Dystopia (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- [Narrator] Previously on Dystopia.
- [Thomas] Our only hope lies with the Biocorp scientists finding a cure for this pandemic.
- We're talking about the extinction of mankind.
- He murdered a Biocorp employee.
This is your new target.
- Hit it.
- [Nico] If this is right we're talking about time travel.
- Let me get this straight.
I'm going to become the president of the United States and be responsible for the demise of the planet.
- You we can go ahead and release that.
(gunshot blasting) - Find who killed my son.
- I feel like something's coming and I may not always be able to be here.
- Today Noble Peace Prize winning Biocorp made history by administering the cure for cancer available to the entire world's population in exchange for their compulsory enrollment in the ID chip program, which allows for increased population security.
The scheme is said to be the greatest single stride in medical science ever achieved.
However, activists have warned that a chip so fully immersed into our bodies has godlike control, citing that something that looks too good to be true, often is.
- [David] Okay get ready.
- Come on.
(distant gunshots blasting) Come on.
- No not yet.
- Come on.
- Wait.
- Come on, call it.
- Okay now.
(exploding loudly) (gunshot blasting) - No don't touch her.
- Screaming.
(ominous music) - Hello.
What do we have here? When you speak you will say only what I want to hear.
- Please help my friend.
- You will tell me only what I want to hear and nothing else.
Do you understand? Good girl.
Those machines, what do they do? Why are those men attached to them? Hey, the machines, what do they do? - Leave her alone.
(loud thudding) - You son of a.
(grunting) - I told you, you do not say anything I don't want to hear.
(spitting) (thudding) You must not know me.
But you can guess what I'm capable of, can't you? Now I'm gonna give you one more chance.
The machines, what do they do? - Go to hell.
- See your little friend over there? Would you like me to give you proof of my resolve? (dramatic music) (machine beeping) - [Jenny] I don't think drinking more wine is gonna help.
- I'm not getting through this without it.
(distant gunshots) Case and point.
- [Jenny] I hate guns.
- Well maybe you'd learn to appreciate them more if you were in a gun fight.
- [Jenny] Maybe.
- Do you thinK the boys are okay? - I'm sure they are.
Nico will look after them.
And I seriously doubt Thomas is gonna let anything get in his way of coming home to you.
- What makes you say that? (laughing) I don't know what you're talking about.
- [Jenny] Oh of course you don't.
- What if it's just the way it's supposed to be? - What, Biocorp at our doorsteps? Our men in comas, theoretically in another time.
Um yeah, I'm guessing no.
- No I mean the pandemic.
I mean maybe, maybe we're all supposed to die off.
You know? Be extinct.
It happened to the dinosaurs and maybe it's just happening to us.
- [Jenny] No we're not going extinct, Lauren.
- What makes you say that? - [Jenny] Because when people fight for life there's always hope.
- Maybe we're just supposed to bow out gracefully? - Will you stop talking like that? I heard that there are women outside the city who are still fertile.
They have a natural immunity to the virus that those inside the city don't.
Their babies live for more than a few minutes.
But they're just so afraid, they keep it hidden.
Besides, dinosaurs don't have the brain power to solve this problem.
We do, they do.
(gunshots firing) They're just trying to scare us.
- Sir, they've activated the emergency power.
- Which floor? - Not sure, sir.
- Well find out! - Sir! - They're not up there.
They're underground.
Give me the plans for sewage access tunnels.
- [Soldier] Sir.
- Alright, so Phillip Edier is in charge of the Biocorp soldiers outside of our home.
- Yeah.
You were supposed to stay with the girls.
- I was.
You don't understand, they're gonna cut the power, they're gonna storm the building.
- There's a backup generator in the apartment.
- That'll buy us time, it'll also light the apartment up like a Christmas tree.
- Weapons? - Naw, we got none.
- We should've stayed with them and now we can't get home.
- We can, we just have to wait for the window.
- The next window everybody could be dead.
- Us too.
- No, no, no, guys, we're gonna save them.
We're gonna save everyone, we have no choice.
- I didn't make you come here, Nico.
- You're right.
All you did was kill a Biocorp soldier and led them back to our house.
- I'm sorry, next time I'll just roll over and die.
What else could I do? - Are you talking about when you killed the soldier or when you executed Jack Williams? - We don't have time for this.
- You know he's right, there is actually too much to do.
- No matter what you have in mind, we all have to be in a state of induced sleep at the time the machine in our time runs out of power.
- Why? When we tried to bring you back, you were awake, you went into arrest, we almost lost you.
- [Nico] That explains the seizures I had before you got here.
- Best we figure you have to be asleep to make the trip home.
- Well how much time do we have? - Told them to wake me up in four hours.
- How long before the emergency power fails? - About the same time.
- [David] You sure? - Yeah.
If they tried to cut the power out before we only have about four hours left in the generator.
- Yeah but this is also assuming that they don't breach the building first.
- Right.
- So, if we aren't asleep when they try to revive us, we all die in cryostasis.
- Great.
So we've got about four hours to change the entire future, otherwise we're all dead.
- Thomas, I'm willing to sacrifice my life to save humanity.
- Ah you know what, Nico, if it's all the same to you I'd like to save the world and get home.
- You know we need to finish what we started otherwise there's going to be no home to go back to.
- So what do we do? - Biocorp headquarters, it's here.
- So the ID chip, the prototype for it, if it exists now that's where it will be? - Exactly.
So David and I, we're gonna go there together.
- And do what? - We're gonna find it and destroy it.
- What am I doing? - Find the young Phillip Edier, just do what you have to do.
- Are you asking me to kill somebody, Nico? - No I, I can do it.
- No, no, no, it's okay, I just want to be sure we know what we're talking about? - He's outside of our door in 2037 with an itchy trigger finger.
So do whatever it takes to protect my family.
So in three hours and 30 minutes, meet us back at the medical hospital.
Don't be late.
(distant gunshots) - You hear that? They're growing by the minute.
- Yeah there's a swarm out there.
- We should think about what we're gonna do when they come in here.
(loud banging) It's just an old man.
- Open it, let him in.
- I lost my way in the dark, may I come in? - [Jenny] Of course, but hurry please.
- I saw the light under your door.
- You want to have a seat? Uh, sir, do you want to have a seat? - Oh that's nice, thank you.
It's just too much out there, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness.
I must get back out there and fight those demons.
- You know, maybe you should just have a seat.
It's cold outside.
We have a blanket, we could warm you up.
- Oh that's nice, thank you.
You know it's just too much out there, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness.
I must get back out there and fight those demons.
- Do you want some tea? It'll warm you up.
- Tea? Yes.
- I think you should stay here and get strong first.
He seems a bit crazy.
- Well the war did strange things to people.
- How much time do you think 'til the power goes out? - Um, I don't know exactly.
Probably a few hours.
- Enough time to get them back.
- [Jenny] I hope so.
(upbeat music) (lockers banging) - There we go.
Huh, alright, this'll be the best dressed we've been in awhile.
- Ah, it's gonna be a little tight.
- And I am a thief, I'm stealing things now.
- Come on Dave.
Alright here's the Biocorp headquarters, okay now when we go in.
- You know we really probably should've gotten suits if we're gonna pretend to be bankers.
Which, by the way, I don't really know about finances, and I definitely don't know anything about finances in 2017.
You know in the future they shoot people who bother them? They probably do it now too.
- David, David! You're gonna blow our cover man.
- Okay, okay.
- Just relax, I got this.
- You got this? You look like you're in a boy band, which does fit the time period, but doesn't really explain why you're going in there looking like that.
- David.
- Okay, okay, okay, you got this, you got this.
- I got this, alright? Relax.
- Shouldn't you shave at least? - Okay, okay, this is good, this is good, this is good.
My friend's gonna die, gonna be stuck in the past.
- Hello, how may I assist you? - Ah yeah, hi what's your name? - [Monica] Monica.
- Monica, nice name.
- Thank you.
- I am a venture capitalist and I need to speak to someone about investing in your amazing company.
- Sure, sure.
- Thank you.
(upbeat music) (cellphone ringing) (intense music) - Crap! (car honking loudly) You okay? Alright.
Hey, word of advice kid, football's on its way out.
Learn how to shoot a gun.
- Hello sir, how are you doing? Sara Washington.
- Hey I'm great, uh Paul Little.
- Wonderful, right this way, I'm gonna give you a tour of our facility.
- Okay, that's really nice of you.
- Oh it's my pleasure.
I just happen to believe in Biocorp very strongly.
I have passion in everything we do here.
- That's great.
- It really is a wonderful company.
- That's really good to hear.
(ominous music) - [Thomas] Phillip.
- Huh? (loud thudding) - I'm afraid I can't answer that either, sir.
(laughing) - So, how am I suppose to invest if you're not willing to talk about anything? There's plenty of information about Biocorp readily available to serious investors.
- Oh serious.
What about government contracts, can you tell me about that? You know, up and coming projects, new ventures.
- I'm afraid I can't disclose any information about our company's R&D contacts.
- Alright.
- You must understand that many are of a commercially sensitive nature.
- Mm hmm.
- [Sara] As I'm sure you can imagine.
- Yeah.
- I can tell you, however, we have an entire floor dedicated to R&D of various forms.
But as to who our clients are, sir, that's proprietary information.
- Well can I get a sneak peak of the R&D wings? No details, I just want a quick look, that's it.
- Will you excuse me for a moment? I'll be right back.
- Right.
(sighing) - I apologize about this, sir, but asking questions of a sensitive nature has tripped our security director's interest.
I'm afraid we'll have to detain you for a short while whilst we establish identity and validate your queries as genuine.
I assure you that these gentlemen will keep you more than comfortable as you wait.
- If you can come with us, sir.
(ominous music) - Hey guys can I tie my shoe? I just gotta tie my shoe real quick.
(loud thudding) Okay, okay, see, not doing anything, not doing anything.
(loud thudding) Where is it? Where's the chip, chip, chip? Oh this is it.
Oh my gosh.
(intense music) They're already in production.
This must be an earlier version, this is way bigger than the one in my body.
Hard drive.
Hard drive.
Got it.
- We have a security breach.
- Let's go.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
(alarm blaring) Come on, come on.
Got it.
(gunshots blasting) - Get me security.
- Hey they didn't shoot you.
- No, no, I'm good.
- That's good.
- How about you? - You know I think I would've been a good dad.
- Alright, tell me about it later.
- Begin.
(footsteps thudding) - You should just tell Nico.
- Tell him what? I don't think my brother would approve.
- He is your brother, exactly, he just wants you to be happy, he loves you.
- [Computer] Jenny, the emergency power is running low.
You have two hours remaining.
- You girls seem worth fighting for.
You remind me of how my wife used to look at me.
- Oh yeah, where is she? - Heaven.
If you believe in that sort of thing.
You know it's hard losing the one person that was made just for you.
- I think the power's going out.
- Ah that's just her, she does that sometimes.
Well, I want to thank you ladies for all of your hospitality.
Now it's time for me to go.
I need to get back out there, there's something I'm supposed to do but I just can't quite remember what it is.
- Why don't you stay until the main power comes back on? I can make you more tea if you want.
- It's good tea.
But my bladder's not as strong as it used to be, I'm afraid.
- Oh come on, we have a bathroom right there.
- You're too kind.
- Poor guy.
I couldn't imagine loving Nico that long and then just losing him, you know? - I'm sure he'll be okay.
You're survivors.
- Lauren I don't want you to die here.
Nico would want you to try to at least get out.
- Nico would want me to stay with you.
- They're coming for him.
- They're coming for all of us.
Besides, where else would I go? (intense music) - [Phillip] Please, don't hurt me.
- Shut up.
Shut up! All I have to do to save my whole world is pull the trigger.
- I haven't done anything, I'm just a kid.
- You will.
You will.
You are going to cause so many people so much pain.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- But if I pull the trigger, the ripples may make things worse where I'm from.
The butterfly effect, you see, we don't know.
Broad brush strokes, they're too much.
The future, the future needs a finer touch.
- I don't know what the hell you're talking about or who you are.
Please, please let me go.
- Shut up, Phillip, because I'm gonna try and help you.
I'm gonna give you a chance to do the right thing, to make the right choice, so that our future really is in your hands.
- Please, my dad has money.
- I don't want your father's money.
Don't you get that? Don't you get that? I want my future back.
- I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
- Do you believe in time travel? (whimpering) You will.
Because if I fail, many years from now, you and I are going to come face to face and you remember my face, you take a good look, because I won't have aged a single day.
Look at my face.
- You're crazy.
- Where I'm from, in a world you can't possibly comprehend, everything's crazy.
All hope is gone, because people like you took it away.
And I'm not gonna stand here and watch my future end.
But I am gonna stick to the mission.
- What are you doing? - I'm gonna give you a way to remember me, real easy, you look at my face as I do this.
(screaming) (sobbing) I'll see you again, Phillip.
- [Nico] How much time do we have? - [David] Less than five minutes.
- [Nico] Oh gosh.
Are you sure this is the right medical facility.
- Yeah, it was here when I was 10, broke my leg.
Lots of ice cream.
- David, Thomas should've been here by now.
- Well, what if he.
- No, no, no, no, he's fine, he's fine, he can take care of himself.
- Alright, we need to find someplace secluded.
- Why? - Because we gotta go to sleep.
Which, by the way, really not sure I'm gonna be able to do.
- I got an idea, follow me.
What is this place? - It's a simulation center.
Yeah, doctor's used to use these to practice on.
It's not creepy at all.
- Yeah.
Alright, what are we looking for again? - Chloroform or any good anesthetic should do the trick.
- It's probably in there.
- Yes, yes, okay.
This is weird.
- What do we got, what do we got, come on.
- I'll look over here.
Ah here we go.
- What do we got? Perfect.
- [Nico] Come on Thomas, come on.
- We're running out of time.
- We can't leave Thomas, man.
- He could've put himself to sleep already.
Look we can't wait for him, otherwise we're gonna get stuck here or we're gonna be dead.
- Fine let's get it ready.
If he comes, he comes.
- Yep.
- If not then we'll have to put ourselves under and hope he did the same.
- [David] Okay.
- You're sure this is gonna work? - No, but it's the only choice we got.
- Alright well try it on me first.
- No, no, no, it's me first.
The girls know to wake me up first, that's why I'm on the clock.
- Well what if it doesn't work? - Well then they won't wake up you or Thomas.
- Well what so we're here and you're dead? - Or stuck here with you.
Either way this is the only choice we got.
- Just do it on me first.
- No we can't do it like that, Nico.
- I'm not letting you risk your life.
- Look I'd risk my life for you any day, okay? - Look stop being dramatic, just, let's do it at the same time.
Let's go.
- Alright, alright.
(loud thudding) Sorry, pal, can't argue with you on this one.
(grunting) - Dammit, David.
- Oh man I hate needles.
- Out of time.
(gasping) - [Computer] Welcome back, David.
- Nico.
- [Lauren] It worked.
- No, no, no, no, no, not yet! - [Jenny] Why!? - He's, he's not asleep yet, he's still waiting for Thomas.
- No, no, they're here, they're here.
- We can't stay here.
- We have to give them more time to put themselves into stasis before we wake them up or it'll kill them.
- What happened there? - We got split up, Thomas was supposed to meet us, he never showed.
- No, no, no, no, wait look, look, he's still alive, his brain activity's still high.
- Okay where was mine when we walked through? - Just right here.
- Okay so that's obviously where sleep patterns kick in.
We need to wait until their brain activity is where mine was before we wake them up.
- What about Nico, is he okay? - He's fine, he's fine, so is Thomas.
We were all together, we just got split up.
- Oh thank god.
I can't believe you were in 2017.
- Yeah, yeah it's beautiful.
- That's crazy.
- [Jenny] Did you change anything? - Nothing you want to know about.
For all I know it made things worse.
- Worse? How would we know if it were worse? If you changed something the ripple would be part of our present, always with us.
- Ripples indeed.
- Who is that? - Don't worry about him, he came in the blackout, he's fine.
(laughing) What, what, what's so funny? - It worked.
They did it, they invented time travel.
And I'm the guy who got to go and come back in one piece.
(distant gunshots) - I wouldn't rely on being in one piece for too long.
(grunting) They're getting closer.
- Can we move them? - No they need to stay hooked up to the machine.
- Then we need to wake them up.
- You can't.
- The power source is almost out.
- Look we have to risk it.
Either the Biocorp soldiers are gonna burst through the door or the power's going out.
Either way, they'll die.
We have to pull them back.
- [David] No, you'll kill them.
- [Jenny] Let go of me.
- [David] No wait.
- No.
- Jen, Jen, just wait.
- No, let go of me.
- You have to wait, give them more time, he will find Thomas.
- Please, I can't lose Nico.
- You won't, Nico's a survivor.
But if you do this he is dead.
- They're on the floor above us.
- Okay, okay, okay, is there another way out? - Maybe through the sewers, but I don't know.
- No, no, no, we're not leaving them.
- Alright I'll stay, I'll stay, and I'll wake them up.
- What happens then? - Then we'll find you.
We can find you.
Look I swore to Nico I'd keep you safe, both of you.
Please just go.
(footsteps thudding loudly) - [Thomas] I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Where the hell were you, man? - I was busy with our mutual friend.
- Did you kill him? - Where's David? - He's gone.
- What do you mean gone? It worked? - He just disappeared right in front of me.
- That's incredible.
- [Nico] It's crazy.
- So we can go home.
- So what did you do with Edier? - I'll explain later.
- No, no, wait, wait.
What'd you do? - I gave him a chance okay, Nico? - You let him go? - Nico, I'm sorry, okay, I didn't want to kill him, Nico.
- [Nico] Oh my god, Thomas.
- I'm sorry.
- What, you killed Jack Williams like that, and then.
- Yeah and look how that turned out for us, okay? Remember the butterfly effect? That doesn't work.
- Oh my gosh, Thomas.
- I know, I know.
- All you had to do was kill him.
The siege is done.
- We don't know that, okay Nico? He could've been replaced by somebody worse.
Somebody that wanted to bomb the whole building.
- Look Thomas we have a little bit of time to make a big impact to avoid the future.
- I know, I know, I know, but is that what you did at Biocorp, huh? No.
Let me guess, broad brush strokes, it don't work, right? Come on we know that.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I remember that, but come on man.
You killed Jack Williams with no hesitation and now you're trying to do the right thing because you think you understand the butterfly effect.
- I didn't say I understood, okay, I didn't say I understood, I said I gave him a chance.
I left him with such a lasting impression of me that he will never forget.
When he sees my face in 20 years from now, he is not gonna forget.
And he's gonna believe in time travel, Nico.
He's gonna do the right thing.
- How do you know? How do you know that? - I don't.
- Do you know what he becomes? Do you? - No.
- And we won't know until we go back.
- Okay so we should just go back.
Or we can stand here for another hour and talk about it whilst we leave the girls alone.
- Let's go.
(machine beeping) - [Jenny] What is it? - They've activated the signal.
They're getting ready to put themselves to sleep.
(gunshots blasting) Candles, blow out the candles.
Okay get ready.
- Come on, come on.
(men shouting) - [David] No not yet.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Not yet, Jenny.
- Come on.
- Wait.
- Come on, call it.
- Wait.
(intense music) - Is this gonna work? - I dunno, it worked for David.
- Well how do we know? How do we know that David just didn't simply blip out of existence? - We don't.
- Brilliant.
- It's now or never.
- Now, now.
- About time.
(loud banging) (men shouting) (gunshot blasting) - [David] No, don't touch her.
- [Jenny] Lauren! (ominous music) - Hello.
What do we have here? When you speak you will say only what I want to hear! - Please help my friend.
- You will tell me only what I want to hear and nothing else.
You understand? Hmm? Good girl.
Those machines, what do they do, and why are those men attached to them? Hmm? Hey the machines, what do they do? - Leave her alone.
(loud thudding) (grumbling) - I told you.
Now I'm gonna give you one more chance.
The machines, what do they do? - Go to hell.
- You see your little friend over there? Would you like me to give you proof of my resolve.
- [Old Man] Phillip Edier! - Can I help you, grandpa? - Take a closer look and remind yourself of what you once knew.
- Lauren.
(intense music) - It can't be.
I know you.
You called it the butterfly effect.
You said you wouldn't change.
It's been 20 years and I remember your face.
You haven't aged a day.
- Don't touch him.
(thudding) (groaning) Time travel.
(whimpering) - [Jenny] Please, she's going to die! - Get that woman medical attention.
- [Soldier] Sir.
- Stabilize her.
Well how does this wonderful machine work, hmm? Bring in a science team.
- [Soldier] Yes, sir.
- [Computer] Emergency power failing, system shutting down.
- Wait, you, leave her.
If you want your two friends to survive, you better tell me everything.
- Turn the power back on or you get nothing.
- I'll just let her die.
- Go ahead, kill us all, then you'll have no answers.
- Start talking.
- Power.
- Main power to the building, turn it back on.
- [Soldier] Yes, sir.
- [Computer] System power restored.
- Start talking.
- What is it you want to know? - Those men, where are they? Or rather when are they? - Hey you can't sleep here.
Hey, I need some help.
Two guys, I think they're dead.
- Page Dr.
- That's magnificent, such potential.
- We're all though here, sir.
- She'll survive? - She's as good as new.
- The boys are okay, they miss you very much.
- You hear that? They're gonna be okay, you're gonna be okay.
How are you feeling? - I'm okay.
(loudspeaker talking) - Time to wake up.
There you go, that's it open your eyes.
That's it.
There you go, come on back, come on back, you're safe.
Welcome back to reality.
- Where am I? - You're in a hospital.
You were found unconscious.
You remember how you got here? - What year is it? - What year do you think it is? - What are these for? - Those are for your own protection.
(gasping) - Where am I? - You're okay.
- I'm dreaming? - Yes, you're dreaming.
But you have to wake up.
- I don't want to wake up.
I want to stay here with you.
- I want to stay too.
But you have to help Nico.
Wake up.
- No.
(gasping) - [Nurse] Good morning.
- What is this? - It's okay.
You've had a seizure.
- Why am I tied up? Where am I? - You're in the hospital.
- What? - [Nurse] The doctor will be right here.
- Nico.
No wait, my friend Nico.
Hello? - [Dr.
Mangan] Can you tell me your name? - Why am I tied down? - You had a seizure.
This tattoo, it's very interesting.
This bracelet, the material, I've never seen anything like it before.
So can you tell me your name? - How long have I been here? - Since last night.
You had a strong tranquilizer in you.
So strong you're lucky you're alive.
- I guess I over did it.
- You did this to yourself? - Look, you wouldn't understand.
- [Dr.
Mangan] I understand that you and your friend are both lucky to be alive.
- Where is he? - He's safe.
- [Nurse] Excuse me Dr.
Mangan, you're needed in the other room.
- Okay get some rest.
I'll come back and check up on you later.
- We didn't want to hurt anyone.
Such an unpleasant waste of time.
We could all help each other.
We could help the world.
I'll guarantee your freedom if you tell me what your friends are up to or I can just shoot you one by one.
- That's not necessary.
(loud metallic scraping) - Then speak up.
- We were just trying to save the world.
(laughing) - Is that all? I'm listening.
- Mike, is it? - Yeah um, Michael Smith.
- So where are you from, Mike? - Uh Pennsylvania.
I uh.
- [Dr.
Mangan] Your eyes blurry? - Yeah.
- I'll get the nurse to hook you up with an IV, help flush out your system.
- How much longer do I have to be here? - Relax, I need to find out who you are first.
Speaking of.
- Michael Smith? - What are you doing? - Just trying to figure out who you are.
Don't worry, we'll get you back where you belong.
- We're trying to avert the chipdemic virus that has doomed our planet to extinction.
- It's true, everything he speaks of.
- Who are you anyway? - He's harmless.
- I wouldn't say harmless now.
- Before you start trying to save the world, how many trips have they been on? - None.
- None? Oh well that is interesting and brave.
For all you know there is no way back.
- I got back.
I got back.
- And did you have any success in changing the future? - I honestly don't know, I don't know what they've done.
- [Phillip] What did you do? - I don't know what changes have been made if any.
We might not know 'til they get back, we might never know.
Everything's in a state of temporal flux until the link we've created is severed.
It's only when the tunnel is closed that we'll actually see the full effect of the changes that were made.
- But you were in the past? - I was.
- I want to go there myself.
- You could get lost forever if you don't know what you're doing.
- Well that's why you gotta make things smooth for me.
- [David] I can't assure that.
- If anything goes wrong, everyone in this room is executed.
- What, what, what happens if you get yourself killed back there, that's not our fault.
Spare the girls at least.
- Make it work and you'll have no problems.
- It's not that easy.
- Then make it easy! Or I'll make it hard, beginning with her! (dramatic music)