Edha (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Second Skin

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [EDHA] With Teo, it's hard to keep my mask on.
He challenges me, weakens my defenses.
He puts me in danger.
It's a risk I have to take to save myself.
I'm going to participate in the most important contest of the year with Teo, the Aragon Prize.
It's a show unlike any other.
Winning implies a direct ticket to Milan, the salvation we're looking for.
[LORENZO] It has to arrive in perfect condition.
It's normal.
Some people in this situation get hysterical.
[LORENZO] My daughter, on the contrary, gets withdrawn and mute.
[SHE SIGHS] It's all thought out.
The garment will get there as it should.
It'd be good if nerves shut you up sometimes.
We need to win.
We have no choice.
There's always a choice.
Why are you smoking? The investors that you scared away don't think that.
[EDHA] Second-rate people with money.
They lost a big opportunity.
- You brought the contract I asked? - Yes.
[EDHA] It's for him.
I want him to read it so there's no confusion.
- Teo gets easily confused.
- [LORENZO] What, is there any doubt? No.
It's just so he knows what he can and cannot do.
[RONNIE] Everything's kind of cold, but still tasty.
I brought you chicken with vegetables and strawberries for desert.
I made it myself this morning.
I'm not hungry.
My love, you have to eat or you'll die.
- I'm already dead.
- Don't say that.
Leave! Leave.
Go! [CELL DOOR CLOSES] I WANT TO SEE YOU [BUTTONS BEEP] Let's have lunch together then? [ELENA] Mm-hmm.
An overdose of Dad.
[LAUGHING] We lost so much time.
Do I look anxious? A little, yes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry about the other day.
No big deal.
I'm going to sleep at his place sometimes.
- [DELFINA] He must be very happy.
- Yeah, he really pushed for it.
He'll be buddies with my dad.
- I don't think so.
- Why? They're different, I don't know.
No way, they'd get along great.
Did you come alone? Yeah, my dad couldn't bring me.
- Hello, my love! - What's up? - Hi.
- You got the thing? - Obviously.
- Let's see it.
- What's that? - My dad's prescription book.
- Why do you want them? - What do you think, Elena? For shopping.
We're going on a pharmacy tour.
Want to come? - You'll learn more than in here.
- No, I can't.
He's watching.
Ah, he's a true cop.
He wants to look after me.
- Well, see you later.
- Bye.
[SPEAKING HEBREW] Joseph, I don't understand much.
What is he saying? You don't understand anything, dear.
These sirs are my lawyers, and from now on they're also my son's.
Antonio was set up.
They made him lie and that made it worse.
Antonio will never be free.
When he gets out, his name will be David Ben-Joseph.
Grandson of great rabbi Shmuel.
Call him whatever you want.
Please bring him home to me.
And make whoever is responsible pay.
[JÁUREGUI] Give me a tenderloin sandwich with ham, cheese, egg and red pepper.
No, no red pepper.
No red pepper.
And mine, just tenderloin and bread.
One of the three best stands in Costanera.
You'll eat well here.
- Elena, love.
Can you send for lunch? I'm running late.
Oh, you'll kill me.
I thought it was Wednesday.
No, it's Thursday, Elena.
Where are you? With Dad.
- Where are you? - Having lunch.
I can't believe you forgot our lunch.
I didn't, I mistook days.
I'll see you when I get back.
Why not before? I have to travel.
Don't worry, what's important is that you're all right.
Where are you going? To the Aragon prize, where we went last year.
- The competition? - Yes.
This year I have to win.
- You'll do well.
- I love you.
- And I miss you.
- Me too.
- [EDHA] Let's text throughout the day.
- [ELENA] Sure, bye.
It's Mom, give me a second.
Julián Weinberg.
Leave your Where are you going? I have things to do.
You can't be late or anything.
What's "anything"? Don't get hurt.
Don't come back with a black eye, a broken nose or arm.
Come back like this, as you are now.
- I'll come back like this.
- Take this.
Three thousand.
You can count it.
You can sign the receipt later.
Thank you very much, kind sir.
You should come to tonight's dinner.
I made plans with Mom for dinner.
I didn't see her today.
We always have lunch on Thursdays and I forgot.
But if it's the first time it happens and you apologized, she'll understand.
- No? - She did understand, but she wants to see me, we're very close.
Are there any boys in the picture? No, no way.
Any friends, admirers, suitors? - No? - No.
- You sure? - Yes.
So? What's your verdict? [HE LAUGHS] Need help? [LAUGHING] You have to ruin Edha's garment, take her out of the competition.
- Is the prize so important? - It's very important.
If they win, the company recovers and we'll never get them.
They don't have money, so they can't bribe the judges.
They put Antonio in prison without money.
That's why they can't win.
Whoever wins sets the bar for every designer in the region, sometimes further.
How do you know so much? It's my job.
You'll meet Tatiana Aragon, one of the most influential people in fashion.
- Really loaded, you can't even imagine.
- [CELIA] I can.
I can imagine lots of stuff.
Don't let her win.
I'll think of something.
Why did you make me come? For the hotel and something for yourself.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Yes, I'm coming.
Right now.
- [JÁUREGUI] How's the sweatshop case? - [DA RAMOS] Moving Forward.
- [JÁUREGUI] I'm glad.
- [DA RAMOS] What is this meeting about? [JÁUREGUI] Antonio Mendelsohn is innocent.
Free him.
- I can't force the procedure.
- They put a nobody in there.
Edha's assistant doesn't belong in there.
Why are you getting involved now? When I asked for your help, you refused.
I reunited with my daughter.
Having her mother against me endangers that.
Don't stick your nose in family affairs.
This is good for you.
Did Edha ask you to intervene? Does she know the danger to herself? - Yes, she knows.
- Are you going to squeeze Molina? No.
I'll talk directly with the judge.
You had a shave? Yeah, yeah.
If I don't, it grows and I can't kiss my daughter.
- How's your baby? - Good, he sleeps sometimes.
[CHUCKLES] What's so funny? All of this.
The costume.
It's not a costume.
It's a tailored suit.
Made for you.
Don't smile again ever.
- And if I laugh? - Don't.
- Everything I'll wear is here? - Yes, in that suitcase.
So many fittings and things, and it all fits in here.
[EDHA] In that suitcase is the key to Milan.
The keys? - Should I drive? - Never.
- You're early! You didn't say.
- No, I didn't have my phone all day.
I can't turn it on.
I had an 8-hour surgery today.
A tumor hugged to the frontal lobe.
I had to decide whether to take it out or leave it there and the implications.
What did you decide? The tumor? I took it out.
Delfi? She went out.
Ele, how are you? Delfina's not here.
I called, I don't know where she is.
Your friend never answers her phone.
It's Elena.
Ele weren't you going to the party with her? [MONINA] She said she was staying at your house.
- You had a fight? - [ELENA] No.
Your daughter lies to you, she's sleeping with Sebastián My mom is away, I got home, it was all a mess and I got scared.
- I'm all alone - A mess? Come inside.
My mom is away, I don't want to worry her.
I think it's best if I go and make sure everything's OK.
- Right? - Yes, all right.
[JULIÁN] Relax, I'll go with you.
Huh? I can't drive.
I'll take a cab and get a cab back.
I didn't see you this morning.
You didn't pick up all day.
I didn't know if you wanted to see me.
I had an emergency, I couldn't take Delfina to school.
- Why didn't you pick up? - I had no phone.
I didn't know you called.
[QUIETLY] It's weird you showing up like that at my house.
It's not right.
I know.
[QUIETLY] I can treat you like a kid, or like a woman.
Do you understand? You wanted to see me? I wanted to know what was going on.
[BACKGROUND CHATTER] Let me introduce you to Lorenzo Abadi from Edha.
I mentioned him before, he's Inés Musccini's widower.
Among other things.
We have to talk.
I have a friend who's interested in buying Inés's work.
[LORENZO] Whenever you want.
Do you have anything from Odette's time? I do, but Odette's death complicated things.
- Complicated things? - Hmm.
If you're speculating, I won't like it.
With you? I wouldn't dream of it.
- Because you'd lose.
- Absolutely.
Oh, Edha.
Tatiana Aragon.
Patron of fashion, the best.
She collects and promotes our work.
It's not just me, it's the Foundation.
But yes I enjoy releasing new designers to the world.
It's what I do best.
It'd be easier if we had a car.
- Your old man's! - No, it's too hard.
- Yes, get me your dad's car! - No, Sebi! - Come on, get it! - No, I can't.
If you get me it, I swear I won't go.
- Really? - I promise.
Swear it.
I swear that if you get me your old man's car, I won't go to the beach with the guys to fuck every southern girl, I'll stay with you in this shitty city, holding hands and dying from the heat.
- Holding hands.
- Holding hands.
[DOOR OPENS] [FOOTSTEPS] Weren't you sleeping at Elena's? - Yes.
- So, what happened? Why did she come all nervous? She said her mom's away.
We missed each other, she told me she was coming here.
Has she left? Yes, she just left.
- I'll go look for her then.
- Delfina! [DOOR SLAMS] - Call her.
- I called her already.
- Text her.
- I did, she didn't see it.
She must be sleeping.
She's like a grandma.
I want to look for her.
Mom said she was super nervous.
Something must have happened with her mom.
My mom's.
Elena! [DELFINA] Elen! Elena! Elen! Coming! [DOOR OPENS] What are you doing here? - You're really nervous.
- You scared me.
I got scared too, you don't pick up, you went to my house.
I thought we were meeting there.
Your mom thought you were with me.
I told you I'd say that, remember? No.
What are you doing in a negligee? - Is that your mom's? - No.
- Ah, you're with a boy! - No.
- Who are you with? - No one! Let's go.
- Where? - Didn't you come to pick me up? - Yes.
- Let's go then, before my mom gets here.
- Come on.
- OK.
We don't know what to do with you.
We were worried.
You're no fun since your dad showed up.
If you don't live life now, when will you? You'll end up like those old bitches in their forties who go dancing.
- They think they're goddesses.
- Yeah, they do.
We're far now.
Where are we going? Why did you go to my house? I told you, I couldn't find you.
- You didn't even call me.
- I did call you.
Your mom confronted me and I got nervous.
I said whatever I could think of.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] [DOOR OPENS] [MONINA] Elena didn't pick up once.
I called.
Luckily it was nothing.
False alarm.
Her father's got her very confused, her mother's not in Buenos Aires.
She got scared, just scared.
- Delfi? - You didn't see her? She went to look for her.
- For who? - Elena, who are we talking about? Delfina.
I'm talking about Elena.
Shouldn't we talk about our daughter? We're both being stupid.
We're being stupid.
It's true, you're right.
It's no use like this, we have to talk.
Delfina smokes she's having sex with Sebastián, who we know nothing They're using protection.
I know.
They have to use protection.
Listen I left food for you.
[FOOTSTEPS ASCEND] Is something the matter? - It isn't there! - What? The garment disappeared! - Sure? You checked? - The suitcase is empty! Aníbal, check that please.
- Don't make a scene.
Tatiana hates that.
- What do we do? We're out! Call Florencia, get her to bring something.
There's no time! Dad, it's all over! [VEHICLE APPROACHES] I'll be right back.
[CAR DOOR CLOSES] - I love him.
- What are we doing here? We're keeping him company, Ele.
- Keeping him company for what? - Nothing.
[DELFINA] Some pills A delivery.
[SEBASTIÁN] How's it going? [SEBASTIÁN] Is it all? [DELFINA] It's done.
- I want to go.
- We're going.
[MOTORBIKE REVS ENGINE] [TIRES SCREECH] - [ELENA] What's that? - [DELFINA] Get in the car, Sebi! - [ELENA] Come on, hurry! - [DELFINA] Start the car! - [ELENA] Start the car, come on! - [EL PIJA] Stay there, stay there.
[EL PIJA] Where are you going? Give me the keys.
- Give me the keys! - Give them the keys.
[EL PIJA] The car keys, now.
Give me the money.
- [DELFINA] Go on, Sebi.
- [EL PIJA] Give me the money.
Give me the money, dude, you're going to play tough now? It's OK.
This is our turf.
I don't want to see you here again.
You hear? - No! - No, no, no! [BOTH LAUGH] [SEBASTIÁN] Oh! [MOTOR REVS] [SEBASTIÁN] Oh, fuck.
- [DELFINA] What are you doing? - Calling my dad.
- Who designs? You, me? It's her.
- What are you doing? Everyone's waiting.
You're speculating, like with Odette's work.
I assure you, not this time.
That means you were before.
Got you.
That's right.
Give us a minute.
Are you OK? Considering my age and the alcohol in my system, yes.
Edha wasn't feeling well.
We'll be right there.
Artists they torture themselves, push themselves, the more they suffer, the more we like them.
- It's what they're made for.
- Mmm.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] Clothes off, I need to see you naked.
What? Clothes off! I need to see you naked! [CAR APPROACHES] - Darling.
- Hello.
- Thanks for coming.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
- Yes? Sure? I called your mother but I couldn't reach her.
- We were going to a party - I'm talking with my daughter.
When your father comes, explain to him.
- I didn't call my dad.
- I did.
Get in the car, please.
Now, please.
A tow truck's coming.
You don't have to wait here, I wouldn't recommend it.
Thank you very much.
Delfina, get in the cab.
- Come on.
- Now! - I'm going.
- And him? I'm not leaving him here alone.
It's a complicated age.
We have to be alert.
- [JULIÁN] Is Elena OK? - [JÁUREGUI] Confused.
If she were OK, she wouldn't have done this.
I'm very sorry we had to meet like this.
We haven't met yet.
Thank you.
Name your collection.
They have to see this in Milan.
I'll promote you, with one condition Him.
He's your true work of art.
[ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYS] [EDHA] Don't you dance? What? Don't you know how to move your body? [PANTING] [PANTING] We're leaving.
We have a lot of work to do.
You'll have to be completely available for me.
Can you do that? Yes.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] I'll take you and pick you up, anywhere, anytime.
Huh? Get some clothes from your mother's and you'll arrive a little late, no problem.
I can talk with the principal or preceptor - That's not necessary.
- I don't want you to miss class.
I don't either.
With Delfina, minimum interaction.
"Hello" and "goodbye.
" The same with Sebastián.
You're smart, you can choose better.
To control is to care.
It's also a form of love.
Your creation was extraordinary.
But you do owe me a feather comforter.
Just kidding.
Your mother would be proud of you.
At one point, a work of hers came to mind.
I like to think of it that way, a version of Inés's work.
- I'll let the Foundation know.
- That would be great.
- But really, we have little time.
- I have material to work with.
Thank you.
Let's go.
[JUDGE]Leave me the pictures, I want them as keepsakes.
I don't know how to thank you.
- Memory, Jáuregui.
- Excuse me? Remember me after the vote.
Count on it, Your Honor.
I like your haircut.
It's new, right? Always changing.
You don't.
[LAUGHS] Let's go home.
- How much is this going to cost me? - Nothing.
You're David Mendelsohn.
How much can it cost to be you? - Antonio, let's go.
- No further, Ronnie.
We'll pick it up from here.
David has a family.
- But I brought you, I looked for you.
- And we're all very grateful.
- Who am I working for? - Why do you ask? - You or your dad? - For the brand.
You work for the company.
And who's the brand, you or him? - You care about that? - I care about who has the final word.
About you? - About me, and the rest.
- What rest? What do you want to know? Who makes the important decisions.
Every decision is important.
I design, Lorenzo takes care of production.
- And Antonio? Why didn't he come? - He couldn't.
Antonio executes, but he doesn't make decisions.
Antonio is out and they took him away from me! - Antonio's out? - Yes, this is all your fault! - It wasn't me who advised him! - You convinced him, Edha! It was Lorenzo.
- But you manipulated him! - Leave her alone! Are you crazy? You don't know who Edha is.
Are you OK? What is he accusing you of? Something I didn't do.
He's angry but it's not my fault.
Who are you? What do I need to know? Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming