Earth 2 (1994) s01e06 Episode Script

A Memory Play

I remember the history lessons Yale taught me as a child.
How when the pioneers headed out across the American West 500 years ago, they encountered many dangers.
Indian attacks, buffalo stampedes, yellow fever.
All right, everybody.
Let's stop for recharging.
Twenty minutes, then we go again.
Morgan, honey, where you goin'? Nowhere.
I've just got some important business to attend to.
You watch it, Martin.
I'm sorry.
I was- Bess.
I saw it again.
Morgan? What? It's a Grendler.
Third one today.
Right there in those bushes.
Practically drooled on me.
Morgan, honey.
I don't see it.
I don't care.
I saw a Grendler, Bess.
The thing is following me.
I'm not imploding.
Honey, it's just the heat.
Don't tell me it's the heat.
I know what I saw.
On this planet, we are a new generation of pioneers, moving westward as fast as we can, trying to outrun our own dangers.
I like to think danger's less likely to hit a moving target.
And while I push us forward, I can't help thinking of the one danger we can't outrun.
What you thinking about, Dad? Nothin'.
The danger within.
True! Where are you, girl? True! Get into the pod.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't you leave! Hey! What are you doing? What are you doing? Don't leave.
! There's people here.
! Hey.
! Pod is away.
Three weeks ago, our spaceship was dragged kicking and screaming into this planet's atmosphere.
The crash was horrible.
I think he's afraid of you.
He should be.
And no one seems able to shake it from their memory.
What the hell's going on? Cargo pods won't release.
! They're dragging us down right now.
! Come on.
Release it.
Proceed to evacuation.
The long hot days with nothing but ourjourney are allowing blame to fester like bacteria spreading through the group.
I hope you're better at checking the sand rail than you were with the cargo pod.
Shut up, Solace.
Are you sure you checked the air locks? There must have been a switch somewhere.
I checked all the switches.
Now get out of my face.
- Don't touch me.
- Get off his back, Solace.
It's not like he was the pilot.
And what is that supposed to mean? Don't touch me! Hey! Hey, Alonzo.
Danziger, stop it.
This has got to stop.
No more finger-pointing about the crash.
I will not have us tear each other apart over something that's behind us.
The crash was an accident.
It happened.
I am as unhappy and angry as the rest of you, but there is nothing we can do about it.
It is behind us.
How do you know it was an accident, Devon? How do you know? All right.
I don't know that for sure.
Your eye.
It digitally records every experience, right? Yes, Devon, but I- So it recorded the crash.
But it would only be from his point of view.
Julia, right now that may be all we have.
Yale, go back in there, review your digitized recordings.
Maybe you can prove to everyone that it was an accident and that there was nothing anyone could have done to change it.
Give us a full accounting of everything you perceived to have happened.
With all due respect, how do we know the cyborg isn't gonna lie to us? I- I mean, he does work for you, after all.
That is not my way, Mr.
I give you my word.
True! I found something.
! Hurry.
! Come on.
True? Sweetheart, what is it? Look! It's a grave.
They're one of us.
It's ours.
It's Eden Project.
It's the other evac pod- the third one.
Must have landed.
They made it.
Not all of them.
Well, hey, come on.
There's only one grave.
There must have been 15 or 20 people on that pod.
Somebody must have dug the grave.
This is good news.
Yeah, but where is the pod? We don't know.
But let's get looking.
We'll camp here tonight.
Judging by the soil, the grave wasn't dug long ago.
All right.
Then we'll have three search parties fanning out east, north and south.
Let's fire our flares, let 'em know we're here.
My gear.
It keeps fritzing out.
Foolproof method.
Eden Project! Anybody out there? This is hopeless.
It's like looking for a microchip on the Internet.
I mean, the likelihood that we're actually gonna find anything- Oh, no.
Oh! Morgan, what is it? I got him, Bess.
The Grendler.
The one that's been following me.
I killed him.
I protected us, Bess.
What the- Oh, my God.
Base camp.
Base camp, please come in.
Devon, where are you? They found another grave.
It's Morgan, Bess and Walman.
Get everyone back here now.
It's too hostile an environment.
There could be penal colonists, and I don't know what else.
All right.
Danziger, Baines, come in.
Another grave was found.
Now Devon wants everyone back at camp now.
What are you talking about? It's not even dark yet.
What's up? Well, they want us to come back.
That would be premature.
Check it out.
All search parties, evac pod spotted Dune-rail proceeding immediately.
Make it fast, Yale.
It's not what you wanted to hear.
What are you talking about? I found something in my mind's eye.
I don't know who did it, but I don't think the crash was an accident.
It was sabotage.
Sabotage? And the saboteur could still be with us.
Baines, wait up! Oh, my God.
Baines! Be careful.
! Back away from the door.
Now! Away.
Firestein? Wentworth? Danziger? Is it really you? Yeah! Get away.
We're dyin'.
Danziger? Danziger! Get back.
Don't come any closer.
Don't come down here.
I'm coming.
Danziger, what are you doing? It's bad, Adair.
It's really bad.
What is that? Crew member? Yeah.
And two more in the pod.
Friends of mine from the ops crew.
Dead? No.
Not yet.
But they're sick.
That body down there is in some state of decomposing.
We were all over it.
I don't think you should come down here yet.
We have no idea how contagious this is.
We'll need some gear, and send Zero down with it.
It's okay.
I won't be infected.
Thank you.
Cavalry's here.
Everything's gonna be okay, friends.
We got a doctor.
Zero's gonna take your vitals.
Adair, we're all hooked up.
We're conferencing.
Wentworth, Firestein, you there? Wish we could come out and greet you guys proper.
Our eyes really can't take the daylight anymore.
Wentworth, this is Devon Adair.
How you doing, ma'am? Don't have to ma'am her, Wentworth.
We don't work for her anymore.
The other people in the pod, do they have this disease? - Les.
What about the others, Les? Well, we all made it, but it was a nightmare.
We landed safe, but nobody could agree on anything.
We splintered up into three or four different groups.
Each took our share of supplies and got walkin'.
Then we started gettin' sick.
Alex first.
You know her history, John.
Oh, yeah.
Still looking for sick bay, Wentworth? You always did have that weak constitution, girl.
I can still drink you under the table, John.
Alex's body kept trying to fight whatever this virus is off.
The others weren't so lucky.
We started burying them about 10 days ago.
Do you have any idea where you caught it or how it's spread? I don't know.
Could have been anywhere.
We were all drinkin' from the same canteens, all using the same latrines.
Hey, John.
Ferrying those soldiers down to Earth.
We were playing poker.
What was that guy's name? I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Remember Perry, the guy sitting next to you with the suspenders? He lost 75 units that night.
You broke even when you pulled that jack.
You had such a baby face then.
- Danziger, what's going on? - I don't know.
- Les, what's going on? - It's this disease, John.
All of a sudden you get these flashes around your eyes, and the oldest memories start coming back, clear as day, like you were right there.
They all just start coming back.
Then the pain.
You never felt anything so horrible.
Hang on.
We're gonna do something.
- Just hang in there.
We're here now.
You're not alone anymore.
! Forget it.
Abort now! Abort! What are you trying to do, Yale? Prove to everyone else that I'm a lousy pilot? No.
I'm just trying to find out what happened before the crash.
Were you the first out of cold sleep? Of course not.
Missions that long, the pilot doesn't get up first.
The medical officer does.
So why don't you go ask her? I will, Alonzo.
Humor me.
I'm just trying to fill in the missing pieces.
Now, was there anyone else with you in the cockpit those first few minutes? You're asking me about the first minutes after 22 light-years of cold sleep.
I don't remember.
It's biologically impossible.
Synapses haven't kicked in yet.
Not for the first few minutes.
Trust me.
Now, no one remembers, Yale.
All right.
Let me ask you another question.
Did you have any verbal communications with- Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.
Who knows what that sanctimonious cyborg has lodged in his memory banks? Please.
Cease and desist.
I beg you.
I can't take running into you like this.
What do you want? No.
I'm warning you.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Leave me alone.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Morgan, honey, who are you talking to? The Grendler.
The-The one that's been haunting me.
Bess, he was right here.
I swear.
He was right here.
Morgan, what is going on? You-You have been acting so strange lately.
I'm sorry, Morgan.
I can't understand you.
I did it.
I did it.
I did it.
What did you do? I took the pod.
The emergency pod when the ship was crashing- I took it.
It wasn't wind shear like I said.
It was just me.
I took the pod.
I just let us go.
And I didn't wait for anybody.
Do I look stupid, Morgan Martin? No.
You look good.
I know the man I married, and I pretty much assumed that's what happened with the pod.
You did? Yeah.
Oh, Bess, Yale's gonna find out, and they're gonna string me up.
They're gonna lynch me.
No, that is not gonna happen because you are gonna make a clean breast of it.
You're gonna tell all those good people exactly what you did.
I am? Confession washes the soul, Morgan.
Well, I confessed to you.
My soul feels pretty clean.
Danziger and Baines had to be kept quarantined.
If they caught the disease from the corpse, we could not risk infecting the larger group.
Danziger, you get the food okay? Yeah.
Though I gotta tell you, spirulina is not really my idea of a last meal.
Please don't.
It's not funny.
Listen, uh, I think I got this thing.
I lost some feeling in my hand about an hour or so ago.
I'm already feeling a little sensitive to light.
It's beginning.
- Baines too? - Yeah.
Look, Julia is on the road to finding something, and I bet tomorrow she's going to be down there with a cure for whatever this godforsaken thing is, and we will all be able to move on.
You make sure True gets to bed on time tonight.
Okay, Adair? She's a real monster if she doesn't get her sleep.
I'll tuck her in myself.
Yes, he took it.
It was a turbulent situation.
And he was frightened, and he lost his head, but I know this man better than the rest of you.
And deep down- very deep down- he is a most generous person.
And he's very sorry.
And that's what he wanted to say.
Then why doesn't he say it instead ofhiding behind his wife? Yeah.
Selfish coward.
- Did you cause the crash too? - I'm still searching my memory.
No, you're not.
You're making all of us search our memory.
Every memory I get makes me think I got the disease.
I say the best thing to do is to pack up and get out ofhere.
What about Danziger and Baines? Do they even have the disease? - We don't know yet.
- There's gotta be something in the air here that's causing this thing.
Why should we stick around? For us all to die from it? We are gonna stick around because Danziger and Baines are part of our group.
I'm not going anywhere.
Now, Julia's doing an autopsy right now, trying to figure out how to treat this disease.
We arrived here as a group, and we are going to fight this thing as a group.
Dad? Dad, you awake? True? True, you get back.
You hear me? Don't come any closer.
You stay right where you are.
You know I love you, don't you? Are we all gonna die? No, baby.
No way.
Not if I have anything to say about it.
But you have to trust me now.
Go back to camp, okay? Well, what about Wentworth and Firestein? They gonna die? We've known 'em a long time, haven't we? You were 11 months old, and Wentworth would come over to our little unit, dress you up and teach you those funny songs.
You know, the first steps you ever took were into her arms.
You were wearing the, uh- uh, those yellow overalls with the ducks on them.
Those were your favorite.
Remember? You were somethin' then.
You sure remember that good, Dad.
I'll see you tomorrow, kid.
Okay? You go back and sleep tight.
Sweet dreams.
I love you.
Rough night? Oh.
Cutting into corpses and doing autopsies- Any success? Did you isolate what it is these people have? Isolated, yes.
Recognize it, I- Yale, this planet - I mean, this virus resembles no other virus I've ever seen.
Hanta, filo, zygotic.
I- It goes straight for the brain cells, short-circuiting all nerve endings, as if by design.
Like a computer virus.
And I don't think I can stop it.
Now Danziger has it and Baines, and I just- I don't know if I'm up to it.
It's making me crazy.
I can't take this sitting here waiting to die.
Easy, Baines.
Try to keep a lid on that kind of thinking.
He should say it.
He's afraid.
There's no reason for him to not say it.
Then why aren't you saying it? Aren't you afraid? Wentworth doesn't get afraid.
Does she, Les? That time our troop freighter was going down over the Arctic - you remember that? Oh, I practically lost it.
You just sat there and held my hand through the whole thing.
- Never flinched.
- I expected to die too many times, I guess.
Alex has a history of malignancies.
Tissue growth in her cranium.
Brain tumors.
You can say it, boys.
I've been under the laser so many times my medical chip looks like an encyclopedia disk.
That's why the army dumped me.
Your medical chip? Like a history chip? Still got that? Yeah.
Let's see.
Easy, Danziger.
There's - I doubt if there are any clues on that thing.
And brain tumors aren't contagious.
Well, let's let the doctor be thejudge of that.
Zero, get down here and make a pickup.
Come on, Bess.
! Come on.
! We're not gonna die on this thing, Bess.
We're not dying on this thing.
No, Morgan! No! Okay, okay.
I took the pod.
I didn't cause the crash.
I didn't cause the crash.
My God.
Not you again! Please get out.
I am working.
I can't get it off.
It's burning.
- Hey.
! What? - Just get it off.
- What is your problem? - It's burning my skin.
! Freeze! I am working here.
I haven't slept, and there are samples everywhere.
What the hell are you screaming about? Grendler saliva.
You know, the creature that's been following me.
I - I can't get it off.
It won't come off.
It's burning away at my skin.
It's eating my flesh.
It's not eating away at anything.
You're fine.
Fine? You're fine.
Now, there's a disinfectant bath out back.
Why don't you go and stick your hands in it? And your head while you're at it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Disinfectant bath.
I- I'll go wash now.
Oh, no.
What has he done? I'm not the saboteur, Yale.
And I would really like to help you find out who did it, but all I see are Grendlers.
Excuse me? Grendlers.
One in particular.
He's everywhere.
I'm seeing him, like, And he's somehow found his way into my mind.
You don't think that that's a symptom of the disease, do you? I really don't know, Morgan.
It's a mysterious ailment.
My God.
Can't you be a little more comforting? I'm sorry.
I suppose I can say you're only suffering from extreme guilt-induced paranoia.
But then again, I'm not a doctor, am I? Devon, Yale, get in here.
What is it? Saliva.
I- I think the answer's saliva.
And Grendlers secrete it from every orifice.
Saliva is the cause of the illness? No, no.
Not the cause.
The cure.
I haven't yet determined what the cause is.
But Grendler salivary glands could be the greatest pharmaceutical factory in the universe.
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
Um, Morgan came in here 15 minutes ago and sprayed Grendler saliva all over everything and coated some of my samples.
I ran some tests.
The virus on this slide was completely neutralized.
All cell reproduction came to a halt when it came in contact with the Grendler saliva.
Okay, we don't have a luxury of time here.
Let's try it out.
I don't- I don't think I have enough of it.
I think if I had some more fresh saliva that I could create an antiviral serum and buy us some time.
- Okay.
How do we find ourselves a Grendler? I, uh- I think I might be your man.
You and me, Les.
The first time we met at a little restaurant, you reached across the table and wiped my mouth.
You didn't even know me.
And we-we were so young.
And you- It hurts.
It's okay, Al.
Happy memories don't hurt as bad, do they? Oh, God, I hate you gotta see me like this.
Danziger, are you in there? John? Yeah.
I've come up with something to fight the virus.
Just hold on.
Tell your friends I'm working as fast as I can.
Danziger, are you there? Uh, I'll call you back.
John, tell her to hold on.
John? Hey.
Baines, you wanna- Yeah.
Sure thing, man.
I'll be waiting outside.
You remember the time we snuck out of basics and closed down that dance hall? You shoved your hand through that window.
Back then we thought there was nothing we couldn't do.
You remember? Yeah.
Those were wilder days.
There was this girl.
Um, Corrine.
Oh, she broke your heart.
All that strawberry hair.
I told you she was bad news, didn't I? Yeah, you did, Al.
I should've listened to ya.
- You always had that inside line on my best interests.
- Damn straight.
Right here, Al.
Right here.
You always took good care of me.
Even when I was in the hospital, you always took good care.
That's why I was put here, baby- to be your angel.
Are you my angel, sweetie? That's what I am.
I'm watching over you.
You are watching over me, aren't you? Since the first time we met I've had an angel.
You're all comin' back.
The rhymes we used to make up and our wedding.
I mean, those funny voices you- Oh.
We made so many promises.
We- To each other.
We-We were gonna be sailors.
Forgive me, Les.
It's my fault.
I never should have dragged you into this mission.
I was head of ops.
I couldn't release that cargo pod.
It's my fault.
No, it wasn't, John.
I know you didn't have anything to do with the crash.
It was me.
I sabotaged the ship.
Grendler? Grendler.
If you're out there, uh, I'm sorry I, you know, shot at you the other day.
I'm- I'm kind of prone to irrational behavior.
Like taking that emergency pod.
I wouldn't do that again.
I- I'm learning, you know.
I realize that's easy to say now, but I- Hi.
Oh, look.
I know this isn't very polite, but, um, if you wouldn't mind just slobbering into this a little bit? Okay.
Um, look.
Look, I have to do this, and I don't expect something for nothing, s0- Here.
You can have whatever you want.
See, look.
Lumalight, huh? And, uh-Anything.
Vera-frames, huh? Oh.
Oh, God.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
That's it? The shirt off my back? Hey, you got it.
What's mine is yours.
If your drool is mine.
There you go.
Wentworth! Wrong way.
That pod's taken.
Follow me.
Come in.
John, are you there? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm here.
What's up? I did a neurographic scan on Wentworth during her autopsy to see if her illness was in any way related to her history of tissue growth in her cerebrum.
Yeah? So? Show him what you found.
- What's that? - It's a neuro-motivation chip.
Tell him how you know that, Yale.
I know because the government implanted one in me too.
Les! Les, I need to talk.
Oh, no.
Les! Les.
Hey, Les! Les.
Alex always wanted to be a sailor.
Just like in them old stories.
I remember the day we found this river.
She was so happy.
Never seen her smile like that before.
I need you to tell me what happened on that ship.
You don't want to know.
Yes, I do.
I want you to tell me how you caused that crash.
- You want to know what I did? - Yeah.
I woke from cold sleep.
It was quiet.
It was those first dead minutes.
Hallways were empty.
I went to parafuse box L 137.
Knew that system inside and out.
Me and Alex used to maintain L 137 release catalysts on the troop freighters.
Used my ops code to open it.
Melted out all the connective plugs.
No matter what you did, there's no way that cargo pod was gonna disengage.
I did it.
You happy now? Does that satisfy you, John? No, man.
Because I know it was her.
You're wrong.
I did it.
It wasn't her fault, Les.
The space station technocrats put a chip in her head during one ofher operations.
The one right after shejoined the Eden crew.
That organic chip interacted with the planet somehow and leaked into her brain.
That was the virus.
It mutated and spread through the air to all of us.
Space station? Yeah.
Put a chip- You saw her do it, didn't ya? Alex was lucky.
She never knew.
Why are you up here, Al? I thought we were gonna clean off.
I don't know.
Let's go, honey.
The disease only unlocked old memories in her.
I had to unlock one that was only three weeks old.
A memory I didn't even know I had.
When did you remember? Four days back.
Before you found us.
I- I didn't know why she did it, and I couldn't ask her.
Danziger, where are you? Right here.
Right here, Julia.
Where? Is Firestein with you? Yeah.
He is.
Well, Morgan actually came through.
He lost all his clothes, but I've got the saliva, and I've actually fashioned something.
We're on our way.
Come on, buddy.
Gotta get back to the pod.
They're gonna save us.
You see her, John? She's here, John.
You come for me, baby? Yes, I've come for you.
I'm your angel, Les.
Hey, man.
Come on, buddy.
Hang in there.
Come on.
Help's on the way.
It's okay, John.
I'll take care of it now.
Come on, lover.
We're going to sail away.
She's here, John.
And she looks so beautiful.
I married the most beautiful woman in the universe.
Yeah, you did, man.
Yeah, you did.
You tell her- Tell her that we forgive her.
And you tell her that I love her.
I know.
She already knows.
We thought there was a saboteur in our midst, and we found her.
But she was no spy.
She was just a victim ofher own past.
I wish Wentworth and Firestein would have gotten better, just like you.
Me too, sport.
It's a funny thing about the past- the way it keeps chasing us, no matter how fast we try and run away.
What? You did good, Morgan.
Well, that shirt had sentimental value, you know.
And I don't even want to mention the pants.
And now we put the nightmares of the past behind us, taking solace in the fact that it was not the planet that was making us sick, but the planet that healed us.
With time the memories will fade away, but that doesn't mean any of us will ever forget.
Julia Heller, initial check-in.
Code XO482.
I've joined you on the planet.
Monitoring Eden Project.
And I know you planned the crash.
Next on Earth 2.
Join me on virtual.
I want to see you.
My leg is killing me.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Grendlers stole our reserve water.
Apparently for the containers.
They just dumped the water everywhere.
I heard.
Haven't you ever kissed a guy before? Watch out! John, are you okay?