Dystopia (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[Narrator] Previously on Dystopia.
(shouting) (gun firing) [Philip] Those machines, what do they do? [Thomas] Find the young Philip Edier.
(thudding) I'm gonna give you a way to remember me.
[Nicholai] Biocorp, headquarters, it's here.
[Man] So, the ID chip, the prototype for it.
(gunshots blasting) [David] The girls know to wake me up first, that's why I'm on the clock.
(gasping) You girls seem worth fighting for.
[Doctor] You're in the hospital.
What, what year is it? What year do you think it is? I wanna go there myself.
It's not that easy.
Then make it easy! And finally, tonight's top story.
Today, Nobel Peace Prize winning Biocorp made history by administering the cure for cancer, available to the entire world's population in exchange for their compulsory enrollment in the ID chip program, which allows for increased population security.
Biocorp's CEO stated, "It takes a brave man "to knock on the door of evolution "without knowing what lies on the other side.
"But we've taken the first brave step "to improving our children's future today.
"Go through the door and what awaits you "on the other side is something worth fighting for.
" (machines beeping) Why don't you just kill us all now? Huh? Kill us now, kill us all, go ahead.
I need to undo the damage they've done.
Who gave these men the right to change the course of history? Who made them gods? So what, now you're gonna play God? They're trying to save us all.
If you stop what they started, we're all doomed to extinction.
You mean your friend, Thomas? Let me tell you about him.
20 years ago he kidnapped me, he held a gun to my head and he cut this into my neck! So don't pretend that I'm the bad man in some pathetic childhood story.
I didn't want the world to end like this! But from my perspective they've always been in the past.
So how the hell do I know that they didn't cause all this? You heard her.
They're trying to save us all.
This sort of power shouldn't be reserved for just anyone.
Then you're okay with this power? Of course, I am a government official.
(laughs) It's your government that caused it in the first place! That's why I trust you'll never let anything happen to me.
(scoffs) Because without me they will die and you'll never know if you can be saved.
The Butterfly Effect works both ways.
What's that you're saying, Grandpa? Time's not an arrow always going forward.
The ripples can travel forward or backward.
I'll bear that in mind, Grandpa.
Cut him loose.
You'll need to wear this.
What is it? It's how we get you back.
This lets us monitor your condition as well as tell you when you are.
You ping it here, it sends us the signal, (machine beeping) and we bring you back.
So don't lose it.
I don't know what your intentions are, but please, for the sake of mankind, keep in mind that for every catalyst there is a reaction.
For every cause there's an effect.
I'm counting on it.
Let's get on with it.
(ominous music) (dramatic music) [Man] I hope that every American, regardless of where he lives, will stop and examine his conscience.
This nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds.
It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal.
And that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.
Today we are committed to a worldwide struggle to promote and protect the rights of all who wish to be free.
In short, every American ought to have the right to be treated as he would wish to be treated.
As one would wish his children to be treated.
But this is not the case.
(knocking) Come in.
Sorry to disturb you, sir, madam, but there seems to be a situation developing.
What is it, the Chinese? No, sir, it's domestic.
The details are few at this point, but it seems there's been an attack on a Biocorp officer and a seige is developing.
A siege? Apparently, a group of rogue scientists have killed a Biocorp officer and they have Have what? Well sir, they seem to have built a machine of some type.
No one knows what it does, but it seems people are hooked up to it, the scientists themselves.
And that's all we know? Yes, sir.
Well, who's in charge down there? The local officer on the scene.
Apparently, they breached the building and he's inside.
You get yourself a regional commander out there right away.
[Aide] Yes, sir.
Before this thing escalates.
Find out who they are and why they're there.
Yes, Mr.
Adam, run program.
[Computer] Program initiated, David.
That's it.
He's a time traveler.
(electric zapping) (children playing) Hey, hey, can I check on them? I can kill Philip by severing the upload link.
The guards won't know the difference.
It'll just look like he's still asleep.
What do you think? I think that they would find out eventually and if we're not out of here by then we're done.
We'll wake up Nico and Thomas, we'll fight our way out.
Well, how do we do that without them noticing? I haven't figured that part out yet.
Even if [Computer] Temporal displacement complete.
He's fine! That's all good, his brain activity's normal, his heart rate is fine, everything's fine.
So? What about the Butterfly Effect? Yeah, it could screw up everything for them as well as us.
So we wake him up and we kill him now.
It won't affect the future or the past.
Maybe Philip will have about epiphany there and realize what they're really trying to do.
I wouldn't bet on that.
(siren blaring) So, we verified your identity.
Nicholai Stone.
We found your father, they're trying to contact him No, no, don't, don't contact him, he's Listen, he suffers from a rare mental disease.
He makes up stories, gets confused.
I empathize, my father has cancer, but it is protocol.
What type of cancer? Brain, don't change the subject.
Who are you? Look, let me level with you, Doc.
I haven't talked to my dad in years.
You're right, my name is Nicholai Stone and the reason why my records show that I'm 10 is because I was born in 2007.
Look, I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm in no mood for games.
I'm not, either, look, please wait.
I need your help, okay? You seem like a good man.
I need time to explain.
I need you to keep an open mind because, look, I'm the least craziest person that I know.
I'm listening.
(sighs) I'm a scientist from the year 2037 where life as I know it is on the verge of extinction.
Women are completely infertile and not a child has been born in years that has survived longer than an hour.
I think you need to get some more rest.
Look, we'll do a CS scan, check for any cranial hemorrhaging Look, I don't suffer from delusions, okay? Do you know the company Biocorp? Yes, they make most of our equipment.
What about them? Exactly! They're the reason why we are infertile! How do you know this? Because I told you, I'm from the future! Humanity is on the verge of extinction.
There's no children, there is no cure, there is no hope! This is why I'm gonna need a psychiatric evaluation! I'm telling you the truth! I know you might think it sounds crazy and you think I'm delusional, but I'm not.
You are a doctor, your job is to save people.
You have a chance right now to save the entire world! Look, I need you to relax! If not, I will call security.
Do you understand? Do you? Yes.
Good! Look, I'm gonna get you all the help that you need.
Yes, Frank, he needs to be seen right away.
He might be perfect for that study you're doing.
Oh yes, full manifested delusions.
At 9 a.
? Thank you, I'll keep him sedated for an hour or so.
Alright, Frank, thanks.
See you tomorrow.
Why are you here? Really? Okay.
I'm from the future.
20 years from now, to be exact.
Me and my friend have time traveled back here to fix something.
Something that threatens the very existence of the human race.
The doctor said your friend said that, too.
[Thomas] Well, he's telling the truth.
And so am I.
I know you believe that, but it's not true.
You have to open your eyes, here.
Some things are true whether you believe in them or not.
You have no idea what's coming.
In a couple of years the government is gonna try and make it law that every single human being gets a chip implanted under their skin, but it has the unfortunate side effect of making the whole planet infertile.
Where I'm from not a single child has been born in 20 years.
I know you believe all this, the time travel and the future What if I'm right? Think about it for just a second, okay? What damage can I possibly do to a dying old man that the world hasn't already done, huh? But if you release me, let me go, let me out of here.
But I can't do it alone.
I need your help.
Please, release me.
I can't.
(sighs) I should go check on him.
[Guard] Make it quick.
Be ready.
Everything will be okay.
Don't attack them, trust me.
We have to.
You will gain nothing.
You will lose everything.
You're a kind man.
I'm just an old fool trying to save two beautiful young ladies.
What is all the whispering about? He's not feeling well.
Do you mind if I make everyone something to eat? Can I help her? She's really weak.
For some reason I believe you.
Thank you.
Then let's get right to it.
[Thomas] What's that for? This is mine.
And what are you gonna do with it? If they come in here I want them to know that you held me hostage.
Okay, deal.
Thank you.
Hey, Jen.
Who's your friend? Uh, this is actually an old friend of Dr.
Father or son? Uh, both, actually.
Did you call it in ahead? Yeah, here it is.
Where is Dr.
Mangan? I guess he's still out on a consult.
He's always really busy.
Was he supposed to meet you here? No.
It doesn't matter.
No, it doesn't matter.
It just proves that it's like father, like son, huh? It seems that way.
I love your accent.
Isn't it great? Oh, ladies are just flattering me, I'm gonna blush.
It's really quite ordinary where I'm from.
Well, to us it's a break in the every day.
You guys can go ahead and go on through.
Thank you.
Would you give me a moment alone with him? Sure.
Thank you, nice to meet you.
It was nice to meet you.
Nico! I've only got a minute.
I never thought I'd be happy to see your ugly face.
What the hell happened, how are we still here? I don't know, they could wake us up at any minute.
Well, did you send the signal to David? I did, I sent him the signal right before we put ourselves under.
- Then there's a problem.
- I don't know.
At their end! Their end, but I don't know how long we've been out.
I'm just afraid they could wake us up at any minute, the power could get cut If the power gets cut we're dead.
No, we don't know that for sure.
We don't.
Okay, but what we do know is that we gotta leave.
I have a plan.
What is it? The doctor, his dad has cancer.
Real cancer? Yeah, like real cancer.
This is 2017, they don't a cure for three years.
Okay, and? So, what? We can save him! That'll save us.
Save the doctor's father, why? Why would we, what about the Butterfly Effect? I thought about that but we need the doctor to believe us.
We need him to believe us.
Oh, I don't know, Nico.
If the cure for cancer isn't out for another three years think of all the damage we could do by letting the cat out of the bag too early.
Okay, what, saving millions of people, is that so bad? This isn't a question of right or wrong, Nico.
This is about causing too much damage, ripping our own future apart.
What's so bad about that? Think about all the mothers, the fathers we would save.
All the children we would save.
The possibility of them living.
I thought we couldn't rule out the Butterfly Effect.
That's a rule you made up.
- I'm not ruling - You said it yourself! I'm not ruling it out, okay? I'm just saying we can't be slaves to it.
We've been here interacting with people.
You know how much damage that has caused already? Are you thinking? That is different, okay? We weren't trying to cure cancer before.
If you're so worried about it why don't we just kill ourselves now? Is that what you want? No, I want us to be careful, Nico, and remember that we're not gods.
I'm not saying we're gods.
I'm just saying we I'm saying we need to try.
Come on.
Now get your ugly face over here and cut me out.
Stop calling me ugly.
I'll take care of the father.
You find drugs to put us to sleep.
[Loudspeaker] Attention, a violent patient has escaped on Wing C, code blue! Can I have security, please? (siren beeping) [Police Radio] Attention all units.
Our suspect is at large inside the hospital and under delusions, he's violent.
Use extreme caution.
Nice to meet you, Frank.
It's your lucky day.
(dramatic music) This means you won't be able to have kids, Frank.
I'm hoping that's okay.
You'll be alright.
[Officer] Freeze! [Officer] Suspect apprehended.
[Officer] Hands up! [Officer] ICU Room 4, second floor.
[Officer] Hey, hey! Put it down! [Officer] Alright, alright.
Turn around.
Hands on your head! On your knees.
You, go! Hands on your head, hands on your head.
Hey, what are you doing? [Officer] Heading to second floor.
Fine, fine.
So, Nicholai, where did you go? To visit my friend.
What, fully clothed? Well, the robe gave me chills.
Unfortunately, this escape attempt solidifies my feeling, you're not ready to be released yet.
Paranoia is a frequent symptom.
I have some medicine to help you rest.
Look, I don't need medicine, okay? I'm not crazy.
Nicholai, you are not from the future! Time travel does not exist.
And until you start to realize that I can't trust you to function within society.
Look, I can prove it.
Just give me a chance.
Hold him down.
Wait, no, no, listen! I can save your father.
Listen to me, I can save your father! Look, I have a cure, you have to believe me! Look at me, I'm not lying! I have a cure, I have a cure! I'm not lying! I can save your father! I can save your dad! Hold him down.
Get, no! Get, no, no, no, no! (grunting) Believe me, I can cure, I can cure your father.
Believe me! There you go.
Believe me.
No, no, Jenny.
Jenny! Jenny? Mm, smells good.
Help yourself.
(ominous music) [Philip] Hello, Nicholai.
Who is it? Don't you recognize me? No.
My name is Philip Edier.
Where's my wife, my sister? So you do know who I am? Are they alive? My men are looking after them and you, just for everybody's protection.
If anything happens to me and I don't return they'll be executed.
What are you doing here? Oh, I am here to help all humanity.
To set right what you've attempted to undo.
Thomas should have killed you when he had the chance.
Oh, is he here with you? Nearby, maybe? I'm just dying to meet him again.
He spared your life.
He could have killed you.
You have no idea what he did to me.
What he made me.
[Soldier] Commander on site! I knew it.
If it were any other day I'd be irritated by another uninvited guest.
He can't by any worse than the last.
(sighs) Report.
Sir, this is how they time travel.
Thank you for that penetrating analysis.
The other two are the only ones that know how the machine operates.
This is his team.
They're not telling us much.
They claim not to know enough to effect any changes on the device.
Edier believe this? I'm unsure, sir.
He followed them into stasis to find the answers for himself.
What orders did he leave? If we were to receive signal from the stasis chamber we're to start executing hostages one at a time.
(sighs) What you may not be aware of is that time travel not under state control is illegal.
(laughs) You expect me to believe that the government has access to time travel? You expect me to believe that your friends created this out of thin air? You're bluffing.
Perhaps, but thank you for confirming one of my theories.
We have located the source of temporal disturbance, but it's a lot more complicated than we first thought.
Tell me everything you know.
I already told him everything.
Yes, well, I can't very well much talk to him now, can I? Edier may have flair, but he's reckless.
Luckily for him, I don't have such faults.
So, why are you really here? To follow you.
To ask questions that need answering.
Like what? What's the key to staying here without being dependent on a stable body in 2037? (sighs) I don't know.
But even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
You see, Nicholai, I want to stay here.
This is a much better reality than the one we came from.
We already lived this reality once.
As children, that's nothing.
What power do children have? None.
And just think of all the pain they cause.
So, are you saying the infertility of our future is a good thing? Oh, who knows? This insistence that children will somehow save us from our inhumanity towards each other.
(laughs) You see this, hmm? Your friend Thomas did that to me, in this time, when I was a child.
So how can he and you claim to lament the loss of children when you do this to them? When you create monsters like me? You're a coward! You're running away.
We can fix the future.
Help me.
Help me fix what Biocorp is doing now, here, before it happens.
I wonder what would happen, Nicholai, if I was to kill you now? Would you just wake up in 2037? I guess there's only one way to find out.
(dramatic music) (breathing heavily) [Jen] How's it looking? Not good.
They're even military out there.
Not the police? No, well, the guy is dressed in black with big guns, so I don't think it really matters.
I don't wanna be here anymore.
Okay, wait, hold on.
I can't let you go just yet.
I need you for just a little bit more, okay? What are you doing? Relax, okay? I don't wanna stay here, I'm scared.
(crying) Look at my face.
You're just scared, I'm scared, too.
Do you think I'm gonna hurt you? No.
Do you think I'm gonna let anybody out there hurt you? No.
Okay, that's because I'm not.
The only person in danger of hurting anybody is you right now, and I need you.
Jen, I can't do this alone.
(whimpering) I need you.
(knife clattering) Hey.
Hmm? You okay? Yeah.
I'm okay.
That's my girl.
Now I need you to leave.
There's a whole SWAT team out there.
They won't hurt you, okay? They'll see you're unarmed.
You'd look like just a hostage.
This was a real good idea.
(police radio chattering) What in the name of God is going on? Doctor, you and your staff should not be here, it's not safe.
Safe, what are you talking about? We have a hostage situation.
One of the patients has taken a nurse hostage.
Which patient? An English guy.
Who'd he take hostage? He took Jen, he said he knew you and your father.
Is this true? Certainly not.
[Officer] Then she must be under duress.
He used her to get into the ICU.
Why would he What is it? What was he doing in the ICU? What'd he do to my father? - He's safe.
- That's not what I'm asking.
I saw him inject something into the IV and I called security.
[Officer] And that's when we stopped him, but whatever it was he was doing Is he still in his room? Yes, he's stable, we're running tests.
[Officer] Come with me, ma'am.
You have one minute to tell me everything I need to know.
Go to hell.
One minute before I signal my men to execute either your wife or your sister.
You see, I like my men to make their own decisions from time to time.
You already know everything.
Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
I need to understand all about this so I don't have to rely on you and your friend.
If that were the truth, once I tell you, I'm dead.
There would be no reason to keep me alive.
Well, there are worse things than just killing you.
You understand? [Dr.
Mangan] How you doing, Dad? Alright, I'll just send my men the signal to execute Okay, okay, okay, no, wait, wait, just (sighs) It's all about temporal mechanics.
We were trying to invent teleportation, not time travel.
Teleportation? So, I don't know anything.
I wasn't trying to find this, this found me.
And I'm learning as I go.
Am I expected to believe that? You know what, believe what you want, but it's the truth.
David's the only one that's went back and forth and you're the only one who's talked to him.
Well, pretty soon, there'll be someone else going back because I ordered my men to wake you in 30 minutes.
Why? Because when you get back there'll be a guy waiting for you.
He's real good at getting information.
He'll have a lot of questions for you.
So you're sending me back to get tortured? And to prove the process to get back to 2037 actually works.
It does work, David already went back.
No! He was awake when I arrived.
You think I'm gonna trust his word? So you came all the way here without knowing you can get back? It was a risk I was willing to take.
Come on, start talking.
I have to be in stasis first.
If I'm awake when this happens then I die.
So what do I do? Come on, clock's ticking.
Okay, well, I have to be asleep.
And I need drugs to make this happen.
This applies to you, too, so don't send a signal until you're ready to be under.
Do you understand? You try anything, people will die.
You understand? Yes.
What happened? His pulse-ox is up to 97 and still climbing so we took him off the O2.
We need a CT scan done right away.
It's already ordered.
CBC with tox screen? Just came back negative.
Well, that's preliminary.
What are you talking about? That man injected my father with a substance, poison perhaps.
I'm just trying to find out what damage he's done.
My father has a Stage 4 brain tumor.
We ran the CBC and the tox screen twice.
It came back all clear.
Well, perhaps it was No, I mean he came back clear of everything.
Everything? [Nurse] I don't know what to tell you, we ran it twice.
What are you trying to tell me, is he cured? We won't know until we run further tests.
But I can say I haven't seen him looking so well in months.
So are you trying to tell me that some other patient injected your father with something and now his cancer might be gone? That is a very real possibility.
What the hell? But I've never seen a case of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and overall power, return to someone with little time to live.
We gotta find this guy! Look, it happened, you can't just Doc, Doc, don't worry, we're not gonna shoot him.
But, whatever happened, whatever miracle, we really need to talk to this guy.
Team! (dramatic music) Good news! I have been ordered to wake Thomas with the adrenaline shot.
No, he'll die! (guns clicking) Whoa, whoa, whoa! My sources tell me I am to wake him up in 10 minutes.
He will be prepared to return.
And how the hell do you know that? We know everything we need to know.
What can you possibly understand? Rabble, that's all you are.
Which one is Thomas? I don't know.
Don't try me.
(laughs) (punching) - No! - Stop, you're gonna kill him! (punching) (yelling) I am going to put the adrenaline shot in both of them.
One will win, the other will lose.
Which one is Thomas? No, Jenny, don't! (screaming) - Open your mouth.
- No! - Open it! - Lauren! Tell me now.
I am going to kill each of you one by one over the next 10 minutes until you speak! Or shall I wake them all now? Young man, please, have mercy on these innocent people, they're harmless! Be quiet, old man! Please don't harm them, let them go! (crying) Stop it.
Not so tough now, tell me! - No! - Three! Two! Wait! I'll tell you.
This is Thomas.
Are you sure, old man? As sure as the fact that you'll be dead soon.
Alright, have it your way.
Prep two injections! Wait, what, no, no! (shouting) I don't care if they're ready or not! We're going to execute them anyway for murdering a Biocorp employee.
They're already dead.
Might as well just finish them off now, right? Okay, okay! I'll tell you whatever you wanna hear! Oh, that wasn't so hard, was it? Philip has a more exciting way of executing you.
No! Much more brutal than a gunshot.
Besides, we really should interrogate him first.
He may hold all the answers.
I think I'll just watch the show.
(groaning) What is this? Dummies? [Nico] No, it's a simulation facility.
You're running out of time.
If you don't get into stasis you'll be a dead man.
[Nico] I know.
What are you looking for? Pills, tranquilizers, anything to put us under.
You got 'em, come on! You're not thinking of backing out on me, are you? Look, see? Right here.
Okay? Alright, um, first I have to (punching) You son of a bitch! (thudding) (dramatic music) (grunting) (laughs) You just signed the death warrant of all you hold dear.
(thudding) (punching) Okay, alright! Game's over.
Syringe, now! I got it.
On the gurney.
Come on.
(laughs) Do it! Okay.
(grunting) (groaning) [Computer] System shutting down.
Not such a harmless old man now, am I? [Computer] Nicholai connection lost.
(gun firing) No! [Commander] Get the power on! [Computer] Thomas connection lost.
[David] Please, don't, wait! Fix it now! Goodnight, sweetheart.
(screaming) [Computer] Distress detected.
[Commander] Wake him up! [David] But how? I can't, the link has been severed! Do it! (screaming) (dramatic music) [David] There's nothing you can do! - Do something! - Like what? Or I will! [David] Please, just wait! (guns firing) [Soldier] Room clear! (panting) Secure the room.
Father! Nico! [Travis] Father, what happened? No, don't! We weren't sure if you were gonna send the signal.
Maybe I should have waited.
You arrived just when you were meant to.
- Don't! - Get off! You okay, are you okay? [Jenny] This is all your fault! No! [Officer] Sir? Why aren't these men cuffed? [Officer] They surrendered to us, sir.
They said they're patients and friends with the man in ICU 4.
How about this guy? No, no, no, no, these men are with me.
I've been trying to tell you this.
They're patients of mine and I can vouch that they had nothing to do with this.
Everything they say is pretty much the truth.
So, that's your story and that's what's going in my report? Of course, your report should reflect the truth.
Let's get our patients back into their rooms.
Right this way.
Is this who you spoke of? Protect them, my son.
This is our duty.
Who are you? We're the resistance and we're here to help you.
Who are you? Hello, son.
How you doing, Dad? I never thought that hospital food could make me feel as good as I feel right now.
Dad, these are the gentlemen who helped save your life.
How can I ever thank you? It's all good.
You see, the fact that he couldn't save me was killing him.
He's a good man.
Don't try to eat too much at once, okay? You just stop fussing over me and find me a room where I can watch a baseball game.
You got it, pops.
You got it.
As you can see, I owe you far more than I can ever repay.
Well, perhaps we can pull in a big favor one day.
I doubt that's possible, but I will try.
I'm gonna get the adrenaline.
No, wait, what if you kill them? [Jenny] We have to bring them back! No! We have to, they're gonna die! They will only die here if you wake them up when they're not ready.
What? You'll kill them for good.
Well, we can't just do nothing.
That's exactly what you must do.
Exactly what was asked of me.
They're alive, but their connection's been severed.
So you knew them all along? So you didn't show up at my door accidentally.
I owed Nicholai and Thomas a favor.
What favor? Doesn't matter now.
My debt's been repaid.
So, you knew them in the past? I did.
They're alive, but to you they're trapped in 2017.
Nicholai entrusted me with something to do.
Travis will take you to it.
It's in my room.
Jenny, Nicholai loved you very much.
He wanted me to tell you.
Thank you.
Thomas told me to tell you to look under his bedside table.
Now, I've done all they asked.
Give me some time with my own son.
Of course.
Let's go.
My son, I love you.
I don't know what to do.
You protect them.
Your grandfather promised them we would.
Tell Mom I love her.
(coughing) Now what we're gonna ask you to do is not only to save our lives, but the lives of billions of people.
Maybe the whole future of the human race.
Again gentlemen, I'm only one man.
And we're just two.
Okay, what do I need to do? (dramatic music)