Easy (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

Low Rolling Boil

According to this, it's one of these houses.
Some party going on over here.
Look at all these kids.
All right, they definitely look under 21.
Definitely under 21.
- [GRACE.]
- How's it going? - You guys are coming in here? - Yeah.
- What's up, buddy? - How you doing, dude? Look at this.
I like that.
- Hey.
- Hi! - Hi, what's up? - I got a good situation where I'm with her during the days and I'm here once or twice a week, and But more importantly, what do you guys want? We got this barrel-aged oatmeal stout that's pretty amazing.
You know what? Complimenter gets a compliment.
Wait, a hat? There's a podcast.
You guys are in, like, the top ten, maybe top five.
Pretty cool, seven, but no one's paying attention, right? Oh yeah, it was great, but I noticed the bro-ski wasn't on there, man.
Yeah, you know, Matt, he's doing his thing.
- I'm doing my thing.
- Maybe there's a little tension.
- No.
- I dunno.
No? Seriously.
He's, like He's making so much money, he doesn't care about being on some hipster beer podcast.
We've all been 16, but You know, it's been a while.
- It's been a while, all right.
You hear that? - Yeah, I can hear 'em.
Good luck with everything.
Kiss that baby.
A bunch of people here I'm sure.
Ah, showtime.
Chicago Police! [POLICEWOMAN.]
Chicago Police.
There's a lot of people in here.
Big party, no invite? [POLICEMAN.]
There's at least 40 people in here.
Guys, the neighbors are calling on you, okay? - I can't risk going to jail.
- Who's in charge? Come on, step up.
Hi, officer.
I'm Jeff.
- You're in charge of all this? - [RUSS YELLS.]
He's lucky we don't have a chase policy.
I apologize.
- Nice to meet you.
- It shouldn't have gotten to this point.
We'll keep it down.
I'm really sorry.
Well, it's not just about noise, okay? I mean there's some people here that look like they're under 21, so No, we know everyone in here and everyone is of age, - I guarantee you.
- What's up with the beer over here? We saw money being exchanged here, so Are you selling liquor to minors? I'm not selling liquor to minors.
I'm not.
So we're gonna check IDs.
If you have to do that, yes, let's check IDs.
You heard the officer.
IDs out.
Let's go.
- All right, guys, IDs.
- Let's start with you.
Yeah, I know I got a baby face.
- The party's over after this, all right? - Absolutely.
- How's your night? - Good.
- Yeah? - I'm here though, so - Yeah, you look nice.
- Just checking IDs.
How long have you been working for? [CLEARS THROAT.]
- Let's stay on topic.
- Okay.
- IDs, everybody? - Let me see your ID.
Carl? - What's up, T? - We have a problem here.
- No, we don't have to bring Carl - It's okay, Carl.
- We're not drunk.
- All these ladies are under 21.
Oh - We're not drunk, though! - Whoa, okay.
Listen, I swear to God, I don't know them.
They must have snuck in, I swear.
I'm calling for the wagon, all right? We literally got here two minutes ago! - We don't even know him.
- Listen! You have to - Get back.
- I'm telling the truth.
Ask them.
Ask them if they know me.
We just had a sip of beer.
They're not gonna arrest us.
- They can't arrest us! - Look at me.
I'm not lying.
- Jeff, you are - Everyone else in there is over 21! - Turn around.
- Turn around.
- All right, you're going to jail.
- No.
- And you're going to jail.
- Put your hands behind your back.
Put your other hand behind your back.
You guys wanna go to jail, too? I suggest you put your stuff down and go home.
Step on in.
Watch your head.
All righty.
Are you okay? [JEFF.]
It's completely unacceptable that you had underage drinkers there tonight.
- I told you, they snuck in.
- I don't care if they snuck in.
What do you think every other establishment does? This brewery shit is just, like I'm not doing this shit again.
I can't.
I know you and Matt have a feud, but I think you've proven your point.
Why does everyone keep saying that? What are you talking about? You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, no problem.
Did she wake up or anything? No, totally asleep.
Thanks for coming.
Can I get you a coffee or No.
Just get some rest.
We got a big day tomorrow.
I'm so sorry I had to keep you up.
- If you need anything, just call.
- Okay.
You're waking up with Simone tomorrow morning.
What? It's Friday.
Come on.
I wake up with her every morning.
This is my one day to brew.
You think you're going to the garage tomorrow? [SIGHS.]
I had to wake up in the middle of the night to pick you up from jail.
Sherri and I are looking at a space in the morning, and it's early.
I really need you to do this.
You fucked up.
- [MAN.]
Hi, how are you? I'm Sanjay.
- Hi, I'm Noelle.
- Nice to finally meet you guys.
- Sherri.
Nice to meet you.
Come on in.
Let's go check out this property.
Thank you.
Can you girls tell me a little bit about your business? - Girl? - Okay.
I, um We have a dog treat company.
It's called Tail Ale Dog Treats.
And we work with our partners, we use their spent grain.
What the previous tenant did is they subdivided this entire space.
So subleasing is fine? Subleasing is fine.
You will be, basically, you will be their landlord.
You're responsible for the $15,000 a month.
What you do with the space and how you divide it You can divide it up, rent it out to other small businesses.
This storefront, I guess it's Is it included? The storefront is probably the best piece of this whole entire puzzle, that you have a beautiful lake view commercial street where you're gonna get a lot of foot traffic.
You can even test the market, if you come up with something and maybe it doesn't work here, before you ramp up your own production.
Again, that's your guys' business.
- Take your time, look around.
- Thank you.
Explore the space.
If you need me, I'll be in the front.
- Any questions, I'll answer them for you.
- Thanks, Sanjay.
God, just our own storefront.
Oh, my God.
Beyond my wildest dreams.
- I didn't even realize that.
- I was thinking ten years - Yeah, I know.
- It's a complete stretch, but if we got the right people in here and shared the cost just until we're ready to expand further - Yeah.
- I think this is, like, a home run.
There's so much foot traffic out there, I think.
You have a mix We don't just do dog treats in the store front.
- Exactly.
It would bring more people in.
- We allow everyone to use - I think it's a good idea.
- I think it's really good.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Has it been like this all afternoon? Yeah, we've been super packed.
- That's great.
- You're welcome.
Hi, hi.
So how was it today? It's pretty great.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Like, everything we've ever wanted.
It's just a lot, you know? It's a lot more than we wanted.
Anyway, we just have to go over the numbers, but I am hopeful.
- All right.
- Can we talk about Jeff? Come on.
No, no "come on.
" Can we talk about Jeff? What is there to talk about? When's the last time you guys actually spoke? A year ago? More? I know you didn't talk at your dad's funeral.
And I feel no need to talk to him right now.
Okay, well, maybe he feels the need to talk to you.
What do you mean? I'm just saying he might need someone right now, and it would be nice if you reached out.
- I'm not - It's been so long.
I'm not gonna go and I'm not gonna clean up his mess.
Okay? It's not interesting to me.
I didn't say "clean up his mess," I just said "reach out.
" Okay, he's obviously in a lot of pain and you guys have both been through it.
My brother's not in pain.
- Come on.
I'm not - Exactly.
Look, I love you.
I don't want to talk about this.
I don't.
I'm not gonna talk to him.
All right? Okay.
Well, just think about sending him a text.
That's all I'm asking.
Just think about it, okay? Okay, I'll think about it.
You're gonna walk out of this conversation so you can go brew? We've been open for a year.
This is the first thing that's happened.
And it was 'cause those girls snuck in.
- It was a fluke.
- I don't want you to go back tonight.
After last night? I'm telling you, it's not a risk.
It's controllable.
It won't happen again.
That's not a guarantee.
- How do - I can guarantee it won't happen again.
- How can you guarantee that? - Because it was a one-time thing.
It was stupid and it was controllable.
You could get arrested again tonight.
- I - Or tomorrow.
You don't know if underage kids are gonna be coming in.
- I do.
- Can't you see what this is doing to me? I'm really stressed out.
This is affecting our family, Jeff.
I don't think it's the brewery that's stressing you out.
You've been this way for a while.
And I [SIGHS.]
Look, I know you started the dog treat business 'cause it was something fun and it made you happy, but it's not that way anymore.
You can't say that that's - Tell me that's not the case.
- I thought we had an agreement.
That you were gonna support me through this.
- I am.
- I thought you were okay with that.
I am, but I'm not okay with seeing you so upset all the time.
Yeah, well that's what it's like to own a business.
- I know.
- We're going through a transition now.
We're going and trying to buy a bigger space.
It's expensive.
I don't know if we have enough accounts to cover the cost, and our margins are really thin.
Okay? - Okay.
- And now with expanding, we're gonna have a lot more overhead, and it's just I'm stressing out and I thought you would be at my side.
And I want you at my side.
I want to talk about this stuff with you.
And you can, but you just sounded more and more like Matt, - and I don't know why you wanna do this - I'm not Matt! when you saw what happened with me and Matt.
I don't know why you would want to put yourself through that.
That's why I got out.
I wasn't happy.
You're not happy.
You just want to keep being a little boy, and, like, drink beer and, like, run around and whatever, smoke joints and get arrested.
- Okay.
- Fine, go do that.
This is ridiculous.
- How's Noelle doing? - Um I don't know, complicated.
But it'll be okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- So yeah, what are we doing tonight? - What do you mean? I don't know.
Should we card people? I mean Sure, yeah.
I mean, if they look young, we'll card them, but I don't want to change what we're doing and start carding everyone who comes here.
- Is that okay? - Yeah.
Yeah? All right.
I'm sorry, I just - I feel kind of guilty.
- Don't.
Come on.
We're good.
Maybe, you know, if it makes you feel better, let's have people park around the corner and not clog up the alley.
- That's an awesome idea.
- Okay, cool.
We'll be good.
- Hey! - Hey, it's Spencer! - So this is happening tonight? - Hell, yeah it is.
- Sweet! - What's up, buddy? So I got some friends in from Mexico City.
Hey, how are you, man? [SPENCER.]
Yeah, they've never been to Chicago before.
You have every right We'll leave it at this, but you have every right to be upset and to feel your feelings but let's focus on the positive.
Yeah, 'cause this space is just so wonderful.
- And it's such a good location.
- Yeah.
- So say we rent out the five stations.
- Mm-hmm? What I was looking into is actually, you can sublease your sublease, essentially.
So just because we're renting out five stations, doesn't mean we need to rent out to just five people.
You can schedule Some people work at night.
I mean, I know it's not exactly what we talked about, but Again, I just feel like you got to reach.
And when you God, I'm just filled with self-help BS.
"Leap and the net shall appear!" It's working.
Look at you.
But like, bringing it to this level, yeah, it's gonna [POUNDING ON DOOR.]
Hold on, sorry.
- Okay, whoa, hey, hey! All right, okay.
- [MAN.]
Who's saying that, please? - Yes, relax.
- Are you in charge here? - Yes, yes.
What's going on? - What is this? - What [CHUCKLES.]
- What is this? - Can you calm down? - Is this a bar? - Can you calm down and listen to me? Are you selling beer out of this garage? Listen, we're just having a small get-together.
Will you talk to me? - A small get-together? Tonight? - Yes.
That's it? That's the only night? You're not doing this multiple nights a week? Who are you? What are you doing here? - I live right there.
- You live right here.
- Yes, I do.
- Okay.
- [RUSS.]
Nice to meet you finally.
- You too.
Who are you? You the one who called the cops last night? - I did call the cops last night.
- Okay, will you not do that? Will you come to me like an adult, and I'll tell everyone to quiet down? Are you gonna tell your friends not to wander around to my house and pass out on my porch? Because that happened.
Can you guys not pass out on his porch? Okay.
- You think this is funny? - I don't think this is funny.
You think it's funny people are parking right in front of my garage - all night long? - All right.
Honking, flashing their lights.
- People peeing on my garage.
- How long have you lived here? - Three weeks.
What does that matter? - Exactly.
We've been here three fucking years.
We haven't heard a single complaint - till you moved here.
- What does that matter? Because if there was some fucking problem, someone would've said something.
Look, man, this is a family neighborhood.
I just don't want people wandering You're talking about this neighborhood like you fucking know it? This is a nice neighborhood.
People wanna raise their families, and there are people wandering up and down the alley - at all hours of the night - Okay.
Honking, flashing their lights.
- You're talking about us making noise? - Yes, I am.
For the last year, you've been fucking building this over-sized fucking cookie-cutter piece of shit.
Jackhammers every day.
We are here two days a week, fucking being responsible, being quiet, okay? All right, that's it.
Party's over, everyone.
Go home.
- You - All right, hey! - Get the fuck off my property! - Don't you touch me! Don't come on our fucking property! If you're talking about this being your fucking neighborhood.
- I'm calling the cops.
- Call the fucking cops! Don't touch me! I'm calling my lawyer next! The next call will be my lawyer! [POLICEWOMAN.]
You know the routine.
Put your hands up.
- You guys are going to jail again.
- Party's over, everybody.
Get out.
See ya never.
Hands behind your back.
Goodnight, everybody.
Tell your friends it's over.
Thank you, officers.
Business is closed.
What? It's fine.
You don't want to be involved, right? What does that mean? What are you talking about? What's up? The brewery got busted again.
Jeff's in jail.
Fucking idiot.
No! I don't fucking wanna be here either.
Believe me.
I was in bed.
I was under the fucking covers.
Okay, but my wife was in my ear and your partner picked you up from jail last night, and I'm the only sucker that gives a shit enough about you to stand in the fucking rain and give you a ride home.
Is that it? You get that out of your system? You feel good now? No, not even close.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
How are you? I'm good.
I mean Sherri's You know, Sherri's good, Oliver's good.
Brewery's good.
Yeah, I saw the new branding.
It's, uh It's very palatable.
I like it.
Yeah, actually, it's so fucking good, uh, I'm selling a shit ton of beer and I'm selling so much, I actually need a second brewer, and you're gonna come work for me because Noelle deserves the ability to feel safe enough to go after what she fucking wants.
I'm good.
Thank you, though.
- The car is this way.
- Yeah, I can find my own ride.
Don't think I can take it Say your goodbyes Where are you now When I go to market See the long girls with wavy hair What if What if we did just one night a week? Like, just Saturdays? Everyone's out that night anyway.
Everyone's making noise.
That could work.
But I mean, you know, with all the people coming and going, cars in the alley it makes us look suspicious.
It looks like we're dealing drugs.
He's gonna call the cops every time we have people over, whether we're open or not.
Dude is a dick.
I just I don't wanna let him win.
I know.
It's like, everything was fine before he moved here, and now, like, one asshole is deciding whether or not we can Argh.
Yeah, but it's him now, it's gonna be another guy later.
You know, there are million-dollar houses going up all over this neighborhood.
It's not the same as it was two years ago.
I think we have to face facts, man.
You know [SCOFFS.]
We're making money, but now with going to jail twice, I have a lot to lose, but you have so much more to lose.
I mean, think of your family and your kid.
I don't know.
I want to keep brewing.
We can keep brewing.
But just not like that.
Man, everything was perfect, like, a week ago.
And every time I think, like I have it figured out, something like this happens, and it it just doesn't feel fair.
Sorry, man.
I don't know if I can give everything I need to give to make To make that move.
- I get it.
I don't - You know? I don't wanna I don't wanna disappoint you and I don't wanna I don't want to mess it up for both of us and we're in a good place right now, so I I feel like it could be good to just sort of sit on it and continue building our confidence with what we have, rather than I know it's shitty.
I know Can you just think about it a little more? I mean, we have till tomorrow.
Did he call Did he talk to you? Yeah.
- Today? - Yeah.
He said it's ours if we want it, but they have to make a decision because there's other people who want it, and they can't hold for us, so If we could just think about it a little more.
I really, really think it's right.
I really do.
I'm not just, like I'm not just saying this to, like, make you do something.
- I really think it's right.
- No, I know.
I know.
I just thought we were there.
You know? Yeah, I don't I know, it's I know.
When I look into your eyes All I see is paradise Wanna lay here by your side Underneath these grapefruit skies Hey.
I give up.
I'm sorry.
You okay? I don't know.
Uh Maybe not.
What's up? I just feel like I lost my whole family in the course of a year.
Sweetie, that's not true.
But last night was frustrating.
But just seeing Jeff just made me realize that I miss him.
Why don't you tell him that? Honestly? Uh, I don't want to let him win.
I know it's dumb, but it just feels like a loss somehow.
You know, everything's a competition with me and him.
Usually on the big stuff.
Dad would be here to run interference, and, uh he's not.
I don't think Jeff is winning.
He's been to jail twice in a week.
That's not winning.
I think you're both losing.
Is Simone asleep? Yeah, I just put her down.
Can we, um Can we talk real quick? Yeah, sure.
I'm just I'm sorry.
I know I said that That I was gonna you know, hold down the fort, and and support you, you know, while you build this company, and, um Yeah, I've just jeopardized that over the past few days, and I've just been really selfish, and I Yeah.
Um But I talked to Russ, and and, uh the garage is We're shutting it down.
So - Really? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
It means a lot to me.
You know, I've just been, like I've just been trying to think about Like, why the garage has been, like, so important to me, even though I know that it's hurting you, and, like I guess I don't know, I've been, like just thinking about my dad a bit, and and just like, you know, when I was a kid and we would, like, brew together, you know? And I don't know, some of my happier memories and I guess I was just trying to hold on to that or something, and it's just like, you know, that's not an excuse and, like, I fucking hate that I just put you through this and you don't deserve that, and I I Yeah.
Hey, look, I know I know it's been hard, and I know I've been stressing out a lot, and I've been taking it out on you too, and And making all these steps without even asking you, really, and you know, I know I appreciate you saying that, but [SIGHS.]
I've, like, put you in this impossible position, and I'm I'm here now, okay? You and Simone.
That's it.
That's it.
- I love you.
I love you so much.
- I love you, too.
God, I love you so much.
Here we go.
Big bump.
Big bump.
One second.
One second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Sorry about that.
Sorry about that.
Sorry, baby.
This is called the sparge.
It's where we try to get all that sweet sugar off of the grain.
We like that sugar, don't we? You know we like that sugar.
These are Cascade hops.
Wanna smell this? It smells like lemon.
Mmm! One, two, three.
Oh! I don't feel like this is such a stretch.
- We've got five spaces, right? - Yeah.
- We have four people who've committed.
- Yeah.
We got one space to fill.
That's scary.
- But it's also doable, right? - I think it's okay.
And who knows? Maybe we won't rent it out.
Maybe we're gonna move into that because things are moving so fast.
I mean, it just feels like it's like - flow, you know what I'm saying? - It feels good.
I think we should do it.
Okay, let's do it.
- Should we do it? - Let's do it.
Oh, God.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Sanjay! - Sanjay! [LAUGHS.]
Yes? Um, I think we're gonna sign a lease? That's great news.
Where's Simone? She's inside with Russ and his girlfriend.
She got too drunk to help you clean up? That's fucked up.
I been there.
Dad would have loved to see this in here.
Yeah, she got a head start on us.
We didn't start till we were four.
How you doing about him? I know we haven't talked about anything.
We also haven't talked about that, so - I'm all right.
You? I miss him.
And it's fucking weird.
It's so weird.
Kind of crazy this is over.
The end of an era.
You made some really cool stuff, last six months or so.
Been paying attention.
It's really good.
What are you gonna do? You know? I don't know.
Never really thought about it.
I was a dick the other night, but the offer still stands if you wanna come make a beer or two.
I could stand to have a couple more interesting things on the the docket.
I kinda maxed out what I can sell.
- Which is great, but - I got Simone during the day, so No, I mean, yeah You'd only need to come in like a day or two a week.
Just, you know, work around your schedule.
They're a handful, right? So, what? You want my weird beers? The market wants your weird beers.
Okay? - I'm fucking with you now.
- All right, relax.
No pressure, though.
It'd be fun.
I'll think about it, okay? Yeah, no pressure.
I'm fine, just Do you want a beer right now? - One of your beers? What am I? - Okay.
- Insane? - That's plenty from you.
Nah, all right.
Come on, yeah, gimme a beer.
Which one is this? This is the saison, right here.
Well, hello, guys.
Who is that? Hey.
- Hello.
- Say hi to Daddy.
Wanna say hi to Daddy? - All right, have a good one.
- Simone, say hi.
- Hi, my love.
- You want to come play? [MATT.]
Yeah, the minute I saw this, I had this up, I knew you were gonna be into it.
- Um, guys, we have a little news.
- Mm-hmm.
We officially signed a lease on a commercial kitchen.
Thanks, baby.
We got to celebrate, yeah? - Yeah! - You guys want some beers? - Yeah.
- Oh, my God, it's surreal.
You almost messed this up.
- Hey.
- Hey, give a guy a break.
All right, cheers.
Started out Just drinking beer I didn't know how or why Or what I was doing there Just a couple more Made me feel a little better Believe me when I tell you It was nothin' to do with the letter