Dystopia (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[Announcer] Previously on Dystopia.
The safe box has an acidic substance.
So if it's forced open the vial will break and all data will be lost.
There's gotta be a way to crack this open.
So where's this place? There's a community of people that are living outside of BIOCORP world.
Okay, we'll get our guy out there.
(screaming) Dead soldiers are free, prep for the next one.
[Travis] We're gonna get that combo.
Abandon your ID Chip program research.
My director of special programs, he oversees everything.
He will know exactly what is going on.
I will ask him What's his name? Brandon Brandon what? Davidson.
You mentioned a list? [Nico] We need their addresses.
There's eight of them that are pivotal to this BIOCORP project that we're dealing with.
They're a huge key to the loss of the virus.
And what will you do to them? [Thomas] Let's give 'em a chance to change their minds.
[Nico] Hey, I'm the compassionate one, remember? Open the cell, take her.
[Jenny] Lauren, Lauren! [Thomas] Did I ever tell you about my dad? No.
- I didn't? - No.
He used to make this pig snorting noises to cheer me up if he thought I was depressed.
(both laughing) Serious, that was his thing he did.
Make pig noises? [Thomas] Mm-hmm, yeah, all the time.
Did it work? No, not once ever, but he did it like it did.
You know, it was like his thing.
Oh, you're upset, let me do this.
It was terrible.
Excuse me, can we get another one? - Yeah.
- Another one? Another two.
Another two, okay.
What'd it sound like? Like it was a proper pig snorting, like a (snorting).
[Nico] Like a real? (laughs) Like that would make somebody be happy again.
I used to hate it.
He did it in front of all my friends.
I'm sure it lost me like four girlfriends.
[Nico] Maybe more than that.
And I was already the Brit kid in America.
I didn't need another reason to be bullied.
What happened to him? He died in the riots.
It was okay, you know, because he was a hero to me.
He died saving my mum.
You know, died protecting the woman he loved.
Worse ways to go than that.
But everyday since that, I was thinking I hated that pig snorting noise and I would give anything to hear it one more time.
Were you there when he died? No.
Why don't you try to find him? We're here.
What would I say? We're time-travelers from the future trying to save the world.
Well, I wouldn't start the conversation that way, but [Thomas] Yeah, I know.
Listen we got time, you should at least try.
I did, I found him.
Where? He's sitting at the end of the bar.
What are you waiting for? What would I say to him, Nico? Would I tell him he doesn't make it? Would I tell him my mum doesn't make it? Would I tell him none of us are gonna make it? I'm not gonna do that to him.
I'm not gonna upset him.
Although I did think of a way to make his day today just a little happier.
[Nico] What's that? I could buy him a beer.
Excuse me, can I get one more shot please and a beer for the gentleman at the end of the bar.
(engaging dramatic music) Today Nobel Peace Prize-winning BIOCORP made history by administering the cure for cancer available to the entire world's population in exchange for their compulsory enrollment in the ID chip program which allows for increased population security.
BIOCORP CEO stated, "We have all suffered loss in our lives, "when our loved ones are stolen from us before their time.
"Today we fight for the people we love.
"We can't hold on just a little bit longer.
" And that's all for tonight.
And, we're clear.
[News Anchor] Hey, baby.
(machines whirring) (alarms blaring) (people screaming) What's going on? We need to figure this out.
[Scientist] We're losing them! (screaming) [Woman] Oh my God, help me! (alarms blaring) Let me out! Oh, my God! (machines flat-line beeping) We are wasting time.
We are getting close.
Close, that's your idea of close? 30 attempts, 30 dead volunteers, that's what you call close? The variables are too vast.
We need more data.
Isn't that what we are paying these scientists for? Whoever was here locked us out of the protocols as a fail-safe against replicating the workflow.
They're a disappointment.
Well then replace them, right now! Replace them, get these out of here, out.
[Soldier] Alright, let's go.
I want your best scientists.
I don't know if anyone else would be any more successful.
What are you saying? Protocols, they're encoded.
Well then find someone to break the codes! Those women from the apartment, they would know how.
They maybe even set the code.
Great, do we know where they are? Our scanners show that they're with The Unity of Lost Children terrorist cell.
Oh, that degenerate, so he adopted two more daughters into his household.
Disgusting group.
Get the women and bring them here.
And The Lost Children? Leave them in the ground, just get the girls here! Incompetence.
(knocking) Yes? Brandon Davidson? Yes.
(engine revving) (tires screeching) (vomiting) (sobbing) You've bungled this whole situation from the very beginning! Your inability to deal with your people and your responsibilities.
Please forgive me, Mr.
The hell with forgiveness! If you can't do your job then I'll get somebody who can.
You understand? Yes sir, I do.
What about the technology, can it be replicated? Our people are working on it right now.
If it's replicated we're gonna need a lot of those little chambers and we're gonna need 'em fast.
Of course sir, but I'll need more men and more resources.
And you'll have 'em.
In the meantime, you send your best man to hunt down those bastards, you get it? Sir, we're still unsuccessful with proper stasis thus far.
Then figure it out! We're running out of time.
Yes, Mr.
I want somebody to keep an eye on him.
He's our top man, sir.
(chuckles) I hope I'm our top man.
Anybody else, I don't trust.
(car alarm beeps) (screaming) Shh, shh, don't, don't move! Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop it, don't move.
- Okay - Don't move, don't move.
Please don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me! Hey, shh! Keep your voice, keep your voice down.
- Okay, okay.
- Keep your voice down.
Please, I have credit cards, I have Hey stop, I'm not here to rob you.
- Okay, okay, please.
- I'm not here to rob you.
- Please don't.
- I'm not here to rob you.
I'm not here to rob you.
I'm a married woman, please don't.
Shh, I'm not here for that, either.
What do you want? What do you want? (whimpering) I wanna kill you, Kyla.
(gasping) How do you, how do you know my name? How do you know my name? I know a great deal about you, about the future.
What? What? My future? What are you talking about? My future? You don't believe me, you wouldn't believe.
What's your name? Thomas is my name.
Thomas, okay Thomas, why are you doing this? Because I'm saving the world.
I'm saving the future.
Hey! (squealing) - Get out.
- Stop it, stop it.
Do you think I'm stupid? No, no, no, I don't.
Put your hands on the wheel, put your hands on the wheel.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, Thomas.
Just tell me about the future, Thomas.
Don't do that, don't try and play with me.
Don't try and handle me.
Don't try and talk me down.
No, I Okay, I'm not to be toyed with.
I won't and I'm not, I'm not.
You don't believe me? You don't believe what I'm gonna say to you.
That you and our future share something in common.
What? What? That's right, I know about you.
I know all about you.
I know that you've been trying to have a baby for a year.
How? Seeing doctor after doctor after doctor and nothing helped.
I know that you're seeing a specialist next month and that won't help either.
You don't know that, you bastard! You don't know that! Yes, I do.
Yes, I do.
- No, you don't know.
- All that lies ahead for you, Kyla, is a crushing defeat.
It'll never happen.
Why are you doing this? See, that pain and that anguish that you feel right now, that hopelessness, that despair? You multiply that by six billion people and you have what happens in our world because of you.
I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm sorry too, Kyla! - Oh, God! I really am, but I gotta do this.
(sobbing) Stop it.
Please don't! - Stop! - Please don't, please don't! Please don't kill me! Give me one good reason.
- Please, please.
- Give me one good reason.
My husband, I'm all he has left, please! Please, please! Why should I care about you or your husband? Don't you have someone to live for, please? Better than that, I've got someone worth killing for.
No, something good, something to fight for.
Something to get back to, where the pain isn't so much.
Please, you're not a monster.
Shut up.
Please, please.
Please, please.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Oh, my! (car door slamming) Oh, my God! (sobbing) Oh, my God! (somber music) [TV Announcer] For over half a century BIOCORP has been working to protect you and your children.
At the cutting-edge of pharmaceutical research, nano-technology, and disease prevention.
Our goal is to keep you safe.
BIOCORP, protecting our future.
For over half a century (phone buzzes) Tell the generals to start drawing up contingency plans for putting an end to the rebels, okay? Eliminating them? Yeah, it's time to put an end to this.
[Aide] Yes, Mr.
(dramatic engaging music) Ming, this is Luke, come in.
Ming, this is Luke, come in.
Ming, this is Luke, you receiving? Ming, receiving.
[Luke] Anything? I've reached the town.
What do you see? I don't see much, it looks pretty quiet.
They can't be that difficult to find, surely.
There's meant to be a whole community there.
[Ming] It doesn't look like anyone's been here for years.
(tense music) I'm gonna go check some more of the houses.
Alright, well remember, they're hiding.
So look everywhere! [Ming] Copy.
(crashing) I know what you're thinking.
You think we're evil, sending a guy out there, over the wall, alone, in danger.
But what's at stake here is bigger than anyone! Spare me the justification speech.
I do wonder if there's anything actually out there in the dust or anything to hope for.
But right now I suspect that there is nothing and that this whore is lying to me to buy time.
And that's what this is all about, time.
[Ming] Sir, there's nothing here.
What do you want me to do? (radio smashing) (knocking) Brought you a peace offering.
Have a drink.
I'm just trying to make this easier on you, you know.
Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are? I hate this part, but I'm afraid it must be done.
Authority must be respected at all times.
Wouldn't you agree, Lauren? I know the combination.
What? Jenny knows it, too.
She just didn't wanna tell you.
Then give it up.
I'll give it to you if you let us go.
It's when Jenny's baby died.
Which is? Zero seven, zero five, three six.
That's my girl, you did the right thing.
(lock rattling) Three six.
(sobbing) (pounding) Did you just play me? You weren't gonna let us go were you, Travis? I'd rather die than let anything happen to Thomas or Nico.
There are worse things than death.
(punching) Let go of me! (choking and slapping) Stay still! (gasping) (slapping) Get off! No! (disturbing dramatic music) (Lauren screaming and crying) You leave her alone, you leave her alone! What are you gonna do, huh? What, you gonna ride in there on a white horse and save her? Stop it, you're a monster! How can you let him do this to her? He is our leader, he trained us.
We would do anything for him! If he wants to have some fun who I am to stop him? She's not one of you.
Things change.
Okay, okay, go on.
Do it, you bastard.
You coward.
I won't yet, I know you know the code to that safe.
(laughs) Yeah, I do actually.
And I was about five seconds away from opening the thing when you idiots came in.
Should have been a little more patient, huh? Idiot! (spitting) Now you're never gonna get it open.
(guns firing rapidly) [Soldier] Level cleared, moving upstairs.
(guns firing rapidly) (dramatic music) Take them outta here.
How do you feel now, child? Just do it.
(tense music) Do it! (gun firing) (grunting) [Radio] Keep your eyes on the second target.
Careful, we need this one alive.
[Soldier] Two on him, two on him.
[Soldier] Let's go, get up! [Soldier] Room secure.
Is this their patriarch of the family? [Soldier] Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
Watch her.
(guns clicking) You know, I might even get a promotion after your execution.
You will never silence The Lost Children.
(thudding and grunting) You're nothing but a fear-monger.
All your attempts to spread chaos and terror have failed.
I don't know about that.
She seemed terrified of me.
(laughs) Hold it.
My dear, how would you like to experience true power? What? This is true power.
It gives the ultimate advantage to whoever wields it.
Brave men crumble in the face of it.
What do you mean? Allow me to demonstrate.
You see how even Travis gets nervous at the thought of death? I don't think he's quite ready to die for his cause.
Nope, not yet.
(suspenseful music) What are you doing? I'm giving you control, kill him.
Kill the bastard that raped you.
[Lauren] I can't.
Sure you can, his death is warranted.
Think of all the crimes he's committed, all the atrocities his so-called Children relish in.
She doesn't have the guts.
That's it.
She's not gonna do it.
She's not gonna sully her hands on me.
See how he mocks you? Are you gonna give him the satisfaction? Are you gonna let him win? Do it! There, you even have his permission.
Either you kill him quickly or my men will do it slowly.
(breathes heavily) I can't.
(laughing) I knew you couldn't do it.
You're nothing but a stupid (gun firing) (eerie music) [Commander Dane] You're welcome.
This will all be over soon.
The human race? Always so dramatic.
You spend so much time fighting us you fail to see the reality of the situation, that the Speaker's intentions are good.
Good? How do you figure that exactly? He rescued you from the terrorist cell, didn't he? Out of the frying pan into the fire.
It's an appropriate metaphor.
Why do you follow him blindly? I owe him my life.
Does that make you the only one? You don't understand, what he did for me I would proudly serve him 'til the day I die.
Are we gonna be okay? We will, I promise.
I wouldn't make any promises you can't keep.
[Radio] Sir, we're clearing the terrorist base.
Just awaiting your permission to set the bomb.
[Commander Dane] Leave no survivors.
[Radio] Roger that.
(dark dramatic music) (exploding) (crashing) (rumbling) [Thomas] Hey, how's the mission going? A lot tougher than I expected.
Tough for anybody.
[Nico] I really tried to be reasonable with him.
[Thomas] What happened? I killed Brandon Davidson in front of his kids today.
(dramatic music) We're almost there, mate.
Yeah, almost, but not quite.
I just wonder [Thomas] What about? Sometimes I just wonder that [Thomas] What? I wonder if the people that we're approaching, if they know what they're doing is bad if it's gonna end up bad in the future.
No mate, they don't know.
What makes you say that? [Nico] Because the guy that I got the chip from today, he made a duplicate, he kept in a safe.
He protected it like he knew what it was capable of doing.
Where's the chip now? [Nico] I got it.
[Thomas] Destroy it.
It's done.
Are we doing the right thing, Thomas? [Thomas] We're saving the world, Nico.
Yeah, I guess in a way we are.
I just don't know how much longer I can keep this up.
You can do this, mate.
You're right, I can, I can.
There's the Nico we all know and love.
Are you getting any sleep? Barely man, if I do it's nightmares.
Yeah, yeah, I've been having a few of those.
[Nico] About what? My nightmare, Nico, it's us failing, not being able to get home.
(tense music) (grunting) All that work and we're just gonna sit here? Who the hell do you (thudding) Alright, my apologies, I had to finish the chapter.
It's my favorite book.
Well done, Commander.
Thank you, sir.
So, isn't this a nice surprise? I trust your journey was comfortable? What do you want? And I take it you're not one for pleasantries, then.
(chuckles) Alright, then I'll get right to it.
BIOCORP has grown in profits and power far more than even I ever could have imagined.
But if I could go back and do it over again, of course there are improvements that I would make.
It's all about the profits.
Commander, Commander, please.
We know my distaste for unnecessary violence.
I mean, what would the children think? So, today is your lucky day.
You're just in time to see another one of our attempts at using those machines.
The past results have been disastrous.
Normally, we would use one of our soldiers, but to celebrate your arrival today, we're going to use one of your friends from The Unity of Lost Children.
What? No! Get off of me! Stop! Finally got your attention.
Prep him, now! (dark dramatic music) [Nico] So how did it go with BIOCORP's head of security? Did you talk to him? [Thomas] I tried, but he (gun firing) He didn't listen.
Don't forget why we're doing what we're doing.
Yeah, for the children.
Yeah, for the children.
How many more are there? I'm half-way.
[Nico] Me, too.
I guess you'd better get back to work.
(dramatic music) [Nico] Hello.
Hi, how are you? Hi.
Honey, what did I tell you about talking to strangers? I'm so sorry.
No, it's not a problem.
What's your name? You don't ask strangers that! No, I told you, it's not a problem, really.
My name is Nicholai.
What's your name? Jenny.
That's a beautiful name.
Thank you.
[Mom] Say goodbye to the nice man.
[Mom] You have to be careful to who you talk to Jenny.
I'll see you again.
So, as I understand it, the computer systems hold the data for the proper teleportation protocols but, they seem to be encoded.
Well I need those protocols.
I'll ask you again.
I need those protocols.
(tense music) Nothing? No one? (sighing) Well, then.
(gun firing) No, Lauren! I'll ask you again.
I want the protocols.
I want them now.
[David] Wait, wait.
Don't say anything.
I have no problem killing either one of you.
Tell me.
Your friend, soldier, bring him out here.
Bring him out, come on, to the right! (gun firing) (yelling) I want the protocols, now! Do you think you're safe with someone? We will get this working eventually with or without you and when we do I will see that it will be used to hunt down and kill every member of your families.
You will all be wiped clean from the history of this planet! Now give me the protocols! - Go ahead, do it! - No, no! No, no, no let him.
Let him show us just how powerful a man he is.
Do you really wanna see another woman die? Please, please, I'll show you how it works.
Good boy.
No, what they're doing is more important.
I can't live with this.
What, what? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You made a very astute decision.
But do you think I really trust you? What? Soldier, get him out of here.
It's your lucky day, young man.
We're going to send her.
No, no, I'll send her.
Really? Everyone you've sent is dead! You don't know what you're doing, but I do.
To show you how it works, to show you we can be trusted.
I'll send her and then afterwards we go free.
- Fine.
- What are you doing? - I'm saving our lives.
- No, I'm not his guinea pig! I don't have time for these domestic squabbles! If you don't get going I will put a bullet in each of your heads in 10 seconds and I swear to it.
Let me test the machine to make sure your men haven't damaged it.
Of course, my men have damaged it.
If I was certain that it was working you'd be dead by now! Now you're wasting my time, go, go! Commander.
No, David, David, no! Stand down from that post.
Let go of me! David! Let go of me! David! Oh, shut up! David! (machine whirring) [Computer] System unlocked, welcome back, David.
(tense music) Time displacement protocols loaded.
Well? I can't tell until I've run a full diagnostics.
And how long will that take? A day, maybe two.
Are you kidding me? That's totally unacceptable! Listen to me, this isn't just an issue of killing person after person.
The only way to know if the machine is working properly or not, which is what you want, is for me to test the mechanism first.
Then I'll send Jenny through when I'm sure.
He does have a point, sir.
Do you really think I hate you so much I'd kill the woman I love? I'd do anything for her, anything to save her.
That's reasonable.
I'd say it's even admirable.
Commander, how do we know that the machine won't work right now? Have her strapped in the machine.
Wait, what? Yes, sir.
[Jenny] No, let go of me! [Speaker] We'll send her.
[Jenny] Let go of me! [Speaker] And if she dies I'll do whatever you ask.
Get off of me! You can take all the time you want with your diagnostics.
You, scientists! (Jenny screaming) Listen, watch.
I want to get rid of these people as soon as possible.
Wait, wait, wait, just let me! Really, I thought it would take a day or two? One or two days.
(dark dramatic music) What's that? It's an anesthetic.
Go confirm what's in that syringe.
It's the only way it works.
They have to be asleep on either end before they go through or they die.
You idiots couldn't figure that out on your own? [Computer] System ready, David.
Track the microchip.
(dramatic music) I hope we have success with this one.
We might.
What are you saying to her? I'm just trying to help her relax.
She has to be in a coma-like state before she goes through.
You only have an hour to put yourself to sleep before you come back in.
Don't waste time exploring.
Find Nico and come home.
(breathing heavily) I didn't know.
See you soon.
(dark dramatic music)