Dynasty (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

What Sorrows Are You Drowning?

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Monthly chelation therapy will mitigate the side effects of the neurotoxicity.
But it's not a cure.
I want you out of the manor before the end of the day.
I was so broken after the baby died.
Blake couldn't control his rage.
He lost it.
I didn't know for sure that Blake killed Mack until you just told me.
We both helped someone get away with murder.
I know everything.
You are a liar! And a murderer! And you are misinformed.
As much as I'm enjoying this tantrum, you don't know the whole story, Fallon.
What more is there to know? You lied and manipulated me into helping exonerate you for a crime you did commit.
I outed Becky, the spray tan artist, for using HGH, and she will probably see more jail time than you.
- And you actually murdered - Fallon, enough! You need to keep your voice down.
Why? I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that was dumb enough to actually believe you.
Apologies for the interruption.
I have a situation developing, and I wondered if I could borrow Fallon for a moment.
Take as much time as you need.
Maybe you should try being happy your father's not in prison.
I need your help.
It's me.
I wanted to let you know I'm committing to Joel and Synergy.
This is what's best for me, so please respect my decision and don't contact me.
- Goodbye, Dad.
- Joel? Is that the weird guy she met at the hotel? Yes, he's some sort of a self-help guru.
Right now I guess he's self-helping himself to whatever money Kirby brought with her.
You didn't hear from her, did you? No, I was too busy setting a murderer free.
Speaking of, why don't you ask him for help? Well, I can hardly ask your father.
He's the one that kicked Kirby out - in the first place.
- Of course he did.
Well, Blake will not ruin another innocent life.
I will undo some of the bad karma he has foisted upon this family before it comes back around like a tsunami.
What I'm trying to say is, let's go save Kirby.
To moving onward and upward.
I wanted to apologize again.
I'm sorry I let it slip to Fallon.
I was just so exhausted after the trial, and not thinking clearly.
That was not your fault.
Fallon took advantage of that.
And she thinks that I am the one that's manipulative, huh? Well, nevertheless, I am not gonna let her attitude - affect our bright future.
- Look at you, Mr.
Actually it's Captain Sunshine.
To show the rest of the world I'm back at the metaphorical helm, I've decided to throw myself a yacht-themed freedom fiesta.
Oh, that explains the prawns and the lobster and - that.
- That, my dear, is baby eel.
It's considered endangered globally.
Not in my house.
This party is mostly strategic.
I've invited the Greater Georgia Yacht Club members to eat and drink and hopefully reinstate my membership.
I am sick of reading about deals being made without me in back rooms.
But I can't sail anywhere without my cocaptain.
I'm with you.
I just need to find my own way to say goodbye to the past.
Well, I will support whatever you need.
What percentage of our time together do you think we're both dressed? - Uh, I'd say just the right percentage.
- Mmm.
Are you complaining? No.
Maybe a little.
Well, I wouldn't be running out if you hadn't fired me.
I have three interviews today alone.
Guy's got to eat, right? Mm-hmm.
I just wish I knew more about you, in general.
Like, what's your middle name? Do you even have a middle name? We never have time to just talk.
Well, lucky for you I'm free tomorrow night.
If you have a spot in your schedule for a fully dressed date.
Fully dressed? Let's not get carried away.
I know we're a week away from the home opener, but we definitely should be able to land one of the global brands that you reeled in to bite on the stadium naming rights.
A partnership with a young club is where sponsorships are trending.
I got to say, man, you are gonna crush this.
I think you mean we are going to crush this.
I mean what I say and I say what I mean.
You don't need me.
And as proof of my confidence in you, I'm giving you my Atlantix shares.
Whoa, whoa.
I mean, these shares, - plus Fallon's, means that - Mm-hmm.
You are now by far the majority owner.
Well, you don't need to do this.
I want you as my partner.
I n I need you.
There's no Megan Rapinoe without Alex Morgan.
Look, man I only got involved here as a move against Blake, not for the love of the game.
And I need to prioritize some other things in my life right now.
Okay, I get it.
You need to take care of number one.
And now I've got your shiny shoes to fill.
I'm not worried, man.
You got this.
Liam just confirmed that the Femperial authors received notice that Kirby has sold the company.
I wonder whose idea it was to sell.
I knew Joel was Jared-Leto-plus-one-wrong-turn.
One minute you're getting drunk at a concert.
Next thing you know, you're emptying your bank account - in the name of Synergy.
- Not helpful.
I should have stepped in sooner.
Hey, we all could have paid more attention.
The only guilty party is my selfish snake of a father.
Do we even know if Kirby - wants to be saved? - Again, not helpful.
Okay, can somebody please say something that is helpful? I tracked down the Synergy compound.
It's located three hours east in South Carolina, but it's not a place we can just walk into.
The website says they're focused on families but only allow the uninitiated inside during open house days; the next one of those is not for two weeks.
Oh, God, these are problems.
We need solutions, you know? More can-do, less can-don't.
What about this? "Synergy seeking doctor to heal others and heal thyself.
" Simple.
One of us poses as a doctor and sets up an interview.
That would be enough time to get inside and find Kirby.
"Medical credentials required.
" I mean, even my best contact would have a hard time faking one of those on short notice.
And I doubt any sane doctors would want to get mixed up in this.
Probably not.
But, I know an insane one that might be desperate enough to help.
- Daddy? - Nope.
And desperate times call for desperate brothers.
Well, if you're here for some verbal sparring, you'll have to wait.
Until when? Your next break from doing nothing? What do you need, Fallon? Just one simple favor.
I need you to go to a job interview for a doctor position with a self-help group so we can save Kirby before she goes all Wild Wild Country.
Well, I barely know Kirby, so why would I save her? - Or help you? - How many reasons do you need? You tried to kill Liam, and I didn't press charges.
You're alone in the middle of the day playing sudoku.
And you owe it to the universe to bank some karma for the Carrington kids.
And I'll talk to Blake about letting you back into the manor.
You'll talk to Daddy for me? Only if you stop calling him that.
Okay, yeah, I think this could be a good chance for the two of us to bond.
Not gonna happen.
Fine, fine, just promise me you will keep your creepiness in check until after we save Kirby.
Okay? And then you and I can braid each other's hair and tell ghost stories all night.
No! It would mean a lot to me if you were here.
Well, I, um, I appreciate that.
Yeah, I'll see you then.
Rex Brown.
Yacht club president.
Though he insists on being called "commodore.
" Last board member to RSVP and make himself seem important, that pompous ass.
I invented that move.
- So is he gonna reinstate you? - I don't know.
He implied that his palms are dry, so I'll probably have to figure out some way to grease 'em.
- Did you go riding? - I did.
I thought confronting Mark's death and my accident would help me find closure.
And then I found this.
Do you know where it came from? Well, I shoot all kinds of ammo out at the range.
- I probably dropped it.
- But it wasn't at the range.
I found it right near the area where Mark was killed.
Don't overthink it.
It's just a coincidence.
It's time to let this all go.
Isn't that why you went out there? Yeah.
You're right.
Time to let it go.
Thanks for coming.
I've got five representatives from different billion-dollar companies who are interested in the naming rights.
I don't care who pays up, but we need the money to keep ownership of our stadium, buy new players, stay competitive.
Look, I don't know anything about soccer, but I do know what people want, and it's not this.
If you overload the reps with numbers and percentages, they're gonna fall asleep.
I'm trying to show them it's a good investment, not just a name - on a stadium.
- Don't bother.
These guys came here for a good time and the VIP treatment.
So, what are your plans? Well, we're gonna watch tomorrow's away game in a screening room in the office after my pitch.
An office party with a TV.
You are really going all out.
Maybe you should steal the team jet and just fly them to the game.
That's actually not a bad idea.
I could do that.
But schmoozing's not really my thing.
I'd feel better if you signed on as the team's full-time PR guy.
Uh, no.
Not gonna happen.
Fletcher has plans tomorrow night.
But he can start after that.
Well, then I'm coming, too.
I can use my hotelier charm to pose as an investor and recon.
Fuel up the jet.
It's date night.
Hey, Tony, can I ask you a question? I use club soda instead of water.
The bubbles help with growth.
Uh, it's a non-plant-related question.
I found this out in the field.
I was wondering if maybe the staff was testing some of Blake's guns? This is a custom Carrington round.
Uh, which means only the family would have had access.
Ammo is always kept in the locked gun room.
I found it near where the accident with Mark Jennings happened, so I was just wondering.
Um well, I think Mack had access to Mr.
Carrington's guns and ammo.
And if he killed your friend, then he's probably the one that dropped this.
That does make sense.
Everyone makes mistakes, right? I think you made a mistake.
Cristal found a bullet where Mark was shot, and now she's asking questions.
What kind of questions? How do I think it got there? Who would be using that kind of bullet? Why are my hedges so beautiful? I'm assuming my name did not come out of your mouth.
You mean, did I tell her you asked me to lie to the police so you'd have an alibi during the time of Mark's murder? No, I left that out.
That's not exactly the way it happened, Anthony.
I think your mind might be a little hazy.
All I'm saying is, she might go looking for the gun.
And I've seen enough unsolved mysteries to know that even the most experienced criminals leave behind fingerprints, casings, uh, DNA.
I see.
Well, if I had been involved, which I was not, I would be very appreciative of you tipping me off so I can do what I now need to do.
Your code name is Dr.
Mike Harrison.
Oh, that's not a code name.
That was my actual name for many years until I found out I was related to you.
Oh, cool story.
Put it in a book.
From here on out, I am Nurse Sheila Heart.
What? It's Bond girl-adjacent but with more depth.
Besides, the code names won't matter if you screw this up.
I'm sorry, I-I can't hear you over the deafening lack of gratitude.
Oh, no, no, no.
What you're hearing is a lack of faith.
- Ah.
- Or not hearing.
I don't know.
Now, are we clear on the plan? Yeah, I'm gonna eat up time in the interview, you find Kirby, convince her to leave.
And then I say no to the job - and then we head home.
- Great.
- Dr.
Harrison, I presume.
- That's right.
- And this is my nurse Sheila.
- Sheila.
I thought you were told we don't have the resources to hire a nurse.
Oh, um, I'm sorry, I must have missed that.
- Uh - Uh, Sheila Heart.
I was so looking forward to working with your community.
I'm very synergistic.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait out here.
Privacy is very important to Joel.
No unauthorized visitors.
Oh, but I am so much more than just a visitor, you know and Dr.
Harrison's nurse, because I am also his wife.
And I know that Synergy has an open arms policy for family-focused couples, you know, looking to grow their tribe.
So you're basically you're getting a two-for-one.
- Or maybe even a three-for-one.
- No.
Morning sickness.
Okay, come on in.
Oh, perfect.
I made the mistake of drinking a Big Gulp-sized kombucha on the drive over here and I really need to use the restroom.
Right this way, around the corner.
I'll take the doctor in for his meeting.
What are you doing here? I am just a mother looking for her son.
Adam doesn't live here.
And even if he did, you can't just waltz in here whenever you feel like it.
I'll be sure to mention that to security as I escort you out.
I am so sorry for the intrusion.
I owe you and Blake a much bigger apology than this, but since I am here, I am sorry for everything.
I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth.
I am being 100% genuine.
You're 100% full of crap.
I've suffered, too.
I know what trauma can do to a person.
How have you been doing since you lost the baby? It must have been very difficult.
It was.
And still is.
I realize that we're nowhere near a clean slate, but ending our feud would give you more space for some closure.
Just know that I feel your pain, and it will get better.
They really must brainwash you here.
Surprised to see me? Am I surprised to see you? Yeah.
Surprised the first thing that came out of your mouth was an insult? No.
Okay, well, we can talk about my character flaws later.
I am here because your father is worried.
You disappeared and sold Femperial.
And now we're all worried this guy Joel is using you.
I hear your concern, but Synergy isn't using me.
I am using them to heal from toxic relationships.
I know you don't care about me.
What are you talking about, Kirby? I'm here because I do care.
Well, if that's true, then trust what I'm doing is best for me, and leave.
Or else I'll tell everyone you snuck in here.
No, you won't.
Because then I'll tell Joel that you've been making calls from here, which obviously is not allowed.
Were you able to find the restroom? Um Yeah, I showed it to her.
You know, we've been looking for you.
Me? To officially welcome you and Mike into the Synergy family.
Your husband is the new doctor here.
Trust our journey, Sheila.
- Come.
- Oh.
Welcome aboard, everyone.
And I promise you, for Blake Carrington, it is smooth sailing from here on out.
You are coming along, too.
Yes, you are.
I hope you know how to swim.
- Ahoy, Robin.
- Blake.
Let's get you a drink.
Thanks for getting back to me, Officer.
Now, just to clarify, that was a .
38-caliber round that killed Mr.
Jennings? Okay.
Thank you for your help.
There you are.
People are asking about you.
I'm sorry.
I was just talking to my brother.
Hey, before we go in, thank you for being my North Star.
You've given me a sense of direction I've never felt before.
At a time when I needed it most.
Onward and upward.
Together, right? Aye, aye.
We tracked down Kirby.
She's totally safe, at least physically.
Mentally, it's too soon to tell.
I discovered that Femperial's funds are being transferred tomorrow into her account, which now includes Joel's name.
I found out that Joel and a bunch of high-ranking members are traveling to Synergy's new Sri Lankan island tomorrow.
Is Kirby planning to go with them? No way.
No, this is reserved for the program's gold level members only, and Kirby's definitely not gold.
She might be blue? Okay, look, translation: they're stealing Kirby's money, not Kirby.
- Oh, God.
- What is it? Everything okay? Yes.
It's just that when Dr.
Feelgood accepted the position that he was not supposed to accept, we had to hand in all of our stuff, so I hid the phone in my wig.
But the charger was not so lucky.
Now that we're armed with some real dirt on Joel, we should have Kirby home before you know it.
Well, just tell her that I-I'm sorry for everything, and I just want her back home, all right? - And keep me informed.
- Copy, home base.
Over and out.
It's bad enough I have to deal with Kirby.
Now I have to tolerate you, too? All right, well, if it's so bad that you have to save her, why are you here? Because she's my friend.
And since our dad kicked her out, I feel morally obligated to help.
- I'm sure Father had his reasons.
- His reasons? Did he also give you his reasons for killing a man? He did.
And it's complicated.
Good afternoon.
Time to change and join everyone for The Ceremony.
The Ceremony? Is that like a barbecue? I don't know.
Let's hope they're serving pork ribs and not handmaid's tail.
These naming rights, this seems like a good deal.
How are you? So, I heard a rumor that you went to UT.
Well, I heard a rumor there were gonna be shots on this ride.
Well, anyway, I had some family that went there, too, so Hook 'em Horns.
Yes, great.
Excuse me for one second.
I feel like an eighth grader at homecoming.
Uh, just remember they're here to sample the Atlantix lifestyle.
Let them nibble before you clear their plate.
Or bring in dessert.
- Who's ready to do some shots? - Yes! I want to express my gratitude for your consideration with a gift.
My team has already drawn up plans and started permits for an expansive renovation of the club's docks, all on me.
Are these vessels to scale? This one seems slightly out of place.
That's my new mistress.
How big is she? Yours? 295, but she's undergoing some deck modifications now.
Yeah, look, I don't want this to turn into a deck-measuring contest.
I just want my membership back.
- So? - Blake, you were tried for murder and didn't even get an acquittal.
I don't care how big your yacht is, the answer is no.
Well, you, uh, certainly got Culhane to loosen up.
He's enjoying himself.
Well, Culhane's not the only one that deserves a shout-out.
Outstanding performance, Sam.
Well, I was quite the thespian as a kid.
- Is that so? Were you into theater? - Mm-hmm.
No, no, no, no, no, this is not about me.
It's time for you to spill.
Mmm, mmm.
Someone named Bob might have mentioned some numbers to me, but I think I'm being lowballed, so I should just say no, move on.
Right? Better to reject than to be rejected.
- Uh - Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not be hasty.
Let me see what's going on.
- Save me some.
- Not making any promises.
You startled me.
My apologies.
I just have to retrieve a file for Blake.
Shouldn't you be out there sailing the party? I needed a breather from yacht talk.
Any news from Kirby? Fallon's found her, thank God.
Now she just has to convince Kirby that Joel is a charlatan before she does something stupid.
Kirby loves you.
She'll come home.
I'm not sure that's true.
So, what are you really doing in here? Actually, I could use your help.
Does Blake have a file on Mack? We just have to pull her aside and tell her about Joel and the funds, away from everyone else.
Uh, that might be easier said than done.
They all seem - a little incestuous.
- Oh, wow.
Coming from you, that's problematic.
Oh, no.
- She's marrying him.
- Um Uh excuse me.
- Is this a wedding? - No.
This is the promotion ceremony to gold level.
Um I think Joel is trying to steal Kirby.
And finally, we have a woman who has made unprecedented progress despite the shackles of her toxic past.
- I think he's talking about you.
- Zip it.
We just need to find a way to stall, so we can get her alone.
I've watched you pull yourself from the landfill that was your mind into the thriving garden of your soul.
I'm sorry, I'm just gonna Hi, everyone.
I know that I'm new here, but I just had to share from my soul garden.
What are you, uh, doing, Nurse Sheila? No, no.
It's-it's fine.
Everyone here has a voice, - especially the new ones.
- Thank you, Joel.
Your warm welcome has been such a gift.
So, as a thank you and a tribute to the elite gold members and the, the frequent flyers, my husband and I would like to return the favor in the best way we know how, so this is dedicated to the Synergists everywhere.
Imagine me and you, I do I think about you day and night It's only right To think about the girl you love And hold her tight So happy together If I should call you up, invest a dime And you say you belong to me and ease my mind Imagine how the world could be, so very fine So happy together I can't see me loving nobody but you For all my life When you're with me, baby The skies'll be blue, for all my life Okay, yeah, all right, thank you, thank you so much for that performance.
- Nice job.
- You, too.
Thank you.
- We are indeed happy together.
- No! It was meant to be ironic.
Kirby, don't you see that you are getting conned by this hippie huckster? I mean, he persuaded you to sell Femperial so he could steal your money and fund his early retirement on some island.
- You are way out of line, Ms.
- Hey! Don't you talk to my wife that way.
But I'm not his wife, I'm his sister.
And it's not Ms.
Heart, it's Ms.
Fallon Carrington.
Not fans of style or pop culture.
Kirby, do you know who these people are? Yes, I do, and I-I should have told you sooner, but they're leaving anyway.
I'm not being conned, Fallon.
I chose to give them the money.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Okay, okay, okay.
That's not necessary.
You say we're friends, but maybe if you tried to understand why I was here instead of just insulting me, you would see that you're the con man.
You're the most toxic Carrington of them all.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
From the accountant.
- Anything else? - Yeah, have you seen Susan Rogers? Rex is forcing my hand.
I'm gonna rally the board behind me first.
Last time I saw her, she was perusing the prawns just a few minutes ago.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, hey.
And what the hell are you doing here? As a show of good faith to Cristal.
She invited me.
Did she not mention that? - No.
- We decided that a truce was our best chance at healing.
And she agreed to that? Frank.
I just need a minute.
This isn't over.
Not by a long shot.
Any chance I can get another margarita to go? I'll do you one better.
We already have a team tequila sponsor.
- I'll have my guys send you a case.
- Cheers.
I don't know what your company's planning to offer for the naming rights, but I think we're gonna put a pretty big number out there.
- Well, you'll beat ours.
- What do you mean? You're not actually making a serious offer, are you? Oh, good for you.
The rest of us are here for the swag and the fun.
- Really? - Yeah.
But, hey, you do you.
We need to talk.
You need to accept my donation and renew my membership.
We've been through this.
Your reputation is a wreck.
And I've got six board members out there who agree with me.
Now, that's funny because, while you were busy stuffing your face with my lobster, I actually spoke to them, and they seem to think that I deserve this chance.
I'll bring it up at the next meeting, and you won't win.
How about I bring them in here now? I can explain to them how you've been siphoning money from the club right into your pocket.
See, after our phone call, I had my contractor dig up the marina's budgets and permits, and there are some discrepancies here that I'm sure board members would love to see.
Hmm? No.
I suppose we could talk about possible reinstatement.
If you try to come back in, we'll have you arrested for trespassing.
Blessed be this fruit.
Uh, so remember that time they took all of our stuff? I think they may have taken the car.
But don't worry, it was a rental.
With the charger we need for our dead phone.
Yeah, sorry.
I know this hasn't gone as planned.
It's all my fault.
Kirby was right.
I did come here with an agenda.
I was so busy trying to even out Blake's bad karma, I ended up steamrolling Kirby.
I need to go talk to her.
I'm going back in.
Soon as I figure out how.
Employee badge.
- I hid it in my - I don't want to know.
I need another 20 bottles in there for the toast.
Come on, let's go celebrate.
You should've seen Rex's face.
What's wrong? I know I told you I'd leave the past in the past, but I couldn't.
Are you talking about the bullet? Yes.
I found out it was the same caliber that killed Mark.
And when I tried to confirm that it was Mack who used it, I called his fiancé, who insisted they were on a trip the day Mark was killed.
Cristal, that can't be true.
We know that he was here that day.
I called him here.
- Alexis told me she saw him.
- And you believe her? Well, she would have no reason to lie.
When did she ever need a reason? Well, you can go ask her yourself.
I'm sure she's camped out at the bar.
She's here? Yeah, she told me that you invited her.
That you two had called a truce.
Oh, did she? Well, the truce is about to be called off in a big way.
Seriously? I don't need an encore, and I already told you I'm not leaving.
I'm not here to convince you to leave, I promise.
I am actually here to apologize.
I know that I can be a bit pushy.
I think you mean a lot pushy, like aggressively so.
Okay, fine, but I swear I really just came here to help.
I just forgot to listen to what you wanted, and though everyone else is right for wanting you to come back, that doesn't mean you're wrong for wanting to stay, Kirby.
I want you to be able to make your own decisions.
And if your next decision is going to Sri Lanka, then at least I was here to say I'm sorry and goodbye.
All right, everyone, and before we leave, let's get down to business and talk naming rights.
And I think it's time we honor today's win.
How about a shot for every goal the Atlantix scored? Oh, come on.
Where's that enthusiasm? You didn't just come here for a free ride on a plane, did you? I know I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate the hospitality, but our involvement was a show of respect to Jeff.
Well, if you really respected Jeff, you would've voiced your concerns before you wasted this club's time and money.
Since that ship has sailed, what do you want from us now? Honest conversation.
Well, no one here, except maybe the hotel guy, is going to drop hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to put their logo on a stadium when it's advertising no one may ever see.
Let's be honest, your stadium is in the center of a crap neighborhood, and if your team folds, we wouldn't even be able to repurpose the stadium for anything worthwhile.
Where you see a crap neighborhood, I see a community that transcends this sport.
If we asked our fans to donate their money to put their name on our stadium, we'd reach our goal in five minutes.
Because unlike you, they're real people that have come together to support a community in a city overlooked by greedy corporate bosses.
Now get off our damn plane.
So you failed.
No, no.
The mission changed.
So, technically it was a success.
I'm not sure Anders would agree that his daughter going off to Sri Lanka with some fake guru is a success.
Why do you care? You only agreed to help so that you could get back in with the devil known as Dad.
Hey, I think you'd feel differently about things if you knew the truth.
Okay, well, I mean, we've got about a week of walking left until we hit civilization, so please enlighten me on our murderous father.
All right.
Blake did what he did only after he found out that Mack shot Mark Jennings.
And that gunshot spooked Cristal's horse, it threw her, causing a miscarriage.
So Blake's been acting from a sense of pain that neither one of us can comprehend.
I understand.
It's still a big step to murder, just maybe not a giant leap.
He's still our father.
And it's not like you've never forgiven him before.
And you got to live in the manor your whole life.
So why is it so bad for me to want the same thing? You guys sure do walk slow.
Kirby? What are you doing here? You told me to make my own decisions.
That means Joel doesn't get to make them either.
So I, uh, stole his phone and called my dad, and he'll be here in a few minutes.
From the manor? How? He put a tracker on your phone or something, I don't know.
He left the manor a few hours ago.
So, do you want a ride home? Oh, please.
Yes, I feel like this burlap sack is giving me hives.
Okay, cool.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Alexis! Stop! I just want to talk.
Yesterday you kicked me out.
Now you won't let me leave.
I'm starting to worry about you.
They say the mind is the first thing to go, but in your case, it might be the third thing, after taste in men and fashion sense.
Now that I know that it wasn't Mack who fired the bullet that killed Mark, and it certainly wasn't a hunter on our property, I wonder: who did? What are you blathering on about now? You lied to sneak into the manor yesterday.
You lied to get in today.
But worse, you lied about seeing Mack on a day he wasn't even in town.
You can't prove any of this.
Well, now we both know I don't need to since I have this.
Who doesn't carry in this state? It was you.
You killed Mark.
I was aiming for you, you bitch.
And I am sorry I missed.
- To freedom! - To freedom! - To life! - To life! Drowning you in this pond would be the justice you deserve, you bottom-feeding bitch.
But it won't bring back Mark or my baby.
You'll get what's coming to you.
I'll make sure of it.
Good luck.
Try to pin this murder on me, it'll just expose the fact that Blake killed Mack.
- To the future! - To the future! If we asked our fans to donate their money to put their names on our stadium, we'd reach our goal in five minutes.
Because, unlike you, they're real people Well, damn, Thor.
Way to drop the hammer.
Insulting the reps wouldn't have been my first move, but you're lucky everyone's loving the video's anti-corporate vibe.
Fan buy-ins are pouring in.
Season ticket requests are blowing up, because people want to see their team with their name somewhere on the stadium.
AXFC ain't going nowhere.
That sounds like the mindset of a owner who's here for the right reasons.
And to be clear, that wasn't luck.
Who do you think shot that video, then leaked it into the right hands? - That was you? - With a little help from my friends.
I got to say, I may have a career in filmmaking.
Did you notice how sometimes I drop the angle, like I'm not trying to record? You're the Tarantino of Internet videos.
With your eye, Culhane's message, my contacts, we turned this Hail Mary pass into a viral touchdown.
Uh, we're totally a dream team.
Um, a dream team that wasn't real.
We were role-playing.
And not in the fun way.
Look, if you want to be with me, I'm gonna need you to give me more.
Of you.
It's Sam.
My middle name, it's Baylor.
I'm sorry I've been holding back.
I promise I'll be better.
Baylor? Really? Did your parents not like you? A promise is a promise.
And I am a woman of my word, so I will go talk to Blake for you.
Now, I can't promise that it'll help, because, at the end of the day, he's still Blake, so I wouldn't give up your secret loft just yet.
Don't bother.
He's either going to forgive me or he's not.
Nothing you say is gonna matter.
And that's not the reason I went on this little adventure.
Then why do it? So you could stand next to Joel to make yourself seem less insane? No, it was still about family, just not about Father.
I thought this would be a great opportunity to get away from all this and really get to know my sister.
And my wife.
You just had to do it.
Um, I just wanted to say thanks again for coming today.
Even though I didn't really need you to.
I know that now.
I'm just relieved that you decided, on your own, to come home.
Well, you might have majorly embarrassed yourself along the way, but I think you've grown a bit, too.
Yeah, I doubt that.
Growth isn't really my thing.
Fallon? Everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm just worried you may be right.
Maybe growth is my thing.
I wanted to write to say I'm sorry.
About Mack and Cristal and your baby.
I know the full story.
It doesn't excuse your actions, but you could have at least told me, so I could have tried to understand why you did what you did, but clearly you don't trust me.
You're just willing to use me like you use everyone else in your life.
But thanks to a few crazy people, I was forced to look in the mirror.
I know now that I need to own up to my part in our troubled relationship, but I can't keep forgiving you for everything.
I am done enabling your self-serving behavior, but I am also done blaming you for mine.
So, in order to stop the cycle of bad behavior, at least from me, I need to distance myself from you, which is why I'm moving out of the manor.
For good.
You've lived here your whole life.
I think you're making a huge mistake.
Of course you do.
Because the right thing is always what serves you, isn't it? Well, that doesn't work for me.
Not anymore.
No, no, no.
I want to take them.
I'm trying to prove a point.
You'll be back soon enough.
Cristal? Are you okay? What happened? Alexis was the one that shot Mark and cost us our baby.
Hold on, what are you talking about? She admitted it to me.
It was all her.
Mack did nothing wrong.
Then we killed an innocent man.