El Chapo (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 THE OTHERS [steps] Mrs.
Evelina! - Where's Martha? - Sorry, I couldn't do anything.
Where's Martha? We were in the restroom, and they took her.
What do you mean? Who? The drug dealers.
I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return WHERE ARE THEY? Hey, would you like to make some cash? What needs to be done? Come closer.
Run! Did you think you'd get away? Please, tell me what I can do? I'll do any job.
I don't care.
We need people for the war.
STATE PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE [woman] When will we have the bodies? [man] My son isn't on any list.
[man 2] Neither is my daughter, she was taken.
[policeman] Silence, please.
- Please - We've been waiting for hours.
[chatter] Either you shut up, or you leave.
It appears that this was an attack from Sinaloa's Cartel on Gulf's Cartel.
Are our children responsible? Tell us who killed them.
Well, that's the information we have so far.
We'll keep you informed.
[relatives yelling] Hey My daughter isn't dead.
- Please, sir.
- You must find her, please.
She's just a girl.
Please, you must find her, please! Please help me.
Her name is Martha, they took her.
If the Sinaloa cartel took her, you'd better forget about her.
Why? Where do they take them? Girls like your daughter are taken to Culiacan.
Do you want some? Can I get some water? You only have two minutes.
[muttering] Zenaida! [muttering] Juan.
EMES SAFE HOUSE Don't be stupid, it's water.
Be silent, you'll be fine.
I can put you in prison because you grow this shit.
Who's the field manager? I don't like to ask twice.
Who is it? It's me.
Get up.
We only follow orders, man.
We work for the boss.
- We work for Chente.
- You worked for Chente.
Now you work for Sinaloa.
Is that understood? If you do your job, you won't even notice the change.
See that they do it.
Yes, boss.
Come on, guys.
Back to work.
Yes, we'll be available.
Thanks a lot.
What are you doing? I'm taking another outfit.
She was wearing heels.
They told us to stay here, until they had more information.
Nobody's looking for her.
You're going to Culiacan, they'll kill you, too.
Me too? Do you think she's dead? I'll tell my friend to drive the taxi for a few days, so I can go with you.
You stay here in case she calls.
I'm going to Culiacan to look for her.
If you do what I say, you'll be fine.
The guys outside are ruthless.
They won't think twice about killing you, so do as they say.
So you can walk back home, and not in a plastic bag.
- Do you work here? - I have no other choice.
Here they come.
Get ready, you'll do things you've never done.
What things? Get up, get up! You work for us now, and your boss is Cano.
Nobody can drop out.
If you're useless, you're eliminated.
Have you ever grabbed a gun? Let's see what you're made of.
Sorry Your t-shirt.
- Is that your son? - Yes, have you seen him? No, I'm sorry.
This is my daughter.
They said I could find her in Culiacan.
You're lucky.
At least you know where to look.
My boy was in the fields.
He was taken several months ago.
I'm sorry for what I'm about to say, but if I were you, I would search in the bars.
They put them to work there.
This son of a bitch is Chapo's man.
He has killed our people, entered our turf, he has tried to buy our people.
Does he deserve to live? Answer, does he deserve to live? Gun He's the enemy.
Not us.
We must exterminate them so we can live in peace.
You only have to pull the trigger.
I'll help you.
It's either him or you.
Fire! Last chance, five four, three two one.
You'll die.
But first we'll make you suffer so much, you'll beg to die.
I thought Juarez was the worst cartel.
But these guys make me miss them.
We must hold on, until the end of harvest.
When this one's out, they'll look for another field.
That can take months.
We don't have options.
I don't know if I can take it.
I prefer jail to continuing on like this.
How much is it? 180 pesos.
Good afternoon.
They told us you're looking for your daughter.
Yes, sir.
That's her.
They took her from Nuevo Laredo.
Do you recognize her? Have you seen her? Yes, ma'am.
A local drug lord shows her around like a doll.
You don't understand.
Don't worry, ma'am.
At least she's alive.
This drug lord knows how to negotiate.
How can I negotiate? He'll ask for a lot of money to let her go.
How much? 70 thousand, at least.
I don't have that money.
Listen, ma'am.
We can help you.
But you need to get that money.
Otherwise the drug lord won't be interested.
She could have more problems.
I have to talk to my husband.
Wait for me, please.
Don't go.
- [Manuel] Hello? - It's me.
Evelina, I was worried.
A couple of police men recognized Martha.
They know where she is.
They'll go and get her.
But we must pay the drug lord to release her.
How much? We must sell the taxi.
I can sell it to Alfredo.
But, if they know where she is why don't they ask for help? Because they'll kill her.
It can't be done with force.
They must negotiate.
- What if it isn't true? - What if it is? I won't take that risk.
Send the money.
I'll return with Martha, I promise.
You didn't do so bad.
The first time I did it, I couldn't even lift my hand.
I asked M16 to give you another chance.
But no more, Omar.
You learn how to kill or they'll kill you.
How do I do it? This helps.
This, and thinking the person in front of you is not like us.
Have you ever killed a cockroach? It's the same.
If there's a cockroach, you don't hesitate, you just kill it, and that's it.
Can I go and get some water? We've been working for many hours.
[woman] Help! Help! What happened? What happened? Homero? Homero? Pedro, get some water! Homero? Hurry up! Give him some water.
Stop that, get back to work! - Wait for a moment, please.
- Move! [woman screaming] - What happened? - I sold it.
But with the rush, I could only get 35 thousand.
That's so little.
They said 70 thousand, at least.
I can pawn the TV and everything I can.
I think I can gather 50 thousand.
I can do the deposit in about two hours.
Don't give them the money until you're certain it's Martha.
Yes, I'll ask for proof.
But hurry up, Manuel.
I wanted to be a lieutenant.
I was on the right path.
I was the colonel's driver He had a very hot girlfriend.
She also liked me, we grew fond of each other.
Until, one day he caught us.
That was it, I had to run away naked, while the colonel shot, I ran like a baby deer, dodging the bullets.
I wanted to be a soccer player.
Are you good? I was about to get in third division, with the Bravos.
But they killed our coach.
See? That motherfucking Sinaloa Cartel has ruined our lives.
We have to kill them to settle things down.
This helps, trust me.
We have to leave.
I don't get you, Juan.
You just told me we should wait, until the end of harvest.
If we stay we'll wind up dead.
It's difficult to escape.
They're everywhere.
Through the Romero's house.
We could go out from there, at night.
If we get caught, we won't live to tell.
We won't go if you don't want.
But this is getting worse.
More will come after, we don't know what they'll be like.
I'll talk with the Romero's.
[policeman] How much did you get? A little more than I told you.
We got 60 thousand.
It will be hard, but I think he'll agree to it.
Thank you.
Really, thank you for all you're doing for Martha.
Do you have children? [dogs barking] [voice 1] They'll be fine, trust me.
- [voice 2] He's the enemy.
- [voice 1] We must finish them.
- [voice 2] He's the enemy.
- [voice 3] Run! [voice 2] You can't escape.
- [voice 1] Trust me.
- [voice 2] Shoot! - [voice 1] Trust me.
- [voice 2] Shoot! [Voice 1] Last chance.
[gun shot] [barking] [rustling] [rustling] [grunt] Who's there? [man] Who's there? Juan, take them.
[man] Here, take them, take care of them.
It's me, boss.
It's me, I'm sorry.
You wanted to leave, fucker? The leader called me here yesterday [panting] - Is this it? - Yes.
Give me the money, and we'll talk with the drug lord.
Can I go with you? What if it's not my daughter? That's not how things work.
You give us the cash or there's no deal.
[heavy breathing] Are you ready? [gun shots] [soldiers] Over there! Shoot them! Don't let them escape! [gun shots continue] [child] Mommy, mommy! I need proof that it's my daughter.
I recognized her.
What other proof do you need? The drug lord loves to say she's like a souvenir from Laredo.
We're risking ourselves, too, here.
If you don't give us the money, we go back and you never see her again.
[gun cocking] Don't make me look bad, or we both get killed.
There they go! Don't let them go! Mommy, mommy! Hey kid, wait, kid! Juan, go get him! No! They killed him! They'll hear you.
No! No, wait [Zenaida] Juan! Where are you going? Come back Juan! You're alive! You're OK! - You saw her? - I already told you I did.
What color was her hair? Brown, like the photo.
Well, that's it.
Ma'am we don't have all night.
You know what to do.
[gun cocking] Please don't kill me.
I'll never drop out again.
It's him or you.
Two months ago she dyed her hair blond.
I told her not to, but she dyed it anyway.
Please! That's all I have to find my daughter.
Please give me back her stuff, please! Please give me back her stuff! Give me her stuff! Go back to Nuevo Laredo.
Don't even think about talking about this, or I'll shut you up.
[crying] [president] I can tell you today, that we're rebuilding the social structure of this country, thanks to the advances we've had in the war against drugs.
[inhaling] [crying] [president] The operations implemented in conflict areas have delivered tangible results.
We have dismantled large criminal organizations.
And we'll continue to do so.
Drug cargoes have been seized all across the country.
What about the missing people? I can't welcome you here.
Ever since you declared the war against drugs, no one can live in peace.
My daughter was kidnapped.
So far nobody's done anything to find her.
We have more dead and missing people every day! And you come to talk about achievements? I understand.
The other night, 50 kids died.
You said all of them were gang members.
Drug dealers.
They were students! My daughter was also a student.
She worked and studied.
She was a good girl.
You owe all of the parents an apology.
And all of the residents, too.
Because we have to put up with your war.
Of course.
If one of your children had been kidnapped, you would have done the impossible to find them.
If one of your children had been murdered, you would look for those responsible, even at your own risk.
Of course.
Don't "of course" me! Do something! Stop your war already! BUS STATION MEXICO CITY Thank you.
HAVE YOU SEEN HER? [cheerful music playing, crowd cheering] Hey, man, cheers.
Look at Moreno.
[El Chapo] That's my boy! That's my fucking son.
[El Chapo] I'll be right back.
You have a lot of nerve to call me today.
- You know I'm at my wedding.
- [Sol] I'm not congratulating you.
The President is worried about the Cano and Chente situation.
The public is questioning him.
The media is after him.
He can suck it up.
Nobody said this would be easy.
He's getting impatient, Joaquín.
If you don't finish this war, the agreement will end.
What should I tell him? If war is not working, we have to try peace.
Subtitle translation by: Ana Teresa Arredondo Uribe