El Chapo (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

Leave it there.
Did Joaquin send it, son? Yes.
He asked me to tell you to have a little more patience.
The elections will take place soon, and everything will go back to normal.
I hope he's right.
I can't stand being locked up in this house anymore.
Did he say when I'd see him? He doesn't want you to travel to the mountains.
And for him to come to Culiacan would be really dangerous.
But he says he'll keep his promise.
What promise? To be there for the girls' birth.
Buy a clinic in Mexico City, with doctors, nurses, all the personnel.
- A maternity clinic? - No, a general one.
It has to be small and discrete.
I want Elba to give birth in Mexico.
It will be easier to move around there than in Culiacan.
I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return OFFICIAL RESIDENCE MEXICO CITY DEAR SIR, WITH THIS LETTER I INFORM YOU OF MY RESIGNATION FROM THE POSITION OF SECRETARY OF PUBLIC SAFETY, WHICH I'VE PERFORMED FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS.
You will find out in a few days, and I'd rather let you know myself.
I will be leading the Esteban Prieto campaign team.
Son of a bitch.
I was trusting in you to catch El Chapo and win the elections.
Don't judge me without a reason, sir.
Not even the Navy has been able to catch El Chapo, and they were not under my command.
You think you're so smart, but you are not betting on the winning horse.
If Esteban Prieto loses, say goodbye to your political career.
It's risky, I admit it.
But the risk is lower than staying with you.
As the gringos said, "The image of your party is very damaged because of your war against drug trafficking.
" Good luck in the elections.
Summon an emergency meeting with the command of the Armed Forces and the Federal Police.
SAFE HOUSE These are no good.
When you stuff them with merch, you can't tie the knot properly.
And then, when the mule swallows them, they'll tear.
They have to be the security ones.
We can lose a lot of money if we don't do them right.
Sir Hello? I just quit.
The elections are in a few months, and I couldn't postpone it any longer.
DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY MEXICO CITY Did you leave any contact in there? Someone who can let me know of the raids? No, I trust no one.
The president knows very well that, if he captures you, he'll win the elections for sure.
So, now not only is the Navy is chasing you, but also the Army and the Federal Police.
What happened? Conrado just resigned.
I am sorry, sir but without his protection, I think it's better to cancel the purchase - of the clinic in Mexico.
- No.
We just have to be more careful.
I won't miss my daughters' birth.
- Gentlemen - Mr.
thank you for coming.
I want to capture El Chapo before the elections.
ADMIRAL CORDERO We know he's in the Triangulo Dorado mountains, but we don't know exactly where.
That's his territory, and no one knows it better than he does.
That's why it's so hard to find him.
If we can't find him we have to make him come out of his safety zone.
He has a weak point that can make him go out.
COMMISSIONER OROZCO We got the location of the house.
Thank you.
That must be Mr.
Please tell him the geraniums have a bug that's eating them.
Yes, ma'am.
Federal Police! You can't come in! Ma'am, careful! Stop there, don't move.
- What do you want? - Where is Joaquin Guzman? - You can't come in without a warrant.
- Where is your husband? You know he doesn't live here.
I haven't heard from him in years.
You'll have to come with us to the station.
Call my lawyer, tell him to meet me there.
What do you mean they took her away? Federal Police found the house and took her way to the station.
Fucking idiots, I'm going to fuck them up.
Calm down, that's exactly what they want.
They hit you where it hurts you the most so you screw up.
My informants told me that Graciela is just declaring.
She'll be back home in a couple of hours.
They can't mess with my family, Ismael.
If they went after Graciela, they'll go for Elba.
Graciela was caught because she was unprotected.
Elba is protected, and no one knows where she is.
Maybe, but I can't take that risk.
Elba has to have a peaceful pregnancy, to give birth without any complications.
What do you want to do? What's up, Ismael? How can I help you? We want you to coordinate with the municipal police.
Joaquin needs to go to Culiacan.
I will help you in everything you need, but I think it's very dangerous for him to come.
Culiacan is heavily guarded, and there are roadblocks everywhere.
The municipal police can't compete against the Navy, the Army and the Federals.
I told him the same thing, but he's insisting on coming.
Do whatever you need to and wait for my signal.
We need him to come in and out without being caught.
Let's go.
We'll take a plane to Navolato.
There, we wait until nightfall to go into Culiacan.
Move! MEXICO CITY We cannot let our guard down.
If El Chapo really cares about his family so much, what happened with his ex-wife will make him commit a mistake.
- What's up, Mariano? - How are you? He'll take you to the city.
We'll have to travel in here.
It's the safest way to enter the city.
- Where are you going? - It's better you don't know.
I won't be long.
Hector! BERNIE QUINO'S HITMAN Everything calm in downtown.
HUISACHES NEIGHBORHOOD CULIACAN, MEXICO The oven is ready, we can start baking the bread.
Turn the light off.
What are you doing here? I ordered them not to tell you, but the police raided Graciela's house.
Are they coming for me? No, but I didn't want to take any risk.
Neither with you nor the girls.
I want you to go to the U.
You want me to give birth there? It's safest for the twins.
You have American citizenship, so let's take advantage of that.
Federal police are on the move.
It will only be for a couple of months.
Until Esteban Prieto wins the elections.
When that happens, we can be together again.
Promise? I promise.
Take care of the girls.
Stop! Don't move! They confiscated the plane in Navolato, so we're going through Imala.
Take care of your sister.
One two three.
I sent it.
Oh, yes? Look, look at this one.
They are beautiful.
Congratulations! Please make sure they have everything they need.
Whatever it is.
Of course.
Don't worry about anything.
Just make sure not to get caught.
The elections will be soon.
Yes, almost, man.
PTI CANDIDATE ESTEBAN PRIETO LEADS NATIONAL POLLS If this idiot wins, I'll be able to meet my girls.
The PTI candidate, Esteban Prieto, leads the polls in the last national results.
LA PALOMA ESTEBAN PRIETO'S WIFE These are the real results in the national polls.
OSCAR CAMPAIGN DIRECTOR As long as we keep paying them, the polls will keep publishing that Esteban Prieto is first.
But the reality is different.
Two points below first and there's one month left.
We must highlight your wife's image.
She's a popular actress and people like her.
If that was the case, we wouldn't be losing.
The fairy tale between the prince and the actress is not working out.
It's clear that more spots won't help us win the elections.
We have to go to the labor union.
All the candidates make deals with the unions.
Yes, but we have to offer them something better, because right now, everything counts.
I think we should attack from every angle.
It's Mr.
Hello? You've been missed, Conrado.
The army helicopters were just here.
We need your help.
We have to secure votes for Esteban Prieto.
The polls say he's in first place.
The polls are manipulated, Joaquin.
Don't tell me that shit, Conrado.
What the fuck do we have to do to make your candidate win? Make sure the people in the Triangulo Dorado vote for him.
MEXICO CITY The day of the elections these cards will make you a very rich man, director.
What are you asking in exchange? That you welcome the people that come after the elections.
They will have cards like this one, pre-loaded with money to buy products from your store.
It's a win-win situation.
I don't want to be accused of electoral fraud.
That will only happen if we win, and if we win, we'll protect you.
It's convenient for all of us that the PTI gets elected.
The other candidate is not good for the economy, and Juana Vasquez, the government candidate, hasn't got a chance.
I am sorry to say this, but a woman can't rule Mexico.
Not now.
Do we have a deal? Yes, we have a deal.
President, good morning.
Good morning.
Do you think the PAD will win the next elections? Of course we will, and if I wasn't so sure, I wouldn't be using my free day to help Juana.
Thanks a lot, Mr.
With your help and that of thousands of my fellow citizens, in these elections, Mexicans will choose us, the different option.
Make sure it goes out in the nightly news.
Can I confirm your assistance to the campaign meeting next week? Yes, whatever it takes for Juana to go up in the polls.
If she stays where she's at, we have no chances of winning.
Yes, sir.
I'll take care of it.
Thanks for seeing me.
What do you mean by sparing me a political trial? You know that, no matter how much publicity you use your candidate won't be elected, right? If she is not elected and my candidate isn't either, you'll be in danger.
Because the other one, the one that is really leading the polls, has offered to open a trial against you in the name of all the victims of the war against drugs.
So the only way to save myself, according to you is by supporting Esteban Prieto? Maybe it's not your only choice, but it's the safest one.
We'll offer you absolute immunity.
I want a guarantee that you won't even try to open an investigative case against me.
Of course.
It's not convenient for me either, because at that moment you were my boss.
If you get smeared, so will I.
What do you want? Aside from rescinding my support for Juana.
That the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Offenses ignore any investigation regarding vote buying.
We want the budget restrictions for the rest of the campaign removed, and that all the headquarters of your party in the country start actively supporting Esteban Prieto.
And one more thing.
Stop chasing El Chapo.
It will be as if you had never quit.
He'll only have to worry about the Navy.
Just like we won these people over by giving them electricity, you'll go to get votes all around the Triangulo Dorado.
Repair schools, paint fences, clean churches, make sure everybody in the towns is happy, and that they understand this is all thanks to Esteban Prieto, got it? - Yes, sir! - All right, move! We are going out to Surutato.
Now that we only have the Navy chasing us, things will be easier.
The elections will be soon, and we need to use our votes wisely.
To whom do we owe all these supplies and improvements in the town? Esteban Prieto! Louder! Who? To Esteban Prieto! As your mayor, I just want the best for you.
COMMUNAL MAYOR SURUTATO, SINALOA That's why I am asking you again, to whom are we giving our votes in these elections? To Esteban Prieto! Don't fail me, Mayor.
When the results come out we will know who helped us and who didn't.
We will give these away on election day to the workers of the Laborer's Union as long as they can prove they voted for Esteban Prieto.
And how are we going to make sure that they voted for us? It will be a trade.
They show us a photograph of the ballot, and we give them the card.
Sinaloa contributes the nine percent of the national GDP from the agricultural sector.
I promise to implement the Santa Maria Dam.
I commit to implement the two channels of the Picachos Dam, the channel of Humaya and the Elota Piaxtla project, so Sinaloa keeps growing.
Thank you very much.
Esteban for president! Esteban for president! Esteban for president! Esteban for president! Thanks a lot for the support, Jorge.
You'll repay me when you become president.
Esteban for president! ELECTION DAY Today is a very important day for our country.
Today will be a celebration of democracy, where we will voluntarily choose our new president.
I hope it's clear YOUR VOTE IS FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL that El Chapo will know for whom are you voting.
If the PTI doesn't win, you'll pay the consequences.
This way.
JUANA VASQUEZ PRESIDEN Comrades, these supplies are to thank you for coming to vote.
Do not forget that now we are not going to vote for Juana anymore, but for Esteban Prieto, the candidate of the PTI.
Mark this box and vote for Esteban Prieto.
Mexico had an exemplary election day.
Participatory, peaceful and exceptional.
Today we live democracy with absolute normality and tranquility.
Thanks to all the political parties and the candidates that participated in these elections.
We have consolidated our electoral democracy.
Thanks to you, who voted.
Today's election has received the most votes in Mexico's history.
All IFE systems and programs are functioning normally, and providing us true information in real time.
Next I will give you the results of the fast count, for the election of the president of the United Mexican States.
First place, with a vote of 38 percent, Esteban Prieto, for the Institutional Working Party.
Good team, very good.
- Good, very good.
- Thanks.
Well done, Conrado! Fuck yeah! Thank you, thank you.
The triumph of Esteban Prieto marks the return of the PTI to power, for the first time in the 21st century.
That's right, Alfonso, Esteban Prieto has put the PTI back in the government after 12 years of rule by the PAD.
Darling, let me help you.
Hi, my little girl.
How are you? Hi there, baby.
My queens.
How are my girls? Hi, how are you? I was dying to meet them.
So were they.
They will stay in here today and you'll return to Culiacan tomorrow.
Aren't you coming? Not yet, baby.
I have to wait for Esteban Prieto to take office, then I can go back.
How long is that going to take? Six months.
MEXICO UNITED AGAINST AUTHORITARIANISM! Young people came out to protest, against what they consider irregularities in the electoral process.
Urgent, urgent, the president has to resign! THE NON-CONFORMISTS MEXICO CITY DO NOT ACCEPT THE FRAUD We, with struggle and blood, are going to defend ourselves! SIX MONTHS LATER This afternoon, per the President-elect's orders, we've called you here for you to meet the government cabinet.
The President-elect, Esteban Prieto, will appoint Conrado Sol as Secretary of State, who now is going to speak about the integration of the government cabinet.
Good afternoon, everyone.
First, I'd like to thank the President-elect, Esteban Prieto, for bestowing on me the honor of this position.
Now, I would like to tell you about the men and women who will take on the following responsibilities.
Thank you very much.
Come in, please.
I understand, and I share your concerns.
El Chapo has proven to be very sneaky.
So much so that not even your allies in the Navy were able to capture him.
Please, be at ease.
We are here to change Mexico's image.
I trust Mr.
Sol completely.
And don't you worry, we're going to catch Guzman.
Hello? The days of hiding are over, Joaquin.
Vice-Admiral Castro is allied with us.
You're no longer wanted by the Navy.
And what about my deals? We're going to do as we told you: no arrest and no extradition.
I hereby baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
I hereby baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Joaquin! Come here! I am so happy with my girl.
There she is.
We're finally as we should be, together.
We're going to be like this forever, baby.
We're never going to be apart again.
I swear.
Subtitle translation by Chanel Otero