El Chapo (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 10

1 [Alfredo] You were right, Cano.
Chapo is a traitor.
If he betrayed someone like you who has risked his neck for him, sooner than later, he's going to fuck all of us.
As long as he's alive, peace won't last.
You've already shown that you can handle him, and I can give you loyal men like La Muñeca, and can also give what you need to defeat them Information.
There is no worse enemy than an ex-friend.
El Chapo owes me a few.
I'm in.
Then let's do this.
The federal government is going to take it out on us.
We have to attack and defend ourselves at the same time.
Look, Arturo, Chente and I can defend the territories of Ciudad Juarez and Nuevo Laredo, but you're going to take care of the icing on the cake: attack El Chapo at his house.
Fucking great! Well, gentlemen, now he definitely won't have a chance against the three of us.
I feel the warmth From my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness That nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that Come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return EL CIELO RANCH "Here there's nothing to be afraid of.
" As if I couldn't take care of myself on my own! I've been asking you the whole way and you don't tell me anything.
They're going to make me stay here anyway until they get tired of me? Well, stop complaining! This is your fault and no one else's.
Your irresponsibility.
I can get my shit together.
I don't need anyone hiding me.
These are your father's orders! So deal with it! Quinito.
How serious is the situation? You know how Joaquin is.
He's just being cautious.
Don't try to fool me.
Be straightforward and tell me what's going on.
Quino's release from jail complicated things.
Joaquin doesn't want to take risks, specially with him, the one who started all this mess.
I agree with my son.
We must be careful.
I've got something important to do.
I can't stay locked here.
If your dad orders us to do this, he must have a good reason.
I get Quino's issue, but I have nothing to do with it.
Son, this isn't a game.
You've done enough with getting out of your house.
The order is for all of us, and we all have extra security while your dad is solving the problem.
Thanks for the sandwich, Mom.
Don't worry.
ARTURO BERNAL LEYDA'S HOUSE [Chapo] We've turned every stone just looking for him.
Arturo has become our worst enemy.
He's formed an alliance with El Cano and El Chente.
- He broke peace.
- No, Joaquin.
You're the one who broke peace by giving Arriero to them.
They got my son arrested.
The last time someone in my family was arrested, he got killed.
I had to get him out.
You promised us peace and profit if we joined your Federation and it has been the opposite.
A new war is about to start, not only against El Chente and El Cano, against Arturo, too.
A man who knows all of our moves.
Enough blood and death has resulted with you at the head of the Federation.
I'm not in this war anymore.
I'm not taking sides.
I quit your Federation.
We quit your Federation, too.
This is getting out of hand, Joaquin.
Any news? It's like he fell off the face of the earth.
We've already looked at all the safe houses, we have men all over town, but not a trace of him.
Get more men to look for him.
Are we going to resume attacks against Nuevo Laredo and Juarez? Yes.
Those territories have to be ours.
We must weaken them.
Those three together can beat the hell out of us.
[steps approaching] What the fuck are you doing here? We agreed you wouldn't come! I came to ask your permission to go to the gathering.
No! Dad, I'm ready to do my first job.
You'll do it later.
I can't.
I'm already meeting the gringos, and you told me I have to comply with them.
I will not fail them in my first job.
Fucking kid! Come on, don't be like that.
The gathering isn't that risky.
I'll be safer there than in Culiacan, right? OK, then.
But I'm going to give you a double escort.
Come here.
Good luck! And what makes you so tense? Work stuff A peace that didn't last at all.
And a war for which I'll have to answer all my career, if it's not resolved.
Does your rate still include listening to me? Or is that extra? Come.
Come! [moans] I charge you what I want and what I want is free.
Do you understand? Do you understand? If you want me to listen to you, I charge you in another way.
Relax, we're just friends having dinner.
If you don't relax, then it's going to be suspicious.
I don't think this was a good idea.
Smile! I didn't mention it, but today on my way home, an asshole crashed into my taxi.
We turned and he crashed into us.
Luckily it wasn't that bad.
The guy didn't even get out to see how his car was.
He just took off.
Why don't we order something to take out? Lets order a pizza and leave? A pizza sounds good.
Excuse me! May I have a pizza to go, please? Your choice.
And the bill.
MACHO PRIETO SECURITY HOUSE VILLA DEL SOL NEIGHBORHOOD [hitmen] Uh, uh, uh uh Ah! I'm going to fuck you all! Give it your all, Metrico.
[all chanting] Metrico! Metrico! Metrico! Metrico! Metrico! Metrico! [grunts] You've got to start the hunt for Arturo Bernal Leyda.
Get ready! [doorbell] Hey.
I'm fucking hungry.
There's a lot of security outside.
What's going on? My dad's men.
- Did you contact the ranch? - They're already packing everything.
- And the tunnel? - Ready to make our first job.
The first of many, bastard.
And you don't even have beer to celebrate.
First you work, and then you celebrate, man.
If I was your father's son I'd always be celebrating, man.
No way, Arturo.
If we work this out, I'm not only going to be El Chapo's son, I'll get my own name in the business.
Let's go.
Don't worry, man.
Everything is going to work out fine.
Tell your father to get ready 'cause he's got a rival.
[laughs] - What's up? - Sir.
It's time to leave.
I've never seen you before.
They almost never send me here.
My friend is going to be a good boss, right? Better than his father.
He looks like a nice person.
I'm Arturo Meza.
They call me El Metrico.
Why? Because the bastard doesn't do lines if it's not per meters.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks for the company, guys.
From here on, we go alone.
Well, I have orders not to leave.
That's in Culiacan.
From now on, it's safe.
Anyway, you won't fit in the small plane.
- Then let me call Toño.
- I'm already telling you.
I think that should be enough.
Yes, sure.
- Excuse me.
- No problem.
- Give it to my dad, please.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, Metrico.
See you.
Don Joaquin must be fucked up.
CHAPO'S HITMEN'S RESIDENCE I think fucking Arturo has already escaped.
Why not? They won't leave us alone until we find him.
[cellphone ringing] [cellphone ringing] Yes, sir, I'll let him know right now.
Your dad.
Dad? Almost all the cargo is already at the other side.
[Chapo] Congratulations, son.
[Moreno] I'll be back in Culiacan in a bit to celebrate.
That's why I'm calling It's better you don't come back right now.
Things are getting very serious here.
Did something happen? Nothing we can't take care of.
When things calm down, we can celebrate together.
Don't worry.
Go take a walk, enjoy Just don't tell anyone where you're going.
Go with the men I sent you.
It's OK, Dad.
Did you get what I sent you? No.
What did you send me? You'll see it when it gets there.
- OK then.
Take care, son.
- You too.
What's up? It'd be better if we don't go back.
Then where are we going? Let's celebrate it gringo style.
[laughs] [knocks] [President] Come in.
We are taking the appropriate measures.
That's all, thank you.
How long did peace last? We're working to solve everything, Sir.
That's not what I asked you.
This is a mess.
Because of you, the international community is taking me to task.
Why in the hell did you get out Chapo's son so fast? It was an exchange for the Bernal Leyda brothers.
So where's Arturo? It's just a matter of time until they find him.
You're feeling very confident with your post, Conrado.
Don't take it for granted.
With all due respect, Mr.
President, this isn't the most appropriate moment to try to intimidate me.
Our only option is to support Joaquin so that he can take control definitively.
We already gave him many chances.
If we don't negotiate with him, then with whom? With Cano and the Emes? They are psychopaths.
We have to give him more men in order to attack those territories and shield Culiacan.
How many? An army.
Winning this war won't be easy, but if we succeed, everything will go back to normal.
What is "normal"? OUTSIDE OF CULIACAN, MEXICO [Toño] Have you talked with El Moreno? [Chapo] He's taking care of his first deal.
He's starting out better than I did.
He's going to be boss faster than me.
The reinforcements arrived.
Now Arturo is definitely not going to have anywhere to hide.
And hot ones.
How did you find out about this place if you don't know a fucking word of English? Everything's possible, man.
[laughs] [women talking in English] Hello.
- Spanish? - No.
IDs, please.
We not from here.
We, uh, cerveza.
Beer! - Solo beer.
- IDs.
Ah! You want this.
How much? Get lost.
How much do you want, asshole? I said get lost.
Let's leave this place, asshole.
When I own Chicago, I'm going to buy this bar and make everyone call me as I deserve: as Sir.
Not just as sir, man.
They'll call you "Don Sir.
" "Don Sir Boss.
" And the gringo will get fired.
What are we doing here, man? Let's go to Culiacan.
Didn't your father tell you not to? I'm not going to stay in a fucking place where they don't speak Spanish.
Everything's going to be fine if we go back as long as nobody knows.
Let's go then.
[shots] Come on, motherfuckers! Kill that son of a bitch! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.
ARTURO [hitman] We can chase him all day long, sir.
That's what Arturo wants for me to make a mistake and get distracted.
You stay with me.
My head is the biggest prize for Arturo, El Cano and El Chente, and I'm not going to hand it over.
The military has no clue yet, sir.
And Arturo is clever.
He knows that if he attacks from the front he won't stand a chance.
He wants to scare us and make us go crazy with all these strikes.
He's provoking us so we go out looking for him and leave Culiacan defenseless.
Let's do the opposite.
We're not going anywhere.
Let's declare curfew in the town.
Take care of it.
What's that? It was sent by El Moreno.
[Chapo laughing] The Americans are very pleased with him.
Let things calm down and we'll throw him a party he'll never forget.
I feel like after this travel, I'm going to sleep for two days straight.
FERIA GANADERA NEIGHBORHOOD MAY 7, 2008 I told you they'd know when we got back, man.
I'll take care of it.
Let me do the talking.
Where are you headed? I'm Don Joaquin's son.
That's El Moreno.
Excuse me, young man, but shouldn't you have security guards with you? You don't have to worry about that, I just need a favor Don't tell my dad you saw me out here.
It's your father's orders, young man.
I'm not asking you to lie, just to forget that you saw us passing by.
I'm going home now.
- As you command, boss.
- Yeah.
Split it up.
Let's go.
We need results, Joaquin.
[Chapo] Not only you Between your people and mine we should've already found Arturo.
But that motherfucker knows how to move.
[Sol] We gave you what you asked.
The army and the federal police have been supporting your attacks against Juarez and Nuevo Laredo, but El Cano and Chente have fully proven that they know how to defend their territories.
Once again there are too many dead.
That was not the deal.
What's up, Conrado? Are you losing faith in me? I'm not going to lie to you, the President is getting tired.
This is your last chance.
If you don't have results soon, not even I can protect you.
Don't fool around, man! It's already 5:30! If you wake me up, I'll kill you.
[Announcer] Good morning, Culiacan.
As many of you know, there is an anonymous email going around indicating that the Sinaloa Cartel has declared a curfew in town starting today at 6:00 p.
- [bells ringing] - [overlapping radio chatter] PREPARE YOURSELF CHAPO NOT EVEN THE ENTIRE ARMY WILL BE ABLE TO HELP CULIACAN IS MINE SINCERELY, ARTURO This is serious, dear listeners.
There's a war between Arturo Bernal Leyda and El Chapo Guzmán.
Make sure everyone's patrolling the town.
Today we have to find Arturo Bernal.
8:00 P.
- What time is it? - Eight o'clock.
Are you kidding? Eight o'clock at night? I'm fucking hungry.
- Let's have something at the mall.
- OK.
[Arturo Meza] Why is everything closed today? [Moreno] What's going on, man? Something's happened.
[sniffs] [hitman] I think when you were a baby they gave you coke instead of milk.
[sniffs] I can handle it.
More? Are you crazy? One more? Easy.
It's not my first time.
ALAMEDA NEIGHBORHOOD What the heck, man? This is so weird.
- What are you going to do? - I'm going to call my dad.
Why would you, man? He's gonna kick your ass if he knows you're back.
It's better than not knowing what's going on.
It's out of batteries.
Give me yours.
No, asshole.
I left mine at your place.
But you can find a charger in there.
Look at that motherfucker.
What about that one? You'd better not die, dumbass! [Metrico] Arturo! - Where? - There, in the van! Arturo's there, bro! Arturo's there! I repeat, we found Arturo Bernal Leyda.
Kill him! Go! Go! - Now you're dead - Kill him? It's on.
[cellphone ringing] [screams and shots] [cellphone ringing] No! It's Arturo Meza! No! No! [cellphone ringing] No! [Chapo] Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? What the fuck? Who is this? [busy signal] Subtitle translation by Margot Martinez