El Chapo (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

1 [Joaquin] I just don't know how to use these sticks.
I miss my aguachile from Las Palms, in Culiacan.
[Alba] Did they use tamarind? [Joaquin] I can't eat with these things.
[Alba laughing] [Ismael] This meat is [Alba] The chili is missing, right? We should get some scallops as soon as we get back.
[Joaquin] Of course.
I hadn't congratulated you, Joaquin.
Now you're really the fucking best.
[Joaquin] Look, babe.
[Joaquin growls] [Joaquin] You're doing everything right, Mayel.
Thanks to you, Sinaloa is everywhere.
Thank you, Mayel.
We had a great time.
A toast for 701.
For 701.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, man.
It was a pleasure having you here.
Did I raise this kid right, or what? Don't worry about a thing, our partners fixed everything so you won't have any problems with customs.
Bye, Mayel.
Take care.
[Mayel] Bye.
Thanks for everything, son.
You did great.
[laughs] [phone ringing] What's up, sir? [Loera] Mayel? I got you the appointment with the bank's owner.
Are you coming to Mexico soon? I wasn't planning to.
Let me finish things and I'll give you a date, OK? Good.
The sooner the better.
[birds singing] I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return [man] If it's not for daily use, you have more options, sir.
I'll have it with me at all times.
I want a small gun, automatic.
I like these.
The Beretta 92 and the Colt 45.
If I can give you my opinion, sir.
I'd choose the Colt.
It weighs 3 ounces more.
You won't forget you have it on you.
[Joaquin] I want it designed with this inscription.
I want it plated in gold and diamonds.
When can I pick it up? In two weeks, Mr.
MEXICO CITY Berta is more like you than you think, Conrado.
She also wants to be president of Mexico.
But Mexico is not ready for either of you.
You, because you're an intelligent woman.
You, because you're homosexual.
If we're going to work together, no more secrets.
Berta needs a platform and would be a great first lady.
It's a great way to start.
You, Conrado, besides portraying yourself as a family man, you need to clean up your image.
And Berta is an expert at that.
You can count on me for your political careers, and I count on you to follow the steps I suggest.
[chattering] First will be the marriage.
So you can be appointed secretary of state as a married man.
You can count on me.
I give you my word, godfather.
[indistinct chatter] [man] I hope you like it, sir.
[crickets chirping] It has embellishments in the safety, the cock, and the grip.
It's perfect.
[ranchera music] [waiter] If you'll excuse me.
Are you organizing the party to celebrate the magazine? Yes, it's going to be at ranch in Durango.
Hurry up with the scallops because I want to go make a kid.
I like this way better than that fish with tamarind in Malaysia.
INTERNATIONAL AIRPOR MEXICO CITY How was your trip? [Mayel] Long but good.
What time are we leaving for Culiacan? The airplane leaves at noon.
That way you can see your family, and tomorrow you go with the banker.
I'll leave you at the house in Lomas so you can rest until the airplane is ready.
[phone ringing] Hello, Alexei.
[engine starting] You should try to rest.
If you want anything, let me know.
Thank you, and thank you for picking me up.
[phone ringing] [blast] [Manny] Say goodbye to Mexico, sir.
[Joaquin] You've been loyal all this time, Lora.
You're a friend.
[man] They sell them all over Culiacan, sir.
We're really good for business here.
Send someone to buy several of each one.
Mayel has been arrested.
What do you mean? Where? In Mexico, at the Lomas house.
Does Ismael know? They're telling him right now.
And Lora? His car is parked in front of the house in Lomas.
But we don't know anything about him.
Search his house here in Culiacan.
LORA'S HOUSE SINALOA, MEXICO [metallic sound] [heavy breathing] Fucking traitor.
We have people looking for him in the capital, sir.
Put it away.
Cancel the party.
This is no time to celebrate.
What the fuck is going on? Why was Mayel arrested? [Conrado] I wasn't aware of the operative.
It was Navy Special Forces working together with the DEA.
This was a warning.
You should have stopped the labs in Malaysia.
We have to keep the gringos as allies.
If they ask something, you do it.
I'm not their dog obeying their orders.
I obey the business.
Mayel's arrest was effectuated for extradition purposes.
They can't take him away.
Tell them to stop.
I'm going to cancel Malaysia and close that route.
Do it quickly.
The judge is still putting the files together.
Apparently they're going to take him to a prison near the border.
But let me tell you that his processing is going fast, it's out of the ordinary.
[news music] [reporter] Mayel Zambrano was captured this morning in the nation's capital.
According to authorities, the young mafia boss, the son of the known drug lord Ismael Zambrano, is a fundamental part in the logistics of the Sinaloa Cartel.
The authorities say that with Mayel Zambrano being captured, it significantly affects the operative capacity and the drug trafficking of the organization, whose leader is El Chapo Guzman.
Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo Guzman, was recently named as one of the richest men in Mexico by Forbes magazine.
Mayel Zambrano I canceled all the operations in Malaysia so the gringos can calm down, man.
[reporter] was captured and presented Calm down.
We will get him out of there before the judge can sentence him.
[reporter continues] I hope so.
[reporter] long and short-range guns and cash.
Damaso recommended a law firm that has the best litigators.
Valdovinos and Garduño.
GARDUÃ'O AND VALDOVINOS LAWYERS I hired them this morning when I heard the news.
Your father asks you to relax.
We won't let them take you out of the country.
[Joaquin] That's good, friend.
Let the lawyers take care of the legal part.
I already have people looking for another way to help Mayel.
MEXICO CITY JUDICIAL COUNCIL My contact told me the judge always gets out at the same time.
Let's convince him to help us with Mayel.
[trucks approaching] [Bravo] We can't get anywhere near him, sir.
The Navy has him covered.
And his house is under 24 hour surveillance.
We can't reach the judge or his family.
Unless you order a direct confrontation.
We can't shake things up even more.
Did you find any clues about Lora? The earth swallowed him whole.
Most likely he was taken out of the country.
You're out of Mexico and your family is far away.
Chapo has very long arms.
I'll never stop worrying.
Well, don't be reckless or leave any traces.
And never stay long in one place.
Good luck.
This one.
[organizer] I love classic.
It's elegant, shows status.
- But, since you're young - Well, not really.
What do you mean? You look very young.
Please, can we hurry up? I have to go back to work.
We're both taking time from work, honey.
This is important, too.
You're gonna love this.
My last wedding was the Urbanianos-Velasquez union.
Of course.
Pato and Fer's wedding.
It was gorgeous.
They were delighted.
Without leaving the classic behind, we gave them a more modern touch.
You like it? We don't have to do the same as your friends.
I would like something a little less European.
You're a public figure, honey.
The classic style goes with your status.
[organizer] I'll leave you alone so you can discuss it and think about it.
It's OK.
Let the women decide.
In the end, this is feminine territory.
ALMOLOYA PRISON MEXICO [guard] Take him out.
[Mayel] What's going on? What's going on! Where are you taking me? I wanna see my lawyer.
I'm telling you that I want to see my lawyer! Where are you taking me? Where's Mayel? [Conrado] They took him to the border.
To the maximum-security federal center at Matamoros.
I lost a lot of dough closing Malaysia, Conrado.
I hope it's not for nothing.
Joaquin his extradition has just been approved.
APPROVED The gringos said that it's not about you closing Malaysia or not, it's because you disobeyed from the start.
Tell the DEA that if they dare to extradite Mayel they will regret it.
[grunts] APPROVED This is a sham.
An extradition has never been approved this quickly.
Please, sit down.
Can you tell me why we weren't notified beforehand? That's the notification, sir, according to the law.
The law also says that we have the right to see our client before you take him away.
What happened, sir? Why was it so fast? This is very irregular, Mayel.
We don't have much time.
Your father and Mr.
Joaquin have told us to follow your case to the United States.
Remain calm.
Don't say a word until we meet there.
TRANSFERS FEDERAL POLICE [Valdovinos] They just took him.
We are so sorry, sir.
[airplane engine whirs] MILITARY HANGAR MATAMOROS, MEXICO [birds singing] CHICAGO, UNITED STATES Understood.
Tell him that we're going there right away.
What happened? We have to go to Culiacan, Mr.
Joaquin is calling for us.
There's no way he can know that we helped Lora, right? ISMAEL ZAMBRANO'S HOUSE CULIACAN, MEXICO Those fucking gringos have to understand they can't mess with me.
I was told you guys can get me war-grade weapons.
It depends on what you need them for.
We can get whatever you need.
I want a bomb.
What for? To fuck their embassy up.
So they respect me.
So they won't touch us again.
We need to send a clear message.
No, man.
I'm sorry, but that will only make Mayel's situation worse.
Mayel and everybody else.
A bomb is a very different mess, Joaquin.
We do as you order, Dad.
But if the gringos peg us as terorists, we all get extradited.
Starting with you.
You're right.
A bomb is not the only way.
There's another way to fuck with the gringos.
This is the new information we're using to prepare your defense.
Read it.
PENITENTIARY CHICAGO, UNITED ESTATES What's this? It's the bosses' new strategy.
THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED! YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR WEDDING "A MARRIAGE IS AN ACT OF COURAGE TOGETHER WE'LL BE STRONGER" [reporter] Today Mayel Zambrano will face American justice in a private audience in a federal court in Illinois.
Mayel Zambrano will face the drug dealing charges he's being accused of.
I plead not guilty to all charges of drug trafficking I'm being accused of.
Since I've been working with the consent of the DEA.
The DEA and the Sinaloa Cartel have had an agreement for years.
The cartel provides information and leaders of opposing groups.
In exchange, the DEA does not interfere in drug trafficking activities.
They have granted immunity to Joaquin Guzman Loera and Ismael Zambrano.
[Joaquin] Thank you, Valdovinos.
Tell Mayel he's a badass.
Your son dropped the bomb.
Wait a few hours for the scandal to explode and no one will touch us again.
They will get the message loud and clear.
LINKED ALLIANCES BETWEEN THE DEA AND DRUG TRAFFICKING THE DEA HAS AGREEMENTS WITH THE SINALOA CARTEL [phone vibrating] Before we say anything, we want you to guarantee that you will help us disappear like you did with Lora.
We don't want to risk that Joaquin will know what we're about to tell you.
Joaquin wanted to place a bomb.
[Manny] A bomb? Where? In your embassy, here in Mexico.
He changed his mind at the end, but he was serious for a moment.
He asked us to get it for him.
Would you give us protection? [classical music] Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- How are you? - Thank you.
Godfather, godfather.
[murmuring] Enjoy the evening.
- Mr.
- How are you? Hello, welcome.
Thank you, here.
You have a beautiful wife, Conrado.
Thank you, sir.
Her only flaw is supporting the PTI.
You're very lucky.
Thank you, I know.
Have a good time.
[ranchera music] Thank you.
Thank you for coming, thank you.
Here it is.
Fucking amazing, Dad.
What I have achieved is big, son.
We had to celebrate.
I'm so high up that even the gringos have to respect me.
Give me tequila.
Come on, let's go.
[laughs] [man] The anchor is in the pozole.
I repeat, the anchor is in the pozole.
Lopez? [Lopez] We are on 23.
What's happening? [sirens] [Bravo] They got us! Move! Move, move, move! [Lopez] We're going back, we're going back.
[Lopez] Come on, come on! [sirens and shooting] [man] Bravo, come on! Move, move, move! Come on, come on! [shooting and screaming] [officer] Stop! [Bravo] Lopez, they got us, come over here! Let's go! [Lopez] Hang in there, we're coming! [gunfire] Subtitle translation by Daniela Garcia