Early Edition (1996) s01e12 Episode Script


It just goes on and on and on.
It's the same dream night after night, something falling, something disgusting, but I can't move.
It's horrible.
I know, I know.
All right, all right, calm down, Mr.
You know that you're perfectly safe here, right? Are you sure? I'm positive.
Now, tell me when Excuse me? What? Get away from that skylight! I beg your pardon.
There's something falling! What? Sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, can I help you? Uh, it's blue ice from an airplane.
Frozen? Uh, blue ice from the lavatory? You got it! That's very interesting.
You're here to save us? I-I can't move.
Get him off the couch! I-I can't move.
How long have you had this fantasy? What? This hero complex.
Hero complex? Look, lady Yes.
I-It's coming.
Maybe we should talk about it.
Get him off the couch! It's coming.
I would be happy to treat you, but you have to make an appointment.
What are you doing, sir? My God Aah! (doctor screams) (theme music playing) ANCHORWOMAN: Good morning.
It's a cold Tuesday in Chicago.
Someone turned the heat off in Chicago, and this cold front's here to stay.
Expect highs today in the negative tens, and that's in the sun.
Some schools are closed, and authorities are asking people not to go outside unless you have to.
Take the day off, my friends stay in bed.
(clicks off radio) (cat yowls) (paper thuds against door) Oh, come on, didn't you hear the weather report? (cat meows) (knocking at door) Who is it! CHUCK: Me! Open up! Hi.
What are you doing here? I'm moving in.
(cat yowls) I was gonna give you that.
Middle of the night, the heat goes off in the entire building.
Within 15 minutes, my apartment's the North Pole.
Poor Sparky's bowl starts to ice up.
(sniffles) Can't you call someone? What about the condo association, why don't you call them? No, I called 'em.
They're not coming in today.
It's too cold.
Listen, Chuck When I woke up this morning, my toes were frozen.
I couldn't move 'em.
You should see 'em.
They started turning blue.
That's the first sign of frostbite, you know that? Chuck First they turn blue, then they turn black, then they fall off.
You want to see? No, I don't want to see your toes.
I don't want to s (groans) (groans) Hey, Chuck, why don't you get a hotel room? Because you already have a hotel room.
That's what friends are for, right? Come on, Gare, it'll be just like college.
You and me, roomies again.
Chuck, do you know why I graduated a semester early? 'Cause you and your stuff, it's got a way of, uh, taking over a room.
Come on, Gare, have a heart.
I'm no Eskimo, and poor Sparky here is starting to turn into a frozen fish stick.
His bowl is cracking.
(tapping ice) All right, if you can find a corner to put your stuff and you pick one y-you stay one night.
You won't even know I'm here.
Why'd you just do that? You don't want that.
I got the good stuff.
I grind my own beans.
Kenyan Supreme.
(pops lips, sighs) Mm-hmm.
What is that? Tools of the trade.
You're not going to work today, are you? Getting to work, that's the problem.
So, I decided to buy and sell at home today.
What home? My home? Yeah.
You don't mind, do you? Uh You're a real pal.
Ah, Boswell, bring it on in.
(wry laugh) (chortles) Ah Yeah.
Where you going? (quietly): You can stay one day.
MARISSA: One day? That's not very generous, is it? GARY: Trust me, one day with Chuck is more like one year.
But he's your best friend.
Yes, he is my best friend, and I would like to keep it that way.
So, what are you gonna do? It's a little cold for the beach.
I'll tell you what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna sit here, and I'm gonna play some pool and have a few drinks Read the paper I already read the paper, cover to cover, and there's nothing in it.
Really? Really.
Nothing that needs you to be there? Nope.
You sure about that? Yep.
(slow blues playing) There is there is one little thing.
It's tiny, it's on page 13.
A guy gets broken car.
Wh-What was that? A guy gets hit by a car and breaks his leg, but I'm telling you, it shouldn't even be in there.
But it is.
Yeah, but listen, Marissa, I don't need to go out there and fight Look, I know, I know you don't want to go out; I don't want to go out.
I understand.
(clears throat quietly) Thank you.
On the other hand, it is in there.
Please don't do that.
Not another word.
I got to go out.
Good luck.
That's him.
Hey, mister, you got any change? Yeah, sure.
GARY: Got some right here.
It's not for me, you know, it's for my mom.
She's sick.
Does she need some help? What? Your mom you said she was sick.
No, she's fine.
It's just the money, you know? You look cold.
You got it or not? Yeah, look, that's about all I got.
Hey, mister! Look out, you're about to get hit by a car.
Go away.
(horn honking, brakes screeching) You jerk! You idiot.
What? You heard me.
You just screwed the whole thing up.
You were going to be hit by that car! Of course I was, till you showed up! That car was going to break your leg.
Do you know what this leg is worth? if the guy wants to make a settlement.
Now I got to start the whole thing over again.
I hope you're proud of yourself, Mighty Mouse.
Get away.
Thanks for nothing.
Just what I need, a guy with a hero complex.
Thanks for nothing.
MARISSA: Okay, so the guy was a fake.
You couldn't know that.
No, but I should have.
My nose is frozen stiff.
Well, besides, the guy was going to break his leg.
The paper didn't lie.
But it did send me on some kind of wild, stupid goose chase.
Well, maybe so, maybe not.
Maybe there was a reason it sent you there.
Like what? Maybe it needed you there at that time and that place.
Who knows? Look, anyway, you did what you had to do.
So now you can spend the rest of the day inside, right? You betcha.
Whereas I have to go visit my mother, in which case I No.
What is it? It's another one in the same spot.
"Woman overcome by smoke.
" I'm not doing it.
What?! It says she recovers.
This isn't a life-and-death situation.
I don't have to go out there for this.
As you wish.
I do wish.
I don't want to go out there.
I don't have to go out there.
I tell you, I'm not going out there.
No, I mean it.
I got to go.
Good luck.
Get out of the way, please.
Let's get another hose going over there.
Make sure the pressure's up! You got everybody out? All of 'em.
That's good, let's move 'em back, come on.
Excuse me.
You missed somebody.
What? Uh, third floor, Who are you, her husband? No, I'm not her husband, I Chief, got a flare-up in the back.
Okay, are you sure you got everyone out of the building? There's nobody in there.
Look, could you just check? Yeah, we'll do that.
Everybody wants to be a fireman.
Hey, mister, you got any change? What? Do I know you? Yeah, I just gave you money an hour ago.
You got any more? It's for my sister; She's sick.
Oh, yeah? How's your mom doing? She's better.
A dollar will do.
I thought you said you wanted change.
You don't have any.
Remember? You gave it all away.
I really appreciate this.
Just don't think you can do Hey! Hey! Come on, everybody, let's go.
Come on, let's move back.
Did you find out Sir, you got to step back, now, come on.
Hey! Hey, the woman in 312.
MAN (in distance): He's got one up there! Mrs.
Rossmore? Mrs.
Rossmore? Mrs.
Rossmore? Mrs.
Rossmore, you got to get out.
Leave me alone.
Rossmore, open the door now! (whispering): Not till my stories are over.
Ross Mrs.
Rossmore? Mrs.
Rossmore, I'm serious! Me, too.
I'm not going anywhere till my story is over.
Now, quiet! There's an emergency.
Shh! It can wait.
Rossmore, there's a fire.
Shh! I'm not leaving until I know how this ends now, shh! So I'm to understand that you're the one who needs Mrs.
Rossmore, what are you watching? The Young and the Restless.
At least I'm honest enough to ask you to your face.
All right.
The Young and the Restless.
You want to know how it ends? All right.
"Tony learns that Victoria is actually" "the heiress to the Newman fortune.
The police close the hit-and-run case.
" You satisfied? You lie! Phyllis can't get away with this.
I know she hit them on purpose.
She hates Chris, and always has.
Everyone knows it.
What? I don't write them, lady.
Yo! I can't get out.
So I heard.
I got half a mind to leave you in there.
Me? There he is! That man's a liar! Oh, that's great, lady.
That's really great.
Doesn't anyone ever say thank you anymore? For what, having a hero complex? Come on, I'm taking you down.
What? You're not carrying me down.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
I'll climb down myself.
Get on.
Yes! No! Fine with me.
Boys, get the net! FIREMAN: Coming right up, sir! The net? What what net? (bell dings) Morning.
What are you doing? Room service.
For who? Mr.
He said to put it on the room.
CHUCK: I'm telling you, it's the chance of a lifetime.
That's right.
Everyone else is selling, but I'm not everyone else, and neither are you.
So, come on, chief, what do you say? Take a risk, huh? What is this? Huh? Okay, look, I'll tell you what.
You think about it, and I'll get right back to you.
Hey, how you doing, Gare? Look, don't get up or anything.
Just make yourself feel right at home.
When I work, I need a nest.
Is the door closed? It's freezing in here.
Thank you for reminding me.
I'll get that right away.
Need to seal those windows while you're at it.
Yeah, I'll remember that.
So what happened to you? What happened to me? I'll tell you what happened to me.
I almost got run over, and then I got in a fight with this elderly lady, then I had climb out of a burning building.
Other than that, I had a very normal What's this? His bowl cracked.
Remember? Well, get him another bowl.
Okay, you want your sink back, fine.
Thank you.
Cranky today, aren't we? Okay, come this way.
You know, I go out today, in the cold, to help people out who who really don't want any help.
What are you doing? That's-that's my glass.
I rinse my mouth out with that glass.
I'll wash it.
(sighs) How's my baby? This cannot be good for my health.
Then do what I do.
Yeah, what's that? Live off your friends? That's not very nice, Gare.
Do your business by phone.
It's 20 below out there.
Do you think that newspaper expects you to freeze to death? Hey, you might be right.
Of course I'm right.
We're going on the 21st century.
Plug in.
Sign on.
(high-pitched whine) What's wrong with this? Oh, uh, it's not gonna work right now.
It's attached to the fax line.
Just until tomorrow.
Let me use your phone.
Except that, uh, I have a very important client on hold right now.
What? One day.
And get that fish out of my glass! I got to call you right back, okay? Thanks.
(door opens and closes) Hey, buddy.
Aw, now don't look at me like that.
I got frozen out of my house, too.
(glass shatters) Oh, no Sparky? Okay.
I'm telling you.
Release the pressure on the steam valve, the storage tank's gonna blow up.
Yeah, that's what I said.
(dial tone) Yeah.
Look, lady, he may be a spaniel, but he doesn't know how to swim.
Well, I never mind how I know, I Can you hang on a second? MAN: Hey, there are people waiting here.
Yeah, yeah, hang on a second, would you? Hang on.
Yeah, hello? Hello? GARY: Mrs.
Sameno? Yes, ma'am.
Is your husband by any chance in the kitchen working on a toaster with a screwdriver? Yes, ma'am.
Well, you need to unplug it.
Not the tool, the toaster, Mrs.
WOMAN: Hey, Hobson, give someone a chance, would you? Hang on a second.
I'm busy.
Get another phone.
What if we don't want to? Look, the Christmas tree catches fire when a cigarette ash accidentally falls Hello? Hello? Hey, mister What? Again? Sorry.
Hey! (sighing wearily) This is the last Is that all you got? What do you mean is that all I've got? What (phone rings) Hello? No, I don't owe you 85 cents.
And don't tell me "Have a nice day," lady.
Oh, no.
I don't need this.
You're wasting my time.
I'm done for the day, got it?! Cold enough for you, Mr.
Hobson? Skip it.
Glad to.
Thank you.
(cat meowing) Oh, no.
What are you doing here? (elevator bell dings) Problem, Mr.
Hobson? How did this get here? The cat? The paper.
Beats me.
(cat meows) (cat yowls) Is he still up there? Oh, yes, sir.
But he asked not to be disturbed for at least an hour.
Why? Massage.
(Chuck moans) Are you married, Inga? Ah, that's good.
Oh, yeah.
(groaning) (grunts) Mm Yeah.
What? Oh, hey, buddy.
How you doing? Oh, you could use one of these.
It'll loosen you right up.
Did you happen to pick up any milk while you were out? We don't have much left.
Mmm! A little lower, huh, Inga? Yeah.
You and I got to talk.
What? Newspaper's getting you down, huh? No, no, no.
Paper's gone.
You and I got to talk about you being here.
Oh, I know exactly what you're gonna say, and I want you to know, I understand completely.
(groaning) You do? I'm sorry I cleaned out your refrigerator.
I promise to replace everything.
And that bottle of wine that Marsha's parents gave you for your anniversary I had to give it to a client who came by.
But, uh, don't worry about it, it was older than I was.
That's my problem spot.
(groaning) Do you cook, too? Swedish meatballs? Oh, hold on a second.
Hey, uh, Gare? Something wrong? No, nothing's wrong.
I just wanted to come home and have a hot shower, something to eat, go back to bed.
But that's okay.
Because I'm moving out.
What?! That's right.
I'm getting myself a room.
In another hotel.
What's wrong with this one? What's wrong with this one? I'll tell you what's wrong with this one.
(toilet flushing) You're in it.
You, Sparky, and Inga.
I'm sorry.
How do you like that guy? Comes home, yells at me, goes to the bathroom, and then leaves.
He went to the bathroom.
He flushed the toilet.
My goldfish.
Sparky? Sparky?! Sparky! MAN: Got another three blocks to go.
(wind whistles) Hey, what are you doing? Hey, kid, you all right? Hey! Oh, my wallet! Hey! (wind whistling) Oh, no.
What are you doing here? I don't want this! You hear me?! Burn this, would you? Taxi! Hey, taxi? Hey! Hey, taxi! Taxi! (wind whistles) This doesn't say where.
Hey! Hey, wait, stop! Hey! Hey! Hey, you crazy? You're gonna burn yourself.
I need to get it back.
Buy a new one.
They sell 'em all over town.
Not this one, they don't.
Total fruitcake.
(pipes rumbling, growling) You got to find my Sparky.
Well, that's that.
No sign of him anywhere.
I'm afraid your fish is toast, Mr.
Any chance he made it out? Maybe down to the lake? Where that stuff goes, it ain't the lake.
Chuck Chuck.
You Have you seen it? Did it come back? No, it didn't come back.
It's dead.
What, the paper? My fish.
No, no the paper I need it.
What about Sparky's needs? Did you ever consider those, huh? Look, this is important.
Might I at least see a little remorse here, huh? Huh? Marissa was right.
Marissa was right.
It was right in front of my eyes and I didn't see it.
And now I sent the damn thing away.
You know, I used to think that you and I had a real friendship here, but, obviously, I was mistaken.
I've got to find that kid.
Unless I see a real effort on your part to patch this thing up, it's gonna be hard for me to continue.
I got to go! Well, got your toilet back together.
You always got me, pal.
(no audio on dialogue, wistful theme music plays) (no audio) So let me get this straight.
You want to report a missing kid.
But you don't know what his name is No.
And you think he's in trouble? No, I know he's in trouble.
He's a street kid.
You know how cold it is out there, right now? Maybe he went to a shelter.
No, he-he he's not the he doesn't he won't.
Look, I know this kid.
I know what he looks like.
Don't you have a, uh a sketch artist or a Even if we had a photo of him, there's hundreds of runaway missing kids in this city.
We'd need an army to find them, if we knew where to look.
It's too bad, but kids like that, they disappear, die every day.
Doesn't even make the papers.
So that's it.
I can't help you.
(cat meows) (whispering): Come on, be what I need.
Hey, that's my paper.
Oh, I'm sorry, it was, uh Go get your own paper.
Yeah (cat meowing) Can I get a cup of coffee, please? Hey Hey! (door bell jingles) Hey, kid! Hey! Stop! (dog barking in distance) (quietly): My wallet.
I got to find a better way to spend my nights.
(echoing): Hello? Hey, kid, you in here? If you're in here, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Hey, kid, come on, you in? (crashing in distance, boy yells) Hey, kid.
(weakly, from distance): Over here.
Hold on.
You all right? What does it look like? I walked in here and the whole thing came down.
Can you get it off me? All right, hold on, hold on.
(grunting) (grunting) They don't make these buildings like they used to.
Now that you got me, are you gonna turn me in? Look, kid let me get you out of here, all right? What is it? I can't I can't feel my right leg.
All right, look, I'm gonna go get someone, okay? I guess I don't have to tell you to stay put, huh? I guess not.
All right.
All right.
What's happening? It's blocked.
There's got to be another door or window, huh? Not down here.
That's it.
It's the only way in, it's the only way out.
Looks like we're gonna be here for a while.
Unless you brought some friends.
What's your name? None of your business.
What's yours? Gary.
Gary Hobson.
So, Gary Hobson are we gonna die? Spring rolls, moo goo gui pan, chicken kung pao, sweet and sour okay.
I eat a lot when I'm depressed.
I lost my goldfish today.
Flushed him right down the pipes.
Do you have any pets? Fine.
Be that way.
86, huh? There's a 20.
You keep the change.
Try to stay warm out there, huh, big guy.
I don't care when he gets back, I'm not saving him any.
Let him get his own.
GARY: Hey, kid, how you doing? Cold.
Cold?! Nah.
Brisk, maybe.
I been colder than this.
Yeah, colder than this.
There's got to be another way out.
Get somebody in here in a minute.
Yeah, well, nice try.
How about a night watchman or security guard? They don't come down here.
It's too dangerous.
That's why it's safe.
If I had a crowbar or something I could work with.
Yeah, well, I left my tools in the master bedroom.
I'm sorry.
For what? For taking your wallet.
You wouldn't be here if I hadn't, right? Wrong.
Then why'd you come? Why'd I come? I don't know.
'Cause I did.
Then you're out of your mind.
(belches) I can't believe I ate all that.
Hey! Get away from there.
Gotta save some for Gary.
(meows) Even though he doesn't deserve it.
(sighs) Where the hell is he, anyway? Geez getting late.
(tapping keypad) (phone ringing) Yeah? Hey, Choo-choo.
It's Chuck.
Is Gary around? No, he's not here.
You sure? Well, yeah, I'm sure.
Can you look around.
Do you have any idea what time it is? I know it's late, but We're closed! All right.
Have a nice night.
Gee Figures.
I buy him dinner and the guy doesn't show up.
Well that's just like him, now, isn't it? Well, not really.
"Today you will do a good deed.
" Yeah, right.
I even got his fortune cookie.
Wait a minute.
What is this? It's tomorrow's.
Oh, my God.
(cat meows) Hold it! Taxi! Stop! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no, no, no.
Learn how to drive! Where is everyone? It's 2:00 in the morning.
The night is still young! (frustrated growl) Motorcycle.
Motorcycle! Okay.
Hold it! Stop! Whoa! Stop! What do you think you're doing? Look, this is an emergency.
It's a matter of life and death.
I'll explain everything when we get there.
But I'll tell you, it's gonna be cold.
You just drive.
I'll worry about the climate control.
Brisk, huh? Interesting.
Huh? Instead of "cold" you said "brisk.
" My dad used to say that.
Went camping this one time, my dad and I.
Up at this lake.
That was cold.
You ever been camping in the wintertime? What do you call this? Yeah yeah.
How'd you get here? You mean here, under this pipe? You got an answer for everything, don't you? If you want to survive, you have to.
Okay, I'll tell you.
Um, let's see.
Where'd I come from? A lot of places I never wanted to be, a lot of places I never want to talk about.
Where are your parents? I got grandparents.
They live in Arizona, but I haven't seen them since I was 12.
I've been out of their house since then.
You've been on your own since you were 12 years old? I do fine.
How about you? Me? You don't have anyone either, do you? What makes you say something like that? I know people.
How much longer that thing gonna stay lit? A couple hours.
We'll be out of here by then.
You really believe that? Yes, I do.
No wonder you got your wallet stolen.
(rock music blaring) BIKER: This is it.
This is what? Where I'm going.
What do you mean? You don't understand! You were supposed to take me to that place.
I got the address in here somewhere.
Wait! Sorry, I ain't going there.
Whatever happened to life and death, and emergency and all of that? Call a cab.
Call a cab?! Where am I gonna get a cab? There are no cabs here! Tony.
What? You asked me my name.
That's it.
Sounds kind of strange.
I haven't heard it for a while.
That's that's a good name.
It was my grandfather's.
From Arizona.
How'd you know that? You told me.
I did? Hm.
I don't remember.
Tell me about what happened at home.
Like you want to hear.
Yeah, I do.
Come on, tell me.
Come on.
(weakly): Don't stop.
(dog barking in distance) One foot in front of the other.
Gare! I'm coming! (groaning) Walk, damn it.
(siren whoops) (indistinct police radio communication) You're here.
Hey, buddy, you okay? Hi.
(thud) Hey! Buddy! TONY: All right, that's about it.
Things go wrong, and you can't get them back, so I left.
Got on the bus, never looked back, till now.
Then what? What? What happened next? It's It's getting warmer, isn't it? No, it's not.
Come on, tell me more.
Sure it is.
It's like someone turned on the heat.
It feels good.
I'm getting sleepy.
Funny thing, you know, you don't think about things for a long time, and then you do.
Maybe it's time I went back.
I'm getting real tired.
No, come on, kid.
Look, come on.
It's not time to go back.
Come on, we got to get out of here first.
Come on, don't go to sleep.
S-Sure, man.
Hey, no, come on come on, stay awake.
Hey, come on.
Hey, kid, come on, stay awake.
Come on, open your eyes, stay awake.
Kid all right, come on, listen, I'll talk.
You just keep your eyes open, huh? Come on.
Come on, keep your eyes open.
Stay awake.
Kid? Come on, don't do this to me.
Don't do this to me.
Come on, don't (shouting): Don't do this to me! Come on! Come on! (cat meowing) (cat meowing) (grunts) (grunting) (panting) (cat meowing) Which Which (yowling) (grunts) (cat yowling) (mumbling): Oh, okay (cat's meow echoes from distance) (Gary grumbles) Hey Hey! Hey! (indistinct radio communication) Hey! I've got a kid in here, and he's trapped under a pipe.
He needs help.
Wait wait right here.
CHUCK: Gary! Gary! Gary! In here! DISPATCHER (over radio): The third floor.
See, I told you I'd save you.
So, uh, how you doing? Come with me Come on! (Gary grunts) CHUCK: Hey, Gary? Gary! Ga (moans quietly) How you doing? Better.
You? I'm doing a lot better now, too.
Gary? Yeah.
Do you really think Arizona might be okay? I don't know, but I sure bet you it's gonna be a hell of a lot warmer.
(laughs quietly) Hey, don't forget you owe me 20 bucks.
(ambulance doors close) Hey, you didn't see an orange cat running around the building, did you? Are you sure? (ambulance siren whoops) (sighs) You got everything? Yup.
Listen, uh, you could stay another night if you wanted.
It's okay.
They said the heat would be back on in my place by noon.
Hey, uh, last night and all, uh Thanks.
It was nothing.
Hey I'm sorry about Sparky.
Is the Is that kid gonna be okay? Oh, yeah, yeah.
He's flying home this morning.
(sighs) Well, I guess I'll see you.
Yeah, buddy-buddy.
Take care.
Boswell will be by for the rest of Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll take care of that.
Don't worry about that.
Did you, uh, really mean what you said before about staying? No.
We're okay, right? Yeah.
I was, um No.
(lock clicks) (cat meowing) It's about time you showed up.
Hey, you know anything about this hero complex?