Dynasty (2017) s05e05 Episode Script

A Little Fun Wouldn't Hurt

1 Good morning, hermana.
In your chair.
I bought you your favorite, caramel macchiato, to start off the day.
I'm not a monster.
Plus, I wanted a muffin.
Beto, please.
You don't understand what you're doing.
Oh, I understand.
I'm getting the family company back.
My inheritance.
You can have the damn company.
But Rita wants my life.
She told me she's gonna kill me and take my place permanently.
Oh, you'll say anything to get out of here, won't you? Luckily, I'm not as gullible as your husband.
Blake made an appointment in two days to sign the transfer paperwork.
You'll be let out once I'm safely on my way back to Mexico.
You think you'll be safe there? Once I tell Papá what you've done Oh, Papá this, Blake that.
You're like a broken record.
And I'm not worried.
No one's gonna believe your story.
A woman that looks just like you took over your life? The only one getting locked up here will be you.
You know, on second thought, I'm gonna keep this for myself.
- I've got a question for you.
- Perfect timing.
I have a question for you.
Not sure how that's perfect timing for me, but okay.
I'm putting the Carrington vacation compound on the market next week, and rolling the profits over into to the construction budget for the new PPA airport.
Is there anything in the house that you want before it's cleaned out? Wow, I haven't thought about that place in years, so no.
That's the past and I am focused on the future, which leads us back to my question, which is about the past.
Um Were you and Alexis on the same page when you decided to have kids? Am I about to be a grandfather? Do I need to set up custodial accounts? No, no, no.
Although I did bring up the subject with Liam.
- And? - And he went to Los Angeles to meet with his movie producers, and I haven't heard from him since.
Well, funny enough, having kids was the one time Alexis and I were in total agreement.
In fact, Adam was conceived at the Carrington compound.
Yet another reason to get rid of the place.
Liam is on his way home.
So thankfully, we can stop talking about this before you tell me where I was conceived.
- Oh - Don't.
I'm really enjoying our weekly Dom-Mystique business breakfasts.
Yeah, me, too.
And also, congratulations on your glowing Wall Street Journal profile, Mr.
Savior of Fallon Unlimited.
All I did was stabilize the company stock price and keep morale high while Fallon's away.
As a mother, I'm proud you've restored your reputation.
As a business partner, I was a little dismayed to see no mention - of Dom-Mystique.
- Calling out the success of my mother while talking about Fallon Unlimited would not have been the most professional look.
Enough about me.
What's going on with the NordicStar contract? I'm about to expand my international profile by selling direct-to-consumer on IG Live.
That should get some attention.
I am going to make that airline notice Dom-Mystique whether they want to or not.
Sounds like a good move.
Maybe you can call the Journal and tell them to redo the article.
I'm kidding.
And here you go.
Enjoy your new suite.
It's a great one.
A suite? I can't believe how generous Ms.
Carrington is.
I didn't expect an upgrade to come with the, uh, the job.
Well, now that you're staying here long term, you deserve a little more space.
Fallon wants only the best, including for her horse trainer.
Well, she sounds like a great friend to have in your life.
Um, did I just see Carter Tatum in the restaurant doing a photo shoot? If you mean the gay Insta icon that is the spokesman for the collab between La Mirage and Tres Gatos Tequila, then yes.
- His feed is all I want my life to be.
- Tell me about it.
He's always out at a club, on a yacht, or hanging out in Turks and Caicos.
I'm so jealous.
Where is Turks and Caicos? I don't know, but I'd go to either one.
My life has been all hotel for so long that if I don't start having fun, I'm gonna burn out by the time I'm 32.
Wait, Sammy Jo, I thought you were 32.
Hush, child.
My point is, if Fallon Carrington can find some work-life balance, then I definitely can.
Let's see.
"Turks and Caicos.
" Shrimp? I think we should cancel the meeting with Beto and the lawyers.
Why? I thought it was settled.
I just can't shake this feeling that Beto's got some trick up his sleeve.
Look, we know he doesn't play fair.
I don't think you should give him the company.
I understand your concern, but I think we're making the right decision.
What are you doing? You can't drink that.
- What? Why not? - We just talked about how grapefruit juice is dangerous to mix with your meds.
Wow, I-I think the stress of dealing with the company is making me forgetful.
Just grabbing some food on the way to the office.
Yeah, hold on one second.
Is it possible that Cristal is having a reaction to her cancer meds? She was dizzy a few nights ago, and now, now she's forgetful.
No, it's not a big deal.
It's stress.
Well, we can never be too careful.
It is almost time for your six-month post-op checkup.
Why don't you come in, we'll get some blood work done.
I can give you a ride to the hospital right now.
Oh I have a manicure appointment in an hour.
Everyone's overreacting.
I'm fine.
Thank you, Adam.
I just want to sign the paperwork.
I'm not signing anything right now.
Until you have a clean bill of health, it is not happening.
If you can't go in today, you're going in tomorrow.
Of course, honey.
Thank you for always looking out for me.
They want to start production as soon as possible, since Nina has a couple of directing projects lined up.
Which means I have to finish work on the screenplay right away.
So between that and traveling back and forth to L.
for meetings, I mean, my schedule is about to be crazy.
Look at you, crazy busy.
It's kind of hot.
Uh, speaking of crazy, did you happen to think about that question I brought up before you left? It's okay if you didn't.
No, I did.
I thought about it a lot, actually, and I was pretty clear in the past about my feelings on having kids.
You were.
And I'm just, I'm about to be really busy.
No, I understand.
It's just not the right time.
I said "about to be busy.
" Which makes this the perfect time to try and get pregnant.
Oh, my God.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
- Really? - Yes.
Okay, not that I'm complaining, but what changed your mind? Well, let's just say you weren't the only one that was affected by your near-death experience.
I'm ready to expand our family.
Well, the next three days are my most fertile of the month.
Did you already get one of those ovulation kits? 'Cause clearly you were expecting a yes from me.
No, I didn't, but way to ruin the mood with science.
No, I just know my body, and right now my body is all about sex.
I am as fertile as the Pampas in Argentina.
Hmm, we're gonna have a baby! Or at least have an amazing time trying.
I cannot wait till Jazz Night tomorrow.
It's gonna be hot.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
Carter is really hot.
Who? I was talking about music, man.
And I'm talking about Carter, that hot model over there I need to ask out on a date.
I've been trying to figure out how to live my life like him, but maybe I can live it with him instead.
Did my, uh, search for "the one" inspire you? Yes, to do exactly the opposite.
Sammy Jo needs some fun in his life, so wish me luck.
- Hey.
Good to see you again.
- Sam.
You want to grab a drink? Yes, let's.
So, I ran your IG Live plan by the legal department, and they told me your contract prohibits you from selling your merchandise anywhere but FSN.
You're gonna have to scrap this idea.
Well, that's not happening.
It's a breach of contract, and I can't let that happen on my watch.
Well, what if you looked the other way? You know, not watching? I can't not watch what I've already seen, and I can't play favorites, Mom.
Of course you can.
I'm your mother and business partner.
What's good for Dom-Mystique is good for you.
I'm rebuilding my professional reputation at Fallon Unlimited.
I'm not gonna throw that away by-by putting my own personal interests first.
Fine, then put mine first.
Talk to Fallon.
Explain the situation.
You're very persuasive when you want to be.
Yeah, clearly.
Uh Okay, look, I-I'll give it another shot with Fallon, but I Wonderful.
Let me know when it's a go.
Try this.
It's a Sazerac, an authentic New Orleans cocktail.
I like.
Perfect for Jazz Night.
See? I was listening.
Thank you.
And thank you for helping me set up.
Of course.
I'm here for you.
But I do need to multitask and get ready for my date with Carter tomorrow.
Here are your outfit options for Rollerblading.
Rollerblading? Why not just wear sweatpants? Ew, gross.
No, no, no, no.
He's obviously kidding.
I mean, you're kidding, right? Do you want me to wear some elbow pads, too? I mean, that's not the worst idea.
What? I'm kind of a stickler for safety.
Okay, thanks, Dad.
Sam's picture is gonna be posted online and seen by all of Carter's followers and who knows who else? So I need to look aspirational, not like someone dressed by his overprotective mother.
Or business partner.
Oh, Daniel.
Hi, I hope I'm not interrupting.
No, of course not.
Can I help you with anything? Everything okay with the suite? Oh, the suite is perfect.
Uh I was looking for you, actually.
I was wondering if you might like to get some dinner later? Wow, uh Well, thank you, I am very flattered.
But, uh, tonight's not good.
I have a lot of hotel business going on, but maybe some other time? Of course.
Uh, I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
No, no, no.
No problem at all.
I didn't feel on the spot.
Totally spotless.
So, have a good night.
Take care.
Why'd you say no? You just said you were looking for someone.
I said I was looking for fun, and I'm pretty sure dating Fallon's horse trainer isn't the best way to find it.
Oh, he could be fun.
But he's old.
No, I just don't want to split my focus while I'm dating Carter, that's all.
Now I need to head out for my manicure and facial.
We're still setting up.
Just do all that tomorrow.
I am getting an $1,800 overnight, ultra-hydrating, vitamin C, hyaluronic firming mask, so I got to go - now.
- Of course.
Well, why didn't you just say that in the first place? Mmm.
You have really gone all out here.
I feel bad.
Is there anything special that I can do for you? Actually, yes.
In order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, I read that it's helpful for the man to pray to the gods of fertility at the moment of climax.
Um I'm not I was kidding.
It was a joke.
Lighten up.
We're supposed to be having fun, remember? Okay, well, I'll show you some fun.
Uh, whoever it is, please go away.
Adam? Did you not say "Come in"? Nope.
Not even close.
Well, Blake mentioned something about becoming a grandfather soon, so I just wanted to offer my advice as a trained physician.
My advice would be for you to get out.
I will, but I think you should know the positions that are most conducive to Ew! Get out! You don't have to tell me twice.
No, more like five times.
- Mind if I just have a - Goodbye, Adam.
Ah, ah Ow.
- Do you still want to? - Do you? Not unless you want me to think of your brother at the moment of climax.
Well, if the mood wasn't dead already, you just murdered it.
New plan.
We leave tomorrow at dawn.
I know exactly where we can go to get some privacy.
Why wouldn't you push the blood work until after the meeting with the lawyers? We don't even know if you and Cristal are the same blood type.
I tried to stall, but Blake wouldn't budge.
But I do have some good news.
It's amazing what that hospital will do for a Carrington, especially one who started a clinic.
Here's everything we need for an at-home blood draw.
Well done.
You know who's been just a doll to me? Your stepson.
He's so concerned about my well-being.
Did you two ever you know? I kind of get that vibe.
You're disgusting.
I'm just trying to get the lay of the land.
Don't be so prissy.
Beto, you must realize this is insane.
Well, I'm not gonna let a little blood stop me now.
I wouldn't move around too much if I were you.
I don't want to jab you in the wrong spot.
After all, I'm not a professional.
Wow, this house is beautiful.
Well, when you talked about "the old place," I thought it would be shabbier.
Well, it's Carrington shabby.
And it's only beautiful because no one else is here.
I used to nap on that couch while my grandmother scratched my back.
- That's such a sweet memory.
- Yeah, it's great.
Let's do it.
No complaints here.
I have one I'd like to register.
Winston? - Who's Winston? - Winston is the man who wants to know if it's safe to look up again.
Winston has been the caretaker here since I was a child.
And yes, yes, you can uncover your eyes.
This is my husband Liam.
A pleasure.
And, uh, nice to see someone clearly uses his gym membership.
Uh, I'm sorry to disturb you, Ms.
I-I didn't realize you'd be here.
Yeah, well, back at you, Winnie.
We were hoping that we would be alone.
So maybe you could just head off to the staff quarters for a little bit and take a tiny, little nap, you know, while Liam and I try to make a baby.
Unfortunately, no can do.
I-I've already cleared out that wing of the house in preparation for the sale, and I only have two days left - to make things happen here.
- Well, we only have two days left to make things happen, too.
Do you want to just get a hotel room downtown or something? Do we really want to tell our future child that they were conceived in a chain hotel? What is with men wanting to tell their children where they were conceived? But I get your point.
It's just a little icky with Winston here packing up.
- You understand.
- Most definitely.
I wouldn't want me here, either, distracting you from this cool drink of water.
Hey, what if we help Winston pack up? Get him out of here in one day instead of two? Really? You would do that? Yeah.
Brawn and brains.
Hmm, we have a winner.
Uh Well, why don't you two start in this room, and I-I'll just be in the next room over.
I think you've got a friend for life.
Let's start packing this up so we can get this stuff and him out of here as fast as possible.
- I haven't been Rollerblading in ages.
- Hmm.
I could tell by the way you ran straight into a bush.
- Twice.
- That bush was hidden by a group of children.
That's really what I was aiming for.
We got some cute pictures, though.
- Really? Let me see.
- Uh-uh.
I have them set to publish in an hour.
You know how it is.
Oh, yeah.
I-I get it.
- I'll check then.
- I have to run to another engagement, but I'm hosting an event at a pop-up bar in Midtown later tonight.
You want to stop by? That sounds like fun.
- Mm.
- And I am all about fun.
In that case, I'm headed to Belize with some friends next weekend on the PJ.
It'll be the most fun.
OM-extra letter-G.
I'm in.
I mean, a-a trip to Belize is exactly the kind of vacay I've been looking for.
Uh, just don't forget to change before tonight.
Uh, I just don't want you to get trolled for wearing the same outfit twice.
No, please.
I never wear the same thing twice.
Unless there's a fashion crisis, but Yeah, don't worry.
I'll bring even more clothing choices to Belize.
You actually won't need that many clothes on the trip.
Ooh, I feel a bit light-headed.
Would you like me to get you some apple juice? That would be wonderful.
Thank you.
Oh, you startled me.
I'm sorry.
I saw your nurse.
Just wanted to, uh, check in on you, give you your apple juice.
- Um - Are you Are you still feeling dizzy? I'm feeling a little weak.
Oh, I'm so pathetic.
- No, no.
- Can you - hand me that juice? - Yes, of course.
It is completely normal for you to feel light-headed after having your blood drawn.
Here you go.
My hero.
I'm feeling better already.
And, uh, I can take that for you.
You want me to call Blake to pick you up? Oh, don't worry.
I have the driver.
I'll see you at home.
Thanks for doing this with me.
If I'm gonna be photographed all the time, - I need to burn an extra 400 calories a day.
- Please.
I'm not just here for you.
Now that I'm getting back into modeling, I need to take new pictures so I can get an agent again.
Well, I'll just keep telling myself you're here for moral support because it helps me get through the workout.
It's Carter.
What do I do? - Answer it? - Okay.
Hello? Hey.
No, I'm not breathing hard.
Oh, no.
Well, we can just move it to The Sahara Club.
No, no, no, it's not a problem.
Not at all.
Okay, great.
See you then.
What was that? The pop-up bar popped down, - so I offered The Sahara Club for tonight.
- Um, isn't tonight Culhane's Jazz Night at the club? Nah, we can push it a day.
- Jazz is timeless, right? - Well, in that case, I'll be there, too.
A few well-tagged pics with the Insta-crowd will help me impress a new agent.
I feel so used.
But I kind of like it.
Oh, wow.
It's me when I won the Georgia Young Businesswoman Prize.
You look like you're ten in that photo.
I was eight.
It's a drawing I did of my first horse, Pepperoni.
- What? I was really into pizza.
- Seems like - you have a lot of nice memories from this place.
- Yeah.
I do.
Let's make a new one right now.
Please don't tell me it's Winston.
Look at that.
- There's nothing there.
- Exactly.
That is where the Carrington family crest has been forever.
I know that we didn't pack it.
Winston said he hasn't packed in here.
So where is it? We're just gonna skip over the fact that there's a Carrington family crest? Oh, yeah, we are.
Because the ivory chess set that Anders used to teach Blake how to play was always right there.
Nana Carrington's crystal candelabra has always been right here.
And the gold-plated cookie cutters, they weren't in the kitchen.
Where is everything? It's all missing.
Who would steal all this stuff? Maybe someone with an intimate knowledge of this house - and a crush on you.
- You mean Winston? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh, Fallon, why would he do that? He's probably pissed that he's out of a job and a place to live, so he helped himself - to a severance package.
- Okay.
Then we should call the police.
Or we could wait until he goes on his little nightly patrol, sneak into the staff quarters, and see if he's been hiding everything in there.
I'm guessing we're going with option "B.
" - Yeah.
- What about your fertility window? Oh, that thing's open for another two days.
Besides, I can't focus if all my family heirlooms are missing.
So let's go find everything, catch him, and then get back to making a family heirloom of our own.
Well, Adam said that you nearly fainted.
I was nervous.
Who knows what the results will say? Adam was just making a big deal over nothing.
I was concerned.
But it turns out you were right.
It was nothing.
Blood work came back normal.
It's great news.
That's wonderful news.
Have you been working out? Anyways, I'll, uh, I'll leave you two - to celebrate.
- Well, I am relieved.
Not as relieved as I'll be once we meet with the lawyer.
You promised you'd hand over the company once I got a clean bill of health.
You heard Adam.
I'm fine.
The only headache I have is the company weighing me down.
You're right.
I agreed.
I'll confirm the appointment with the lawyers for tomorrow morning.
- Thank you, darling.
- Mm.
You You say you like it, so come and show me That you do You do Mmm.
I'm surprised to see you here.
I didn't think you were into the, uh, influencer scene.
Oh, I don't think I am, considering I don't know what that is.
I thought it was, uh, Jazz Night.
Oh, yeah, that, um, got postponed.
I needed to accommodate for a very important client.
You impress me, Sam.
I can see how hard you work, but it's nice to see you having a little bit of fun, too.
I've been a workaholic myself.
- You have? - Still am, if I'm being honest.
I spent so much time with horses that I missed out on some of my personal relationships.
I think I was more comfortable with the horses, to be honest.
They, uh, can't hurt you.
Well, unless you get kicked in the head.
- Good point.
- I I regret some of the decisions that I made, but, uh, I'm trying to change that.
I'm trying to change things, too.
So I guess we have that in common.
- It's not as easy as it sounds, right? - Mm.
Well, I'm sure you have to get back to your friends.
I hope you'll consider grabbing that dinner sometime.
I don't understand.
Fallon won't grant me an exception, so therefore you won't grant me an exception? Seems like you do understand.
Don't get cute with me.
Look, I'm sorry.
Okay? A contract is a contract.
I just don't think there's another solution.
This isn't a solution.
The solution is, we'll dissolve our partnership in Dom-Mystique.
I will buy out your ownership stake.
Wait, what? How does that help anything? It helps me to know the owner will always put the company first.
You are completely overreacting here.
And I thought we were in a good place.
I guess that's, what, only if I'm doing what you want? We are in a good place.
This isn't personal.
You have a conflict of interest.
I need to focus on my company, and you focus on yours.
It's just business.
I'll have my lawyer draw up the paperwork to sell my stake.
But partner or not, you still can't sell your clothes anywhere but FSN.
We'll see about that.
This is amazing! Carter just posted a picture of us, and I already have a ton of new followers.
Maybe one of them is your future agent.
Oh, my God! You never know.
Fingers crossed.
- I think I'm definitely drunk.
- Yeah.
I can tell by the way that you're dancing, but I like it.
This is exactly the kind of fun I was talking about.
Hey! You canceled Jazz Night to throw a party, and you didn't even tell me? Crap.
I meant to tell you.
Which I realize now is not the same as telling you.
My bad.
But this isn't just a party.
This is actually great for the club, too.
All of these people have millions of followers, so I'm actually living my best life for both of us.
If living your best life means screwing over your business partner and friend to hang out with a bunch of people you barely even know, you may need to rethink your priorities.
No, I wasn't trying to screw you over.
I just got caught up in the excitement.
That's all.
But you just don't understand.
I don't.
At all.
I've been looking for you.
Why? Well, - you found me.
- Mmm.
Hey, actually, can you scooch over a little and tilt your head the other way? - Huh? - The lighting's better this angle.
Let's try again? You're trying to put our first kiss - on your story? - Well, technically, it's our second kiss.
But this one will look better.
There's the chess set.
And Nana Carrington's candelabra.
It's all here.
All right, relax, Velma.
We don't know for sure that Winston's stealing.
Oh, really, Shaggy? Because it seems pretty clear to me.
What, the guy compliments your six-pack, and now he can do no wrong? This isn't the first time that Winston has taken something that wasn't his.
On second thought, you're probably right about him.
What are you doing? The question is, what are you doing? I heard a noise.
So you pulled a gun on us? It's an antique.
It doesn't even fire.
Guns terrify me.
I-I just I carry it in case I need to scare anyone - while I'm on my rounds.
- Oh, that's rich coming from the man who's stealing all my family's belongings.
- What are you talking about? - Well, you told us you cleared out the staff quarters.
- Well - Yeah.
But now I see, the only thing cleared out is half my family's history.
I have no idea how all of this got here.
I-I certainly wouldn't touch it.
And neither should you.
That candelabra is very delicate.
Yes, I know.
It was my grandmother's.
I just don't want you to break it, all right? - Please.
- Get your hands off of me! Did you just kick me? You Ow! Calm down! Everyone, calm down! You second-rate mall security guard! I don't care what you say to my face, you viper! Everyone, just calm down! Je Whoa! - Let go of it! - No! The only way I am letting go is when I cram it down your throat! Ow! Aah! Stop! She's had anger issues ever since she was a child.
Divorce does that.
Yeah, you're both acting like children.
We can handle this like adults.
I am an adult! Nana Carrington would roll over in her grave if she knew what you did today.
To think you'd accuse me of stealing.
- I quit.
- Well, good.
Because you're fired.
This place has always been so relaxing.
Yeah, I still don't trust you.
I'm only doing this because I'm worried about Cristal's health.
Well, you should be.
She hasn't been herself lately.
Well, hopefully this will make you feel less stressed and get back to your old self.
I'm sure I will.
Let's just get this over with.
- Blake? - Yeah.
You'll just need to sign here.
You need to sign here.
What is it? Do you need your glasses? No.
I'm sorry.
I can't do it.
I know I agreed.
I just I can't do it.
This is a giant mistake, and you'll regret it later.
Blake, we've been over this.
Our lives will be so much better without the Flores business hanging over our heads.
Come on.
We had a deal! I just have a bad feeling I can't shake.
Sometimes you got to listen to your gut.
This is one of those times.
Don't throw away my happiness over a bad feeling.
I'm not, honey.
I'm protecting it.
Arthur, please see Mr.
Flores out.
Tear up those contracts.
This isn't over.
Thanks for agreeing to have coffee with me.
I thought you'd be hanging with your crew.
You know, taking pictures of people partying.
Taking pictures of people kissing.
Taking pictures of people taking pictures.
- You saw his feed? - Yeah.
I wanted to check out what all the hype was about.
Is this the life you want now? Actually? No.
Not at all.
I just I got so wrapped up in trying to look cool for Carter, I didn't notice how sad his life is.
All curated.
Are you saying everything on the Internet isn't what it seems? Ha ha.
Look, I'm sorry I blew off Jazz Night and didn't check with you.
We're equal partners, and you didn't deserve to be treated that way.
No, I did not.
But you didn't do it on purpose, so all is forgiven.
I think you learned your lesson.
Oh, uh, I did.
My left side is my better kissing side.
Oh, my God.
But, also, when I'm kissing someone, I don't want to have to worry about angles or light.
You know, Jazz Night could be fun.
And I'm definitely gonna check it out.
I think a more mature influence, not influencer, is what I need.
And I actually met someone who I connected with on a genuine level.
And not even online.
Cheers to that.
Look at you.
Hello, Mother.
You want 50% of all profits in perpetuity? It's standard procedure to ensure I'm getting fair compensation for my efforts in building the business.
Oh, which reminds me.
Uh, I also want an early investor fee.
Is this a joke? No business can sustain that kind of model.
Depends on the type of business.
Well, not this one.
If you want to play hardball, you'd better be ready for a fight, son.
No problem, Mother.
It's just business.
Right? Oh, I am so tired.
I need a nap.
You kept me up all night, tossing and turning.
Well, I know.
I had way too much adrenaline coursing through my body.
But I think I've hit a low point now.
It's kind of hard to focus on love after all the drama.
Or not hard, - as the case may be.
- Whoa.
- Don't pin this on me.
- I know.
I'm kidding.
Now, on a more serious note, take off your pants.
What? Like, right here? No.
All right, I guess I'll let you wait until we get upstairs, but that's all the waiting I'm doing.
We have to make a baby, and time is running out.
- Okay.
- What? Why is Blake calling me? Okay, fine.
I'll meet you upstairs.
- Aye, aye, Captain.
- Don't do that.
You said you'd let me go once Blake signed the company back to you.
I will.
But Blake refused to sign.
It's because he knows something is off.
How long do you think you can get away with this? Long enough to get what we want.
But don't worry.
I brought you a change of clothes.
Don't say I never did anything for you.
I've gotten to know Blake, and he'll never stop protecting poor, weak Cristal.
My husband loves me.
He sure does, sugar.
Which is why we'll just have to remove him from the equation.
This is the stuff we talked about.
Should do the trick.
What is that? What are you gonna do to him? Probably best if you don't know.
Don't want to upset you.
You rang? Or are ringing? I just spoke to a-a very upset Winston.
Oh, upset that we learned he's stealing all our stuff? Winston didn't steal anything.
Don't fall for his act.
This might be my fault.
I told Bertie the housekeeper to move the Carrington heirlooms to the empty staff quarters, and it seems that I forgot to tell Winston.
Or you.
"Might" have been your fault? You could have saved me some bruised shins.
Wait, wait, so this means that nothing is missing? He's not selling all of our stuff right now? No, everything is accounted for, except the family crest, which I'm sure is in a box somewhere.
Oh, wow, okay.
Well, then, I might owe Winston a little apology.
Yeah, I smoothed it over.
He agreed to finish the job for a bonus.
And then he mentioned how this was like the summer that you accused him of stealing your Girl Scout Cookies.
Oh, yes.
It wasn't him that time, either.
It was Alexis cheating on whatever diet she was on with the Thin Mints.
I didn't realize that you would be so concerned with the Carrington memorabilia.
Considering you told me to sell the compound.
Well, I still think that you should sell it.
But I want to buy it.
You do? The place meant more to me than I realized.
I'll tell Winston to stay on, then.
You're gonna want him around.
I will? Okay.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment upstairs.
Would you mind leaving any more threats in writing? Because I'm kind of busy.
You're talking to me about threats? What about your ridiculous demands? Unless you're trying to extort your own mother, those obviously are not real.
No, of course they are.
I don't believe you.
I just can't figure out why you would waste everyone's time with conditions you know I would never agree to.
Honestly? Because I'm afraid of losing the new connection we have.
We just got to this point.
But if I'm not a partner at Dom-Mystique, I won't see you as much.
No reason for breakfasts.
How about because you're my son? Keep that weekly breakfast on your calendar.
I'm not giving that up.
Work or no work.
Now, are you ready to drop your fake demands and sell me your half of Dom-Mystique at a fair price? Of course I am.
But also, I reviewed your Fallon Unlimited contract, which stipulates you can't sell what you're selling on FSN anywhere else.
Yes, you've made that quite clear, but thanks.
However, it doesn't say anything about what you're not selling.
Am I supposed to be following this? You can't sell your women's wear online, but you can sell your accessories line.
Bags, purses, jewelry.
Anywhere you want.
But I don't have an accessory line.
So we're buying the compound? Yeah.
I want to keep it in the family.
I have way too many good memories there, and I want that for our kids.
I want that for our kids, too.
I was so focused on the future, I completely ignored the past, but they're linked together.
And speaking of "linked together" Ow.
Ow, ow, ow, ow What? I think I pulled a hamstring when I was fighting with Winston.
- But I can push through the pain.
- You shouldn't have to push through the pain to have a baby with me.
I mean, at least not till the end of the pregnancy.
We don't actually have to make this all happen tonight.
Why are you acting like you're being shipped off to war in the morning? Because I'm worried.
I mean, you're gonna be busy with your movie, I'm about to go back to work, and I'm not gonna be able to focus on anything else.
What if we miss our window? Well, then, we'll have next month.
And then we'll have the month after that and then we'll have all the time in between, even if you aren't a fertile Pampa of Argentina.
But what if you change your mind? What? Is that really what you're worried about? Hey baby, that's never gonna happen.
I am in this with you, a hundred percent.
Thank you.
I'm kind of touched by this rare moment of vulnerability.
Is it weird that it's turning me on? No.
No, I can't do it.
I feel like my hamstring is gonna pop.
Oh, I give up.
Sam, hi.
I know this might seem a little weird, but, uh, please don't stop me because otherwise I might lose my nerve.
I, uh, I feel like we had a connection last night at the club, but I almost missed it because I've been focusing on the wrong things in life.
Anyway, I, uh, I'm really sorry I blew you off for dinner last night.
But I'm really happy you asked me again because I would love to go on a date with you.
Oh, wow, uh I'm sorry, but I-I think there's been a misunderstanding.
A misunderstanding? I I thought you wanted to have dinner with me.
I do.
But only because, well because you're my son.

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