El Chapo (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 1

1 [reporter 1] It's a convoy of federal police and they are coming out of a private airport towards the jail to extract the drug lord Joaquin Guzman Loera and bring him back to the airport, where a plane of the Mexican Air Force is already waiting for him.
[reporter 2] Every criminal is afraid of being extradited.
[plane turbines] El Chapo Guzman's defense team tried to prevent him from being extradited.
They mentioned how opposed he was to it, just like anyone would be.
[reporter 3] There he is, El Chapo Guzman, escorted by members of the DEA.
We just saw him going into a hangar.
El Chapo Guzman steps into the USA at exactly 9:32 p.
A new story of El Chapo Guzman is about to begin.
METROPOLITAN CORRECTIONAL CENTER NEW YORK, USA [man] I assure you, no tunnel will be built leading to his bathroom.
You can actually see the fear as the realization starts to kick in that he's about to face American justice.
[Joaquin] I could have prevented the extradition.
[music] I feel the warmth From my boiling blood I feel the fear sweat dripping away There's a stillness That nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return 8 YEARS EARLIER WAREHOUSE [music] TUNNEL WAREHOUSE CITY OF JUAREZ, MEXICO BORDER ROAD WITH UNITED STATES CITY OF JUAREZ, MEXICO GOMEZ TWINS WAREHOUSE CHICAGO, USA GOMEZ TWINS OPERATORS FOR JOAQUIN IN CHICAGO The cargo arrived without any problems.
We're preparing it to send to New York.
WAREHOUSE That's great.
Let me know when it arrives.
The twins got in touch.
The heroin got there OK.
Send half the money to the money exchange houses on Juarez Street.
Share the rest with the soldiers in that area.
We're doing great, Joaquin.
The profits are so high that we no longer count the money, we just weigh it.
That's because we're controlling the border.
Now with Mayel's help, we're going to control the world.
MEXICO CITY After an extremely comprehensive investigation, and with a great help from our informants from within the Sinaloa Cartel, we've assembled a graph showing the growth of Guzman Loera's organization.
Since the take over of the border, shipments of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and synthetic drugs to USA, have tripled.
And that's only between Mexico and our country.
Throughout the rest of the world, El Chapo has spread out extensively, creating and seizing control of the following countries: Starting from South America, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela.
In Central America, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and, of course, as you know very well, Mexico, USA and Canada.
In Europe, Holland, Germany, The UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Russia, Italy and Greece.
In Africa, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Congo, Mozambique and Ghana.
In Asia, Turkey, China, Syria, Indonesia, Japan, Philipines and Lebanon.
And in Oceania, Australia.
Ismael Zambrano's son, Mayel Zambrano.
He's been a key asset for this rapid expansion.
He's responsible for all the cartel's international relations.
[speaks in Russian] We want guarantees that you can provide for us without any delays.
We can.
We're the biggest organization in Mexico.
This new route will be a priority for us.
MAYEL ZAMBRANO, ISMAEL'S SON CARTEL DE SINALOA'S EMISSARY [speaks in Russian] Joaquin? I'm opening a route in Moscow, but I'm worried about our production capacities.
We're up to our necks, but don't worry about that.
You keep opening routes, I'll handle the production.
[music] The Sinaloas are bringing so much heroin into New York, that the death rate has quadrupled.
If that doesn't spark your interest, they are opening routes all over the world we didn't even know about.
We must stop El Chapo before his empire grows anymore.
Before we lose control.
No problem, sir.
Did you see this? The PTI assholes are already making a media campaign for their guy that's running for the presidency.
As if youth and beauty could get them the power back.
MEXICO'S STATE GOVERNOR CONTINUES WITH PUBLIC WORKS They've confirmed he's their candidate? It's a very bad kept secret.
He's their new image.
But we're not going to make it easy for them.
Let's see how long the young governor upholds that clean image.
Anyway, I didn't call you for that.
I want details on that security plan for the meeting with the chancellor.
Did you bring the report? Here it is.
Sir, if I may, you have to know how to hit the PTI people.
If you'd like, I could help you find something to damage the governor's image.
Don't worry.
Ramiro, the presidential spokesman, is already on it.
[engine starting] [phone ringing] - Hello? - [Conrado] It's me.
They're trying to smear our man.
Find out where they'll try to strike.
Yes, sir.
[engine starting] Here's where we're going to build the biggest drug lab in the world.
It's not easy to get here, so we we'll be left alone.
What about the land owners? They'll have to sell it, like it or not.
Damaso, I'd like Quino and you to handle the logistics.
How big will this place be? More than 200 hectares, man, but we'll just be using two.
The rest will be to plant weed and poppy.
I want this place to have phone, water service, electricity, laundry service, internet, all the amenities so people only worry about producing and not about getting out of here.
More than a lab, I want this to be like a miniature city.
A city worthy of the world's biggest organization.
MEXICO CITY [techno music] INCOMING CALL FRANCO [cellphone vibrating] [cellphone ringing] What's up, Mayel? MALAYSIA I'm sorry to call so early.
I'm in Malaysia.
What are the chances of opening up a lab over there? We have a shot.
There are some investors that are very interested.
If we make the merch there, we'll be able to take over more countries in Asia.
I'm in the middle of negotiations, and I talked to the twins in Chicago.
They're able to find some raw material in China.
Keep up the negotiations, and keep me informed, too.
This first edition of the Security and Family Fair DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY MEXICO CITY has the objective of highlighting the importance of preventing crime to reduce the crime rates in the city.
The relationship between police and citizens is fundamental to make our capital a safe place for you and your families.
I am very thankful again to you for coming and I'll leave you with the agents that will be in charge of handing out more detailed information about the work that is done daily to benefit every citizen.
Thank you very much.
[clapping] What are you doing here? I've been calling you for months, and you don't answer.
I need to understand why.
There's nothing to understand.
I just don't want to see you.
What happened? Why this sudden switch? No, you got confused.
That's all.
Our relationship was always contractual.
It has always been like that.
Buying and selling.
This is what you want, right? You are a son of a bitch.
Stop pretending.
This is more than enough.
Now take it and never look for me again.
Don't worry.
You'll never see me again.
[door closing] [heavy breathing] [moaning] Are you leaving? Yes.
Why are you in such a hurry? Let's celebrate our first month by spending the night together.
We are not going to see each other again, Ramon.
Why not? I thought we were doing fine.
Yes, we were doing fine.
[Bertha] The scholarship law for sons of single mothers CONGRESS MEXICO CITY means breaking a cycle and trying to get those kids out of poverty.
Taking them out of temptation for delinquency and drug trafficking.
[deputy] By a majority vote, the scholarship and educational stimuli law to financially support single mothers has been approved.
Congratulations, deputy.
Thank you so much.
You had excellent arguments.
But I don't understand why do you work so hard.
I can give you anything you want.
You should stop talking so much shit and get to work.
Have a good day, deputy.
[guitar music] [Joaquin] Cheers! [man] Cheers! And lots of cash! - Well said.
- For you.
Let's eat.
Congratulations, Joaquin.
[Lora] How far along is it? We're moving fast.
The land is already ours.
Bravo found us cheap labor, too.
TEPEHUANO NATIVES When this laboratory and the one in Malaysia are done, we're going to have merch to supply the entire world.
Cheers to you and your empire.
Did you always know you'd make it this far? I always knew I wanted more.
And I still do.
It hasn't been easy, but here we are.
I don't have to tell you that.
For better or for worse, your father always knew how to build up the character you needed to accomplish all of this.
What did you say? I'm sorry, Joaquin.
What is your place inside this organization, Lora? - I'm the head lawyer.
- Exactly.
You work for me, don't forget that.
You're just another employee.
I'm very sorry, this will not happen again.
Sir, it's Mr.
Hello? What's up, Conrado? What's the important message you wanted to give me? It's about the DEA.
They have a message for you.
El Chapo's wings are growing out of proportion.
He's flooding my country with his narcotics.
And now we've learned he has plans of opening a mega laboratory in Malaysia.
What message do you want me to give him? The message is for him but also for your government, Conrado.
You are losing control.
We want him to abort the plans for the lab in Malaysia.
[Conrado] Reduce the trafficking of heroin in the United States, but above all, don't open the lab in Malaysia.
They are well informed.
It's the DEA, Joaquin.
They are the ones who set the rules for the game.
I don't need to tell you that the best thing for all of us is that you cooperate with them.
Bravo, call Mayel.
[cellphone ringing] MALAYSIA Hello? [Joaquin] How are the negotiations for the lab going? Excellent.
I'll be meeting our partners in a few hours.
This will be huge for our organization, Joaquin.
I just need your confirmation.
Go ahead.
Close the deal.
Bravo, get my plane ready.
I want to go to La Tuna.
You told me I wasn't going to be more than a servant.
A lowly servant.
You were so wrong, Camilo.
I've gotten so high that I don't even have to obey the gringos.
It could be true, though, that if you hadn't been such an asshole to me, I wouldn't be where I am now.
Thank you, Dad.
At your orders, sir.
Play all night long for my dad.
I want him to be happy, at least for today.
It'll be a pleasure.
[music] I've been waiting for this coffee a long time, Ramiro.
You know how it is, work doesn't let you do anything.
What do you want to coordinate? RAMIRO PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON We're preparing a hit against two main operators in the Sinaloa Cartel.
I just want to coordinate the dates with you.
I don't want to do my press conference when you're about to put up news to damage Esteban Prieto's image.
According to the president, it's going to be a media bomb, right? I don't want this operation to be under the radar.
You understand, right? I'll tell my secretary to tell you when we're going to put the news up.
Thanks a lot.
They told me you started your career in the PTI.
I was young and stupid.
We all were, right? Of course.
After two governments with the PAD, the PTI can't stand looking at me.
There's still some time left before the elections, but we decided to get a head start.
We're going to tear the candidate down before he starts soaring.
If I can help you out with anything, don't hesitate to tell me.
I don't know much about Esteban, only that Colina is his uncle.
That's more than enough.
Everyone knows that Colina is up to his neck in dirt.
We'll just make that dirt get on his nephew as well.
Colina was a state governor before Prieto, right? Exactly.
His nephew inherited his position.
But before that, when Esteban Prieto was the president of congress, he endorsed two public accounts to his uncle that were clearly stolen from the state.
- Corrupt uncle - Corrupt nephew.
I think we can turn this news around.
We can paint Esteban as a victim that will only get his public image damaged because his uncle is a questionable man.
Something like: "Esteban Prieto is not his uncle.
" Darling, here's your guacamole and pico de gallo I know you like so much.
I'm so happy that you were able to visit him.
You can't live life carrying grudges.
How are you, Mom? Do you need anything? I just need you to take care of yourself.
Don't worry, luck is on my side.
Only good things have been happening lately.
I am glad to hear that, son.
For your loyal service all these years.
Do you remember when we met? When I helped you buy your first hotels in Guadalajara.
That was a long time ago.
Those years gave you the courage to say that about my father.
I didn't mean to offend you.
You have been loyal all these years, Lora.
You're not just an employee.
You're a friend.
It's an honor, Joaquin.
Thank you.
I categorically deny the accusations made by the media that attempt to question my integrity as a public officer, accusing me of endorsing alleged corrupt acts carried out by my uncle, former governor Roberto Colina.
And I have proof to show my innocence.
This is a list of the delegates that voted in favor of endorsing the accounts that I was accused of endorsing.
The only thing I did as the president of the local congress was to respect their autonomy.
If there is any problem with these accounts, these delegates, not me, are the ones who will have to answer for their actions.
And I want to be clear about something: I am not my uncle.
Good evening.
When the lab is working at 100%, we estimate it will produce more than 100 kilos of synthetic drugs a day.
When will this be done? In approximately two months.
Whatever you need, ask Quino and Damaso.
I want this to be finished as soon as possible.
Check the marked page.
We got an advance copy.
This will be in every bookstore tomorrow.
We're going to look like idiots, Conrado.
The only drug lord on the "World's Richest" list is Mexican, and he's not even in jail.
Ismael says he'll be a little late.
Please wait.
Get me some lemonade, please.
Lora, how are you, man? LAS LOMAS RESIDENCE, SINALOA CARTEL MEXICO CITY My brother and I are just passing through Mexico and I wanted to run some legal stuff by you.
Can we meet? How long will you be here? Until tomorrow morning.
You know how it is.
Do us the favor.
Just take a flight.
We'll be waiting.
We are at the Lomas house.
Thank you for coming, Conrado.
I'm very glad that the governor walked away from all those allegations scot-free.
Esteban is very grateful to you.
Now more than ever, he's sure that you'll make a great secretary of state for his term.
But that's not I called you for.
I want you to meet someone.
Conrado, this is my goddaughter, Bertha.
Your future wife.
Pleased to meet you.
What's up, Lora? - What's up? - Come in.
Thank you.
Fucking traitors.
What do you want? Remind your boss that when we ask, we receive.
I'll let him know.
You'll be doing much more than that.
Those are the charges against you.
A criminal case of drug trafficking, open in San Diego.
El Chapo needs a lesson, and you're going to help us give it to him.
If you don't want us to arrest and extradite you, you're going to have to work with us.
Subtitle translation by Chanel Otero