El Chapo (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episodio 8

1 I want everything.
How did that son of a bitch get the file? I don't know.
He just gave me the copies.
Which you were going to publish.
[gasps] [shooting] I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return [whistle] [whistle] [guard] A quarter to six! Wake up, this ain't a vacation! [whistle] Ten minutes for showering! Get up, people! [whistle] Get up, people! Up, I said! [whistle] [whistle] - Gastón! - Yasolórzano.
Miguel! Céspedes, Céspedes.
[guard] Enrique! [Enrique] Contreras Vidal.
Stand up.
Button up that shirt, this ain't a party.
One more infraction, and you'll spend a month in isolation.
Joaquín! Guzmán Loera.
[inmates yelling] Silence! [inmates yelling] [guard] Five minutes for breakfast.
[guard] One hour in the courtyard.
Eyes down.
[whistle] [guard] Time to eat! Walk.
Silence! Four more, go.
[Rubén] Good night, Samuel.
[Samuel] Good night, professor.
[Rubén] Good night, Quique.
[Enrique] Good night, Professor Rubén.
- [whistle] - [guard] Let's go, bitches.
A quarter to six! Get up, this ain't a vacation! Out of your cells! Backs against the wall, eyes down.
Don't look! Eyes down.
I heard you've been crying at night.
Answer me! - No.
- No, what? No, sir.
If I find out you're crying and the other inmates can't sleep I'll make you cry for a month in isolation.
- Got it? - Yes, sir.
- Got it? - Yes, sir.
In this prison, you can only eat sleep and breathe.
Got it? [inmates] Yes, sir.
- Got it? - [inmates] Yes, sir! My daughter told me she had sent more letters.
They never gave them to me.
[Enrique] Sons of bitches.
Is security always this tight? Everything is forbidden here, Chapo.
Even dying.
[guard] One line.
Empty your bag.
This stays here.
Take off your ring, earrings, and glasses.
Go on.
[woman crying] - Take off your clothes.
- Excuse me? Take off your clothes, please.
I've been searched twice.
It's procedure.
If you refuse, there's the door.
Stand there, please.
You can't bring blue pens.
Excuse me? I said you can't bring blue pens.
Miss, I've done everything you've asked.
Let me see my son.
[guard] Time's up.
[Rubén] It's no coincidence they're not letting you see your mom.
It's one of their games, Chapo.
They want to break you.
How are the kids, and how's Mom? Everyone's fine.
They want to know how you are.
[Joaquín] Any news on Toño and Chío? They're in another cell block, but that's all I know.
Did you talk to the person who promised me a bigger cage? [Sol] All I can do for you is move you to another penitentiary.
A friendlier one.
He will keep his promise, but he says you have to wait.
How long? Years.
A few, at least.
Let's take a walk.
Give me the keys.
Let's go.
What are you looking at? Where? Keep driving straight.
[horn blaring] [horn blaring] [both grunting] [shooting] [Joaquín] Has anyone made a friend here? Do you mean the guards? Yeah.
They're watched all the time.
Their schedule changes almost every single day.
What about the doctor? The cooks? No.
Same thing.
The Lawyer changes their schedule.
[Joaquín] Who's the Lawyer? She's in charge of the prison.
Wait, I thought De Tavira was in charge? He only handles the administrative stuff.
The Lawyer controls the daily stuff.
She's a criminal protected by the law.
Don't mess with her, Chapo.
[gate buzzes] [Joaquín] All new houses have flaws.
I just need you to find one so I can focus on it.
[reporter] General Blanco's body was found this morning.
He was one of the most important men in the Federal Judicial Police in our country.
It is believed to be a robbery.
The president is saddened by this tragic event and demands a thorough investigation.
General Blanco was my mentor, sir.
I'll help you find the perpetrators, no matter what.
[president] Thank you, Conrado.
Let's keep his family informed.
Of course.
What did you do to end up here? I didn't do anything.
I'm innocent.
[laughs] Me, too.
Ask my lawyer if you don't believe me.
And you, Professor? What did you do? We blocked a road with my comrades.
We were protesting.
That's it? The government considers it a federal crime.
They treat us worse than they treat you drug lords.
How long have you been here? You really don't want to know, Chapo.
Any news? The new house has got a fat cat.
Do you know him? The fattest cat? Yeah.
His kitten's been sick for some time.
They don't have money to take her to the vet.
I can pay for your girl's treatment.
No dinner for Guzmán.
[Joaquín] I need sleeping pills.
[Rubén] The doctor used to give us those.
But the Lawyer banned them.
We feel you, Chapo.
We can't sleep either.
But you're new here, Chapo.
With the punch you took, you should ask see the doc.
Maybe he'll give you something.
If they catch you, they'll fuck you up.
[guard] Silence! [Rubén] Good night, Samuel.
[Samuel] Good night, Professor.
[Rubén] Good night, Quique.
[Enrique] Good night, Professor Rubén.
[Rubén] Good night, Chapo.
Good night, Professor.
[mariachi music plays] [inmates yelling] Out! Out of your cells! Get him out.
What is it? What is it? Come on.
What is it? You can't have pills without the doctor's authorization.
Who gave them to you? Who gave them to you? You're going to the padded room.
No, please, no! Please beat me! Take my food! But, please, don't send me there, I'm begging you, please I'm begging you, please! Please, I'm begging you! Don't do this! Don't send me there! Please, don't! No! No! Not that place! No, no, no! Samuel.
What's the padded room? You sent him there.
Son of a bitch! Watch your mouth, asshole.
Rubén was brave enough to be quiet.
Don't you be the one who snitches.
[shushes] They'll hear us.
Quique here is scared out of his fucking mind.
What's the padded room, Quique? The worst punishment, Chapo.
[screaming] It's the end of the world.
[screaming] [screaming] [screaming] - Lunch time.
- I'm not eating.
Lunch time.
I'm staying here.
[guard] Walk! Get them out.
What's going on? What's going on? The Lawyer would like to remind you you have to follow the rules here.
Not eating breaks the rules.
Have you ever been where Rubén is? Just a couple of days.
And I don't ever wanna go back.
If the rooms weren't padded, one would hurt themselves out of desperation.
My daughter got worse.
My boy.
My boy Darling I'm sitting there.
I've been praying for you every day.
Look at you.
Don't worry, mom.
I'm tough as nails.
Chapo says you owe him.
Good night, Samuel.
[Samuel] Good night, Chapo.
Good night, Quique.
Good night, Chapo.
How long until Rubén is back? A couple of nights, and the punishment will be over.
[guard] Breakfast! [wheezing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] Rubén.
You're loyal.
I owe you.
[Enrique] Professor.
What are you doing? - [Enrique] Professor.
- What are you doing? - [inmate] He's hanging himself! - [inmate] He's hanging himself! [distorted yelling] [Rubén crying] Let me die.
Let me die.
Put him back in his cell.
Watch him 24/7.
I don't want him doing something stupid.
Let me die Please Take him to the doctor.
Help him like I helped your daughter, asshole! Open up.
You're such a tough guy Take him to isolation.
Subtitle translation by María Pía Rebussone