El Chapo (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episodio 3

Boss, are they still there? - Yes, they're still there.
- I'm parked in Saravia.
I'll wait here.
- How much? - 300.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Stay on the lookout.
Great song.
They play it at the nightclub.
They're on Zaragoza.
Did you see that truck? That asshole looks suspicious.
He's closing in.
Let's take a detour just in case.
He turned on Revolución.
We'll follow them.
I'll wait here.
I don't see them.
Got them.
They're on Revolución.
I'm going after them.
There's another car following us.
- They turned on Constitución.
- We'll catch up to them there.
Son of a bitch! - Fuck! - Goddamn it! Let's go! They're shooting at us! Calm down! We're fine inside the car! Let's go, boss! Ramón, chill! Stay inside! Go, go, go! They're shooting at us! Chapo, that son of a bitch.
You are going to regret this, asshole! Let's go.
We have to check you.
That's cool, right? Chapo.
I'm sorry, but you can't be too careful.
I knew you were in Tijuana trying to get revenge for what happened to Rayo.
That's not good.
I'm friends with the Avendaños.
You can be their friend all you want, but you also respect codes.
That's why we called you.
If you need a middleman, - I'm in.
- We want to propose an alliance.
Let's drop the shit and talk like men.
You want me on your side to fight this war.
Rayo's death was unnecessary.
But war is not the answer.
Ramón killed Rayo just because.
- And he has to pay.
- War kills business.
I won't be a part of that.
Not on your side, not on theirs.
If you want to negotiate, give me a call.
Otherwise, I'm out.
With all due respect, Don Ismael Ismael.
After Tijuana, the Avendaños will retaliate.
With or without you, war is happening.
What do you think, boss? Good.
Get on it.
Yes, sir.
Go on.
What's up, Toño? Did something happen? Where are you going? Gotta lay low for a while, honey.
But you'll be safe.
The guys will guard you 24/7.
You're scaring me, Joaquín.
It's just a precaution.
I had a fight with the Avendaños.
I don't want you getting hurt because of my actions.
Are you going to be okay? I'm leaving, son.
- Take care of your mom.
- Yes, Dad.
Don't worry, it'll be over soon and everything will go back to normal.
Be careful.
How long will we be watched? As long as necessary.
I'm trying to keep you and the kids safe.
Dad! Mom! - Hi.
- What's up, kiddo? - Hi, princess.
- Let's go, let's go.
Hey, where's my kiss? You won't see me for several days.
Bye, princess.
Get in.
- Call me.
- Yes.
Let's go.
- Straight to the house.
- How was school? SAFE HOUSE GUADALAJARA Who's that? Go inside.
I'll be right back.
I'm here on behalf of the general.
Wait there.
I can't stay.
- Let's go back to my place.
- I can't.
I can't ditch my husband's guards.
Then don't complain when I'm with other women.
Cut the crap, Rafael.
If you wanted to, you could have me all for yourself.
You're crazy, Lupe.
You're crazy.
I'm ready to leave Güero.
But you don't want to take care of me and my kids.
Or what? Did you change your mind? Asshole.
Chapo Guzmán.
Say what you came to say.
You've been all over the place lately.
First, what you did to Mr.
Livas, and now that shooting in Tijuana.
- You've got nothing to say? - No.
This is your first and only warning, Chapo.
You mess up again, and I'll lock you up.
Got it? AVENDAÃ'OS'S WAREHOUSE TIJUANA These are the warehouses that hold Avendaños's product heading for the States.
My contact told me they're expecting a big shipment.
These two are the biggest warehouses closest to Otay.
If I were Benjamín, I'd use one of those.
Let's hit them, then.
We'll kill two birds with one stone.
They'll miss their delivery, and they'll lose a lot of money.
And then we can go after them again.
Look, pal.
I'm with you till the end, but what about Blanco? - Don't you give a fuck about his warning? - No, I don't.
He wants peace because it wasn't his pal that got killed.
Otherwise, I don't think he'd be so lenient.
Boss, are you waiting for someone? LEAVING FOR OTAY IN ONE HOUR - Let's go! - Coming! I've just been told Chapo stole a big shipment.
Several dead.
This way, please.
- Good evening, Mr.
- Good evening, Mr.
You can understand our concern.
Assassination in a nightclub, shooting in Tijuana, bombing in Guadalajara Nobody wants an unstable neighbor.
We've identified the culprits.
- We'll lock them up immediately.
- That won't solve anything.
President, as you already know, there's a war going on between drug cartels, and I guarantee you a jail cell will not stop them.
What do you suggest? Someone who speaks their own language.
Only one of their own can control them.
We're doing the same thing in Colombia with great success.
Look, whether we like it or not, drug trafficking isn't going anywhere.
What we need is an inside man that can guarantee us peace.
It's not that simple.
We'd have to evaluate everyone to find an adequate candidate.
We want Amado.
General We put Miguel Ángel behind bars because he had too much power.
Amado, as his second in command, has the necessary power to be recognized as their leader, but not enough that we can't control him.
Ambassador, I assume this is only a suggestion.
It's a suggestion I recommend you follow.
Otherwise, all the accusations that General Blanco has managed to keep secret over all these years will come to light.
Inmate 48! Door 2! I forgot the kids' drawings.
Don't worry, you won't know which ones.
I'll be right back.
Come with me? Let's go.
- Chapo.
- Well.
- Amado.
Wait here.
Shh, stop.
I'm ready.
Ready for what? To take care of you and your kids.
Let's start a new life together.
Thanks to your bullshit, the gringos are coming after us.
They have no reason to interfere.
It is what it is.
Ramón killed my friend.
- I'm going to kill Ramón.
- I'm going to kill you, fucker! Back off, asshole! Come on, back off.
Back off.
Make him back off.
If we keep this up, we'll all end up in jail, and the government will be in charge, is that what you want? - I don't forget my ghosts.
- I know that.
But we need to think with our heads, not with our guns or our dicks.
What are they offering us? The government will leave us alone if I can guarantee them we settle this war right now.
- That and some profits.
- And if I say no? What? Chapo, you can't fuck with the gringos.
If we don't give them what they want, we'll go to jail.
Or we'll end up dead.
It's up to you! - I'm in.
- Fuck me, Benjamín.
Ramón and I are in.
Good, Benjamín.
Come on, Joaquín.
Think with your head.
Don't be so hot-headed.
Do not isolate yourself.
Come on.
Let's go.
Ready? - Where are we going? - On an adventure.
- Do you see that car? - Yes.
We'll use it to go on our adventure.
The first to get to the car wins.
Ma'am? To unity.
What do you say? Are you up for that? - Let's do it.
- Let's go.
Come on.
Come, Chapo.
Come with us.
If we don't keep our heads straight, we're dead.
Don't be paranoid, man.
- Amado will keep them under control.
- I know them, Güero.
They won't sit and relax.
One with sugar.
I don't want to drink it.
Drink it, princess.
- Don't be like that.
- Drink it before it goes cold.
I'll help you.
- Go on.
- And another one with more sugar.
Bottoms up.
- Come on.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
Drink it.
I told you it was delicious.
Drink up.
Drink all of it.
Time to go to bed.
What's that? A surprise.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It's done.
Güero! Güero.
What's in the tape? My children.
Kill them.
Kill them all.
I didn't think you'd have the balls to show up.
We came because we respect you.
We didn't kill Güero's family to hurt you.
We said we'd have peace, you fuckers.
The government won't care about those deaths.
There's a code, asshole.
Not all of us are savages like you.
We had to stop those fuckers.
After Colombia, Chapo had to be stopped.
He was growing too strong.
We have to exterminate bad seeds before they grow.
Now everyone knows they can't mess with us.
- Are you threatening me, fucker? - On the contrary.
We did this for you.
Chapo wouldn't have stopped until you were dead, Amado.
After what we did to Güero, he knows what we can do to him.
Or to his family.
Güero is out of the game.
Now Chapo won't have the power nor the balls to fight us.
The Avendaños crossed a line they shouldn't have crossed.
Between us, everything goes.
But we don't mess with our families.
Are you in? Benjamín organized my birthday party.
I'll organize his in Puerto Vallarta.
SAFE HOUSE GUADALAJARA - How many men do you need? - An army.
That's why I called you, pal.
I'm a politician, not a magician, Chapo.
If I wasn't sure you could do it, I wouldn't be talking to you.
What kind of trouble are you in, asshole? - Big trouble.
- Isn't this cool? It's amazing.
Such a pity Rosaura couldn't be here.
She had to stay to take care of our kid.
He got sick all of a sudden.
- Look.
- Thank you, man.
I thought about telling you to cancel everything.
To lay low, you know.
And celebrate your birthday locked up at home? - No way.
- So? Can I count on you? Stop there! Police! Everything all right with the shipment? You happy? Everything's good, man.
Happy birthday, pal.
- Thanks.
- Here's to many more.
Cheers! Thank you man, so much.
You know how to treat your friends.
And this is only the beginning.
I booked Christine to keep the party going.
Christine? For real? That's amazing! I'll head to the hotel to grab your present and I'll see you there.
- Another one? - Of course.
Send your wives upstairs to rest.
- I'll see you there.
- Why? I want to party, too.
You're staying.
That party's for men only.
From now on, you follow Toño's orders.
- Let's go.
- Let's go! Don't let them get away.
Kiss me.
That's so nice - Let go of me, asshole! - Easy there.
I'm sorry, bro.
You're so boring.
You should find a girl and celebrate your birthday.
You know I'm not looking for a fight, Lobito.
So have fun, but be careful, asshole.
- Mr.
Ismael on the phone.
- Who? Hey, pal, you here? No, man.
I'm so sorry, but that food didn't settle well with me.
See? That's what happens when you eat too much, pal.
Have a good night.
Thanks, man.
See you in Tijuana.
- What? - Ismael, he's not coming.
Ismael is not coming.
I think we should go, Ramón.
So soon? No way, man, it's your birthday! I'm leaving.
If you want to stay, go ahead.
But be careful.
Remember, we're at war.
Don't fuck up, asshole.
- Take care of them.
- Hey, asshole.
She was pretty.
- Look at her.
- Indeed.
There's still time, Joaquín.
We should tell Amado.
If he were a real boss, I'd do it.
But he did nothing to punish the murder of Güero's kids.
What's going on? We're almost there.
We're going in, boss.
Wait a minute, okay? Lobito! I'll be right back, love.
Let's do some blow, brother.
- I don't see them.
- They have to be there.
Police! - How many? - Too many, boss.
Let's go, Lobito! Come on, come on, Lobito, fuck.
Drop it! Boss, Ramón got away.
But we have Lobito.
I want him alive.
What are you gonna do? Lobito had nothing to do with those murders.
His brothers broke our codes, they have to pay.
But not like this.
If you hurt Lobito, they'll come for our families! Güero asked me to kill everyone, and that's what I'll do.
Then you're on your own.
This is the end of our deal.
I won't keep helping you.
- What happened, Jimmy? - There was an attack at the nightclub.
Chapo's men.
- Where are my brothers? - I don't know, boss.
- What happened, Benjamín? - Go grab your things.
We're leaving.
It's me, it's me! Where's Lobito, Ramón? Where's Lobito? Fuck.
Goddamn it! Don't kill me, please.
Do you know what your brothers did? - Fucking asshole! - Need a hand, boss? Leave us alone.
They killed her.
- But I'm innocent.
- How did they kill her? They cut her throat and sent her head to Güero, - but - And the kids? How did they kill them? - I don't know.
- They threw them off a bridge.
They were four and five years old.
Son of a bitch! And you're begging me not to kill you.
I'm innocent, sir.
Are you an Avendaño? I asked you a question! There he is, fucker.
Lobito! Lobito! Lobito! Lobito You're okay.
- You're okay - Are you okay, fucker? Come on.
Give me a hand.
- Can you stand? - Easy, easy.
I can do it! - Did they hurt you, fucker? - No! Lobito, I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Let's go.
I'm so sorry, Güero.
Call me if you need anything.
Why didn't you kill Lobito? Because Ismael is right.
- If I had, our families would die.
- My family is already dead.
But Benjamín and Ramón are still alive.
This isn't over, Güerito.
I swear.
And you, as parents, have the moral obligation to teach your kids good values.
Every day that passes, drug trafficking invades every single place in Mexican society.
Civilians died, motherfucker! Everyone's talking about the nightclub shooting! It is what it is, man.
But then, people forget it.
I don't give a shit! Drug lords, those lords of death, who drive expensive cars and attend big events without showing an ounce of pity for the addiction they create in our youth.
I leave you with these words and ask our Heavenly Father to show us the light at the end of the tunnel.
We named you leader to keep the peace.
If you can't do that, you'll go back to jail.
You'll have your peace.
I'm going to kill Chapo Guzmán.
Subtitle translation by María Pía Rebussone