Dystopia (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 [[Narrator] Previously On Dystopia.
Well the connections been severed.
[Thomas] Abandon your ID chip program research.
We need to get together a bunch of scientists.
The best in the country.
Figure out how they built it, what they're gonna do with it.
[Man] So these machines can transport a man back in time.
[Nicholai] The safe box contains blueprints to the machine design.
Everything you'll need.
I want you to write down any and all numbers significant to you and Nicholai.
I know the combination, I didn't give it to them.
- You don't want tests? - Not with the animals.
[David] Word of advice kid.
Football's on it's way out.
Learn how to shoot a gun.
I owe you far more than I can ever repay.
Perhaps we could pull in a big favor one day.
I'm gonna have to kill you and your family if you don't listen to me.
(gun bangs) Stop talking and go find him.
I want those men that killed my son.
(lock clicking) (somber music) [Travis] Anything? [White Guy] Nope, I've tried every single number she gave me and every single possible combination.
Okay, she said there's a key behind the wall.
You still got Ming out there right? - Yeah.
- Alright good.
Radio him and tell him to get moving.
- Go by choice.
- What was that? Nothing.
There's got to be a way to crack this open.
You've seen the video, it'll destroy everything inside.
It's probably a bluff.
There's only one way in.
That's through the combination, figure it out.
[White Man] She is hiding something.
- [Travis] Probably.
- I'm not hiding anything.
I've given you every meaningful number that I can think of.
So where's this place? In what used to be Vegas.
Here is the address.
There is a community of people that are living outside of Biocorporal.
Peacefully living.
Sweetheart, crying is about as much use as tits on a bull.
Okay, we'll get our guy out there.
But it'll take a bit of time.
Thank you.
(ominous music) (click) [News Reporter] And now for tonight's top story.
Today Nobel Peace Prize winning BIOCORP made history by administering the cure for cancer.
Available to the entire world's population in exchange for their compulsory enrollment in the ID chip program.
Which allows for increased population security.
BIOCORP CEO stated, "It takes a brave man" "to knock on the door of evolution" "without knowing what lies on the other side".
"But we've taken the first brave step" "to improving our children's future today".
"Go through the door and what awaits you" "on the other side is something worth fighting for".
Wise words indeed.
And a momentous day for all of us.
I'm sure you can agree.
[News Room Camera Op] And we're clear.
(air kisses) (click) There's been another development sir.
Well I would imagine it is.
We're not here to chit chat, what is it? Well sir, apparently the Unity of Lost Children have their meeting room scientists.
I was told they were all dead.
That report was erroneous, sir.
Seems they were rescued by the children after we took the building.
- We have the building.
- Yes sir.
We have it again.
There was a second assault.
The Speaker lied to me.
Perhaps sir, but the information coming in right now is just so unclear that we don't Don't try to cover up for him.
No sir, I'm just trying to clarify this situation.
We need to look at this as a golden opportunity.
Those rebels have been a thorn in my side for a very, very long time.
Unfortunately, launching an all out assault upon them has been a very unpopular distraction.
You tell The Speaker that we will not tolerate failure.
Yes sir, immediately.
(bags zipping) [Commander Dane] In here soldier.
You sure this safe sir? It's worked before.
Good thing sir.
Remember when you get to the other side find them.
- They're very dead sir.
- Not in 2017.
Our scientists have discovered they are alive and well.
Get as much recon as you can.
Do you wan them dead or alive sir? Whatever's most expedient.
You'll not only be doing BIOCORP and mankind a favor, but the Lord Almighty is on our side in this struggle.
It's good versus evil.
What if I get stuck sir? Like them.
[Commander Dane] You won't.
They weren't the sharpest tools.
You are trained BIOCORP soldier.
Yes sir.
Your time of glory is at hand.
Here soldier, take this.
[Biocorp Soldier] Thank you sir.
Let's do it.
Everybody out.
(machine beeping) - Activate.
- Clear.
Five, four, three, two, one.
(Biocorp Soldier screams) What's wrong? [Biocorp Scientist] I have no idea.
(Biocorp Soldier screams) Help me sir.
(Biocorp Soldier screams) (beep) Prep it for the next one.
[Commander Dane] Maybe we should use lab animals.
It takes less time.
It's less Less what? Expensive.
Dead soldiers are free.
Fix it.
Prep for the next one.
Burn all this.
Send in the next one.
You know they don't all believe in it.
Huh? Time travel.
I do.
What are you talking about? I took your advice, buddy.
I gave up football and I learned to shoot.
What, that was you? That was what a few days ago for you? - Yeah.
- 20 years ago for me.
But I bet I remember it just as well.
I remember you never said thank you.
Thank you, the world ended four years later and you knew it was coming.
Why would I possibly thank you? (shower running) We're gonna get that combo.
Leave me.
So, how are we gonna get to the sea with all these fools around? Gotta keep Travis occupied for one thing.
And I suppose you have a plan for that? Poison? That's a bit extreme, don't you think? I'm not so sure.
How are we gonna find poison in this dump? Pretty poison? (exhales sharply) Okay.
I guess I'll have to do what it takes.
We have to protect the future.
Don't try to make your idea of me seducing someone into some sort of lofty word say.
You gotta get nasty with him in there for us to get the hell outta here.
Hey, if anything happens I need to tell you the nomination.
Should be some over here.
- [Nicholai] That's him.
- [Thomas] Yeah that's him? [Nicholai] Yeah.
[Thomas] Are you sure that's the right guy? [Nicholai] It's definitely the right guy.
[Thomas] Alright, let's go.
Excuse me, sir are you Professor Howard? Yes, I am.
- I'm Nicholai.
- And I'm Thomas.
I'm sorry we're massive fans.
Nice to meet you gentleman.
- Wow.
- Can't believe it.
It's such a great honor.
Your accomplishments, everything you wrote here is amazing.
Really I'm flattered.
- See we're authors and - [Nicholai and Thomas] Right.
And we wanted to write a book about you And your genius.
What about me exactly, do you want to write about? (elevator dings) May we ride with you and we'll take a moment to tell you.
Right after you sir, come on.
Howard] I guess.
This is so unreal, huh? Professor, we'd like to talk to you about writing a book about your research.
Theories on temporal physics.
I've never quite heard it called that before.
Well we think it's the best way to describe what it is you do.
Still doing a research based book on a researcher that's very meta.
(machine whirring) Oh great.
- [Thomas] Are we stuck? - I don't know.
I certainly hope not.
What? [Dr.
Howard] Hit the call button.
What's the call? Look Professor Perfect.
The meda, what was that thing you said about the meda? Meta with a T.
Research on researchers? Professor maybe we could just ask you a couple of questions you know.
About me or time travel? What we need is your personal, how should I say? - Ethical.
- Ethical take on the matter, you know.
Look, presently I just don't have a lot of time to deal with this.
That isn't true at all Professor.
We have loads of time.
So how about we just ask you a few questions.
We'll jot down some notes, take it back to the editor.
- Yeah.
- Then come back with a book proposal.
Who's your editor? - Jennifer.
- Jennifer.
- The good one.
- [Thomas] Good, good one.
- Yeah.
- Is she a science editor? Because I don't want anybody who doesn't understand what I'm talking about overseeing a book about me and my work.
No, no, no, no.
I can assure you between the two of us we know enough about this to do this justice.
Trust me.
So what kind of deal do we have on the table here? A deal.
The money gentleman? [Nicholai and Thomas]The money.
[Thomas] This is like a first.
This is more like a conversational kinda thing.
And then we're gonna you know cross the T's, dot the I's and then boop.
This is probably a matter better taken up with my literary agent if you wouldn't mind.
They know the combination.
Watch them closely.
(suspenseful music) I hope to teach a class on time travel someday.
That would be fantastic.
(laughs) Sign us up, right.
(Nicholai laughs) But it's been difficult to convince administration it's worth it.
Practicality is the bottom line order of the day.
There's no such thing as pure research universities anymore.
Perhaps our work together will convince him otherwise.
See that they need this class, you know.
That is your best selling point yet.
Imagine that time travel schools.
Howard] Now that would be something wouldn't it? 'Course you'd probably have the problem of the seniors ditching out on class once they figured out they could party in ancient Babylon.
(laughter) So professor, tell us.
Are there rules to time travel? Ah, now we get to the fun stuff.
What I'm trying to say is can you explain it in the most practical application? [Dr.
Howard] Of course.
Are there rules, well sure.
And they are quite serious actually.
If you don't follow them you could end up dead, lost in time, or the most frightening of them you could destroy the future.
Some people might want to destroy the future.
So what are these rules exactly? Well the first one is the one that most people fundamentally misunderstand and I blame it on lack of knowledge, Hollywood, what have you.
Well, here it is.
You cannot change the past.
No way, no how.
You cannot, or you should not? Can not.
Why? Because the Butterfly Effect? In a way.
Okay so.
What you're saying is you can't even alter the past, not even a little bit? If you change it even a little bit you throw everything else out of whack.
Well that makes it sound like you can, you just shouldn't.
In a sense it's both.
If you try and change the past, something in the past, the future changes.
Therefore what was the past, ceases to be your past.
Sounds like an existential problem to me.
The problem of one's existence is very real here, and not a theoretical or spiritual plane.
I don't get it, I don't understand.
Imagine you had a time machine that you could use.
Give it some kind of practical example.
If I were to go back to yesterday and force myself to stay in bed all day.
I have not changed the past.
What I have done in essence just changed that specific moment in that present.
So everything that comes after that is a new reality based on that choice.
So if I return to today, even if my staying in bed had real, clear, recognizable consequences I would only recognize it as a result of my new present.
You can change the future, but you can not change the past.
Okay, so I get it now.
So in that sense the future is never new, but simply your current reality.
- Exactly.
- [Thomas] No, no.
What does that movie tell us in Back to the Future? That if we have the technology, we can go back in time and we can change things.
And it will effect everything, past, present, and future.
It's like a documentary to you people, right? Well not really.
It's full of holes and there's one major difference.
What's that? I've never traveled through time.
Professor, we've also seen that you've written a lot about temporal distortion.
Can you ad lib on that? Yes, it's a key component of my research.
And one of the primary tenants of time travel.
Though I'm still trying to discover the mechanics of it on a theoretical plane.
Why only on a theoretical sense? Because unless you know somebody who's holding out on me and the rest of the world.
Mechanically it does not exist yet.
It doesn't have to exist yet.
It can exist tomorrow.
Isn't that the wonderful realm of possibility that we're talking about? Professor, does temporal distortion allow physical coexistence on all parts of time? Why do you ask? Think about it on two time planes.
Can one body coexist on both time planes concurrently? Where are you getting these questions from? - Yeah, you.
- Your research.
You've done so much of it, it's gone quite in depth.
And we drew our own conclusions about the nature of time.
But also wanted to learn about time travel for ourselves.
It would seem the two of you know a lot more about little old moi than you've let on.
Our guy's on the way.
He'll get there soon.
I don't know that Nico was thinking.
- That's a good question.
- So now what? - We turn to the past.
- How the machine's at the apartment.
(ominous music) We are running out of time.
So I'm gonna give you one simple command.
Give me the combo.
I don't know the combination.
I told you.
I'll tell you what I'd like.
I'd like to defeat BIOCORP and save the future.
But I'd like help in doing that.
But I don't seem to be getting help that I need.
In the immortal words of the great George W.
Bush, "You're either with us, or against us".
Which one are you? I'm with you.
I'm with you.
Then give me the combination.
Shooting me is not going to help you.
- What will? - Trust.
- Trust? - Trust.
Put down the gun.
Huh, put it down.
I'm surprised at you.
I'm surprised that you haven't figured it out.
I don't know what he could have meant.
Oh no, not that.
Stop talking about him, he's gone.
This is about new beginnings anyway, right? You know.
You're so tough.
But underneath it I suspect you're kind.
You don't know me.
I want to change that.
I bet you're all muscle.
So hard, nice.
You aint seen nothing yet.
I haven't seen enough.
I know that.
You disappoint me though.
How is that? A gentleman always offers a lady a drink.
What's a lady drink? (suspenseful music) Pour yourself some.
(chuckles) No.
Straight from the bottle for me.
(Travis moans) Come closer.
(glass clanks) (Travis groans) Bitch.
Drop the bottle now.
(glass shatters) Liar.
(Jenny groans) Get into the safe room now.
[Man] Copy that, heading to the safe room now.
Ow, ow.
You're hurting me.
I'm devastated by that.
I just didn't trust you.
Too late to be an apologist.
I'll do whatever you want.
Oh, I know you will.
(Jenny coughing) Okay the principles.
Okay our theory of coexistence on both time periods.
The time distortion allows it.
So wait a minute.
How do you know that there's a distortion? Because it's one of the basics of time and space.
In order to make any time travel trip you have to bend or rip that.
And so you postulate that this distortion allows for an entity to exist in both sides of the time and both sides of the bend.
- Yes.
- Yeah, like a mirror.
But instead of a reflection of atomic light particles it's a reflection of atomic carbon particles.
- Yes.
- [Dr.
Howard] The person is the reflection and like the light particles they exist on both sides.
- Yeah.
- Exactly.
- Brilliant.
- Yeah.
F equals MA, mate.
Take everything we have said as read.
But now we have another problem.
The time that exists in between the two periods that's what we haven't figured out yet.
- Let me have a try at it.
- Yeah, please.
And I thought you came to interview me for a book.
(chuckles) Yeah, we do.
It's fine if you don't.
I mean we're all sort of brothers in arms in this.
But let's have a look at this.
Alright, if you take this equation and you get rid of this.
This didn't come from any equation of mine.
Nope, we read all of your materials every day.
Actually, it's just you.
Don't mistake middle age for gullible.
We were inspired professor by circumstance.
Where did the question come up? Why would it be necessary to answer some? What's that? - It's just a tattoo.
- Who do you work for? What do you mean? I've seen barcode tattoos before and I've always thought they were sort of an odd personal choice.
But let me see it? That a sign that only lets you know that was not a scar once.
Who do you work for? [Thomas] No one.
We're alone, professor.
Where are you from? That's kinda hard to explain.
Try explaining it scientifically.
How about we explain it hypothetically.
There are two chaps trapped in a past they don't belong to.
They've made the trip from a future they don't want to go back to.
And they're trying to change things.
And we need some help.
What happened? Hypothetically? Hypothetically speaking, let's say they got disconnected from the future.
Howard scoffs) You can't get disconnected from the future because if you disconnect the time space continuum then they would just cease to exist.
And yet here we are.
- They are.
- Here they are.
Well perhaps not then.
Problem they face professor is that they can't get home.
Howard] How did they get here or to this time in the first place? Let's say they built a machine of some sort.
The one that bent the temporal distortion.
Why don't they just build another machine and go back? Because you can't build a machine to travel forward.
Then they are stuck here.
Living out someone else's future.
They could send a message to the future and the machine could reconstructed.
And then, they could reconnect to the continuum.
And possibly that way they might get home.
That'll work.
- [Thomas] Yeah.
- Yeah.
(elevator beeps) Oh how about that? Thank you so much professor.
Wait aren't you guys coming back to my office? Oh, we have to go now.
Look I've got like a thousand questions I've got to ask.
Professor I promise we're come and see you again and we'll talk.
Can I see your arm? It's the same as his.
Please? Is this what we have to look forward to? Not if we can help it.
(elevator dings) - Good luck.
- You too.
(machine whirring) - So what do you think? - About what? About sending a message.
I think it's worth a try.
(machine whirring) That creep built this cage.
It's got to have a freaking flaw.
(Lauren breathes heavily) What are you doing, what's wrong? He was watching us the entire time.
Listening to every word.
Just waiting.
I know you're watching us creep.
I dare you to come down here and that with me.
(Lauren screams) (Lauren breathes heavily) I messed up David pretty bad.
And you did nothing? It's not fair.
None of this is fair Jenny.
Oh, I see so.
If I'm not screaming at the walls I'm not doing us any good? Oh yeah, whatever you're doing isn't doing us any good.
Well at least I'm doing something.
I'm not just criticizing.
Okay, okay.
Trying to seduce some guy is that what we're doing now? What do you want from me, huh? Look I miss Thomas and my brother just as much as you, okay.
What do you think they're doing to David? Besides Thomas, Nico.
David's the only one who knows the machine.
What do you think they're doing Lauren? You think he'll break? Everybody breaks.
Everybody breaks.
Aright the safe contains an acidic substance.
If anyone forces it the vial will break and all data will be lost.
Jenny I love you.
You're the only one who has the combination to this.
(beep) Got it.
How was it? - It's good.
- [Nicholai] Okay.
(phone rings) Oh.
Oh, hey Doc.
How's your father? Alive, he's alive.
A sunburst of energy.
We had the kind of conversations we had back in the day.
That's good to hear.
We have the blueprints for you now.
We're gonna give it to you the next time we see you.
We need you to put it in a safe.
You know where and you know how we want it rigged right? [Doc] Yes.
Now Doc, my wife has the combination to this.
You know when it's the right time.
[Doc] Incredible to think of that.
I'll do my best to make sure that everything happens the way it should.
No don't try too hard.
Just live your life.
But you are a part of that right? Aren't you? [Nicholai] I suppose that's true.
When you meet with the nurse I've given her all the information you requested along with some cash.
Thanks Doc.
It's the least that I could do.
I told you I could never repay you.
You don't need to.
You're a good man.
[Doc] You mentioned a list? Yeah, we need their addresses.
[Doc] From who? There's eight of them that are pivotal to this BIOCORP project that we're dealing with.
They're a huge key to the launch of the virus.
And what will you do to them? What we have to.
Hopefully they listen and do the right thing.
But if they don't Doc, you know what's at stake.
I have to go.
Look we need it soon though, Doc okay.
I understand.
Give the list of names to the nurse along with the data.
And I'll work on it quickly.
Okay thanks Doc.
Talk to you soon.
(phone beeps) (exhales sharply) So this list huh? It's a death list.
How do you want to handle that? Split it up.
You know I think we should stick together.
No, cover more ground that way.
We'll save time.
Ah, time.
That precious commodity that we have so little and so much of.
We don't have much time here though.
Did you mean what you said? About killing those that don't listen? It's only our last resort, okay.
Just worried about the Butterfly Effect.
I am too.
Thomas this may be our only chance to ensure we have a future.
Nico, what if something else happens, huh? I don't know.
What if a meat virus happens? They'll start killing everybody in the meat factory.
We both know that doesn't happen.
It might, Nico.
We're here, we're changing things.
But you heard the professor.
We can't change the past.
This isn't our past.
This isn't some date and time we read about in a history book.
This doesn't belong to us.
It's different.
Our past is gone.
Our future's gone.
We're changing everything.
The future's here.
My wife is here.
I'm not blind to why we're doing what we're doing, Nico.
I miss her too.
I'm just saying we gotta be careful.
[Nicholai] We are being careful.
We have to be brave too.
This place.
Feels different.
Doesn't feel like home.
Not without them.
We can make it home.
Starting today.
(spraying paint) I miss them too.
(somber music) Senator.
Thank you very much for seeing me sir.
Ah, you're welcome, have a seat.
How can I help you? Well actually, I think it's more about how I can help you.
(chuckles) I've heard that line before.
And it usually means I help you first.
Okay fair enough.
But Senator what is the single greatest threat people face? Whether on foreign or domestic soil? - Terrorism.
- Of course.
Whether it's violent or cyber or whatever.
What do all the intelligence agencies always like to complain about lacking the most? Intelligence.
(chuckles) Assets.
Because when you really think about it what we like to call intelligence is really just the process of gathering as much information as possible from as many different sources as possible.
What are these? Oh those? Those sir, that's just the future.
The future? Huh? It's because I have a vision of a world that we'll all be able to live in.
It has absolutely zero crime.
Because every single person is gonna be able to be tracked via a computer and microchip networking system that we are going to build.
And that way, if somebody does commit a crime they will instantaneously be able to be tracked, apprehended, and prosecuted in accordance with the law.
Never again will someone get away with Ray give me a moment please? Yes sir.
I'm listening Mr.
How does this work? So is gonna work? I mean it's the only way we're gonna get around separately.
I know but why would you give me a car? I don't exactly got money.
Don't worry about that, I got that covered.
Use this card once and toss it, throw it away.
I guess I'll wait out here.
I'll be right back.
Well? How are we gonna get the people to swallow this potentially bitter pill? I mean, allowing them all to be tagged.
I mean convincing our own people is gonna be tough enough.
But you are telling me that the entire world is going to fall in line.
You don't advertise it by saying, "Oh, you're gonna be safe from crime".
You make the people want it.
Go on.
Well, guess we gotta take care of business.
Well let's not mess this up.
Don't look at me when you say that.
We gotta do whatever it takes to change the world.
Yeah, good luck.
Hey Nicholai? Let's give them a chance to change their minds, okay.
I'm the compassionate one, remember.
I know but I messed up with that BIOCORP guy.
And I think if we give them a chance we could save everybody.
I agree.
See you soon.
(car doors close) (engines revving) These are medical files.
Ingenious, the chip is some sort of medical device.
This indicates that you have been sitting on the cure for cancer.
Remember that pill we were talking about? Yeah.
That's how we sweeten it up.
Not only that but the chip is capable of monitoring, storing, and transmitting life saving immediate bodily functions.
I mean, what are the people going to think when they find out that they are being monitored all the time? They'll know they're being saved from cancer.
They're gonna sign up for it.
I mean, we're not gonna hide the fact from 'em.
And at first it's gonna feel a little overwhelming but this is gonna go down in history as being the single greatest act of security in the history of mankind.
Period Barnon.
What's in it for me, specifically? Power.
Your place in history, sir.
You're going to be the man that cures cancer.
I mean, you're going to be able to write your own check.
Do you want to be President? Do you want your son to be President? I mean, what do you want? Because of you, no one is ever gonna have to live in fear.
Because of you no one is going to die of cancer.
Because of you no one is ever gonna have to fear for their safety again.
No one's ever gonna be scared of crime or vandalism or assault or anything such as that.
Because of you everyone's gonna feel safe.
Because of you never again are parents ever gonna loose a child and be left wondering why.
That will never happen again.
Because of you, Senator.
You're gonna have the support of the Senate.
Thank you Senator.
You just took a vital step in making this world safe.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Jenny] Pick up the pace.
- [Lauren] I'm trying.
- Try harder.
He's coming.
Good morning girls.
How long do you plan on keeping us here? - Depends.
- On what? Your cooperation.
You stupid enough to think you could really control this? Shut your mouth woman.
Before I shut it for you.
You'll ruin everything.
Certain events must be set right.
You'll destroy us all.
Time is like a pond.
What? Imagine a stone, it hits water.
It creates a ripple, it's chaos.
It changes everything forever.
But it's only temporary.
The body of water will become calm again.
The body of water is still there.
And so is the stone.
It's changed forever.
But it's one small stone.
One small stone that can kill a young boy and make him slip and crack his head open or to kill the savior of the Venetian.
My children have suffered too long.
What kind of man would I be to let it continue? Your men are like sheep.
You watch your step with me.
You don't understand anything.
Oh, I understand completely.
It's like killing a dictator as a young boy.
You don't know if you can end up with someone worse.
I've heard these stories before.
Yeah, well then why don't you start listening to them.
Don't touch her.
Is that any way to speak to your father? Open the cell.
[Lauren] What are you gonna do? Take her to my room.
No, no, no, please.
Get out of here.
(Lauren screams) [Jenny] Lauren.
What is wrong with you? Lauren.
I See a road Where I go Where you go You See a man No one knows No one knows And I've got hope in my hands Please keep me warm With your love I'm gonna fly to the moon Oh I'm alone with your love I see a shape No mistake No mistake You see a lie No more time Mo more time To deny I've got my mind on you My mind on you No more time To deny I've got my mind on you My mind on you I've got hope In my hands Please keep me warm With your love I'm gonna fly to the moon Oh I'm alone With your love (Vocalizing)