El Chapo (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

Congratulations on your win and welcome to the USA.
Mexico is a priority for my government.
And there are very important issues to discuss.
Security is the main issue now.
Drug traffickers have invaded with the corrupt structure of Mexico.
And they are very well equipped.
This is a critical situation.
Both our countries are threatened.
You need a safe border and I need help to fight the drug traffickers.
The moment I assume the presidency, I will declare war against them.
I want to pacify my country.
And I need you on board.
It's in our interest to work together to defeat the drug trafficking.
We can supply you with the weapons.
Plus the exchange will help us overcome the current economic situation.
Slows downs have to be handled one way or another.
The first meeting of the president elect with the U.
President took place at the White House.
And it lasted for more than an hour.
This is the first trip that the president elect has taken, two weeks before his Presidential Inauguration in Mexico.
DECEMBER 1, 2006 I swear to abide by and enforce the Constitution of the United Mexican States and the laws that may come from it.
And to perform, loyally and patriotically, the role of President of the Republic, as the people have bestowed upon me.
Looking always for the common good and prosperity of the people.
And if I fail to carry this out, may the people demand it from me.
Mister President, what are your impressions about the U.
President's wish to cooperate with your government in order to face the drug trafficking problem in both countries? Fortunately, our neighboring country is fully willing.
The President understands very well Mexico's difficulties.
Specifically, the importance of the fight against drug trafficking.
Actually, we have begun to discuss our cooperative strategy.
Could you tell me what this cooperation would mean? Well, we need more technology and weapons, and they can provide them us.
In fact, I told him have you seen the show 24 with Jack Bauer? "I want all the toys," I told him.
"I want all the toys for the war against drug trafficking.
" So far, you have given us your enemies' location and we have captured them.
But as of now, we are going a step further.
We are all going to work together.
As a single entity.
If we're controlling the business, we have to get rid of Cano in Nuevo Laredo.
The Emes won't stand a chance against the Federation, the military, and the police attacking together.
Joaquín we want results soon.
You will have them.
The war against drug trafficking will be a complete success.
I feel the warmth From my boiling blood I feel the fear sweat dripping away There's a stillness That nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that Come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return Lieutenant Colonel Davila, from the Army.
And Major Arana from the Federal Police.
The boss sends me to be at your disposal.
Taking over Nuevo Laredo won't be easy.
They are very well organized.
We will need thousands of troops.
Both from the Army and the Federal Police.
When will we get the weapons we were promised? I will take care of that.
First, we need all the information you have on Cano and the Emes.
To set up intelligence.
GUADALUPE RESTAURAN Take this chance to enjoy yourselves.
This is the last chance to relax before the battle.
Don't worry.
They are just fooling around to keep the suspense up.
And this year's queen is Miss Elva Coronado.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your new queen, Miss Elva Coronado.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I have to go.
I have pending business to take care of.
Are you coming back? Of course, my queen.
I'm coming back to be your king.
When you turn 18 you will marry me.
I'm going to be waiting for you.
ISMAEL'S RESIDENCE Thank you for coming to my son's graduation.
Is he here? No, not yet.
While we're waiting, I want to talk to you.
All right.
I want to make Sinaloa the biggest cartel.
Not only in Mexico but in the world.
And for that we need to expand out there and control the border from inside here.
You said the government agrees Nuevo Laredo should be the first target, right? There are other borders besides Nuevo Laredo.
I also want us to get Juarez.
Juarez? Tell me straight up, Joaquín.
Why do you want to take Chente's sector? For the business? Or because you want to avenge your brother? Both.
We won't have a better moment.
The government wants dough.
And we have their support.
Controlling Juarez and Nuevo Laredo, we will be owners of the entire border.
And the business? Have you thought who to leave it to while we go to war? Dámaso will be in charge.
My son is here! - Congratulations, damn it.
- It's about time.
Congratulations, son.
Thanks a lot, pops.
What up? - Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Your dad told me you graduated at the top of your class.
I said that, didn't I? You graduated as an administrator.
Yes, Business Administrator.
Bad ass.
We are going to need you very soon.
We're growing and I need you to handle our international business.
I'm in.
JOAQUÍN'S RESIDENCE Sol sends word that the government is spending three billion dollars on weapons.
They're waiting for your attack strategy to coordinate the military and police.
Tell Conrado that we're also going for Juarez.
Juarez hasn't been considered, Joaquín.
Only Nuevo Laredo.
We are considering it now.
The government is doing what I suggest.
And I suggest we take both sectors.
You are changing the plans.
What you want is dough.
And I want order in the business.
The entire border under our control means more dough for everybody.
More dough for everybody and absolute power for you.
We all win.
All right.
We'll go after Juarez and Nuevo Laredo.
weapons just arrived.
The sooner we finish all this, the better.
I have something to tell you.
Chente hasn't arrived yet.
Chente was not invited.
We're no longer doing business with Juarez.
When was that decision made? Right now.
But Chente is a partner.
Not anymore.
I got tired of paying him dues.
Joaquín it's too much to fuck over the Emes and fuck over Juarez at the same time.
Not if we have the military and the federal police on our side.
We're going to kill two birds with one stone.
If you don't like the idea, you may go, Nazario.
Any objections? The red dots are the Emes' safe houses.
CAMPO MARTE MILITARY CAMP MEXICO CITY, MEXICO The ones for Sinaloa are located at these coordinates.
And the labs are located here.
We, the Army, are in charge of attacking the safe houses and the labs.
The federal police will be placing check points all over the highways and at each of Nuevo Laredo's possible exits.
What about Juarez? We will attack them in a different way.
On their cocaine routes.
- We're intercepting them on their way? - That's right.
Another thing, gentlemen.
The Ministerial, State, and Local Police in these zones are on the Juarez Cartel's and the Emes' side.
Give it to him.
It is urgent.
What is the order? Whoever is against us, we get rid of them.
Is that understood? CANO'S RESIDENCE CHENTE'S RESIDENCE Hello? It's Cano.
Did you know your main partner is betraying you? I guess that with El Chapo it was only a matter of time.
What do you want? We have to join forces.
El Chapo and the government are coming down on us.
At ease.
Attention! Align! Attention! Cover! We called you here to inform the public that today we start strategic exercises to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.
DECEMBER 11, 2006 In this operative, we will carry out illegal weed farm eradication activities.
We will establish control points to stop drug trafficking on our highways.
We will carry out searches, locating and dismantling the drug selling points.
With a deployment of more than 4,260 members of the Army, seventeen fixed-wing airships, twenty-nine rotatory-wing airships, and 246 land vehicles, who will be joined by 1,400 additional personnel of which 300 are supporting federal forces, three hundred are regional security, along with another 220 With the government on our side, nobody can stop us.
Cano and Chente won't know what hit them.
All of this makes a total of 1,425 police officers.
Let's go.
I know that restoring security will be neither easy nor fast.
It will cost a lot of money.
Unfortunately, it will cost human lives.
My promise was to look after the tranquility and security of all the Mexican people.
And I will do just that.
I repeat to the public that the battle against organized crime is a priority for my government.
And we're going to win! TWO MONTHS LATER It has been two months since the so-called "war on drugs" started.
The first military action has already mobilized thousands of Army troops against suspected criminals.
The confrontations between the government and organized crime in Juarez and Nuevo Laredo haven't stopped.
Nor have the casualties.
The results are not what the government expected.
I need to talk with your boss.
It's Sol.
Hello? This has got out of hand, Joaquín.
It's a mess.
This isn't the moment to back off.
Tell your president that this has just begun.
You assured me that if we backed up the one in Sinaloa, this would be over soon.
Two months.
Two months and we don't have either of those two sectors.
The press is blasting me! Corruption has made things difficult for us.
Our institutions are fragmented.
Even within the Army there are some who are with us and others who are with the cartels.
That's why they knew about our attack points.
It's a free-for-all.
The Emes and the Juarez' have bought people from the government.
They have reinforced their relationships with governors and mayors, so that they can protect them and won't give up information about them.
Get it? We have information leaking from our own people.
That's why our operations have failed.
They bought the chiefs of the local police and the chiefs of their state police in their zones.
And now they are bribing the military squad officers.
And the federal police, too.
As I said, Mr.
President Corruption is killing us.
Things are getting harder than they thought.
Government guys are getting very nervous.
Together, Chente and Cano are strong.
We need more information about their weaknesses.
Especially the Emes.
- We are using all the info we got.
- Not all of it.
There is someone who knows them from the inside.
Someone who hates them.
But who hates Cano the most because he took his place.
They are here, sir.
Let them in.
I'm only speaking with you.
I don't speak with workmen.
Nuevo Laredo was you and your brother's zone.
You have valuable information about Cano and the Emes.
What do you want in exchange for the info? Nothing.
I have pending business with Cano.
And I'm going to settle it.
But the one responsible for what is happening is you.
You told me on the phone you were willing to negotiate.
I wanted to have you here and tell you to your face.
You betrayed Raciel.
And if my brother hadn't been jailed, Cano wouldn't have taken power.
You made your own bed, Chapo.
Now lay on it.
Let's go.
This jackass is wasting our time.
Here is the list of authorities bought by Chente and Cano, sir.
Governors, mayors, congressmen, federal police officers I used to get hookers with these assholes.
These dogs are worth whatever you throw at them.
Let's make them come to their senses and join our side.
We are not stopping until we win this war and get the business.
Let's go with the first on the list.
Three hundred federal officers arrived right in the hotel on the highway.
JORGE LÃ"PEZ ARIAS GOVERNOR OF CHIHUAHUA I sent my state police to give false information about your safe houses.
What is really difficult to avoid is the highway control and the merchandise confiscation.
You know the Army is there.
Chente I need some more money.
You know the people ask for their piece of the pie to keep me updated.
And to help you.
Since when are you so shy about it, governor? Give him more dough! You keep helping us and we keep being generous.
Got it? We are being followed.
You work for me now.
And if you don't obey, the next bullet will be through your forehead.
MAYOR OF TAMAULIPAS They shot the Mayor.
They also gunned down the federals that were with us.
Talk with your people.
And tell them that from now on you work for El Chapo and the Army.
And the governor of Chihuahua no longer answers to Chente.
Gather your people.
Time to show fucking Chapo and the government that they can't mess with us.
My king.
Arturo, come downstairs.
The governor of Chihuahua is not dead.
We persuaded him to work with us.
We need you alert, dumb-ass.
Nobody knows these assholes' bad habits better than you.
This war is not easy.
We have to keep working our asses off.
We are close.
Very close.
THE EMES Last night, multiple attacks were reported against civilians in multiple cities in Durango.
In one savage attack, 15 men and women were found dead inside a truck.
And early this morning, a group of Emes hitmen shot all the residents of a small town, and setting their homes on fire.
This is the first killing spree against innocent civilians during this war.
The Emes left a banner where collusion with the government is insinuated They made us look like real dumb-asses, Joaquín.
He wants to pressure the government so they back off.
Give me the phone.
The message in the banner involves us directly, Joaquín.
The press will ask why are we only attacking Juarez and Gulf's territory.
Send me your troops with Postela to cover it up.
I will let them know so they give them something to confiscate.
But this doesn't solve the problem.
There is only one possible answer to what Cano has done.
Do what you have to do.
Do we have people close in Nuevo Laredo? Yes.
Nobody can stop this now, Arturo.
Eye for an eye.
We are answering tonight.
Attaboy! You already had three.
And I'm not carrying you to your house.
Cheers, cheers.
Let me see.
For you.
Guys, I'm going to the restroom.
I'll go with you.
OK, cool.
But don't take too long! Another beer and we got them.
You were well hid, pretty one.
Please, please wait! No, please, please! I beg you! Please don't kill me! No, no! No! No! No! Please! Please, let me go! Dani! No! Subtitle translation by Ana Alba