El Chapo (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

1 PARKING LO NIGHTCLUB DISTRIC [techno music playing in background] Three with everything.
Hey! - I'll wash it for you.
- No.
Come on! And I'll vacuum the interior at no extra cost.
Come on, sir, they know me here.
Right, Don Juan? - Yes, sir.
- Give me a chance.
Wash it.
- I'll wash it.
- Quickly.
Extra quick.
[suspenseful music plays] [engine revving up] Why have you not visited me? I was on vacation.
[Chapo's son] I was with my dad in Tamazula, doing business.
We've got him.
El Chapo is in Tamazula.
[theme music playing] I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return [theme music playing] I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return TAMAZULA MOUNTAINS DURANGO, MEXICO Tell the boss they are coming up.
Hey, boss! [man] Hey! What's up? What's up, bud.
Hello, Chapo! How was your trip? Too many fucking scorpions.
How are you? Let's go get Ramón, then.
I just have to bring one to Don Sol.
We'll get rid of the other one.
Ramón is pure brawn.
We'll kick him out of Tijuana easily.
Not that easy, man.
The Avendaños have learned their lesson well.
They know if they stay on their turf, they're safe.
We can hit them through Carlillos.
Carlillos is their trusted man.
Didn't he work for you? A long time ago.
And he's been very loyal, since his childhood.
Well, then he'll have to switch loyalties.
[phone ringing] Hello? Hello, Carlillos.
[Ismael] Don't even think of hanging up.
You'll just make it worse.
Silvia, I am at work.
I can't talk to you right now.
[phone ringing] Answer that shit! [Ismael] Ramón is around, isn't he? Yeah, what do you want? You've been missed, bastard.
We want to have you working with us again.
Our thing is over with, Silvia.
Don't be pathetic.
You know if word gets out about this call, you're a dead man, huh? You know Ramón well You know he shoots first, and asks later.
We want your boss, and you're going to help us, Carlillos.
And if you want to keep living, don't you dare tell him.
Wait for instructions.
Stop it.
We're done, Silvia.
Don't call me again.
Excuse me, boss.
Silvia doesn't understand.
She wants me to leave my wife! Oh, look at this guy! We have a stud in Tijuana! [Chapo] Ismael has scared Carlillos.
Now it's our turn to force him to forget his loyalty and help us.
Wife or children? Whomever you find.
[gunshot] [gun cocks] [gunshot] They found us! [gun cocks] [gunshot] [gun cocks] [gunshots] Go in, go in! [gunshot] [gunshot] [motorcycle engine revs] [engines revving] [man] Attack on my signal! [shooting] [gunshots in distance] [shooting] Jaguar, they got away, bastard! [engine stopping] We have to wait till dusk.
Till they stop patrolling.
Do you recognize their uniforms? No.
These are no regular soldiers.
They're special forces.
[engine turns on] [squeaking sounds] [elevator bell rings] [knocking on door] Do you still drink Scotch on the rocks? It's been a long time since we spoke I was busy.
But now I have more time to spare.
I voted for you for congress.
At this time, my political career depends on a drug lord.
There's nothing I can do now, but wait.
You've never been too good at waiting, huh? I'm still not good at it.
Same rate? ALMOLOYA PRISON MEXICO The lawyer is working on your defense, uncle.
Our relative says to just be patient, OK? You How's school going? Fine.
But I want to get in on the cultivation.
Fucking kid They have told you to finish school first I can do both things, can't I? - I'm not like this one.
- Hey, bitch! You've got to get out soon, uncle.
So you can give me a hand to convince our relative We can stay here for a few days.
SAFE HOUSE MAZATLÁN, MEXICO No one else knows we're here.
You figure out how the fuck they found us in Tamazula? The satellite phone is encrypted.
So that wasn't the way.
The few who knew the location were all warned not to give away anything over the phone.
What, then? They might have set up bugs.
Send messages to all the houses.
Have them check everything.
We can't be caught off guard again.
Anything? Nothing.
- Hey! - I'll wash it for you.
This was in your car.
Fucking idiots! [static] One? We lost contact.
We've found Carlillos' weakness.
- His wife? - No.
She is living somewhere in the U.
This is his sister.
That bastard knows how to protect his family.
She's here, in Mazatlán.
You know what to do.
Aracely! Don't you remember me? It's Toño! A friend of your brother Carlillos.
We were Jr.
High classmates.
Sorry, but my brother always had lots of friends.
Can I give you my phone number so he can call me? I'll be in town a few days, and I'd like to catch up.
Go ahead.
[muffled yelling] BENJAMIN AVENDAÃ'O'S RESIDENCE TIJUANA, MÉXICO Charalito? Take the kids to the club.
And wait for them until they're finished.
And stop at the dry cleaners.
Tell them I lost the ticket, but it's under my name.
Are you sending them with just Charalito? We're in Tijuana, Ramón.
Alambre! You go with them.
[phone ringing] Hello? [Chapo] Your sister Aracely says "hi" [engine revving] Carlillos If you collaborate, nothing bad will happen to you.
Nor to her If I turn Ramón in, will you kill us both? If you do what I want you and your sister will be free, with enough money to go far away.
The other option is that neither of you make it out of here alive.
How do you want to do it? Where are you, bastard? I'm sorry, boss, I had to come to Mazatlán for a family emergency.
But I have good news for you.
I was told Don Ismael is coming to the Carnival in Mazatlán.
He never misses it, since it's in his turf He feels safe.
Almost no one's with him.
Is this information reliable? I've told Carlillos to wait there for me.
Well, then just take him and Alambre so you won't catch much attention.
Finish off that son of a bitch off.
The police told me that Ismael will be downtown in a few hours.
They say he likes to go by foot.
He has just two men with him.
We'll go by car, so they don't recognize us.
We'll walk the last leg.
I've studied the route.
You follow us.
I'll go with Alambre.
You'll go ahead paving our way.
If things go sideways, you'll cover our retreat.
As you order, boss.
Look It's eager to shoot.
[laughs] [carnival music playing] [mariachi playing] [gun cocks] Boss! [gunshot] [shooting] [shooting continues] [people screaming in panic] Conrado? [gunshot] [people screaming in panic] Ramón Avendaño just died in Mazatlán.
I'm coming for the next one.
[phone ringing] BENJAMIN AVENDAÃ'O'S RESIDENCE TIJUANA, MÉXICO How are things going? [hitman] I'm sorry, boss, your brother is dead.
Son of a bitch.
[growling] [Benjamin] Motherfuckers! Come, sit here.
[Benjamin] No! Fucking bastards, no! With the president, please.
This is Conrado Sol.
No, this is confidential information, I need to speak to him directly.
[phone ringing] [man] Transfer him.
I want to inform you first-hand that Ramón Avendaño was just killed in Mazatlán.
How do you know? I've told you I know how to do my job.
I'll give you an update on Bejamín soon.
Find out if Ramón Avendaño has died in Mazatlán.
I'll investigate now.
If the news is confirmed, say it was a police operation.
Ramón was killed.
Come back in ten days.
"Chapito" is starting to deliver on his promise.
If they take out Benjamín, are we joining his association? [knock] Come in, Charalito.
We're going to the Puebla house.
Only you and the boys can know we're going there.
Tell Turco and Flaco not to come back until they have killed that asshole.
MAZATLÁN, SINALOA MEXICO We know you saw him.
Tell us, or you're fucking dead.
He was here a few days ago to see his sister.
[phone ringing] Hello? It's good to hear you, Chapo.
If we can find your number, we can find you.
Let's see who finds whom.
Those bastards are getting on my nerves.
Use your army contacts to find out who they are.
By the way you're describing them, they are special ops.
Well-trained men.
- Captain.
- Antonio.
- Take a seat.
- Those are tight units.
Maximum ten men.
Impossible to break.
I need their identities.
Your request is not easy.
If anyone can hunt the hunters, it's you.
Get me their information.
You know that when they feel thankful, my employers are very generous.
We're leaving on the next bus.
There are the tickets.
[suitcase zipping] Hey! Don't stand there! Don't stand there! [cocking gun] You were followed.
Go! Go! [door slams shut] [shooting] Sir Ramón has been avenged.
[engine stopping] Easy.
I just want to talk.
You've got a beautiful family, Manuel.
I was surprised to learn the pittance they pay you for risking your life.
If you die, your widow will get a really shitty pension.
That's not fair for your son, man.
Neither is your low salary Nor that you could die any given day, leaving them helpless.
Or am I wrong, ma'am? When you almost caught me in Tamazula, I wanted to shoot you in the head myself.
But I acknowledge brave men.
[zipper opening] Ten thousand dollars a month.
Against the fifteen hundred the army pays you.
Your job is the same, chasing the drug lords I tell you to.
Not much different from what you're doing now.
The government has friends and enemies.
And it only sends you after its enemies.
You know that, right? If you convince your team, I'll pay you double.
[snickers] What do you say, Manuel? Don't tell me your wife has more balls than you.
If what he said is true.
We chase the current enemy, but the one they don't want us to touch is given a blind eye.
Let's just think about it If they kill us, our bosses won't give a shit.
And our families will be left destitute.
My loyalty is with my family.
Not with the fucking bosses.
I can't do it.
My old man roll over in his grave if they caught me.
Go on with no problems, you're my brothers, I'd never snitch on you.
I only risk my life with you and for you.
And I don't give a damn who the boss is.
What do we have to do? Watch his back.
And locate Benjamín Avendaño.
I received information that there is a man who runs Benjamín's errands.
His nickname is Charalito.
[starting ignition] [man] Through money transactions, we know he is in Puebla.
[starting ignition] We've got him.
[door opening] [door closing] [Chapo] I have located Benjamín.
You know my terms.
The government must stop chasing me.
But it must also stop my extradition process.
I kept my word once.
And I'll keep it again.
Don't let me down, Conrado.
OFFICIAL RESIDENCE MEXICO CITY I have the location to capture Benjamín Avendaño.
His capture would restore your office's image after Chapo's escape.
Are you sure it's from a reliable source? As much as the news of Ramón Avendaño's assassination, which I reported directly to the President before any of you found out.
You want to get back your job in exchange.
I want to be Operations Director of Federal law enforcement.
That position means I'll have complete control.
Without middlemen.
I want the name of your informant.
In due time, Mr.
- Welcome to the team.
- Thank you very much.
A prompt statement by Santiago to inform about my new office would be wise.
So I can take over the operation.
First, let me clarify that this is no routine raid.
We're facing the possibility of capturing one of the most important drug lords and criminals our nation has been chasing for years, Benjamín Avendaño.
We know about his hideout.
We are planning 11 strategic checkpoints so no one can leave the area.
We don't how many hitmen are protecting him, but the orders are clear, capture him alive.
[glass breaking] Today we have a new victory.
After Ramón Avendaño's death a few days ago, we have captured Benjamín Avendaño, leader of the Tijuana cartel.
[cameras flashing] The Operations Director of the Federal Police, Mr.
Conrado Sol, will give us details of the apprehension.
Thanks to the intelligence work of the Federal Police and the Army, without a single shot fired, we've captured the head of the Tijuana cartel.
Now, we'll show you the capture.
[cameras flashing] [exhales deeply] Thank you Fucking Chapo.
[phone ringing] Hello? Joaquín.
You're just about a free man now.
The government will no longer chase you.
And the extradition process has been shelved.
The only thing I ask is to toss me a treat every now and then, for the media.
A shipment, or someone to capture.
We have to maintain the image that we're still after you.
[Chapo] You got it.
[Conrado] We'll be in touch.
Toño It's time to go back home.
Yes, sir.
[sighs] [English] It seems like immunity against the extradition process has fallen from the heavens.
Your client is a lucky man.
Now that the Avendaños are finished, Don Joaquín wants your blessing.
So that he and his partners may work at ease.
Control and profit, like the old times.
As long as he keeps us in the loop of the other cartel's activities, you can tell El Chapo he can continue with his operation.
ARTURO BERNAL LEYDA'S RESIDENCE CULIACÁN, SINALOA - Did everyone come? - Almost everyone.
I kept my word.
I took the Avendaños down.
And now we have the Mexican government and the DEA on our side.
It's time to create the federation.
Cheers! Cheers! Those who are not with us, are against us.
We cannot tolerate contempt.
And that is what Raciel showed by not showing up.
That is why our first team operation will be to destroy him and his organization.
Subtitle translation by Johana Realyvasquez