Dynasty (2017) s05e08 Episode Script

The Only Thing That Counts Is Winning

1 And they're off.
Leonora broke well and goes to the lead, followed by Mmm.
I smell honeydew? Where are the bagels and bacon? I asked Mrs.
Gunnerson to serve a lighter fare in prep for the race tomorrow.
Look at this, Sammy Jo.
It's dragon fruit.
Try some.
You'll love it.
You may be competing to be America's Next Top Model, but I'm not.
And unless I'm riding Allegra in tomorrow's race, I'm not sure why I have to eat like her.
We need to eat light so Allegra can feel light and win the race.
It's all about being one with the horse.
I'd rather be one with an omelet.
How is my soon-to-be champion? Oh, Allegra's training great.
Breezed four furlongs in 48 flat.
- Hi, Sam.
- Hey.
So, Daniel, I've noticed that Patty's horse, Leonora, likes to go to the lead.
Allegra should be using her early speed.
Should I go talk to the jockey? He knows what to do.
Trust me.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
It's not that I don't trust you specifically.
It's that I don't trust anyone.
You know what? Why don't you and I just go talk to Allegra herself.
It'll make me feel better.
Come on.
Let's go and get waffles.
Fruit is an appetizer at best, but it's really not Daniel's a drug addict.
I saw him shooting up at the stables.
Shooting up? Wow.
Yeah, "wow" is great and all, but I could use some advice.
He didn't see me, but I'm freaking out.
Okay, um, you need to confront him.
Well, I can't do anything now.
You heard Fallon.
If she finds out, she's gonna fire him, and then he's gonna have to go to Venezuela, and I don't want to lose him; I just met him.
If this gets out of hand, you will lose him.
And it'll be much worse.
As soon as the race is over, I will talk to him.
Leonard, uh, I wanted you to meet Dr.
He's one of our fellows who wants to specialize in oncology.
You interrupted my day for this? Does he want an autograph or something? How do you spell "Rosen"? Will you just excuse us for a second? Um, that was a little rude.
Oh, believe me, that was nothing.
Look, I'm I'm sorry for pulling you away, but, um, this hospital is being sued.
A patient is accusing one of our attendings of improper behavior during a exam.
And this affects me how? It affects everyone because we're implementing a rule mandating that all doctors must have a third party present while seeing a patient.
Yeah, if I wanted to be followed around by a sycophantic teenager, I'd work at a teaching hospital or, uh, Disney World.
- So no thanks.
- Um, sorry.
Refusing is not an option.
I think I just did.
Oh, this isn't over.
There's no one here.
You're talking to yourself.
You know that, right? I was discussing a matter with Dr.
Leonard before he walked off.
What kind of matter? A not-your-business matter.
You could tell me but you'd have to kill me kind of thing? Oh, if that were true, I'd tell you right now.
- Adorable.
- Mm.
So, are you going to Fallon's big race tomorrow? No, I have to miss it.
You'll have to survive without me.
Oh, I'm not going.
I don't believe in horse racing.
Or Fallon.
I was just hoping not to have to see you here.
- Well, bad luck for you, then.
- Yeah.
Well, that's a giant weight off my shoulders.
Getting a clean bill of health is all I could hope for.
Okay, sounds like you had the neurotox scan, not me.
But I appreciate your support, as always.
Speaking of support, I have a favor to ask.
- Mm? - I'm ready to launch Dom-Mystique's new accessories line.
That's great news.
It'll be greater if you wear some of the pieces at the racetrack tomorrow.
Yeah, I'm not sure I'm even going, and, uh, I kind of have my own style.
This accessory line was your idea.
What happened to supporting me? Can't you ask someone else? No.
This will be your first public outing in a long time.
Reporters and social media will love it.
Yeah, okay, okay.
For you, fine.
But I'm not wearing anything bedazzled.
I like bedazzle.
- Is that Jeff Colby? - Luna? Hey.
Uh, right.
Mom, Luna.
Luna this is my mom, Dominique.
Luna and I were patients here at the same time.
It's nice to meet you.
A mother knows when a third wheel is one too many.
- Are you, uh - Yep.
Finally checking out after a six-month stint in neurotox detox.
I'm happy for you.
- Any big plans? - What, besides doing cartwheels in the grass? Not a one.
I, uh I wish I could catch up more, but I actually have to run.
But we should Make plans for tonight.
You know I don't like goodbyes.
Do you have some board games and a hazy IPA? I have a fireplace and bottles of Sancerre? That'll work.
I'll see you tonight.
See you tonight.
There's that vision in red I've been waiting to see.
What do you say to a romantic lunch for two? I say I love spontaneity, but I have a meeting with my social media director.
We actually did have a plan.
Yeah, Friday.
It is Friday.
I must have double-booked.
With Alexam's launch next week, I'm swamped.
It's fine.
I get it.
You're busy.
And there is a packaging issue I'm trying to resolve.
Packaging issue? We ordered ten cases of two-ounce jars, but received ten cases of five-ounce jars instead.
So have them send you the right size.
Oh, it's complicated, and it's Adam's purview.
But he's been MIA.
Probably secretly dating some Buckhead socialite.
Good for him.
I'm being blown off by my socialite girlfriend.
Did you use the "G" word? Oh, sorry.
Should it be "woman friend"? "Lady friend"? We can discuss all of the options at dinner tonight.
"Dinner with boyfriend.
" Wow.
"Producer's Guide to Filmmaking.
" Does your boss know you're looking for other jobs? He does because him I am.
I'm talking like Yoda.
Sorry about that.
Checking in? Yes.
Sasha Harris.
Would you look at that.
The boss has upgraded you to a suite.
Five-star service.
I'll be sure to leave a glowing review.
Wait a minute.
You drive a vintage Porsche? I do.
A 1964 911.
Six-cylinder flat engine.
Top speed Of 130, though I've only hit 110.
What a beauty.
Sasha! Hey! You two know each other? Yeah, we have the same agent.
She got us a test for a big makeup campaign.
Uh, let me just settle in to my suite, and then we can hang out.
This is perfect.
Now you can hook us up.
- I could, but I won't.
- Why not? I'm supposed to be looking for Ms.
What if she's the one? First of all, Sasha's not the one because she'd never change her name.
And second of all, which is also last of all, I don't mix business and pleasure.
Well, that's perfect.
You can stick to business, and I'll stick to the pleasure.
Setting up my closest friend with a colleague is a recipe for disaster, because when you two break it off, it's only uncomfortable for me, not you.
I haven't even gone out with her yet.
How are we already breaking up? Well, look at it this way.
You don't have to break up with her because I don't want you to date her.
You're welcome.
So Linda wasn't responsible for the Morell site spill? The-the woman you-you fired, rehired and refired? No, she was.
Jeff found out that she was taking her orders from Kelly, my VP, but apparently Kelly only did it because she was being blackmailed by Patty De Vilbis.
And Jeff told you that? No, Kelly just did.
Keep up.
So now what? Are you gonna fire Kelly? I don't know.
She seemed so pathetic and apologetic over the phone.
But I can't think about Kelly right now because Patty is coming.
No, Fallon.
You need to stay away from her.
- She's toxic.
- Oh, no pun intended, I'm sure.
Cute hat.
Thank you.
I got it, uh You can go, sweetie.
And so can that hat.
What do you want? I heard about your little toxic spill mishap.
I'm impressed you're still willing to show your face at the track tomorrow.
Oh, I'll be there.
And now I know it was you who sabotaged Morell.
This is when my legal team would tell me to neither confirm nor deny that.
I know a lying liar when I see one, especially one who wears white before Memorial Day.
So tell me why you're here and then disappear.
I thought we could make tomorrow's race a little more exciting for both of us.
Well, the race isn't about us.
It's about the horses.
And I'm sure I will have plenty of excitement - in the winner's circle.
- I get it if you're nerv.
I just thought whoever's horse wins could get a cool one mil from the other.
Oh, Patty.
I know that you need money now that your daddy cut you off, but I just don't feel comfortable cleaning you out.
I'm not worried.
Espesh if Allegra is as big a loser as her owner.
Hashtag second place, 2006 Buckhead Equestrian Finals, 14 and under.
You know what? I will take your streak and your money just like I took back Morell Green.
Does this mean we have a bet? We sure do.
But make it two million.
Why not raise the stakes even more? Loser also has to walk away from Heroic Hooves Foundation forevs.
And then I'll never have to see you again.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Sorry, we're late.
I wanted to check on the clinic, and we lost track of time.
It's not a problem.
Right, we had lunch plans.
Um, right.
Just give me a moment.
I'm just gonna figure out my schedule.
Hmm, I love the way the Brits say that.
Clearly you forgot that we were on your "schedule.
" Well, it's not really my fault.
Leonard has been a royal pain in my "Arse"? Sorry.
What's going on? Well, he's just shown a complete lack of respect for me as hospital counsel, and he's refusing to go along with a new mandate.
Well, we can take care of this guy in one phone call.
Just take a breath before you call, like, a hit man or something.
I was gonna call one of the board members, but maybe your idea is better.
No, I'd prefer if he wasn't maimed or killed.
Why not sit him down and appeal to his compassionate side as a health care provider? It's good for the hospital, good for him.
Yep, I tried that, and he mocked me and walked away before I could finish.
Well, then, maybe let Blake do what he can.
You say the word, I'll have this guy on a one-way bus to Poughkeepsie before the weekend's over.
Thank you, but, um I think I'm gonna handle this myself.
Uh, Ms.
Carrington, I have some concerning news.
Allegra hasn't eaten since this morning.
Well, then get her some better tasting oats.
It's not that simple.
We're not sure what's causing it, but I'm worried that it'll affect her race if she's not eating by tomorrow.
She's clearly not herself.
Unless you would like to look for a new job, you need to get her back to being herself.
This morning, you told me that she was ready, and I trusted you.
I cannot lose this race to Patty.
Okay? Especially not after I've made some very substantial wagers.
The vet is on his way.
We'll run some tests, and I'll report back.
He's doing the best he can, okay? And you bet two million dollars.
That's not exactly substantial to you.
It's not about the money.
Whoever loses has to leave the Heroic Hooves Foundation.
So you find a new charity.
What? I won't be a charity hopper, Sam.
Besides, HHF is where I started to evolve into a a better version of myself.
If I turn my back on them now, how will that look? - So what are you gonna do? - Well, it's obvious.
If Allegra is not gonna be able to race, I have to make sure that Leonora can't race either.
Please tell me the "obvious" thing is not kidnapping a horse.
I'm not insane.
I just have to make sure that Lenora gets disqualified before the race tomorrow.
I'll slip her a diuretic.
So she has to pee during the race? Diuretics are on the banned substances list on race days.
Fallon, this is the better version of yourself? Killing a horse? Absolutely not! I'm not killing anything, Sam.
She'll just fail her prerace drug test and won't be able to race.
She'll get the day off.
Honestly, she'll probably thank me.
So are you in? Uh no.
Why am I the only one who knows how to get anything done? Alexis Colby of Alexam Corp.
I'm looking for my social media director.
She has that weird millennial energy that looks like laziness and a name that kind of sounds like a flower.
This skin care product is a game changer, Doctor.
Your drugs are a youth serum.
And my concierge services are also available for house calls.
What the hell are you doing? Um, I'm accepting Nancy's Venmo.
Though I also take Zelle or PayPal.
How dare you go off and start a concierge doctor business? Well, that's a wrap, ladies.
This is what you've been doing instead of dealing with your Alexam commitments, including that packaging disaster? Yes.
And business is booming, thanks for asking.
I can't believe you would cheat on our company for a few bucks.
Oh, this is not about the money.
This is about stopping you from walking all over me.
Remember, this new formula is based on my antiaging drug.
Correction: was your drug.
Now it's mine, and I will not let you use it without authorization.
Try and stop me.
Don't worry.
I will.
- How's the wine? - Oh, divine.
Oh, a present? From a special someone? Not really.
My mother's starting a new accessories line, and I told her I would wear something tomorrow at the racetrack.
Jeff Colby is a gambler.
Who knew? Do you know when to hold 'em? - Uh, yeah, cute.
No - Well, do you at least - know when to fold 'em? - Actually, I prefer to walk away.
I like being in control.
These designs are sick.
And I mean that in the non-neurotoxicity way.
They may be, but, uh, I'm-I'm thinking I may just pass on the whole thing anyway.
I'm not comfortable with that.
Oh, because you don't like a tie? I'm not buying it.
What's the real problem, Colby? Okay, uh, I'm just not ready to be accosted by reporters, answering questions about how I feel and-and what my next plans are.
I don't have any plans.
I want to get my life in order before I face the masses.
You need to loosen up.
Oh, oh, oh.
Uh, okay, it looks like you're having a little too much fun with the wine, yeah? - Oh, you know what would be more fun? - Mm? Is if you took me to the races with you.
I bet you I can keep the press from asking you any questions.
But I'll need some of Mama Colby's accessories.
Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem at all.
If I win, you have to buy me that barbecue brisket sandwich from Fat Larry's I have been craving for months.
And if I win? Trust me.
You're not gonna win.
Yeah, okay.
We've had enough.
It's time to take your vitamins.
Don't worry.
You won't even notice the taste.
What do you think you're doing? Oh.
Uh I'm just donating my valuable time to ensure that every horse has enough carrots.
Leonora shouldn't suffer just because you can't afford food.
She looks like she's lost weight.
That's because that's not her.
I switched her out with the lead pony because I was worried that someone would try something.
Really, Fal? Sinking to sabo? "Tage.
" I don't need to "sabo" anything.
Allegra is the better horse.
Then let's raise the bet.
When Leonora wins, I want Femperial Publishing.
That way, I can write a tell-all and tell all about poor little rich girl Fallon Carrington.
You can't even finish a word, let alone a sentence.
Don't worry.
I have plenty of other ways to humiliate you.
I'm just not gonna tell you what they are, obvi.
Well, while you may live in your little fantasy world, we both know how this ends: with Allegra winning.
And when she does, I want the one thing that started this war.
I'm not sure what we can do about Jeff taking my virginity.
Ew, ew, no.
I want the 14 and under equestrian trophy that you clearly won by cheating.
A publishing house for a dollar store knickknack? - Deal.
- You know, I really am a decent person, and all I wanted was a nice little race between our horses.
But since you dragged me into this fight, prepare to get your ass kicked.
Front desk clerk, film producer, man behind the bar.
What don't you do? Well, I was going for the whole modern-day Renaissance man kind of vibe.
Well, you're killing it.
Um, as long as you're back there, is there any OJ? I'm trying to stave off a cold.
Well, I'm actually a health and fitness expert as well, and orange juice is a myth.
But you're in luck.
I have a preventative cure-all: apple cider vinegar and a spoonful of cod liver oil.
Now I really think I'm gonna be sick.
Don't you trust me? Something tells me I do.
But why don't we continue our conversation about cars and cold remedies over dinner? I would really like to, but I'm gonna be tied up a little longer.
Let's meet up when you're untied.
You know, tonight's just not a good night.
Okay, uh, just to be clear, I'm a model, and I don't ask a lot of men out.
And when I do, they say yes.
I really want to, but I'm trying to be respectful of Kirby's wishes.
Which are what, exactly? She doesn't want to make a situation messy by mixing business with pleasure.
That doesn't even make sense.
Especially considering she's dating Charlie.
Charli XCX? Charlie, our agent.
What? Oh, I get it.
It's okay for her to mix business and pleasure, just not me.
I was thinking we can go to this new high-end diner.
Costs like 35 bucks for a milkshake, but it's supposed to be worth it.
You know, what I can't shake is Adam's complete and utter betrayal.
Can we please not talk about Adam tonight? Um, you're right.
I'm sorry.
But starting a concierge business behind my back? You're still talking about him.
Mother? You're suing me? No.
Y-You can't sue your partner.
Or your son.
I'm suing both.
You're using proprietary formulas I own.
I can't believe you would be so selfish to do this right before our launch.
I'm being selfish? You're the one moonlighting in hotels and private homes throughout Tuxedo Park! Hey, hey, hey, guys, take it down a notch, okay? Seriously, if you can't deal with each other as mother and son, how in the hell will you be able to run a business together? I'm not sure we can.
I've actually got a great therapist who can help you figure this out.
I don't need a therapist to tell me that I did nothing wrong.
Okay, I was serious.
And that's not the best attitude to make things better.
Plus, your relationship with Adam is starting to cause issues in ours.
All right, listen up, "Dux.
" This whole Dr.
Phil thing is-is not gonna get you more money from my mother.
It's Dex.
And I just made eight figures last year, so I'm good.
I like your mom, but I don't like being blown off because of her childish son.
Dex, what about dinner? I lost my appetite.
I'm not gonna see a shrink.
I don't want to either.
But we do need help, and I don't want to lose Dex.
So if fixing this with you will help me with him, then that's what I want to do.
And if you agree to go, I will drop the lawsuit.
- Can I get that in writing? - You're just gonna have to trust me.
You will learn all about that in therapy.
After a sleepless night, I have a new plan.
Better not involve removing any more breakfast meats from the table.
Since sabotage didn't exactly pan out Surprising exactly no one.
I have a new and better idea, inspired by Patty's little stall switcheroo.
If Allegra is not in top shape, I'll just secretly switch horses.
Well, I mean, you're kidding, right? This is a terrible idea, Fallon.
It's not ideal.
I know that.
But it's not like I had weeks to plan.
I wrote this down in a haze at 2:00 a.
And all I need is Daniel's help and maybe a little shoe polish to pull it off.
He's not gonna help you.
He could lose his license.
Besides, Allegra could be fine now.
Maybe you should call before you start painting horses.
I did, but he didn't get back to me.
- What? - What's wrong? Well, it's the assistant trainer.
- The hot one or the married one? - No, no, no.
Daniel is missing and apparently Allegra is, too.
Has your father lost his mind? Okay, uh I have to tell you something, and I should've probably told you sooner, so don't freak out.
Tell me.
You're like a walking horror movie.
You need to back off of Dr.
What? Why? He's a top doctor who brings in tons of revenue, so just let him do whatever he wants.
If he wants to operate by himself in a closet, so be it.
You have nothing to do with this.
I make the decisions here that are best for the hospital because I'm the chief of staff.
For now.
Where have you been? Mm, I was just about to call you.
Oh, right.
You know, I can't tell if you're lying or if you're high or both.
Wait, what are you talking about? I know about your drug habit.
Sam told me he saw you shooting up in the stables in front of Allegra, okay? No wonder she's not eating.
Emotional trauma.
I want you gone.
This has nothing to do with Allegra.
- You have to trust me.
- You keep saying that, but you're not giving me any reason to, and now I have to go paint a horse because of your drug addiction.
And don't give me any excuses, okay? Because I'm really not in the mood.
I have cancer.
What? I have cancer, and Sam must have seen me injecting myself with immune boosters after my treatment.
Is that true? Does Sam know? It's true, and-and Sam doesn't know.
And please don't tell him.
Oh, the good news is Allegra's fine.
I took her for a walk and realized her shoes weren't fitting right.
She wasn't comfortable so she wasn't eating.
But now that we have the right shoes on, she's back to her old self.
- She can win.
- New shoes? That's a solution Carrie Bradshaw could have come up with in five seconds.
Do you see why it's a little difficult for me to trust you? I do, but I'm your best shot.
I know this horse.
I love this horse.
Don't sabotage Leonora or s-start painting other ones, whatever that means.
We can win the right way, but it's your call.
You're the owner.
Is Blake around? No, he went to check on construction for the airport.
Oh, his airport.
You know, sometimes I forget what kind of family I'm in.
I know.
It can be crazy.
But I can let him know you stopped by.
Actually, um, I was kind of hoping to talk just to you.
This Dr.
Leonard problem, it just it isn't going away, and now Adam is getting involved, and I'm just not sure what to do.
I think you are sure.
You're avoiding the obvious solution.
Well, I don't want to destroy a man's career because he won't follow a rule.
But you're willing to destroy yours? Because if he gets sued, you'll also take the fall.
But if I accept Blake's help, I'm just not sure I'm gonna be able to sleep at night.
The first time I ever did some Carrington-like things, I had to take a sleeping pill at night for a few weeks.
But then, one day, I realized, "Hey, you're not doing anything wrong.
" When people come after us, we need to fight back.
So now I enjoy a glass of chilled champagne at bedtime and sleep like a baby.
And so will you.
Trust me.
Well, I have worked too hard to let this bastard ruin it all.
No one is going to hand you power or respect, Amanda.
You need to take it and live with the consequences.
Tell Blake I'm ready.
Now, don't print that.
Fallon? Fallon? Do you think you have a chance today? How is Allegra feeling? Oh, Allegra is feeling great, and she'll be feeling even better after she wins.
I might even buy her some new silks as a gift.
Can we get a couple of shots with the Oil Royals? Well, I'm sure Allegra is feeling great, but there's just a class difference that you can't fake with fancy clothes.
As usual, the De Vilbis family is questioning breeding, as they have done ever since Patty's birth.
But after today's race, I think you'll all be wondering, "Is this the same Leonora we've heard about?" Jeff? Jeff? You were recently spotted leaving the hospital.
Is there any truth to the rumors that your mysterious medical condition was brought on by your mission to Mars? Yeah, I didn't actually go to Mars.
- So, uh - Okay, but how are you feeling? Uh, what's your next step? - And who's your date? - I got this.
Who needs Mars when you have Luna? - Accessories by Dom-Mystique.
- Oh.
It's the makeup company.
Looks like Sasha got the gig.
And so did you.
Oh, my God, really? That is so not a nice way to tell someone good news.
I thought it was funny.
This is amazing.
I don't know how to thank you.
Keep doing what you're doing.
I told you I'm all about second chances, and you're proving me right.
Just like Sasha.
We should tell her, too.
Oh, she's probably in the middle of her all-day spa treatment before her hot date with your friend, - the one who owns this place.
- Wait, Culhane? That's the one.
Why? Is that a problem? No, but it's about to be.
Thank you.
And thank you for distracting those reporters.
As well as me.
That is a solid use of Dom-Mystique accessories.
My mother's gonna be thrilled.
Tell her it was my pleasure.
And if memory serves me right, you owe me more than bubbly.
I always pay my debts.
Until I get my brisket, how about we settle up like this? Uh, I'm just not ready yet.
That whole "getting my life in order" thing applies to everything, including not dating until I feel settled.
I just don't want to do that to you.
Well, I'm a big girl.
I can handle myself.
And I can wait.
Though not too long.
Once those pictures of me hit Hot Tea Atlanta, who knows what kind of offers I'll be fielding? Sam is polishing off his second peach julep and told me that you wagered your entire publishing division on this race? It's fine.
Don't worry.
"Don't worry"? Nothing makes me worry more than when you say "don't worry.
" And if you're saying "don't worry," that means you know that you're gonna win.
The only way you could know that is if you pulled some sort of Fallon trickery on an innocent horse.
If you pulled some sort of Fallon trickery on an innocent horse, I don't want to know about it.
I wanted to, but I didn't.
The only trickery I pulled was convincing myself to put my trust into someone other than myself.
So let's hope that Daniel knows what he's doing.
Otherwise, Patty may be your next publisher.
Just coming here is half the battle.
The first step in any new marriage is admitting you need help.
Uh, maybe you need help because we're not married.
Adam is my son.
And business partner.
We just need to smooth things out so we can coexist in peace.
And also so my boyfriend sees me trying.
Got it.
Uh, apologies.
The emergency session made me think - this was a domestic dispute.
- It is.
He cheated on me.
- I did not.
- Okay, now I'm even more confused.
- You cheated on our company.
- Because you stole my drug.
Because you framed me for murder.
Because you paid someone to break up me and Kirby.
Okay, uh, the session is only 45 minutes.
As much I appreciate a litany of grievances, perhaps a truce is what's needed, yeah? I already truced.
And that's after he burned my face off.
I don't think hyperbolic metaphors Burning your face was the only way I could get you to listen to me.
And it only lasted until the gauze was removed.
Okay, so apparently not a metaphor.
Clearly there are some deep wounds, uh, between the two of you, but the good news is, uh, none of them seem unfixable.
You just need to do the work and be honest about your feelings.
Which clearly isn't an issue.
It is for her because she won't admit the real truth.
The worst thing she's ever done to me.
Okay, meaning? Meaning that when I was kidnapped as a child, she stopped looking for me.
She gave up on me then, so I'm giving up on her now.
And they're off in the Peachtree Stakes.
Fairly even break.
Allegra stumbled a bit coming out of the gate.
Leonora, Nate to Wire and Long Gone Sean - jump to the early lead.
- She's supposed to be closer to the lead.
I knew I should've spoken to the jockey.
Freakin' Daniel! I love the color of her silks, though.
- Oh, I know.
Aren't they great? - Yeah.
Come on, girl! As they race down the backstretch, it's still Leonora in front, followed by Nate to Wire and Long Gone Sean.
Okay, all right.
That's it, girl.
Keep moving.
Chelsea and Derby Dreams also right there.
As they reach the far turn and head for home, it's still Leonora in front and Nate to Wire a close second with Allegra four wide and now in seventh with some ground to make up.
Damn it.
I'm firing your father as soon as this race is over.
but Allegra is absolutely flying on the outside.
Derby Dreams and Chelsea also making a run.
Oh, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Allegra on the outside and Derby Dreams between horses.
Leonora is done and Allegra puts her nose in front! And as they hit the wire, it's Allegra Oh, my God.
See? Sometimes trust pays off.
- Sure does.
- for owner Fallon Carrington! What are you doing? What's it look like? I'm going.
Can't fight anymore.
You-you stole my dream and my childhood.
You win.
Adam, please.
Don't do this.
Don't worry.
I'm leaving behind my drug research.
You can give it to your new company doctor.
But these books, yeah, they're actually mine.
I don't care about any of that.
I care about you.
I want you to stay.
I'm dropping the lawsuit like I said I would.
If you were paying any attention, you'd realize this is about more than the lawsuit.
But you just you don't seem to get that.
You were wrong.
I never gave up looking for you.
But I had to give up hope.
Because the heartache of carrying that around for so long eventually would've killed me.
And when you came back, I should have been more clear about how much you mean to me.
Um I want to apologize, too.
For framing you for murder.
I panicked.
And some of the other stuff, too.
Without you, there is no Alexam.
It's just "Alex," and that doesn't mean anything.
Yeah, I do think our therapy session was a good first step.
I think Dr.
Bronner's right.
We should talk more.
I agree.
But there's someone else I need to talk to tonight.
I just hope it's not too late.
These accessories looked amazing in the pictures.
Thank you for doing that for me.
Of course.
- You know what else was amazing? - Mm? You and that Luna together.
Those HTApics of her were killer.
I'm naming a hat "The Luna.
" Yeah, she's, uh she's pretty special.
So I assume there's something going on between you two? Mm.
We are just friends, okay? Nothing more.
I'm not in a headspace to date right now.
What? I don't give a flying fedora about your headspace.
And I'm sure Luna doesn't either.
Okay, look, I wore your accessories.
I don't also need your advice, all right? Then take your own.
When I wasn't ready to start an accessories line, you convinced me to jump in.
There will always be a reason to stop you from taking a risk.
You might be right.
I know I'm right.
And if you don't ask that cute girl out, Culhane will just snatch her up since he's looking for a wife.
I'll call her right now.
I can't believe you went behind my back and asked Sasha out.
Hey, calm down.
She asked me out, and, yes, I did agree to go.
That's the same thing.
Really? Is it the same thing as you dating your agent? Which you didn't even bother to tell me, maybe because you knew you'd look like a hypocrite.
I am not a hypocrite.
Oh, so you can mix business and pleasure whenever you want and no one else can? Seems hypocritical.
That's completely different.
You didn't ask me not to date Charlie.
How could I? I don't know her.
And I wouldn't have even if I did.
Oh, no, you just would've been all judgy.
I'm a good friend, and good friends don't judge.
And you know what else good friends don't do? Stop each other from going after something that makes them happy.
So if you'll excuse me, I got a date to go to.
Ah, looks like betting a small country's GDP on Allegra wasn't a bad idea.
Well, Fallon must be thrilled.
This was you, wasn't it? You're gonna have to be a little bit more specific.
My wife just got a job offer too good to pass up, a high-level position at the American embassy in Iceland.
- Hmm.
- I know you used your connections to make that happen.
Well, I'm out of politics, and the only thing I know about Iceland is that it's green and Greenland is icy.
Right? But seems to me that you should be happy for your wife.
Oh, um, I picked these up for you.
'Cause you're gonna need them, you know, in Iceland.
I should've known you'd have daddy step in - to protect you.
- Yeah, you should thank her, because she talked me out of having you blackballed, which I could've done faster than you can say "Reykjavík.
" And all you had to do was not be a pompous jerk.
But at least you've learned now that if you threaten one Carrington, you threaten all of us.
There she is.
Are you feeling okay? I know you have a bad case of second-itis.
Oh, don't gloat, Fallon.
It makes you look haggard.
Or more haggard.
No more barbs.
I'm here to pay and sashay.
No offense, but I don't take personal checks.
I'll have the funds wired to you.
Actually, don't.
I don't want your money.
But I do want you to pay, so send it directly to HHF.
Now that I'm the queen bee, I have to look out for the foundation.
That's very graysh.
Does this mean I can keep the seventh grade trophy? Have you gone banan? No way.
But you can come visit it once I have the rightful winner's name engraved on it.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Luna Moreno.
I, uh, spoke to her mother, who said she had to be readmitted earlier.
How is she? Can she eat brisket? I-I know it'll make her feel better.
Uh, yes, she was here.
Uh, she was admitted around 5:00 p.
But I'm sorry.
Luna was in end-stage renal failure, and she didn't make it.
You really can do it all.
Oh, I still have a few tricks I haven't shown you yet.
- Mm.
- But seeing as how you're sticking around, guess we have more time to explore.
I'm still not exploring that vinegar-cod liver oil combo.
All right.
Your loss.
So what are you gonna do to celebrate this job? Take a trip somewhere fun? I wish.
I can hardly afford a plane ticket after Charlie takes her cut.
Really? Doesn't she just take like ten or fifteen percent? Way more than that.
But I didn't have a choice when she signed me.
I was basically untouchable for a while.
Long story.
And she gave me a second chance, slash, last chance.
And I'm still paying for it.
- Is Kirby getting the same kind of raw deal? - Probably.
Her career was basically dead before Charlie came along.
You should warn her to read the fine print.
I know it's not the best thing for a new relationship to bring baggage in the form of a kid, certainly not a grown one.
Or three.
But that's how it is, and I am sorry for the drama.
So if you're going to dump me, do it now.
- I - But before you do, I just want to say thank you for the therapy rec.
Adam and I had a breakthrough.
That's all.
Go on.
Though Adam and I we didn't fix everything, we-we did make progress.
'Cause healing takes time.
For the love of Sigmund Freud, stop talking.
I'm not breaking up with you.
Why would I spend the whole day solving your packaging problem if I wanted to break up? Wait, you fixed my packaging problem? A VP at an unnamed beauty brand is an investor in my hedge fund.
I sold her the unused jars and struck a deal with the supplier to get the right ones here in time.
That is amazing.
- Thank you.
- So instead of a breakup, I'd now like a makeup.
To be clear, I mean sex, not beauty products.
I wanted to give you this as a token of my appreciation for bringing home a win today.
We couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you.
That means a lot to me.
And I'd also like to offer you the Peachtree Stakes purse to aid with your cancer treatments.
Oh, th-that's too generous.
I-I couldn't possibly accept that.
Yes, you can.
And as I build my stable, you will be my trainer from now on.
Or, you know, for as long as you want.
Well, if it's okay with you, I'd like to think about it.
I mean, like you, I prefer to stay in control.
You know, not many people can get me to do the right thing.
And now it's your turn.
You have to let Sam know what's going on.
It's not fair to keep him in the dark.
I need to talk to you.
And I need to talk to you.
Okay, but let me go first.
Um Okay, but let me go away.
I'm not a drug addict, Sam.
But I do have cancer.
You saw me taking medication for my treatment, but I-I don't want you to worry.
I'm on the mend, huh? Kelly, I've given it some thought, and as much as I hate to say it I think I want to give you a second chance.
I know what it's like to be backed into a corner and panic, so I'm going against every instinct and letting you stay.
But, Kelly, if you ever cross me again, there will not be a third chance.
You're giving Kelly another shot? Wow.
I'm impressed.
I could have destroyed her and Patty, but then I realized winning isn't everything.
I mean, it's mostly everything, but sometimes a little trust goes a long way.
That's very evolved of you.
And now that Allegra has won her first stakes race, we can race her a couple more times and then start breeding her.
Well, as long as we're discussing breeding, maybe we should get back to starting our own bloodline? Oh, I love it when you horse-talk to turn me on.
That day we saw Luna, they hadn't discharged her.
When the doctors told her she was in renal failure, she made a break for it.
I'm so sorry, Jeff.
It's unfair.
It is.
And what's even more unfair is that she couldn't afford the long-term drugs needed to keep her alive.
She knew she only had a handful of days left and didn't want to spend them in the hospital.
It's sad, but be thankful for the time you got to spend with her.
I wish we had more time.
She left me this.
"Don't miss out on your life "while you're trying to get it together.
Take some chances.
" Sound advice.
And I'm taking it.
Someone is going to pay for Luna's death.
I will make sure she didn't die in vain.
No matter what it takes.

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