Earth 2 (1994) s01e15 Episode Script

The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Come in.
Where am I? Where am I? Eden Project, can you hear me? It's Danziger.
I'm lost.
My gear compass is down.
No coordinates.
This windstorm's got me all turned around.
Ah, come back.
Come on.
Oh, you've done it this time, Johnny.
Oh, you've done it this time.
Where are they? Where am I? Hey! Hey! Who is he? Who is he? I don't know, but he's very sick.
Help me.
Come in, Devon.
Come in, Devon.
- Go.
! Go.
! Go.
! - Devon.
Ohh! I'm sorry, Katrina.
Your Devon, she's come.
She's here, sir.
He was supposed to be scouting for food.
We lost him about 1800 hours last night.
And of course, we can't get him on gear.
John has been known to turn offhis gear hours at a time.
But that storm, Yale.
He is out there.
And think about how cold it is inside.
No sign.
Shankin' freezing out there.
Anything from him over gear while we were gone? No.
I'm gonna get insulated.
It's my turn to search.
Okay, people, most likelyJohn has taken refuge somewhere to wait out the storm.
But the storm ended last night, Yale.
Y-Yes, it did, True.
But your daddy is a very smart man.
I know he can take care of himself.
But where is he? He said he'd only be gone for a couple hours.
He was just going out scouting.
Come on, True.
You and I are gonna go get some breakfast.
And you'll see-Your daddy is gonna come walking through that door any second, all right? Come on.
Let's go.
Alonzo, come on, get up.
Danziger's missing.
You're coming with me.
Devon, you've come.
No, it's Julia.
You having a dream? She has to go alone.
What are you talking about? He's all right, but Devon has to go looking for him alone.
He's sick.
What do you mean he's sick? Is it the Terrians? Do they have him? No.
I mean, I don't think so.
Yes, I did have a dream.
Well, then, if he's sick, then I have to go - No! No, she has to go alone.
That was the message I got.
And they won't hurt her, as long as she goes alone.
That is it.
That's all I dreamt.
Wh-Where am I? Where am I? What- Couldn't leave you out there in that traffic.
Not safe.
Everyone glaring at you.
You'd never recuperate out there.
Who are you? You really have caught the fever, haven't you? Fool- No one stays above in this cold.
It's lucky we found you.
Ter-Where am I? Terrians.
Where am I? It's all right.
It's all right.
They're sleeping.
This is their space.
We're only visitors.
Now, shush, shush, shush.
Now, hush, now.
You need to rest, as well.
- And I must excuse myself.
- Where are you going? Well, I have to wish my granddaughter pleasant dreams.
Your granddaughter? Where is she? Back on the space stations.
Yale? Yale, you there? Yes, Devon, I have you.
I made it.
I'm, uh, where Alonzo said.
Five degrees west, top of the mesa.
I don't like this, the Terrians wanting you alone.
Alonzo didn't say anything about the Terrians.
Keep your weapon handy.
No sign of anything, Yale.
I, uh, I'm gonna sign off.
If nothing happens within the hour, we'll figure out our next move, okay? Hello? Danziger? Hello, Danziger? Who is that? It's me.
True! True, you cannot be here.
What- I wanted to help you find Dad.
They will only come if I'm alone, you understand? I told you that, True.
I'm sorry.
I'm calling camp and telling them that I'm bringing you right back, all right? Devon.
Oh, her name is True.
She, uh, she just wants her father.
Um- Look, she won't be any trouble.
Come on.
Where's Danziger? - Who are you? - T'was him, ma'am.
He brought you here.
He sent for you across the heavens.
I came for Danziger.
He's one of our group.
In- In- In a dream, somehow, we were told he was here.
It's all right.
Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of her.
It's okay.
I'll take her.
She'll be safe.
All right, we're alone now.
Look at you.
You're so young.
What? I'm young? Ulysses- Did he survive? How do you know my son's name? I know a lot of things about you, Devon.
That your mother died when you were 18.
That you're afraid of the dark.
That you haven't had a lover since Uly was born.
Who the hell are you? Don't you remember, Devon? It's me.
We know each other.
No, I don't know you.
Where's Danziger? What have you done with him? What have you done with him? He's safe.
I'll find him myself.
Danziger! Danziger! Devon.
! Devon, this way.
! Where? We're in here.
Oh, God.
True, we've got to get out of here.
We've got to get back to camp.
Where are we? Oh, my God, you're on fire.
He's so sick.
What happened? What have they done to you? Nothing.
Trying to help.
No, John.
We've got to get out of here.
Something is terribly wrong.
Look, just let me rest a little longer.
No, we cannot stay here, John.
There is a man here.
He has a scar and a patch on his eye.
Have you spoken to him? Man patch.
I don't- He knows things about me, John.
Did you tell him anything about me, about Uly? - Oh, I don't know.
- What do you mean, Devon? - Think, John, think! - Danziger cannot help you, miss.
You are the one who knows him.
Who are you? I'm a friend.
But he's something more.
He's greater than that.
There's no call for you to be afraid of him.
Rest your mind, child.
Do you not know his face? His eyes? His voice? No.
No, I don't.
I don't know him.
I'm sorry.
I- I'm sorry.
I really wish I could help you people, but maybe, uh, maybe you think I'm someone I'm not.
Come on, True.
Come on, Danziger.
We have to get out of here.
Now, come on.
Get up.
Come on.
I cannot allow you to take him.
I'm sorry.
He's too weak.
Try to have faith, Devon.
You're quite safe here.
Yale? Yale, come in.
This is Devon.
Is anybody there? Hello! That will not work down here.
But I will contact your party.
Ohh! They're okay, all of them.
And True is with them.
You had another dream? Yeah.
Is it the Terrians? I don't know.
It seems like Terrians, but it's not.
What's that supposed to mean? You seem coherent, but you're not.
Morgan, there's human emotions behind the dreams, real communications, you know? I mean, look, the message I got from the dreams is that Devon and True are okay- they're all being taken care of.
- We have got to go and get them.
- No, you can't.
You won't be able to find them, no matter how hard you look.
They're all in good hands.
I can feel it.
Whoever has them will never let danger come.
That much is clear.
You were hungry.
It's kinda good.
So, what is this place? An old Terrian cave or something? It's the underground.
We all live here together - Terrians, humans.
We all share it.
You mean you live here, like, all the time? Where else would we go? I don't know.
Over ground.
Up on top.
No, not safe.
Look what happened to your man Danziger.
Down here, we are safe and warm and good.
Governor takes care of us.
Who? Sheppard, the man in the chamber.
The one who sent for her.
He looks after us all.
He can look after you too.
My dad looks after me.
Your dad? Yeah, my father.
The man who brought me into the world.
Don't you have a dad? I guess one of them must be.
That's not so important down here.
Come on.
You wanna see something? Sure.
I'm glad you came back, Devon.
Who are you? Did we meet? When I was a child maybe? Did you know my parents? No.
I'm a penal colonist.
I've been here a long, long time.
I was sent here for my crimes.
Then how do you know me? How could we possibly have met? The Terrians took me in.
They thought I was redeemable.
Actually, they took all of us in, the ones who were exiled with me, others who followed.
But how do you know me? Come winter, an amazing thing happened.
As they hibernated, the Terrians opened their dreamscape to us.
Their minds are like vessels that can transport you anywhere.
We could dream ourselves anywhere.
We dreamed ourselves home, Devon.
Back across the universe to the space stations.
Each of us to visit their loved ones while they slept.
Why are you telling me this? Well, I didn't have any loved ones.
But I went back anyway.
And in my dream I met you.
Me? We didn't meet.
I'm sorry.
We-We didn't.
Oh, my God.
Sheppard, it's you.
You do remember.
You do.
You're him.
You're the man from my dreams.
You're the voice that told me to come here.
Tell me about Uly.
He's, uh- Yes, he, uh- The Terrians healed him just- Oh, my God.
Just like you said.
You saved my son's life.
You saved him.
You got him here.
You're real.
I didn't just dream you, did I? You exist.
I've waited for decades to touch your face.
I thought I had lost you.
That you would never come.
I made it.
Have they given you enough blankets? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm burning up now.
You were calling Devon Adair by name when you were brought in.
You must have been through a great deal together, you and Devon.
Yeah, I suppose we have.
What are you getting at, pal? Sorry for bothering you.
What is it? Some kind ofbed or something? She sleeps in it every night.
Who? Haven't you seen her yet? Katrina, the ancient lady.
She never talks to anyone, but watches everything.
Been here since the beginning.
Maybe we should get out of here.
They say it comes from the land before here.
You mean the space stations? Do you know it? That's where I'm from.
You come from the land before here? But you're so little.
Only the old people come from there.
- What are you doing here? - N-Nothing.
- She speaks.
- Who invited you under? 'Twas Governor, ma'am.
It's okay.
She's my friend.
Sheppard said they can come down.
Sheppard? Sheppard.
You must be very careful of him, little one.
He tells terrible lies.
He has done unspeakable things.
He has committed crimes.
Atrocities against humanity.
You will never know a more terrible man.
He has the blackest heart, the coldest blood, the hands of a murderer.
Dad! What, angel? We have to get out of here.
We can't stay.
We're in danger.
What are you talking about? That man, the one called Sheppard? He's a monster, done horrible things.
Where's Devon? I don't know.
Where's Devon? We have to find her before something happens.
Eden Project, this is Devon.
Come in, Eden Project.
Eden Project, can you hear me? Anybody there? Uh, Devon, I'm here.
Where are you? Is someone holding you against your will? No.
Not at all, and I'm fine.
How's Uly? Oh, he's fine.
Well, there are humans here, uh, a sort of community, and they've been very good to us.
So we'll come and get you now.
No! No, I mean, uh, Danziger is still sick, and he can't travel.
Don't worry.
We'll be home soon.
I see a mesa behind you.
Devon, how close are you to those mountains? What's going on there? What-What aren't you telling me? I'm fine.
We're fine.
What have you told Uly? Only what we gleaned from Alonzo's dreams, that you're safe and no one should come for you.
And it's true.
Give Uly a kiss from me.
And tell him that his mother's doing something very important and that I'll be home soon.
Devon, please! Devon! This is a very strange place, Dad.
Hey, you shouldn't be out of bed.
It's okay.
I'm feeling stronger.
You want to give us a second, okay? Okay.
I'll be close by.
Good girl.
Time to move out, Adair.
Oh, no.
Not until you're better.
I got to talk to you about something.
I have to talk to you about something too.
The man I asked you about, Sheppard, the one with the eye patch.
Yes, exactly.
Well, I was wrong about him.
I was wrong to be frightened.
It's so strange.
We have this bond, like we've known each other forever.
You haven't known him forever, Devon.
You just met him.
I'm asking him to come with us.
No, no, no.
I'm not here to ask your permission.
That guy's coming nowhere near us.
He was sent here as a criminal.
Thirty years ago.
Come on, he has tried to make amends.
He has - For murder.
You know that? He's a psychopath, Adair.
He kills people in cold blood.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
- True got his whole story.
- Well, True must have gotten it wrong.
Have you gone crazy? He is not coming with us! Now we're leaving.
We gotta get you away from that dirtbag.
I am not going anywhere.
If you want to leave, that's your business, but you will leave without me.
How's your friend? He's okay.
What brought you here, Sheppard? Please tell me why you're here.
I need to know the truth.
You know already.
You killed people.
Why? I had a sister.
A twin sister.
No two siblings were ever closer.
We made a pact to always stay together.
Devon, have you ever been in the presence of true evil? As we grew up, she grew darker.
She got involved in black magic.
She even learned how to darken my heart.
I have spent 30 years seeking amends.
I don't know if it's enough.
- Why did you pick me? - What? Out of all the women on the stations, why did you dream to me? I heard your cry.
I had to come.
How do you know whether it's day or night? That isn't so important down here.
You know, it's all starting to come back to me.
But it's, uh, it's not like normal memories.
I just- I just remember how you made me feel not so alone, like- like you were guiding me through decisions.
A long time ago, wasn't it? Not for me.
I've spent a good part of the last 23 years in cold sleep, so- I didn't.
What are you saying? I'm not the same man from those dreams.
I'm older, scarred by the life down here.
How did that happen? An accident, a long time ago.
Life on this planet can be difficult.
Well, I'd like to help make your life better.
I'd like you to come with us.
What is it? No way! There is no way we can discuss this.
Well, I-I have to.
I mean, I do have to leave.
Uly's waiting for me.
We are meeting that colony ship at New Pacifica.
Please, stop, Devon! I can't come with you! Stop it! Let go of each other.
Ivan, Larken.
What am I supposed to do with you? Governor, don't send us out.
I let my temper get the best of me.
Violence is forbidden.
The Terrians can purge us out ofhere.
We're guests.
You know that, Ivan.
He knows, sir.
So do I.
Devon? Why can't you be reasonable? You can't go, Sheppard.
I have done my time with you.
You can live here.
You don't need me.
That's for me to say.
I have been very tolerant of your visitors.
Don't worry.
Nothing will change.
I hope not.
You made a pledge, Sheppard.
I would hate to have to put out your other eye.
They will leave as soon as that man is well.
You shouldn't be out of bed.
I was looking for Devon.
She isn't here.
Who's that old lady? What are they talking about? What, uh, did you hear? Well, something about him coming with us, and she doesn't want him to go.
And I gotta tell you, I couldn't agree more.
Now don't judge Sheppard too harshly, John.
He's a good man.
You don't know the truth about him.
I know all I need to know.
Something's not right with him, the way he's messing with Devon's head.
And he knows I got his number too.
He can't even look me in the eye.
That's not why he won't look at you, John.
No? The reason he won't meet your eyes is because he knows.
He knows you're in love with her.
In love? Who am I in love with? Go back to bed, John.
Wh- Sheppard? Devon.
Where are you? I can't see you.
I'm right here.
It feels so different in here.
I'm afraid.
Afraid? To say good-bye.
To lose you now that I finally found you.
Devon, I'm not here to say good-bye.
You're not? Forgive the reaction in my chamber, Devon, but I couldn't speak of leaving, not there.
There are things that can't even be mentioned outside of your mind's eye.
Do you understand what I'm saying, Devon? Do you? The choice has been difficult.
Yes, Devon.
I am going to make thejourney with you.
Tomorrow I'll meet you up above.
But don't these people need you here? The elder can lead them.
They can survive without me.
All they want is what I want- a place to feel safe.
The only place I feel safe is with you.
You mustn't tell a soul about my coming, Devon.
Swear it.
Not even Danziger.
All right, but why? Because years ago I made a pledge that I would always stay by her side.
Whose side? My sister.
She is here, Devon.
In the caves? We were jettisoned here together, but her sleep capsule malfunctioned.
The rest of us, we didn't age.
When she woke up, she was old.
She thought she'd lost everything- her youth, her beauty.
She made me swear on blood she would never lose me.
Who is she? Her name is Katrina.
! True.
! What? What is it? You'll be going soon.
You'll be leaving me.
How do you know? I heard them talking, Sheppard and your lady.
You'll be leaving me tomorrow.
You, Sheppard, Devon, the man, you all will be leaving me.
I'll be missing you, True girl.
- I'll miss you too.
- Oh, what a pretty picture.
- You.
- You shouldn't be looking at an old woman that way, child.
You will take years off my life.
So you're leaving.
Not that I don't love it here.
The rest did you well.
One must be careful up there in the cold.
I'll keep that in mind.
Shame you won't be joining us.
Danziger, I want you to make me one promise.
I don't make promises.
No matter what happens, take care of Devon.
I take care of all my friends.
SO- you ready to go? Yeah.
Very well then, the elder will show you the way out.
Thank you for everything.
I thought you said you weren't leaving without that guy.
Yes, well, uh, things change.
Bundle yourself up, will you, John? Otherwise, next time, I'm going to leave you to freeze out there.
I'll take better care.
Good-bye, little missy.
You've got a great place down here.
I'm glad you two found each other.
Me too.
Thank you.
Come on.
Let's go.
J- Just wait a second.
We, uh, we can't go yet.
Aw, come on, let's get outta here.
It's freezing.
I don't see him, Devon.
Who? You don't see who, True? Sheppard.
Isn't he coming with us? What are you talking about? How did you know that, True? The little boy told me he was coming.
The boy? How did he know that? I don't know.
Did he tell anyone else? What's this about? Could anyone else have heard him, True? Katrina, the old lady, she was in the shadows.
Devon, we agreed he wasn't coming with us.
Stay here.
Hey, what are you doing? Hey, he's in danger.
I'm gonna go find him.
No way! We decided we're gonna go back to camp.
We made it out of there.
Listen to me.
Trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
Stay here with True.
Start up the dune-rail.
I'll be fine.
I'll be right back.
What are you doing down here? Thank God it's you.
It's Katrina.
She knows.
She heard everything.
We've got to get you out of here.
It isn't safe.
Come on.
You thought you could come and steal my brother from me.
Well, he's not yours.
! You followed him through the galaxy! You want to be together? Then die together! Sheppard.
You came to me.
I did.
I did.
I did.
We found each other.
We found each other.
He'll find you, Devon.
He'll find you again.
You think she'll be okay, Dad? We'll make sure of it, True girl.
I'm glad you're home, Mom.
Me too, Uly.
Me too.
I just wish you could have met him.