El Chapo (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episodio 7

1 TAPACHULA, MEXICO MILITARY BASE SAN MARCOS, GUATEMALA BORDER WITH MEXICO [groaning and hitting the tailgate] [shouting] [shouting] [shouting and hitting trunk's tailgate] VICINITY OF TAPACHULA CHIAPAS, MEXICO [agitated] [shouting] [soldier over radio] They're approaching the Talisman Bridge.
[soldiers shouting] [hitting truck's tailgate] [soldier over radio] They're here, sir.
Welcome to Mexico.
I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return [Blanco] Get him in.
We're grateful for your invaluable help and for your government's help.
We'll contact you to coordinate the payment of the reward.
TAPACHULA AIRPORT CHIAPAS, MEXICO [chains clanking] [handcuffs click] [leg cuffs click] MEXICO CITY, HEADQUARTERS OF "EL GLOBAL" NEWSPAPER [sighs] Why did you back out? Stop thinking about it.
Forget it.
I have the right to know the reason.
The order came from above.
Someone leaked your article to someone really powerful.
Who did you share your article with outside this office? [Conrado] I'd like to ask you for a personal favor before leaving.
[thumps table] Now you know who is to blame for all this, Saavedra.
[sighs] It's your own fault that your article didn't get published.
[sighs] I know I can trust you, Conrado.
I won't let you down, Mr.
PRESIDENT'S OFFICE You'll now be my new advisor.
You'll replace General Blanco and you'll coordinate our fight against drug trafficking.
Your first job will be to arrange a press conference to introduce El Chapo as the main drug lord in Mexico.
[President] And let's be clear his detention is the result of my government's struggle to fight against drug trafficking.
GENERAL BLANCO This is Conrado Sol speaking.
I need an official bulletin to inform the media that El Chapo has been captured.
There'll be a press conference today in Almoloya Penitentiary.
No, the General is no longer in charge.
From now on, I'm in charge.
[Amado] Vera, tell your boss not to worry.
I've smuggled more blow than the Avendaños and El Chapo.
El Chapo Guzmán won't be missed.
All right.
I need to speak with the General.
[door opens] Leave us alone.
[Blanco sighs] I want to negotiate.
It's too late, Chapo.
Nothing can save you from prison.
I've got proof that the Deputy Attorney General is in my payroll.
I don't work for the Deputy Attorney General.
But you work for the President.
How do you think his image will be affected if people know that I paid Pozo $1 million every two months? I paid him to protect my drug shipments.
The Deputy Attorney General doesn't have a direct relationship with the President.
You may say whatever you please.
A close friend of the President's brother.
Consider that a direct relationship? Mr.
President, we've got a problem.
Take care that Chapo doesn't open his mouth until you get to the prison.
I'll give you more instructions once you get there.
Don Sol, I have another urgent task for you.
[prison bell ringing] TOLUCA AIRPORT MEXICO [sirens wailing] [chains jangling] [helicopter whirring] Conrado Sol.
- Nice to meet you, sir - This is a circus, Mr.
Guzmán Loera has not been though trial yet, and you want to leave him in this prison.
You can't break the law.
DE TAVIRA DIRECTOR OF ALMOLOYA PRISON This is your prison and you set the rules in here, we know that.
But Guzmán Loera is no ordinary criminal.
[De Tavira] This is unacceptable, however special he may be.
The media cannot enter a supermax prison It's a presidential order, Director.
So you'd better calm down and start preparing everything for Guzmán's arrival.
[wood creaking] [dog barking] FEDERAL PENITENTIARY Bring them! [De Tavira] Bring them in! [prison bell rings] [prison guard] Door! [chains jangling] Unlock him.
[opening handcuffs] Change your clothes.
I need to speak with General Blanco.
Shut up and get changed.
[Blanco] Is everything ready? The President wants to speak to you.
[President] I need you at Los Pinos immediately.
Yes, sir.
I'll go as soon as the press conference is over.
No, I need you here now.
Sol will take care of the press conference.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We'll begin in a minute.
I need to speak to General Blanco.
[guard] Move away from the bars.
Please, call him.
[bars ring] Open up.
[keys jingle] Please, leave us alone.
I need to speak to your boss.
General Blanco is no longer my boss.
Now you'll have to negotiate with me.
[laughing] Son of a bitch.
You certainly move faster than I do.
I don't like to take orders either.
That's why I think we'll get along just fine.
Listen up.
You are not to say a word about what you told Blanco in the airplane.
Well, now you're talking.
What do I get in exchange for my silence? Your family.
If you ever mention one of those names, your two wives and your children will suffer the consequences.
And that's not all.
In your statement to the Public Prosecutor's Office, you'll make clear that the cardinal died as a consequence of the crossfire between you and the Avendaños.
I think you are the ones that should be in prison.
[laughing] That's never going to happen.
It's really simple, Chapo.
You mess with us and we mess with you 20 times worse.
Don't push your luck.
What's your name? Conrado.
Listen, Conrado.
I don't want to get in trouble.
I don't want you to get in trouble.
You'll lock me up in here for the cardinal's death, and for whatever you want.
But you know very well that's better to have me as an ally than to leave me here and forget about me.
Negotiations are done when both sides have something to offer.
In this case, you have nothing to give.
Information is power.
I'm sorry, Chapo.
I don't think your information is valuable enough to get you out of here.
I know something that can destroy one of the President's worst enemies.
I also like to stay up to date on my country's politics.
The only thing I can offer you is to transfer you from Almoloya to another prison.
A friendlier prison.
That's a start.
All right, then.
What do you know? Ernesto Rubio.
[Joaquín] The first candidate of the opposing party to become governor in 60 years.
GOVERNOR OF BAJA CALIFORNIA As I said, that's a start.
While Ernesto celebrated together with his brother, Claudio, and his two great friends businessman Fernando Gutiérrez, and Attorney General Pancho Lagos Claudio and Fernando were already planning for their future.
They were planning a great business, a top-notch shopping center.
Both of them knew they'd need an investor with lots of money to chip in on this huge project.
Fernando said he knew just the right person for that.
Benjamín Avendaño.
The one and only.
They told Benjamín that they needed $30 million.
[no audio] [Joaquín] Claudio and Fernando promised him that the shopping center will be finished in four months.
But so much money in their hands proved to be too tempting.
[laughing] The partners didn't know that the Avendaños had a thousand eyes watching their interests.
They don't like when people don't honor their word.
And they dislike it even more if it's their money being wasted.
[telephone ringing] Benjamín promised Claudio to spare his life if his brother, the governor of Baja California, gave them badges from the Judiciary Police badges to work without having to worry.
I'm sure Ramón used it to escape from the cardinal's shooting.
[chuckling] You're going to repeat all this before the Attorney General.
As long as you can guarantee me you won't leave me here.
Listen, you just have to bring Rubio down.
Confirm our version of the cardinal's death, and do not say a word about Pozo and Larrazolo.
Do that, and I'll transfer you to another prison.
What should I say I do for a living? [gate opening and steps approaching] My name is Joaquín Guzmán Loera.
I'm 36 years old and people know me as "El Chapo.
" I'm married, I'm a Catholic, and I'm a family man.
I was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa.
And I studied up to third grade.
Everything that happened during the shooting in the airport is just as what the PGR said in the news.
[typing] I don't know what happened in the Christine dancing club.
I heard about what happened in the news.
- Ernesto Rubio? - Yes, ma'am.
Ernesto Rubio has business ties with the Avendaños.
Good afternoon.
GENERAL BLANCO, THE PRESIDENT'S RIGHT HAND AND UNPUNISHED CRIMINAL It was the gringos! They threatened to reveal it.
I don't care who leaked the information.
What matters here is that now it's in the hands of a journalist.
- Sir, I can guarantee you - You can't promise me a thing.
You promised this wouldn't come out, and now you see.
I'll find the journalist, and destroy the original article.
You don't need to worry about it.
It's too dangerous to have you around.
As of now, you're no longer my advisor.
AUTHOR: GABRIELA SAAVEDRA How do you know I'll keep being loyal to you, Mr.
President? I'll send you to an embassy far away from here.
Your salary will remain unaltered.
Excuse me.
Blanco! Do not betray me.
Or else I'll see that your trip outside Mexico is a one-way ticket.
[sighs] [sighs] Yes, it's me.
I need some information.
[people murmuring and dogs barking] [people murmuring and distant barking] We're ready.
[clamoring] [guards] Please [journalists clamoring] - [journalist] What happened? - [journalist] Here, Guzmán! [journalists clamoring] Where did all that money come from? [journalists clamoring] [journalist] What do you do for a living? [journalist] What happened with the cardinal? [journalist] In your statement, you say [journalist] What's your relationship with the Avendaños? [journalist] Is that your wife? [journalist] What do you do for a living? I'm a farmer.
[journalist] What kind of farmer? I grow corn and beans.
[journalist] Are you a drug trafficker? Go play, honey.
No, ma'am [mutes TV] [journalist] Where does all your money come from? [journalist] Please, answer us.
Please, answer us.
What were you doing in Guatemala? [journalist] Where else have you worked? [Joaquín] What? [journalist] Did you have something to do with the cardinal's death? No, sir.
[journalists shouting] Take off your cap! [journalists shouting] Please, take off your cap.
[journalist] What are the guns for? No, sir, I've never used a gun.
[journalist] What's your relationship with the Avendaños? [journalist] Where does all your money come from? [journalist] What's your relationship with Amado Castillo? [journalist] Is she your wife? Did you kill the cardinal, Chapo? [journalist] Please, answer us.
What were you doing in Guatemala? [journalist] Are you tied to the cardinal's death? What were you doing in Guatemala? What's your relation with the Avendaños? Please, tell us.
[keys jangling] [footsteps] [opening lock] [cocks gun] [shaving] [keeps shaving] [keeps shaving] [dogs barking] Follow the line.
Do not step outside the square.
You've just entered Federal Penitentiary No.
1, La Palma.
You cannot speak directly to the guards unless it's for an emergency.
All insubordination will be punished.
In here, all prisoners are equal.
There are no privileges.
Everyone who comes in here leaves behind his past self.
You'll only obey the authority.
Understood? - Answer! - Yes.
Show more respect in your answer! Yes, sir.
Lower your head.
You are not to look into the eyes of the guards, understood? Yes, sir.
Take off your clothes.
[footsteps] Thirty squats.
[grunting] Hurry up! We can't wait for you the whole night! In here you'll learn to love Mexico, son of a bitch.
[gate closes] [gate locks] Subtitle translation by Mariana Taguchi