El Chapo (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

The government is nervous about this war.
It's our job to stop this shit.
Arturo has volunteered to negotiate peace with Chente and Cano.
Hell no, Arturo.
Chente and I learned the business together.
I said he'd have to be alone and unarmed, and he accepted.
You'll return in a box, dumbass.
They'll fuck him up.
I trust him.
We are in your hands.
To his courage! To his courage! It'll take care of you.
Few have the balls to enter Juarez with this war going on.
Thank you, Joaquín.
I'll make sure you end up dancing with Chente and Cano.
I hope so.
Did El Chapo force you to go? No.
- For real, Arturo? - For real.
- I'll go with you.
I'll take hitmen.
- No.
I have to keep my word with Chente.
If I get this for Joaquín, we'll have more power within the Federation.
And if you don't succeed? I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return No, Mr.
SECRETARY OF PUBLIC EDUCATION MEXICO CITY By anticipating that situation, last week we confiscated two semis from Sinaloa.
I'll manage the problem, and I'll keep you informed.
CONRADO SOL, IF YOU WAN TO STOP THE COUNTRY'S INSECURITY, STOP PROTECTING CHAPO AND SINALOA I'm sorry, but the shipment to Guatemala will be stopped until things calm down.
Also, I'm going to confiscate something of yours in Culiacan, Guadalajara, Nogales, and Nayarit.
You're hitting me hard, Conrado.
Not as hard as that Narco banner hit me.
I assume you saw it.
I told you I'm about to sort things out.
You leave me no choice, until you sort it out.
The press is all over Conrado, and now he has to fuck us up.
Let him make a show.
He will have to make up for our losses.
ROAD TO HIDALGO DEL PARRAL What's up, Joaquín? Arturo, how are you doing? It's all good, Joaquín.
I'm on my way to Parral.
I'll see you later.
Take care, fucker.
We'll be in touch.
Arturo arrived.
Where's Chente? He's waiting for you in Juarez.
Let's go OUTSIDE JUAREZ VICINITY Fucking Arturo.
My brothers were right.
I'll admit you have balls, fucker.
- Did they treat you well? - Yes.
You should train your pilots better.
I almost threw up.
I told them to kill you if you looked suspicious to them.
You were lucky because sometimes they are wrong.
This time they were right.
Because I came to talk about peace.
I didn't start this war.
- El Chapo started it.
- Yes, but we are all fighting.
And if you were willing, we could stop it right now.
El Chapo betrayed me once.
And he won't fool me again.
We all want peace, not just Joaquín.
I wouldn't have risked my neck if this wasn't serious.
Look, I can't decide without Cano, and he won't accept it.
If it was up to him, you'd be dead now.
Convince him to talk to me, Chente.
It's not good for any of us to continue like this.
Look I'm not asking you to return to the Federation.
We'll all run our own business, working peacefully.
Well, it's your turn to wait for an answer.
Just give me protection, and I'll stay in Juarez waiting for your decision.
I hope Cano doesn't decide to kill you.
Move quickly! Here's your money.
Straight to Chicago with no delays.
- You coming with us? - I don't have time.
- Is it 30 million? - Why 30? It's always been 25.
No, dude, the price increased.
To make it to 30 I have to launder it twice, and the powder will lose quality.
If you don't want it, tell me, and I'll call my dad.
There's plenty of others who want to do business with us.
Slow down, Quino! Catch me if you can! We have to search for him.
Give him a chance.
If he was dead, we would have known by now.
Joaquín is right.
Bad news travel fast, especially regarding Cano.
We have to wait.
The boss wants to talk with you.
What's up, Chente? Cano doesn't want to meet you.
You'll have to leave Juarez.
We could do something better than waiting.
Cano's cousin is a boy who wanders on the streets of Torreon.
I sent my people to follow him.
They're just waiting for my signal.
Leave the boy alone, Arriero.
It's just life insurance for Arturo.
You know what it is to lose a brother.
Don't make me beg you.
JR, change of plans.
Do not leave Arturo.
- Should we come back? - No, take him to Nuevo Laredo.
Cano will take care of him.
Wait, wait! You motherfuckers! Where the fuck is my cousin? I don't know anything about him.
If you had balls, as Chente says, you wouldn't have picked him up.
This is the last bullshit you do in this life.
No, no! Wait, wait! If you kill me, they'll kill your cousin.
Let me find out where he is.
You're one of El Chapo's men.
You're probably treacherous, too.
I come on behalf of the Federation, not just Joaquín.
And I'm a man of word.
Chente knows it.
I came alone and unarmed to talk peace.
Let me call Culiacan to find out about your cousin.
You have one minute.
- Yes? - It's Arturo.
Cano is asking about his cousin.
The boy is OK.
When you return in one piece, I'll let him go.
What the fuck were you thinking, idiot? Release him right now.
Do they guarantee you'll return alive? That's my problem.
Release him, brother.
They'll find him in Torreon Plaza.
I already sent men to the plaza, sir.
If you would lead the Federation, I'd join them.
The Federation has its leader.
I'm here because Joaquín is offering you peace.
I don't believe any shit coming from that fucker.
We defended ourselves against everyone.
Against you, the Army, the federal police, and we remained untouched.
That dude is nervous.
No deal.
That fucker would betray his own mother.
Look, Arturito, if I throw you to the dogs, my cousin will be safe before your people know what happened to you.
I took that risk when I ordered his release.
So brave, aren't you? They released your cousin.
Well, Chente is right.
You have balls.
You should work for us.
If there's peace, we could all work without problems.
How can I tell you're not lying to me? If you don't trust Joaquín, trust me.
I'll answer to you.
I'll make sure all deals are honored.
Joaquín, Chente and Cano agreed to meet.
They're willing to negotiate peace.
MEXICO CITY With these confiscations, we are sending a clear message to the Sinaloa Cartel.
CONRADO SOL SECRETARY OF PUBLIC SECURITY The government and the public safety institutions won't stop until drug trafficking is completely eradicated in this country.
These were the words of the Public Security Secretary who was accused in a Narco banner as being the nexus between the government and the Sinaloa Cartel.
Some think that these confiscations were just a strategy of the government.
Your call will be transfered to voice mail.
It's me again.
When can I see you? Are you being difficult? ARTURO BERNAL LEYDA'S RESIDENCE Boss, are you sure this is not a trap? He claims to negotiate peace but on his turf.
If you get attacked in Nuevo Laredo, it won't be easy to make it through.
You gotta take the risk, Tono.
If they want to kill us, we'll take some of them with us.
Wait here.
Didn't I tell you, Cano? If I were a girl, I would have screwed you long ago.
Come on.
I'll respect the territory you took from me, and you'll respect the one I took.
And let the government work.
Tell your government to stop chasing me, and I'll give the order to not kill any more authorities.
I can make them protect you, as they protect me, but that's not free.
It costs a lot of money.
Bring this motherfucker another whiskey! He managed to make us meet, he deserves it.
No one has danced with me yet, but we're doing fine.
Good job, Arturo.
Good times are coming, guys.
Good times are coming.
Can you give us a moment? What's up Cano? What's up, Arturo? Did you tell your brother what I told you? Tell him what? Look, man, I wasn't bluffing.
And if we are here hanging out together, it's because you risked your neck.
Not everyone would have dared to achieve peace, brother.
You convinced me to trust you.
When I trust in someone, I'm interested in how he's doing.
If I were El Chapo, well, I'd be giving you a great reward.
That Federation needs the hand of the Bernal Leyda.
Don't you forget it.
Ladies! Congratulations, Conrado.
- Excellent job.
- Thank you, sir.
And you didn't want to.
It wasn't that I didn't want to, I had a lot of work.
Your money.
Now I charge double.
Since when? Since I decided to raise my fee.
Stop it, OK? You'll put us out of business.
Stop fucking around.
I'm celebrating my success.
You know what? Cano is right.
Joaquín wouldn't have achieved peace without me.
He owes me.
Why did you want to see us? We agree that I've done a lot for the Federation, don't we? I got the agreement without shooting.
- I defended Acapulco.
- I know, I know.
I acknowledge it.
Stop beating around the bush and tell us what you want.
I want to be in charge of the new business between the government, Juarez, and Nuevo Laredo.
It's not a bad idea.
But we have to wait.
Now it's time to use the peace we have achieved to improve our products and increase the business.
The peace that I have achieved.
We'll talk about your request later.
Have the special forces watch the Bernal Leyda.
I wanna know all of their movements.
Now, buddy, let's focus on business.
Those are already spoken for.
Went for 30 million.
COCAINE CULTIVATION ZONE COLOMBIA I'll pay that price for them, but for the rest I'll give you half.
Why? If they're well located.
But they're over-planted.
It would take a lot to get a good crop.
Look, if you really want to do business with me, don't treat me like a rookie.
We're ready in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.
Now I'm heading to Chicago, and then to Spain.
We'll see if we can produce cheaper over there, and export to the rest of Europe.
Keep me informed.
Have a nice trip.
Continue, doc.
I was telling you, the great benefit of this hybrid is that it produces effects similar to cocaine.
Instead of making you drowsy, it wakes you up.
It's 75% genetic indica and 25% sativa.
With this plant, you'll break the American market.
Produce it.
POPPY GROWING FIELD Let's take a break, guys! We are close to getting this gram.
The first one I grew myself.
- From El Valle to Chicago.
- Awesome, dude.
If you want, I'll go with you.
We could learn both, right? If Joaquín is not going to acknowledge my efforts, then we'll have to move alone.
Don't rush it, brother.
He didn't say no, he just said we'll have to wait.
I'm sick of waiting.
Here the business is growing a lot.
There's room for us to lead, too.
Are you with me? Yeah, I'll follow you.
Chente, this is Arturo.
I need you to do me a favor.
That's not a favor, Arturo.
That's business.
Even better, right? Are you in? So you were going to move heroin through Juarez? What's the problem? I saw a chance and took it.
Your dogs are wrong if they think I wouldn't give the cut to the Federation.
I'm with the Federation, you can't deny that.
You should have talked to us first.
I got a good price, one that will give major profits to all of us.
Isn't that what's important? You skipped a rule of the Federation.
A Federation rule or your rule? Besides, we never said we couldn't make deals with them.
The best for all is that I bring in a lot of money, and that's what I'm doing.
Isn't it? Good afternoon, everyone.
Your bills have been paid.
We have to ask you to give us your cellphones.
- Thank you.
- What happened to your uncle was heavy, but now everything has calmed down.
The business is growing.
- What about you? - Doing great.
I'm about to make my third cross of the border.
You have to be punctual and precise with the gringos, Quino.
They do not accept delays.
- They gossiped to you about it? - If it happened, then it's not gossip.
If you're doing the business, do it right.
What about you? It's a hassle cultivating the paste.
- They told me you're at the ranch.
- Yes, I'm learning so they can't fool me.
I think I'm ready to make my first crossing.
OK just don't leave school, son.
Are we done? I need to go to Guadalajara after this.
Stop using that shit! And stop playing games with your bodyguards.
I know that you're leaving them behind.
You should teach them to drive better.
Hey, you, long time no see.
- Your allowance.
- Thanks.
Did you get fat? The girls don't like them old and fat.
I would take care of myself.
Take care, son.
One day I'll come check your field.
Quino, your father's gonna kill us.
Where are you? Pull over.
Pull over! Good evening.
Your driver license, please.
You have exceeded the speed limit.
How much do you want? I'm in a hurry.
Sir, how much did you drink? Look, my dad is Joaquín Guzman Loera.
You don't want to get in trouble.
Could you please get out of the vehicle, open the trunk, and give me the money? So my partner can't see, and I don't take more of your time.
I have nothing against you or your father, but law is law.
INCOMING CALL TALKER What's up? Sir, they took Quino.
And what are you waiting for? Get him out, that's what I pay you for.
It's not that easy, sir.
The police who took him said that he was your son.
And you know that the reporters hack our radio.
The press is here.
The latest statistics show an apparent decrease of violence in Mexico.
The Secretary of Public Security, Conrado Sol, has spoken out about it.
We will celebrate only when there are no more executions, and all the citizens can live at peace.
- Joaquín.
- My son was captured in Guadalajara.
POLICE STATION - What did he do? - That doesn't matter.
Get him out.
Before this get bigger.
You'll see me when I get out! Just wait, faggot! Why is he still locked up? Because he is your son and we have the press on our heels.
You have to get him out.
- His mom is going mad.
- I can't, Joaquín.
If I do it, all the news would show the Narco banner with my name.
Quino is not important for the organization, Conrado.
I can give you important people to distract the press.
Major arrests that will help your image.
I can deal with that.
Who are you going to turn in? Joaquín will be here soon.
Do you want something to eat? I'm fine, thanks.
The safety of Quino is very important to me, Joaquín.
That's why I brought you this, to protect him before we get him out.
Thanks, man.
I got the address of the station were he's being held.
Say the word and we'll get him out before they take him to the penitentiary.
I want to get him now, but if we do that we break the deal with the government, and that's not good for the Federation.
Thanks, buddy.
Our lawyer Lora is working on ways to get him out.
If you change your mind, you can count on me, and on Arriero, too.
Hey, are you gonna drink for his birthday? Yeah, it will be at my brother's house like usual.
You coming? I'll be there later.
I'm on my way.
You better have whiskey, you hear me? If you don't hurry, you won't get a single drop, fucker.
My soul is filled with pain Since you are not here any more Holy crap.
They will celebrate me in private.
See you later.
Make yourselves at home.
On the floor! Don't move! Freeze! Don't move! - What the fuck? - Put your hands up! Nobody moves.
Where's Arturo Bernal? I'm Alfredo Bernal Leyda, talk to your superiors.
Come on! Yes? Arturo, the federals just took your brother.
Conrado, when will you get my son? I'm on it, but you gave me just one of the Bernal Leyda.
What do you mean just one? Arturo wasn't there.
Do not let the press find out about Quino until we find him.
I'll delay it as much as I can.
Arturo escaped.
We have to find him now, or shit's going to hit the fan.
Find him.
We have to get that fucker.
Since we modified our strategy of fighting drug trafficking, the federal forces and the Army have captured more than 50 members of organized crime.
Now we add the capture of Alfredo Bernal Leyda, aka "El Arriero," one of the big fishes of the Sinaloa Cartel.
We are working hard every day - to locate him.
- What's up? About time! You had me worried.
What's going on, Joaquín? They got Arriero.
We gotta help him.
Of course, everything will be fine.
Where are you? The third tribunal declared the immediate release of Quino Guzman, son of the dangerous drug dealer Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzman, BREAKING NEWS EL CHAPO'S SON FREED who was arrested for a traffic violation.
You lived in Puente del Rey and Puente Grande thanks to us.
I risked my life for your fucking Federation, and this is how you repay us? Now brace yourself, motherfucker, because the war is on its way! Subtitle translation by: Jaime Munoz