Easy Abby (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

No Fly Zone

Sometimes I dream I'm flying above tree tops and houses.
I 'm flying standing up.
It feels really good until I realize I can't get down.
No one showed me how to come back down.
And I'm scared because You were talking in your sleep again.
It's okay.
I just wish you would finish your sentences.
Well that's all you get.
Thanks a lot.
- Ten more minutes.
- Okay.
Who the fuck is that? What do you have a six A.
M? Not today.
Ha Ha.
Wait right here.
Hold my friggin spot.
Okay, no problem.
Is this your trash Abby? - Uh No.
- Really? Because you eat often at CHIP-POTTLE! Okay.
Look, it's 6 A.
I've noticed a bag like this left by the drop chutes three times over the past week.
So I thought I'd ask on my way out.
Uh Why would I bring my trash down to the chute and then just leave it on the floor? How did you know it was on the floor? - Seriously? - Everything okay out there? Look.
It's not my trash.
And please, I would just appreciate it if you don't knock on my door this early.
See you around then.
Abby Walker! Wait, who are you? Detective Banks.
Lydia Banks.
Are you leaving already? Ugh my flight is at 9 A.
- Who was that? - Oh Detective Lydia.
The cops? Well, she's just the neighbor from down the hall.
I was gonna say, I didn't think we were THAT loud.
What did she want? Oh god, she kept asking about some stupid trash bag that somebody left down there.
- Uh oh.
- What? Was it a Chipotle bag? Yeah Well, how come you didn't throw it down there then? I thought I did! It's weird.
So Am I gonna see you again this month? Probably not.
The rest of the campaign events are in D.
You could come for a weekend sometime? Umm That sounds dangerously like some girlfriend stuff.
- I don't care.
- We agreed.
Are you still seeing Robin? - Down in Springfield? - A little bit God, I wish I could travel like that.
I thought you applied for that immersion thing in Costa Rica? Right? Yeah I did.
I'm still waiting to hear back.
You uh, want to change our deal? Uh No? You are sure? Well, I mean We already see each other like, three times a year I feel like that's - enough.
- It's obviously more than enough Well you better go.
Remember? It takes like an hour to get to O'Hare.
I've been to you apartment before, Abby.
Safe flight