El Chapo (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

1 LATE 2013 You have to wait for it to be absorbed completely.
In 15 days you'll see the final result.
When does it wear off? From nine months to a year.
It depends on the skin.
Over here, please.
You said it was Damaso's wife who recommended me? Yes.
She convinced me to do it.
I hope you're satisfied with the result.
I want to have other enhancements done.
I'll let you know.
This is my direct number.
Did leave your information with my assistant? No.
I'd prefer the communication be directly with you.
Of course.
Let me have your number.
Six, six, seven Thank you for coming.
- I'm at your service.
- Thank you.
Miss Carla, come in, please.
[laughter] We have to be more discrete, Carla.
If your husband finds out he'll kill me.
I feel the warmth From my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness That nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that Come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return JORGE DEL TORO'S RANCH QUILÁ, SINALOA [Joaquin] I want to propose the next step.
There's still more? Your organization is all over the world.
I'm talking about the next step here, in our house.
We run all the institutions in Sinaloa.
Everyone knows that.
But our deals have always been under the table.
[Joaquin] I don't want us to hide any longer.
I want the organization to be on top of the institutions.
To run the state freely.
Are we ready for that? [Ismael] What do you say, Jorge? You play the music and I'll dance.
[Jorge] Where should we start? Getting rid of the few municipal leaders that are not with us.
You got it.
[Joaquin] Cheers.
[laughter] MEXICO CITY "Saving Mexico".
We're doing good.
[Berta] We're doing very good.
He's been accepted, you as secretary of state, and I as a senator.
We can't complain.
I'm just leaving to the NGO.
The director will greet you.
His name is Raul Escalante.
It's a NGO against drugs, present in all states.
It will be a great a great story for the media.
[Raul] Welcome, Mr.
Thank you for setting time aside to come.
I have to thank you, Mr.
Escalante and all your collaborators for their hard work.
We have to face drugs from all sides.
- Over here, please.
- Thank you.
Tell me, how many patients do you treat annually on a national level? We treat 52,500 people and their families.
This is a process in which the patient's family is fundamental.
These are some of our counselors.
- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Sir, good day.
I wish you the best.
Thank you.
The counselors play a very important role.
They're people that have been through it, and are now completely rehabilitated.
They're an example for those trying to do the same.
[Sebastian]get to what we are looking for in the end, is support and Sebastian.
Just a minute Sebastian is one of our best counselors.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
It's a pleasure.
This way, please.
We use this space to work with the families.
As I was mentioning, the support of at least one family member, is vital for the patient's recovery.
[hombre] Afternoon.
We're Isidoro's guys, buddy.
You can't be here.
Why not? It's been arranged.
Not anymore.
Give your boss the message.
I pay you to let me work, not to be fucking with me! El Chapo again? Yes.
Since he's been working with the government again, he keeps striking.
Now he's turned the municipal police against us.
It'll be hard to get to him, boss.
He's very well protected.
Besides his people, he's being protected by the governor's people.
If we can't hit him directly, we'll have to do it from the side, right? [buzz] SINALOA DEPOSI NOGALES, MEXICO [shooting] Tell Chapo that Isidoro sends his regards.
Take him! Take everything.
Let's go! The girls are beautiful.
Like their mom.
Can we go to the beach so they can see the sea for the first time? Done.
[Bravo] Excuse me, sir.
We can go to Mazatlán, darling.
[Joaquin] What happened? Isidoro stole the gun shipment from Nogales.
How much? A hundred and fifty AK-47's and a thousand rounds of ammo.
[Joaquin] We've been too forgiving with that bastard.
Set everything up.
We're going to Guasave.
Here are the names and contact information of the employees and collaborators, Mr.
I also included their pictures.
Thank you.
At your service.
Excuse me.
[door closing] REHABILITATED COUNSELOR [cellphone vibrating] [Sebastian] Yes, hello? Hello? Conrado? [cellphone vibrating] INCOMING CALL That's it.
[shooting] [shooting] [shooting] Get the meth, come on! And with this agreement signed SINALOA GOVERNMENT PALACE CULIACAN, MEXICO we'll bring modernization and automation of the agri-food sector to the state of Sinaloa.
[man] You'll have it rough tonight, the boss went out dancing.
[Jose] Come early tomorrow, I want to sleep.
- [man] I'll see you.
- [Jose] Alright.
Hi, baby.
I'll be home for dinner tonight.
Of course.
You know that when one's hungry, all you can think of is food.
Bastard finally has a day off.
[man] Come on! [screaming] [heavy breathing] [Isidoro] Your family's safety depends on you.
Tell me about the relationship that your boss, the governor Jorge del Toro, has with Chapo Guzman.
What kind of protection do they give him in Sinaloa? [man] Speak or your family will tell no tales.
I was in a meeting at Quilá.
[Jose] The meeting was at my boss's house, the governor Jorge del Toro.
The main guys were there.
Chapo, but also Ismael Zambrano.
In that meeting, they talked about the possibility of creating a group to protect all organized crime.
I don't want us to hide.
I want the organization to be on top of the institutions.
[Jose] They also talked about the possibility for all the drug lords have absolute control over the state.
They also talked about cleaning all the municipalities that weren't under the Sinaloa cartel.
A few days after his kidnapping by an armed group, Jorge del Toro's bodyguard, was found dead.
But he also made an appearance through social media in a video where serious accusations are made linking governor Jorge del Toro with the Sinaloa cartel.
[Jose] The meeting was at my boss's house.
The main guys were there.
Chapo, but also Ismael Zambrano.
They also talked about cleaning all the municipalities that weren't under the Sinaloa's cartel command.
Put a hold to that job in Juarez.
The gringos are gonna get like crazy with this mess.
[Jose] Chapo Guzman was there and my boss, the governor Jorge del Toro.
In that meeting, they talked about the possibility of creating a group to protect all organized crime.
They also talked about the possibility for all drug lords to have absolute control over the state.
You have several public appearances with Jorge del Toro.
This will stain you.
[phone ringing] Yes? [woman] Sir, Richard Smith from the DEA is asking for a meeting as soon as possible.
We have to give something to Conrado so he can take the pressure, or else, I'll have the navy after me again.
That's why I want to give him the Juarez thing.
That job was about 10 million dollars.
That bust should be enough to calm the gringos down.
And Jorge? The usual.
He'll say there's no proof.
That his bodyguard said that because Isidoro's men made him.
They will ask us not to make a big mess.
We'll take care of Isidoro later.
Calm things down with Jorge and I'll take care of Conrado.
Juarez is not good enough.
[Joaquin] I've never given you something so big.
I need something to keep the DEA relaxed.
Something that convinces them.
What do you want? We're going for your lab in Tamazula.
No, not that.
The decision has been made, Joaquin.
Get your people out if you don't want them arrested.
But we are dismantling that lab.
[man] Come on! Get out, you have to go! Don't take anything, get out if you don't want the army to take you! Get in the trucks! Leave whatever you're doing and get in the trucks! Get in the trucks! We are inside of one of the six buildings that were found here, in Durango's mountain range, which were part of a mega-lab.
These are the flasks where the drug known as crystal was prepared, this was the final process to get to this, that is the "ice" or crystal, how it's commonly known.
And these buildings had the capacity to process about 220 pounds a day of this forbidden matter.
The place is in the zone where the Sinaloa cartel operates, that is Durango, Sinaloa and Chihuahua, known as the Golden Triangle.
The ownership of this narco-lab is attributed to El Chapo Guzman.
[Smith] Governor's been supported since you were a candidate, Mr.
It's a shame a person so dear to you is being accused of protecting the most powerful drug lord in the world.
I always considered Jorge as a responsible politician.
I’m not aware whether his bodyguard's testimony is true or not.
You have any proof that it is? No.
Just the fact that despite being the most wanted man in Mexico, Guzman hasn't been captured yet.
We started a joke at the agency.
Apparently there's no Spanish word for surround.
I hope that with these pictures you're not suggesting anything that dishonors my government.
Of course not, Mr.
We congratulate you on dismantling of the mega laboratory.
But for us is quite simple.
We want Guzman.
Nothing more.
And absolutely nothing less.
The secretary of state should share our same frustration.
He's been participating in the search for a long time.
Of course.
My government considers the monetary contributions towards Mexico through Plan Merida as money well spent in the fight against drug trafficking.
So, it'll be a shame if the lack of results puts our continued collaboration at risk of being terminated prematurely.
Fucking gringos, they have us by the balls with Plan Merida.
It's not convenient they cut off cooperation.
El Chapo's time is up.
Do you know where he's hiding? I only know he's in Culiacan.
I'll handle him.
But, when we capture him, he can't be extradited.
Chapo has too much information.
MEXICO CITY I want you to trace a number.
How much time do you need? First Mayel and now the lab.
The gringos don't forgive.
With this, they should cool down.
That lab thing will make us close some routes.
But that's better than having the navy all over you.
We have to keep Conrado happy, so he can keep our agreements and protect me from the gringos.
What they want is to get to me, but that won't happen, son.
I'm sorry, sir, the number can't be traced.
Why not? It's a number I usually communicate to.
There's no signal when I trace it.
Most likely, after the calls, the cell phone's chip is destroyed.
That explains why you can communicate to the same number but it's not related to any localization signal.
Thank you.
- I'll call you if I need anything.
- Good night.
We have to reallocate our people while we build the next one.
We're sending them to Nogales, Hermosillo and Mexicali.
[Damaso] To the smaller labs.
Quino, look for an area where we can build.
The same, big property, the harder to get there the better.
[Ismael] Look something by Compostela.
Take the blueprint so it can be the same as this one.
Not the same, but better.
In the other one we needed more storage space.
Great, take care of it.
[cellphone ringing] - Look.
- Hello? [Joaquin] With the lab should be enough.
Sadly, no, Joaquin.
The gringos have it against you.
They're pressuring the President.
I need you to help me so I can help you.
I can give you another shipment.
I need to arrest people this time.
No gunmen or hitmen.
I want new faces, at least three.
Something that will get me a headline.
You're asking for too much, Conrado.
The Jorge del Toro thing reactivated the DEA.
It's the minimum I'm asking for to get them off your back.
They're gonna call you to give you the names.
Did he accept? Do you think it will work? THE BANKER CHAPO'S FINANCIAL TRADER [police sirens] - [police 1] Stop! - [police 2] Freeze! [truck stopping] LIEUTENAN CHAPO'S DISTRIBUTION BOSS [soldier] Freeze, assholes! Get down, now! Get down, everybody! Quickly, to the floor! Under the truck, quickly! [grunt] COMMANDER CHAPO'S SECURITY I'm the secretary of state.
I think you know me.
You're here because you're money laundering for El Chapo.
He gave us your name.
Your weekends at the clubs in San Diego are over.
You'll be locked up for a long time for transporting drugs to El Chapo.
There's only one way to avoid being locked up in the toughest prison in the country.
I need information.
I need to know the location of the safe houses of the man who betrayed you.
If you help me find Joaquin Guzman, I'll make your stay in the prison very short.
Nobody will know it was you.
Wait for me in the car, I'll be right there.
[sighs] Take care of them, don't keep them in the sun for too long.
When are you going? As soon as I can, darling.
I'll just close a deal and I'll go to Mazatlán.
Don't take long.
Take care.
[door closing] Put 20 more grams per cucumber.
We have to take full advantage of this job.
We've lost a lot of cash.
[radio beeps] [Lopez] Bravo, stay alert, we have movement in the safe houses.
[Joaquin] Let me talk to him! Lopez? Is it the navy? The navy, the army and the feds, sir.
They're hitting several houses at the same time.
Sir, we have to evacuate.
Go to the usual spot.
- [radio beeps] - [Lopez] Copy that, sir.
[sirens] Stay alert! Operative! [gun cocking] The security door will give us an advantage.
Let's go, let's go! Come on! - [sirens] - [shooting] [shooting] [shooting] [tires screeching] I understand.
Thank you.
Did he get away? Through a fucking tunnel! This was the perfect opportunity to catch him! Now he knows we're after him.
[Berta] That will make it harder but not impossible.
You won't gain anything by worrying.
You need to clear your head and think on the next step.
Why don't you go see Lalo? Sex helps me clear my head.
You're right.
I need to stop thinking.
I'll be a while.
Run your errands and I'll call you back.
[opens door] [door bell] [Sebastian] Who is this? Sebastian, it's me.
[buzz] [Carla] Hi.
I told you to wait at the hostel.
You take too long and I get bored.
- [bang] - [scream] What was that? THAT'S NOT YOUR WOMAN SHE BELONGS TO THE BOSS What are we gonna do? [Damaso] We've been at it all night with this, Joaquin.
Going to Mazatlán is way too risky.
Sol betrayed me.
I have to disappear for a while.
But I'm not leaving without seeing Elba and the girls.
I understand.
But going from here to Los Cabos is safer.
The faster you get to that turf, the better.
It's out of the government's radar, you said so.
- Yes, sir.
- Coordinate your people in Mazatlán.
Double our security.
We're going to see my kids.
Have they given us anything yet? Not yet, they want to make sure that they'll be protected.
You're very stubborn, Joaquin.
You shouldn't go there.
You once helped me get out of jail.
Now you're gonna help me not to get in again.
Wait for me in Los Cabos.
I'm going to Mazatlán for a few hours and we'll meet there.
Say hi to Elba and the kids.
[Bravo] To the trucks! Her husband is a lieutenant in the Sinaloa cartel.
If you don't help us, we'll be killed.
What's his position in the cartel? [Manny] Is he related to the bosses? We're not interested in middle men.
If you don't have anything else, we cannot help you.
[doctor] I treat the wives.
[Manny] The drug lords' wives? I treated Chapo Guzman's wife recently.
Her personal number is in my contacts.
[doctor] She's under the name EC.
[Manny] EC? Elba Coronado.
Subtitle translation by Daniela García.