Dynasty (2017) s05e09 Episode Script

A Friendly Kiss Between Friends

1 Wow.
I didn't even know we could do that standing up.
I mean, this whole trying to get pregnant thing is kind of great.
Especially in the shower.
Easy, now.
Once I'm pregnant, the only thing that will be happening twice in one day is me throwing up.
- That just killed the mood.
- Oh Hey, if I jump back into that bed right now, we would be back at it in less than a minute.
Yeah, you're probably right.
And much as I would love to stay here and break our record of five times in one day, I have a lot of work to do.
Doesn't Fallon Unlimited just run itself now? Thank you for minimizing my contribution to the company.
But no, I'm talking about Morrell Green Energy.
I'm trying to make the world a better place, remember? Although no one seems to notice yet.
Look what comes up when you search "Fallon Carrington.
" "Oil heiress flaunts possible baby bump on Barcelona beaches"? I mean, I had just eaten tacos.
And that sarong was blowing in the wind.
No wonder young women have body image issues.
Everyone who matters knows you're pushing the green energy envelope.
Not really.
But at least I have Jeff.
You know, he's so good with all that world-saving stuff.
We're strategizing this morning.
I should get back to work on these script pages.
The movie starts shooting in two days and I still haven't figured out the climax.
You keep talking like that, I might want to jump back into bed.
Oh Ah! You just stuck me with a pin.
Now get out.
We'll finish later, after I get the feeling back in my ankle.
Everything okay? I haven't seen you this upset since your phone updated itself overnight.
They really should ask first.
PPA is up and flying, but the airport isn't finished yet.
I need more money to speed up construction so I can stop renting hangar space.
So I called some banks.
- And they said no? - Construction loans are risky in this economy.
Even with my years of experience, they're worried that I have lost my touch, that I'm not gonna be able - to pay it back.
- That's absurd.
But I know you'll figure it out.
You always do.
Now we have my Yale Future Business Leaders reunion tomorrow.
It just keeps getting better.
Come on, it'll be fun.
You've been grouchy lately, and a little partying might do you some good.
- Loosen you up.
- I wouldn't even go if it wasn't my turn to host.
There's no C.
, no new airport.
What's the point of small talk if I have nothing to brag about? I think your classmates will forgive you for not making the cover of Forbes this year.
But you could make the cover of GQ.
As long as you go with a different shirt.
Something a little more modern.
It looks like you wore this one at Yale.
Thank you for coming.
As a working woman myself, I know how busy things can get.
Speaking of working, I just wanted to ask, w-why are you still doing this? You mean Alexam? Why not? Putting aside the fact that your partner is a dangerous narcissist, running your own company is hard work, and from what I've gathered, you're not - particularly hard-working.
- Wow.
It's crazy how an insult sounds so much worse with a British accent.
I don't mean to be insulting, I just genuinely don't know why - you would go to the trouble.
- Believe it or not, Adam and I have turned a corner.
- Mm.
- We actually make a great team and I believe in our product.
Besides, what else should I be doing - with my time? - Enjoying your hobbies, like, painting dogs and entertaining and - manipulating people.
- Hmm.
Look, I'm just worried that you're gonna be upset - when it doesn't work out.
- While I appreciate your slightly patronizing concern, you have nothing to worry about.
The Alexam Miracle Cream is going to be a huge hit.
You'll see at the launch party tomorrow night.
I'm looking forward to it.
I had a great idea on the way over.
Fallon, there's something I need to talk to you about.
Sure, just let me go first.
So, I saw this ad with a cute little dolphin, which made me think of the ocean, which has waves.
Do you see where I'm going with this? - Not even remotely.
- Hydroelectric power.
Underwater turbines.
It's a virtually untapped market and it could take Morrell bicoastal and generate new I'm leaving the company.
- What did you just say? - I need to move on.
Has the world been saved and nobody told me? - Because that was our goal.
- Yeah, I know.
I know, and I'm sorry to spring this on you, but it's not something I planned.
A friend of mine died unexpectedly.
You met her at the, uh, racetrack.
Oh, my God, Jeff, I'm so sorry.
- It's kind of hit me harder than I expected.
- Well, obviously, you should take as much time as you need, and know that there's always a spot here for you, because, well, I need you.
I appreciate that.
But the company's up and running now.
And I need time to figure out what's next for me.
Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but I do understand.
You will be impossible to replace.
- Thank you.
- Jacob, get me Bryce Bayer the headhunter.
I need résumés for a Jeff replacement ASAP.
That was quick.
Could've at least, uh, waited until I was out of the room.
Oh, but then it wouldn't have been as fun.
Here you go.
I'm officially returning your earrings.
Although I don't really get the hurry, 'cause I wasn't gonna flee the country.
No, but I am.
You remember Charlie, right? Yeah, your agent/girlfriend? That's still happening? Yeah, it's going great.
She just booked me a modeling gig in Milan.
In frickin' Italy! Yeah, I-I know where Milan is.
We're leaving tomorrow night.
I'm gonna go pack right now.
Thank you so much for bringing these back.
Ugh, don't they just scream Italy? - She seems bubbly.
- Her agent just booked her a gig in Milan.
Really? Charlie? - Why do you say it like that? - Well, I'm dating one of her clients, Sasha, and it seems like Charlie is skimming more than her fair share of profits.
I hope she's not doing the same thing to Kirby.
- D-Did you ask her? - No.
We're not exactly on the greatest of terms right now.
But if Charlie's scamming our friend, then we owe it to her to do something.
Maybe all Kirby needs is a really good lawyer.
Is everything okay? No.
This fertility smoothie tastes like sewage.
I hate kale.
And everything else in here.
But these candidates you're showing me are not much better.
I thought you were the best recruiter in town, Bryce.
I am not looking for a new employee, I am looking for a new Jeff Colby.
- Meaning what? They need to look great in a turtleneck? - No.
Meaning, somebody who cares about people, and the environment.
You know, all that crap.
Jeff was that moral compass I needed to be a positive force in the world.
- Find me a new compass.
- I can get you new potentials, though hearing you talk about Jeff Colby that way, I'm surprised he's moving on to Big Pharma.
- What did you just say? - I heard he's looking for a job - in that sector.
- Hold on.
Are you sure you didn't hear him say he's looking for a "big farm"? Because he told me he needed time alone.
Oh, my God.
He's lying to me? And used his dead friend to prey on what little empathy I have? - Who is he meeting with? - I only heard rumors.
And it's probably not even a real thing.
I just assumed you knew.
- I should go.
- No, no, no.
You are not going anywhere, Bubba.
I will shove this disgusting mulch down your throat unless you write down exactly where, when and with whom my cousin is meeting.
Pick your poison.
Where did you get these? This is Alexam's exclusive product launch, not a three- year-old's birthday party.
Try again.
Mother? We have an issue with the Miracle Cream shipment.
Did they forget to put my signature on the packaging? I knew I should have reminded them.
As much of a tragedy as that would be, we have an actual problem.
The driver delivering the shipment lost control, flipped the truck and now all of the product is at the bottom of the Chattahoochee River, and the driver is in the ICU.
All of it? Yes, yes, thoughts and prayers to the driver, but what about our party? We can't have a product launch - without product.
- Why did you wait until the last minute to ship it? I was playing hardball.
Look, there's no need for finger-pointing.
Uh, we'll just pay a little extra for rush delivery of a second batch.
All right, uh, yeah, I can handle that.
I know the manufacturing team well now.
They, uh They respect my authority.
You deal with that, and I will go over the guest list to make sure everyone who is anyone is coming.
Sammy Jo invited a bunch of influentials for us.
I think you mean "influencers.
" Exactly.
See, we make a great team.
Amanda doesn't know what she's talking about.
Well, that's something we can definitely agree on.
You want a slice? We're going to Italy.
We'll be eating Italian food for a week.
Yeah, but it's pizza.
Good point.
What a surprise running into you two here.
Oh, I am starving.
You don't mind, do you? Okay, well, I guess we don't.
Charlie, you remember Amanda.
She's the one who helped me with the shampoo commercial.
Oh, right.
The art nouveau photographer.
So you're also an acting coach? No, no, just a photographer, slash, uh, lawyer, actually.
Which reminds me.
I'm curious, do you have the same basic agreement for all your clients? 'Cause I know you're taking, what, like, 40% from Sasha? If you really are a lawyer, you know I can't discuss my client's deal - without them present.
- Right.
I respect that.
But Kirby's here, so w-what about her contract? 'Cause we could all take a look at that together.
Uh, Amanda, what are you doing? - Are you Kirby's lawyer? - I'm her friend who's looking out for her.
It feels more like you're accusing me of something, and I'm not sure I like the implication.
Okay, let's all relax.
Amanda, where is this coming from? Look, I just know that things get hidden in the fine print, and I don't want you to be taken advantage of.
I can assure you, Kirby's in very good hands.
This is a huge deal for me and Charlie, and I trust her.
I'm a big girl.
I can look after myself.
Of course.
I'm sorry, uh Enjoy your pizza.
Honestly, I was expecting cheap department-store quality, but this isn't bad at all.
Since you're consulting on our party for free, I will accept the backhanded compliment.
Yeah, you need to pay if you want normal compliments.
But I am thrilled to help.
- I need to take my mind off things.
- Oh, right.
I'm sorry to hear about your whole new sick father deal.
Your concern is touching.
And it's okay, he's being treated by some of the best doctors available.
So, uh when can I try this Miracle Cream I keep hearing about? - I need help fighting these stress lines.
- Soon.
Right now, I need to figure out what to do about the lack of RSVPs from the Peach Tree Society members.
Well, I can tell you what to do about that.
Be grateful.
That is not the crowd you need.
And it won't mix well with mine.
Look at this.
What is that? That club is all over the Internet now.
This is what these people can do for you tomorrow night.
It's what advertising looks like nowadays.
- And they do this just for free? - Influencers can be somewhat entitled, so if you can throw in some swag bags, free samples, whatever, they can definitely make your business an overnight success with a single hashtag.
I do like the sound of that.
Oh, and I had this great idea for a literal Fountain of Youth filled with your product.
And I have this fountain guy.
I need to call him.
All right, bad news, the manufacturer can't make another batch of product in time for the party, so unless you're planning on filling that fountain with water, we should probably postpone.
The PR machine has already started.
Sammy Jo dropped the invite, whatever that means.
I have an idea.
It's your formula.
Grab a lab coat, work with the chemists and whip up a batch in-house.
I love how all your great ideas mean more work for me.
So, how big do we want the fountain to be? Plenexia seems like a perfect fit for me.
I'd love an opportunity to really shake things up in the pharmaceutical industry.
Any examples you'd care to share? Yeah, Jeff, I think we'd all like to hear your thoughts on Big Pharma.
What are you doing here? Oh, I'm just checking in.
Seeing how all the depression is going.
- Is this your therapist? - Aren't you Fallon Carrington? Right you are.
Jeff worked for me up until this morning.
I thought that he was taking some time off, but clearly - I was wrong.
- Yeah, Fallon, we're kind of in the middle of something here.
I can explain it all later.
What is there to explain? You lied.
You told me you needed time alone.
I didn't realize that meant time alone at a new job.
This is making me uncomfortable.
Whatever is going on here, it's clear you two need to figure it out.
And when you do, please don't call.
Marvin, please, just-just wait a second.
What is the matter with you? With me? I am not the one who used a friend's death to get out of working together.
I didn't lie.
I was trying to get a job at Plenexia because of Luna.
She had neurotoxicity, too, but she couldn't afford to pay for her meds because of the manufacturer's insane markup.
The manufacturer being Plenexia.
I needed that job so I could get their drug formula.
I wanted to make them pay for what they did to Luna and ensure it never happens to anyone else again.
- Jeff, why didn't you just tell me this? - Because it's illegal, and you'd have tried to talk me out of it.
But now we don't have to worry about that.
Because you ruined the only chance I had to make Luna's death matter, so thanks.
What's so funny? Oh, there you are.
This is Henry.
He was just showing me this Jeff Bezos video with a Taylor Swift song playing, but different words.
- Yeah, I don't get it.
- Oh, well, the - You just have to know the song.
- Since I don't, are you, um, are you ready to go? I've done about as much hosting as I can.
I've got to get back to work.
We just got here.
Remember, you're supposed to be loosening up.
Oh, there she is.
Cristal, Blake, before you go, allow me to introduce my wife.
Sonya Jackson? Wow.
Look at you.
Oh Blake Carrington, finally.
Uh, Cristal, this is Sonya, my very good friend from Yale.
And Sonya, this is my wife Cristal.
I'm so glad we caught you.
I've been bobbing and weaving my way through small talk just trying to get to you.
Now we can get the party started, - like we did in the old days.
- I wish we could, but Blake here needs to get back to work.
Don't be ridiculous.
The sun hasn't even set yet.
Come on, you can stay a little longer.
Oh, I know.
Blake can tell us the story about how he brought two dates to a formal by mistake, but, you know, went back and forth - and never got caught.
- Oh.
I'd like to hear that story.
I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
If you think about it, I was being polite.
Oh, please, all you did was break young girls' hearts back then.
Which you're probably still doing today, by the looks of you.
Yeah, uh, maybe we can stay for a little while.
The chemists and I were up all night, and day, but we pulled it off.
Oh, thank God.
I never doubted you for a jar.
Where is the rest? There is no rest.
This is it.
Do you know how difficult it is to make this stuff? No, that is your area of expertise.
Or at least, I thought it was.
What the hell am I supposed to do with one jar? Sam's people won't promote product they don't have.
Now we have to cancel.
I need to call the office and tell them to stop prepping.
Maybe Amanda was right.
Maybe I should go back to painting.
No, we can figure this out.
Just Okay.
If anyone knows how to work with the hand they've been dealt, it's you.
Come on.
We just need to work with what we've got.
It's not about quantity, it's about presentation and manipulation.
Two areas in which I excel.
Baby, baby, baby, baby Fallon? Hey! Um What are you doing in here? I mean, is everything okay? Yeah, I feel like I should be asking you that.
- You seem a little on edge.
- Me? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
I just You know, I'm just thinking about Jeff leaving the company.
Sometimes I have a tendency to make things all about me, and it can backfire.
This is where you're supposed to say, "No, Fallon, you don't do that.
" - Oh, you still want me to say that, or - No.
No, just forget it.
The point is, I ruined something that Jeff wants, and I'm trying to make it right, but no one at Plenexia - will return my calls.
- I'm impressed.
You're usually not this upset about other people's problems.
- Unless there's something else going on.
- Hmm? No.
No, no, no, no.
Just me.
Um But I want to talk about you.
I mean, how's the writing going? Ugh, terrible.
I-I-I can't figure anything out.
I tried calling Culhane for advice, but he was no help.
So I just I don't know, I think I'm screwed.
Oh, I'm sure it's not that bad.
- You've read the script, right? - Mm-hmm.
I just need to find a way to get Farrah in this final boardroom scene.
Now, it seems simple, but it's a house of cards.
And as soon as I come up with one solution, - everything falls apart.
- Well, maybe you're thinking about it in the wrong way.
I mean, maybe Farrah doesn't have to be in the scene at all.
If you can't get her into the boardroom, then Then what? Jeff? No, no, no, no.
Don't hang up on me.
Listen, I think I may have found a way to get you what you want.
Just don't make any plans tonight.
I'm so sorry, I have to go, but thank you.
For what? You've done the best you can.
If Kirby respects Charlie, then there's nothing we can do.
Their relationship is none of our business.
Um, I beg to differ.
That woman was extremely dodgy when I brought up those contracts, okay? If she's robbing Kirby, then we have to expose her.
Even if Kirby specifically asked you to butt out? Unless there was some other reason that you're dying to get involved that you're not willing to share.
No, I'm just protecting Kirby.
She's clearly blinded by lust, okay? You know what? She's gonna be grateful when we prove that her girlfriend is just a liar with bad hair.
Aren't they getting on a plane to Milan tonight? Yes, that does complicate things.
If I could just get a look at the contract somehow, then I may regret saying this.
Sasha told me that Charlie keeps a copy of all her contracts on her phone in case she ever needs to pull anything up.
Okay, well, that's brilliant news.
I-I just need to get my hands on that phone.
You know something else.
Okay, out with it.
Come on, no turning back.
Sasha may have also said that she and a few other models that Charlie reps are working the Alexam launch party tonight.
Okay, so Charlie's gonna be there? Okay, great, so we just show up to the party, we swipe the phone, we forward Kirby's contracts and then we just delete all the evidence so that she doesn't notice.
- It's so simple.
- This is not sounding like a "we" type of situation.
I'm not comfortable with any of this.
Right, and I totally respect your wishes, I do, I do.
Um I am gonna need you to distract Charlie, though, so I can get my hands on that phone.
So you don't actually respect my wishes.
At all.
It's a two-man job.
Oh, come on.
We owe Kirby as friends.
You'd better be right about this.
I'm already on thin ice with her.
And he says, "Blake? I thought you were in Mont Blanc.
" I had no idea you were such a bad boy back then.
- Oh, well - Oh! He was such a blast.
You know, I thought my ex-husband was, you know, fun, until I woke up one morning and realized he was a boring old man.
But luckily, I found Henry, who has his youthful zest for life.
Yeah, I think you mean he still has his youth.
Well, it's good to see you're still young at heart, despite being older.
Well, I think Cristal keeps me young.
I try.
I had to drag him out of the manor tonight.
Well, I'm glad she did.
You still clean up nice, and you look as vibrant as ever.
Well, I think we better get going.
Seems like the party's winding down.
Oh, I was hoping we would spend more time and to get to know each other more intimately.
Let's get together soon.
We need more couple friends.
I've been trying to get Blake to an Atlantix game.
Oh, that sounds fun, but, uh, Sonya had something a bit more private in mind.
Well, don't worry, it's a private box, and, uh, it'll be just the four of us.
That's exactly what I had in mind for tonight.
My husband and I are going to continue this party in our suite.
We have a king bed, and it has plenty of room for two more people.
We do hope you'll join us.
Well, this seems to be going well, right? Everyone seems to be having a good time.
Only because they don't realize there's no product yet.
My influencers are getting antsy.
Where's the Miracle Cream they all came here for? Also, where's myjar? I have something planned for them.
They need to be patient.
Patients are for hospitals, not exclusive parties.
This is the social media elite.
Which means they are all spoiled children with attention deficit disorders, so if you don't start handing out free stuff, you're gonna have a riot on your hands.
- What is - Oh.
Oh, God.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming.
I am Alexis Colby, founder of Alexam Corp Cofounder, along with my son Adam.
I know you all are eager to try our groundbreaking Miracle Cream.
But instead of just handing out samples like some cheap department store, we have something a little more exciting planned.
A little friendly competition.
When you post with the hashtag Alexam, you will receive an empty jar from our Fountain of Youth display.
Each has a colored seal under the cap.
Oh, I get it.
It's like Squid Game, but with lotion instead of blood.
Red means you're out of the running.
Black means you get another jar with another post.
But if you find the blue seal, you will be the first to try our product, and win a lifetime supply of Miracle Cream.
As well as a cash prize of $1 million! Oh, my Let the game begin.
Party on the weekend, party on the house ♪ - Hello? - Is this Charlie Jiménez? I'm calling from the airline.
Unfortunately, your flight to Milan tonight has been canceled, and we just need to rebook you on a different one to leave in the morning.
What? Why was it canceled? Actually, never mind, just book it and make sure both seats are still first-class.
May I place you on a brief hold? No, I'd rather Hey, Charlie.
I'm not sure that we've met.
- I'm - Michael Culhane, - the one who used to date Kirby.
- That's right.
So, listen, uh, I saw Sasha at the buffet table, and her face is looking really puffy.
I think she might be having some kind of reaction? Was she by the raw bar? She's allergic to shrimp.
And she has a shoot tomorrow.
I need to find the EpiPen in her bag.
Um, I can hold your phone for you if that helps.
- So you can give her the shot.
- Um You know what? I got no signal over there before.
Look, I'm on hold, can you just stay on the line, and when the woman comes back, tell her to book it and email me the details.
Yeah, you got it.
I was so much nicer than normal customer service reps.
Yeah, you should get a job at an airline.
Will you hurry up and find those contracts? Amanda! Kirby.
What a surprise.
So, should we call the car? Yeah.
Mmm, I guess so.
- What else are we gonna do? - Mm.
Unless you're still interested in Sonya's proposal.
She was probably kidding, right? - Oh - And you'd never go for something like that anyway.
I mean, I'm adventurous.
I can be young and hip.
That something you would go for? I don't know.
Don't you think we're a little past the point of experimenting? Well, you make it sound like we're 80 years old.
I think it would be exciting to open up our marriage.
You were the one that said you wanted to party, and that I should loosen up, but hey, if you want to go home, I get it.
I am not afraid to try new things.
And if we're being honest, our sex life hasn't quite been the same since the whole Rita situation.
Maybe a little adventure is just what the doctor ordered.
So So we agree.
We're really doing this? Looks like it.
You really think this is gonna work? Yeah.
Why put Farrah in the boardroom scene when she can just bribe one of the VPs instead? Sorry, Liam movie thing.
What I'm saying is, you don't need to get a job at Plenexia when you can just blackmail someone who already works there.
Okay, that right there is Dr.
Hewitt, but she goes by TJ.
She is the lead chemist over at Plenexia.
And she thinks she's here because she won some free giveaway from Alexam.
- What kind of giveaway? - A fake one.
I told her her name was randomly selected from a list of people in the pharmaceutical industry to attend a launch party for the new Miracle Cream.
You had a busy day.
It wasn't even that hard to convince her.
This one rarely leaves the house, so she was thrilled.
She'll give you that formula, Jeff.
We just need to apply the proper leverage.
I didn't really want to come, but I thought I should show up and be a supportive girlfriend for Charlie, - you know? - She truly doesn't deserve you.
You might be right.
I can't even find her.
Have you seen her? Uh, Charlie? No.
No? Hmm.
I'm gonna text her.
Wait, that's Why do you have Charlie's phone? - This is great.
Thank you.
- Hey.
I'm Fallon Carrington, and you must be TJ.
I hear you're Alexam's big winner.
Carrington, thank you so much.
I never win anything.
Or really go out to parties.
Well, not anymore.
I mean I used to, at Duke, but you know how it is: marriage, kids, mah-jongg.
Tell me about it, sister.
You know, sometimes a girl just needs to drop the tiles and let loose, am I right? I have been dying to let loose.
Oh, yeah? I'm glad to hear that, because I think that hunk of a male model behind me wants to have a little fun.
Fun with me? Yeah, you bet your cat-frame glasses he does.
- I'll introduce you.
- Oh, uh, I don't know.
Oh, please.
Live a little.
Do it for the Tar Heels.
W-We're the Blue Devils.
Ah, that's even better.
Hey, so, TJ, this is Scott, and I think Scott would love to do a shot with us.
- Hi.
Okay, great.
- Yeah? All right.
Can we get a round of shots? Thank you.
Here you go.
To letting loose.
To letting loose.
Get into it.
In she goes.
Look at that.
I should call the police, or at least file a restraining order.
I didn't try and steal your phone, okay? It's not even the latest version.
Then why did you have it in the first place? She clearly got it from your friend Michael, who was holding my phone while I dealt with Sasha's allergy, which, of course, was a false alarm.
Okay, but don't be mad at Culhane.
I-I made him do it because I was just trying to take a look at your contract.
I think she's scamming you out of money.
You're nuts! You don't even know me.
I know you're taking more of Sasha's earnings - than you should be.
- When I took Sasha on, she was a liability.
No one wanted to work with her.
She was a diva, rude, constantly disappearing before wrapping a shoot.
Now I have to pay her completion guarantee out of pocket if she wants a job.
Look, I was just trying to protect you.
Did it ever occur to you that I might read through my contract before agreeing to anything? That I'm not a complete moron? It's a fair deal.
I signed it two hours ago.
We have a flight to catch, which I'm assuming is not actually cancelled? I'm her manager and her girlfriend.
Kirby doesn't need anyone else protecting her.
For the first time in a really long time, I'm actually happy.
I thought you of all people - would want that for me.
- I do.
Kirby, just let me explain.
- Comfortable? - Oh, yeah.
- So comfortable.
Thank you.
- Why wouldn't I be? Good.
Henry's just getting out of the shower.
- He'll be ready in a minute.
- Great.
- Okay.
Clean is good.
- Quick question, are either of you allergic to artificial flavors? Uh Not that I'm aware of.
Then as soon as you finish your drinks, we'll, uh, move to the bedroom.
Don't keep us waiting.
Artificial flavors? Seriously? I don't know what that means.
I hope it's not grape.
Be honest.
Are you starting to have second thoughts? Me? No.
No, I'm-I'm into it if you are.
Okay, well, if this is what you want, then we will plow ahead, so to speak.
Well, hold on, I-I never said I wanted to swing with a random couple.
I'm only doing this because I thought you liked the idea.
Well, didn't you say you wanted me to be more adventurous? I just wanted you to wear a different shirt.
But then I saw you all hot and bothered with Sonya, and it seemed like you had decided that this was what you needed.
Yeah, I'll admit that it was nice to be admired, but that's all it was.
I was only doing this to impress you.
You impress me every day.
And honestly? I just want to get in bed and relax.
Our bed, not theirs.
Well, then, what the hell are we still doing here? Are you two coming? Don't make me get the paddle.
Hey, TJ.
There's someone I'd like to introduce you to.
Ooh, another model? Yummy.
Should we get some shots again? No, this is my cousin Jeff.
And he's not here to make out with you.
- Oh.
- But I am here - to talk to you, Doctor.
- About what? What's going on here? I need the molecular formula for Plenexia's neurotoxicity treatment.
What? I can't give you that.
Is this part of the giveaway? Because I don't really get it if it is.
The thing about the giveaway is that there isn't one.
I just needed an excuse to get you out of the house and at this party.
Are you crazy? All this just to ask me for the formula? And to take this picture if you decided to say no.
Oh, wow.
That is unfortunate.
Especially since I know your divorce isn't final yet.
It would be a real shame if this were to fall into the hands of, I don't know, say, your soon-to-be ex? Hey, look, we don't want anyone to see this, either, okay? So if you just hand over the formula, the picture gets deleted.
Go ahead, send the photo to whoever you want.
That's not the way this was scripted.
Do you know how evil that company is? Their price gouging killed my friend.
And you two are such saints? You just tried to blackmail me.
Yeah, but for a good cause.
I know the people I work for.
Believe me, I'm not loyal, I'm scared.
You don't mess with them.
Excuse me.
Uh, TJ? TJ, wait.
Forget the photo, okay? We were never gonna send it.
And I know you're scared.
I get it, because I just found out I'm pregnant.
And I want to make things better for my kid, but the world is a really messed up place, so we have to be the ones to take the risk, otherwise, our kids are just gonna have all the same problems.
So we have to be the brave ones, for them.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
It was a good speech, though.
Congrats on the pregnancy.
- Pleasure.
- That's right.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Hey! - Come on, baby.
I got it.
The blue seal.
I won! - H-Hey.
- That should have been mine.
You cut me off.
Ladies, I'm-I'm sure we can work this out.
It's in my hand, so it's mine.
Ooh, this isn't good.
Let go! Oh, wow.
This is turning into a PR nightmare.
- You better stop it now.
- What am I supposed to do? They're wild animals.
Well, it's your party and your company.
If you can't stop it, who can? Okay Where'd it go? Oh, my God.
Look out! Ow! Ow! - What is? - Oh, no.
There you are.
Take it.
You won.
I got it.
I won! We have a winner! Congratulations! Thank you all for coming.
It's been a fabulous night.
Does this mean I get the lifetime supply? Not a chance.
Okay! I'm so glad we came back home.
I don't know what I was thinking tonight.
Really? Because I think you do.
Okay, you're right.
I guess I was feeling, um out of date.
- Boring.
- Why? When the bank denied me, I felt like I was being pushed out of a younger man's game.
And then Sonya kept talking about her old, boring ex.
If you ever feel the need to describe me that way, you just put me out of my misery.
I love you.
And one thing you'll never be is boring.
You've just been in a funk.
But if I wanted polygamy or someone to go clubbing with, I would've chased after boys.
I prefer a man who can make things happen, and that's you.
You're right.
This will just take a second.
Tim? Yeah, it's Blake Carrington.
I know it's late, so I'll be brief.
If Skadden Bank wants my business, which will soon be worth billions that's with a B that loan had better be approved by end of the day tomorrow, or I will take my business somewhere else.
Good night.
Now, that was hot.
Well, now that that's settled, maybe we get back to our business.
I'm sorry my speech didn't exactly pan out.
I don't suppose I could convince you to come back here now? No, I didn't think so, but it was worth a shot.
Okay, are we just not gonna talk about the fact that you're pregnant? Do people know? Is it a secret? I'm not pregnant.
I mean, you know, Liam and I are trying, just not yet.
I only said that to tug at TJ's heartstrings.
So you can't even blame your craziness on hormones.
Hot tip, you are not allowed to blame female hormones for anything.
Point taken.
No, it's just that all my legacy-building plans are not exactly panning out, you know? I thought by now I would be ridding the world of fossil fuels and be the queen of philanthropy, that Liam and I would have a baby on the way, but so far I'm O for three.
Okay, uh, what does my leaving have to do with any of that? Because you're my compass, Jeff.
I mean, how am I gonna know what to do if you're not right by my side pointing me in the right direction? 'Cause your heart's in the right place.
You proved that tonight, when you tried to extort - that nice lady for me.
- Technically, it was blackmail, but thank you.
That means a lot.
As far as pregnancy stuff goes, you should really talk to your husband about that.
And you're not listening, which is one thing I won't miss.
No, I'm sorry, I just I got this text from an unknown number.
Look at this.
It's a location.
A specific lab in Plenexia headquarters? This has got to be from TJ.
And it must be where they keep the formula.
I guess my speech actually worked.
And now, can I give you a little speech about not doing this? I know you think you have to, but Jeff, you have to remember, these are dangerous people.
I'll be careful.
I promise.
Are you all right? You usually start with a glass.
Sam's influencers took down their posts.
So basically, we have no advertising the night before our website goes live.
I should've known I didn't have what it takes to do this.
Maybe it's best you just run what's left of the company - on your own.
- Don't say that.
This was a-a minor speed bump.
It feels like a brick wall to me.
All I wanted was to prove to my children and myself, mostly that I could succeed in business, but I couldn't even throw a party.
Well, I thought the party game was a brilliant move.
We were backed into a corner, and you didn't give up.
And making Sam the winner was genius.
You saved us a million dollars and prevented a riot.
I'm proud of you.
You don't got nothing to prove to no one.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Besides, I'm not so sure the party was as big a failure as you think it was.
"Atlanta socialite "Alexis Colby's beauty line launch "ends in mad scramble for merch.
- Ooh.
- Guests go rabid for radiance"? See? You were right.
People want what they can't have.
And who needs a hashtag when you got press like this? I was crazy to doubt myself.
Of course I have what it takes.
Still at it, I see.
There is no way I'm gonna be able to deliver these pages by tomorrow.
I'm in huge trouble.
Oh, how'd things go with Jeff? Everything worked out, for once.
Who knew being emotionally honest with others could be so effective? - Most people? - All right, well, on that note, I took a pregnancy test earlier, and it was negative.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay? I'm-I'm fine, I just I didn't tell you right away because I was disappointed, and I didn't want you to be disappointed, too.
I'm not worried.
Okay? We'll get there.
And plus, this just gives us an excuse to keep trying.
You won't hear me complain.
You know, I was fake pregnant for just a minute tonight and I got to say, it felt right.
That's it.
That's how I get Farrah into the family business in the boardroom scene.
Uh, she fakes a pregnancy, forcing her mother-in-law to accept her.
- God, you're a genius.
- So I've been told.
Well, I guess you probably want to write that scene down while it's still fresh.
I can finish in the morning.
'Cause right now, we have more important work to do.
- Thank God I caught you.
- Whatever brilliant new evidence you have about Charlie, I don't want to hear it.
I don't have any.
I shouldn't have meddled.
It was It was wrong.
I'm sorry.
Well, thanks.
I was thinking about why I did it.
And I told myself that it was because I didn't trust Charlie, and I was protecting a friend, but, um, uh, I'm just not sure that that's completely true.
Then why did you do it? That is the question, isn't it? Um You and I have gotten to know each other quite well recently, and I think that you're fantastic.
So I guess I was somewhat, um, jealous.
Jealous? Amanda, you're a successful lawyer and a genius and a good friend.
I'm just a dumb model.
What do you have to be jealous of? It's not what, it's who.
I-I'm not jealous of you, Kirby, I'm jealous of Charlie.
Because she gets to be with you.
I like you, Kirby.
I think that I have for a while now.
But I do not want to mess up anything that you have with Charlie, because I want you to be happy.
But you are not a dumb model.
Okay? You're funny and you are kind and you are clever, and, well, you're pretty nice to look at.
And every time I'm with you, I just, I-I feel like I have to go.

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