Edha (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Body Revealed

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [EDHA] I can't keep moving forward without looking back.
I've always needed a piece of the past to be creative but now I need to move beyond memories.
Cross the threshold, enter that dark place in my mind where we keep what we want to forget.
[HEAVY BREATHING] [GASPING] [INHALES SHARPLY] [EDHA] Teo connects me with this darkness.
His skin, his eyes, his shape, they take me to the mystery of my past.
[WEAVING MACHINE WHIRS] [EDHA] Teo is my model, I found him.
I'll reveal the weave of my past through his body.
I saw the patterns.
They're the same Manito had at the factory.
The originals.
So? What do you mean, "so?" The patterns at Edha's place.
Yes, your brother worked for Edha.
What's new? Are you still angry? I said I'm sorry.
- I have to go.
- Don't leave now, Pija's outside.
I know.
Pija doesn't mess with me.
You work for Edha now? You got in? Yes.
[SHE LAUGHS] - I have to go.
- Where are you going? - I'll be back in a second.
- I asked where, not how long.
You have your life, I have mine! What job did she give you? Running errands.
- Errands? - [TEO] Yes, errands.
But I'm in, I'll find something.
I hope so.
[DOOR CLOSES] They want to dress women, they want what you showed at Fashion Week.
I'm not going to dress women.
I'll only dress men now.
You wanted "inclusive beauty"? I have the aesthetic concept.
I have the ideal model.
It's the female line we want.
The Inés collection isn't feminine nor masculine, it has no gender.
It's seduction, refuge.
- OK - This is what I'll do.
We have nothing left to talk about.
Well, we could study it, right? We can design something new and talk during the week, OK? No, it's not OK.
You can work without inspiration, I can't.
- Edha, you're taking things too far - I don't want this for me.
The company can make a new design.
You're not giving us any guarantee.
We can't work with total unpredictability.
The only thing I have is my truth.
I'm tired of pretending.
Excuse me.
[FOOTSTEPS MOVING AWAY] [RONNIE] Antonio, why do you have to come? You have nothing to do with this.
- Antonio knows what to say.
- Pastene, I'm not talking to you.
- All the same, I don't like this.
- Calm down.
[RONNIE] Antonio, you don't have to do this.
You've given proof of your loyalty.
I'm fine.
Wait for me outside.
No way.
I'm coming with you.
They're waiting for us.
Yes, let's go.
- [JUDGE] You knew about the sweatshop? - I did, yes.
For some time.
- Did you know it? - [ANTONIO] Sorry? - Did you know the place personally? - Yes.
That means you were inside the sweatshop? [ANTONIO] Yes.
- When? - Six months ago.
Are you sure? Yes.
- And you didn't return? - [ANTONIO] No.
[JUDGE] Yet, I have here a record of you leaving the sweatshop.
And according to the dates here, it would be from the same day of the fire.
Do you have a twin brother? You visited the sweatshop frequently.
You're detained for 24 hours until your situation is resolved.
I told you that was it, Yastin.
I did it to pay Medina.
You didn't enjoy it? I don't want to keep doing it, man! What will you do for money? You don't want to model, you don't want to sell, you waste all your talents.
- What will you do? - It was an emergency.
- I needed the money.
- [YASTIN] Yeah, that's why I helped you.
This is what we'll do, take a day off, get some rest, then come see me.
[YASTIN] I think you'll say you thought it over, and you realized Teo's going to fuck off and leave you alone.
And when that happens, you'll have your own thing, kid, easy.
This orange suits you.
Here, have it.
Thank you.
- This way, please.
- Thank you.
[EDHA] You look good, not bad.
I miss you.
You should be with me.
I want to show you this.
Remember the kid who helped you at Fashion Week? I'm designing for him.
I want him to be the face of the collection.
I started with Inés and ended with him.
You finally discovered men.
There are others besides Lorenzo, much more interesting.
Look, I want to add this, but I don't know how.
Where? [EDHA] On the wrists, neck But it's too harlequin, grotesque, that's not the idea.
What do you think? I can't think.
You're right.
Think about it tomorrow at home or in the workshop.
[ANTONIO] I doubt it.
Lorenzo is taking care of it.
Those pictures surprised me.
I didn't know you went to the factory.
Many things work without your knowledge.
I went there twice.
Once when they set it up and again.
The lawyer made me deny it.
He said they had no evidence to contradict me.
That's why you missed Odette's exhibition.
That's why.
Because I was working.
And because your dad was going crazy with the export samples.
And because someone had to sit before all those people and explain what the foreman couldn't, that's why I'm here.
Why didn't you tell me you were going there? That you visited the sweatshop? We don't work that way.
To make the delivery, the sample was almost finished.
We were so close.
I couldn't screw it up.
You had to screw it up.
I'll talk to Jáuregui and get you out of here.
I'm going.
[CELL DOOR OPENS] [CELL DOOR CLOSES] - [BÁRBARA] They're great, right? - Gorgeous.
- [JÁUREGUI] She looks very professional.
- Yes.
The advert you're working on, is it closed? No, not yet.
She can audition if she wants.
- An advert? - Would you like to? Yes, I don't know.
My mom wouldn't.
[LAUGHS] You have to benefit from your looks.
Now, while you're young.
This is the time.
You don't want to hide behind your wishes.
If you don't try, it's worse.
Right? Exactly! Try it, and see if you like it.
[EDHA] I can't go on.
- [LORENZO] Ask Florencia to help you.
- No, not Florencia.
She's willful, but she lacks creativity, craziness, everything Antonio has to spare.
It's important you finish some of the new stuff.
We lost the investors because of a whim.
Prove that this will get us to Milan.
Or let's start a pasta factory.
You can do that when you finish with Antonio.
It's your fault he was locked up.
You said you wanted to design for men.
What do we do with that doodle? I want Teo as a model.
Make a deal with him.
As a model? I thought he was going to help Aníbal carry things.
You thought wrong.
He has great potential.
I won't do it without him.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [EL PIJA] People haven't forgotten about the fire.
We don't want you here.
Eh? - Let's go.
- Are you in a hurry? I don't like waiting.
[MOTOR STARTS] [RONNIE EXHALES HEAVILY] The lawyer coached him badly on purpose.
You delivered Antonio to save yourself.
Ronnie, who knew there were pictures of Antonio at the factory? He's not allowed to speak to anyone.
There's nothing more annoying to me than having my coffee break interrupted.
I'll get help, I won't leave him alone.
Fine, you're a good husband, do what you have to do.
I'll be here if you need anything.
[SEBASTIÁN] With these prescriptions and your dad's stamp [DELFINA] Make the downward mark.
[SEBASTIÁN] We'll clean out the pharmacy.
[RAPPING] When I rhyme still, I distill This is my thing You know brother, in you I'm trusting I'm trusting and I have a vision That's why I'm always flying Outside of this prison Did you trade me for another? It's all right, I'm not jealous.
- How's it going? - Very well.
- How did that go? - Great.
[MATI LAUGHS] - [DELFINA] Mati's the one for you.
- I don't want him.
- [ELENA] Can we go to my place? - Why? For a change.
You think? We can't do anything there.
Yes, we can.
Let's go.
Yeah, I have some really yummy buds.
You're my little bud.
[RAPPING IN BACKGROUND, GROUP CHEERS] [RAPPING] All the time, a couple rhymes With my brothers we ad-lib We ad-lib, never butt in Hoisting Argentina's flag of the mambo, Of Diego Armando [JÁUREGUI] Mmm alcohol, so early? Ah, moralizing and self-righteous, so young? - Not so young now.
- All the more so then.
You've come about the factory fire.
For Antonio, I need you to get him out.
He has nothing to do with it.
I can't get people out.
That's not true.
Elena? I barely see her lately.
She now sees her father.
- I forgot how possessive you are.
- Will you get him out? Wrong question.
Will you help me get Antonio out? - And you? - What? Will you help me? I knew it'd be expensive.
Beating around the bush isn't very skillful on your part, if it's a favor.
You're seeing Elena with my permission.
I helped to make that happen.
- What else do you want? - To acknowledge her.
- Give her my surname.
- She's 16 years old.
Her family wants her with them.
What? You lack her picture? Or your role as a parent became imperative? The only imperative is my bond with Elena.
It should be positive for you too.
No, the answer is no.
She has my surname.
I'm her mother, I raised her.
Think about it.
You don't have to answer now.
I know how important Antonio is to you.
We should reflect on this.
[MUSIC PLAYS OVER STEREO] It hasn't grown much.
- What hasn't? - The plant.
It takes forever to grow.
We'll never be able to smoke it.
We have to look for a bigger plant pot.
[DELFINA] Sebi's not coming, I know him.
Your dad knows you smoke.
He'll confront you about it.
- No way.
- I'm telling you, he knows.
I know he knows, but he's a pussy.
- Don't say that about him.
- Sorry? What's up with you? Nothing.
Stop moving my stuff, it's all tidy.
Yes, I realized.
The perfect room, the perfect daughter.
What a bitch.
I'm leaving, you're a pain in the ass, there's nothing to do.
We always go to your house.
No one forces you.
I didn't force you either, go if you want.
I came because you insisted! What's wrong with my house? What happened? Go on.
What? Just go.
- Who are you? - I'm the owner of Edha.
Wasn't the girl the owner? When you need to talk, you see me.
The girl, Edha, my daughter, is not to be bothered.
OK? - Got it.
- These are confidentiality agreements.
The best thing that could happen to you.
Mutual legal responsibility.
The girl made this happen.
Thank her.
For us, it's one more contract.
For you it's salvation, if you take advantage.
Sign it.
Very good.
Take this, Aníbal.
What? That's not necessary.
To remember.
- Good.
You going with him? - Yes.
Let's go.
- A pleasure.
- [ANÍBAL] Please.
Then I'm going to Delfi's to help her study.
See you later.
[FOOTSTEPS] Would you leave us a moment, please? - Huh? - Hmm.
Are you OK? You're bored.
I feel ill, I want to go.
This is what you like, what you want.
Don't be afraid.
This is easy.
There are only four of five possible expressions.
Your dad works like this.
Economic magazine face.
Social event face or fundraising gala.
That picture will go in a tiny box on page 8 of the papers.
So I can smile with my whole face and show these awful crow's feet, or these marks that don't come off.
You laugh! You laugh but you have to stay on top.
Independent magazine.
No tie, with a sweater around my shoulders.
Liberal smile.
See? With four or five expressions, you can make a whole career.
If I can make all those expressions imagine what you can do with that face.
Eh? Come on, let's go.
- Will you come with me? - You do it alone.
- The wallpaper design is Odette's? - [SIGHING] Yes.
Was she your lover? [HE CHUCKLES] I asked you a question.
Odette liked to provoke and I'm not made of stone, darling.
Your mother also had her liberties.
- Did Mom know you had a relationship? - It wasn't a relationship.
I'd like to hear the truth.
- Show me what you signed.
- I don't have it.
- No contract? - No, they don't give it to you.
- Not even a copy? - I said no.
But it seems the company's owner is the father, this guy.
- They have to give you a copy.
- I'll ask.
It's a permit to use my face.
Your face? What contract did you sign? For modeling.
[LAUGHS] What are you laughing at? What matters is I got in.
Without a copy, there's no contract.
That's not Edha's job.
- This guy makes the decisions.
- It's her! What is the brand's fucking name? [CELIA] They burned it to the ground, I can't believe it [METAL CLANGING] [EDHA] I was never interested in dressing men.
But it's different with Teo.
I'll cover him with my own mystery with my own pain.
My mother lives in this pattern in this infinite symbol.
To dress someone is to uncover them.
To wrap, to cover, to put layers on.
It is showing what is hidden.
Even if it means putting everything at risk, I'm going to dress Teo to uncover my truth.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] Hello? [JÁUREGUI] Where are you? Studying with Delfi, my friend.
[JÁUREGUI] See you later? No, I'm going home today.
[JÁUREGUI] To your mother's place? - Yes.
- [JÁUREGUI] Tomorrow then.
- Tomorrow, yes.
I can't face her.
What can I do? Take her out of school, I can't see her.
That makes no sense.
It's very selfish.
How is Delfina to blame for what happened? - No, she isn't.
- Right, she isn't.
It was an accident.
It can't happen again, OK? I don't want to stop seeing you.
I just don't feel well.
Do you understand how serious this is? I saw a woman, not a girl, I made a move.
I didn't think you'd react this way.
Obviously I misjudged.
- I feel very guilty.
- These things happen.
Don't punish yourself.
You're going to be all right.
Right? Promise me you'll be all right.
- Get a hotel.
- They haven't paid, Mota.
You shouldn't come to the neighborhood, it's a huge mafia, They could be after us.
We planted the labels! We have to be careful.
If it wasn't because of the factory? - Why else? - Celia, what's the matter? No, nothing, the neighbors, the victims' families, I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
We have to get away.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] [EDHA] Yes? Coming in? - Can I? - Yes.
You're crazy, Mom.
- And that look? - An audition.
Don't get mad.
No, I won't get mad.
I got selected.
What is that? Some tests.
Audition for what? An advert.
It's very well paid.
This isn't working.
Are you OK? [SIGHS] - Am I good? - Good at what? A good mother.
Do I look after you? Yes.
- Can I tell you something? - Yes.
I'm staying at Dad's for a few days.
You liked Jáuregui? A little, yes.
There's something else.
I met someone.
It's amazing, your father's ability to always land on his feet.
Forgiving him says good things about you.
- And you can't? After all this time? - No.
When Lorenzo found out I was pregnant, he wanted to kill him.
He said I lied.
- What do you mean, "lied"? - He played the victim.
He said he'd never known my age, he could go to prison, If he'd known, he wouldn't have come near me.
He knew fine well that I was 16, just like you.
A son of a bitch.
And grandpa? Grandpa wanted to kill him So I said that I'd lied.
But it's over now.
Tell me, you met someone? No, no, it's not important.
[DA RAMOS] This is pretty unusual.
[PASTENE] I agree, but the judge asked for it.
[DA RAMOS] Yes, but no one notified me.
He can do that.
I just found out and I have to be notified.
Yes, but this is good for you.
You think because you put someone in prison, that I'll conform? The man I'm defending is vital for the company.
A kidney.
If you're saying we gave him up, you're mistaken.
I'm not saying anything, I'm telling you directly.
Stop being so bitter, look at yourself.
You look sick.
Have you lost weight? No, no I'm the same.
Must be the clothes.
[PASTENE LAUGHS] Considering the lack of veracity in your statement, I proceed to dictate a pretrial detention according to Section 32 of the Criminal Procedure Code and its derivatives.
- I want my protest on the records.
- [JUDGE] It will be.
Meanwhile, let's carry out the specified court order.
- I don't understand.
- Be calm.
I'm indicting you, sir.
[JUDGE] Keep the documents and proceed with the detention.
You're detained for multiple homicide with malice aforethought.
[ANTONIO] But Pastene, you said I'd be out today.
- What time is it? - Early.
[TEO] Are you going out? To see about a job.
A job? What are you up to, Celia? Nothing.
You're not the only one signing contracts.
Stay a while.
- We have to pay for this.
- I'll get paid for the fitting.
- Come on, stay.
- To see you try on clothes? I've signed.
They have to pay me.
If it's not enough, then look.
Your balls are not enough, Teo.
You're becoming too soft, a pussy.
So, I'm going to look for a job.
You're forgetting why you got in there.
- You're forgetting your brother.
- I'm not forgetting.
This is Antonio's but I'm giving it to you as a show of trust.
Commission for a job we did together.
Keep his cut safe.
- Why now? - It's the right thing.
Your dad's lawyer did everything wrong on purpose.
- Antonio did everything wrong.
- Huh? For not telling me he'd been to the factory! Lorenzo chose Pastene, they've worked together for years.
Is that a guarantee? You've no idea what your dad is capable of.
One pill less and you're fucking gone.
We work neatly here.
No fuck-ups.
Look at this one.
She started as promo-ho and now she thinks she's Lady Di, unbelievable! Did you burn my house? - Stop with the nonsense.
- It was you.
- Who told you that? - I'm being looked after.
No one's looking after you.
That's why your shack burned down.
You left the neighborhood, you got left alone with Medina, and now you're here, alone.
It wasn't Yastin.
It's best if you stay close to us, they might return.
- Was it Medina? - I don't know.
Could be.
I'll train you and get you into something new of mine.
Stop being the loser.
You'll have a better time.
[CAR DOOR OPENS] - What's up? - Give me your phone.
Call me from this one.
Your girlfriend too.
- What's the problem? - Could be many.
- Any news? - Two.
One good, the other not so much.
OK, talk.
They put someone in prison for the fire.
- The other one? - The guy in prison is a nobody.
- So the good one is shit too.
- It is what it is.
- But it's starting to move.
- Hmm.
You're not setting the time here.
You keep working on earning their trust.
We have to wait now.
[KEYS RATTLE] Did I scare you? You surprised me, you didn't scare me.
- Can I come in? - We have guests.
It's true no one's here, but they're coming to pick me up.
They're waiting for my call, to confirm.
You're going about things the wrong way.
Working together doesn't give you the right to come here.
If it's about the contract, we can call Lorenzo.
Right away.
Are you listening? Are you nervous? If you have nothing to hide Are you keeping something to yourself? You need me, I need you.
But this is not the way.
What things do I want? We both know what you want.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] But we're not animals.
It'd be easier.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] - A shame, right? - That's not what I came for.
What did you come for then? To see you.
I understand you're confused, but we're working.
My job is to dress, not undress you.
Your body's a frame.
Nothing more.
- A frame? - Yes.
Will you tell someone what happened here? Tell what? Nothing happened.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming