Dystopia (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Previously on Dystopia.
We have to bring them back.
No! We have to, they're gonna die.
They are trapped in 2017.
It's people like you, scientists, ruined the whole world.
Apparently, a group of rogue scientists seemed to have built a machine of some type.
People were hooked up to it, the scientists themselves.
We have located the source of temporal disturbance, but it's a lot more complicated than we first thought.
See I owe you for all more than I can ever regret.
Perhaps we can pull in a big favor one day.
Look carefully, my son.
This is our duty.
They're alive, but the connection's been severed.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Freeze! Dispatch, we got a code 6-33.
Suspect is heading north on Washington Street.
C'mon, let's go.
He's right there! Stop! Hey! Open the door! Come here, come here.
C'mon, hurry up, hurry up.
Come on, come on, come on! Put your gun down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down! Step away.
Step away.
Get up! Step away.
Don't try anything stupid.
Don't you try anything stupid.
Put this on.
Come on! You're making a big mistake.
Today, BioCorp made history by releasing the cure for cancer.
Available to the entire world's population in exchange for their enrollment in the ID chip program, which allows for increased population security.
The scheme, supported by the President, is said to usher in a new era of world peace and prosperity.
The President stated, "The future belongs to our children, "and the steps we take today resonate throughout time.
"Let us be brave and head into the unknown.
" And that's all for tonight.
And we're clear.
Hi babe.
Hi! We need to haul ass quick.
We can't just leave him here.
There's a platoon of BioCorp soldiers.
They'll be on us in a heartbeat.
Can't we protect them or hold them We gotta go! It's now or never.
Nicholai and Thomas are alive and well in 2017.
We gotta go.
We can rebuild everything.
We got to go! We're just going to leave them here? Got to.
No other choice.
Where are we gonna go? Every place has been destroyed.
I know a place we can go to.
We'll be safe.
What are we supposed to take? Nothing, there's no time.
They'll be here any minute.
All right, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Men, let's go! God, please watch over him.
Protect him.
Protect him because he is the only one that can save us.
Bring him home to me.
My unfortunate reason for drinking with you is because you're pretty much the last man I could drink with.
Other than that, other than the fact that you made this - Ouch.
- So, you know, I kinda have to.
Yeah, so It is worse for me, you know.
You don't understand.
Oh, it's worse for you? I'm thinking, I'm having a drink with the last woman in the world, but um.
You're Mexican.
Oh, no you didn't.
Why do you keep saying that? Oh my God! You and Nicho are Mexican, right? - Yeah.
- You just try to hide it.
You want to get punched? Do you want me to call Nicho? No? No? Yeah? No, I don't.
You are so stupid.
I'm out, is what I am.
- Yeah? - I need some.
Well, too bad.
It's mine! Yeah, okay, well, if you want it, why don't you come get and it? You want to play a game? Sure.
So what are the rules? If you want it, you should come and get it.
Really? Now you're afraid.
I'm afraid? Mhmm.
Was that the look of being afraid? How tough are you? You're too far away.
Is this a better view? I've got a bit more of an idea.
Yeah? Does it look like I'm afraid now? You're still too far away.
Come on, we have to go! Let's go! Okay, I'm coming.
Lauren, let's go! We need the address of Robert Tinker.
Who's Robert Tinker and why do you need his address? Stop trying to stall.
Don't do that! Hey, listen.
Let me go get the tools, okay? You got this? Yeah, yeah, the clock's ticking though.
Hurry up.
Hey! Where you going, British? You sure you got this? Yeah, I got it, I got it.
They know our names.
They've seen our faces.
Let's do what we have to do.
I gotta get Jenny.
She's right there.
I gotta.
Jenny, stall him for one minute, okay? What? Just stall him! We gotta go! Lauren, they're coming! We can't wait for her.
No, we're not going without her.
Just give her a minute, okay? All right.
Come on, give me the information.
All right, all right.
You said you were gonna cooperate.
If I do this, will you let us go? Yes, yes, yes, just come on.
Get on with it.
Dispatch, this is 351 to Central.
Do you copy, over? Copy, 351.
They still 10-80? Negative.
We got a code 7-50.
Need information on a one Tinker.
First name Robert.
Copy code 7-50.
351, standby.
I got a Tinker, Robert.
Address, 219 Monopoly Rd, Western Country, over.
Thanks Central, over and out.
What's the definition of code 7-50? Sit down! I swear to God, I'm gonna shut you.
All right.
What's the definition of police code 7-50? Police code 7-50, officer in duress.
Officer in duress? Officer in duress?! What is this? Like I said, we just wanna go home alive, okay? You shouldn't have done that.
Hey! You shouldn't have done that! Take it easy, take it easy! Come on, man! I'm sorry! Come on! Oh my God! Oh, man.
So when did it happen? Some time today, sir.
This whole situation's out of hand already.
This is important, Mr.
I don't need you to remind me of that.
Yes, sir.
You tell the Speaker that he can use whatever means necessary to find out who broke into the apartment and killed this man.
With all due respect, sir, could you be a little more specific as to our intent? When I say, "whatever means necessary," that's exactly what I mean.
Whatever means necessary.
You follow? Yes, sir.
With your permission, I'll tend to it immediately.
Go for it.
There's only two of them.
Should we go around? Give me the gun.
They can't even see us.
Now's not the time for a bleeding heart, Lauren.
Now step back.
Draw attention I said, step back! Don't you ever do that again! If it wasn't for me, we'd all be dead by now.
They're human, just like you and me.
You either live or die.
It's time to pick a side.
This is what we have to do to survive.
That's the trouble with people like you.
Never wanna understand anything.
Never want blood on your hands.
Travis, she's scared, all right? Like the rest of us.
She's afraid she's gonna lose everything she loves.
I already lost everyone I already loved.
Well then you know how she feels.
It's good to be home.
Good to be home.
We'll need food as well.
What the hell is all this, Travis? And where's your dad? He didn't make it.
This is what he wanted us to find.
Who are they? They'll get us what we need to win this war.
So they're guests.
Just stay on their good side, whatever you do.
Are you sure about what you're telling me? Quite sure, Mr.
I think the priority is to find out about this machine.
If it can do anything close to what you say, it could alter the course of history.
In more ways than one.
So may I inquire as to whether you had any prior knowledge of these experiments.
Of course not, how could I? We need to get together a bunch of scientists, the best in the country.
The best technicians who know about this sort of thing.
Yes, sir.
Figure out how they built it, what they're gonna do with it.
I need regular updates.
You can't talk to anybody about it.
Gotta keep the whole thing top secret.
Understood, Mr.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
And you, watch that tongue of yours.
My apologies, sir.
I just wonder, is it possible what happened to Jack are these same men could be responsible for what happened? Sector Six Control to BioHawk One.
Come in, over.
BioHawk One, receiving.
BioHawk One, transport Commander Dane directly to the coordinates in Sector Nine, found to contain temporal disturbance.
Commander Rankin's strike team have come under attack from suspected rebels.
Other units are in route and will rendezvous with you at the target.
Copy that, Control.
Rerouting to target coordinates, over.
Check all the rooms.
What the hell took so long, huh? Nicho, Jesus Christ! There's two more people that know what we look like and they're cops! We got bigger things to worry about.
They used a duress code.
Did you get the address? Yeah, I got it but I just can't trust it.
They could've gave us a false one, I don't know.
They don't need to give us a false address, do they? They just give us the real address but wait outside it then we'll show up and they'll arrest us there.
We gotta be careful.
Stay under the radar.
Yes we do.
Hey, what're you doing? Staying under the radar.
Right? We can't go to that house anyway.
They'll be waiting for us.
Hiding in plain sight, mate.
Everybody out.
What did you find, Commander? We're too late.
What have we here? Which one is he in? This one.
That's him.
I know.
I spoke to him once, briefly.
I thought I would never see him again.
I wanna get a finger print scan just to make sure.
It's him.
This one's got Philip in it.
The last communication confirms that he successfully teleported himself back to 2017.
Really? Doesn't seem that successful to me.
They're all dead.
The soldiers that were supposed to go with them were ambushed by a group of rebels.
So these machines can transport a man back in time.
He must've been trying to learn all the secrets of the machine from these two beforehand.
Perhaps another BioCorp soldier was murdered.
Yes, Commander? Yes, sir.
Get on it.
Clear the building.
Commander, I want a team of our best scientists, on the double.
I want them to analyze, to cipher and duplicate these machines as soon as possible.
We have to get them working.
Yes, sir.
Such power.
Such promise.
The possibilities.
Get down on the ground right now! Put your face on the ground now! You don't have to do this.
Spare us.
We have nothing to do with you people.
Please, no, you don't have to do this.
Darling, look at me.
Look into my eyes.
It's okay.
We're together.
You'll always be my daughter.
Kill 'em.
Leave no survivors.
No, no, no, please don't! This elevator is nicer than our apartment.
It's true.
At least we had to live like this.
It's clean.
Smells good.
Jenny would love this, right? Yeah, Jenny would love this.
You ever think about that? You know, just moving here? Starting again, making a new life.
People have so much here.
Kill ourselves for what they throw away.
Where would we go though? Anywhere.
Just forget about this life? Pretend the future never happens.
I know it happens.
Maybe nothing can stop it happening but we could be like better prepared.
Better placed.
Hey, we'd be rich if we stayed.
You think about that? We could go to South Africa.
Now you're talking.
Couldn't get there for love or money in our time.
But I got a good memory.
Me too.
There's two names that would always ring on my brain.
Well, what do you say? We make a break for it? Go to Mexico? Oh.
Robert Tinker.
We've got a job to do, right? I'm game if you are.
Everything just feels so impossible now.
What's impossible? I know we couldn't have stayed but I just feel awful leaving him there.
That, that was just a shell.
That wasn't Nicho anymore.
Well it looked like Nicho to me.
Don't do this to yourself, all right? Your torturing yourself and it's not gonna help anybody.
I can only imagine what they're doing to them.
We're gonna get them back, Jenny, I promise you.
Probably treating them like lab rats.
Listen to me, Nicho's body and soul are alive and well in 2017.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Yeah, you saw it, it's easy for you to say.
I didn't even get to say goodbye.
When we first met, he told me that I would be the one to have his children.
It was like one of the very first things that he ever said to me.
It's crazy, isn't it? Pick out any names? It's just not fair.
It's why he's back there, you know? To fix all this so you can pick names.
And if he dies? You gotta see this.
Come on.
We found this.
Hey guys.
Jenny, We're alive.
The connection is severed.
Where did you get this? We found it in his dad's place with today's date written on it.
We think we left it for us.
We're in short supply here in 2017.
Now, guys, this safe box contains blueprints to the machine design.
It's everything you'll need.
Now listen carefully.
The safe box has an acidic substance, so if it's forced open, the vile will break and data will be lost.
Jenny, this is for you.
Only you know where the key is.
I love you.
I can only trust you.
This is it.
There's no more of the message? No.
No, that's all we ever got.
Where is this key? I have no idea.
You must know something about it! Otherwise, why would he mention it in the first place? I don't have a key! She's not hiding anything from you.
I'm not accusing her of treason, David, but if you know something that you're not telling us.
If I knew anything, I would tell you.
Fine! There's a combination lock here too.
So I want you to write down any and all numbers significant to you and Nicholai.
Birthdays, anniversaries, the day you met, when you fell in love, the first time you screwed, everything and start doing it now! What're you gonna do with it? We can send a team back to help Nicholai and Thomas finish what they started.
How do you know it's gonna work? Because all of you are gonna help in every step of the way.
Not only will we have the power to save humanity, but we a alter it for the good of all of us.
We can defeat BioCorp before it's ever born.
Yeah! Are you with me?! Yeah! Are you with me?! Yeah! Yeah! Jenny, not is the time to act.
To help save humanity.
Will you do it? Yeah, I'll help you.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Good, Jenny.
You're doing the right thing.
I can't see you but I know you're there.
I never left you.
I'm always with you.
Baby, you need to leave this place.
You're not safe.
Oh my God, there's a cop, there's a cop.
No, no, no, no.
Look, killing people isn't always the answer.
This time.
Nicho, it's not the answer this time.
They're not going away.
Come on.
David, we have a problem.
Yeah, I'm ahead of you there.
He's a tad aggressive.
But we've got a common goal.
That should protect us for now.
What happens when we don't have a common goal? We still need to find a place to rebuild the machine.
Are you planning to escape? There's way to many people around here.
We couldn't slop off.
So how is it you still have so many of those things? I bought them in bulk when the economy went down.
You know, they're still not exactly good for you.
Yeah, well you know what? I promise I will quit as soon as I get pregnant.
Do not make those jokes around Jenny.
May I? Sure.
You know, it's been a long time since I've seen a beautiful lady.
Very long time.
You got a guy at all? I sure do.
Lucky guy.
Isn't he just? We didn't have an appointment proper but I'm so glad you could join us.
Robert Tinker.
What's up, buddy? We know everything about you.
Every employee, every friend, every family member in history.
We know so much about you.
We could strike at any time, any place, anywhere.
It doesn't have to be like that though, Robert.
You can save them.
All of them.
Just tell me what it is you guys want.
Abandon your ID chip program research immediately.
What chip ID project research? Don't do that, we know you're working on it.
No, I am not working on anything.
If you lie to us, Robert, your family will die.
Listen to me.
- Do you want - Listen to me! We work on all kinds of projects, all the time, simultaneously, one after the other! All the time! None of them have anything to do with some sort of a chip.
I swear to God I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
Then you haven't created it yet.
Created what? What's this thing supposed to do? Show him.
You see this? This is what they did to me.
I've never seen anything like that in my life.
I mean, that almost looks like it's from The future.
That's because it is and so are we.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, time travel? Correct.
How? How does it work? I mean, tell me how it works.
No, we're not here for that today.
But if you guys are here then there has to be, I don't know, some sort of problem with my future or something, right? This chip was manufactured by your company and surgically implanted into every man, woman and child causing infertility to the whole race.
The whole race, as in the whole human race? Yeah.
Everywhere? Even like Britain and There are no countries where we're from, Robert.
Your company made that happen.
The world is a very different place.
My corporation Yeah, your corporation.
You sold your corporation to the government for billions of dollars, you know why? They wanted to track every human being and your chip, your chip was the solution.
Where we're from, Robert, you're a very hated man.
Very hated but very rich.
You see, I would never be apart of a project like that.
I got into this deal to help people.
That's what everybody says before billions roll into their account! And all of a sudden your conscience gets, poof, into the wind.
You know the humiliating part of this? Huh? Huh? Do you know? You.
You get murdered and they take over your company and in a few years time, there is no one left alive on Earth because of Robert Tinker.
If it isn't you, Robert, then it's somebody who works for your company.
So do you know what needs to happen now? I can find out.
I swear to you guys, I have no idea what you're talking about but I allow a lot of my engineers, my best and brightest, to exercise their brilliant creativity.
I allow them to work on different projects.
My director of special programs, he oversees everything.
He will know exactly what is going on, I will ask him What's his name? Brandon.
Brandon what? Davidson.
Brandon takes care of everything.
And Brandon will know.
He'll know exactly who's doing what and I will find out, I will shut it down.
I'll forbade it within my company.
I will fire the individual.
I can stop this.
I can stop this from happening.
To that, you have to believe me.
I swear to you I can do this.
You think he's telling the truth? I think if he's lying, we'll see him again.
You understand that? I do.
I do.
Otherwise, we're gonna have to erase you.
From history.
I understand that.
I understand, I got it.
I got it.
Tell you the truth, Robert.
Nobody in this room ever wants to see you again.
You won't.
Because if we do, there's only one other way to do this.
No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, for God sakes! I don't know! I don't want to be an evil man! I never wanted to do anything to hurt anybody! I wanted to help people! If they're gonna kill me anyway, why would I do it? Why would I take the money if they're gonna kill me? Let's go.
Don't worry, buddy.
Call the cops to untie you when we're clear.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
The time travel, I really gotta know.
How's it work? No.
Thank you, God.
Here's everything I know.
You certain it's everything? I'm positive.
There's a few things that are personal, outside of the wall.
There's nothing beyond the wall.
Oh, and I wanna apologize to you for my behavior.
Travis, it's fine.
I know, your father and all.
Thanks, Jenny.
I don't know about you but I am exhausted from all the running.
All exhausted.
We've been running away for two days.
Come closer.
What for? Just come closer, I don't want anyone to overhear.
What? I know the combination.
You do? I didn't give it to them.
Buying time? I'm just running.
Hey, think you could do us a favor? Find us something to eat? Please, we haven't ate or drank anything all day.
Let me see what I can do.
How would you like your steak cooked? However.
Appreciate it.
Hey, Nicho told me to always trust my instincts.
Your secret's safe with me.
Whatever is eating at Travis is gonna drive him to the wrong decision sooner or later.
What makes you say that? Because the ends justify the means.
That's how he operates.
Temptation will be too much for him.
So, what do we do? Nicho's over there fighting for us.
We have to do whatever we can to protect them.
We can't let those thugs back there.
The design on the machine dies with us.
No, I'm serious.
Not your life, not my life, not Lauren's.
No one's is more important than what those guys are trying to do.
All right.
I'm with you.
Whatever that means.
Do you know how to rebuild the machine without whatever's in that safe? I could start it, I couldn't complete it.
I need Nicho or Thomas to fill in the gaps.
No, if we can't do it, then no one can.
We probably shouldn't stay here too long.
If you just have them a bunch of combinations that won't work.
All right.
Quiet exit.
While they're all asleep.
I'll tell Lauren.
I'm sorry.
I just dropped by to apologize for my behavior.
It was wrong of me.
You don't say.
I don't mean to be so abrupt.
I'm just so passionate at times, it ends out coming out wrong at times.
Look, today was a rough day.
You lost your father.
Nicho always said, things seem better in the morning, so, why don't you get yourself some sleep? I'll have my men get you something to eat.
That'd be nice.
Have a shot.
I'm fine.
Trust me, Lauren, you need this more than ever.
I hope your father's proud of you.
So, how's that combination coming along? Nothing yet but we'll figure it out.
My men are putting together every possible combination and testing them out right now.
What can I do for you? Just checking to see if Lauren was good for the night.
You guys need anything to eat or drink? She's got a drink here, with me.
You get yourself to bed.
There's a good boy.
Lauren? I'm fine.
I'll see you in the morning.
Something else? Have a goodnight.
That was rude, right? Can't he see that I'm trying to chat with a gorgeous girl? At least he's trying to look out for me, like my brother Nicho asked him to.
You all in love with David? No.
Were you ever in love? Yes.
Who's the lucky guy? You don't talk a lot.
I hope you talk to him.
When I can.
Did you tell him you loved him? Yes.
I'm just not sure if he heard me.
Jenny, stall them for one minute, okay? Just stall them! We gotta go! I love you.
Damn shame, ain't it? Yeah.
There's nothing lucky about being dead.
Thomas, right? How long do you think it'll take you to figure out how these things work? Give it three hours and we'll have a test to fix it.
We're ready to commence animal trial, sir.
We don't have time for that.
You don't want tests? Not with animals.
Might not be safe, sir.
These are like microwaves.
This microwave will save our future.
Sacrificing these soldiers for BioCorp trumps safety.
These are true heroes.
Sir, we don't even know how the machines work.
Time waits for no man.
Get in, get dirty.
This is the only way to understand this marvelous gift we've been given.
I'll start drafting volunteers immediately.
We have an opportunity to do a great service for the company, the world and all of mankind but I need volunteers.
Your mission will be to hunt down by any means necessary the two men and the two women who are not only traders but threaten our very existence.
Bring them to me.