Dynasty (2017) s05e10 Episode Script

Mind Your Own Business

1 Hey, hey.
Buttons? Or no buttons? I know it's the first day of your movie shooting, but you do know you're not actually in the movie, right? But I still want to wear the right thing.
You know, something that says "cool but you know, brainy Hollywood screenwriter.
" I wouldn't even know where to start with that.
But buttons make it seem like you're trying too hard on your first day of school.
I can't believe this is finally happening.
I mean, they're really making a movie of my book! I know.
It's gonna be amazing, just like the cool yet brainy writer behind it.
Plus, you've got Janelle Crowley playing me.
It's perfect.
I hope so.
I sent her a flower arrangement for good luck.
Sounds a little unimaginative now that I think about it.
Oh, my God.
My mother is insane.
I cannot wait until her partnership with Adam implodes.
They're already fighting? No, she's just blowing up my phone.
She's sending me articles about Alexam.
Apparently, sales are "brisk" and she wants to make sure to share that news with me.
Well, here's an idea: share that news with your business partner.
Now back to you.
You know it's cliché to have an affair with the lead actress.
Should I be worried? I only have eyes for the real Fallon.
In fact, let's ignore our phones, try to make a baby.
I mean, I've got 20 minutes before I have to leave.
Plus, it'll cure my first-day jitters.
I have a meeting I can't be late for.
The board is reviewing my proposal to turn our facilities eco-friendly.
Once they approve, our offices will be greener than Kermit the Frog.
Plus, Baby Carrington will have a healthier planet.
And now I have 19 minutes.
But skip the foreplay.
Not a problem.
So? What did you think? Uh, that was quite a breakfast, Sam.
I didn't know something called "grits" could be so tasty.
Cornmeal and butter you can't go wrong.
Plus, I wanted to cook you a big Southern breakfast for finishing your chemo treatments.
You're cancer-free.
We should celebrate.
Isn't that what we're doing? No, this is just breakfast.
I thought we could do some father-and-son bonding today.
Do you like watching sports? Eh, prefer to play.
Mostly fútbol.
- Mm.
- Don't you have a hotel to run? It seems very busy at La Mirage.
Don't worry about me.
The place practically runs itself.
And I'm only a call away if there's a problem.
My flight to Caracas is in a couple of days, and I need to wrap business up here with the horses.
I'm sorry, but we can catch a game next time.
Okay? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Of course.
I'll see you later.
Not eating your biscuits? Something must really be wrong.
I lost my appetite after that talk.
I overheard the end of it.
Sounds like you and Daniel both got a lot out of this.
I'm not ready for him to leave.
Then maybe you should tell him that.
No, absolutely not.
I want him to decide on his own to stay.
I just I have to give him a little nudge to help him realize that.
Mother, I really need to talk - to you about - One moment, darling.
I am just sending one more glowing article about Alexam to Fallon.
Even has your name in it.
Really? Show me.
Oops, that's just my name again.
But she is being so supportive.
See? She even sent me a thumbs-up.
That's not a thumb.
Uh So, now that we're a success, we need to think about expanding our line.
You know, focusing on the next generation of anti-aging treatments.
This generation just started.
So, remember the cosmetic party that you crashed? I was testing out injectable serums derived from rare herbal extracts from overseas that erase years off of people's faces.
Sounds intriguing.
So it's ready to go? Not quite yet.
It needs more seed money before we can produce on a large scale.
But as soon as we do, it-it'll redefine the industry.
We don't have the cash or the success to start a new line from scratch yet.
Yeah, well, I-I think that would be a mistake.
This will be a game changer for Alexam.
For Alexam? Or you? I can't help but think that this has something to do with your ego being bruised because I'm the face of the company.
Well, that's insulting and shortsighted and, mm, yeah, insulting.
If you can fund it and develop it yourself and it works, we'll bring in a new line under your name.
Ellen, I see the board decided to send you.
- How did the meeting go? - Very well.
We discussed your plan, and everyone loves the modernization ideas.
I have to say, it is so nice having you here with some good news for a change.
I can't wait to get started.
Well, you're gonna have to.
Wait, that is.
You see, as much as we love the ideas, we don't have the budget to make drastic changes.
There's the Ellen I know.
The only thing drastic about my plan is how great it is.
If we don't move to a more sustainable model, we will not attract the next generation of employees and consumers.
Not to mention, what does it look like if the owner of Morell Green Energy hasn't fully committed to green energy? We all want to save the planet, Fallon.
But our job as board members is to protect the company's bottom line.
Sales at FSN are so flat, they're almost invisible.
Okay, well, you know, the Dom-Mystique clothing line is a solid moneymaker.
I mean, her Dominoes tune in every Thursday night.
It's, uh, what Dominique's fans call themselves.
The same number of fans that show up every week.
You need new eyeballs.
And new sales.
Well, that's easier said than done.
Well, just boost sales with an exciting product with a big profit margin, like jewelry or beauty products.
Then we can revisit your proposal.
Hey, I got your message to come down right away.
What's the emergency? I know you're busy, but, um, I just got bit.
Bit? By what? By the horse racing bug.
Well, obviously your love for the sport has rubbed off on me.
Or was already in my blood, and now I get a chance to learn from the best.
I don't know about the best, but I'm happy to share what I know with you.
Perfect, because I bought a horse, and I would love your opinion.
Claro que sí.
I can take a break from packing - and head out to the stables later with you today.
- Yeah, yeah.
But why wait for later when we can do it now? What do you think? I think there's a horse looking to valet park.
Move your horse! But he's beautiful, though, right? I would love for you to stay in Atlanta and train him.
I think we could do great things together.
Me and you and my horse.
Sam, I told you I'm leaving.
I know.
And I said I was okay with it, but I'm not.
We haven't had enough time together, and that's the truth.
I agree, but I can't change my plans.
I miss Caracas.
You know, the people, the food.
La cultura venezolana.
I got a life there, too, but I'll return as soon as I can.
- Okay? - Okay.
Ooh! Just a little congratulatory gift basket to celebrate Alexam's budding success.
- I don't believe it.
- What's not to believe? The basket of fruit sitting right in front of you? Number one, you are never happy for anybody else's success, especially not a relative.
Number two, sales are good, but they're not pineapple good.
First off, I resent your number one.
And as for number two, I can help you.
I have a plan to help boost your sales beyond your wildest projections.
I know what my projections are, and I know who my children are, so get to the point about you needing something from me.
We need each other.
I want you to sell Alexam products on my shopping network; we need a fresh new company.
And you need a new sales outlet.
- No, thanks.
- Well, can you at least let me finish before you shut me down? Never mind, I guess I am finished.
You know what? I'll think on it.
But only if my show is Thursdays at 5:00.
Uh, Thursdays at 5:00? But that's Dominique's spot.
Now, I have a phone call that I have to make, so you can see yourself out, right? I think it's great.
We'll see what the director says.
Hey, I've been looking for you.
There was a problem.
Yeah, I know.
I got your vague message.
The actress who's playing Ainsley had to drop out.
Personal issues.
Meanwhile, the part starts shooting tomorrow.
I'll call our casting director.
There's another actress that I really like.
No need.
Time is of the essence, so I hired a local actress.
She's perfect for the part, and I took money out of the wardrobe budget to cover her higher salary.
Does she have a name? Yeah, it's Alexandra Harris.
She prefers the stage name Sasha.
Wait, Sasha The model you're dating Sasha? Model/actress.
Since when? And Nina was okay with this? I mean, she wasn't thrilled.
She's not thrilled with anything that I do, even when it's being a good producer.
Besides, she was way too busy with this.
Nina took a stab at rewriting that scene.
Yeah, with a hatchet.
She cut half of it and changed the rest, but no, we didn't discuss any of this.
She said as written it would have taken her over schedule.
I mean, you fought for me, right? Well, I had just told her about Sasha, and I didn't want to push my luck.
There are bigger battles to fight.
Yeah, well, that's easy for you to say.
You're winning your battles.
This champagne is to celebrate your first 200 hours as a valued FSN vendor.
It's a team effort, but mostly me, though.
Well, hold on to your designer shoes.
You are about to be the first to hear about the changes to our schedule.
Please enlighten me.
We want to expose our biggest stars to different audiences.
You know, the ones who don't always tune in at the heaviest hours.
So we've come up with the idea to put our top sellers on in the morning hours.
It's pretty revolutionary.
I must admit I respect you and your forward thinking, Fallon.
Thank you.
You know, with the current television landscape, viewing trends are always changing, and you know what they say about the early bird.
She sells the clothes.
All good points.
Just be sure to repeat them to whoever gets moved there, because it won't be me.
What happened to respecting my forward thinking? I respect my contract more.
The one that guarantees my spot on Thursdays at 5:00.
The Dominoes expect me at that hour.
No need to reinvent the deal.
I'll be at lunch if you need me.
Why is there an episode of I Love Lucy going on in my house? Did I step into the Tropicana club? Watch your microaggressions, please.
Still haven't explained why they're in my living room.
I'm planning a Latin night at the club, so I'm auditioning bands.
Daniel misses home, so I'm bringing a little piece of Caracas to Atlanta.
Yes, Cristal said something about that.
Could they take a short break? Gracias.
Look, I'm sorry that Daniel's leaving.
Oh, no, that's the point.
After he hears the music and tastes the traditional Venezuelan menu I'm working on, he's not gonna want to go anywhere.
- So that's what smells so good? - Mm-hmm.
Before I head into the kitchen, can I, um can I give you some advice? Making Georgia seem like Venezuela is not gonna get him to stay.
Showing him how great Atlanta can be with a wealthy and well-connected son, that's a much more convincing way to get him to spend his life here.
Hey, is it okay if I work here? There's a battle of the bands going on at the manor.
Oh, I saw.
It's all over Sam's social.
- Yeah.
Use my desk.
- Thank you.
So how was your first day? Did the other kids play nice? Actually, no.
The director rewrote a scene, and now it's all wrong.
Well, you're the writer.
Change it back.
Well, that's not really how it works.
I mean, I can fix it, but I want to be a good collaborator.
And then Culhane cast his You know what? It just wasn't a great day.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, my day was also bad.
I had to deal with two spoiled kids fighting over the same toy.
- Alexis and Dom.
- Okay Alexis wants Dom's time slot, but Dom won't budge because of her 54-page ironclad contract.
But if Alexis doesn't get the time she wants, then she won't come on FSN.
And if she doesn't come on FSN, then I won't get new revenue.
And without revenue, the board will reject my green initiative.
- That does sound like a pickle.
- A pickle? Are you even listening to me? A little.
Sorry, I just I-I really need to get this done.
I can't exactly kick this can down the road.
You can't, but I can.
I just have to buy a little time until I can convince one of them to change their time slot.
That's a great idea.
Hello, hi, I am here.
Are you on your wa? What do you mean it's gone? Well, then, we just have to get some more.
We have a deal.
No, I No, wait, don't Oh.
Everything okay over here? You're scaring the customers.
Oh, yeah, things are just great.
Okay, well, maybe next time we just end the call instead of slamming the phone down 'cause someone doesn't want to have lunch with you.
It wasn't just lunch.
All right, well, if you must know, I was I was meeting an importer so I could buy his supply of Bokocho extract, which isn't legal here in the U.
Okay, should I be hearing this? Am I gonna become an accessory to something? No, it doesn't matter.
It was it was seized and impounded by Customs.
This deal was gonna change so many people's lives.
Especially mine.
I really thought I was gonna make a name for myself.
So just find some other way.
Look, I started out as Blake's driver.
A few other stops along the way, now I'm a film producer.
Is this the longest conversation we've had without mentioning electrocution? Probably.
So we should end it before it gets too awkward.
- Okay.
- You are a Carrington, man.
That name should open a few doors.
You want to be a success, you find someone who says yes to you.
Ah, could be opportunity calling you back.
It's Jeff.
Fallon, do you think we should give ten percent off to Wait, what do you mean you aren't finished with the contract yet? Did you actually pass the bar exam? Yeah? Well, good.
Now I can officially have you disbarred.
- Something wrong? - Oh, my God.
I didn't even see you come in.
But I'm glad you're here.
The lawyers are still hashing out your contract, so legally I can't put you on the air tonight.
Or indefinitely until it's done.
But this was my premiere.
I know, I know, and you'll still have one, it just won't be tonight.
You know, hopefully next week, in the highest-rated time slot we have.
Maybe this whole thing isn't going to work out.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I need Alexam, and if we had a contract, I would put you on, but I don't.
So maybe I can help you get an early jump on sales and put Alexam on the FSN website? It's not the worst idea.
Might build some anticipation for my debut.
- You do that, and I'll be in touch.
- Okay.
Well, that went well.
And it's wonderful Ms.
Devereaux has agreed to step aside next week for your mother.
Women supporting women.
It's kind of my mantra.
Then I suggest you get a new mantra, Betty, because none of that was true.
Dom's agreed to nothing, Legal wasn't on the phone, and I am just pushing this problem down the road.
But if you have any great advice for this woman, I'm all ears.
- Uh - No? No advice.
Didn't think so.
Why don't you go figure out your new mantra? Okay, so can we make this four-shot work here? - Uh-huh.
- Nina, hey, you got a minute? Uh, yeah.
For you I've got five.
Did you get a chance to check out any of the footage from yesterday? Janelle was amazing and such a dream to work with.
Must have been the flowers I sent her.
Well, it was only day one.
Come and talk to me on day seven.
Yeah, and speaking of seven teen, I rewrote your rewrite of scene 17 last night.
Now, I-I think these adjustments might help with the story and still fit in the schedule.
Oh, Carrie didn't tell you.
We cut it.
The shooting schedule's just too tight.
- Yeah - This is what happens in the indie world.
We only have a few weeks to get the entire thing done, and Carrie said we just couldn't make it work.
Okay, but that scene's key to the relationship.
And also, who's Carrie? The first A.
? Assistant director? I promise you the audience won't know what they're missing.
- Well, I'll know.
- Liam, look, the reality is, film is more of a director's medium.
Screenwriters really aren't necessary once production begins.
Definitely not on set.
But you can watch the dailies from home.
Good to see you.
Well, thank you for coming in, Commissioner Defilippo.
It's the least I can do.
The Carringtons do so much for the community.
As do you, Customs Commissioner.
It must be a busy job keeping dangerous imports out of the state.
Maybe it's time you get to the point, Mr.
And the point is, I need some information on a shipment of Bokocho extract that you seized from Balian Imports.
Information? Location of where you store impounded goods.
Plus, the security detail should probably be conveniently somewhere else at a certain time.
What you're asking me is illegal.
Now you get it.
So, this is the tracking number that I have and all other information.
I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
Hey, this position that you have is an elected one, right? Here, let me get the door for you.
Because I seem to remember my family donating pretty generously to your last campaign.
It'd be a real shame if we had to throw our support behind, I don't know, your next opponent.
- Let me see what I can find out.
- Great.
Thank you.
Was that, uh? Why have you been bothering me for the last two days? How do you even have my number? Did I miss the part where we became friends? Oh, you did not because we are not.
But I do remember the moment when you almost killed me with lead poisoning.
So I'm thinking you owe me one.
Yeah, we'll call it even if you get me into Plenexia Pharmaceuticals' open house party.
That's right, I seem to remember giving you half of a liver.
No, I-I can't get you into Plenexia's party.
Um, just buy your own ticket.
It's not Hamilton, okay? I can't just go online and outbid someone.
This event is for medical professionals only.
And as chief of staff, you're on the guest list, plus one.
Yeah, I-I don't think I can help you.
Well, I could, but I don't want to? Look, it's, um, it's vital I get into this party, okay? I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.
It's not as important as what I have going on.
All right? Maybe next year.
Okay, the show starts in 30 minutes.
Tell Dominique I need to see her here at least ten minutes before that.
- And don't let her bully you.
- Fallon! You're not supposed to be here.
Good news.
I got a quick, temporary contract drawn up.
So all you need to do is sign it, get rid of these clothes, and we're good.
Mother, contract or not, you can't just show up here and waltz onto set like you run the place.
You didn't even bring any product with you.
Boys! - You should probably go tell - Alexis? What the hell are you doing here? Is she the one you wanted to give my spot to? - No.
- Excuse me? Yes.
Uh, well, no, no.
And yes.
It's complicated.
You promised me Thursdays at 5:00.
We now have a contract, so you need to tell her to pack it up.
This is my time slot, Fallon.
I did not build up my company and my audience so this relationship-destroying opportunist can ride my coattails.
All right, everybody, let's calm down.
I need to go figure this out, and I can't do that with you two arguing.
So I need a minute.
Is this what you meant yesterday by "catching a game"? Well, I figured we could get our father-son soccer in before you leave, and you could see what it's like - to hang with the pros.
- Ah.
When I go to games, I sit in the cheap seats.
Now you're on the pitch.
My friend used to own the team, so he pulled a few strings.
Try this on.
I always wanted one like this when I was a kid.
And now you're an honorary member of Atlantix FC.
Hey, shouldn't you get that? Was it the hotel? It was just our accountant.
Do they need you there? Because we can go.
No, no, no, no, no.
The guy's just a stickler for paying taxes on time.
What's the worst that could happen, right? I'm kidding.
I always pay on time.
Now, can we get this game started? Just have fun, okay? Take advantage of having a super successful hotel-owning son.
You ready? - Dale.
- Now, tell us a little bit about this stunning creation.
This gorgeous design, also available in aqua and ivory, - was designed for all of you hard-working Dominoes.
- Mm-hmm.
You can go from day to night by just switching from a flat to a heel.
And it's an incredible steal at a price point of And a big FSN welcome to Alexis Colby, mother of the founder of this network.
Wonder how she got this spot.
So, Alexis, tell the viewers about your product.
You mean my groundbreaking, anti-aging miracle cream by Alexam? Well, let's just say, as old as these clothes will make you look, this cream will do the opposite.
Oh, look, it's Ellen.
I came down from corporate when I saw this.
What exactly is going on? Oh, it's a new strategy.
You see, as a personal favor to me, Dom has allowed Alexis to come on for five minutes during her show.
With the publicity that Alexam already has, they have a built-in audience, so it's just about getting that audience to see Dom's clothes and Dom's audience to see the new beauty product.
Here, sit.
Let's watch.
I wasn't finished yet.
Nobody is interested in last decade's knockoffs.
What people really want is radiant skin.
Always in fashion.
All right, well, I'm gonna leave before my arms get ripped off.
Ladies, this was fun.
Ugh! Is your cream supposed to smell like this? What's the scent, rotting milk? I think that's your own failure you're smelling.
Or perhaps the musty odor of the grandma you stole these clothes from.
Well, at least I didn't put two dollars' worth of lotion in a jar and call it a miracle.
Look at this shoddy stitching.
Ugh! What, did drunken elves put this together? Get your filthy hands off my clothes.
Get your stinky nose out of my business.
Take that! Stinky, moldy, moldy, blah! Stinky! So, Ellen, when do you think I can expect that money for my modernization plan? Liam? Oh, hey.
Care to join the old, uh, failed Hollywood screenwriter - for a snack? - Oh, stop it.
You're not a failure.
There is no movie without you.
It's true.
But thanks to Nina, there is no set with me.
Oh, yeah, I heard she kind of banished you.
I got to be honest, man, this isn't exactly the experience I was expecting.
I get it.
Unless you're the director, there's always someone who outranks you in this business.
Yeah, well, it seems like everyone outranks me.
Nina just gets to play dictator? Pretty much.
There's a reason it sounds similar to "director.
" That is also why her name is at the top of the call sheet.
Although technically Janelle is number one on the call sheet.
You know, star power, don't make eye contact.
- All that.
- Perfect.
Another person who can overrule me without even looking at me.
Is it too early to start drinking? Absolutely not, especially when it's on the house.
Jesse, a beer for my friend, please.
Coming right up.
Come to the set tomorrow.
I'll work things out with Nina.
- Okay? - Thanks, bud.
Thank you.
So Dom gets to storm off, but I have to stay? I need to go do damage control with Alexam before Adam finds out and has an aneurysm.
You have to do damage control? I'm the one who owns this network.
The one that you and Dom just turned into the Divas of WrestleMania while the board had a front-row seat.
I can't believe I put my faith in you.
Oh, hold on.
You lied to me.
You were never gonna put me in this time slot.
I should have turned you down and stayed focused on my partnership with Adam.
Oh, I do not want to hear another word about your partnership with my creepy brother.
Why are you the only one who can't see him for who he is? I never said he was perfect.
Why does his success matter more than mine? His success is my success, but I try to treat you both fairly.
You know what? Forget it.
This is a great reminder to never ask you for favors.
- Oh - Unless, of course, I frame you for murder, right? Then you'll do anything I want.
Fallon, I - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
I'm just not in playing shape at the moment.
Well, I hope we didn't overdo it.
The chemo's taken a lot out of me.
But I'm already feeling a lot better.
I had a great time today.
Thank you for arranging it.
We can do this all the time.
I don't think my knees could take it.
Well, I don't mean this specifically.
I mean anything you like if you stay.
You know, I booked Oscar D'León for a residency at the club.
Sam, as much as I love the Lion of Salsa No, I know.
I know you miss home, but you can visit there and stay here.
I mean, there's still so much more I want to do with you.
I have a list.
Do you want to see it? Sam, Sam, please stop.
I need to tell you something, and it's not easy.
I didn't stop my treatments because I'm cancer-free.
I stopped them because I still have it.
And the doctors say that it's spread, and there's nothing else they can do for me.
Why didn't you tell me? We never should have come here and played.
I think the cancer will get me before the fútbol.
I'm dying, Samuel.
And I won't be a burden on you in my last days.
I'm going back to Venezuela.
That should be right.
You can go now.
Excuse me? Didn't the commissioner call you? You have the night off.
Look, I don't know who you are or what you're talking about, but my shift just started.
I don't get off until midnight.
Oh, okay.
I see what's going on.
- Hey - No, no, no, no, no.
All I need you to do is to, you know, take a break somewhere else while I unload some crates from one of these trucks.
And then I'll be gone.
How's that sound? Sir, you can't pay me off.
But you can donate to my vacation fund.
All right, uh, can we open this one? Sure.
This came in yesterday.
Whatever it is, it's perishable, so we kept it temperature controlled.
Did it perish? Uh, honestly, I'm not sure.
Here we go.
Yep, it's gone.
That's really helpful.
Whatever it was, it was surrendered to a private entity earlier this evening.
- A private entity? Who? - Doesn't say.
Moldy, moldy, blah! Oh, dear.
I, I'm assuming that you saw this clown show.
Had a ringside seat.
I don't know what to do with them.
They are two grown women acting like spoiled brats.
I mean, how am I supposed to be a good mother if I can't even get those two to behave? Look, I may not have been the best parent No argument here.
but I did what I thought was best for you when you were younger, and the fact that you're so successful is a testament to how well I raised you.
Only you could start by complimenting me and finish by congratulating yourself.
I hate to burst your Father of the Year bubble, but I had a lot to do with my own success.
And where do you think you got the confidence to think that? Okay, we could do this all day.
What's your point? Alexis and Dominique need tough love.
Yeah, stop babying them.
Come on, you're in charge.
Do you remember when you didn't want to go to school because the tabloids ran that ridiculous story about me trying to drown your mother when we were getting divorced? You did try to drown her.
I'm talking about parenting, not journalism.
All right? The point is, I still made you go.
Yeah, and I was tortured for weeks.
But you survived.
And you want to know why? 'Cause of tough love.
You're welcome.
You want some practice being a good mother? Find a way to get those two bozos to work together before they ruin your network.
This is all your fault.
If you hadn't hired your girlfriend, we wouldn't have had to cut the wardrobe budget to afford her, and our star wouldn't be refusing to come out of her trailer.
We needed to hire someone quickly, or we would have shut down production.
I saved us from falling behind.
And Sasha is good.
It's not my fault Janelle is a diva.
Well, you're not helping, and for a producer, all you seem to produce are new problems for me.
Oh, well, since you're the director, maybe you can direct her out here.
Janelle said she'll be out in a few minutes.
When did you even get here? Oh, I've been in Janelle's trailer listening to her concerns.
Look, she was unhappy about the wardrobe budget, but she was also upset that her favorite scene got cut.
Let me guess, scene 17.
That's the one.
Look, but don't worry, she loved my rewrite, which solves one of her problems.
Now it's up to you two to solve the other.
I'm just the lowly writer.
Okay, I'm not thrilled about how this whole thing went down, but I'm also not gonna alienate Janelle on day two.
Welcome back to set, and don't go behind my back again.
That was pretty badass, going straight to the star.
Well, you gave me the idea.
I studied that call sheet and I realized, I mean, there's always someone more important.
Good thing it worked.
I know, right? Hey, now that I'm allowed on set, you think you can get me a chair with my name on it? I got you, man.
I can't believe I got my real father back just to lose him again.
But you got to spend these past few weeks with him.
Would you rather have never known him? No, you're right.
I mean, I'll-I'll never forget our time together.
It's just I don't want him to go through this alone.
- Is there anything that we can do? - Just name it.
Actually, there is.
Can I please borrow your jet to fly Daniel back to Venezuela? Yeah, I'll do you one better.
I'll go down with you so you don't have to fly back alone.
Thank you, Blake.
It means a lot.
You must be so excited about Alexam's successful launch.
Yeah, I-I am.
Thank you, uh - Gabrielle.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, it's really nice to know that someone recognizes that I'm part of the company.
Oh, you're part of the company? Oh, I just meant because Alexis is your mother.
Are you sure you're a part of the company? Yeah.
Yeah, Nurse, I am.
Alexam is literally my name and my mother's name put together.
And, oh, I came up with the anti-aging formula.
Well, that's great.
But your mother, she was just a hoot on FSN last night.
Yeah, Alexis loves to put on a good show for the public.
Not so much in her personal life.
Oh, got a meeting.
Before you go, is there any way that I can get some free samples of the miracle cream? No.
What'd you find out? You've got to be kidding.
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
That son of a bitch.
I, uh, need to see a man about a horse.
Or actually just call him and make sure it got returned.
I heard about the horse.
It was something you don't see every day.
A beautiful horse in front of a beautiful hotel.
You know, Sam has worked really hard to make La Mirage something special.
You must be very proud of him.
I am.
My son's achieved the American dream.
Yeah, he's pretty amazing.
Look, I know the two of us didn't get off to the best start, but I'm happy that you guys have gotten close.
Sam wouldn't do this for just anyone.
I appreciate you letting us borrow the plane.
He insisted I couldn't fly commercial.
I'm not talking about the plane, I'm talking about him staying with you in Caracas.
I know your son.
He's gonna stay in Venezuela as long as he needs to.
That's not what I want.
He's got a life here in Atlanta.
He's got his hotel to run.
He can't give it all up.
Sam's stubborn.
Well, there's something else.
I don't want him to go through what comes next.
Yeah, I understand that.
But one thing that I can definitely say about Sam is that he's loyal.
And he's not gonna let you face that future alone.
Not after all he's missed.
He's gonna stick by your side.
Doesn't matter what country you're in.
Well, maybe it was a mistake to leave.
Eh, if Sam's gonna take care of me, we might as well Wait, is, is that Atlanta? Yeah.
Thought you might have a change of heart, so I told the pilot to circle the area until you made up your mind.
I'll tell him we can land now.
Hey, what's going on? Are we turning back to Atlanta? Apparently we never left.
What Did you really book Oscar D'León? I think I might want to stick around for that.
If that's okay with you.
Fallon, I got your message.
Is Hoda here yet? Not yet.
But take a seat and I'll fill you in.
I'm here! I'm here.
Has Dolly arrived yet? How dare you show your face after you tried - to sabotage me? - Look who's back, trying to jump on the Dom-Mystique bandwagon.
You may have got to Brady, - but you are - Enough! I need less fighting and more help from the both of you.
Now sit.
The three of us need to have a little talk.
And by that, I mean I need to talk to the two of you, and you need to sit down and listen.
- Yes.
- Does this mean Dolly is not coming? She is not.
And neither is Hoda.
I lied.
I needed a reason to get the two of you in a room together.
The truth is, we can all help each other.
We just need to learn a little lesson about getting along with others.
We're not in preschool, Fallon.
Yes, I know.
Not even preschoolers would have behaved the way you two did last night.
But for some reason, viewers loved it.
We kept replaying the video, and the sales numbers just went up and up.
I can't explain it.
It must be the same reason people enjoy watching videos of car accidents or natural disasters or Wheel of Fortune.
The viewers love you guys together.
- I think we know who deserves the credit.
- I think we do.
So, here's how this is gonna go.
You will each have your own respective shows, but you will also present together on Saturdays twice a month.
And why shouldn't I take my business elsewhere? Because you're smart.
Your Dom-Mystique line sold out in record time, and you doubled your fan base.
This will raise your profile as a top-notch designer even more if you can learn to move on.
I'll present with her.
But only twice a month.
- She literally just said that.
- Mm.
Lower your cut by five percent, and I guess we have a deal.
You can go now.
I have been thinking about what you said before.
About Adam? I don't care.
You can give him whatever favorable treatment you want.
I don't want to hear any more about your twisted relationship.
You were right.
I should have known how you felt before you even had to say it.
I have been favoring Adam.
But in a way, it's your fault.
Of course it is.
It's your fault because you're so successful.
You never seem like you need any help.
Adam always does.
- You're not wrong about that.
- I let you do your thing.
Stay out of your way when I can.
Well, I appreciate that.
And if I'm being honest, I have noticed a tiny bit of personal growth in you lately.
- Mm.
- And, uh, I think I could use your help.
- I agreed to the new format.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's not not the show.
It's just, you know When I have a baby maybe you could be a little useful.
All right.
Watch the eggs.
Watch the eggs.
I'm so happy you changed your mind.
You need to be surrounded by people who love you.
I'm grateful you never gave up on me, Sam.
I'm gonna let the nurse help you settle in.
I need to make a quick call.
Okay? Oh, my God.
You're still working? There are so many rewrites.
Nina loved my other changes, though.
You should be careful what you wish for.
Well, I guess we can take a break on the baby-making.
I just thought that we should get to it since I've had so much parenting practice with Alexis and Dom.
Oh, yeah, I saw that on FSN.
- Looked like a disaster.
- Oh, it was.
Until the numbers came in, and then it wasn't.
Now the board will let me do whatever I want.
And what I want is you.
Though I don't really need board approval for that.
I need to finish this one scene.
Well, if you skip that scene, I'll show you my new lingerie under this robe.
And I promise you it's worth it.
Oh, man.
My laptop just crashed.
Guess I'll just have to finish this in the morning.
So, you're the one who bought it? Mm.
That private investigator you hired works really fast.
That's what I pay him to do.
So, why do you need my Bokocho shipment so badly? Oh, I don't need it at all.
I just got it out of impound to get your attention.
When I saw my old friend Commissioner Defilippo at the, uh, hospital, I knew something was up, - so I gave her a call.
- Oh, I am so not donating to her next campaign.
Well, I am.
Uh, which is why she told me what you were looking for, and considering it's not even allowed in the U.
, uh, she was more than happy to make it disappear.
But don't worry.
I'll sell it to you for less than wholesale in exchange for getting me in the Plenexia Pharma party.
What do you need at this party that you're willing to wreck my life? You'll find out as soon as you make this happen.
So, it's illegal, right? Yeah, it's the most logical explanation.
Look, I'm chief of staff.
I could go to prison for aiding and abetting.
Come on, you didn't seem too concerned about prison when you were bribing a customs official.
Yeah, but that was for me.
I'm trying to revolutionize the skin care industry.
Good for you.
So, for us both to get what we want, looks like we both have to make a deal with the devil.
Are you in or out? I'm in.

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