El Chapo (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Everything indicates your boss will be the next president.
He won't be seeing you.
He wants you to know he values your interest in working for him, but he doesn't want anybody who is related to past governments.
[scoffs] That's exactly what the current president said.
But eventually, everybody needs someone to do the dirty work.
Perhaps but we don't want deals made with drug lords during his term, and that's what you're good at.
That he named you his coordinator only means he lets others do the dirty work for him.
Tell him he can save that fake morality for the media, and to reconsider the information I send him.
[scoff] [bed creaking] [moaning] [knocks] - [Toño] Sir, it has begun.
- Fuck [cheering, applauding on TV] What did I miss? Not much.
It just started.
[Labrador] The biggest problem facing our country is the disproportionate power that the two main parties have exercised while ruling Mexico.
Both the IWP ANDRÉS LABRADOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE FOR THE PRP and the DAP, the ones you trusted with your vote in the last elections, are the two sides of the same coin.
During my government, criminals will be imprisoned, no matter which party they belong to or how much money they have.
The impunity deals struck for them and their partners is over now.
Game over.
[cellphone ringing] Hello? [Chapo] I sense Andrés Labrador won't cooperate with us, Conrado.
I like the bastard, but he makes me nervous.
He's only good at speaking.
I need the next president to hold us in high esteem, so he will respect our deals.
Do whatever you need to, but stay in the government, are we clear? Focus on your issue with the Cano and leave the rest to me.
Don't worry about Labrador he won't win.
[theme music playing] I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I am a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return [end of theme music] .
the victory of the DAP for the presidency of the republic.
[crowd cheering, clapping] [women chanting] President Felipe! President Felipe! FELIPE ALARCÃ"N DAP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE How are you doing? Thank you for agreeing to see me.
- Sorry for the inconvenience.
- None at all.
I am glad to find a spot in the next president's schedule.
Thank you for saying I'm the next president.
We are still fighting for it.
But Labrador knows how to sell his image.
He presents himself as the savior of this country.
I can help you uncover something no one knows about him yet.
We all have our secrets.
I know how to discover them.
What do you want in exchange? That you name me Secretary for Public Security when you are elected.
Do we have a deal? Show me you can help me, and you'll have what you want.
CHAPO'S SAFE HOUSE [heavy breathing] We made Michoacan's men retreat, but I almost didn't make it.
Cano is attacking the turf, sir, killing everybody, saying it's because Nazario entered the Federation.
Tell Arturo and La Muñeca to go there with more men.
And have Placencia and Chente send people to Veracruz and Tabasco.
I don't want any survivors.
There is a more urgent matter.
The Emes got in Canelas.
Fucking morons.
He could have broken into my house.
We need more people like you.
Can you find any? Give me a chance, and I'll get a team for you.
[Chapo] Call the Canelas as well.
Whoever wants to help.
Prepare the trip.
I'll deal with the Emes myself.
FEDERAL POLICE BUILDING MEXICO CITY [steps approaching] Food's here.
Thank you, boss.
Anything about Labrador? Did you investigate his brother's death? [man] Yes.
Nothing we can use.
Labrador was 10 when it happened, and it was an accident.
What else did you find? Nothing useful.
[Conrado] No way.
No one gets that high without getting their hands dirty.
You only have to remove the soil to find their darkest secrets.
[man] In that case, he knows how to hide them.
No infidelities, no secret accounts.
And his family lives modestly.
What about his collaborators? [suspenseful music playing] Who do we investigate first? [door closing] Andrés, I have good news.
We got money for the campaign.
It's not the teachers' money, is it? I want nothing to do with the Union.
No, they don't have money.
They wanted to help in a different way.
Not another word.
The less I know, the better.
Where does the support come from? From a businessman.
Carlos Almada.
I don't want any deals with him.
If you want to gain popularity, we need more resources.
I'd have to pay dearly for the favor.
Besides, it's well known we don't use dirty money on my campaign.
Not all the money we accepted was clean.
It's money from people who want to do the right thing now.
We all get a second chance, except Carlos Almada.
He has no intention of doing such a thing.
- I can ask him.
- No! I don't want you to contact him anymore.
[indistinct chattering] ROAD TO VICTORY! - So? - Nothing.
CÉSAR MAYNEZ CAMPAIGN PRESS SECRETARY He refused the help from the Union and Carlos Almada's as well.
What the fuck does he want me to do? You should know him by now.
Sometimes he says no to everything, and others he accepts.
Whatever is convenient.
Be patient.
I'd rather have money.
Then I can be patient.
[Maynez] I know.
[seal stamping] [phone ringing] Yes, sir, right away.
[secretary] Go in, please.
Almada can see you now.
CARLOS ALMADA BUSINESSMAN Nice to see you, Carlos.
It's 45,000.
Thank you.
Do they fit? I can ask Julia for a box.
No, they fit.
With this help, you can rest assured it'll go very well for you.
We don't forget our friends.
Thank you.
[sighs] Let me go with you, sir.
You'll need me when you go against the Emes.
Stay put.
I need you fully recovered.
You're no good to us like that.
[Moreno] Dad.
Where are you going? Don't worry, son.
I'll be fine.
You don't know that.
How's your grandma? Not so good.
Are you still visiting her every day? How can you be so coldblooded? The Chente killed my uncle, and you still make deals with him.
That's why you came here? To criticize my decisions? He was your brother, Dad.
Excuse me, sir.
We are ready.
Is this what Quino thinks, too? No one knows your feelings better than yourself.
That I hold back doesn't mean it doesn't hurt me, but what I am doing now is bigger than your uncle's death, may he rest in peace.
- But how can you - OK, boy, enough! If you don't walk in my shoes, you know nothing about my path.
And don't make that face.
I don't want to leave angry with you.
Come here.
No, sorry, not that.
Andrés, the interview starts in five minutes.
If the reporter crosses the line, don't answer.
We got your back.
No, don't help him either, got it? Poncho the Clown wants an interview.
No fucking way.
And I said yes.
You are a bastard.
Don't be a diva.
His show has high ratings.
Look, don't do it for yourself, do it for the campaign, OK? [Poncho] We are all very interested in this presidential race.
It even looks like we have a winner already.
But like we say in soccer: it ain't over until it's over.
That's right.
The best goals can happen in the last minute.
So, before asking anything, my production team prepared a video about the campaign.
- [Poncho] Shall we play it? - Of course.
Are you sure they fit? Or do you want me to ask Julia for - [Poncho] Hey! - No, they fit.
But that's you, professor.
What were you doing? You've been caught red-handed.
That's you, isn't it? Yes, that's me.
And the other man is Carlos Almada.
That's money to support the campaign.
It's pretty common during elections.
I am not stupid! [Poncho] Don't come and tell me this is normal! We are sick of your frauds! [chuckles] [Labrador] I want to clarify that the professor acted alone.
What's happening here is not a coincidence.
They've been trying to make us fall.
They want to ruin my campaign's reputation.
How did all this bullshit affect us? [César] We are still on top, but we went down seven points.
PRESIDENTIAL POLLS Fucking professor.
He wants to talk to you, - he won't stop calling.
- No, no.
He has to assume his responsibility.
I don't want to see him again.
[sighs] They want to fuck us, César.
They want to fuck us, César.
Ask our contacts to find out who is responsible for all this.
[Conrado] Well done.
You did your part, now I'll do mine.
Cuba? You need to escape.
While we solve all this embezzlement.
Until we get into calmer waters.
Is it safe? You are not the first one who needs to run away, Carlos.
We've never had problems with their hospitality.
[shots fired] [shots firing] [man] Go upstairs! [shot fires] [shots firing] [shot fires] Those were the last ones, sir.
Call the others.
[Chapo] Thank you for coming to back us up.
And special thanks for your courage to take the Emes out of their home.
The war continues, but those fuckers won't return to Canelas! [cheering] Let's drink.
It's well deserved! [all] Let's go! [men cheering, whistling] We're staying here for a while, just in case Cano decides to return.
Toño, organize a huge party for the whole town.
The happier they are, the more they will cooperate.
[sighs] Girls.
What's up? Did you get the dress? Look at this.
It's a bit short.
OK, I'm leaving, mom's waiting.
You look like a doll, honey.
Elbita, I can trust you, can't I? You know men want only one thing.
Come on, Mom.
Listen to your mother.
No one buys a fruit someone else bit.
- Did you buy the vegetables? - Of course.
All right, take it off.
You might get it dirty before the party.
["Mi Credo" by K-Paz plays in background] Want to dance? [crowd applauding, cheering] Where's the music? Come on! [all cheering] Want to dance? [Chapo] How old are you? Guess.
Fifteen, at most.
[Chapo chuckles] Is that a joke? You look like you're at least 20.
I am 17.
What, are you scared of me? No.
But you'll have to wait until I turn 18.
All right.
I'll be counting the days.
[Conrado] Yes, I got it.
I am looking at them right now.
Count on it.
I am glad to help deliver the final blow.
I hope you like them.
Add this phrase.
[man sighs] [narrator] Andrés Labrador will implement a government like his friend the dictator, Hugo Chávez.
Our currency will lose value, and our companies will be confiscated.
Andrés Labrador: a danger to Mexico.
[phone ringing] - [multiple phones ringing] - How long has this been circulating? Since this morning.
[phones continue ringing] We have to expose him, César.
We have to prove they are creating a campaign against me.
And Almada? Where the fuck is Almada? [César] We are on that.
The new polls are out.
Felipe Alarcón has tied us.
They found Almada in Cuba.
That's why I think those in power don't want Andrés Labrador to become president.
[Almada] That's why they released the recordings, to damage his reputation.
All this was organized at the highest level.
That's exactly why I am here, paying for something I didn't do.
But - but when they - Call a press conference.
We are taking advantage of all this.
- [Almada] When they - As much as we can.
didn't want to give me bodyguards, that's when I knew that [Labrador] The video of Carlos Almada is definitive evidence that there's a conspiracy, a plot against me.
The powerful mafias are shaking because their game is over.
In my government, these white collar criminals will be punished for their deeds against [indistinct clamoring by reporters] You did Labrador a favor.
His popularity is higher than ever, all the country talks of a plot, and if that's not enough, now they are talking about my government, and I didn't even have anything to do with it.
Cuba was always a safe place to send unwanted people.
I didn't know Fidel Castro would give Almada up because he still resents you for what happened in Monterrey.
To be honest, kicking Fidel Castro out of an International Summit was a big mistake.
Be elected first, and then you may give your opinion! And you, Sol, fix this problem or I swear you'll never hold another public position again! What do you have? The Teachers Union made a very unorthodox proposition to Labrador, but he rejected it.
Were they offering money or votes? [man] Votes.
Meddle in booths all over the country.
What he rejected can be of use to us.
Send me the contact information of the person who made the offer.
Felipe, I have useful information that can help you win the elections, but we'll need a lot of money.
You read my mind, Conrado.
What's all this Labrador bullshit? I'm in.
How much money do you need? Nice to meet you.
Our candidate asked me to make the negotiations with the Teachers Union.
[Conrado] She is our contact in the union.
Nothing for me, thanks.
Here's the information for getting in touch with her.
The Union has more than two million members at your disposal.
As I mentioned to the candidate, it will be expensive, but it's worth negotiating.
[man] We're on it.
We need your support more than ever so our country doesn't fall into the claws of an opportunist who seeks to polarize the population and throw the economy off balance.
We want to protect your companies and continue the nation's progress.
[man] The businessmen feel uneasy about the possibility of a victory by Labrador.
So do we.
We'll set Mexico free from the imminent danger that Labrador represents.
[zipping] This better turn out well, Conrado.
[Lora] You don't want problems with Joaquín.
Are those your words or his? His.
And I advise you not to fuck it up.
[car door closes] JULY 2, 2006 [reporter] Voting began very early this morning.
Today Mexicans will choose our new president.
In this election, the Mexican citizens living abroad had to Today, Sunday July 2nd, is not only about choosing a new president, federal deputies and senators [reporter] As you might remember, - the last public polls - [phones ringing] showed the winner was Andrés Labrador, from the left party.
Felipe Alarcón was following him closely - [phones ringing] - but several points behind.
[all cheering, applauding] [all] Labrador, Labrador, Labrador! - Let's calm down.
- [phones ringing] - Let's calm down.
- [all] Labrador! Labrador, Labrador! [reporter] The first counts of the day show that the left candidate, Andrés Labrador, has a small advantage.
The presidential council has given the results without declaring a winner.
Felipe Alarcón is following him three points behind I hope Conrado invested the money we gave him wisely.
If this motherfucker gets elected, the party's over for us.
Is the Union adding votes already? Are they in charge of the booths? the law professor explained that electoral packets can be opened where irregularities are reported.
Many ballots from all over the country are being counted right now.
Many intellectuals have denounced this as a possible electoral fraud.
Labrador's advantage over Alarcón grows smaller each time, and a re-count is being considered.
AT 8:00 P.
A TIE Let's see the results now at this moment, at 11:00 p.
with 31 minutes and 35 seconds to go.
Mexico is sleepless tonight.
More supporters and collaborators of the candidate are arriving here.
We lost Tamaulipas, we lost Jalisco and Coahuila.
Our people tell us that the Union did a great job in the North.
The Union will snatch the election from us.
There will be fraud, César.
[man] Sir.
[sigh] - [man] First winner.
- [clapping] Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to announce IFE's official report.
We'll go directly to the facilities of the Electoral Federal Institute.
[man] Good evening.
We Mexicans have engaged in democracy once again.
The preliminary result of Mexico's president election is as follows: The candidate of the right party, Felipe Alarcón has won the presidency with only 0.
56% lead over Andrés Labrador.
[crowd chanting] Count each vote, check each booth! Count each vote, check each booth! [Labrador] A lot of cash, food stamps, building materials, home appliances, all that was part of a well planned, deliberate, and, of course, dishonest, anti-democratic, sale of votes.
Felipe Alarcón has "won the elections" thanks to electoral fraud.
Felipe counted 100% of the 130,557 booths installed in the 300 different electoral sites of the country.
Congratulations, Mr.
It will be my pleasure to have you as my Secretary of Public Security.
You won by a small margin.
Let's see how you do in the government.
You are right.
Besides that small margin, the reports of electoral fraud make your victory unconvincing.
[Conrado] It won't be easy to rule with such a rough start.
We have to look for a way to make your government more believable.
I am ready to make hard choices, Conrado.
I'll be known as the president who got drug trafficking under control in this country, and you're the one who will help me do it.
Fucking Conrado, you made me very nervous.
Thanks a lot, Joaquín.
This is just the beginning.
Our new president is going to need you.
Subtitle translation by: Chanel Otero Amado