Dynasty (2017) s05e06 Episode Script

Devoting All of Her Energy to Hate

1 Whew.
Do you smell that? Waffles? No, that's the smell of our future, Liam, - which starts today.
- Thank you.
I don't know.
I think I definitely got a whiff of brioche.
You're awful perky for someone who was up at 2:00 a.
typing louder than I knew was humanly possible.
Ooh, did I wake you? I'm sorry, I just, I-I had this idea about Farrah's story arc, and I just I wanted to get it in the script before I forgot.
Don't apologize.
I love that you're so passionate.
I just wish that passion didn't involve pounding on a keyboard with a sledgehammer.
Well, I'll be sure to use a feather from now on.
Hey, and just know that, even though my days are about to get crazy busy, I am still 100% committed to making this baby thing happen.
Your sacrifice is noble.
I mean, who knows, maybe this baby is already growing inside of me with your eyes, my hair, and not a single genetic link to any of her grandparents.
Oh, we can only hope.
Thank you.
Now, I got to get to work to make sure this maybe-baby has a legacy to inherit someday.
- Okay.
Which is - A work in progress.
Hey, Cristal.
It's not like youto miss a morning run.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I just needed a day off.
I know there's probably something important I should be signing or selling or not selling for Flores Incorporado, but I'm finding it all a little overwhelming.
Remember, I've got the Flores stuff covered.
I don't want you to stress about this.
Maybe we should just dump the whole thing on Beto - and run off to Cancún.
- Well, we don't need to dump anything to go on vacation, and the Carringtons slumming it in Cancún? That is hilarious.
Although, I'm not against the idea of someplace tropical.
Is that today's paper? I'm just so lucky to have you.
I'm the lucky one.
Come on, let's go for that run.
The fresh air will do both of us some good.
A run, yay.
I knew you would do a great job, but this is even more than I expected.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
Running an international media conglomerate seems to have convinced the world that I'm back.
I got dozens of offers, and no one has asked about Mars in weeks.
- Hey, I liked the Mars idea.
- Thanks, but it was pretty out there, even for me.
But I just wanted to make the world a better place.
Still do, which is why I'd love my last act here to be taking Fallon Unlimited's carbon footprint down to zero, or as close as possible.
I love it.
I haven't even shown you the cost projections yet.
No need.
I have been thinking a lot about my legacy and making tons of money just isn't enough.
I want to do good.
Philanthropy is great, but healing the world? I mean, doesn't get much better than that.
Although, I still do want to make tons of money, - as well.
- Yes, of course.
Take a look.
I got it all mapped out.
Our first move is buying Morell Green Energy Corporation.
Wait a minute, the company you and I built - before we almost got married? - I think you mean "the company you convinced me to fund "before pretending to marry me so you could steal it for your father.
" - Eh, tomato, potato.
- Right, uh, well, Morell is still on the cutting edge when it comes to renewable energy, and-and their renewable resources could easily fit your company's needs.
You don't need to sell me on this, I am on board.
I'm also bored-bored by the details, so skip to the end, what do I need to do to get Morell? They're currently owned by a company called TORO.
Their CEO is coming to meet with us this afternoon.
- Thank you.
- Perfect.
I get to keep the barista, though, right? - You break it, you buy it.
- If I see any five-year-olds around, I'll be sure to let them know.
I think what Nina means is thank you for doing this.
Permits are all approved.
We never would've been able to make the time line if you hadn't given us the hotel and the club, so we're really grateful, right, Nina? I agreed to shoot here, not kiss the ring every time I walk in.
See you on the 17th.
Uh, did you say the 17th? Just 'cause, you know, you tend to mumble.
The 17th.
Was that clear enough? - Mm-hmm.
- Is there a problem? - Uh, no, not at all.
- Great.
I take it there's a problem? Oh, yeah.
- Should I call Sam? - No.
I'll take care of it.
Don't bother Sam.
He's busy with some, um, important hotel business.
Why aren't you at work? Because I'm obviously making cranes.
Plus, I'm avoiding my faux-father Daniel, who pops up every time I set foot in my own lobby.
Well, maybe you should just hear him out instead of working on a third grade art project.
Or I can just hone my craft until the DNA tests come in and prove that he is a con artist looking for a payday.
Who am I kidding, a third grader would be better at this than I am.
Distract me, please.
I wanted you to distract me.
I called Gretchen today, my old agent, see if she would re-sign me as a model.
She didn't call me back.
That's why the mint chip is out.
This is great bad news.
Convincing Gretchen to take you back is the perfect distraction for both of us.
Sam Jones calling for Gretchen the, um, agent.
I am willing to offer double market value to get Morell back.
- Now, what do we know about the CEO? - Very little.
TORO's a relatively new company, focused mainly on environmental activism.
There's almost nothing publicly available - about their corporate structure.
- Great, so a bleeding heart do-gooder new to the scene.
This'll be like taking candy from a baby.
Colby, the CEO of TORO has arrived.
Great, send him in.
All right.
- Patty? - Fal-pal's here, too? I get both of you? This day will be increds.
That's one half-word for it.
You're the CEO of TORO? Your assistant told me I was meeting with "Mr.
Toro" himself.
Because I wanted to surprise you.
Like a mini high school re-yoon.
Hey, I have an idea, why don't you two make this really authentic and move this meeting to the backseat of Jeff's car? Hilarious.
Uh, that doesn't explain why the public has no idea your environmental company is actually owned by the "oil royal" de Vilbis family.
You got to keep the focus on all the good work we're doing, right? I feel like being tied to an oil company could confuse things.
- Oh, you think? - Well, we're, uh, grateful that you took the time to meet with us today.
Like I'd pass on a meeting with my favorite third baseman.
Please tell me she's talking about the time - you played for the Penley Pirates.
- H-How exactly do you own Morell Green Energy, Patty? Well, when Carrington Atlantic collapsed, my father snatched up a bunch of its assets.
Unforch, Morell didn't really fit the family brand, so Daddy spun it off and let me try the CEO thing.
, he's the big boss, and I'm more day-to-day, but I guess I've got a green thumb because Morell has really flourished.
It's pretty easy to grow a garden when someone else has done the planting.
Okay, I think we can all agree that the environment is the priority here, which is why we're prepared to make you a very generous offer to buy Morell.
Oh, I'm not selling.
Then why did you come here? I told you, to see Jeff.
But since I am here, why don't you guys come to a little fete that I'm hosting tomorrow.
Morell landed a contract to convert City Hall to green energy, and this is sort of my "coming out" party as CEO.
I'd love to show y'all what we've done - with your little company.
- Yeah, - I don't think that - We'll be there.
Oh, and we are asking that guests come dressed as their favorite endangered species, so get your costume game ready.
Why did you tell her yes? We're clearly not gonna change her mind.
Oh, I'll find a way.
Morell is my family's name, and I will die before Patty drags it through the mud.
That's Alexis's job.
This place is perfect.
I can do you one better, ballroom.
This is supposed to be a love story, right? What's more romantic than locking eyes across a ballroom? Huh? A-And this place is dark and moody.
I can barely even stand to be in here.
Which is why it's perfect for a divorce party, but thanks for your unsolicited input.
Okay, okay, but have you thought about sound? The club was built to amplify bass.
You'll be echoing all over the place.
I'm guessing you didn't work out that problem - you mentioned earlier? - Your producers scheduled the club for the 13th.
I have a wedding on the 17th.
- Can't you move it? - Tried.
Bride's a lawyer.
She threatened to sue before I could even finish a sentence.
Okay, so put bridezilla in the ballroom.
- I hear it's romantic.
- Tried that, too.
She wants somewhere unique, somewhere where no one's ever been married before.
She's even hired a huge video crew to "preserve the wedding experience.
" Look, guys, I can move you to any other day or location.
We'd have to reapply for all of our permits, and that would take weeks.
This is my only free window for the next 18 months, so if we can't work this out, we're gonna have to postpone indefinitely.
Hold on, hold on.
Hailey bridezilla she comes tomorrow for her final walk-through.
Maybe we can convince her together.
I don't suppose you've seen my, uh, brother around, have you? Perhaps napping in a coffin or lurking under a bridge? He left town last night.
- You got to be kidding.
- I think he did.
He and I mostly avoid each another these days.
Meanwhile, I can't seem to get away from him, except when I need him.
Kirby, there you are.
What are you doing in my room? Never mind, I got big news, guess what? Gretchen called me back.
- Shut up, really? - Mm-hmm.
She and a guest are coming to the hotel for dinner tomorrow.
I told her it was a promotional thing, but of course, you will coincidentally be there, too, having a wedge salad, or maybe a Waldorf.
We don't want her to think you're a ranch girl.
Sorry, who's, uh, who's Gretchen and what's a "ranch girl"? Funny.
Hey, are you free tomorrow night? Because, uh, Kirby needs a plus one so she doesn't look pathetic.
I guess Adam is somewhere else, and Alexis is in Dubai, so, yeah, I am, in fact, wildly free.
Perfect, and then maybe after, we can talk about your need for age-appropriate friends who are not your mother.
- Why are you not smiling? - I have news.
Your DNA test results came back.
Oh, wow.
Uh I don't think I'm ready.
What if Daniel really is my father? How could I forgive him for ditching my mom? You open it.
What? No.
What if it's bad news, and then you blame me forever? - Kirby, please.
- No.
Fine, I'll open it.
What does it say? Why are you wearing Cristal number one's engagement ring? And why didn't we bury her in it? I'm kidding.
Cristal number one might've had bad instincts about pretty much everything, but she had great taste in jewelry.
Is there something you wanted, Fallon? Yeah, there absolutely is.
I want to take down someone with morals, and I need guidance.
You want my help destroying someone with morals? I mean, you know, mostly because you're the only one in this house who has any.
So, Plan A was obviously to blackmail her, but my PI says that her closet is skeleton-free.
I mean, apparently, underneath all of that unflattering self-tanner is a decent, boring human being.
Nobody's that decent.
Trust me, even the prettiest manicures have some dirt underneath.
Not Bratty Patty's.
Then I guess you'll just have to drag those nails through the dirt and make them less pretty.
I have to say, I think this is the most helpful you have ever been and least predictable.
Thank you.
- Sam? - Explain how you can be my father when I've never even heard of you.
I was born in Caracas, like you.
I was raised down the road from your mother.
Iris was my first friend.
We shared everything: toys, books Beds? No, it wasn't like that.
And once she married Alejandro, I didn't really see her anymore.
Yeah, he wasn't big on her socializing.
But after he left, she started visiting the stables.
She told me she liked the company of the horses, but I liked her company, and then I realized - she liked my company, too.
- So, you had a roll in the hay in the stables, and then you disappeared - when you found out she was pregnant? - No.
No, no, I didn't know.
If I had, I would've fought for her when Alejandro returned.
I I loved Iris.
But she told me she loved her husband.
I was heartbroken, so I took a job as far away as I could, California.
When did you find out about me? When my mother died, I returned to Caracas to sell her house.
I paid a visit to Iris, and I saw you playing in the yard.
You were about five, so I, uh - I did the math.
- Why didn't you say anything? Because I was young and proud, and she didn't tell me for a reason.
And, selfishly, if I moved home, it would've ruined my career.
I, um I don't know what to say.
I just want a chance to know my son.
That's why I came here and booked a room in your hotel, why I accepted a-a job with Fallon.
So, you want to start from scratch now? If you'll allow it.
Um, I I don't think I can do this.
All right? I have a new family, and I think it's best if we keep this professional.
How am I supposed to relax when you're trying - to shut us down? - I don't understand.
I thought you said the club's capacity was 325.
For a seated event, it's only 250.
Come on, man, can you just help us out? Look, I am willing to make this worth your while.
Sir, are you attempting to bribe a public official? No.
But I'm happy to host your next party.
Which will be capped at 250, just like this wedding.
I'm so sorry, Hailey.
This is on me.
I will give you a full refund.
Low-key, this is the best news ever.
I've been dying to cut, like, 75 of my monster-in-law's annoying friends, and now I actually have a reason to.
So, seriously, everyone wins.
It's perfect.
You said the capacity is 250? Are you sure it's not a number lower than that? I said 250 because that's what my boss told me.
I can't just make up the room's capacity willy-nilly.
Maybe you could double-check.
I think that firetruck's left the station, so thank you for bringing me out here for no reason.
That fire marshal was, like, weirdly sensitive, but hot.
I wonder if he does bachelorette parties.
There you are.
Can you please do that PT trick you do for my shoulders? I'm all knots.
Of course.
J-Just remind me which trick again? I don't know the name.
It's literally the one you always do.
Actually, I just read up on some new shiatsu techniques.
- Let me try one of those.
- Okay.
And if you're wondering why I'm so tense, it's because Daniel wants to get to know me.
And that's bad? Yeah.
I've already had one absentee father.
Do I really need to go through that again? Ow.
So, shut it down.
Yeah, but what if I'm making a mistake? What if Daniel's a good guy? Ow! Are you trying to relocate my spine? Suck it up.
This is how shiatsu works.
- What would you do? - The biggest betrayals in my life have always come from my own family.
That's why I believe in the family we choose.
Really? I thought you were all about la familia until the whole Mark Jennings situation.
Do you mind if we don't talk about this? It's still too painful.
Um, sure.
And you're right, the family I choose is the one that matters, so I'm gonna forget all about Daniel and go help Kirby.
- Is that an espresso martini? - Um First, I'm your masseuse, now I'm your bartender? Make your own.
I just don't get why you think jellyfish are endangered.
Aren't all animals endangered if humans don't do their part to save the planet? Besides, I would shave my eyebrows off before facing Patty dressed as a blue whale.
Speaking of the endangered Tasmanian devil.
- Hey, Patty-Cake.
- Hi, all.
I'm actually Darwin's fox.
There are fewer than 400 left on earth.
And you are an electrocuted ballerina? Yeah, exactly.
Look at Mr.
Suddenly wishing I were a hare, so that we could be neck-and-neck.
Uh, thanks.
I think.
Come on, I am dying to show you our new green energy tech.
We are harnessing the energy of the dancers to power the uplights.
Oh, and there is the "B-Y-O-Bar.
" "Blend your own.
" As in margs.
And just wait until the sun goes down.
Then we are really gonna light this place up.
Save me a dance? Yeah.
I cannot believe you took that to prom.
Now, come on, let's go up on the roof and disable the solar panels.
I need to get that disturbing tortoise image - off my mind.
- Okay, do you really think shutting off the power is a good idea? What's more embarrassing than an energy party with no energy? They'll look incompetent, and her father will be rushing to get this company off his hands and his books.
That's him over there.
Do you see him? Peter.
Makes Blake look like a saint.
Yeah, her father might be evil, but Patty isn't.
And Morell looks like it's doing a lot of good work here.
Maybe we should rethink this.
And I thought jellyfish were spineless.
Look, we're not hurting anyone.
We're just embarrassing Patty and getting our company back.
Think big picture, Tortoise.
A little something sweet for my sweet.
An espresso martini.
Someone's been watching a little too much Sex and the City.
I'll stick to Scotch.
Thank you.
You've been working so hard on all the Flores stuff.
I figured you could use something alcoholic - and caffeinated.
- Well, you must be a mind reader.
I'm actually marking up the new Flores contracts now.
New contracts? No company is worth more than your happiness.
We'll transfer Flores to Beto, and be rid of the problem child once and for all.
Wow, if I'd of known you'd react like that, I would've ditched Flores days ago.
I'm just so relieved.
Okay, we need to find the network interface for the solar panel controls and Bluetooth it to my tablet.
If I knew what any of that meant, I wouldn't have needed you here.
Ah, okay.
Okay, can you go any faster? I want to cut the power before the press leaves.
Distracting me won't make it go any faster, okay? All right, we are powering this place down in three two one - Why is that light still on? - Because the building only experienced a 5% drop in power when I cut the solar.
Patty said all of City Hall was running on green energy, but as far as I can tell, it's only the west parking garage.
Someone tried to disguise it, but most of the power's coming from an outside source.
Holy cow patty, they're greenwashing.
- You think so? - Definitely.
It's the oldest trick in the "oil royal" handbook.
Get everyone to look at the greenhouse you're building, so nobody notices the coal plant you snuck in.
Wow, I wonder what they're using as their real source? I would bet my shoe closet it's petroleum owned by the de Vilbis family.
It is.
This whole solar thing is just for show.
I knew this was too good to be true.
Patty is going to be so humiliated when we tell the whole world what Daddy dreadful has been up to.
God, if we're lucky, maybe they've been dumping petroleum runoff into the neighborhood nearby.
Okay, you and I have very different definitions of "lucky.
" All we need to do is to get Peter de Vilbis to admit this whole thing is a sham, and then threaten to exploit him if he doesn't turn over Morell to us by the end of the day.
You see? Sometimes, it's too easy.
Okay, this is not great.
Yeah, great analysis.
What, did your tablet tell you that? Look, look, look.
There's Patty.
The girl who's obviously still in love with you, so can you please just go flirt our way out of this? I told you, I don't want to manipulate Patty.
Okay? She's not a bad person.
I'm not asking you to sleep with her again.
I'm just saying go buy me some time so I can escape.
Go! Patty.
Hi, there.
Jeff? What are you doing up here? I-I was just admiring your-your panel work.
And-and the view, which, uh, just got even better.
False alarm.
We're good here.
I've, uh, I've got to know how you landed this City Hall contract? I mean, talking about coming out with guns blazing.
Oh, let me tell you I can't escape.
You've already made that clear.
Is this really necessary? Just as a precaution.
I need you to stay put until I'm safely out of the country.
- You're leaving? - You are too, soon.
Blake finally signed over Flores Incorporado, and as soon as Rita brings me the contracts, - we can both celebrate.
- Blake wouldn't do that.
He did, but don't worry, as soon as I'm on the plane, the police will get an anonymous tip, and you can get back to your fancy manor.
Rita won't let that happen.
I told you, she's trying to steal my life.
Rita's just a loser I found at a bar, not a murderer.
If you leave, I never want to hear from you again.
Don't call me.
Don't come back.
This is really goodbye.
Have a good life, hermana.
One last hug? Mr.
de Vilbis? I'm sure you don't remember me Fallon Carrington.
How could I forget? Watching you bounce around on the back of a thoroughbred almost made Patty's horse shows tolerable.
de Vilbis, we were in high school.
Age of consent in Georgia is 16, and it's not against the law to look.
I have to tell you how much I admire what you've done here.
I mean, you have to tell me what clever trick you used to turn a profit on Morell.
What's Morell? It's a company.
That you own.
The party we're at right now? Oh.
Morell, right.
Right, yes.
Morell is a TORO thing.
TORO is a fluff division I created to keep my daughter from screwing up my bottom line any more than she already has.
- Was she really that bad? - Last year, she lost my biggest account - to Canada.
- Mm.
I'm this close to cutting her off.
Oh, but cutting off your own daughter over a few bad deals, I mean, that's a little harsh, even for you, wouldn't you say? In families like ours, there's no room for dead weight.
Maybe a taste of the real world will knock a little sense into her.
You know, I always wished Patty was more like you.
Oh, let's not dig too deep into that one.
Let's go somewhere private and continue this little party.
Wow, that's quite the offer.
Let me see Um Ah.
I didn't mean to get you.
I guess I'm just a little "bouncy.
" I would like to talk about setting up a discount for your clients.
You know, models love this place.
In fact, we have one here tonight.
Gretchen? What are you doing here? Kirby.
I'm just grabbing dinner with a colleague.
Charlie, this is Kirby Anders, - a former client.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- This is Amanda.
She's an art nouveau photographer from London, and we're collaborating on a project together.
You know, I live to shoot.
- Do you want to join us? - You mind? - Not at all.
- Please, - Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Now isn't a good time.
I-I just wanted to give you this.
For what? You missed Christmas - and all of my birthdays.
- That day I saw you in the yard you looked so happy with your toy plane, so I picked one up when I was in England for the Royal Ascot a few months later.
I've held onto it all this time, just in case.
You know why I used to love planes so much? Because I used to dream of flying as far away as I could from my "father" Alejandro, who liked to hit me and my mom whenever he drank, which was often.
- Sam, I didn't know - Right, you didn't know.
You just ran away and left your five-year-old son to live with a monster.
I was trying to be polite, but obviously I wasn't clear enough.
I am not looking to expand my family.
You need to find somewhere else to stay.
- This seat taken? - You're late.
Well, I couldn't exactly skip out in one of the Carrington Ferraris.
Did you grab my bag? What bag? The one that looks like a bag, with all my real clothes in it.
Never mind, I'll just go back to the house myself.
Well, how long is that gonna take? 'Cause I need to call in an anonymous tip when we're safely out of town, but I'm already cutting it close to my plane leaving.
It's the last flight out to Mexico, and I am not staying in this city one more night.
- Go ahead, I'll handle it.
- You sure? Don't you worry.
I'll be happy to take care of Cristal.
Okay, I'm leaving.
I'll be in touch.
Okay, I'd never done my own laundry before.
And it was 2:00 a.
, and I was worried that you were gonna kill me for getting a stain on your letter jacket.
No one told me that wool shrinks in the wash.
Yo, I-I completely forgot about that.
It's been nice catching up.
It has.
Now, tell me what you were really doing up here.
Okay, um I might have been engaging in a little corporate espionage.
Oh? Since I can't talk the pretty owner of Morell into selling, looks like I'll have to start my own green energy company.
Not above stealing trade secrets from the competition.
I should be mad.
Good thing you're so cute.
You know, the thing is, um when I was checking out your grid, I realized this place isn't totally green.
Someone's found a way to make Morell a little more profitable.
I don't know what you mean.
Hey, I'm-I'm actually impressed.
I'd heard Peter de Vilbis was cunning, but he's clearly brilliant as well.
Wait, you think my father rigged the grid? Please, the last time he was sober enough to pull off something like that, Reagan was president.
W-Wait, hold up.
Are you telling me Sister Patty, Patron Saint of charities and hopeless causes is-is the evil force behind all of this? I like to think of myself as the beauty and the brains.
Tell me more.
Peace offering.
Apparently, I'm turning apologizing to you - into a habit.
- Ooh.
If I say that you have nothing to be sorry for, would I still get a donut? Yeah, it's all you.
I shouldn't have snapped at you earlier.
Okay? A real fire marshal would never have done that, or put you in this position in the first place.
I'm just stressed, man.
So I'm-I'm sorry.
Sounds like you need something a little stronger than a donut.
- Talk to me, Goose.
- Ah, the thing is Fallon and I are trying to start a family.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
That is big life stuff.
Yeah, and she's working on the legacy that we're gonna leave behind for our kids.
And I just I thought I was gonna have something to contribute.
- The movie's dead? - Yeah, pretty much.
I mean, w-without Nina, we're back to the drawing board.
But, look, I shouldn't have asked you to save the movie when the producers screwed things up, okay? So I really am sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Trying to solve this problem was the most fun I've had in months.
Look, everything here is running so well I'm driving the staff crazy just trying to keep busy.
I'm definitely ready for my next adventure, whatever it may be.
Well, hey, cheers to our next adventures.
And may we find them soon.
- Amen.
- Bridezilla wants to be the star of her own movie, and it killed mine.
I'd appreciate the dramatic irony if I weren't so annoyed by it.
There you are.
Turns out Peter de Vilbis is guilty of many crimes against humanity, but greenwashing is not one of them.
Yeah, the whole thing was Patty's idea.
Wow, way to ruin my moment.
She confessed to everything, and I got it all recorded.
We can take her down right now.
Yeah, but we won't.
You were right.
Patty's not a bad person.
She's just a very annoying one with major daddy issues.
Okay, you've got to be kidding me.
You want to just walk away, now? Look, Jeff, the whole reason you and I lost Morell is because, you know, we were both fighting for our fathers' approval.
Punishing Patty for doing the exact same thing I don't know, it just feels icky.
We'll do what you suggested.
We'll build a new company.
We'll do it the right way.
Yeah, I'm not doing that.
What? Now you're defending my side? When did this become a remake of Freaky Friday? Patty is knowingly poisoning the community.
We can't just let that slide.
Look, I'm glad Fallon Carrington has finally developed a sense of empathy, but maybe wait until tomorrow - to start using it.
- Her father's threatening to kick her out of the family.
This could ruin her life.
Yeah, maybe.
But if we don't do this, you'll be ruining a whole neighborhood full of innocent people.
Just like the Carringtons have always done.
Not every situation has a right and wrong answer.
Okay? Sometimes it's just bad and worse.
Hey! How'd it go? Let me guess, you need an energy drink because you're jetting off to New York to shoot a print ad.
Gretchen passed.
What? How? She said she can't get over the whole Fashion Ball disaster that happened last year.
- Apparently, I am damaged goods.
- I can't believe it.
After I gave her a free chicken paillard.
Agents are idiots, okay? Not all agents.
How dare you show your face back here? You know what? Kirby has grown and changed.
The woman standing here today is one of the most hardest-working, talented and loyal people I've ever met, and Gretchen just made a huge mistake.
- I agree.
- You do? - Wait, you do? - I do.
And I'd like to represent you, if you're interested.
Why would you want to rep someone your boss called damaged goods? Gretchen is not my boss, and I'm a big believer in second chances.
Everyone makes mistakes when they're young and scared.
If you held some of the things I did in my youth against me, you'd think I was a terrible person.
Second chances are underrated.
Um, I got to go.
You should say yes before she changes her mind.
Hello! My name is Patty de Vilbis.
I am CEO of TORO Enterprises.
I would like to thank you personally for joining Morell Green Energy as we turn City Hall green.
This is a historic moment for our city, and the first step on the road to a greener future.
Here is a sneak peek of what else we've got coming down the pike.
Tell me more.
What is this? Uh, this is the wrong file.
Solar was never going to work for a grid this big.
But nobody asks questions so long as the optics are good.
The mayor practically drooled when I said "green energy.
" Shut it off.
Shut it off right now.
from your petroleum op.
What if someone notices? In this neighborhood? Please.
Even if they did, it's not like any of them could afford a lawyer.
I knew you'd screw this up, like you did everything else.
I want you out of your wing tonight.
- Daddy, please.
- Fallon Unlimited is prepared to buy Morell at a competitive price.
You want to buy this clown show, after what just happened? The headache is all yours.
Have your lawyers send me the contracts.
Wait! Daddy Please.
We did the right thing.
Then why doesn't it feel like it? Good news.
Beto's got Flores back, and Blake's waiting at home to celebrate with his wife.
Bad news.
His wife's about to die in a tragic fire.
Luckily, Cristal 3.
0 is waiting and ready.
Or is it 4.
0? I got to admit, I still can't keep track of that story.
I'm sorry.
Fire's not a pleasant way to go.
But I can't have anybody recognizing the body.
And no one will.
Cristal! - What are you doing here? - Uh Um Well, I tracked your phone, because you've been acting off for weeks, and then I noticed the tan line from your wedding ring was gone.
Thought maybe you were having an affair with another man, not this, whatever this is.
She's a con artist.
She kidnapped me.
She's the con artist.
You lying bitch.
Stop! Nobody move or I'm calling the police.
Show me your hands.
I'll check your tan lines.
Tell me something that only the two of us would know.
Last year, we had dinner with the Mona Lisa.
It was one of the best nights of my life.
Not nearly as wonderful as the time we got snowed in at that little château in Zermatt.
- What's your favorite restaurant? - Bacchanalia.
What's my favorite restaurant? You don't like anybody's cooking better than Mrs.
What was the first thing you said to me after we renewed our wedding vows? That I would love you until the day I die, mi amor.
"I can't believe you wore those shoes.
" Oh, thank God, Cristal.
Don't take another step.
My driver's outside, and he's armed.
Call the police.
Can I come in? I'm sorry, I meant to be out of here sooner, but Allegra was being particular about dinner.
I'll be, uh, done packing soon.
That's not why I'm here.
I shouldn't have judged you for mistakes you made two decades ago.
What are you saying? That I'm afraid of getting hurt again, and it made me push you away.
But it is not fair to judge you as the person you were back then.
So, if you are willing to give me a second chance, I would like to get to know my father.
I'd like nothing more.
Do you, uh, do you want to Um I am more into literal models and private planes these days.
Why don't we just start with a meal? That, uh, that sounds great.
- Careful, you break it, you buy it.
- Cute callback.
Take this back upstairs, would you, please? The club is yours on the 17th.
I got the bride to move her wedding.
Really? How? There's just one small catch.
- I knew it.
- It's not a big deal.
I just kind of told her that you would film her wedding.
Me? Film the wedding? Like a hired videographer? Except you wouldn't be getting paid, so really just a videographer.
You do realize I've placed at Sundance three times.
I was on the 30-under-30 list twice, once when I was 31.
Hailey is determined to make her wedding unique, and what is more unique than having indie darling Nina Fournier film your big day? This wasn't my idea.
I can't shoot a wedding video.
It's one night.
We'll ply you with all the alcohol you want.
Just remind me to thank our jackass producers in L.
for this.
Hey, don't you think we could use a producer - here on the ground? - Sure.
You know anyone who's willing to drop everything, relocate to Atlanta, and start tomorrow? What do you say? Me? Producing? Yeah.
Look, it's just organization, problem-solving and creative thinking.
Plus, I mean, you did say you were looking - for a new adventure.
- Yes.
But I don't know anything about making movies.
At least we both know a bad idea when we hear one.
You know what? I'm a quick learner.
Sign me up.
How are you? I just woke up in my own bed for the first time in weeks.
I'm great.
I-I can't believe I slept next to a stranger all that time.
I should've known.
I'm so sorry, Cristal.
It wasn't your fault.
Beto clearly trained that psychopath well.
But you knew it was me when it really mattered.
I just wish Beto hadn't gotten away with stealing Flores Incorporado.
Well, you got your wish.
He didn't.
I had my lawyer draw up fake contracts just to give me more time to figure out what was going on with you well, her.
That paperwork meant nothing.
And if Beto ever tries to come back? The FBI will be waiting for him.
What's this? New ring.
The old one was tainted by Rita.
- I love you.
- And I love you.
Thanks for coming in.
- Why am I here? - Hopefully, accepting a job at Fallon Unlimited.
You're obviously smart and hard-working, and if we could just leave our past where it belongs, I'm thinking this could be a great fit.
You've taken almost everything from me.
Now you want my self-respect? Pass.
I will never forgive you, Fallon Carrington.
And I'm gonna make you pay.
One way or a-nuth.
- Well, that went well.
- Yeah, not exactly a surprise, but it was nice of you.
I'm working on empathy, remember? Oh, speaking of which, you were right.
My family does have a pattern of turning our backs on the unwashed masses.
But now with Morell, I have a chance to do good.
You know, and hopefully we can start to atone for our sins.
A real leg.
I just wanted to see what it felt like.
Yeah, well, it's not exactly like the Colbys are designated for sainthood, which is why I'd like to stay here as head of Morell.
If you're cool with that.
Sounds like we've got our work cut out for us.
But I want my chair back.
It's me.
Fallon Carrington stole what's mine, and I need your help making sure she does not get away with it.

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