Easy Abby (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Danish Twist

I was thinking about how fish don't ever stop moving.
Even when they're sleeping, they have to keep moving even just a little bit to stay alive.
But they don't know that.
They justdo it.
Stop looking at your phone.
- She might call me.
- No, she's not gonna call you.
- Well, you don't know that! - I do know that.
- What are you, God? - Give me your phone.
No I'm not God.
Give me your phone.
I don't understand what happened.
I don't know.
You just got to let it be.
But we were good.
And now.
And now she's tweeting about work so, you're fine! - Okay? Just relax.
Enjoy breakfast.
- I don't feel good about this.
Haven't seen you here in awhile.
Ever get so busy you forget to eat? I work in a restaurant.
Uh yeah, sometimes I forget to eat and then I forget to come here you know, - because I get so busy.
- So busy.
So, how is Carolyn? She's out of town.
We're great.
Looks like you could use a Danish.
Carolyn's from Denmark.
- Oh Christ.
- Okay, I'll have two.
Uh uh Um, can I get some eggs and bacon with some spinach in it? Spinach? On the side? No not on the side, like all cooked up in there.
So an omelette.
No omelette.
Like one egg with some spinach in there all cooked up.
Cheaper if I order you an omelette.
Well that doesn't make any sense.
Neither does you not calling me after our weekend in the Dells! But there you have it.
Be back with your fucking omelette.
Well I never said I was gonna call her.
You went to the Dells? That's even weirder.
Well she had this like, two-for-one coupon.
You didn't want to call to say like - Hello? - No.
Because you see what happens after "Hi?" is they start saying "What are you doing later" And then "I want to see you.
" And then "What happened to all the peanut butter?" You see, then I'd be sitting in your situation over here.
How do you DO that? You know, I really don't know Here you are.
- Thank you Paula.
- You are welcome.
It's funny.
I would have taken you for more of an "over easy" kind of girl.
I hope you're satisfied.
Paula Youare an idiot.
Yes I am.
And look at what I got.
- Disgusting.
- You can't eat that.
I always want what YOU order.
Can I please have some of that? I just want a bite.
- Just one bite.
A little thing.
- Don't eat it all.
- Just a little bite.
- Just a small Oh wow, that's really good.
Can you hang on one second? I have to pee.
- You good? - Yeah.
I'm fine.
I'm happy.
I'm good.
Satisfy this.
s Your jeans are ripped.
It's cool its my motorcycle pants Oh! Sorry, Umplumbing problems.
Uh, someone got stuck.
They just need some privacy.
It's something you don't want to see when you're eating.
Well that's weird.
I can't take you anywhere! Oh sure you can.
Really? Really.
I hope that means we don't have to tip.