El Chapo (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

1 You'll need much more.
Don't worry, it's the first one.
FEDERAL POLICE Hello? My men are ready.
We'll be waiting for your signal.
All set.
You'll decide when to throw the party.
I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return OFFICIAL RESIDENCE MEXICO CITY I know you've had a great career, Conrado.
But what happened with the Avendaños is unacceptable.
The recent events are unfortunate Maybe you're not getting the point.
My team of assessors and I feel we no longer need your service.
It's your decision.
And I respect that, Mr.
I'd like to emphasize that dealing with drug lords is a complex task.
It requires a specific set of skills and experience.
That's something you don't learn overnight.
I wish you the best.
Undoubtedly your skills will be put to good use soon.
So long, sir.
See you soon.
How can I be of help, sir? Chito what would you do for me? Well whatever you need, Don Joaquín.
You've been so nice to me.
I need you to help me get out of here.
Once I'm free, I want you to work for me.
You can count on me.
I'm with you.
You sure? What do I have to do? What were you expecting? That they'd accept you so easily? Those assholes think they'll change the system.
They have no damn clue how this country works.
They hate us now.
They don't want to negotiate, that's normal.
Wait for this to blow up.
Waiting in politics can be deadly.
Those who wait are quickly replaced.
Who has the most influence on the new president? She has tits and wears skirts.
His wife.
She treats him like an imbecile.
May I talk freely? Please do.
Me leaving is detrimental for your husband.
I accept that things in my department are a mess, but the years I've spent facing drug lords are not matched by anyone else.
I'd hate to think that, being surrounded by less experienced people, the president might be poorly advised.
I know how valuable good advice is, in the right moment.
Don't worry, I'll talk to him about your situation.
Thank you very much.
I won't waste any more of your time.
I almost forgot.
For being so kind to meet me.
I hope it's your style.
I love this designer.
Your show better be a good one, bro.
Because if you get caught, you'll pay for it.
- Come with me, bastard.
- Don't be stubborn, Joaquín.
I'm not one that likes to be chased.
You'll repeat what I just told you.
Word by word.
- Got it? - Got it.
They'll give you instructions there.
Well, gentleman, I'm leaving before the fat lady sings.
- OK.
- Good job, Damaso.
- See you outside.
- See you.
- Take care, Güero.
- See you.
- Thank you, Don Joaquín.
- No problem.
Good luck, sir.
- Look for me when you get out.
- I will, sir.
Hello? Good morning, this is Conrado Osorio, Attorney at Law.
Mirta told me to get in touch with her.
Just a moment, please.
She's busy at the moment.
She'd like to tell you that unfortunately there was no luck.
She's thankful for the present.
Can I help you with anything else? JANUARY 19, 2001 You have to fuck the Avendaños up for me.
Luis Abel.
Joaquín? My men are ready.
We'll be waiting for your signal.
Let's go! Go on.
Who's in charge? - Me.
- Everybody else get out.
FEDERAL POLICE Show me the parking lot.
Stop there.
Erase the video from there.
Erase the video from the main patio as well.
Yes? Tell the president that Chapo Guzmán has just escaped from prison.
Great to see you again! Glad to see you again, sir.
- How's it going, Pollito? - Took you long enough, Joaquín.
Better late than never, bro.
No one can stop me now.
Most of the guards' declared that they saw El Chapo walking towards the laundromat.
OFFICIAL RESIDENCE MEXICO Apparently a worker took him in a laundry cart to the parking lot.
And the cameras? SANTIAGO CRUZ THE MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR We're analyzing them, but it seems that the videos were erased.
How long can we hold back the news? Tomorrow at six in the morning, it will be national news.
We'll be the laughing stock of the whole world.
I advise you to ask the DEA for assistance.
Schedule a meeting as soon as possible.
I want a special forces team exclusively working on capturing El Chapo.
I don't care what has to be done.
Capture him.
EL VEGAS' HOUSE NAYARIT, MEXICO What the fuck? Fucking Chapo.
I thought you'd end up staying over there.
You made it, dick! Come in, come in.
Sir? Guzmán Loera was never in the laundromat.
Last time he was seen, he was heading to the infirmary.
"EL BRAVO" We have freedom to coordinate with the federal police and the navy.
"EL OCULTO" "EL JAGUAR" We'll call them only when needed.
"EL UNO" The target: Capture "El Chapo" Guzmán.
You're a fucking pain in the ass to the government.
I want to thank all the people who helped me while I was in jail.
Thanks to my man, Ismael, cheers! Cheers! To my brother, thanks for looking after my children, cheers! Thanks to the Bernal Leyda brothers for looking after my turf, and taking care of the business.
- Cheers! - Cheers! And the best of the best Damaso, he helped me escape.
Cheers! Cheers to Damaso! That bastard you see there You're one of us now, Chito.
You risked it all to help me out, cheers! Cheers to Chito! I'm going after those Avendaño bastards.
I'll make Sinaloa the strongest organization in the country.
- Cheers, goddamit! - Cheers! Play some music! Three years after his arrest, "El Chapo" Guzmán was "El Chapo" Guzmán has been arrested for the murder of the cardinal of Guadalajara.
Last night, one of the most dangerous criminals in the world This bastard will try to make us pay.
If he couldn't manage it before, he won't be able to now.
That bastard is a fugitive, and we're on top.
It's almost a certainty that there was a conspiracy in the escape of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, "El Chapo" Guzmán.
Security systems failed, but intentionally.
How many hours went by between the escape, and when authorities were informed about the escape? Because there's the catch.
security experts question the version of the laundry cart.
Among the hypotheses mentioned is the complicity of high ranking officials.
Among them: The nation's general director of Prevention and Social Reinsertion Miguel Angel Yañez.
Alejandro Alegría, vice director of the research center Joaquín Diaz, director of sentencing.
The bomb has gone off, bud.
Our people are being called out.
"El Chapo" Guzmán was on the roll call on Friday, January 19th 2002 Chito Yes? How are you? Chito Ever since today, I'll look after your family as if it were mine.
They'll need nothing.
Thank you, Don Joaquín.
I need one last favor.
You're the only one who can help me.
Whatever you need, sir.
I want you to turn yourself in.
You'll tell them you're the only one who helped me escape.
You'll have all you need.
Protection, benefits, money.
All I had.
Once it all becomes old news, I'll get you out, you'll be a hero again.
OK? I told you, no one helped me.
I'm the only one responsible for his escape.
I'm also a Mexican.
I think it's unfair that Mexican authorities do as they please.
He told me he had already paid his dues, yet they want to take him to the United States.
"El Chapo" 's whereabouts are still unknown.
Today Francisco Gamboa AKA El Chito, turned himself in.
The employee responsible for "El Chapo" 's escape from Puente Grande's facilities.
He claims he pushed the laundry cart where "El Chapo" Guzmán was hiding, all the way to the parking lot.
- I'm going to make the rounds.
- Hey! You won't go anywhere, Ramon.
We agreed on something.
We were only going to reinforce security, not going after him ourselves.
If he comes to Tijuana, I'll find him.
We can't get overconfident, either we kill him or he kills us.
How are you, sweetheart? Welcome.
How are you? - How are you? - Good.
How are you, Moreno? MORENO GRACIELA AND EL CHAPO'S SON Pollito, sweetheart.
You're so big, you bastard.
Let's get inside, come on.
Oh, my And Graciela? You know how uptight my mom is.
To her, Alejandra is your only wife.
Cheers, Pollito.
Time to eat, guys.
- Joaquín.
- Go on.
Mom! I just came to hug you, for you to see I'm fine.
How long will you be running from place to place? Don't get sad.
Everything will be fine soon.
Let's go.
Your uncle told me that you want to get in the business.
Fine, then.
You're old enough.
Let me see who can train you.
I want in too.
You're still young.
Finish your studies, then we'll talk.
TAMAZULA DURANGO, MEXICO Not even God can find us here.
Sir? It's Ismael.
Congratulations, you don't let anything slip away from you.
Chito's capture settled everything down.
Trust in me, man.
Now, we start the federation.
DEA OFFICE MEXICO CITY I want to return to Los Pinos.
My only in is to get information to capture El Chapo.
What about the Avendaños? CULIACAN, SINALOA MEXICO ARTURO BERNAL LEYDA'S RESIDENCE Things have changed, Joaquín, since you've been in the big house.
Let's go.
Players change, not the game, Arturo.
What the hell? Fucking Arturo.
Make yourselves at home.
I apologize for not letting you know I was coming.
I don't want to shake things up even more.
I met you here because we all have a common enemy.
The Avendaños.
I propose we start a federation.
As it was before.
- Work together, under the same command.
- Yours? Mine.
Peace and earnings for you all.
A new deal with the government.
That's my offer.
What happened with Amado it's over with him.
I'm not seeking revenge.
The important thing here is the business.
No more fights.
More income.
Those who came before know it's best.
That used to be how it was, and it worked.
I've always said that.
War harms the business.
We're not interested in the federation.
We're associates of Raciel.
If the Gulf isn't in, neither are we.
We're fine the way we are, too.
Then I'll fuck the Avendaños by myself.
Once I get rid of that nuisance, for free, I might add I'll ask you if you want to join the federation.
You don't even have to ask, Chapo.
If you take care of the Avendaños, we'll all join.
The DEA got in touch.
They're interested in your offer about the Avendaños.
- What about the extradition? - They're willing to negotiate.
Sir It may be a trap.
They're all after you.
Think of the weight off your back, if we close a deal with the DEA.
I think the same, the risk is too high.
It's worth it.
MEXICO CITY MEXICO Where's your brother? I'm dealing with the negotiations.
Mom I want you to hear it from me.
The police captured Pollo.
Calm down, nothing will happen to him.
I'll fix that.
Today, after great investigative efforts, Arturo Guzmán, AKA "El Pollo," has been captured.
Brother of Joaquín AKA "El Chapo" Guzmán, this action significantly fractures one of the most important drug cartels in the country.
It is believed that Joaquín Guzmán Loera's capture will occur within two to six weeks.
They won't stop until he's captured.
What do you want? Tell Joaquín I have a proposal he'd like to hear.
- What do you propose? - A trade.
You get me the Avendaños.
With that, I'll get my position in the government back.
And I'll make them stop chasing you.
They have to stop chasing me, and release my brother.
Your brother's release won't be possible.
It's the most important action the government has done after your escape.
They won't release him.
They're after you, Joaquín.
If we work together, you'll be a free man.
Otherwise, you'll end up sharing a cell with your brother.
I'll give you the Avendaños.
Only one alive.
The other one has a debt to pay.
- It's done.
- Kill them.
Kill them all.
Subtitle translation by Jorge Vazquez