El Chapo (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

They're here.
ALTATA BAY HOTEL Your weapons.
Nobody is armed in there.
Your dogs killed my brother, and you want me in the Federation? We're at war.
If we divide, the Golfo will win territory.
If you stay, we can end Cano and have total control of the business.
- Hand them over, then we'll talk.
- I won't hand anybody over.
If you go, think about it.
If you leave the Federation, Cano will come after you.
You know you can't face him on your own.
Family comes first.
You killed my brother.
You're right.
But you also know Rodolfo crossed the line.
What he did to Jaguar was a direct threat to me.
Of course family comes first.
But think about the business, Chente.
Now is the time to think with your head, not with your feelings.
It's better if we're together.
You know that's best for the business.
Double the security for the family in Culiacan.
I don't trust this fucker.
Call Raciel's lawyer.
Tell them I have a proposal.
I feel the warmth From my boiling blood I feel the fear Sweat dripping away There's a stillness That nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust That protects the road I have the branches Of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes That come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return Chapo and his people can't take the territory.
RACIEL'S SAFE HOUSE - Are the access roads blocked? - Yes, sir.
We have security on all access roads.
Nobody comes in or out without us knowing.
You're in charge of protecting Nuevo Laredo.
We're all going out.
It's our turn to hit Chapo.
SAFE HOUSE It's good.
Get someone to furnish it.
- Don't you want Mrs.
Graciela to do it? - No.
Graciela stays at her house.
During the war, I'd rather live alone.
This is it.
You only have to hide it in the restroom.
You know what to do.
Do you want the money or not? You can have the rest when you complete the job.
"JR" CHENTE'S LIEUTENAN MEXICO CITY YOUR BIRTHDAY IS CLOSE AND WE WANT TO CELEBRATE FRANCO Are you free tomorrow? It will be hard to convince Nazario to join the Federation.
We're partners of Raciel.
If the Golfo doesn't join neither will we.
The majority of his business comes from meth.
If we block the product exits, we will harm his income.
Maybe that will convince him, right? That takes time.
Cano could solve this quickly.
How do you plan to convince him? I'll pay him a visit.
"You will hear in the sky, in your dwelling place, and you will forgive, and act.
You'll see each one, according to their paths.
Whose heart you know.
Now my eyes will be open, and my ears will be attentive, with prayer in this place.
" Teacher! Oh, my God! Go now, this isn't your problem.
That's not the way to get into the Lord's house.
Happy birthday.
Hey! No, not today.
It's your birthday present.
You know the rules.
I don't know what you want.
- But this is not the way to get it.
- We'll see.
Let's negotiate your integration into the Federation.
We'll stay here until you join.
The easy way, or the hard way.
- Bracelets, buddy? - No, thank you.
Is it good stuff? That's a silly question.
It's the best kind.
It's Chapo's stuff.
- How much? - 200 pesos.
"EME 16" CANO'S LIEUTENAN Thanks, man.
- Bracelets? - Shut up, fucker.
EMES' SAFE HOUSE Let's teach Chapo that he shouldn't play with us.
What will it take for you to join us? I already told you we offer protection from the DEA so you can move your weed to the U.
Safety here in Mexico, so you can move your meth.
Cano doesn't offer any of that, he only lets you move drugs in his territory.
You'll have more with us.
Joaquín, I'm a man of my word.
I don't care who's leader, I have a commitment with the Golfo.
I'm Cano's partner.
Just like God's word must be respected, so the agreements with men must be respected.
Leave the sermon for the pulpit.
Think about what's best for your business.
For my business or for you? You want to have power, but it's the Lord who gives and takes.
You can't go above Him, Joaquín.
He always tells us what's best.
Only He can guide our destiny.
ALMOLOYA PRISON Don't choose the hard path, Nazario.
You're more useful alive than dead.
I don't fear death.
My spirit is with the man above.
You're really stubborn.
If you kill me, my people won't follow you.
They're loyal to me.
If I kill you, they won't remember you.
They only care about your money and power.
That's the only loyalty there is.
Don't underestimate God's power, Joaquín.
I was an alcoholic when God rescued me.
He entrusted me to make the Michoacan family, to take care of people.
And to protect each other.
Money is not our motivation.
Faith is.
You'll need more than faith to get out of this.
- God performs miracles.
- I've had it with your bullshit.
I want your organization to work for the Federation.
If you're not in, you won't have anything.
While you wait for a miracle, my men wait for orders to take down your producers.
An order from me, and you're left with no producers.
Got it? Did the President give you anything? He doesn't know it's my birthday.
If he knew, the best gift would be that the asshole learn how to govern.
You know he kicked Fidel Castro out of Monterrey? He kicked him out.
From an international summit.
You do know who Fidel Castro is, right? I'm a prostitute, not a moron.
You would be a good president.
You're drunk.
For real.
That's why I voted for you for congress.
Because I know you.
I'm sure if you had the chance to be president, you would be better than the fuckers who govern us now.
How the fuck did you get in? Hey, you.
Speak, goddammit.
Joaquín, can you hear me? The Emes came to Acapulco.
They left you a message.
I'll send you a picture.
THE EMES Take them out of there.
Tell your brother and the Muñeca.
Leave no one alive.
Show it.
Look, motherfucker, what your partner did.
What lecture will you give me now? All wars have sacrifices.
Even holy wars.
Cano is fighting his enemies.
You, on the other hand, kill a former ally.
Why would I want to be your ally? You're stubborn.
You'll see why it's better to be my ally than my enemy.
Bring me his meth producers.
I want him to see them die.
I have to go to the restroom.
I feel sick.
Graciela thanks you for the gift.
She hopes to use it soon.
Will you let your people die? I hope God makes you understand not everything can be solved with bullets.
That's it.
The boss left, but there are some Emes.
Thanks, man.
You'd better go, it will be ugly.
Hi, counselor.
Do you have good news? Better than you think, Pollo.
My sheep hear my voice and I know them.
They follow me, and I give them eternal life.
He who believes in me he who believes in me even in death will he live.
The payment for sin is death.
While God's will is eternal life, in our lord Jesus Christ.
Sir, it's counselor Loera.
What's up, counselor? Sir What happened? Is it my dad? Is your uncle, Arturo.
Arturo, come over.
No way, I'm OK here.
ARTURO MEZA MORENO'S FRIEND - What do you think? - It's really cool.
But I don't understand why you must work the field.
Given who your dad is.
If I want to join, I prefer to start from scratch.
Hello? It's Quino, he sounds weird.
'Sup, brother? It's time to go to La Tuna.
"HEAVEN" RANCH I don't suppose you're calling to give your condolences? No.
I call to remind you that you offer control and earnings.
Don't make a war against Juarez, Joaquín.
I'm sorry about your brother.
But our deal comes first.
I swear you'll always be safe.
You'll avenge my uncle, right, Dad? We took the Emes from Acapulco, but they will be restless.
We left the Muñeca, preparing an unforgettable message.
- Was it Chente? - Yes.
The man who shot him already confessed.
Chente asked Raciel for help.
Your brother's death can't be left like that.
Say the word, we're here.
Leave the business before another relative dies.
Hello? Joaquín? Chente called you.
He wants to meet with you.
What do I tell him? Joaquín? To what group do you belong? To the Emes.
Sinaloa guys got them and uploaded the video an hour ago.
Where were you before? I was in the military.
What do you do with captives? We question them, then we get rid of them.
ALTATA BAY HOTEL They're here.
Your weapons, please.
Joaquín! A brother for a brother, Chapo.
It couldn't have been different.
Now that we're even, we must think about the Federation.
You said it yourself.
It's time to think with your head, not with your feelings.
Family is very important, Chapo.
But you must think about business.
Does the boss want to return to La Tuna? No.
Let's finish what we started.
We're going to Michoacan.
My name is Sebastian.
Not Franco.
That's my real name.
I don't want you to pay me any more.
Toño, it's also clear over here.
What are the boss's orders? "The Lord is my strength I won't tremble.
" - I'm sorry about your brother.
- You know why I'm here.
I heard you didn't fix this with bullets.
We're at war.
It's better for Chente and I to be together.
It's better for you to be with us.
With Chente, you controlled one of the most dangerous demons.
That's what a true leader does.
Cano and the Emes are not welcome on my land any more.
I'll join your Federation.
Subtitle translation by Teresa Arredondo