El Chapo (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episodio 6

1 CHIAPAS MEXICO - GUATEMALA BORDER [car engine running] [Chío] If they ask why we're here, what do we say? Leave that to Toño.
WANTED! REWARD $5,000,000 Good morning.
IDs, please.
Open your trunk.
[opening the trunk] [closing the trunk] Jorge Ramos Pérez.
Why are you going to Guatemala? To visit some friends in Barillas.
Thank you, officer.
WELCOME TO THE REPUBLIC OF GUATEMALA [Chío laughing] [Joaquín shushing] I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return Relax.
Come on, drink one.
They're here, boss.
Bring me the check! GUATEMALA CITY GUATEMALA Hello.
The man of the hour.
Be careful.
I don't want my fans to recognize me.
How's Guatemala treating you? Let's see how it treats us.
That's Herrerías.
Your organization is the strongest around here.
And this will be my new operation center.
I want to be your partner.
HERRERÍAS DRUG LORD IN GUATEMALA They warned me that you're really full of yourself.
[Herrerías laughing] You're fucked, Chapo.
You should be asking to be my employee, not my partner.
WANTED, JOAQUÍN GUZMÁN LOERA REWARD $5,000,000 Takes so little to scare you? Don't try to convince me, Chapo.
You're up shit creek and you have nothing left to offer.
I have five tons of blow in El Salvador.
40% of the profit is yours.
That's over $40 million.
It's a good amount to start our partnership, right? That's if you manage to bring it in.
It'll come in.
Seeing is believing.
[Joaquín] I need you to gather me some people in El Salvador.
- When do you need them? - For tomorrow.
I need a big group.
But I don't want to draw attention at the border.
We have to smuggle that shipment no matter what, Toño.
The business with the Colombians is at stake.
Amado must already know.
I'm sure they are waiting for us to kill us.
We have no choice.
Either they kill us or we kill them.
I'm finally visiting another country.
I'll show you the whole damn world.
[laughing] [moaning] [police officer] How many of them were there? There were three Mexicans.
Two men and a young woman.
They drank some beers, and then they left with some people who seemed from the military.
Did they mention where they were heading? [opening trunk] No.
Did you hear any name? One of the men called the other one "boss".
Any other detail that comes to mind? - No.
- Look, Commander.
It has a hidden compartment.
[telephone ringing] - Please, go ahead.
- Thank you.
[in English] General.
[door closes] We've got intel that El Chapo managed to cross the border to Guatemala.
El Chapo is your problem, General.
He has to pick up five tons of cocaine in El Salvador.
That would be the biggest seizure made by the DEA in Central America.
What about the Salvadorean government? They are aware that we need your help.
They are helping too.
We've only asked them to wait until Chapo arrives to get his shipment and to turn him in eventually.
[mariachi music playing] [agitated] MEXICO CITY PRIVATE HANGAR [in English] That's great, guys.
Let's go.
Come on.
Good, pay my debt.
Thank you.
MEXICO CITY OFFICE OF THE MEXICAN ATTORNEY-GENERAL FILE [restaurant noises] I didn't think you'd have the balls to get me this information.
I've risked everything on my part of this.
Now, it's your turn.
The men I sent will be on watch 24/7.
I need another favor.
I'm bringing my operations center over here.
But before that, I need to finish something in El Salvador.
- [opening the briefcase] - We're here to help.
[closing the briefcase] This is a bombshell, Saavedra.
Is your source trustworthy? Yes.
I only need a witness's testimony.
Find one and we can move on.
What about the board? What will the board say at the meeting? Leave them to me.
You find the witness, and I'll get you the authorization.
[doorbell ringing] - [Saavedra] Mrs.
Magnolia? - Yes? Nice to meet you.
Gabriela Saavedra, from the El Global newspaper.
Some years ago, Ms.
Márquez filed a complaint.
I only want to ask her some questions.
[woman] I'm sorry.
She doesn't live here anymore.
I'm carrying out an investigation on General Blanco.
- I think - No.
- I would like to Only - No, I'm not interested.
- If only you - I'm not interested.
[sighs] CHIAPAS BORDER OF MEXICO-GUATEMALA - [Chío sighs] - [Joaquín] Like it? It's beautiful.
I'll buy you a bigger one later.
Once I finish that business in El Salvador, you'll know how it feels to live like a queen.
[door opening] [Toño] We're ready, boss.
Be careful.
Take this.
Make this house nice.
[door opening] Chapo, Rosado is asking for more money.
He's never satisfied.
The price on your head is tempting for anyone.
Protecting you is expensive.
Give him what he's asking for.
- [car engine starts] - Good luck.
[tapping the trunk] - What do you think, Toño? - It's safe.
It may work.
How long does it take to get to the border? About 40 minutes.
[car moving] Do you know if he already got to El Salvador? No, boss.
But we have people at the border.
They'll let us know as soon as he sets foot in there.
If they find him tell them to kill him.
And then they can let us know.
[car moving forward] [car stopping] BORDER CHECKPOIN GUATEMALA - EL SALVADOR [police officer] IDs, please.
[footsteps] [police officer] I'm going to check your trunk.
[opening trunk] [cars passing by] [police officer] Why are you going to El Salvador? [Toño] To visit some friends in Barillas.
You may continue.
Welcome to El Salvador.
[closing the car's trunk] [car engine starts] [car moving] PORT LA LIBERTAD EL SALVADOR [groaning] Welcome to El Salvador.
Thank you for coming.
[Conrado] Did you get what you needed? I have all the pieces to start building the puzzle.
See you soon.
[Saavedra] You are really brave for wanting to relive the past.
I was brave when I reported him to the district attorney's office.
But just as he'd warned me, it was useless.
Your story will be invaluable.
If I may, I'll record this.
[woman] I'm not afraid of him anymore.
At that time I was afraid.
I was only 18 years old.
He threatened me to kill my family if I spoke.
Thank God, I had the support of my family.
I gave them the description, everything they needed, but nothing happened.
That bastard never paid for what he'd done.
[automated typing] I have the men Rosado asked for.
The shipment is protected.
I need to know how many people are keeping watch.
This is the address.
And this is what we've agreed to pay you.
SAN LORENZO NEIGHBORHOOD SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR [in English] Anything? [in English] Nothing.
All quiet.
CHAPO'S WAREHOUSE SAN LORENZO NEIGHBORHOOD Who's that? [in Spanish] Do you know him? Yes, he lives in the neighborhood.
[in English] Should I take a look? [in English] No, it's okay.
He's clean.
I'll go fetch some empanadas.
Do you want some? [in English] Yes, please.
Five without chili.
We call it ají here.
Well, same thing, right? We'll take the blow from here.
We'll take it to Cuba and then directly to Miami.
We have to make this route something big, Toño.
Do you think we'll go back to Mexico some day? Do you want some sauce with that? No, the gringos cannot eat spicy food.
I'll just put tomatoes, then.
- How many are there? - He just said they were gringos.
Tell me, kid, what did they buy? Empanadas, no chili.
How many with no chili? Eh five.
[drug trafficker] The situation is worst than we thought.
The DEA is watching your shipment.
Are you 100% sure? Yes, sir, there are at least five.
And I checked with my contact in Customs.
They entered through Mexico.
Damn it.
What do you want to do, boss? Get your men ready.
I'm sorry, what? Let's get the shipment.
But sir We cannot go against the DEA.
- [cocks gun] - You'll do as I say! That's why I'm paying you, son of a bitch! Eh? Get out of here.
We'll call you later.
I know we need that shipment, but we cannot mess with the DEA.
Remember what happened to Quintero and Neto over the Kiki Camarena issue.
There's always a way, Toño.
Nobody believed in my tunnel, but there's always a way out.
[shooting] [shooting continues] Stop! Come on! Come on! [police officer] Secure the area! [police sirens wailing] - [car passing] - [sirens recede] [sighs] It will be published tomorrow.
Thank you for coming.
I wanted to say goodbye personally.
Say goodbye? I'm leaving Mexico as soon as possible.
Once your article appears in tomorrow's newspaper, General Blanco won't stop until finding out who leaked that information.
I won't say a word, you can rest assured.
I don't betray my sources.
I know that.
And I'm really thankful.
I'd like to ask you for a personal favor before leaving.
Mm-hmm? Can you give me a copy of your article? I'm afraid I won't have access to your newspaper after I'm gone.
And I wouldn't like to miss the chance to feel the pleasure of reading the article that will finish the General.
[Toño] Yes, sir.
I'll tell the boss.
This is all I could get for you.
I gave Lora all the instructions.
We'll have to give Herrerías all the money we have so we can work for him.
It'd mean going back to square one, but if he takes us in, we'll be protected by his organization.
If you want to go back to Mexico, you're free to do so.
I'll always have your back.
You managed to be at the top over there, and you'll do the same here.
Well, then Let's find another way to cross the border, even if we have to become moles.
[laughing] And I won't get into that trunk again.
Not even for 30 minutes.
- [keys clink] - Come on, let's go.
GUATEMALA CITY GUATEMALA [Rosado] When do you want to meet Herrerías? [Lora] As soon as possible.
Things didn't go as planned in El Salvador.
[sighs] They should have arrived already.
[door opening] Finally.
What happened with the meeting? It's settled.
Rosado and Herrerías will wait for you in the Panamericano Hotel.
Thanks for everything, Lora.
I'm sorry I have to go, but I need to go back to Mexico.
Call me if you need anything.
We have 1.
5 million.
[Joaquín] What's with all the security? PANAMERICANO HOTEL GUATEMALA CITY You don't trust Herrerías? Herrerías is like that when he leaves his house.
He wants extra security.
Go ahead.
- Where's Herrerías? - [cocking guns] [Rosado] He's not coming.
Let's do this the right way, Chapo.
I don't want you to get hurt.
It's a shame that your business in El Salvador didn't work, but this is your new reality.
The price for your head is an opportunity we cannot miss.
If this is about money, let's talk about it.
I can be more generous than the government.
If you let me go, I'll give you 1.
5 million.
[Joaquín] 500,000 more than the reward.
With that money you can retire.
[knocking on door] - [punch and moaning] - [Joaquín] Hey! Hey! [frightened panting] [groaning] [Joaquín] You fucking traitor! Son of a! [Toño groaning] [Rosado] I need to speak with the President.
From Lieutenant Rosado.
Good evening, Mr.
I'd like to inform you that we've captured El Chapo Guzmán.
Thank you very much, from the President.
We won't forget how helpful you were.
General Blanco will coordinate the operation.
I don't want any information leaked to the press.
I want the news to be out tomorrow, once I'm at the border with him.
All right, General.
El Chapo was detained in Guatemala.
My contact informs me that it will be published tomorrow.
We have some time to stop it.
[intercom] Lucía, please, telephone the owner of the El Global newspaper.
[Lucía] Of course, sir.
- [intercom] - Good job, Conrado.
You deserve a promotion.
[telephone ringing] [President] Peralta, what's going on in your newspaper? I've just read an article by Gabriela Saavedra.
What's that all about? It's not important how I found out.
What's important here is the content of that article.
It's unacceptable.
- [airplanes taking off] - [radios buzzing] Good morning.
[sighs] [explosion] - [shooting] - [in English] Go, go, go, go! Put your hands up! - Everybody, that's right.
- Get down, get down.
Get down, motherfucker.
Put him down.
Everybody start making this.
Yeah, that's right, punk.
Load the van! Load the van! - Come on! - Get up! Get up! Get up! MILITARY HEADQUARTERS GUATEMALA - MEXICO BORDER [Rosado] Put those two in that truck.
El Chapo goes in my truck.
[groaning] [Rosado] Let's go! [Joaquín] Rayito.
- What's up, buddy? - A toast to this great life! [laughing] Here you are, Güero, take it.
This is pure power.
This is freedom, Güero! Look! This is great! [Joaquín] Keep playing, my friends! Keep playing, man! [opening the airplane's door] [Joaquín] This is the real power.
This is freedom! Subtitle translation by Mariana Taguchi