El Chapo (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 Sign it.
It's my life's work.
You either sign, or you're sentencing your family to death back at the ranch.
[body thuds to floor] Sign it.
I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return [dance music playing] [dance music continues] Boss, someone's here to see you.
What's up? What brings you to Acapulco, boss? Thank you.
Joaquín has an assignment for you.
"LA MUÃ'ECA" ARTURO BERNAL LEYDA'S LIEUTENAN Cool, why me? Because you're from Nuevo Laredo.
Raciel's and the Gulf's turf.
That's precisely why we want you.
Don Joaquín, I'm at your service.
RIVERSIDE ROAD Do you still have friends in the Gulf's crew? A few, Don Joaquín.
Most of the people from my old neighborhood work for Raciel.
Are these the infamous Emes? The strong arm of the Gulf.
Trained by the Gringos and the Israelites.
"EME 16" CANO'S LIEUTENAN Follow us, the boss is waiting.
[Muñeca] They answer directly to Cano.
They're Elite Military, just like him.
What can we do for you? I wanna run some blow to Chicago.
And I'd like to run it through your turf.
I thought you wouldn't want any more business with us.
Because you declined to join the Federation? Business is business, Raciel.
You have your reasons.
What happened to your tunnels? Still in place.
But going to Chicago is not feasible from here.
What do you think, bro? "TONY TEMPEST" GULF'S SECOND IN COMMAND You could run 10 tons a month, max.
We'll provide deposits and customs liaisons.
You take care of the men and the trucks.
We keep 10 percent of the profit.
The Federation has an exclusive deal with the DEA.
Your customs liaison is not needed.
Just your deposits will do.
And we'll give you seven.
That works.
Seven percent.
Muñeca will oversee this entire operation.
Keep your eyes on Chapo's man.
We can't trust the fucker.
Let's go.
[phone rings] I have to take this in private.
[phone rings] Hello.
[Chapo] Hello, Conrado.
I have a gift for you.
Why so generous? Raciel won't cave.
He's a danger to the Federation's stability.
I'll get him for you, but I get to keep Nuevo Laredo.
POSTAL COMMUNITY RACIEL'S DEPOSITS Here they come! Hurry up! [Muñeca] It's all going well, Don Joaquín.
We're preparing the first shipment.
The rest will be more complicated.
We're being watched.
You're in.
That was the hard part.
Notify me when you have something.
Yes, sir.
[cocks gun] This is as far as you go, fucker! You shit your pants, Muñeca! - I've been looking for you.
- That's it! [all laughing, grunting affectionately] [accordion music playing] [imitating music] Come on, fucking Muñeca! Let's sing one! Once after I'm dead and gone Set up a cross Made out of marijuana I want to write a corrido for myself.
[corrido playing on the stereo] I never forgave you for stealing my girl.
Shit! Ruby? I did you a favor, asshole! Do me another favor and take my woman now! What, you have another chubby one? We're approaching the safe house.
Let's go get our weapons.
[music continues on the stereo] [door closes] Let's go.
Here's the payment for the first shipment.
Don Joaquín says he's grateful for your support.
Tell him we feel the same.
I'll bring in your part as we continue to ship out.
[gunshot] ARTURO BERNAL LEYDA'S RESIDENCE CULIACÁN, MEXICO Could we have a word? Do you know what Joaquín is up to? Listen, you're in charge.
All I'm saying is that the Emes are just as trained as we are, if not more so.
Plus they outnumber us two to one.
If we send our sicarios there, they'll be slaughtered like lambs.
[cocks and loads gun] Our advantage is to ambush them.
Yes, but our disadvantage is that it's not our territory.
They're in control there, plus they've got plenty of reinforcements.
But our people are not quitters.
Or are they? No, never.
[shots firing in the distance] What's that? It's the Emes.
They burn down the homes of those who decline to cooperate.
They're fucking nuts.
[voice on radio] The band has been confirmed for Saturday.
You're shitting me! A party? At the boss's ranch.
They're something else, man! We'll kill two birds with one stone.
The Feds and the Army are going in to get Raciel.
Without a leader plus all the commotion at the party it will be the perfect moment to overtake Nuevo Laredo.
What about Tony Tempest? With his brother captured, he'll have no other option but to acquiesce to the Federation.
[exhales] The Gulf's crew is at one end, and we're at the other.
Why the fuck are we going after them? Because those who aren't with us are against us.
Besides, what we're doing is called expansion.
The Federation has to be the sole owner of the business in all of Mexico.
We have to manifest the power of our alliance.
This is the moment to do so.
Let's do it.
When's the party? The Federal Squad and the Army will be going right in.
FEDERAL POLICE QUARTERS MEXICO CITY We will wait and go in through two different fronts.
Arriero and his team will go in through Nuevo Leon.
Muñeca will take care of letting the rest in.
RACIEL'S DEPOSITS POSTAL DISTRIC [man] We're ready, in position.
Hold for my signal.
[feds on radio] Entering Nuevo Laredo [indistinct conversations] RACIEL'S RANCH TOLERANCIA ZONE [mumbling] Watch out! [boot drops to the floor] [boot drops to the floor] [drunken grunts] [snoring] [music playing outside] [loud explosion] [feds] Federal police! Don't move! [shrill noise] [people screaming] [firing shots] [shots continue] [suspenseful music playing] Hands up! Down on the ground! Move it, move it! [Cano on radio] They've captured Raciel! Request for backup! [engine revs] Motherfucker! Hurry up, you bastard! [military on radio] Raciel's been captured.
[Arturo] 10-4, Confirmed.
Go in.
[Chapo] Get Tony at the ranch and take control of the territory! Right now! It's party time.
Come on! [cocks gun] [voice on radio] They got the boss! They've captured the boss! [Radio] We've heard Emes requesting for reinforcements, it's all chaos now! LOS ARCOS TOWNSHIP OAKS TOWNSHIP AIRPORT VICINITY Have everything ready.
We're approaching the airport.
[cocks and loads gun] Get them, asshole.
RACIEL'S RANCH TOLERANCIA ZONE [panting] [soldier over radio] We're under attack! We're standing our ground, Joaquin.
We're getting them.
[soldier over radio] We're arriving at the safe house.
[panting] RACIEL'S SAFE HOUSE FERROCARRIL TOWNSHIP [norteño music in the background] [hears voices in flashback] You've been missed, fucker! Now I want to write a corrido for [shots] [music in background continues] [panting] Sir, the safe houses are being overtaken.
We're about to go in.
I want Tony Tempest alive.
[shots] [driver] Cano! Cano! [shots firing] [radio] Sir, the Sinaloa Crew's taking over the city! Motherfuckers! Raciel's fucked! We're gonna protect the turf.
[tires screeching] EMES, YOU HAVE 24 HRS.
EL CHAPO RACIEL'S SAFE HOUSE EMILIANO ZAPATA TOWNSHIP From this day forward, El Chapo Guzman is your boss.
Got it? [Eme soldier] Sir, the safe houses are being overtaken! Right before the city, take 5th Ave.
to the toll-free highway.
Get the 150 out.
[grunts] LA FE AREA [man over radio] This is almost over.
We're fucking up the Gulf crew.
[screeching brakes] [engine revs] [shot] [Federation hit-man] It's the Emes! Take cover! [panting] They fucked us! They got all my men! [Muñeca] Muñeca here, we're being followed! Arriero says they've killed all his men.
[shots firing] The other side, you ass! [horn honking] [pants] [breathing heavily] [engine stops] [explosions] [shots continue] [grunts in pain] You're surrounded.
[inaudible voice on radio] Over there! Turn around, asshole! Turn around, you fuck! They're escaping! [Jaguar] We've lost many men, sir.
It was a slaughter! We have to retreat, sir.
It's Uno, sir.
They counterattacked and caught us off-guard.
We have no way of continuing.
[Uno] Sir, did you copy? Retreat.
[grunts] You defended our turf against those Federation assholes quite skillfully.
We'll figure out what to do to take vengeance.
This is war now.
The military controls everything in time of war.
Don't get this wrong, Cano.
You're my brother's lieutenant.
And in his absence, I'm the boss.
If it weren't for us you would've been captured by El Chapo.
The best thing is for you to tend to your businesses in Matamoros.
We'll take care of the rest.
Kill that fucker! [man] Are you gonna talk or not, motherfucker? Throw him over! Aside from the loss of men, we've also lost the trucks and the logistics of getting the drugs to Chicago.
Get together with Chente and Rodolfillo and close a deal to send the drugs through Juarez.
Tell them about what happened and that we'll discuss it in person.
I've always said that you're in command.
But, he was nearby.
You too.
It won't be easy to kill those fuckers.
[Conrado] The arrest of Raciel Cardenas is yet another breakthrough which the Mexican Government can claim against drug trafficking.
Without its leader, the Gulf Cartel has now been left severely debilitated.
More incidents have been We broke free from the tiger, but the lion has awakened.
as consequences with confrontations between Cano has demonstrated he's a better boss than Raciel.
That fucker reacted quicker than I had expected.
What are we going to do? We're at war.
ALMOLOYA PENITENTIARY [inaudible shouting] I told you it was crazy.
We've lost money, weapons, men.
This confrontation made it clear that Cano and the Emes are our most dangerous enemies.
- We have to get rid of them.
- No, no, you promised us that within the Federation we would work in peace.
Yet, this is gonna drag us into a war that'll end everyone's business.
You can go on on your own, leave us out of it.
You don't speak for us all, Rodolfillo.
The Emes are true militia.
Unlike you and your fake soldiers playing war with everyone's money.
- Calm your brother down.
- Rodolfo sit down.
[exhales] Sorry, he will not interrupt anymore.
If you lack the balls to finish with this, losses will be losses.
If we finish this, it will be our greatest investment.
Nuevo Laredo is the bastion of the Gulf.
And we have to take it from them.
For now, we'll need to change our strategy.
We will isolate them.
There are more of us.
They only have the Michoacan Family.
We'll bring in their partner, Nazario, to our side.
I refuse to be part of this fucking bullshit! [exhaling] Your brother's whinier than my bitches, man.
[laughter] [banda music in the distance] Bro, don't get me in any more trouble.
- Apologize, you moron.
- Fuck, no.
That asshole thinks that just 'cause he broke out of jail he can do anything? Plus, if it weren't for us, fucking Chapo wouldn't be sending shit to Chicago.
Listen, at this moment it's not convenient to be opposing him.
Inside or outside of jail, El Chapo's more powerful than we are.
[banda music continues] Buddy, get me another one.
You? Yeah.
[banda music playing] Jaguar! Hey the things I said were only to mess with your boss.
I have no quarrel with you guys.
All right? No problem.
You pay for your boss, fucker! [struggles breathing] [breathing fades] [banda music playing in the background] [movie dialogue plays] Jimena? What are you doing? I told you to stay at home.
Come on! Come on! I told you to stay at home! Quickly! What's wrong with you? I left you a note we'd be here.
Is something wrong? [phone ringing] [Uno] It's done.
Now the good shit starts.
Subtitle translation by Pedro Chao