El Chapo (2017) s02e11 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 11

1 Leave me alone.
[sobs] [cries] I feel the warmth From my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness That nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that Come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return NACHO PRIETO'S SAFE HOUSE [hitman] You got off the truck shooting, asshole.
[hitman 2] You were also shooting.
[main hitman] The boss gave an order! [all talking at same time] [hitman] Métrico said Arturo was there! [Macho Prieto] Quiet! Don Ismael wants us to meet with Don Joaquín.
He wants to see all of us.
[gunshot] Graciela's Residence [screams] [cries] [sobs] They're preparing everything for the wake.
It'll be at Saint Martin.
[sobs] It's your fault.
My son's death is because of your greed.
[sobs] Don't touch me.
Get out of my house.
[sobs] [cries] [cries] They brought Quino, sir.
[dishes crash] [sobs] You have to leave Mexico.
You'll go to Canada.
[sobbing] When? - After the wake? - No.
You can't go to the wake.
I have to see my brother.
If we go, we'll put everyone at risk.
Your mom and your grandmother will be there on your behalf.
CHAPO'S RESIDENCE [door opens] - Where are they? - There.
Go get them.
Go to your room.
We're here to pay for our mistake.
We came for you to kill us.
[cocks gun] Get out.
[cries] Take care.
[Sol] Do you know who killed him, lieutenant? [lieutenant] We assume it was Arturo Bernal Leyda's men.
But that hasn't been confirmed yet.
- Keep me posted.
- [lieutenant] Of course, sir.
[Chente] If Arturo didn't do it who should we thank, then? [Cano] It doesn't matter who killed him.
We'll take advantage of it.
Let's not give him a chance to do anything.
Call Arturo.
The sooner we act, the better.
[Arturo] If you send me more men, we can make the soundtrack for that wake.
Fine, I'll take care of Culiacán.
You go after the rest of the territories.
[reporter] Even though the authorities haven't confirmed it yet, all signs point to Bernal Leyda's men as the main suspects in Guzman Loera's son's murder.
BREAKING NEWS "EL CHAPO" GUZMAN'S SON DEAD IN Culiacán - The authorities are - Chente, It's done.
- concerned for a possible cartel war - Let me know when your men are ready.
[reporter] Authorities have expressed concern for possible retaliation.
- It is expected - [cocks gun] You got the worst punishment for a traitor.
[phone rings] [recording] You've reached the voicemail.
This call will be charged after the tone.
My deepest condolences.
Please, call me as soon as you can.
[Graciela] Thank you.
He couldn't sleep last night.
He wants to be alone.
He doesn't look well.
Talk to him, please.
Listen to this.
[Sol] My deepest condolences.
Call me as soon as you can.
Call him.
I've got nothing to say.
There's no truce in this war, even less now.
That's why I didn't kill Macho Prieto and his men.
If he's gonna die, it should be defending Culiacán.
We'll defend the territory together.
The funeral must be starting.
I want to see my son one last time, and I can't.
How can I fix that? You must continue to lead the charge.
We need you.
I can't be here, and not go to his funeral.
I'll go to La Tuna.
Go there with protection.
Don't forget we're at war.
You can't forget that.
[Arturo] Will I win this war? It shows that you'll succeed.
Even so, you must be careful.
I know.
I can't trust anyone.
Look, I'll tell you names.
Tell me if I can trust them.
Garcia Arroyo.
Nothing comes out.
Can I trust him or not? Yes, you can.
Vazquez Arana? Give him a chance.
I'm not done yet.
Luciano Darba.
It's not clear, sir.
Then, why should I be careful? You're lying, right? Sure? Is Ponciano a traitor? Son of a bitch.
Are you sure you don't want me to go? I want to be alone.
Then, I'll go to the funeral.
- [knock on the door] - [Toño] Sir.
Esperanza's here.
I told you, Joaquín.
I told you to stop.
SAFE ROOM [shooting on TV] What the fuck? [opens a beer] I brought you this.
[Arturo] We already have 10 men in Navolato.
Ready to get to Culiacán at a moments notice.
- Don't go in until I tell you, Chente.
- [Chente] Got it.
It'll be difficult to get there.
They haven't lowered their guard.
Chente's men could try.
Worst case scenario, they are killed.
We'll continue attacking El Chapo.
What's your opinion of Ponciano? - The businessman? - Yes.
We've never had issues with him.
You know something? He works for Joaquín.
Where'd you get that information? You can smell betrayal.
Bring me Ponciano's sons.
ROAD TO LA TUNA [Don Sol] Where is he? He doesn't return my phone calls, he doesn't return my messages.
I understand how difficult it is to lose a son.
This is not the time to disappear.
Moreno's death was an internal error.
That makes it more difficult.
What do you mean an "internal error"? [Ismael] Joaquín ordered that Arturo Bernal be hunted.
His son was the one who was hunted down.
They got confused.
His enemies will take advantage of it.
I'll take care while he recovers.
If he ever does.
[Ismael] He'll come through.
He'll call you when you least expect it.
I've never lost someone close to me.
How would it feel to lose a son? From what I've heard, he has a large family.
I mean, so he won't feel lonely in such a harsh time.
Joaquín's moved by ambition.
Ambition sometimes comes with a high cost.
- What about you? - What about me? What price are you willing to pay to become president? [chattering] Thank you for coming.
My condolences, Graciela.
Get away from him while you still can.
Joaquín only brings pain.
Arturo, this is a mistake.
OK, motherfuckers your dad's lying to me.
He's working with El Chapo.
No, sir, he only works for you.
We'll find out.
How's it going, Ponciano? Yeah, they're fine, for now.
I heard you're a traitor, working for El Chapo.
No, Ponciano, don't promise me things.
You have 'till dawn to prove it's not true.
Look don't worry, guys.
If your dad's clean nothing will happen to you.
Ponciano's been nothing but loyal to us.
I've been investigating.
They all say he's with us.
You have to focus on attacking Joaquín.
Let's see.
Will you bet your life on Ponciano's innocence? - No? - No.
See? Our men are heading to Culiacán, sir.
[Arturo] Kill all the federales.
Chapo doesn't know what he's in for.
[man] No Federales will be left alive.
[recording] call will be charged Answer me, compadre.
We need you.
The Emes are in Mazatlán.
In Culiacán, the Federales were slaughtered.
Your enemies are taking advantage.
They'll attack again.
Take your men and go on patrol.
You can't bring El Moreno back, but you can defend Sinaloa.
[Mexican corrido playing] Damn! [man] They've just reported two more clashes, we're losing ground in Culiacán.
Ask the army for help.
They need to take the streets back.
Take down all the assailants.
Get rid of their bodies, leave no trace.
[reporter] During the night, altercations and gunfights took place in Culiacán.
More than a dozen Federales were killed.
Many others were injured with a reserved prognosis.
The army is on the streets to guarantee the citizens' safety.
[phone rings] Mr.
No, he's still locked in.
He ordered us to leave him alone.
Keep knocking until he opens the door.
I need to speak to him.
Ismael needs to speak with you.
[phone rings] Joaquín.
My son gets buried today.
- He gets buried today.
- [Joaquín sighs] I need you to do me a favor.
Compadre I understand what you're going through but the government is putting pressure on us, and Chente Cano and Arturo are hot on our heels.
Joaquín, you need to come back.
This is bigger than you.
You started this war, you can't go back on it.
Joaquín? I need a favor.
How are my sons? Prove to me you don't work for Joaquín, and you'll see them today.
Please, Arturo, who told you this nonsense? I got nothing to do with El Chapo, I only work for you.
You said you had proof.
Let me see it.
You can see there that I have always paid you what was due, nothing less.
Well, I made a mistake once.
My accountant didn't report some earnings sent to Switzerland.
He told me, I ordered for it to be transferred to you.
You have proof there.
Let my sons go, please.
- You believe him? - It was a single mistake.
It has nothing to do with El Chapo.
You believe this fucker? Fine but I don't.
Let's go.
Keep your eye on that dog.
Arturo, please Trust me! Let my sons go! Thank you.
Did you do what I asked? [Ismael] Yes, compadre everything's set, just as you asked.
Thank you, compadre.
[Ismael] Joaquín, come back to Culiacán.
Don't be alone during this time.
You started a path you can't turn back from.
What's going on, Chapo? You started a path you can't turn back from.
You started a path you can't turn back from! Gimme that, fucker.
You don't deserve it, fucking kid.
Get the fuck out.
Get out! [engine starts] [rooster clucks] [Joaquín whistles] [rooster clucks] - Dad - How did it go, son? It went fine.
I'm tired, but it all went fine.
[rooster clucks] [Chapo] This would be my life, if I started it over again.
If I could choose [gun shot] I would shoot one thousand times more.
[reporter] This morning, Culiacán arose bathed in blood all over again.
During the early morning hours, six gun battles were reported between rival cartels.
The bodies of businessman Ponciano Dalba's sons were WE ARE HERE, CHAPO.
were abandoned at the corner of Ponciano never worked for me.
Arturo's thinking everybody's betraying him.
[vehicle approaching] Those roses it was you.
I'm heading back to Culiacán, Mom.
Go then.
May God protect you.
Ismael, compadre I'm on my way.
Subtitle translation by Jorge Vázquez