Earth 2 (1994) s01e16 Episode Script

Brave New Pacifica

Previously on Earth 2.
Advance communications dish launched.
If we can average we can make it to New Pacifica in nine months - or at least what we used to think of as months.
It won't be easy, and I don't understand this new world better than any of you.
But I know New Pacifica is here, and I know somehow we'll be all right there.
Come on! Okay, hold on.
Hold on! One at a time, please.
I did not say this was a bad idea.
I was asking: Why didn't you tell us about this sooner? Because if Alonzo and I had come to you with this without workin' out all the details, you would have just shot it down.
That's ridiculous.
So is this idea.
It's completely harebrained.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute! Hold on, hold on.
Scouting ahead, Danziger and I ought to be able to cover 12 kilometers a day.
As we reach the limits of our gear, we'll construct a depot, set up a protected beacon there.
We're setting up a long-range communication network behind us.
If we scout further west, it could save us a lot of time once we get these vehicles running again.
So, how far ahead are you going to go? Packing nutritional supplements, we should be good for two months.
I've already spoken to Bess about watching True for me.
But going so far ahead- Wouldn't that be kind of dangerous? Come on.
New Pacifica's not getting any closer while we sit here.
Well, let's not let cabin fever get the best of us.
So far, we've survived by sticking together.
Besides that, traveling by foot, you're gonna run into snow which is impassible.
Well, that's the other part of the plan.
- We built these off of specs we got from Yale's database.
- What are they? - They're snowshoes.
- Snowshoes? How do they work? Come outside, we'll show you.
Hey, Doc.
Don't you want to come see the show? Yeah.
I'm just gonna grab some cytokines.
These things look like an invitation to fractures.
I told Danziger "No way" the first time he asked me about going on a long-range scout.
I just don't want us to make a rash decision because we're feeling cooped up here.
It could be our best shot at getting to New Pacifica.
Yeah, we know how eager you are to get there.
Hitch a ride back to the stations.
Hey, I've been thinking about that.
Maybe I won't head back, not right away, unless you're leaving.
I'm sure I'll be needed when the hospital ship arrives there.
And I also thought that maybe New Pacifica might be a nice place to hang out for a while.
Oh! We have some time to figure it out.
Sure you don't wanna come? Yeah, go on.
I'll catch up.
What the- What- This one looks good.
No, Uly.
This one you peel first.
It's similar to the mango, an Earth variety grown in the tropical regions.
But where did it come from in the middle of winter? The Grendler would not take anything in exchange.
The only way I finally got rid of him was to ask him for more.
- And it certainly sent him running.
- He can run to where this stuff grows? If he can, we sure camped in the wrong place.
- Maybe this'll answer some questions.
- What is it? - It's a structural maintenance camera.
- Allow me.
Oh, my God.
It's our comm dish.
! - The one we released before the crash.
Would it have been fitted with a camera? - What? Yeah, as standard procedure.
Mom, is that New Pacifica? I think so, Uly.
So this Grendler went to New Pacifica and came back? - And made the journey before this fruit could spoil.
- I don't understand.
What does this all mean? It means, True, that just possibly, New Pacifica is closer than we thought it was.
Let's follow the Grendler's tracks.
Looks like we're getting close.
Take cover.
Well, finally.
You won't believe what we found in there.
How'd you beat us here? We took the ridge.
We could see the tracks from up above.
Come on.
As you can see, Grendlers have definitely been in here, as you can smell.
And this is what it must have been looking for in my tent.
Human blood? Yeah.
What would it want with that? Hey, look here.
What's in here? Careful of those webs.
Oh, my gosh-spiders.
Can you scan that, Julia? Watch out! What the heck was that? Whatever it was, it was traveling like lightning.
It seemed like some kind of energy field.
Did you feel its pull? It was like a strong vacuum.
Maybe more-maybe an absolute vacuum.
What do you mean? The scanner's equipped to register near-light speeds.
It didn't track this.
What are you getting now? I'm getting extreme readings here, like an electromagnetic pull.
It's getting stronger.
Watch out! Think we found the planet's rapid transit system? Or something stranger than that.
That current was moving so fast.
I can't even get a reading.
It's unreal.
This passage may be a time-space fold.
Oh, wait a minute.
Earlier today our scout was called a wild idea.
No, think about it.
We've said before that this planet is a living organism, with a very strong metaphysical plane.
So possibly this tunnel could be, what? Part of a circulatory system? A means for the planet to transport things? If it is, we've been on a slow boat to New Pacifica.
That's for sure.
There's a charge in these webs too.
Doc, you may want to stay away from those spiders.
You're right.
They don't look like the friendliest variety.
Insects are still one of the few things I haven't got used to on this planet.
Look at these.
They're giving off a strong charge, but I can't identify it.
Look at this.
It's Eden Project.
Can you analyze the contents? What do you got? High saline concentration.
I'd say it was seawater.
How far is the nearest coast? I can't believe this.
If this is a space fold, we could travel hundreds, maybe even thousands of kilometers every day.
If we can figure out how to use it.
Well, that's why we're gonna watch the cave entrance, to see how the Grendlers come and go.
As soon as we get these supplies packed, we'll get back there and relieve those guys.
I don't think we have to worry aboutJulia and Alonzo being alone.
- I'm not worried about 'em.
- But it does bother you a bit.
What do you mean? Well, you had to ask Alonzo to go on your long-range scout? He's the most logical choice.
Or maybe it bothers you that every man in this group isn't the loner that you are.
You're the only loner in this group, Adair.
Looks like a pretty wild ride in there, huh? I'm tempted to just jump in and see where the current takes us.
What's that, the flyboy approach? I guess jumping in goes against all your chromosomes.
If you're gonna just jump into an absolute vacuum, you'd have to hope that it would put you out pretty quickly, because after about six seconds, biologically, you'd just explode.
Are you flirting with me? You cold? Yeah, a little.
Are you? I'm gonna go start a fire.
I don't- Maybe we shouldn't.
We'll make it small.
I'll be right back.
There's no blood in there, if that's what you're looking for.
What? What's wrong? Are you angry about the fruit? You-You gave us the fruit.
Was that you? What do you mean, she's gone? I mean, gone, disappeared.
She went into the time fold.
Why would she do that? I don't know.
I was teasing her about taking risks.
Tell him I'm on my way.
Wait, I'm coming too.
Alonzo, don't do anything until they get there.
Devon and Danziger are on their way.
Why did you bring me here? What do you want? Where are we? What do you want from me? What? What? What do you want me to do with this? It's an empty blood specimen.
Yes, I'm a doctor, but I cannot manufacture blood with this.
Thank God you don't know where blood comes from.
I can't make blood.
I need a whole synth lab.
Hey, hey! Stay! You stay.
Stop it! It's okay.
It's just a spider.
It's just a spider.
I'll make you a batch of blood.
But I have to have water.
Yeah, I need water.
Maybe seawater.
Yeah, water.
Here, little guy.
Here, little guy.
I need your help.
Alonzo, Julia, do you read me? Alonzo? I'm going after 'em.
What? Tell Yale to analyze these- You are not going anywhere.
We may have lost two of our crew members to that thing already.
You can't go.
There's only one way to find them.
Oh! Alonzo.
Where'd it take you? What happened? Are you okay? The vacuum takes you so far.
It's like everything stops dead.
Then you're thrown through this empty hole.
It ripped the gear right off my head.
I need your gear to see ifJulia's still there.
All right.
I'm gonna go with you.
Thought you said it was too dangerous.
He's already gone and come back.
We gotta go.
Julia needs us.
All right.
I'm comin' too.
Watch out for the spiders.
Whoa! Ah, geez.
John, be careful.
Come on.
Watch out.
Someone should wait for Yale.
He can figure it out on his own.
Just hold on.
Close your eyes.
No, no, no.
It's not ready yet.
These things take time.
Oh, my God.
Devon? Alonzo.
Devon! Alonzo.
! Alonzo! Are you okay? Yeah.
It's a beach.
I know.
New Pacifica! The Sea of Antaeus.
We made it.
Where's Danziger? I was hoping he was with you.
Oh, my God.
Hey! Hey! Here! Ah! Devon! Alonzo! Ah, help me.
Help me! Help.
! Danziger! Danziger! Damn it, John.
Where are you? - Do you hear him? - Not Danziger, but when the wind dies down, I'm getting through toJulia.
You are? Yeah.
Alonzo? Do you read me? We're here.
We went through the time fold.
She must be within range.
Just turn on your beacon and we'll find you.
Alonzo, I'm in a cave.
What are you getting? What are you getting, Alonzo? She's close, she's real close.
What direction? Only a hundred meters away.
What direction? Out there in the water.
What? There must be some kind of underground tunnel.
Alonzo, I have no idea where I am.
Yeah, a tunnel.
Maybe back where we came from.
Julia? Devon, there's nothing.
Are you sure this is where you came out? Yeah, I got tangled up in these webs.
This is so frustrating.
She must be close.
Don't- Don't you worry, Alonzo.
We're gonna find Julia.
And you know Danziger can take care ofhimself.
Yeah, Mr.
He just had to come along.
I don't know what's wrong with that man.
I guess hejust wants to prove himself.
I know, I know.
He only does it to upset me, I know.
If we lost him- Even if we did find our comm dish here, and we went back, got all the others, brought them here one by one- I mean, if we actually made it here but lost someone- Itjust wouldn't be New Pacifica withoutJohn.
God, I hate to admit how much I've come to depend on that man.
Maybe even more than that.
Hey, he's gonna be okay, Devon.
Yeah, it'll be okay if somebody'd give me a hand here.
! Come on.
There ya go.
You okay? Almost- Oh, my leg- Ohh! Danziger! Danziger, why did you let go? Let go? Let go.
You pulled my jacket off!.
I did not.
Uh! Oh, watch out.
I got stuck in a dead end.
I couldn't get back to the current.
Oh, man.
Thank God you made it.
Any word from Julia? Yeah.
We almost made contact.
On the beach.
Wait a minute.
Beach? Yeah.
I think we made it, John.
I think we made it to New Pacifica.
Come on.
Come and see.
You ready? Yeah, always.
! Alonzo! Hey, guys, it's Julia.
Come on! She's safe.
! Come on.
! Julia! Ahh! Ohh! You wouldn't believe where I've been.
Can't believe I got here.
Still no comm dish.
So, how far do you think we've come? Oh, maybe 10K.
That's about when we said we'd turn around.
It was still a successful scout.
Why don't we report back to camp, and we'll start again tomorrow? - Yeah, we should get through the fold before sunset.
- That's a good idea.
In the hologram, it looked like the comm dish was right on the coast, didn't it? Yeah.
Hey, guys? I hate to bring this up, but New Pacifica's on the west coast, right? Yeah, you know that- the Sea of Antaeus.
The sun's moving the wrong way.
What? We're on the eastern coastline? There is no eastern coastline for over 6,000 kilometers.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying that we space-folded ourselves 6,000 kilometers backwards? Oh, God.
We should get back to that tunnel.
Come on.
Nothing else to be done, so let's fly.
Any pointers for the return? Just like before- hope and pray.
Everybody, one at a time.
You want this? Nah, you hang on to it.
Check your gear.
I still cannot believe this.
- Right.
Oh, my God!Julia! What? It's on fire! All right, sit down.
Just sit down right here.
Julia! Sit down.
- What's wrong? - What's wrong? Devon.
What is it? Did you see what it was? What happened? I don't know.
He was right behind me.
I-I- Hold him.
He's going into shock.
It looks like a spider bite.
The Grendler was only out for a few minutes.
Hopefully, humans tolerate the toxins as well.
Shh, quiet.
You hear that? The vacuum's stopped.
What? There's no current in here at all.
Oh, my God.
That means we're stuck here.
How is he? Same.
Hey, Julia, could you bring your diaglove over here a second? Yeah.
What is it? I don't know.
A hunch.
Could there be two different kinds of spiders on this web? Yeah, could be.
My diaglove isn't equipped to do a full bioscan.
Why? What are you thinking? Well, at both entrances of the tunnel there were these webs, right? Right.
Right and- and both gave off a strong electromagnetic charge.
Well, now, what if the webs somehow cause that current in there? I don't know.
It's your field.
I'm just tryin' to think of somethin'.
No, you might be onto something.
I mean, it is possible that these webs set up some sort of force field.
- But this one seems quite benign.
- Hey, guys, he's coming to.
Alonzo, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Devon.
Yeah, I'm right here.
Oh, thank goodness.
Do you remember what happened? You were bit by a spider.
It was worth it.
Pal, we're gonna get you back home as soon as we can.
I don't want to go anywhere as long as you're here.
Hey, steady there.
- Hey, Alonzo, come on! - He's groggy.
Yeah, I think he's delirious.
Alonzo - I almost died.
I felt myself going.
Something pulled me back in.
It was you, Devon.
It was you.
I'm, uh, gonna get some water.
Maybe dousing him will cool him off.
I think that's, um- Just don't go.
Look, Alonzo, just stay put.
Watch him, okay? - Don't go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Come back here! Hey, take it easy.
Stay right here, lover boy.
She'll be back.
Hey, come on.
Oh, don't be silly.
It's obviously just part of the toxic reaction.
Devon - If I didn't know you were skewed against it, I would say you're having an emotionally charged reaction, Dr.
I'm fine.
It's not crazy, John.
It's what happens sometimes.
One look and everything changes.
I mean, you know that, right? What aboutJulia? I am telling you.
It's like I saw Devon for the first time.
Okay, take it easy.
Now, Alonzo's reaction- What-What do you think it is? The Grendler that you tricked- he didn't respond in this way, did he? No.
No, it was the complete opposite.
He- It was the complete opposite.
There's another part of her too - the part of her that she tries to keep hidden.
I mean, there's a woman who's all loving and giving.
You wanna give it a rest? A woman who should be held and caressed.
That's enough.
I just want to reach her.
- What happened? - Uh- Crud.
He, uh, had a relapse.
You hit him? What? Are you okay, Julia? Well, guess we found the antidote to a spider bite.
Oh, come on.
A punch can reverse a toxic reaction? Unless it's not a chemical poison.
It's a toxin that affects force fields- attractions and repulsions.
Wait, you mean magnetic fields? Well, maybe.
But maybe a force that- that affects personal and emotional attractions.
Science has never been able to name or explain it.
But this planet, again, with its strong metaphysical plane, suggests a possible connection.
Whatever she's saying, I agree.
I think there are two varieties of spiders in this web.
Yeah? And they're polar opposites, and that's why their two bites cause such extreme reactions.
Their opposing biologies create these webs with strong oppositional fields.
Okay, opposites attract.
But why would that shut down the current? I don't know.
Maybe- Maybe it's our fault.
Maybe we brought a spider from the first tunnel with us when we came through the fold.
What if we did? If the positive and the negative, so to speak, meet each other, then this neutralizes the current.
Then we have to get the foreign spider out of this web.
How do we find it? I'd volunteer to be bitten again, but I don't know if I can take it.
I have an idea.
Hello? Hello, are you here? I have a spider that wants to meet you.
It's right behind me.
Easy now.
Oh, good.
It's you.
I think he'll do anything I say.
Looks like it's already been bitten.
Which explains his attraction to me.
Come on.
We're gonna sit right here.
Sit right here.
Ready for the test.
Here comes bite number one.
Oh, my God.
Okay, negative.
that one belongs here.
Hang on.
Here's another one.
That's negative too.
I hope we're not gonna kill him.
No, he's fine.
He's just getting very sleepy.
There's another one right here.
That's it.
That's the one.
Grab it.
I hear a train comin'.
Yes! It worked! Next train.
You'll feel so much better when you wake up.
Put him over here.
Okay, ladies.
Let's get ready to go home.
I just need one minute.
I really thought that we made it.
Still, it's a beautiful place.
I'm glad New Pacifica's on the coastline.
That'll be nice.
We still have a very long way to go.
It won't be so bad getting there.
Better get back.
Huh! We're back.
We made it.
They're back.
! It brought them back.
! Julia! Hey.
Hey, hey.
! Hey, what happened? Where's my dad? He's right behind us.
Good to see you back.
It really is.
Devon, Danziger.
! Dad.
! Hey.
Hey, sweetie.
Dad! Hi.
Uly! Ooh! Did you find New Pacifica? No.
No, we went the wrong way, Uly.
What about the comm dish? Must've been on the wrong track.
Yeah, the only thing we know for sure is we're glad to be back.
We're all gonna stay together, even if it means a long winter here.
- That's for sure.
- I love you, Mom.
Hey, you wouldn't believe how much water we saw.
You turn around and all you could see was water.
All right, buddy.
There you go.
Come on.
Come on.
Almost forgot.
Now he's back where he belongs.
Can't help but feel sorry for it.
So much attraction reaching across such a distance to find its opposite.
It's hard to imagine.
No, it's not.