Easy (2016) s03e09 Episode Script

She's Back

- [MAN.]
Sophie? Hi.
- Hi.
Yes, Sophie.
- Do you have any more bags? - Uh, no, that's it.
- The car's out front.
- Excuse me.
I am so sorry to interrupt, but my daughter and I are huge fans of your show.
Can you please take a picture with her? - Uh, yeah, sure.
- Thank you so much.
Okay, come on.
- Mom - Come on.
One, two, three.
I spoke to the producers this afternoon, and they just heard from the network that unfortunately, the show's not gonna get picked up for the third season.
So Sorry, you said you said it's it's not gonna get picked up? [SIGHS.]
Yeah, but what do I say tonight? I mean, there's gonna be press there and stuff.
Yeah, I know, but I just I just feel like It's gonna be really I mean, I I don't wanna get emotional about it, but it [SIGHS.]
it might be a bit awkward and I don't know.
I just feel like I'm This is really tricky.
Just the timing and everything.
So I just act? Okay.
Do you mind if we take this exit right here? [DRIVER.]
- [MAN.]
Hey, bro.
- Yeah.
- Somebody wants to see you.
- Okay, who? - She's out front.
- Okay.
All right.
I was just in the neighborhood and Yeah, let's go You want - You have a second? Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
For sure.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Hi.
Hey! - Hey.
- What a surprise.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, come here.
- Okay.
What are we doin'? - We're not gonna hug? - [LAUGHS.]
- Sorry, yeah.
Sorry, yeah.
- Yeah.
- This is a surprise.
- Yeah.
- Um I'm sorry for the random - drop-in, um - What's goin' on? I'm here for this theater benefit thing.
- Oh.
- Um, they invited me.
- They're sort of honoring me.
- This thing, I know.
- Is it 'cause of the show, too? Uh, yeah, I mean, it's kind of weird, but, um And then I'm around and I'm free after.
I don't know if you're what time you finish work or, um, if - I'll be done by eight, yeah.
- Yeah, um If you happen to be free tonight, I know it's last minute, but, you know, get a ticket for you.
Or And if not, you know, it would actually, um - be really nice to catch up.
- Yeah.
You have time for a drink or something? Why didn't you text this? - I am thinking the exact same thing.
- Um I don't know why.
- Yeah! Yeah.
It's nice, I mean - It's a pleasant surprise.
- Yeah, look Oh, I - I thought it would be nice to hang.
- It'd be fun.
- Tonight's a little last minute, but - Yeah.
- How long are you here? - Um I actually fly out in the morning, so, um I'm just here tonight.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
Um Anyway, just - I know you're busy.
Um - Yeah.
All right, cool.
So it's tonight and It's tonight.
Just text me.
- Your name'll be on the list.
- Awesome.
Well, good.
Thanks for stopping by.
All right.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
So she's in town, uh leaves tomorrow, has a benefit tonight, and wants me to go to it or something.
- So you're gonna go? - I don't know.
So, are you cool? Yeah.
She's back? - She's back.
I've been away from Chicago for over two years now, but not a day goes by on set when I'm not using the lessons that I learned right here.
The Sparrow Grass Theater Company, my many friends in Chicago and the city itself have become a permanent part of me.
- Okay, thanks.
- Thank you so much.
- Can you just.
I want you to - Yeah.
- I like that you count it out.
- Very nice.
- Pretty amazing.
- Have you met Jim before? - No, I haven't.
- Do you want another? Hi, Jim.
- Yes, actually, please.
You were outstanding.
Your speech was outstanding.
Thank you.
I was so nervous.
You know, it's one thing playing a character, but then actually public speaking is a little bit more nerve-racking.
heading over to the Red Lion, are you - Yeah.
Are you guys gonna? - Yeah.
- Cool.
- I think we're in, yeah.
Okay, great.
I'll see you there, then.
Aww! Seriously, thank you so much.
- [ANDI.]
Yeah, why don't you Yeah.
- [KYLE.]
I was trying! - You gotta get ahead of it.
Jesus! Hey, Drew.
- Hey.
How's it going, dude? - Oh, hey.
- Yeah, nice to see you.
- Yeah.
I mean, I know some of them are like, - they just wanna talk to you - [ANDREW.]
Nice to see you.
- Good to see you.
- [KYLE.]
Yeah, great.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Aww! - You came.
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you! - We came at the end.
Oh, yeah.
We're all actually going across the street for a drink.
Yeah, let's do it.
I feel a little bit underdressed.
- I feel a little bit overdressed, but - [LAUGHS.]
- Good, then we're in a good spot.
- I can't believe you made it.
Yeah, I came a little bit late, but I saw the ending.
- Oh, yeah? Did you see the Q and A? - Yeah.
I saw the second half, I think.
I came when you guys were it was, like, getting loose and fun.
- Okay, yeah.
- It was great to see.
It was neat.
- I'm kind of relieved it's over, but - Yeah.
Yeah, it was really it was really sweet, actually.
- Everyone was so excited and - Yeah.
Um, nice to see these guys.
- Have you seen any of these guys? - No.
- Yeah.
- I honestly don't remember names, so - I'll help you out.
You just go, like - Okay.
- "Hey, you!" Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm genuinely surprised Do you build relationships with your farmers? Are you the one who, like And you're going out to specific farms? Are you from Chicago originally? Some people get agents and that kind of thing, - but I haven't really seen anything - Order in? - [MAN.]
The second scene - What is it? A Maker's? Okay.
and the last series today.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It would be better if you were part of it.
To my niece, you're like the biggest thing.
- Aww.
- Right.
- [ANDI.]
I appreciate your sincerity.
- [AMY.]
Can I give you a hug? Um - Thank you for talking to me.
- Thanks, yeah.
Of course I do.
I mean, this is like, this is so surreal, to be here.
I mean, it's really lovely, and, um Yeah, and when I get back in Toledo, really, it's sort of Yeah, I mean, you know, ideally - us foreigners - You don't have a boyfriend now? - Uh I don't.
- What's happening? I I was with someone for a bit, but [KYLE.]
It didn't work out? - I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Um - Just one second.
- Sure, yeah.
- I know you hate these things.
- Hate it.
- It's so bad! I'm trying, but I can't.
I'm sorry.
You did so well.
- Really - Thank you, but it's gotta be - I'm done.
I gotta go.
- Yeah, yeah.
I - Okay, um - But it's been great to see you.
- I didn't mean it to be so worky.
- No, I know.
I get it.
- But it's been really nice to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
Um Look, can you just give me a few minutes? I can just, like, wrap up with these guys and maybe we can have, like, a real drink? - Yeah, for sure.
- Okay.
- I'll meet you outside.
- Okay.
All right, everybody.
That's it for me.
- It was nice to see you.
- Nice to see everybody.
- See you later, Drew.
- Bye, see you.
- Nice to see you.
- Take care, man.
See you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Sorry about that.
- Stop.
- Thank you, you're so patient and sweet.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's fine.
Um - So - Shall we? - Wanna get a drink? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay.
- Yeah, definitely.
Kind of seemed like a lot, huh? Yeah, I think it was just getting off the flight, - and just being back is, you know - Yeah.
- And you hold them.
- Hi.
Get you started on a drink? Uh, yeah, can I get a vodka soda, please? - Sure.
- Vanilla Tito's on ice.
You got it.
- Well, cheers.
- Cheers.
- It's funny sitting at a bar with you.
- Yeah.
- It's weird, right? - Holy moly, that's a stiff drink.
- Is it? [CHUCKLES.]
- Yeah.
Um Thanks again for coming.
I know it was, like, really last minute.
Yes, it was last minute, and jarring.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah, you should've seen - I just had a weird day.
- Yeah? - And it was just kind of like What was so weird about the day? Uh Well, I guess just being back and, um [SIGHS.]
Can I tell you a secret? - Sure.
- Um So, the show is actually officially canceled.
- Yeah.
- That sucks.
Yeah, so, um - When did you get the news? - Uh when pretty much when I landed.
Um - When you landed today - Mm-hm.
you found out that Coach Wendell was canceled? [CHUCKLES.]
Coach Wendell? Your Yeah.
- Coach Wendell? - Coach Wendell.
You do know it's Coach Kendall? - No! - It's been, like, Coach Kendall - for, like, two and a half years.
- I'm sorry! - Coach Wendell! - Coach Kendall! Sorry! Jesus.
You just got so intense on me.
- Coach Kendall, sorry.
- Coach Kendall.
- Uh - But you came right to my place? Um Well, I was already sort of you know, passing by.
And I was! I was on - I was on the way.
- So you're telling me you were in a car - Yeah.
- passing On the way to the Look, I Pfft.
I don't know.
I'm just trying to figure out the start of this day.
- Yeah.
- I'm really happy you stopped by to start.
- Okay.
- But I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck is goin' on.
Well, I suppose I just felt a bit vulnerable and, um Well, thanks for doin' that.
It genuinely means a lot to me.
And you're a really good actress because, first of all, you were so weird at the shop, so I didn't know I thought maybe you had some disease.
Well, I was just thinking maybe I was pretty sure that you'd be there, - but I wasn't, you know - Right.
And then I thought maybe I should've texted you, or are you gonna be mad to see me or are you gonna be married or something? - Right.
- I don't know.
- No, I'm not married.
Are you married? - Okay.
- I know, 'cause I Google you.
- Hm Oh, you do? What does it say? - Yeah.
- That you're not married.
- Okay.
But there have been photos with you and your co-star on that - Oh, yeah.
- Kendall madness.
Yeah, we did, um Yeah, we did date for a bit.
I know you do yoga together.
He wears tight sweatpants.
- You really LA'ed your love life.
- This is weird.
- This is really weird.
- Yeah.
- He's very pretty.
But it's not confirmed you're dating.
- Well We are not.
- But you guys are always drinking juice in West Hollywood together.
- We're not dating.
- You're not? Um How about you? Is there, um anyone? Yeah.
There's a lady.
Uh, her name is Tinder.
She's great.
She has many different faces, and it mostly ends really fast, and it's - Wow.
- Yeah, Tinder.
- I'd never have pictured you doing that.
- I know, I know.
I honestly, uh, am really embarrassed that I do - Right.
- But I had such a weird dry period.
Believe it or not, there's not a lot of women - walking in and out of the butcher shop.
- Really? - Well, there are, but it's not - [LAUGHS.]
- They're not looking at me or my brother.
- Just Right.
But No, it's, uh it's been an experiment that is failing.
So what are you gonna do? Uh I mean I kind of haven't really had time to think about it.
Right, 'cause you just found out today.
Yeah, but I don't know, I have to say, it's kind of being back and everything, it's I don't know.
It's making me think if, you know, coming back would be an option or You know, at least spending a bit more time in Chicago and We'll see.
Well, welcome home.
Thank you.
When you blow the whistle It's blowing a whistle.
- What do you mean? - No, but you do the whole hip, like - I do not do a hip.
- You do a hip every time.
Like what? [WHISTLES.]
I I do not do that! - What are you saying? - Google your name and "whistle hip.
" - I'm not gonna! That's so unhealthy.
- Google your name and "whistle hip.
" - "Whistle hip"? - "Whistle hip.
" - Like, it's an actual thing? - [WHISTLES.]
It's a thing.
- I swear to God.
- I would know about it.
Last call! Um Oh, my God.
But you're a very convincing Coach Kendall.
- Truly.
Truly, truly.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's funny to be talkin' to you with a slight buzz, 'cause I have penned so many emails to you about it.
- You have? - I mean, in my head.
But, just, you actually All the years that you've worked? - It shows.
- Aww.
Like, that You know, the hard work pays off for you.
- That's Thank you.
- I mean, obviously, - you know you're naturally talented, but - That means a lot.
- Yeah, but it is I have to say - It's neat.
when you're in there, and, you know, having come from theater, and then suddenly being surrounded by social media stars and influencers - that are, like, now just - Trash.
They've got the job 'cause they've got a gajillion followers.
- Sure.
- You know, it's It's kind of Not to brag, but Gene's has about 1,700 followers.
Mm Um - [SIGHS.]
- So, what are you doing tomorrow? - I mean nothin'.
Goin' to work.
- Right.
What are you doing tomorrow? Flying home? Getting on a plane.
I don't know why I didn't stay a bit longer, but That's a fast trip, man.
Yeah, I don't know.
I just didn't know you know I didn't know how this whole thing would go and - Right.
- Yeah.
Um Do you want to maybe get another drink somewhere? Yeah, I don't really know Wicker Park.
Um We could go back near you know, our old neighborhood, but Well, you know, my my hotel is just, like, half a block.
We could maybe just I don't know go to the bar there or get a quick drink.
I don't think the bar will be open past two.
We could just go and see, and if not, like - I mean - Yeah, I'll follow you there.
It's the only thing That my heart desires - Just appreciate - Oh The little things I do Oh, you're the one Who's got me inspired Keep on liftin', liftin' me higher So good - [LAUGHING.]
help you! - Lovin' somebody - Oh, this is great.
- Right? - Check out the view.
- Oh, great.
- Right in the corner, too? - Mm-hm.
- What do you want? - A beer or something.
Um Can I get a vodka and tonic or soda or whatever? - Yeah.
I got that for you.
- Thanks.
Do you think everyone at the bar, just, like, totally knew that we were like [LAUGHS.]
gonna, like hang out? - It's kind of funny, right? - Oh, like, when you left? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I was standing right out front.
- We weren't smooth about it.
- No, not at all.
I also felt so weird because I had initiated a goodbye, - but then I waited right out front.
- Right.
So I'm like, "What are we doing? Why didn't I just stay inside - and leave together?" - I know.
I know.
- I don't think any of them care - No.
if we left together.
It's a bunch of 40-year-olds.
We did it like teenagers.
- So, an LA girl, huh? - [LAUGHS.]
- Livin' the dream.
- Hotel California.
Hollywood nights.
You did it.
Oh, such a cliché.
But you're doing it.
You did it.
It's what you wanted.
Is it, though? It better have been.
Hmm 'Cause you got what you wanted.
- And I honestly - Did I? Don't What are you talkin' about? Do you think you got what you wanted? I don't know.
It's so funny.
When I saw you, um outside the theater I don't know, I was like I was kind of convinced that you weren't gonna come.
And then it was kind of It just felt like when you used to show up after the shows, and you'd always, like, be round the front, and everyone was at the stage door, and I'd be like, "Meet me at the stage door.
And you would be, like, just standing out front, just like - the only person.
- Yeah.
It just reminded me of that.
- What are we talkin' about right now? - [LAUGHS.]
- I mean it.
I'm not good No.
- Me being back in Chicago.
- I'm not good at the thing you're good at.
- No? What? - What? - And that is talkin' around a subject.
I'm not I'm not talking around anything.
I'm like Uh, I'm genuinely thinking about it.
You thinkin' about comin' home? Yeah.
What do you think about that? I mean, I would love to have you back in Chicago.
You would? Yeah.
What? You're a nearly impossible person to get over.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Just what it means.
You've missed hearing me pee, right? [BOTH LAUGH.]
Did you just all sexy say, "You missed hearing me pee?" Come on.
No? - Yes, I did miss hearing you piss.
- Mm.
Do you still think about being a dad? - Every day.
- Mm.
Why? I don't know.
I just, um I sort of feel like I've been thinking a a bit more about family stuff, you know.
I mean, I know we talked about it a lot, but, um I don't know.
I just feel a bit more ready.
What do you think changed? Hm I guess I got to just play out that - dream, you know? - Yeah, totally.
You know, I didn't want to be, like, "What if?" And, um I don't know.
You just grow up a bit.
Don't you? I mean, I know you've always been so mature.
Um So, what are you doin'? You're goin' back to LA tomorrow.
- Right.
That is happening.
- Do you have to go tomorrow? Yeah.
That's happening.
But do you have to go tomorrow? [SIGHS.]
Well I should.
I mean, I've got a You know, I've got, like, meetings next week.
- You know? - When next week? Well, like, on Monday.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Um, so, yeah, I have to go to those.
- Right.
- 'Cause, obviously, the show's canceled.
You know, gotta figure out what the next thing's gonna be.
Yeah, or there's a nice time to make that transition.
What? What do you mean? I mean, I bet you could come back to Chicago and audition or whatever, but Audition from here? Well, you don't have to be in LA now that the show's not on.
Right, but I I mean, I've still got a lease on the apartment and - my car and, like - Right.
You know, all that stuff is all I can't just, like drop it all, like, overnight.
- Of course.
- Um Well, what do you wanna do? Do you wanna worry about the car and the apartment and the meetings or I'm - I'm just saying what you said - No.
- I'm not looking to hash up old shit.
- No! No, no.
- No, it's - I'm really not.
- I mean, I'm just - This is Okay.
- I just got here.
- I know.
Like, honestly, I really am thinking about moving back, - but I've got to be realistic - For sure.
- about what I do for a living.
- Right.
You know, I can't just disappear and, like - You know, I have to, like - For sure.
- It would make - be professional about things and Sophie, I know exactly what you're saying because we've had this talk.
- So, yes, I get it.
- We haven't had this talk.
What do you mean? We've had variations of this talk.
Yeah, but, I mean, this is a very different time.
- And, like - Right.
- We're in different places, like - Right.
But But it's the same talk.
I don't mean that.
You're givin' me a look like I'm sayin' somethin' I don't mean I'm honestly not lookin' for a fight.
I'm not lookin' for any trouble.
But you're saying you would ideally like to one day, maybe, have kids - and fall in love.
- Yeah.
and do all that, in the same sentence.
Who could think about that now, 'cause you've got meetings - and things to think about? - No, I I'm only saying - I've got to go back tomorrow.
- Which is great and I respect it.
- because that's the plan.
- Of course.
- I can't - Yes, of course.
You know There's, like, what is in the immediate future.
- Of course.
- And then there's what is, you know In the fantasy? And in the fantasy, yes, there's a lot that could And it's great.
What am I sayin' here that's so that's off? It's not a fantasy.
I mean, I'm genuinely considering it.
- You're making it sound like it's pretend.
- Okay.
I don't mean to.
Alright, you're, like, smirking like you don't believe me or something.
I don't know.
I just feel a bit, like I honestly The la did not want to offend you.
I didn't mean to smirk at you.
I wasn't trying to do It's been really fun to see you.
I'm just doing my best.
I'm just trying to, like, follow my instincts and follow my dreams and be a good person.
So, like, don't make me feel guilty for, like, having a dream, okay? It's just not fair.
I really like that you have a dream.
I really do.
I like that you do what you do.
I also think you're really good at it.
Should I give you a hug? Should I leave? Uh [SNIFFLES.]
Sorry, I'm really tired.
- I feel the same way.
- Yeah.
Let's end in a way that's not bad because that's not what tonight is.
Tonight was really fun.
We've both been in our own worlds.
All right? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
This was supposed to be a fun night.
- Sorry.
I'm just, like - I'm sorry.
- Um No, it's been - Awesome.
- I didn't expect to see you.
- Same.
Really, like I don't wanna, like, get locked into all that old shit.
Thank you for reachin' out today.
I mean it.
I loved it.
Will you call me when you get back to LA? Can we keep in touch? - Promise? Can we make a deal? - Yeah.
- Can we make a deal? - Yeah.
I don't wanna watch your next show from the sidelines.
I wanna hear more about it, okay? - Mm-hm.
- All right.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Okay.