Dynasty (2017) s03e11 Episode Script

A Wound That May Never Heal

1 - Previously on Dynasty - You are a liar and a murderer! FALLON: Why I'm moving out of the manor.
We're gonna put Blake away for a long time.
ADAM: I-I just burned down Father's vineyard.
The only way that we're gonna have a relationship is if we put the past behind us.
That's never gonna happen.
Alexis was the one that shot Mark and cost us our baby.
Then we killed an innocent man.
(CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) (CLAPPING) This is quite a tantrum.
Even for you, Blake.
How the hell did you get in here? Security at the manor has always had a soft spot for me.
Now, do you want to chat, or do you want - to spill something else? - Just your blood.
I have nothing to say to you, so don't even try to apologize.
I won't.
I don't have anything to apologize for.
Are you kidding? You shot and killed Mark Jennings while aiming at my wife! You forced me into desperation.
And sometimes desperate women shoot at desperate things.
Are you seriously blaming me for your actions? I'm not afraid of you.
I can manipulate you into doing anything I want.
Including murder.
But nothing time and a stronger sleeping pill won't heal.
How are you feeling? I'm angry.
Aren't you? Alexis tricked us into killing an innocent man.
Cristal, Mack was no angel.
Trust me, I'm furious.
It's why I'm not sleeping.
God, I fell for her lies again.
Then what's our plan? How are we gonna make sure that we never have to see her again? Honey, there's no plan.
Alexis is like a whack-a-mole game.
You knock her down, she just pops up somewhere else.
It's a waste of our time and our energy.
So we just ignore her.
Hey, I need to get control of my life again.
And that means not letting her disrupt the momentum that I have.
I got a big day planned.
And I got someone special coming for you.
All right? It's time for you to let your anger go.
What if I don't want to? Ow! Ow.
Well, you'd better.
Before you give yourself third-degree burns.
Please just give it a shot for me.
KIRBY: "Blake Carrington is back "and ready to take what's his.
"While a murder trial would hinder "the progress of most mortals, "it's only emboldened Mr.
Carrington, "who is poised and ready to once again conquer Atlanta, if not the country.
" Gross.
They are calling me the "forgotten Carrington.
" And they're right.
In the past 24 hours, five possible investors have stopped calling me back, two magazines have decided I am not a juicy enough cover story, and a children's art competition dropped me as a judge.
Although that one might be unrelated.
So, what are you gonna do about it? Well, I'm gonna stop swearing near elementary schools, for one.
- No, about Blake.
- Listen.
He can have Atlanta.
I am taking Fallon Unlimited international.
Starting with our newly named Fallon Unlimited Streaming.
You own a streaming service? You're not just talking about your Netflix account? Kirby, of course I own a streaming service.
No, it was one of the assets I bought with Femperial.
But if I don't expand upon it, it'll get lost in the sea with thousands of other streaming services.
And it will be very embarrassing when I have to shut it down.
Well, if you need more content, I have plenty of ideas for TV shows.
Mostly including dogs.
Thank you, but I am already in talks with a European network called Corlent Media.
I'll be an unstoppable international force with them by my side.
You know, with Blake back on the scene, I have to work harder than ever to get noticed.
And that is exactly what I am doing.
- (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) - (GASPS) Hello? Hello? Mother.
What are you doing here? Painting.
Blake kicked me out of the manor, so I'm crashing here until I can figure out what to do next.
Please don't make me leave.
Because your linens are very soft and flowery.
Of course you can stay.
But I hope you're not waiting for Blake to forgive you.
He loved that vineyard more than his own mother.
- He'll come around.
- Hmm.
And if he doesn't? Maybe you should reconsider helping me and Jeff.
You and I are more alike than you may care to admit.
But you can't just hang out painting cats all day.
I know how much you need direction.
Not if that direction means hurting Blake.
And that's what this marriage is about, right? This grand plan to destroy him.
I don't know what you mean.
- Jeff and I married for love.
- Mm.
It would mean the world to me if my husband and son could get along.
Please just leave it, Mother.
Trust me, right now, I'm perfectly content remaining neutral.
(LAUGHS) No one with the name Carrington can remain neutral forever.
Ah, uh, uh, uh, uh.
I have to meet Fallon for breakfast.
And I can't be late, because every time I'm late, she guilts me into a million favors.
- Uh, you know, I could eat, too.
- Mm.
And I'd like to get to know Fallon better.
Didn't you used to work for her? Trust me, nothing's changed.
Other than maybe her highlights.
Yeah, but she only met me as Fletcher Myers, PR genius.
Not Fletcher Myers, boyfriend of Sam.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry, that just, uh, just slipped out.
But I can tell you're feeling really comfortable and normal about it.
What? No.
(LAUGHS) - I'm great.
- Should we talk? You look like you're about to break out in hives.
Can we please not bring my skin into this? I'm fine.
Adam? Hey.
Kirby, hi.
Um, I'd love to chat, but I'm a little busy right now.
Busy lurking? Look, Blake can't know I'm here.
Aren't you two a little old to be playing hide-and-seek? No, I need to get some stuff from my old room, but Blake's banned me from the manor.
Oh, what'd you do to get the boot? Um, just a little arson.
Can you really have just a little arson? Yeah.
Well, seeing as I'm officially a resident of the manor again, why don't I just get your stuff for you? It's actually the least I could do, seeing as you helped get me out of Synergy.
That would be great, because I think I hear Blake coming.
SAM: I need to talk to you about Fletcher and the "B" word.
Mm, mm, mm, mm.
I'm about to show you a finger of my own if you don't start paying attention to me.
(GROANS) My merger is falling apart.
You and Liam are breaking up again? No.
Liam is on some writing retreat.
I'm talking about I was supposed to merge with a European network, but now - they're trying to put my deal on ice.
- Why? Well, I don't know.
Apparently, I don't have enough existing European subscribers.
So now they're entertaining offers from larger streaming services.
I didn't know you had a streaming service.
Or is this just your Netflix account, which, by the way, stop changing your password.
Fine, I'll entertain myself.
Fletcher called me his boyfriend earlier, and I kind of freaked.
I-I guess I didn't see it happening so soon, but I mean, don't get me wrong, our selfies are great.
- And-and the sex is - (GROANS) Well, I was gonna go with "fire," but I guess that works, too.
They just ended negotiations.
I can't have my merger falling apart when Blake is getting back into the game.
If he's winning, it's bad optics for me.
You know, it's like a-a ripple effect or a domino effect or some kind of bad effect.
(CHATTER NEARBY) Are you even listening to me? Whoa.
What's with the meat parade? Los Falcones.
They're a huge soccer team from Spain, and they're playing the Atlantix tonight.
Fletcher's turning it into a big PR bonanza.
Aw, are you still seeing him? I was literally just talking about him.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! This game is airing in Spain, right? - Mm-hmm.
- This is perfect.
I can bring Fallon Unlimited Streaming directly to the Spanish consumers.
How? Well, I have to talk to Culhane first, but if I can prove that I'm turning things around, then Corlent will sign, I will save my streaming service, and Blake will be reading articles about me.
Oh, no, I will not be forgotten.
Oh, is that bacon? So, are you going to tell me what this is? Because I know it's not a random act of generosity.
No offense.
It's to celebrate our partnership.
You know, between Fallon Unlimited Streaming and the Atlantix.
Are you interested in the stadium naming rights? Because the fans have their own section with their names, - but you can have the actual - No, no, no, no, no.
That's a waste of money.
But do you remember the time I so generously signed over my shares of the Atlantix to you, no strings attached? Let me guess, you want to attach some strings.
Well, according to my research, half of Spain will be watching the soccer game tonight, and I want in.
If you don't want the naming rights, then what? You want to be the new goalkeeper? No, no.
I have very delicate fingers.
But I was thinking I could use the halftime show to promote my company and get my number of subscribers up.
Since when do you own a streaming service? Well, since it's not the point.
Look, I usually run our mascot out there to keep the energy levels up at halftime.
This isn't the Super Bowl, Fallon.
No one actually watches the halftime show.
I have a feeling they're gonna want to watch this.
See? Fireworks, a drumline, Fallon Unlimited signage across the entire stadium, and of course, a limited promotion offer to my Spanish viewers to subscribe.
You do know the game is tonight, right? Yeah, well, I'm having my assistant work on the logistics.
Sorry, Fletcher has something small planned already.
You know, to promote the actual team.
(WHIMPERS) (SIGHS) Look, we can run a graphic on the screen and announce that halftime is sponsored by your service, but that's the best I can do.
Take it or leave it.
Oh yeah, I'll take it.
But we'd love an opportunity to convey our enthusiasm to Mr.
Sawyer over dinner.
If you could just Fine.
Thank you.
Thank you.
He rejected our third offer and won't even meet to discuss it.
And now we've kicked up enough dust that Blake is bound to notice.
We have to move fast.
We've done our homework, Jeff.
It's time to use it.
No, that was supposed to be a last resort.
Okay? I'm not comfortable with blackmail.
Nobody is comfortable with blackmail.
But I respect your morals, so I have a solution: Adam.
Adam is your solution? Your son is a wack job.
No offense.
He might have inherited the worst of both Blake and myself.
But that's what makes him valuable.
We bring him on as a dirty work consultant.
He'll do what you don't want to do.
I can't work with him.
Okay? Just let this one rest.
How are the kids? Honestly, that was just rhetorical.
I'm going to need a favor.
Someone needs to tell Blake there's an intruder on the property.
ANDERS: After recent revelations, is it really wise to go on a shopping spree right now? What do you mean by that? It would be perfectly reasonable for you to take a little bit more time to heal.
Hey, buying is healing.
That's why they call it retail therapy.
Now let's buy some companies.
Today is a day of healing.
Let's start by taking a deep breath in through the nose.
And push it all out through the mouth.
- Ah.
- (EXHALES SHARPLY) People are calling this the "Peloton of boxing.
" Anders, Anders, this is amazing.
You got to check this out.
Tai chi is more my speed, sir.
The company is still private, and they currently have eight investors.
Well, buy them out.
Do I look like I want to be the ninth investor? Get it done.
TERRI: So you're holding a lot of tension in your shoulders.
And everywhere, actually.
Can we try something else? (GROANS) Ugh, this alcoholic seltzer is disgusting.
Yeah, I know, but it's a gold mine.
Let's buy 'em out.
TERRI: We use lemon quartz to cleanse, activate and balance the third energy center.
So release all of the negativity you feel, and in its stead, invite in clarity, communication and happiness.
This isn't working.
(SIGHS) MARCUS: This is SilverFlix.
A media streaming service with a healthy subscriber base, expanding daily.
Well, sir, if I may, uh, purchasing this will put you in active competition with Fallon, who's trying to rehabilitate her own streaming service at the moment.
Say no more.
Let's make Fallon work for something once in her life.
Buy it.
TERRI: I will monitor your heart rate as we go through some potential triggers.
Ready? (MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) You're making progress.
(BEEPING RAPIDLY) - You're spiking.
Uh, you know what? It's time for you to see a real therapist, Cristal.
In with the light, out with the negativity.
Hey, I, uh Ooh.
(CLEARS THROAT) You're not wearing a shirt.
- Was I supposed to be? - Oh No.
I I shouldn't have said that out loud.
I'm sorry.
Um, anyway, here's some things that looked important.
Extension cord? Well, "important" means different things to different people.
It's great.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Um, I wish I had something to offer you.
I have instant noodles.
Oh, no.
No, don't worry.
I should be the one thanking you.
Hey, how about I cook you dinner tonight? With real food.
- Not instant noodles.
- Well, it's been about a week since I've had real food, so, yeah, sure.
Well, you know, feel free to wear a shirt.
Or not.
You know, it's really up to you.
- Dad? Anders.
What are you doing here? She was helping me get some stuff from the manor.
Well, perhaps she should take the opportunity to grab the rest.
Apparently, Tony the gardener saw you skulking and alerted Blake to the fact that you're staying here in the loft.
He wants you out by month's end.
Well, he can't do that.
Blake doesn't own the loft.
My mother does.
That's true, but he owns all the land around it, so he can stop you from coming or leaving.
I'm sorry.
Son of a bitch.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh, so, 7:00 work for you? Mm-hmm.
SAM: I love presents.
No, no, no, no.
It's not for you.
- These are for the Corlent people.
- The who people? Corlent.
The European network I need to merge with.
I told you about it this morning.
Yeah, I was totally listening to you - when you were talking about that.
- Well, I sent the private jet to grab the CEO and his people so that we can meet in person after the Atlantix game.
They are very impressed with my idea to corner the Spanish market.
I never knew you were so obsessed with Spain.
Oh, of course.
I love Spain.
- I'm so sorry.
- What happened? Did the jet not leave with the Corlent group? Well, they a jet left, and they did get on it, but Come on.
Spit it out.
What's going on? Apparently, your father bought his own streaming service, and Corlent is interested in partnering with him.
So he also got them a plane.
(WHISPERS): You should go.
(BOTTLE POPS OPEN) I am going to kill that man.
You are like a solar eclipse, just blotting out everything that's not you.
- Would you relax? It's just business.
- Yes.
My business.
I was going international.
You are supposed to worry about Atlanta.
But no, you have to find the one thing I'm working on and try to sabotage it.
It's just a coincidence, Fallon.
You didn't invent streaming media.
I didn't even know you had a streaming service.
But it's what everyone wants right now, and I'm no different.
Oh, give me a break.
You can't even use an Apple TV remote without asking Anders for help.
They're not user-friendly.
And, you know, frankly, I'm a little disappointed.
I thought you'd be eager to rise to the challenge, not run away like a little girl.
Like a little girl.
(CHUCKLES) I am more than capable of keeping up with you, Daddy.
I'm not running anywhere.
I will see you on the battlefield.
And I will shoot on sight.
Hey, hey, whoa! - Fallon! - Shots fired.
You two had a fight in the lily pond because she totaled your car? I Googled the boundaries of patient-therapist privilege in the state of Georgia, so yes.
Why does that make you so much angrier than some of the other things she's done? Because not only did she wreck my car, she-she blamed someone else for it and let him take the punishment.
And it was two cars she wrecked.
Anger can often come from the expectation that people will treat us justly.
You might need to adjust your expectations.
How do I do that? My professional opinion? You have to see Alexis again.
But I can tell there's still something there you need from her.
Maybe you're on the hunt for a glimmer of humanity or something that might justify her actions.
There isn't anything in the world that could justify what she did to me and my car.
It seems like a waste of time.
You can't control others, Cristal.
You can only control your own reactions.
Let this token personify the control you need.
If you feel your anger consuming you, focus your energy on the token.
Harness it, and then release it healthfully.
Don't worry.
Took me a while to find my style, as well.
How could he do this to me? I've been on my best behavior for weeks.
You burned down his winery.
Since then.
I wish I could say I'm surprised, but Blake has never been the forgive-and-forget type.
Just know I have your back.
I will dig a tunnel to the main road if that's what you need to live here.
Blake will not win.
I promise.
(SCREAMING) Mother, I'm so sorry.
God, the things I-I've done to you.
I When I first got here, all I wanted was a perfect family, and I've blamed everyone else for ruining that dream.
But it's Blake.
He's the one who's fractured this family.
I think I'm ready.
If you still want my help.
I happen to have something important in motion later this afternoon.
Will Jeff be there? Not today.
Today, it can be just you and me.
No, no, no.
You were late to breakfast.
- You owe me.
- You were early.
Well, I already created a PR crisis at the hotel, so now you just need to ask Fletcher for help so he leaves the stadium while I go over there and make changes to the halftime show he set up.
What makes you think Fletcher will choose me over his actual job? Oh, I don't know.
Do you think he'll choose his cute, charming boyfriend who needs his help or that low-maintenance, stupid, boring halftime show? I think we both know the answer.
And seriously, what are you so afraid of? Oh, I don't know.
- Maybe that my new b - Oh.
That Fletcher will figure out that I lied to him.
Aren't there any other companies you can merge with? No.
Not now that Blake is going after that one.
If he wins Corlent, the story will read, "Blake Carrington bests his loser daughter, Fallon Carrington, once again," and I will never be taken seriously.
And I have already promised these people that the halftime show will be a huge spectacle.
Why would you promise that? Well, you know I always put the Cartier before the horse.
And it works.
Hold on.
What PR crisis did you start at my hotel? Oh, in a little while, people are going to start picketing about your unfair labor practices.
I don't have unfair labor practices.
Which is why you have to call Fletcher and get him over there.
We can't have this turn into a PR nightmare.
(EXHALING) Cristal.
Does she have any weapons on her? Don't worry, I've been frisked.
You can never be too careful.
After all, you did attack me unprovoked.
Unprovoked? You I'm not here for a rematch, Alexis.
I was just hoping to have an adult conversation.
My therapist feels it's imperative for my healing.
And your leaving is imperative for my workout.
Don't you feel any remorse about what you did? Did you come here hoping I would? That I would beg for forgiveness? I find that charmingly sad.
I don't understand how you can be so callous.
Practice, practice, practice.
And it's going to be perfect when I destroy you.
- (GRUNTS) - You're insane! (CHUCKLES) Now that the truth has come out about everything, I don't have to pretend to like you.
And let's get real.
Blake is never gonna do anything to harm me.
Thanks for the chat, Alexis.
- Let's do it again sometime.
- Mmm.
She's a maniac Finally.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
What an unpleasant surprise.
Let me guess.
Alexis told you she was the one you were meeting.
Yeah, and I said I didn't want to work with you.
Yeah, I told her the same thing.
So I should probably go? Yeah.
Unless you're willing to put aside our differences just for today.
- I'm really not.
- All right, look.
I don't know the specifics, but it's a two-person job, and we need to bug a room before a meeting.
Alexis says time is of the essence.
Then it was reckless of her to waste a day with this nonsense.
Yeah, but if you back out now, it just gives Blake time to slip out of trouble.
I'm sorry about the poisoning.
- That was a bad judgment call on my part.
- (SCOFFS) But it's over now, and clearly, you're fine.
All right, is it gonna make you feel better if you punch me in the face? (WHIMPERS, GROANS) That did make me feel a little better.
Your uniform's in the trunk.
All right, just keep it simple, okay? Just get in there, switch the carbon monoxide detector in the room with the one we miked up, and get out.
I am Boris with hotel maintenance.
I have come to replace carbon monoxide detector.
That is not keeping it simple.
Now's not a good time.
Uh, it only take minute.
I said it's not a good time.
I'm expecting someone.
I cannot leave.
It is against law to stay in room with malfunctioning detector.
You'll have to switch rooms.
No, no, no, he can't switch rooms.
I am not switching rooms.
Please! I do not need to install it now.
If I could just leave it in your room and come back later? I just can't let my boss see me return with it.
Now get out of here.
Boris out.
And Mr.
Culhane is really okay with this? Okay with us putting on a kick-ass halftime show and letting the world see what you can do? Oh, I think he's more than okay, Scotty.
It's just what you're asking me to do you know, weaving in between fireworks displays, jumping on a trampoline.
I mean, those moves usually take me a full day of training.
I-I understand that what Phil the Phoenix does out there doesn't seem very nuanced or complicated to you, but it is.
You shoot T-shirts out of cannons.
It's hardly Cirque du Soleil.
- I went to Juilliard.
- Which is depressing, but Juilliard is expensive.
So how about I give you $50,000 to not do the halftime show and to keep your mouth shut? Leave the head, take the cash? Come on, Scotty.
I'll Venmo you.
Here you go.
(LAUGHS) Absolutely not.
Why don't you do it? No.
I need to monitor the number of subscribers coming in.
Besides, you have these strong, broad shoulders.
You could fill out this costume in ways I never could.
I've already lied to Fletcher once for you today.
But I do have nice shoulders, so thank you.
Fletcher's busy dealing with labor unrest, okay? All you have to do is go out there and be your lively self in front of the "Fallon Unlimited for Spain" sign.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
Fine, but only because this is the closest I'll ever get to playing Pluto at Disneyland, which has been a lifelong dream.
Oh, it'll be great, I promise.
- Boop.
- JEFF: Did you really think you could Parent Trap me and Adam into liking each other? I don't know what that means.
But this mission was a success, I hope.
But you deliberately went against what I said.
I took a calculated risk, and clearly, it paid off.
Adam's allegiance to Blake is taken care of.
And now the only thing standing in the way - of a fruitful partnership is - Oh, me? I was gonna say "your stubbornness," but yes, you.
I told you I have my reasons.
He is my son, Jeff.
I-I know he can be a little difficult, but deep down, he has a good heart.
He poisoned me.
He purposely had my office walls painted with toxic paint, and I almost died.
I'm still sick now, though he doesn't know that, and I'd rather he not get the satisfaction of finding out.
(SIGHS) I had no idea.
Yeah, so you'll forgive me if I'm not too keen on inviting my new son-in-law to the family barbecue.
I'm sorry.
Look, from now on, we have got to be on the same page, or this is not gonna work.
Okay, T-minus five minutes to showtime.
Are you in position, Sam? Yes, but it's really hard to see through this thing.
What if I run into something? Oh, you'll be fine.
What the hell is going on, Fallon? We just heard a crazy rumor about changes to the halftime show.
Shouldn't you be at La Mirage dealing with picketing workers? I know you did not do something I specifically asked you not to do.
- Right? - Well, it's basically the same thing you guys had planned.
Just a little bit flashier.
You'll barely notice the changes.
Fallon, why does that man's shirt say "pyrotechnics expert"? Well, I wasn't gonna hire an amateur.
Please tell me you did not plan fireworks mid-game.
Now I can't tell if you want me to lie.
Okay, you need to call this off.
(WHIMPERS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Blake Carrington Enterprises expanded by about 800% today.
Empire building is hard work, but I'm starting to feel like my old self again.
Now I'm just waiting on Corlent Media to get back to me about a merger.
Apparently, they're still considering Fallon.
What's going on in there? I don't understand why you're attacking Fallon.
Oh, so now you're taking her side? Fallon likes to make me look like a villain.
Well, maybe you are.
You do it all the time.
You manipulate the emotions of others to serve your own selfish needs.
Well, I'm starting to think this crystal lady didn't do any good, because you're acting very hostile.
I saw Alexis today.
Why would you subject yourself to that screaming banshee? Because I needed to, Blake.
I'm not ready to just move on.
I thought we agreed not to let her poison our lives.
We did.
But I can't stop wondering, if you had known it was Alexis, not Mack, who was responsible for the death of our unborn child, would she have received the same punishment? You can't torture yourself with what-ifs.
We both know the answer is "no.
" You won't do a damn thing to punish that horrible woman, because you always protect her.
I just wish I knew why.
(GASPS) Yes! Sam, it's working.
Our website is getting loads of traffic from Spain.
Thank God.
No fireworks.
Yep, we're all good.
(FIREWORKS POPPING AND WHISTLING) CULHANE: Those are definitely fireworks.
Give me that walkie, Fallon.
You're gonna burn down the damn field! - Stop it! - Give me the walkie! I can't understand what you're saying.
- Give me the walkie! - No! Go? You said "go," didn't you? Wait a minute.
Is that Sam? (WHOOPS) - SAM: Phil the Phoenix! - Uh-oh.
Sam? SAM: Where is everyone? Sam, don't panic, but you are ever-so-slightly on fire.
What?! Do I stop, drop and roll? FALLON: No, no, no, no, no.
Just keep running and get in front of the Fallon Unlimited sign.
I'll send someone out with a fire extinguisher.
What is happening?! Am I still on fire? (GROANS) (FLAMES RUMBLING, CROWD GASPING) WOMAN: Whoa, look at the sign! MAN: Does that say what I think it says? Oh, no! Oh, that's unfortunate.
This was really great.
Thank you.
It's really nice to have a home-cooked meal.
Though I'm not sure this is gonna be home for much longer.
What are you talking about? There's nothing keeping me here.
You know, Blake won't speak to me, and - I've got no money to my name.
- What about your mom? She has conditions I'm not sure I can meet.
So, you know, maybe it's time for me to return to my life in Montana as a vet.
Oh, my God.
I had no idea you served.
- Ernarian.
- Oh.
(LAUGHING): Right.
Yeah, I did know that.
Speaking as someone who recently did what you're suggesting, I can promise that running away doesn't fix anything.
You do belong here, Adam.
And then maybe you and I can get to know each other a little better.
You want one more? - Yeah.
- Great.
Well, you know what they say.
There's no such thing as bad press, right? They obviously never saw this headline about the halftime show.
Well, if you think that's hostile, you should hear her talk to her assistant.
This isn't funny, Sam.
You send me here to the hotel to deal with fake picketers, and then you help ruin my halftime show? I mean, I'll be lucky if I even have a job on Monday.
It's Fallon.
I'm telling you, I don't know what it is, I don't know what she does to me, but she's like a a hypnotist.
An evil hypnotist with great clothes.
Don't blame Fallon.
You're an adult.
Well, does it help at all that I feel somewhat humiliated? Oh, you mean a little like how I felt this morning when you imploded at the mere mention of the word "boyfriend"? I wouldn't say I imploded.
You didn't exactly jump for joy.
Sam, I really like you.
A lot, but I'm starting to wonder if you're intentionally sabotaging our chances at a relationship.
Can we please just go somewhere and talk about this? - I - I don't have anything else to say.
Fletcher (SIGHS) ADAM: I hope you're happy.
You successfully tricked me into working with your husband.
You poisoned him?! - Okay, I can explain.
- I already know it was a symptom of your misguided loyalty to Blake.
Okay, good, 'cause I really couldn't explain.
What I don't know is how my own flesh and blood could be so cruel.
Uh, if I took a guess, it's probably in the genes.
And I've done as much groveling to Jeff as I can stomach.
It is no longer a question of apologizing, Adam.
You're gonna have to prove we can trust you.
"We"? Jeff and I are a package deal.
If you can't accept that, then I'm gonna be forced to go along with Blake's decision to kick you out of the loft.
And I don't know that you're ever gonna come back.
- Is that a threat? - It's called parenting.
- (CHUCKLES) - And maybe if you had had that growing up, you wouldn't be going around poisoning decent people.
All right, what do you want me to do? Jeff won't listen to a word I say.
Depends on the words coming out of your mouth, sweetheart.
Do you realize how much damage you've done, Fallon? Most people seemed to think it was funny.
You know what's not funny? Having to delay the second half of a game an entire hour because the field is burned.
Yeah, well, I'll pay for it.
That's not the point, Fallon.
The point is that I'm a fool for allowing myself to be a casualty of the Carrington infighting, again.
I'm really sorry, okay? I know I went overboard.
But I was just I was trying to get out of Blake's shadow.
Maybe you should ask yourself why that even matters.
But ask it somewhere else.
(EXHALES) Seriously? Did you not hear a word I said? Please.
We only need five minutes.
Get out of my house, Alexis.
- This arrangement is about to be over.
- Jeff, for years, I have been trying and failing to take down Blake.
I have clawed, crawled and begged, and I am sick of fighting in the mud.
You have given me my first real chance at winning.
But let's face the facts.
Blake is a powerful and ruthless man, and we need all the help that we can get.
Just not his.
I know that you'll never trust Adam.
And I don't blame you.
But why settle for trust when you can have insurance? Just watch.
My name is Adam Carrington.
I want to confess that I poisoned Jeff Colby with the intent to make him sick, if not kill him.
FALLON: Hello, Daddy.
Fallon, let me guess.
Gonna blame me for that mess of a halftime show somehow? No.
I just want to make sure you understood what's really going on here.
You need to understand that I am back in control, and nothing you or Alexis can say will take that away from me.
ALEXIS: Control over what? You gave up control a long time ago.
(GROANS) (GRUNTS) ADAM: You've let us take everything.
You're pathetic, Daddy.
You know exactly when you lost the reins, and you are never getting them back.
You're living in a hotel, eating from a buffet.
- Should I be concerned? - Why are you here again? I saw on TV that you almost started another Spanish-American War.
I came to check that you're okay.
I'll be fine.
Also, I have no doubt that this is yet another in a long line of Blake-induced episodes for you.
Let me guess.
You're trying to recruit me again.
I'm trying to understand why you continue to let your father get under your skin.
You're not the forgotten Carrington.
Oh, great.
So you read that article, too.
The point is, if you want to see Blake get what he deserves, then help me and my husband.
Even Adam has been recruited to our side.
Okay, yeah, not an incentive.
But you are right, Mom.
I keep letting Blake get under my skin.
But joining whatever mod squad you've thrown together isn't gonna solve that problem.
But if you only knew the next phase of our plan No.
I'm sorry, but I can see my future, literally, right in front of me.
I'm talking about you.
Yes, I got that.
Look, I get that you enjoy having your life defined by Blake's, but I cannot do it.
I now realize the only person I am competing against is me.
And I cause myself enough problems as it is without Blake's help.
So, I am off.
Please, feel free to charge whatever you want to my room.
My treat.
You know I'm rich now, right? Yeah.
For the moment.
You look great in gym clothes.
What are you doing here? I know I messed up.
I think you were right that there was a part of me sabotaging our shot at a relationship.
And the truth is that it's scary to admit how much I like you.
I haven't liked anyone like this in a long, long time.
- Sam - But I shouldn't have acted the way I did when you said the word "boyfriend.
" I guess I just felt that I don't know, boyfriend is one step closer to husband, which is one step closer to divorce.
Which I've already done.
So I messed up.
I'm sorry.
You should've called me before coming here.
MAN: Babe! Who you talking to? FLETCHER: No one.
Just some salesman.
FALLON: Knock, knock.
I know I'm probably the last person you'd like to see right now, but I do have some good news.
You invented a time machine so I can ban you from yesterday's game? No.
But I do love that elusive Culhane humor.
Let's chat.
So, despite the halftime show going a bit off the rails yesterday, we did see a considerable spike in our overseas subscriptions.
I mean, not you know, not Spain, but other European markets.
You know, just centuries of European rivalry and resentment finally doing some good.
Where is this going, Fallon? Well, Corlent was so impressed by our numbers that they have decided to restart negotiations for the merger, leaving Blake in the dust.
Wake me up when this gets to good news for me.
It's an offer for the official naming rights for the stadium.
I figured your team could use it.
I thought you said it was a giant waste of money.
It's not a waste of money if it's an investment in you.
And just think of it as gratuity for helping me realize what I have to do.
From here on out, I am no longer going to live in the shadow of Blake Carrington.
I think I owe you an apology.
My therapist warned me that I may be at risk of unleashing my anger on innocent bystanders.
No, no, I owe you an apology.
And I'm hardly innocent.
You were right.
I do protect Alexis, and I can't explain it.
She's the mother of your children.
I know she's gonna be a part of our life, no matter what we do.
But anger just leads to more anger.
And I'm ready to break the cycle.
Me, too.
I thought I needed to get over my anger with Alexis by starting a new empire, but the truth is I lost control over my life.
And it started way before the Mack situation.
What do you mean? It started when I lost Carrington Atlantic.
That's when it all went wrong.
Since then, I've been manipulated by Alexis, provoked by Fallon and fooled by Adam.
That was the moment that I lost my grip.
Carrington Atlantic is my legacy, and it's time it returned where it belongs.
How many times do I have to tell you? We're not selling.
And who the hell is this? Oh, this is my wife.
And my partner.
We have something that we think will change your tune.
JEFF: Mm-hmm.
DUSTIN: It's all there.
You don't have to count it.
Now, how soon can we expect the regulations to loosen? WOMAN: Ideally, within a few months.
But with the right donation, we could be talking weeks.
- Mm.
- Ooh, she quick, huh? Like a cat.
That was Stephanie Graham, wasn't it? - Yeah.
- I think she works for the Department of Natural Resources.
That's right.
Yeah, when we first looked into your association with her, we thought it was just a little affair.
But then, - lucky for us, this is so much worse, isn't it? - (CHUCKLES) I mean, doling out payouts to a woman - in charge of enforcing environmental regulations? - Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Getting caught won't be a good look to the investors.
- Or-or the authorities.
- No.
If I advise the board to sell, will you hand over the recording? I think we can discuss that.
We're gonna discuss that.

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