El Chapo (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

1 PUENTE GRANDE PRISON JALISCO, MEXICO [guard] Your attorney is here.
[chains clanking] PRISON SECURITY Rumor has it that Joaquin has run out of luck.
That he's been hiding for the last few months because the government is after him.
[attorney] Culiacan is buzzing.
After the Mayel incident, there's been more operations than usual.
I want you to take a message to my close friend, Isidoro.
Tell him to get the house back and rebuild it.
I still have a long time left here.
He can have the whole house to himself.
I only have one condition.
You have to kill Chapo Guzman.
ISIDORO'S SECURITY HOUSE GUASAVE, SINALOA That's all El Arriero is asking for in return for giving you what's left of the structure of his organization.
I want you to thank him for me.
Now that Chapo is hiding it's the time to strike that fucking traitor.
I feel the warmth From my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness That nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that Come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOUNTAINS MEXICO [agent] They advise we go southbound and avoid the 24.
Let them confirm the route and then we move.
[Ismael] Give me another beer and the papers.
[people on the street] Thank you! [girl] Thank you for the electricity! [car doors closing] You've become a Robin Hood.
They send their thanks for the electricity.
I learned from the politicians, man.
I keep the people happy and they let me know if they see anything.
I take care of them, and they care of me.
Come in.
All right.
The laboratory is working at full capacity.
Look at the revenue the meth is yielding.
Reinvest 25% to expand the laboratory, my friend.
We could still get even more.
How are Venezuela and Argentina coming along? That deal is done.
Our people have the logistics ready to build two laboratories in the Philippines.
I thought the Mayel incident would affect us more.
But business-wise, his absence is barely noticeable.
You said it.
Sorry, Ismael.
I know this is hard to hear, but Mayel was extradited and life goes on.
It goes on for everyone, but him.
Take heart.
The business won't stop.
And we still have a lot to do for the organization.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Any news about the job? Not yet.
You got a call from the capital.
Someone from a commission is looking for you.
Besides, no one was interested in it.
It interests us, Mr.
Our commission is investigating a case where your testimony could be very useful.
VICTOR RAMIREZ EX-FEDERAL POLICE Mexico City is very far away.
If you want to hear me, you'll have to come here.
[politician] So be it.
You won't have to move.
Please, give me your address.
We'll be there next week.
Send my regards to your godfather.
VICTOR RAMIREZ THE INFORMER NEWS [door closing] [Berta] Conrado! [Berta] The commission is following his steps.
I have to get ahead of the game.
My godfather's plane is waiting to take me to Nuevo Laredo.
I'm coming with you.
It's too risky.
The farther you are from the investigation, the better.
Which one? Neither.
These are humble people.
You'd better wear a simple blouse.
Berta You must convince him not to say anything.
We're in this together.
You keep looking for something to stain Olivares' name.
Trust me.
[vehicle approaches] JOAQUIN'S SAFE HOUSE, REVOLCADERO, SINALOA Welcome, my queen.
Everything good? We left Culiacan without any incidents, sir.
Nobody followed us.
Wait, wait.
The doctor said I can, but I'm scared.
Which doctor? Are you sick? I'm pregnant.
Why didn't you tell me? How far along are you? Two months.
I wanted to tell you in person, so I could see your reaction.
Do you know it it's a boy or a girl? Does it matter? No.
If it's a boy, he'll be Joaquin.
If it's a girl, Joaquina.
[laughing] That's it.
- Hello? - Good afternoon, ma'am.
Good afternoon.
Is this Mr.
Victor Ramirez's house? Yes, I'm his wife.
How can we help you? I'd like to talk with him about an interview he gave years ago.
[Victor] You said you'd come next week.
My statement for the commission is not ready yet.
I'm not from the commission.
I'm here on behalf of the Secretary of Public Safety.
- Conrado Sol? - Yes.
That man did not care when I was fired after losing my leg.
I'm not speaking with you.
The secretary didn't know you got fired.
I was told you are our top I.
If what you're looking for is on the web, I'll find it, sir.
I need your expertise.
But also your discretion.
If you do good with this job, you'll get a promotion.
What do I have to do? Access the educational history of the governor of Hidalgo.
But I don't have his university ID number.
Do you have his full name and year of enrollment? Attorney at law.
Felix Olivares.
[screams and crying] [man] Don't get up, or I'll shoot - [man] Don't fuck' with me! - [man 2] Down, or I'll shoot! [man] You heard me? - [man] If you turn around, I'll shoot! - [man2] I said no screaming! [man] Get down! [men continue yelling indistinctly] Don't hurt them, please.
That depends on you.
How much is Chapo paying you? He gives me 50,000 pesos per month to share.
Among how many people? Five.
Six, counting me.
I'll pay double.
And now you work for me.
I want you to give me all the addresses to Chapo's houses here in El Salto.
In this house one of Chapo's main men is hiding.
These two are laboratories.
[police officer] This other one is a safe house.
CHAPO SAFE HOUSE IN EL SALTO, DURANGO, MEXICO [gunman] Ready? [Isidoro] Affirmative.
Whenever you're ready, sir.
How is it going, how is it going? [screaming in background] I'M HERE, CHAPO.
What 's up, Mostaza? I'm calling about Isidoro's attack.
Give me the details.
[Elba] And why not Elba? What if it's a boy? Elbo.
- [laughing] - Poor child.
No fucking way, a son of mine will have that name.
If he's going to have your last name, at least let him have my name.
OK? Who is going to carry him around for months? And I'm going to be by your side.
I'm going to your next ultrasound.
How are you gonna do that? I'll find a way.
I can't miss my child's ultrasound.
[door knocking] [Bravo] Excuse me, sir.
Isidoro fucked up our guys in El Salto.
We lost the turf.
Fucking Isidoro.
Find out where he is.
That bastard won't hit us again.
Where is Isidoro hiding? I don't know, sir.
They said after El Salto, he was headed to Los Mochis.
[policeman coughs] Who is their contact in Los Mochis? I don't know, sir.
[police officer] No, please.
I beg you.
Call Bravo.
Tell him to inform Joaquin we're sending back up to Marcelo to defend Los Mochis.
Come on.
[gun shot] [Elba] Why do I have to leave so soon? I have to go to Los Mochis to take care of something.
I'd rather have you stay in Culiacan.
I don't want you to go, Joaquin.
If you leave here, you might get caught or worse.
- Think about our child.
- That's what I'm thinking about.
Los Mochis is an important territory.
It's a gateway to our home.
We can't lose it.
I don't want to be alone.
- Especially now.
- You won't be alone, my queen.
You know how we move, or else, how did I bring you here? You relax and wait for me, we'll go to the ultrasound together.
Are you sure your men can't defend that turf? No.
I have to lead them.
The organization needs me.
[steps approaching] Victor.
Give me a minute, please.
Go away now, ma'am.
My husband won't talk to you.
Ma'am, please.
If the secretary had known about his termination, he wouldn't have allowed it.
He's very thankful to people like your husband.
It's not fair you have to endure hardship after what your husband did for Mexico.
He's very stubborn.
He won't see you.
If he changes his mind, please give me a call.
And tell your husband I'm stubborn, too.
I'll insist until he sees me.
[engineer] Here's Felix Olivares' school record, as you requested.
So, according to this He only made it to sixth semester of law school.
Go to the bar association.
Check if this is a valid ID number.
[Bravo] Sir.
The governor is here.
[Chapo] Hello, Jorge, how are you? I'm fine, Joaquin.
JORGE DEL TORO, GOVERNOR OF SINALOA [Jorge] When are you planning to move to Mochis? As soon as possible.
How many men are coming with you? About 20 men will go with me, and 30 more are coming later.
That are is invaded by the Navy.
And there are military checkpoints on the roads.
What you request can be done, but it's going to be expensive.
Has it ever been cheap, Jorge? Done.
I'll coordinate the best moment for your departure.
You have to avoid Guasave.
Some will be led out by land, others by air.
[driver] What's up with those army guys? We have an arrangement with them.
This is where we split in two.
You'll follow me to the airplane.
[police officer] That's five more kilometers.
The runway is on the right side.
[Bravo] Marcelo is waiting for us in Los Mochis.
He already sent reports on Isidoro's recent moves.
[Bravo] The shoot out has started.
[engines revving] I see.
Thank you.
You didn't get the job? At least listen to her, and see what she has to say.
Thank you.
[Berta] The secretary wanted to come in person but he was unable due to the unfair investigation on him.
Very few politicians understand that the only way to finish drug trafficking is by dividing it internally.
But you do understand, right, Victor? The secretary does, too.
That is why he makes a few hard, unpopular decisions, like the one affecting you.
What do you want? If you declare you fought with the Sinaloa cartel when the investigating commission comes, you will set back the secretary's years of work fighting drug traffic.
I'll just tell the truth.
Besides, the commission are the only ones that have taken any interest in me for years.
If the commission were interested, they would have offered specific help.
[Berta] Did they offer a prosthetic leg? A pension? That's what I'm here to offer, Victor.
Allow the secretary to repay you some of the damage he unknowingly inflicted.
A prosthesis could help you earn money for your family again.
And a pension would give them financial security for life.
[gunman] All right, the boss is here.
ENTRANCE TO LOS MOCHIS, SINALOA MEXICO [man] This is as far as I can go, sir.
From this moment on, you're in Marcelo's hands.
Give thanks to the governor on my behalf.
With pleasure, sir.
What's up, fellas? Are we going to fuck up Isidoro, or what? Hell yes, sir! [man on the radio] The road is clear.
Move! Get in the trucks! Where is that motherfucker, Marcelo? By Las Calaveras, near the Devil's curve.
He wants to snatch the best entry into the city.
MARCELO TURF BOSS How well armed is he? There's a lot of them and they're heavy.
They've killed six men so far, and injured several.
Well, now that we're here, they're fucked.
Come on.
Let's go! Go! [machine gun shooting] There they are.
Right at the devil's curve.
Is there any way we can take a back entrance? There is no road.
There is a hill on the side.
We'd be an easy target on the hill.
Let's go with our people.
I am going to kill that bastard.
[gunshots and screams] [Bravo] Cover me, cover me! [bullets clinking] I thought you didn't have the balls to show up, Chapo! I'm going to fuck you up, just like I fucked your boss, El Arriero, bastard! You fucked them like you fuck everyone, you fucking traitor! Now we're fucked up for real, go, go! Let's go! To the entrance! Shoot, you bastard! Let's go to the hill! They're coming! Don't step back! Kill them! Kill them! [gunman] There you go, faggots! - [ears buzzing] - [muffled screams in the background] [gunshots] They keep advancing.
This is gonna be difficult to control.
Let me call for backup.
[growling] Come with me, sir.
You need to take cover.
I'm needed here.
[gunshots] [whimpering] [coughing] [gunshots] [engine starting] [tires screeching] [coughing] [crash] [car stops] [door closing] [grunts] [cocking gun] It's me! It's me, sir.
[moans] [man] Let's go drink! [gunman] We fucked him up, sir.
We kept the turf.
[gunman 2] We missed you, sir, but Marcelo here, managed things well.
[Marcelo] Isidoro escaped, but we kept the turf.
Los Mochis is still ours.
Well done, Marcelo.
The battle won't wait on anyone, not even for me.
First of all, we want to thank you, for receiving us.
INVESTIGATING COMMISSION Your statement could be fundamental to prove the alleged connections of the secretary of public safety with drug lords.
We're listening.
[wife] Tell the gentlemen what you have to tell them.
This interview was conducted at a bad time.
They had terminated my contract and I was very angry.
One year had passed.
I almost lost my life fighting drug trafficking.
And they had forgotten about me.
That's why I said those things.
To put my case in the spotlight.
Everything I said during that interview, is a lie.
I never fought alongside the Sinaloa cartel.
I always fought them and all the cartels.
[journalist] After the commission's report your name was cleared from the rumors connecting you to the Sinaloa cartel.
What is your opinion of this investigation? The fact that a commission was assembled to investigate me, is just another proof of the good health of Mexican democracy and the rule of law in our country.
All I am expecting of course, JOURNALIS GLOBAL NEWS is a retraction from your colleague, Omar Pardo.
[Sol] I hope you never doubted me, Esteban.
Of course I didn't.
This might interest you, too.
I believe someone was trying to divert the attention.
We must watch out for all the little details.
What's this number? It's Felix Olivares' professional license.
His law degree is phony.
Are you ready to be my secretary of state? It will be my pleasure.
Do you want a whiskey? Please.
[Chapo] Thanks for everything, Jorge.
And thanks for lending me your ranch.
It's fucking great.
You're going to be comfortable here.
Well, my home is your home.
[Chapo] Has the missus arrived? [guard] Yes, sir.
She's in the back.
What's up, my queen? How's the baby boy doing? Baby girls.
It's two girls, twins.
I would have loved to be there.
I thought you'd wait for me to go to the ultrasound.
I thought I wasn't going to see you again.
But here I am, safe and sound.
How are we going to name them? I've already picked their names.
What's the matter, Elba? I have no choice.
What's going to happen if you get killed or extradited? I will have to make every decision myself for our daughters.
That's not going to happen.
You have no way to know that.
If the gringos extradited Mayel, they can also extradite you.
I don't want that to happen, Joaquin, but you're risking it.
We need you, but if you're not here any more we'll go on without you.
Subtitle translation by Johana Realyvazquez.