Earth 2 (1994) s01e05 Episode Script

Promises, Promises

Previously on Earth 2.
I will do anything.
I will give you my life for my son's.
Mom! I'm right here, Mom.
I'm okay.
I don't know, Devon.
I don't know what kind of promise we made.
I don't either, but I know I'd make it again.
I'd be a good father, True.
I don't know what you are.
You come within and I will shoot you in cold blood in front of my daughter - do you understand me? We'd been crossin'the planet for weeks.
Every mile brought new dangers.
It's no use to run.
You know I'll find you.
You're the last one.
And you are mine.
and Cameron and Magus.
Other than that, we don't have a lot of choice.
- How long was I out? - Out where? - Wasn't I asleep just now? - I hope not.
You were lecturing me about staying alert.
- We were talking? - About the kind of prisoners that might have been dumped here, about doubling security.
- Are you joking? - No.
I guess I blanked out or something.
I- I had a Terrian dream.
Can they contact you when you're not asleep? I guess they can get into my head whenever they want.
- Was it a bad dream? - I think it was worse for the Terrian.
Why? 'Cause for him it was real.
Well, makin' some good time now, huh? Sure feels good to get some distance between us and that psychotic maniac, huh? Yeah.
Let's just hope what's ahead isn't worse.
Uh- Morgan? You all right? Yeah.
You sure? Mm-hmm.
When I was a pilot, I knew all about how to face danger.
You fly it right through, and you come out the other side unchanged.
Here the rules are different.
Every day, we head deeper into danger, and, every day, we're changed, whether we like it or not.
! Rain.
! Rain! Rain! Everybody take cover! Take cover! Stay under the tarps.
! Move it.
! Move it.
! Move it.
! People, over here.
! Hurry.
! It may be toxic.
! So this is rain.
Do you have any idea how long it's going to last? - Maybe minutes.
Maybe days.
- We're fine.
It's not toxic in any way.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
It's clean water.
- Yes! - Dad, can I go out? It feels so good.
Okay, but stay close, all right? Okay.
Morgan, come on.
It'll be fun.
Let's go.
Morgan, it's just rain.
Come on, Dad! Come on! Come on.
! Let's go, Morgan.
Let's go play in the rain.
! Oh! This is great! It's pretty wet.
I think I'll- Ow! Stay, Morgan! Stay! I'm going out too.
No, Uly.
You've been coughing all day.
I want you to stay dry.
His fever was still high this morning.
Oh, come on! You don't wanna end up back in your suit, do you? I won't.
I'm fine.
Hey, you listen to your mother.
We all need to be more careful around here.
This is so cool! True, come here.
Put this on.
What's wrong with Mr.
Danziger? He's right, Uly.
We should all take better care of ourselves.
You stay dry.
Come on, Yale.
Let's go set up camp.
Yes! Turned out the rain was harmless, but other dangers were lurking.
The Terrians had healed Uly once, but had they healed him for good? Oh.
Uly's asleep already.
Yes, a good night's sleep is what he needs right now, True.
Um, I came to tell him I'm sorry- about what happened to his horse.
I didn't mean for Pegasus to run away.
I only wanted to help Gaal.
We're happy that you are safe and sound, True.
That's what really matters.
I'm sure that your father has warned you by now, but there may be other strangers that we have to be very careful of.
I will.
What are you doin' here? I was- I told you to stay in the trans-rover, didn't I? That's where you're to sleep from now on.
You're not to be out after dark, right? Right? - I know, but- - Actually, she, uh, came to apologize.
I thought you had coached her.
I'm glad it was your own idea, True.
All right, but you let me know when you're off next time, okay? Go on.
Get to bed.
Yes, sir.
Go on.
I, uh- I know she gave you a big scare, but she's really a good girl.
Yeah, I know.
She is.
Good night, Devon.
Good night.
You're more congested, Uly.
You need this.
I'm not sick.
I feel fine.
Why is he regressing like this? Adair.
Be right back.
What is it? Alonzo heard from the Terrians again.
What did they say? They're in some kind of trouble.
I think they've been captured or locked up somewhere.
They want us to help them, okay? Help them how? I don't know, but they said they're in those mountains over there.
Those mountains? Those completely-out-of-our-way mountains? I thought we were trying to get out of this godforsaken territory.
Devon, they haven't forgotten your promise.
- What promise? - You said you'd do anything.
- On the dreamscape, when we went to get Uly.
Remember? - What promise, Devon? When they released Uly, I promised I'd do whatever they asked.
Folks, what does it matter what promises we made? I'm-I'm a lawyer, in case they sue.
- What happens if we don't go? - They didn't say.
But they showed me what happens if we do.
Uly won't need the suit anymore- not ever.
Is that why he's sick again? Did they do this to him? Devon, it's not that simple.
If they could do this to Uly, we need to stay as far away from them as possible.
That's right.
Who knows what these diggers are up to? Wait a minute.
Maybe they do need our help.
For the time being, this place is our home.
Some of us may leave when the opportunity arises, but a lot of us are going to grow old here.
The Terrians may not be our friends, but they're certainly our neighbors, and it seems to me we should treat them the way we want to be treated.
- Uly.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, Uly! Talk to me.
Uly, are you okay? Julia, what's wrong? What's going on? His lungs are filling up with fluid.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Oh, Uly, please, don't you be sorry for anything, all right? Don't be sorry.
Okay, everybody, we're headed for those mountains.
Come on.
Let's pack it up.
Anything look familiar? It looks like the place.
I recognize it from the dreams.
What-What do you recognize? These rocks? These rocks look like the same rocks we've been passing all night.
This is where they live.
Where- Okay, let's get unpacked.
I still can't believe we're doing this.
Vehicles need a charge anyway.
Terrians wanna find us, they can find us right here.
Excuse me, everyone.
I just wanted to thank you for giving this a try.
It was a hard ride for Uly, but I believe this is the only chance he's got.
I know that, so far, we've stuck together out of a sense of survival, but I consider your coming here an act of friendship, and I thank you.
Let's set up camp.
Come on, Dad.
It's worse this time.
What is? Before, I didn't know what it was like not being sick.
Now I do.
Is he any better? No.
But his rate of deterioration has slowed.
Well, that's an improvement, isn't it? I suppose.
Then he's better.
He's better.
It is you.
I knew you'd come.
What about Daddy? The last time you came to see me, Daddy came right behind.
He's busy at camp now.
- Daddy doesn't like me, does he? - Mm-mmm.
- Do you know the reason? - He said, on the stations, you did something bad.
And what do you know about good and bad? There's no such thing on this planet.
Oh, my little one.
I was afraid I'd lost you.
I thought you didn't understand.
I only did what was necessary.
Like making it rain? What? I know it was your magic that made it rain, so we had to stop.
Of course.
I couldn't bear to let you go.
Now I need your magic even more.
Uly's sick again.
The Terrians are making him sick.
The Terrians? Yeah.
They sent us here.
They did? You can help us, can't you? Nobody knows about your magic.
And if you do it and help Uly, then they'll see.
Even Dad.
You'll be able to come with us.
Well, what a plan, poppet.
But this will take all our cunning.
The Terrians are a fierce, cold breed.
Our success will depend on secrecy.
Hurry back before you're missed.
I knew you could help.
I will.
I thought you were the last of your tribe, but it seems I've let one slip away, one who sent an S.
It wasn't you, because you've stopped dreaming, haven't you? Charge.
I must thank your dreaming mate if I find him.
Because he's done what I've failed to do.
He's gotten the Utopians back, and they brought along all their lovely vehicles.
How's he doing? No better.
Can he travel? Why? We're not going anywhere.
Can I talk to you? Listen, I was all for giving this a shot.
Alonzo hasn't heard from the Terrians since we've arrived.
Maybe they're past saving, or maybe they never needed saving in the first place.
But whichever it is, we just cannot afford to stay here another day.
Look, I understand that - Devon, none of the vegetation scans as edible.
If we could just move west for a couple of days - Uly can't travel, not now.
I don't understand.
He was all right in the suit before.
What's different about- Because his lungs aren't clearing.
Security alert.
Adair! Okay, Okay, let's just slow down, take it easy.
Can you contact it? How? I don't know.
However you did before.
It's not like calling someone on gear.
I don't have a transmit button.
I'm just gonna make sure that we're covered.
Hey, digger! We got kids here! Danziger, don't shoo- You tell him that.
Alonzo, can I help? Should I get a sedaderm? Hey, we're your friends.
We are the ones you called.
It's working.
- It's working? - Be careful.
We're not the enemy.
We are your friends.
He didn't know it was us.
Didn't he send for us? Yeah.
But he's frightened.
All the humans that he has known are killers.
Don't get too close.
It's okay, buddy.
Yeah, you heard me.
We are here to help.
Okay, easy.
Yeah, I think I got it.
I wish he'd let me get closer.
Look, we don't wanna scare him away.
I've never seen anything like it before.
It factors all across the board.
The spectro function can't decide if it's animal, vegetable or mineral.
It's a he.
They all are, according to him.
Can you understand what it's saying? It's just a feeling.
What's he feeling? It's just the same thing over and over- that they aren't trying to hurt Uly.
See, I think our promise made a bond.
And when the Terrians suffer, Uly does too.
What does he want us to do? I think he was hoping we'd know.
How enlightening.
Two species meet- the noble savage and the pilgrim band.
First contact.
Well- except for me.
Sure you don't wanna come out? I'm still asleep.
You sure don't like that Terrian much, do you? Well, neither do I, but it's not like you to be scared, sport.
What's the matter? I been too tough on you? You know it's only 'cause I love you, don't you? Don't worry.
I won't let that thing hurt you.
But, see, there's a chance that it might help Uly.
It won't help Uly.
Terrians are a fierce, cold breed.
Who told you that? You know, Gaal said lots of things that weren't the truth.
Not to me.
I know it's hard for you to understand, but there's people that don't deserve to be trusted- people that are just plain bad.
I think there's no such thing as good and bad, not on this planet.
Oh, yeah? Then how come you're so scared of that Terrian? He wants us to follow him? Only one or two of us.
But we have to keep our distance.
Okay? Excuse me.
Are we actually considering this? - I will consider anything that'll help my son.
- Oh, I realize that, Devon.
I realize that every morning when I wake up in the middle of nowhere! Morgan is trying to say that we will do anything that will actually help Uly, Devon, but- But look at the facts.
This thing calls Alonzo, tells us to come here, and then starts blasting us once we arrive.
Well, we can forgive him for being a little jumpy, Morgan.
You would be, too, if you'd seen your entire group captured.
Yeah, well, that's according to flyboy's translation there.
This whole thing could be a ruse.
There could be 20 more of these things hiding in the rocks or under our feet or something.
! Your concerns are valid, but don't you think, if they wanted to harm us, - they would have done so by now? - Devon.
! Come quick.
! - What is it? - Uly's taken a turn for the worse.
! I'm here, Uly.
Julia, quick.
I got it.
Mommy, it hurts.
Julia, do something.
Uly, this is gonna help.
You've gotta try and relax.
- Shh.
- My head hurts.
- I know.
I know, baby.
I know.
Just breathe.
Breathe deep.
Hold on, Uly.
Hold on.
Try to breathe.
Try to breathe.
Folks, come on.
Let's move back.
Lie still and relax.
Can you hear me? Try to breathe, Uly.
Try to breathe.
Oh, my God.
What's it doing, Alonzo? It hurts.
He's trying to help.
Mommy, it hurts.
Go on, Devon.
Take it.
Take it.
He wants you to put it on Uly's head.
Go on.
His fever's coming down.
You're kidding.
He's out of crisis for the moment.
Oh, my God.
And this? Dirt.
I just- I get plain dirt.
I think you should go.
Yeah? Yeah, but don't get too close.
I think he wants to make himself a decoy.
But don't lose sight of him, okay? I think Morgan should go with you.
Me? Yeah.
No, no.
I'm better off alone.
What? No, you're not.
You sure you wanna? Yeah.
I hated having to stay behind.
I guess the Terrians were starting to get to me.
Here he is.
What? Here he is.
He sounds so lonely.
Devon, that thing's responsible for making your kid sick.
I don't believe that.
I think the Terrians are linked to Uly's well-being.
You saw what happened.
Yeah, and they're withholding treatment.
That digger's got us hostage till it gets whatever the hell it wants.
If that's the way you feel, why'd you risk your neck? I'm the one who made the promise.
'Cause of Uly.
Every digger on this planet could get croaked, and I could care less.
But your son is one of us.
Nothin' else matters.
What's the matter? That offend you? No.
It frightens me.
Hey, look.
Oh, my God.
What is that? I don't know.
Devon, come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Ah, there you are.
My little lost lamb.
We've got the commander's rifle, one handgun, two Mag-Pros and one of these.
- What is that? - Wow.
It's a Mag-Pro grenade.
I've never seen one of these before.
They're banned from the stations.
One stray launch could blow an exohull.
I don't suppose anyone knows how to attach one of these.
Walman, Magus- both have agreed to join me.
Alonzo will go along in case we can contact the Terrians.
And maybe Yale should join us as well.
I have a weapons-aversion program.
I- I won't be able to fire it.
That's okay.
Goal number one is never to have to use these.
We have to take him by surprise.
Let's go.
So, finally, my labors bring me here.
Pray, Gaal, you're equal to the task.
The pettiness of murder has lost its charm.
I plateaued years ago.
But slaughter- ah, now, that tests spontaneity and skill and stamina.
Eden Project, come and meet your fate.
Except the little True.
Ah, there's the rub.
A pity not to spare her tiny self, her winsome, large-eyed ways.
But how to settle for a mere 16 when I could kill them all? Why compromise? If poppet's to be spared, she'll spare herself.
Oh, Gaal, you've gotten greedy, haven't you? But I deserve it.
I paid my penance here, a universe apart.
A cruel price.
My slate is clean.
It's time to sin again.
Danziger, I need to talk to you.
I'm the one who brought us here.
And I'm the one that's gonna finish this with Gaal.
If I'd known he was the one enslaving the diggers, I would've crashed the dream world myself.
All right.
What about the plan? It's a wide pass up to the north.
Why don't you use the trans-rover like an old-fashioned tank? I would do that if I could still be sure of surprising him.
Believe me.
The best thing to do is to sneak in.
And the best thing for you to do is to stay here with your son.
I know that.
I don't have a choice.
Alonzo's lost contact with the Terrian.
Those shock collars must interfere with their communication somehow.
What do you think Gaal's up to? I don't know, but, whatever it is, it's about to end.
No! Don't! He's only trying to help.
What are you talking about, True? He's going to use his magic to make the Terrians obey.
He told me so.
Did you see that man again after everything I told you? - Did you? - You don't understand.
- Did you sneak off, True? - I did, but- Not another word.
Get in here right now.
I will talk to you after I simmer down.
Now it begins.
On my command.
He won't listen.
Hejust doesn't wanna understand.
Now they're coming back for you.
Well, some things are meant to be.
We should run away together.
You and I, we should hide somewhere.
Well, poppet, I thought you'd never ask.
You want some? It's very good.
It's delicious.
We couldn't find anything to eat where we've been camped.
That's because you don't know where to look.
You wanna see something? Come on.
I'll show you.
You see there? - Those Terrians are mine.
- They're not gonna hurt us, are they? No.
They work for me.
They found this fertile spot.
They're good for that once you harness them.
Terrians live underground.
Well, that's the risky part.
You wanna learn some magic? Press that button and say the magic word.
Say "Charge.
" Charge.
Oh, no.
What's wrong with them? There's nothing wrong, pet.
But that hurt him, didn't it? Magic doesn't hurt.
It just gets you what you want.
They look homesick.
Can't they go back? Well, those who are still alive.
They don't last long, these Terrians.
Some start to rot as soon as they're caught.
Don't they fight when you put that thing around their neck? Oh, ferociously.
But I discovered their secret.
Terrians cannot strike back at their own kind.
And this, my dear, is made ofTerrian bones.
It keeps me safe.
Watch this.
They can get a little testy, so stand back.
Charge! Charge! No.
! Don't.
! You're killing him.
! And is that a problem, pet? Well, if you kill him, then we can't use him anymore.
Well, if he dies, we could start making your necklace.
We have to go hide before the others come.
We have no means to run.
We'll have to fight.
I can get you a vehicle- whichever one you want- the biggest one.
I'll call it on remote, and it'll drive here itself.
Well, won't people notice? Won't they follow it? No.
It's parked way far away from camp.
No one will hear.
I promise.
You'd do this for me? You'd make me this gift? Go on then.
Remote Activation.
Code 226.
Navigate to seek beacon.
Suspension preset.
Heavy payload.
She's with him! Change of plans.
We leave now! Why are we waiting up here, Gaal? Why don't we go down and meet the rover? One of the things I've had plenty of here is time- to plan, to read.
My captors were kind enough to provide an extensive library, hoping that literature would do what behavior mod could not.
One of the chips I especially liked was The Iliad.
Do you know that one? The story of the Trojan horse- And here it comes, its belly full ofbetrayal.
I saw you with those Terrians.
I know that look.
I've had to blot it out scores of times.
No! Daddy! Look out! On my command.
Fire! Don't you move! Release! Unlock! Let go! If you love her, hold your fire.
- Shoot him.
- Let me go.
Dad! Shoot him! - Shoot him! Do it! - I can't.
No! My bones! Daddy! Daddy! Poppet! Help me! Gaal.
! Oh, my God.
Tell me- Tell me how to help you.
I don't know what to do.
You-You're not there.
You're not there.
If you'd told me a month ago that I'd be crying over a dead alien, I'd probably punch your lights out.
But that's the thing about this planet- it never lets you stay the same.
Uly was healed now.
And before the Terrian died, he begged me to help him go back in the earth- the way all Terrians d0- so I brought him home.
I didn't know what else to do.
And the earth took him back- our promise fulfilled.
That was it.
No Thanksgiving dinner.
Not so much as a handshake.
Julia says, biologically, we have more in common with a mosquito than we do with a Terrian.
But something tells me we have more in common than any of us knows.
It was real smart calling on remote.
Tipped us off.
Lucky you're smarter, or he would have killed us all.
You know, this was my fault, True.
I never should have brought you along.
I knew it was gonna be a risky trip when I took the job.
But I just couldn't stand the thought of leaving you at the stations.
I would have missed your whole childhood.
It was selfish of me, and- it was wrong, and I put you in danger, and I'm very sorry.
It wasn't wrong.
I won't go anywhere without you, Daddy.
Mmm! Hmm.
What do you think made Gaal so bad? Oh, I don't know.
Was he lying the whole time Ah.
when he said there was magic here? No.
I think that part might have been true.
Come on.
Let's go.
Next on Earth 2.
Back away from the door.
! Now.
! I don't know who did it, but I don't think the crash was an accident.
It was sabotage.
I did it.
I did it.
What did you do?