Early Edition (1996) s01e13 Episode Script

Mob Wife

(indistinct radio transmission) CHUCK: Here's the problem with life today: There's too many moving parts.
Getting anything to work is a pain in the butt.
By the time you've read the directions, the thing's already obsolete, and believe me, warranties aren't what they used to be.
LAUNCH OFFICER: What? Who is this? What you really need to get by is some kind of crystal ball.
Listen, fella, I don't know how you got this number.
CHUCK: In fact, tomorrow's newspaper will do.
Never mind how I know.
I'm telling you, you got the switch turned in the wrong direction.
The cargo door's gonna open up right there on the pad.
This is some kind of sick joke, right? Who is this? Look, you want to hear a joke? In less than a minute, you're gonna have $60 million worth of experiments dumped in your lap.
Now turn off the damn switch! Yeah? And what switch would that be? This ought to be good.
Listen to me.
It's the LTS vector prop G terminal M transpond pattern limiter C.
What? The LTS vector prop G term (line disconnects) Hello? MISSION CONTROL: The Endeavor's computer is now controlling.
T minus 15 sound suppression, water system being activated.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six LAUNCH OFFICER: Launch abort! Hold on.
MISSION CONTROL: This launch is scrubbed for today.
GARY: No doubt about it.
Knowing the future can be a definite boon to mankind.
Just don't expect it to help you program your VCR.
(theme music plays) (reporters clamoring) How are you going to celebrate? Did you order those? How are you gonna celebrate your victory? Did you kill your own brother-in-law, Mr.
Pirelli? Are you going to sue the government? Are you going to sue the government? Here.
In light of today's decision, what are your plans, sir? First, I want to say I have a lot of respect for the prosecution team.
They were just doing their job.
As far as the victory's concerned, it's not only me who should be celebrating, this is a victory for all Americans.
Thank you very much.
(all clamoring) Thank you.
That's it.
Thanks for standing by me, babe.
You're always there for me, Theresa.
Where to, Mr.
Pirelli? What do you want to do now? Yeah, I'd like to rip the lungs out of the federal prosecutors.
If I spend another day in a courtroom in this lifetime, somebody's gonna pay, Nicky.
REPORTER: Reputed mafia don Frank Pirelli was found not guilty on 19 racketeering charges.
Look at that.
The guy's a killer, and she stays with him.
Me, I forget a girl's birthday, and bingo, they're out the door.
Some women are drawn to guys like that.
They find what they do exciting.
Look how lucky this guy is.
He can get any dame he wants, and I spent last Saturday night shooting darts in this joint.
Hey, I thought I saw you with a date.
I went to the men's room.
I was gone for like two minutes.
When I come back out, she's gone.
Three times in one month.
That is a record.
Yeah, that's women for you.
They're like butterflies.
Sometimes you just have to let them flap their wings and go.
Thank you, Pablo Neruda.
What's he whining about now? Mobster and his girlfriend.
BARTENDER: Look, you'll meet someone.
It'll happen.
I'll hold my breath.
It happened to me.
The first time I saw Phyllis, I could barely get out a hello.
My throat got all dry.
I felt light-headed.
How do you know it was love? Maybe you were just coming down with something, (chuckles) TV REPORTER: In related news, Costco announced today that he intends to prosecute Theresa Laparco for perjury in the Pirelli case.
Her testimony on the stand directly contradicted her sworn deposition.
GARY: Hey, it's her.
"Late yesterday morning, Theresa Laparco," "fiancée of a reputed" mob boss, Frank Pirelli, was hailing a cab in front of the Drake Hotel, "when she was approached by two men, "and gunned down in broad daylight.
" (people screaming) MAN: Stay down! Somebody's been shot.
GARY: "Assailants are still at large, "but the police suspect it may be the work of a rival crime family.
" Gare, these are serious boys.
What is the matter with you? Look, this doesn't have to be a big deal, All right? I find her, I tell her what's going to happen, I'm out of there.
Two seconds.
All right, And what if she doesn't believe you? Then it turns into four seconds.
Then the wise guys show up, and then you know what you got? A very big deal.
Look, I gotta do something.
Someone's about to die.
Not just any someone, but the mob someone.
Gare, buddy, look, you're going to have to draw the line somewhere, okay? What if tomorrow the newspaper says that a meteor is heading for Evanston, or that nuclear terrorists are hiding weapons in Highland Park? Then what are you going to do? Great.
Compared to that, this will be a snap.
All right, that was a very bad example.
Aw No, "aw," Gare, please stop.
Just stop for one second.
Believe me, I'm not thrilled about this.
All right, you know what? That's what I'm going to chisel on your headstone.
GARY: Ha, ha, ha.
CHUCK: I can think of ten better ways to spend the day.
Yeah? I can think of a hundred.
So why don't we catch a flick? How about bowling? It's great exercise.
What about miniature golf? It's 20 degrees out.
We'd have the whole place to ourselves.
Maybe Ping-Pong? You always were a good table tennis player.
I don't see her.
THERESA: Are you kidding me? What kind of hitters are you? Terrible.
I made you from 20 yards away.
Hey, that's not who we are.
Oh, and this is not gun, and I'm not prepared to make you be tomorrow's headlines.
Now turn around and start walking.
Wait a second, listen, you got the wrong Walk.
See, suddenly this is turning into a very big deal.
I'm just here to warn you someone's going to kill you.
Believe me, that's it.
Why should I? How can you question a face like that? Yeah.
What about your face? Me? I'm I'm nobody.
Keep walking.
Move it.
Look lady, I'm telling you, we're not the bad guys.
Oh, what is this? It takes four of you to clip me? I'm flattered.
Good to see you, Theresa.
Picked yourself up some talent, I see.
See? We told ya.
Shut up.
Stick your hands in your pockets and act like you mean business.
NICK: Come on, Theresa.
There's someone who really wants to talk with you.
Get in the cab.
We're leaving now.
Unless you want to play a little three on two, you just stand there and wave good-bye.
Theresa, don't you get crazy.
No offense, Nick, but if I let a mook like you take me out, I wouldn't be able to face people.
Throw your piece in the sewer.
You, too, Joey.
Theresa, I've had this gun like since forever.
That's all right.
As soon as we're out of here, you can go crawling in after it.
Come on, hurry up.
I'm on a schedule here.
Keys, too.
Shut up.
Your keys, too.
Get in the cab.
THERESA: Get in the cab.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, cabbie, you ever driven a getaway car before? Huh? Fine.
CABBIE: What's going on? What are you doing? Hey, lady, that's my cab.
Come back here! Taxi.
Taxi! (tires squealing) (horn honking) Look, there's no one back there.
You can slow down now.
You don't know Nicky.
He won't give up that easily.
He doesn't want to go back to Frankie empty-handed.
Frankie? Pirelli? That's who's trying to kill you? Gary and I just got in Frank Pirelli's way? Welcome to the big leagues, boys.
When that meteor heads for Evanston, I don't know you.
Where are we going? Well, they see my suitcase, so the airport's out.
Well, there's a plan B, I hope.
Don't sweat it.
Don't sweat it? That's your plan B? Don't sweat it? You got a problem? Yeah, I got a problem.
It's a pretty crappy plan B.
You don't have any idea where we're going? I just need a place to duck out for a while, you know.
I got to regroup.
CHUCK: Yeah? And what happens when What are you looking at me like that for? Frankie likes me as a blond.
(car horn honking) Hey, would you watch the road? Don't worry about it.
Before Frankie, I dated a getaway driver.
What happened to him? He died in a high-speed chase.
Don't sweat it.
Yes, I need the first train to I.
, please.
Nothing today? All right, San Francisco? New York? Listen, sweetie, could you go out to the train station and see if there's any trains sitting there, and if there are, can you find out for me where they're going? No I'm on hold again.
Look, if Pirelli's got people watching the airport, Turn around.
If Pirelli's got the airport covered, wouldn't he have the train station covered, too? No.
He knows I would never take the train.
Him and me we fought about this a million times, but I don't care I fly first-class or I don't go.
Well, how about the buses? The buses run more often than the trains.
The what? Bus.
Aah! I've been disconnected.
(slams phone down) You know, I don't understand.
I mean Excuse me.
I don't understand why Frank's trying to kill you.
I mean you're the one who helped him get off.
I know.
I thought he would be so grateful that he'd let me leave, but they never let you leave, not when you know as much as I do.
You two seemed crazy about each other on the TV.
Yeah, well, when you're Frankie Pirelli's girl, you know what kind of face to wear in public, but I haven't felt that way about Frankie in a long time.
Hey, what about the feds? GARY: Can't you go to the feds and tell them what you know? Can't you go to the feds? I perjured myself on the stand.
I mean, running isn't fun, but I certainly prefer this to a jail cell.
Now, I'm going to use your bathroom to freshen up.
If I'm going to die today, I'm at least going to look good doing it.
Whoa, didn't spring for maid service, did you? She's going to kill someone with that thing.
Look, what do we do? Whatever it takes.
(ringing) Hello? (line disconnects) Hello? (clears throat) What? It was the wrong number.
In Frankie Pirelli's world, there's no such thing as a wrong number.
CHUCK: This might be a good time to call Frank and apologize.
THERESA: Huh, forget it.
GARY: I'm telling you, you're overreacting.
It was a wrong number.
Yeah, well, better safe than stupid.
Oh Uh, what do you say we, uh, run for it? All right, where? I don't know.
You got an ideas? Well, how about we split up? Meet at the El over on Kincade.
Go! Let's go.
Up against the wall! Whoa, whoa, whoa, h-hold it, hold it.
All right, let me talk to Frank Pirelli, huh? Frank Pirelli, no problem, but first, you're going to talk to us; Get in the car.
Who's us? Federal agents.
Your friend Pirelli can't help you now.
Let's go.
We got him.
): Now arriving at Gate A, Blue line.
Next stop, Rosemead.
Where is he? He should be here by now.
You should see this kid run; He's got track medals.
Well, I feel like a sitting duck, so let's just get on the train.
Just wait another minute, okay? Another train will be here.
No smoking, no littering, no radio playing.
WOMAN: Okay, I'll see ya.
Look, I'm sorry, all right? It's all right.
It's no problem.
Did I ask you to come to the Drake? Did I tell you to stick your nose in this thing? No, you did not.
Who helps strangers anyway? You're a couple of grown men, it's embarrassing.
It is a sensitive subject, I'll give you that.
What do you think they'll do to him? I don't know.
But he's in rough hands.
Look, we're good guys.
We're friendly.
My man, Jimmy here, he's got a parakeet.
So see, we don't want to give you a hard time, but we got a job to do.
Oh, I appreciate that.
Good, then tell us what the hell we need to know.
Like who are you, and what are you doing spending the afternoon sightseeing with Theresa Laparco? Come on, give me a break.
How many times we got to go through this? Until we get it right.
Dounut? No.
(clears throat) I met her for the first time today.
She was scared.
She said her boyfriend was trying to kill her.
And now I don't know where she is.
Hmm, what do you think, Jim? Pitiful.
Where is he? TRAIN ANNOUNCER: Now arriving at Gate A, Blue line.
Next stop, Rosemead.
CHUCK: Uh-oh, goon squad, 6:00.
I got to give them credit.
Frankie doesn't pay them enough, come on.
Maybe if I just talked to them man-to-man.
Right, come on.
Watch the closing doors.
(whispering): Is it working? It depends on what you mean.
Did they spot us? They made us.
Hey! Get down! Watch out! Oh, my gosh! Oh, no! TRAIN ANNOUNCER: Next stop, Rosemead.
Watch your step.
Come on, this way.
(passengers screaming) ANNOUNCER: Watch the closing doors.
Theresa! Theresa! You're making a big mistake, Theresa.
You, you're a dead man! Nice move.
I've never been on one of these things before.
Stick with me, kid.
First class all the way.
Listen, I know my rights.
You can't just hold me here without charging me.
You can? AGENT: This here is the organized crime unit.
Do you know what that means? Two words.
Frank Pirelli.
And we had him on a silver platter.
Because of your friend, Theresa Laparco.
I don't understand.
He slid because of her.
He's out there right now in his mohair and silk because she double-crossed us.
But, oh, baby, the world has changed in the last 48 hours.
What's that supposed to mean? It means that Pirelli's got some very nasty colleagues, and they want to know what Theresa knows, and they want to know who Theresa's been talking with while she's trying to duck old Frankie boy.
So they're gunning for her, and Frankie's gunning for her.
An-An-And you're gunning for her? No, we just want her for the retrial.
Well, what do you want with me? What do you think? You're the last one that saw her.
So where is she, Gary? Hmm? She's with Chuck.
Now we're getting someplace.
Now where's this Chuck? I don't know.
(woman speaking indistinctly over P.
) I still think if I called Frank myself Look, we have a lot of people in common.
He'd listen.
You've done enough already.
I think you should go.
You mean, like, leave? Yeah.
I mean, I'm better off without you.
All right, look, let's just get one thing straight, okay? I'm not going anywhere.
The last time you'll see me is on that platform watching the train pull out.
Now let's get you a ticket.
Divorced, no job, Blackstone Hotel.
Real picture of success.
So what can we do? Can we keep him? (scoffs) Not even an unpaid parking ticket.
Guy is a real Camp Fire girl.
(snickers) (door closes) One ticket to Milwaukee, please.
Milwaukee? Yeah.
Great beer, very few gangsters.
I don't have enough to break this; I'll be right back.
Thank you.
I prefer wine.
Isn't there a train to France? How about Budapest? Where's this guy? I don't know.
It's taking too long.
Uh, you what, sir? Keep the change.
Buy yourself a Bull's ticket.
Come on.
We got company.
Come on, you're not going to miss this one.
(train whistle blowing) What now? What do you mean "what now?" You're going to get on the train and go.
What about you? Me? It's time, uh, Frank and me had that little talk.
You're crazy.
Come with me.
I can handle him.
You never even met a guy like him before.
TRAIN ANNOUNCER: Final boarding call for the train to Milwaukee.
Come on.
All right, fellas, that's far enough.
I don't want to have to get violent.
Where is she? I want to talk to Pirelli.
And I think he wants to talk to me.
About what? "About what?" About a little insurance policy Theresa took out the last few months they were going out.
Taped phone conversations.
Theresa played them for me.
(laughing) Something funny? The feds got Frankie with a tap back in '89.
He did a year in Joliet.
He hasn't used a phone since.
(chuckling) Really? Never? And you can take your hand out of your coat now.
I don't think it's loaded.
That's enough, Nicky.
Oh Let him go.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Whatever I'm doing, it's not going as well as I had hoped.
Well, holster your finger and walk over here.
(grunts) I don't get it.
How come you can pull off the gun in the pocket thing and I can't? It's a gift.
Besides, they know I'm not bluffing.
Right, boys? Sure, Theresa.
Whatever you say.
All right, take your hands out of your pockets and put them on your heads, both of you.
Oh, come on, Theresa.
Take your hands out of your pockets and put them on your heads.
Now! Theresa, we are in the middle of a train station.
We're going to look like a couple of morons.
What do you think you look like now, a couple of nuclear physicists? Let's go.
Go! Turn around, let's go.
Come on.
You boys ever been to Milwaukee? You are kidding.
I hear the brewery tour is terrific.
You'll love train travel.
It's very romantic.
Write if you get work.
I, um, I th (clears throat) I thought I was, um su-supposed to save you.
(coughs) Are you all right? Uh dry throat.
Me, too.
Are you, um, are you feeling sort of light-headed? Yeah, a little.
(chuckles) Must be something going around.
Hey, kid, come on, get in the car.
Come on.
I don't bite.
What do you expect me to tell you that I didn't tell them? I don't know anything.
I got different ways of asking.
Get in the car.
Do you know who I am? Yes.
What's my name? Excuse me? What's my name? Frank Pirelli.
You see? Now you got me wondering.
You know who I am, yet you still decide to put yourself in my affairs.
Now why is that? Maybe you're a moron.
Is that it? Mr.
Pirelli Better to be thought a moron than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln.
You're paraphrasing, of course, but that's Abraham Lincoln.
Of course.
A moron that reads.
Just what I need.
(stammers) I should have known.
Mercury is in retrograde.
My whole life goes into the crapper when Mercury's in retrograde.
Sir, this is all a misunderstanding which can be explained very easily I-if you just give me a moment.
All right.
I'm all ears.
THERESA: I was 20, you know? Going out with a guy like Frankie was exciting.
(wry chuckle) And all the ugly stuff? I thought I could change him, but I was wrong.
People make mistakes.
You know what you need? You need somebody stable, legit, somebody like a stockbroker.
(laughing): Oh.
I could just die of boredom.
What's wrong with a stockbroker? Oh, don't tell me.
You? It can be exciting.
(chuckling): Oh.
Well, not as exciting as a gangster, but at least when I break up with you, you're not going to have to fear for your life.
You know, you remind me of this guy I knew in high school.
Junior year, he calls me every day to invite me to the prom.
Did you go with him? No.
I should have.
I went with Lenny Daruba.
Lucky Lenny.
Not really.
He's doing 25 to life in Joliet.
Still, I, uh would have loved to have taken you to the prom.
You know, you and I, we make a very good team, and I think it would be a very big mistake to split up.
I could go with you help you get settled.
You can't make a spur-of-the- moment decision like that.
Spur-of-the-moment? I've been thinking about this for 45 minutes.
What do you say? Maybe I'm not the kind of girl that a guy like you changes his whole life for.
You just let me worry about that, okay? They look familiar? They all look familiar.
Let's get out of here.
She told you I wanted to kill her? Words to that effect.
So you're not Kid, there are certain realities in my line of work that cannot be ignored.
Theresa knows this.
Nobody walks away.
I can't allow it, and my associates can't allow it.
So if she doesn't come back, they'll expect me to take some appropriate measures, no matter how extreme.
If I don't, I expect them to.
Kid! All right.
You get her back you and your friend, you do that, you two are off the hook, and when I say hook, I mean hook.
Look, Mr.
Pirelli, this isn't my field.
It is now.
Then I come looking for you.
Oh, no, not again.
Get in the car.
Hey, couldn't you guys at least get a fresh box of donuts in here? Huh? (blues rock playing) Hey.
Oh, I was just trying to call you.
You're not gonna believe what's going on out there.
Oh, had a rough day, did you? As a matter of fact, things are going a little better than I I just spent the last hour with the feds.
Before that, an hour with Frank Pirelli.
Before that, an hour with the feds.
What did they want? What did you tell them? I told them everything I know nothing.
Speaking of which, where is she? Gare, you're not going to believe what happened.
Chuck, where is Theresa? The most incredible thing.
It's finally happened to me.
I'm in love.
Yeah, great.
Listen, Frank Pirelli personally gave me 24 hours to find her and bring her back.
If I don't what'd you just say? That's why things have completely changed, Gare.
We-we, we can't give her back.
You picked a fine time to fall in love.
Where is she? Somewhere no one would expect her to be the men's room.
I'll go get her.
Gary Gary.
CHUCK: Gary! Shh.
She's gone.
Her stuff is still there, the window's open.
I think they snatched her.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna go find her.
It's me.
What are you doing? Look, you got to help me out.
No, you look.
I just spent the afternoon with your fiancé.
You met Frankie? Yeah.
Look, you got to get Chuck away from me.
I don't think that's possible because Chuck is becoming attached.
I mean, the guy, he's so I know what you mean.
I'm the one that's surrounded all day, and it's not pretty, but I got to go.
What about Chuck? What about him? He's in love with you.
So he'll get over it.
You know? Come on, you're his friend, you know what he's like.
He-he's, he's annoying.
He never shuts up.
He could do a half an hour just on shoes.
I can't wait to get away from him actually.
So, uh, what do I tell him? You tell him I took off.
And tell him he should be more careful who he falls in love with.
You know what? What? It's a good thing you didn't fall for him, too.
Yeah, it's a good thing.
Come on, help me out.
I stashed my stuff in the men's room.
GARY: There you go.
Good luck.
FRANK: Get in the car.
No way.
(tires screeching) (panting) Oh, my God.
FRANK: Terry, Terry, Terry.
Tell me, what am I going to do with you two? THERESA: What do I think? You already decided that, Frank.
'Cause you were always a little too smart.
You got a choice here, Frankie.
You don't have to do anything.
Oh, you think so? Do you remember my business associates? They're not giving me any choices.
Since when do you listen to them, huh? Do what you always do tell them to stuff it.
FRANK: You're right.
I don't take orders from anybody, but to tell you the truth, you're just not worth the aggravation.
I mean, it's one thing to say, "Hands off this girl who loves me," but "Hands off this girl who ditched me"? What's that make me look like? I want to come back, Frankie.
What? I changed my mind.
I want to come back.
What if I don't want to take you back? We'll pretend like it was the day before yesterday.
None of this ever happened.
I come home, we live happily ever after.
And your friend? Nobody touches him.
You leave him alone.
Yeah? And how long are you going to stick around this time? Forever.
You can't.
Nah, no dice.
Nice try, Theresa, but I don't want anybody in my house who's not there for me.
I'm there for you, Frankie.
Yeah? Do you love me? Does she love me? No.
(quietly): Chuck.
Don't listen to him.
He's Tell me.
Why doesn't she love me? You really want to know? Yeah.
You don't understand her, Frank.
Theresa's like She's like a butterfly, a beautiful butterfly.
She needs to be free.
She needs to flap her wings and fly away.
You Y-You just want to keep her under a glass case.
Sh-She'll just dry up and crumble.
What the hell is he talking about? This is what I'm trying to tell you.
Don't listen to him.
There's something wrong with him.
He's he's all I'm not crazy, Frank.
I'm in love, just like you, and when you love something, you got to let it go.
Let it go, Frank.
(subway train passing in distance) Uh-uh.
All right.
I heard enough.
What, Joey? Don't do this, Frankie.
Take care of this guy.
Frankie, don't do this.
CHUCK: What's he talking about? Hey.
Sorry, pal.
Private party.
I think he'll want to talk to me.
NICK: The restaurant's closed.
You again? I think you should let them go.
Look at this.
Everybody's giving me free advice.
Well, it must be my lucky day.
No, no, that's tomorrow.
Look (gulps) at See? Tomorrow's horoscope.
Don't ask me how I got it.
There are a couple of moons rising that I think you should know about.
If I could just have a minute of your time, Mr.
Pirelli alone.
Pirelli Your friend, that thing stuck to the bottom of my shoe, when I scrape him off, I'm not going to care.
Between me and you, you think anybody else will? I didn't come here to talk about Chuck.
I want to talk to about Theresa.
Don't tell me, you fell for her, too? No.
Believe me, I'd understand if you did.
I fell in love with Theresa the first time I saw her.
Well, then don't do something you're going to regret.
The decision's been made.
That's between me and my fiancée ex-fiancée.
Don't involve you.
I think you still love her.
So? So you can't kill something you love.
Which word don't you understand? I do it, or someone else does it! There's two choices! The mob's got a short menu! All right.
Your time's up here, pal.
Go! What if I gave you another choice? What if you didn't have to kill Theresa? I'm sorry, Chuck.
Is this what you really want? Look at me and tell me this is what you really want.
I'm going back to him.
What about us? We'll always have the train station.
(clicks tongue) Great.
He gets you, and I get Union Station.
Get up.
We're leaving.
All of us; right? No.
Just you and me.
Come on.
Let's go.
What do you mean, no? No! Good-bye, Chuck.
Let's go.
I want to hear it from you.
You want me to leave? Yes.
Go already.
Get him out of here, please.
Let's go.
Come on.
Take 'em wherever they want to go.
No, no, no.
That's all right.
We'll, we'll get a ride ourselves.
Thank you very much.
Come on! I didn't have a choice, you know that.
You had a choice.
You made it.
So what did you give him? Stock tips? Winning horses? What? To get me out.
What am I worth? How much, huh? Look, she wanted it this way, Chuck.
To protect me.
I don't know.
A girl finally falls for me; This is how it turns out.
Chuck, this is Frank Pirelli.
She's his girl, a mobster's girl.
Did you really think it could end any other way? End? She ran away once.
She'll do it again, and when she does, I'll find her.
I think counting on that may not be such a good idea, Chuck.
All these months hanging around with you and that paper, acting like it was some kind of a sucker's game, all that energy spent on strangers.
You know what? Deep down I was glad because I knew that when my time came, my best friend, I could count on.
Look, I know what I'm doing.
You have no idea what you're doing.
Chuck You s you set her up.
No, I You sold her out to Pirelli and his friends.
You might have just gotten her killed.
Chuck? You know, I wish we could stay just like this right here.
This isn't the forever I saw for you and me.
All right.
It's time.
CHUCK: Theresa! Theresa! Theresa! Theresa! Theresa! No!! CHUCK: No!! Theresa! Chuck! CHUCK: Theresa! She's gone.
How could you do this to her?! Wasn't me.
Wasn't you? (distant siren wailing) MINISTER: But her spirit did not die at that bridge.
Theresa Laparco lives on in the hearts of her friends and her family and everyone who knew her.
Shall we pray? Gracious Lord, we thank you for your love, grace and your forgiveness.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost amen.
My condolences.
(muttering) I'm very sorry, Frank.
(sighs) How are you doing? Are you asking me if I'm thinking about jumping off a bridge? Something like that.
Even if I was, what good would it do me? You'd read about it, I'd show up at the bridge, and you'd be there waiting for me.
They never found the body.
Did you know that? Yeah.
You never know.
Maybe she survived.
Maybe some people went to a lot of trouble just to make it look like she was killed.
Anything's possible.
CHUCK: Sure.
Anything's possible.
You just got to show faith that the people who care for you really care for you, and one way or another , things work out.
Ever tell you about that postcard I got? No.
Had, uh, no message.
No return address.
Just a picture of a butterfly right on it.