you by the pool? Yeah, he came up from behind me, and I got a glimpse of the flowerpot.
Next thing I remember, I woke up in the shed with my head pounding.
I knew it.
I knew he was responsible.
Are his ribs broken? Aw.
(GROANS) You are lucky that I don't do worse.
But Blake will, once he finds out that you set fire to his precious vineyard.
How delusional you are.
Father is going to forgive me when he finds out that you bribed Nadia to fall in love with me and then pretend to sleep with Blake.
And then he's gonna blame you.
Good luck with that.
In the meantime, we'll be sure to send the police over to arrest you for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.
It was a flowerpot, Fallon.
Well, yeah, but a deadly one.
Feel free to go light on the pain meds.
LIAM: Maybe we should hold off on the cops for now.
Maybe deal with one murder charge at a time.
But unless the prosecution has the murder on tape, Blake will be home in a few days.
And then we can go after Adam.
Someone needs to explain to me what's going on before I have an aneurysm.
What's to explain? This marriage is a sham.
It's just a matter of why.
JENNINGS: If Alexis is involved, I'm guessing it has to do with money.
That is the gold digger calling the kettle black.
Obviously, you don't love her.
And why is that obvious? Jeff, a word? Without the wife.
(SIGHS) - I should freshen up anyway.
- (CHUCKLES) JENNINGS: Should we be worried about her testimony? Alexis knows nothing.
The D.
's wasting everyone's time.
If anything, this makes me more confident.
Son, I know we're not on great terms right now, but Alexis is bad news.
If you're in trouble, let me help you out of it.
Does she have blackmail on you? - Is that what's happening? - You're right.
We aren't on great terms, or even good ones, which is why your opinion doesn't matter.
She's using you.
Oh, the only person using me is you.
And I can take care of myself.
Is the trial over? Did I miss the verdict? You're guilty, right? No, you didn't miss the verdict, but thank you for the vote of confidence.
You did miss the return of your mother.
What? She's back? With a new face.
And a stepfather for you.
But I think you've met him already.
You know Jeff, right? Your former fiancé? (RINGTONE PLAYING) Ah, Blake just filled me in.
He's kidding, right? It's true.
Does she have some kind of blackmail on you? I mean, is someone watching right now that can have you killed? Blink twice for yes.
Fallon? Can you explain why my vineyard is burned to the ground? I can, but maybe you should talk to Adam, who made sure to torch every last vine the second his sight came back.
BAILIFF: Court is now back in session.
We're not done here.
And neither are we.
Colby, where were you on the night of March 15? I was home in my loft on the Carrington property.
I had my hair done at 6:00, I was home by 8:00, and enjoying my nightly ritual by 9:00.
Ritual? At the end of each day, I reward myself with a bubble bath and cocktail.
Can't forget to pamper ourselves.
- Did anything strange happen this particular night? Other then seeing a man being murdered, you mean? No, I mean exactly that.
Can you describe for us what you saw? When I looked through the bathroom window which has a direct line of sight to the lake I saw Blake strangling Mack with his bare hands.
(GALLERY CLAMORING) Which is understandable since Mack turned on Blake after Blake ordered him to kill Cristal's lover Mark Jennings.
Not that I'm condoning murder, of course.
I will never forget the look of violence in his eyes.
Objection! Which is probably what Mack said, if he could have spoken.
Please just stick to the facts.
The fact of the matter is, I saw Blake Carrington kill Nathan MacIntosh.
(GALLERY CLAMORING) Your Honor, no further questions.
I was watching the jury, Blake.
They were hanging on every word.
I know.
It's time to move forward with our plan.
If we get caught, things could get much worse.
Worse than a life sentence? We need to get Anders going before we lose our window of opportunity.
FALLON: Hello, Mother, or at least I assume it's you under there somewhere.
It's lovely to see you, darling.
I'm doing well, thank you.
I'm a newlywed.
Yes, yes, I heard.
I'm not sure which makes less sense you being married to Jeff, or that fairy tale you were spinning on the stand.
You're the one living in a fairy tale, Fallon.
You're so obsessed with thinking I'm the evil witch, you can't see the Big Bad Wolf right in front of you.
I'm not sure that's quite how that one goes, though I'm not surprised, considering you made the staff read me bedtime stories as a kid.
Yes, yes, I'm a terrible mother, everything is my fault.
Doesn't change the fact that every word I said is true.
We inherit different things from our parents.
You got your natural flair and stunning eyebrows from me.
I just hope you didn't inherit your father's ruthlessness.
He's a murderer.
And he's finally gonna get what he deserves.
Which'll leave more time for us to reconnect, so, good news, bad news.
Okay, I need to ask you something, and I really, really don't want to, but it's like Sophie's choice trying to decide which parent is crazier.
So before you take another sip, I need you to answer me honestly.
Is Alexis telling the truth? How could you even ask that? This is your mother we're talking about.
Lying is like an art form to her, and this is her Sistine Chapel.
I can promise you, she did not see what she claimed to see.
She probably wasn't even here.
Well, then why would she say that? Because her vendetta against me is so insane that she's willing to perjure herself.
I did not kill Mack.
And I don't deserve to go to prison for the rest of my life because your mother is unstable.
I just need to figure out a way to prove that she's lying.
Well, maybe I could help.
What? We may have our issues, but I don't want to see you in jail or dead.
I'm touched.
But what could you possibly do to help? Well, you say she wasn't here, right? So we just need to prove that she's lying.
If you recall, Alexis writes down everything that happens to her in one of her planners.
She thinks it'll be useful when she hires someone to ghostwrite her memoirs.
Does she actually think anyone's clamoring for her life story? My life story is a hundred times more interesting than hers - It's not the point, Dad.
Well, you do what you think you can.
Thank you for believing in my innocence.
What happens if she finds out the truth? She's not going to because I'm not going to tell her, and neither are you.
But since we don't know how successful she's going to be, how's our plan going? I spoke to the jury consultant.
And based on that conversation, this is the juror that we're targeting.
Now, do you want me to summon Adam to discuss the vineyard fire? One problem at a time.
You know, I thought kids were supposed to get easier when they turned 18.
Have you heard from Kirby since she left? You mean, since you sent her out of the state because you didn't want her to testify against you even though she had no plans to? No, I haven't.
But as you say, one problem at a time.
ALEXIS: Be careful with those turbans.
The mannequin heads alone cost more than your yearly salary.
I see you're back after abandoning me once again.
I didn't abandon you.
You're a grown man.
- And now you're moving out? - Yes.
Now that I'm remarried, I thought my husband and I should live in the same place.
- So it's true? You married Jeff? - We're registered at Aston Martin.
I'm doing what needs to be done.
Oh, to put it in terms you'll understand, it's as if I'm shoving Blake's face into the fire to teach him a lesson.
Metaphorically speaking.
- Subtle, Mother.
- I'm willing to call a truce.
And the only way that we're gonna have a relationship is if we put the past behind us and start fresh.
That's never gonna happen.
You're a Colby now.
I'm a Carrington.
You've made your choice.
(SIGHS) REPORTER (ON TV): And today in court, in a stunning and rather fashionable twist Anything new? Just the same old faces with nothing to say.
There's one face I haven't seen around here in a while.
I assume you mean Vanessa? Have you heard from her? Not since she checked out of the hotel.
And her job.
Apparently, she's in New York with Monica.
Thought we had a good thing going there for a while.
Guess I was wrong.
Oh, brother, you're preaching to the choir.
I haven't heard a thing from Fletcher since our kiss.
And I thought we had a connection.
- Did you call him? - No.
Did you call Vanessa? Yes.
I just never heard back.
Well, Fletcher can call me if he wants.
- Seriously? - Mm-hmm.
Why don't you just call him, ask him out on a date right now? Worst case, he says no.
Then, at least you know, right? Okay, fine.
Hi, it's Sam Jones from La Mirage.
Yeah, of course you know.
Look, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to grab drinks.
What project are we discussing? I, uh I would rather talk about the project in person.
Great, great.
Okay, see you then.
FALLON: A peace offering.
I'm sorry I was a little crabby earlier.
You know, it's not every day that your mother marries your cousin, except maybe in Nebraska.
This is very big of you, Fallon.
Thanks for being so mature.
Well, you know, that's me mature.
So, tell me, how did this whole thing come about? And please feel free to leave out anything that might make me sick to my stomach.
Well, when I was in the Alps, I heard Alexis had been in the hospital in Switzerland.
So I popped over a couple of times to visit.
You know what they say timing is everything.
Wow, and just think, if Jeff and I had actually gotten married, he would've been your nephew and your son-in-law, you know, instead of your nephew and your husband.
I just think that's amazing.
Cheers, to love.
- To love.
- To love.
Oh, wow, there they go.
Okay, all right.
All right, I told you not to do that.
Okay, I'm gonna go to the bathroom and throw up.
I'll be right back.
Your birthday? The day you claim is your birthday? (BUTTONS BEEPING) Ah Blake's birthday.
Here's to psychotic, unrequited love.
There you are.
(CAMERA CLICKS) ALEXIS: Fallon? How are you feeling? It was just a tiny kiss.
It's not like we were Can I help you with anything? Oh! Well, I was walking to the bathroom when this photo of us caught my eye.
Ah, yes.
Two faces ago.
So tell me, how are you dealing with Blake's circus? Because don't worry, Mommy is here now.
Oh, I'm doing so much better.
I hope you can be happy for me.
The heart wants what the heart wants.
Of course, and when the heart wants a billionaire, there's just no stopping it.
You and I were in such a good place before I went abroad.
We finally had trust.
I hope we can pick right back up where we left off.
Oh, we can.
And we will.
But first, let's get back to those celebratory drinks.
We don't want your new husband getting too drunk, now, do we? Is now a good time to talk? Yeah, I would tell you to use your judgment, but clearly you lost that when you regained your sight.
I can explain about the vineyard.
What is there to explain? You light a match, it starts a fire.
You caused my vineyard to go up in flames like the spires of Notre-Dame.
I think that's an unfair comparison.
Yeah, you're right.
Notre-Dame is still standing.
This is all Fallon's fault.
Fallon paid Nadia to fall in love with me, and then set it up so that I would hear Nadia talking to Cristal about how she was having an affair with you, and that she was only sleeping with me to make you jealous, which obviously was devastating for me, so, yeah, I lost my mind a little and set the fire to get back at you, but then Fallon confessed to orchestrating the whole thing.
That's the most ridiculous story I've ever heard.
And why would you sleep with the woman that we hired to help you during a medical crisis? Um, well, I didn't think about Nadia in that way.
- I was - I don't care! While you were busy destroying the one thing left in my life that I still care about, - I'm on trial for murder! - Father, please Get out.
- I can make this up to you.
- Now.
Hi, can I speak to Tripp Worthington? (MUSIC PLAYING FAINTLY) I see I've wasted a perfectly good outfit for no reason.
There is no Peachtree Preservation Society meeting, is there? Well, I knew you wouldn't accept an invitation from me, so I had to improvise.
Let's not cause a scene.
Lucky for you, I'm in a newlywed kind of mood.
And what better way to celebrate than with my half-sister-in- law-turned-mother-in-law? We'll see how long that lasts.
Not long if I can help it.
Well, you can't.
And your son, oh, well, he certainly knows how to treat a lady.
Surprising, given that his mother wasn't around to raise him.
I'm not sure you're the best one to talk about mothering skills.
Actually, Jeff is grateful that you left.
Some people can cause more damage if they stick around too long.
So kudos to you for realizing your shortcomings.
To Jeff.
I don't know what you're trying to sell with this marriage, but I'm not buying it.
Jeff is going to throw you away like rotten fruit when he sees the parasite you are.
So just know the only way you'll get one cent of Jeff's money is over my dead body.
I'm gonna give you some advice.
And I'm gonna use small words so you understand.
- (LAUGHS) - If you don't get on board with this marriage, you're gonna end up drowning alone.
It's burnt.
This champagne was obviously frozen in the bottle at some point.
I know.
That's why you're drinking that one.
Parlor de Sol.
How may I help you? Hi, this is Fallon Carrington.
Um, I need you to do me a little favor, and just tell me if my mother Alexis had an appointment on March 15? I'm sorry, I just can't do that.
Well, of course you can.
Just stare at the computer sitting in front of you, press a few keys, and glance at the schedule for that day.
I just need to know what time she was there.
Obviously, I can do it.
I'm just not allowed.
Becky's schedule is her own private business.
Okay, well, then can I book your next appointment? I mean, if I move a few things around, I could possibly be available tomorrow.
Becky could see you in four months.
Four months? Well, is there a cancellation list? Absolutely, but Ms.
Tennybelle never cancels.
Laura Jean Tennybelle? The bottled water heiress? Oh, that's great news.
Okay, that's all.
Don't tell me you and my mother went shopping.
What are you talking about? The woman is broke.
You're having me surveilled? Good thing I don't have a bad side anymore.
The bartender from Club Colby called me after he took this.
It struck him as odd you two were bonding over bubbly, since he knows I'm barely speaking to my mother.
Bonding? It took all my strength not to reach over and rip off her fake eyelashes.
So, how do you explain this? She lured me there with a phony invitation to a society function.
Believe me, I am not gonna do anything to jeopardize what we're building.
I have to be able to trust you, Alexis.
This whole arrangement is based on trust.
You can trust me.
We're gonna put Blake away for a long time and then get what we both deserve.
Libby Winters? Who's asking? This restroom is only for jurors.
I'm someone who can and will put your life in danger if you don't vote for Blake Carrington's acquittal.
What?! Who are you?! JENNINGS: Don't come out until I'm gone.
I was in the restroom and somebody was threatening me.
I don't know who it was.
But they were wearing red heels.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) That's her, it's Mrs.
Carrington, Juror Number Five claims that during recess she was threatened by Mrs.
Carrington is this true? - Your Honor? - Well, no, of course not.
Your Honor, I would never do anything - to put my husband's trial at risk.
- I would hope not.
I've never seen this woman outside of the courtroom.
May I see your shoes, please, Mrs.
Carrington? My shoes? Okay.
She changed shoes.
I don't know what to tell you.
These are my shoes.
Judge, you saw them.
I actually have been busy with other matters.
Though this trial has been like Fashion Week.
You may be seated, Mrs.
You're trying to make me think I'm crazy, but you're both insane.
JUDGE: Nevertheless, I have no choice but to dismiss you, Ms.
The court cannot tolerate distractions.
Thank you for your service.
Alternate juror number one is now a part of the jury.
You Honor, may I approach? (BIRDS CHIRPING) You the owner of this vineyard? Tripp Worthington? I'm Elwood.
Spoke on the phone? Right, the guy from the Department of Agriculture.
That's right.
So, the state requires that we inspect the land after a flood or fire.
Like the one on your neighbor's vineyard.
Yeah, that fire was a shame.
Blake Carrington loved Blue Belt.
Yeah, so I heard.
However, as a result of that fire, the county has deemed your land contaminated.
Contaminated? With what? Uh, carcinogens.
Ash, chemicals.
Uh, but the county is offering to buy your land for a very generous price.
And, um, it's gonna be a lot better than the pile of dead vines you're gonna end up with over there.
But this has been my family's land for years.
I mean, look, I can show you the contamination levels in micrograms.
Micrograms? I don't know what those are, but they sound bad, Elwood.
I'll have to talk to my lawyer.
It seems like a good deal.
You have a good day.
Laura Jean, thank you so much for coming in.
Can I get you anything? - Oh, just some water for Templeton.
- Oh, sure.
Allison, a bowl of water, please! So, I bet you are wondering why you and you are here.
Well, I am thrilled to announce that Templeton has been selected to grace the cover of Dog Fancy, a magazine that I own, under the Fallon Unlimited umbrella, of course.
Well, that is exciting, though I cannot say that I'm surprised.
Templeton was recently featured on a website for a local yappy hour.
That site was completely overwhelmed with traffic.
I mean, what an honor it is to be in the presence of a true celebrity.
I, I could feel it when he walked in.
Uh, this is my photographer Liam.
He would love to grab a few shots of your baby boy.
Shouldn't take long.
Maybe an hour, max.
It really depends on the, on the f-stop situation.
Now? That doesn't work for me.
I have an appointment I couldn't possibly reschedule.
Seems like he wants to, but it's fine.
- I can just call Henry the German shepherd.
- Ooh.
- You remember how photogenic he was? - Yeah.
Well, I wouldn't want Templeton to miss out on this opportunity.
And German shepherds are so pedestrian.
I suppose I could cancel.
Well, I mean, it's completely up to you.
I'm sure whatever you've got going on is just as important as Templeton's big cover.
LIAM: Would Templeton like to wear a pirate costume? A yo-ho-ho, he would.
(TYPING) (PHONE WHOOSHES) Well, let's get you over here - and find your best light.
- (PHONE CHIMES) All right.
Well, I hate to miss all this, but I'm being pulled away.
You three have fun.
- Who's a good boy? - Aw.
FALLON: So, Becky, my mother has been raving about you for, what, years? So, so many.
And does she usually prefer house calls? Not usually.
Uh, where should I set up? A house this size must have a spa room.
A large shower area is ideal.
Of course.
But I was thinking, before we begin, we can have a little drink and chat.
You know, I don't trust just anyone with the goods.
(CHUCKLES) I don't think that's a good idea.
Like I said, it takes time.
Well, my hair is starting at a solid nine.
I mean, how long could it possibly take to get it to a ten? - Hair? - Mm-hmm.
- Honey, anyone can do hair.
- (DRINK POURING) I do the best spray tan in America.
Of course you do.
Yes, my assistant must have gotten my appointments confused.
Well, I have another client after you, which is a long night for me.
So point me in the right direction and take your clothes off.
All right, Becky.
Let's talk spray tans.
Come with me.
I heard about your little rendezvous with Alexis.
What are you up to? Did she enjoy herself? She was hitting the bubbly hard.
Not sure she can handle as much at her age.
You lured her there with some made-up invitation.
Why? I would have asked her to join me for drinks like a civilized person, but she's just so uncivilized.
I wanted to spend a little time with my daughter-in-law while I had the chance.
Are you going somewhere? I'm not going anywhere, but Alexis doesn't stay anywhere for long.
Oh, I'm pretty confident she's not leaving anytime soon.
(CHUCKLES) Sweetheart, you are going to need more than confidence to handle Alexis.
Perhaps a sharp weapon.
How do you know she's not the one who suggested the toxic paint plan to Adam? Okay, is it possible that you've gotten more crazy? If worrying about my son is crazy, I don't want to be sane.
Alexis will do whatever she has to to get her hands on the money and status she's lost.
Just don't turn your back on her.
If you're forcing me to choose between you and Alexis, I choose my wife.
Your plan to break us up is about as subtle as your robe.
Have a good night.
(DOOR CLOSES) He sounded pissed.
He'll get over it when he sees her for what she is.
He just needs a little help to realize it.
How much do I owe you? Oh, you're far from done.
That was just phase one, the primer.
You wouldn't put just one coat on a house.
Why would you on your body? I don't know, Becky, I hire people to paint things for me.
How many phases are there? Four.
Each one takes an hour.
Does everyone do all four? Everyone.
It's the only option.
I'm on the speed dial of the one percent for a reason.
My tan is known as the fountain of youth.
Oh, wait, you didn't just spray lamb embryos on me or something, did you? That's so five years ago.
But I do have a secret ingredient.
Which reminds me, do you have any allergies? You mean, other than being vulnerable around others and fresh pineapple? I was talking about hormones.
Um, specifically antiaging.
Oh, like human growth hormone? My serum is lightly infused with HGH.
That's why you need four phases, to implement slowly.
It's a miracle drug.
People want to look young.
Except for the FDA, which doesn't allow it because it's supposedly dangerous.
- But I think they have it - Okay, Becky, Becky, Becky.
Stop talking.
I don't need to know any of that.
You're telling me that somebody who had a 6:00 p.
with you could never be home and in the bath by 9:00? Absolutely not.
And they wouldn't get wet.
You can't bathe for six hours after, or you're washing thousands of dollars down the drain.
Oh, that golden goddess of lies.
Your Honor, the defense calls Alexis Carrington Colby to the stand.
FALLON: This is it.
My one shot to keep my father from wearing a onesie for the rest of his life.
At least you're doing it for the right reasons.
Colby, would you walk the court through your timeline on the night of March 15 again? I'm sure it's in the transcript.
(CLEARS THROAT) But I will repeat it.
As I already explained, I had my hair done at 6:00.
Then I went home, wrapped it in a turban and took a bath, like I do every night.
While having a cocktail? Yes, a dry martini with one olive.
Two if I'm hungry.
Please continue.
I had just closed my eyes when I heard a bloodcurdling scream that I will never forget.
And that's when I saw the murder.
And you're sure about this? That you saw my client doing this on that night? If that's the day that Mack was killed, then yes.
I can't change the things that I've seen - or when I've seen them.
- Of course.
So, just checking.
You were not at a tanning salon with a woman named Becky on the night you claim to have seen my client kill Mack? ALEXIS: It was nine months ago, but I've been taking ginkgo biloba for my memory daily for years, so I'm confident in saying I don't think so.
If I were to put Becky on the stand to testify under oath, would she say she saw you on March 15? My beauty appointments are plentiful, and I rarely get them mixed up, but I suppose it's possible.
But a spray tan only takes one hour, so even if I did confuse the two appointments, I still would have been home by 9:00.
Uh Mitchell.
(WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY) Isn't it true that Becky's spray tan - takes four hours to complete? - BROWN: Objection! The witness has already stated that a spray tan takes one hour.
And why are we even talking about spray tans? This is ridiculous.
Because I tracked Becky down! Which is why I look so good.
And I highly recommend it.
But I digress.
I know that you were getting your spray tan at 6:00.
- JUDGE: Ms.
- And I know that Becky's spray tan takes four hours, because it contains HGH and it needs time to work.
So there is no way you could have been at home at 9:00, because you would not be done until 10:00.
- Asked and answered.
- (MURMURING) Objection sustained.
No further questions, Your Honor.
- (GAVEL BANGING) - Order! Ms.
Carrington, please sit down.
Wait till you start showing signs of age.
You'll do anything to reverse the clock.
Especially when your mind is as fuzzy as mine can be.
(CHUCKLES) The defense rests.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) No, no, no, no, no.
- I can't be smudged.
- Well, what I want to do to you right now might be worth a splotchy tan.
That's it.
- Really? - No.
- Really? Okay.
(SIGHS) - Thank you for helping me.
- Yeah.
What do you think the jury's thinking? Well, I can't imagine those people have much sympathy for the billionaire with the young wife and the great-looking daughter.
I mean, you did everything you could.
Now it's out of your hands.
And that is something I am not comfortable with.
I mean, they've been deliberating for two hours.
Is it good or is it bad? I just I can't imagine what my father must be going through right now.
(GAVEL BANGING) JUDGE: Foreperson, do you have a verdict? No, Your Honor.
- (GASPING) - We're deadlocked.
And you think that there's no reasonable chance that you'll come to a verdict with more discussion? No, I do not.
We have a hung jury.
- (GALLERY MURMURING) - Therefore, this case is deemed a mistrial.
Over a spray tan? You've got to be kidding me.
- (GAVEL BANGING) - JUDGE: Order! Order! Shall we set a date for the prosecution to retry the case? We need to discuss this amongst ourselves.
Will the defendant please rise? Mr.
Carrington, you are free to go - until further notice.
- (EXHALES) Court is adjourned.
Congratulations, baby.
Come on.
Let's get out of here and celebrate.
Celebrate? A hung jury means that some of those people think you're guilty.
What if they retry you? With no solid evidence or eyewitness testimony, there's no way that'll happen.
Thank you.
- Couldn't have done this without your help.
- Well, if a daughter can't save her father from the death penalty by exposing her mother's lies, then what good is she? (CHUCKLES) ALEXIS: I hope you're proud of yourself.
You ruined the life of an innocent woman today.
Aw, Mother, spare me.
You have been called a lot of things, but never innocent.
I meant Becky.
She's being investigated on illegal drug charges, and they're shutting down her business.
The story is all over Hot Tea Atlanta because of what you just did to her in court.
I was only trying to prove that you were lying, which you were, to save Blake.
I wasn't trying to destroy Becky.
She'll forgive me.
I'll explain everything to her.
By all means, explain how you hurt an innocent person to save a guilty one.
You have got to let go of this obsession with Blake.
Fallon, your father is a murderer.
He told me to my face that he did not kill Mack.
And I believe him.
Sweetheart, now you're the innocent one.
Sorry your plan didn't work out.
How is it you look so well-rested when I can't imagine you sleep a wink knowing you share the blood of a savage killer? Aw.
Losing is such an ugly color on you, Alexis.
- Get out of my way.
I think you dropped something.
(PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) What's all this? Private party? It's for you.
There never was a project.
I wanted to ask you out on a date.
But when you assumed it was for work, I Panicked.
I thought you weren't interested.
I know we only had one kiss, but it was a good kiss.
I'll admit, I was bummed when you said you needed to talk work, but it does present a problem.
Now what? I don't date clients.
Even cute ones.
Especially the cute ones.
Well, that is a problem.
You're fired.
ADAM: Father, first of all, I hear congratulations are in order.
- Freedom must feel amazing.
- Yeah.
Well, it did, until about three seconds ago.
- Can I help you? - So, I know you're still angry with me, which is completely understandable.
But since I couldn't save Blue Belt, I did the next best thing.
I bought you a new vineyard.
Next door.
Same soil.
Why would you do that? I don't want another vineyard.
Blue Belt actually meant something to me.
I wanted to create something for this family that would be part of the Carrington legacy.
A legacy you clearly don't understand.
I do.
And if I've learned anything from you, it's that when our best-laid plans fail, we pivot.
It wasn't my plan to destroy my vineyard.
That was all you.
(CHUCKLES) Dad, I-I just spent my entire life savings on 180 acres for you.
I didn't ask you to.
I don't want it.
Matter of fact, why don't you pitch a tent on it, 'cause I want you out of the manor.
What? (CHUCKLES) I j I just came in here to ask your forgiveness.
And I'm telling you no! You're lucky I don't cut you out of the will.
But the price of Blue Belt will come out of your inheritance.
I already know I'm cut out of the will.
Nadia saw it! She told me! Hmm.
She lied about that, too.
You're an even bigger fool than I thought you were.
And you are ruining my celebratory mood.
I want you out of the manor before the end of the day.
(ALEXIS LAUGHS) Of course.
(SIGHS) This is unacceptable.
Mimi Rose just uninvited me to the Peachtree Society's annual fashion show.
She says she thinks I'm gonna be a distraction.
It's all over Atlanta society websites.
They are calling me Alexis "Stair-ington" Colby.
Ooh, #DominiqueDown.
I like that one.
I realize I already asked, but you didn't push her, did you? I know Dom can be annoying.
Jeff, I am much smarter than that.
When I hurt someone, it is years before they know it's me.
(STAFFER CLEARS THROAT) Oh, speak of the devil.
It does feel hotter than hell in here.
Though it could be the probable nerve damage you caused me.
So stay away from me.
And don't worry.
I just came to say goodbye.
You said it.
Well, you all right? Where are you going? New York.
All of this aggressive energy isn't good for my recovery.
It makes my muscles tense.
I barely touched you.
I'm scared for my life.
I don't want to be around you.
Hopefully, you feel the same way by the time I get back.
Oh, please, come give Mommy a hug goodbye.
(CHUCKLES) And don't worry, I'll return, and when I do, don't turn your back on me.
(WHISPERS): Bitch.
Bye, love.
Blake said you've been banished.
Well, the loft isn't Blake's property.
Belongs to Alexis.
A real estate loophole.
Please don't tell anyone.
Lucky for you, I carry my share of secrets.
And guilt.
The night that you were kidnapped was on my watch.
I've never forgiven myself.
Now Kirby's out there somewhere, upset with me.
A father's supposed to protect his children.
- I failed then and now.
- (KETTLE WHISTLING) - It's not your fault.
- No, I should've stood up for Kirby when Blake was accusing her of being a traitor.
Well, when she gets back, you'll make peace.
Tell her you won't turn your back on her again.
Oh, don't worry.
Blake will see the error of his ways.
I suppose if he doesn't, I always have Mother.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
Put down the muffin, Cristal.
Excuse me? Daddy's lawyers drafted this.
Mack's family agreed they wouldn't file a civil suit or bring this mess up ever again if Daddy admitted his guilt.
I'm sure there was a healthy exchange of cash involved, but when isn't there? - Where did you even get this? - Well, you know us Carringtons.
We share everything, especially lawyers.
And, I mean, what's the point in getting away with murder if you have to pay someone for it later, right? I just hope it was worth it.
I was so broken after the baby died.
Blake couldn't control his rage.
He lost it.
It's weird that he signed this without telling me.
I have been forging Blake's signature since fourth grade.
So the reason he didn't tell you about it is because he didn't sign it.
In fact, I didn't know for sure that Blake killed Mack until you just told me.
I guess we finally have something in common, Cristal.
We both helped someone get away with murder.