El Chapo (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 JANUARY 19, 2001 [heavy breathing] It's fucking great to see you again.
[Toño] Same here, boss.
- How's it going, Pollito? - It took you long enough, Joaquín.
Better late than never, bro.
Nobody can stop me now.
PUENTE GRANDE PENITENTIARY JALISCO, MEXICO [reporter in English] Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has escaped.
Tonight, dozens of policemen are looking everywhere [in German] Three years after his arrest, "El Chapo" Guzmán was Mexico is shaken by news of Guzmán Loera's escape He was captured in 1993 in Guatemala and imprisoned in Almoloya Penitentiary, in Juárez.
[in French] has been arrested for the murder of the cardinal of Guadalajara.
Chapo Guzmán's escape complicates matters between Mexico and the United States.
At 9:15 on the night of January 19, he was accounted for.
[in Italian] It is believed that he escaped through the laundry room.
A serious development, Jalisco Penitentiary is no longer a maximum security prison.
[male reporter] Last night, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, one of the world's most dangerous drug lords, escaped from Puente Grande Penitentiary, a high maximum prison in Jalisco.
Apparently, he escaped in a cart used to transport dirty laundry.
Chapo Guzmán was accounted for - on January 19, 2001 - [Ramón] That bastard will want revenge.
He couldn't take us down before, he won't be able to now.
That bastard is a fugitive, and we're on top of the world.
- The little brothers.
All good, Toño? "EL ARRIERO" BERNAL LEYDA CHAPO'S REPRESENTATIVE Everyone you asked for is here.
[Arturo] Nazario Moreno, from the Michoacán Family.
NAZARIO MORENO LEADER OF THE MICHOACÁN FAMILY From the Golfo Cartel, Raciel and his hitman, El Cano.
RACIEL CÁRDENAS LEADER OF THE GOLFO CARTEL EL CANO RACIEL'S HITMAN They said they wouldn't come, but they're here.
The Plasencia brothers are here, too.
PLASENCIA BROTHERS MILENIO CARTEL Amado's brothers, Chente and Rodolfillo.
CHENTE JUÁREZ CARTEL RODOLFILLO JUÁREZ CARTEL Joaquín, everything's changed since you got locked up.
Players may change, Arturo, but the game stays the same.
[Rodolfillo] Chente.
[sighs] - What the fuck, Arturo? - [Arturo] Easy, man, it's just a meeting.
Make yourselves at home, have a seat.
I apologize for not letting you know I'd be coming.
It's been chaotic, and I didn't want to make it worse.
I called this meeting because we all have a common enemy the Avendaño brothers.
I'd like to create a federation, like in the old days, and work together under the same command.
Yours? Mine.
If I can escape prison, I can definitely kill the Avendaños.
Peace and profit for all of us.
And a new deal with the government.
That's my offer.
I feel the heat of boiling blood Sweat flows from the loss of fear There’s a calm that does not speak I am a breeze which grows stronger Even though the clouds grow farther And my skin is still in drought I will be back one day To unravel my return I have the soil that tends the road I have the branches of a greenless tree I am who protects the tired night I have silhouettes who come to see me Even though the clouds grow farther And my skin is still in drought I will be back one day To unravel my return SIX YEARS EARLIER ALMOLOYA PENITENTIARY MEXICO TRANSFER AUTHORIZATION PRISONER: JOAQUIN GUZMAN LOERA [sighs] Hiding accounts is a felony, Deputy Director.
[sirens] PUENTE GRANDE PENITENTIARY JALISCO, MEXICO [metal clanging] [sighs] [sighs] WELCOME FUCKING CHAPO! [inmate] In case you want to write back, sir.
[pencil writing] [whistling] [whistling] [whistling] DON'T GET USED TO IT, GÜERITO.
MEXICO CITY MEXICO [Conrado] What does Joaquín want now? To talk about his sentence.
Twenty years is too long, sir.
Joaquín is willing to give you these if you help him.
Transferring him is one thing, setting him free is much different.
The press would know we worked together.
Money can make anything possible.
My client knows you're interested in a political career.
This will help you get there.
Precisely because of my political career, I can't accept this.
Tell him I'm sorry.
He'll have to serve out his sentence.
[Chapo] If not through Mr.
Sol I'll find a different way, but I won't stay here for 20 years.
The way I see it, the only other option is to escape.
It's not like I don't want to.
But if I escape, I'll be a fugitive, I'll never stop running.
I'll get out of here legally, Güero, but first things first.
I have to wait for a better opportunity.
Who are you and what have you done to my friend? Almoloya taught you to be patient? What about you? - Did Amado really turn you in? - My plane crashed and that fucker told the army my exact location.
We're locked up because of that asshole.
And the Avendaño roam free.
Don't even mention those motherfuckers.
MEXICO CITY MEXICO [man] Welcome, sir.
Your table is ready.
[Ramón] We're on our way.
Carlillos' informant says he just arrived.
Be careful, bro, and give him hell.
I'll be awaiting the good news.
- I'll be right back.
- OK.
- On the ground! - [shooting] [Amado] Run, run! [Amado] Come on! Move, move, move! - [woman screaming] - [Amado] Go, go, go! - Get in! - [woman screaming] - [shooting] - Sons of bitches! JUÁREZ CITY CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO This is getting out of hand, Amado.
You're losing control.
No fucking way.
The Avendaños caught me in DF.
They can't get me anywhere else.
It's not just them.
You let the other bosses get too powerful.
And not everyone sees you as their leader.
[sighs] [neighing] It's their funeral.
My people and I are standing strong here in Juárez.
Isn't that right, Chente? Only Tijuana or Sinaloa would be a challenge for us right now, and Ismael has shown us we can trust him.
He's with us against the Avendaños.
And Raciel and the Golfo Cartel? [Rodolfillo] Don't worry about them.
They're on the other side.
We never cross paths.
Don't worry, Conrado.
I've got this under control, am I right? [neighing] [Güero] Look, Joaquín This is Fontanero, a very useful man.
He'll help you with whatever you need.
Anything you need, you let me know.
Nice to meet you.
Can we buy them? I've never asked them for a big favor, but they're coming around with small ones.
If I can't be free, I want to have a good time in here.
Any news from Mr.
Cheto? Los Angeles keeps getting more profitable.
The Bernal Leyda brothers are doing a good job, too.
These are their numbers.
Güero and you can rest easy.
They'll take care of your business for as long as you want.
Thanks for the bread, my friend.
[cart wheels squeaking] [cart wheels squeaking] [guard] Your time's up.
I think I still got 20 minutes left.
[Chente] This is very dangerous.
Why do something so stupid? It's fine, bro.
I'm healthy as a horse.
- Right, doc? - You're fine, sir.
Why bother undergoing plastic surgery, man? Because I want to eat seafood without having to watch over my fucking shoulder all the time.
What's the point of having it all if I can't enjoy it? You worry about keeping the Avendaños in line.
I won't be gone for long.
- Babe.
- Darling.
- How are you, son? - Good.
[laughs] Look at you! How has my son been? He's been misbehaving.
His teacher has scolded him several times 'cause he can't stay still.
As soon as I'm free, I'll set him straight.
Hey, Dad.
How long until you come home? Less than when I got here.
You've got everything you need, right? Except you.
[moaning] [moaning continues] We needed this, right? I'll find a way to see you more often.
Don't get into trouble.
We're close now.
I don't want them to send you away again.
Don't worry, babe, I've been making friends here.
Everything will be OK.
[reporter] We've been informed that Amado Castillo, the drug lord known as The Lord of the Skies, has passed away.
The famous drug lord died during facial reconstruction surgery at Santa Mónica Hospital that lasted more than 8 hours.
[reporter] According to the death certificate, the cause of death was a stroke.
The next day, Antonio Flores Ponte's body was taken to Sinaloa by plane - Güero! - The real name - [Güero] What? - He's dead! Fucking Amado died! - [guard] Silence! - Fuck yeah! - The fucker died! - [guard] Silence! It's time to make our move.
[Sol] We have to act soon.
Amado didn't have much control over the different groups anymore.
PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE MEXICO CITY With him dead, they'll soon become independent, and their conflicts will only get worse.
[agent speaking in English] Amado's brothers inherited the cartel, but not his leadership.
The last thing Washington wants is an all-against-all scenario.
What do you think we should do? We should work with the biggest fish.
The one that could eat the other fish.
Is this the only way? We won't end drug trafficking, Mr.
But we can control it.
Who do you suggest? [Sol] These are our options.
[Sol] Protection and expansion for your cartel.
Money for us.
That's the deal.
- Sounds good.
- I disagree.
First, you have to promise to stop doing Chapo favors.
Don't worry about him.
Almoloya or Puente Grande, it doesn't matter.
Joaquín is locked up in prison.
Locked up? That's not enough.
He should be six feet under.
[Benjamín] Ramón is right.
If we're going to be partners, you can't keep working with Chapo.
Are you sure, Lora? [Lora] Yes, Joaquín, the government chose the Avendaños.
I'm fine.
[crickets chirping] [guard] Fifteen minutes for dinner.
Give it back with the tray.
[ringing] [ringing] I want to speak with Ismael.
It's Joaquín.
[phone ringing] [phone ringing] - Hello.
- [Chapo] Brother.
I've got to get out before the Avendaños take over everything.
You need to find me a higher contact than Sol.
You got something for me? Listen.
His wife has always wanted to go to Paris.
Good job, Fontanero.
What are you up to, Joaquín? I won't sit still while Ismael works.
If I want to be the boss when I get out, I need to start practicing being a boss inside.
I want to see him today.
Why are you here? I want to negotiate my conditions while I stay here.
[reporter] Nowadays, Mexican and American authorities believe the Tijuana Cartel is the most active and dangerous criminal organization in Mexico.
[Chapo] Come in.
Let the guards know I'm expecting the Bernal Leyda brothers.
- It's payday.
- Yes, sir.
TIJUANA CARTEL TARGETS PUBLIC SERVANTS IN MURDER SPREE [screeching] [horn honks] This is what happens when you open your mouth, Mr.
District Attorney.
Let's go.
[reporter] Ernesto Ibarra is the fourth public servant murdered by the Avendaño brothers.
MEXICO'S STRENGTH CONRADO CONGRESS CONGRESSMAN FOR MAZATLAN VOTE PRI Two months ago, he was in charge of the Public Prosecutor's Office [phone ringing] [phone ringing] [phone ringing] I know what you are going to say.
[agent speaking in English] Then do something about it.
TIJUANA CARTEL TARGETS KNOWN JOURNALIS The Avendaños are out of control.
I'm working on it.
It's only a matter of time before we catch them.
[in English] Giving them power was your mistake.
Now our reputation, as well as your government's, has hit rock bottom.
If you don't fix this, I promise you you'll be taking on the most damage.
[dial tone] [corrido music playing] They're the boss' guests.
You motherfucking genius, Chapo.
- [Bernal] Güerito! - [Chapo] How are you, Arturito? - [Reibalca] You fucking asshole.
- [Chapo] Reibalca.
Look at this.
- What's up? - Chito, the bread is here.
[Chapo] What would you like to drink? GUARDS $2,000 COMMANDERS $5,000 DEPARTMENT CHIEF $10,000 DIRECTOR $50,000 [bangs] [sighs] [Bernal] So far, so good with the business.
But the situation with the Avendaños is about to get ugly.
How ugly? They're messing with the government.
And anyone else who gets in their way.
The power got to their heads, and there's nobody to set them straight.
You made a mistake choosing the Avendaños.
We want them gone.
Help us, and we'll work with you.
With us.
Joaquín has an offer for you.
Joaquín can't do anything from jail.
We need him free so we can kill those fuckers.
Our administration is on its way out.
Nobody will risk negotiating his release.
But the new government might.
And you're running for congressman, aren't you? What's your relationship with your candidate? [Güero] What's the offer? Their candidate will get me out of here.
And I'll kill the Avendaños for them.
They're desperate to get rid of them.
Finally those fuckers will be good for something.
That's not it.
They're not only my ticket out, I told them once I'm out, I'd create a federation to unify the cartels.
Control the revenue like in the old days.
Sounds good.
But what if the candidate doesn't release you? Things have changed.
Sol agreed to be our middleman.
You know the drill.
First, they hate us and then, they need us.
And right now they really need me.
I confirm it's 300, and I'll tell Mr.
Lora that everything's OK.
[cell phone rings] Open the doors.
Another truck is coming.
[sirens] [in English] Stop! DEA! Hands up! Don't move! EXTRADITION ORDER TO THE UNITED STATES JOAQUÍN GUZMÁN LOERA Chapo is not a priority right now.
The Avendaños are the problem.
[agent speaking in English] We can't wait any longer.
We need big news.
If it's not the Avendaños, it will be El Chapo.
The infamous drug lord that assassinated the cardinal.
That will make great headlines.
[president] Conrado.
What do you suggest we do? Extradition was never an option, sir.
[in English] Now it is.
Thanks to the seizure we pulled off in his warehouse in Los Angeles.
We already have charges in the United States.
It is our right to ask for his extradition.
I can't be extradited, not now.
Sol has assured me it won't happen.
He'd better be right.
It's not in their best interest.
They know the Americans would use everything you know about the government to keep them compliant.
Sol will handle this mess.
That buys us some time.
But the threat is still there.
I want to make my own deal with the DEA.
What do you want me to tell them? Nothing.
Make them come here and listen to what I have to say.
LUCAS LANGE FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIS Where are you going? We're here to evaluate inmates from area "C.
" Thank you.
[sighs] I'm Pepe.
I'm here to perform a psychological test.
Do you all work for the DEA? We're listening.
You want the Avendaños.
I can give them to you.
How? Only drug lords know how to find other drug lords, and I'm an expert at finding those assholes.
In exchange, I want your government to give up on the extradition thing.
We are not allowed to make deals.
We are here because hearing what you have to say is part of our job.
[Chapo] I will escape before letting them take me.
Whatever it takes.
Joaquín, if you escape, you'll spend the rest of your life hiding.
You said it yourself.
Let your contacts do the work.
Wait for news from the candidate.
[inmates talking] [inmates talking] - Who's the new girl? - The first woman ever brought here.
They say she's doing time for murder.
[Graciela] And if they extradite you? I'll die before they take me.
[phone ringing] [phone ringing] [phone ringing] Hello? The candidate has accepted your offer.
[Chapo] When am I leaving this place? A couple months, man.
After the elections, once he's president.
Say goodbye to jail.
MEXICO'S STRENGTH LATORRE FOR PRESIDEN [men talking] [men laughing and yelling] [laughing, yelling, upbeat music playing] [man] Turn it up! This ends now.
Party's over.
[groans] [groaning] [panting] [coughing] Do you understand now who owns Puente Grande? You.
What's my name? Mr.
[coughing] [music playing in the distance] [men talking] [music] No, no, stop it.
Bring me the new girl.
Don't, Joaquín.
We're fine without her.
Bring her.
[heavy breathing] Stop it, asshole.
Don't worry.
I just want to get to know her before I leave this place.
[Chito] She didn't want to come, sir.
Come in.
Have a beer with me.
So you can relax.
[Güero] She drank your beer, let her go.
[heavy breathing] [Chapo] Leave us alone.
Go, hon.
Go, go.
[crying] [Güero] Chapo.
[crying] Nobody tells me no.
Leave her alone, man.
Get out.
[Güero] You've become a sick motherfucker.
[crying] [crying] [sobbing continues] [crying] [desperate crying] [desperate crying] INSTITUTIONAL LABOR PARTY From now on, I'll have to call you Mr.
Congressman today, tomorrow president.
[reporter] The results are in.
A shocking day in Mexican history.
For the first time in over 70 years, the Institutional Labor Party has lost the presidential elections.
I repeat, the Institutional Labor Party has lost.
A new party will take control tonight.
[all chanting] We did it! We did it! [cheering] [reporter] Candidate Francisco La Torre from the Institutional Labor Party lost the presidential election.
Do you have the results for the council offices? Find someone we can negotiate with in the new government.
It won't be that easy, Joaquín.
The new president has a very close relationship with the Americans.
How close? There are rumors you'll be extradited soon.
No one takes me out of Mexico.
If I can't leave this place legally, I'll do it illegally.
[Chapo] Ismael, brother.
My candidate lost.
But there's something the party can do for me.
Ismael spoke very highly of you.
I was brought to help you in any way I can.
Where do we start? First things first.
I'm going to tell you how I plan to escape this place.
Subtitle translation by Carmen Daniela García Rascón