El Chapo (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 7

1 I can't stay for long.
Where are the girls? They tried to wait for you, but didn't make it.
What time do they wake up? At six.
Like clockwork.
Everyone is on my trail.
Fucking traitorous government turned its back on me.
They'll go after me wherever I am.
What's going to happen? I need to disappear for a while.
For how long? Where will you go? I don't know.
But you'll hear from me.
I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to you three.
[sighs] We always come out on top, even at the worst times, right? I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return MIRAMAR BUILDING MAZATLÁN, MEXICO FEBRUARY 22, 2014 5:40 AM [door slams] [wood shattering] [screams] [children crying] [scream] Don't shoot.
What do you want? [sobbing] [Elba] I'm alone! There's no one else, I swear! [banging on the door] [Elba] Let me go! [Elba sobbing] [cries] [Elba] Let me go! I want to see my daughters! Chapo! Surrender! [sobs] [Elba] Let me go! I want to see my daughters! [soldier] That's enough, Chapo! Do you want your family? Give yourself up! OK, OK.
[DEA sergeant] Do you have him? [DEA soldier] Negative.
Not yet.
[distant cries] [soldier] Hold him, hold him! Hands up! Hands up! Head down! Head down! [Elba] Let me go! I want to see my daughters! [soldier] Go, go! Let's go, let's go! [phone ringing] [Esteban] Have you seen him? Not yet, Mr.
At any moment now, though.
Everything's all right.
He's here.
And the press? Don't worry about it.
The world will see it.
How do you feel? Excuse me? How do you feel? Fine, fine.
When you got away from us in Culiacan, we thought that you'd go further away.
Why did you stay in Mazatlán? I was about to go to the mountains.
I hadn't seen my children.
Don't worry about them, sir.
They will be fine.
And your wife's arrest was merely routine.
She's already free.
Do you want to talk with her? Is that possible? Everything's possible here.
Except leaving.
You have one minute.
Where are you going, girl? Almoloya.
They'll probably take him there.
[phone ringing] Hello? [Chapo] Sweetie.
How are you? Fine.
I'm already in Culiacan.
And the girls? [Elba] Fine, don't worry.
Where are you calling from? [Chapo] Everything will be fine, sweetie.
I love you all very much.
We will see each other soon.
Where are they taking you? [reporter] We are live in the Marine hangar at the airport in Mexico City, where the Secretary of State will give out details about Chapo's capture.
[Sol] With Efficiency, and without firing a single shot, Marine forces managed to arrest Chapo Guzman.
[Sol] There weren't any damages or a single injury.
That's all.
- Thank you.
- [reporters talking] [reporter] At this moment, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is being taken out of the Marine's hangar and shown to the press.
After 13 years as a fugitive, this is the face of the world's most wanted drug lord.
[reporter] According to the authorities, El Chapo will be transferred to the Altiplano Supermax, the very same prison that took him in 21 years ago and from where no one has ever escaped.
There, he will await what seems to be his destiny extradition.
ALTIPLANO PRISON ALMOLOYA DE JUAREZ, MEXICO You don't have a name anymore! You are not a person anymore! You are a number! From now on, you will be 3578.
That's what you will be called.
And that's what you will answer to.
Understood? Yes, sir.
Answer respectfully.
Yes, sir! CULIACAN, MEXICO ISMAEL ZAMBRANO'S HOME Did you manage to get in touch with my dad? They haven't let our lawyers anywhere near him.
What are we going to do? After Joaquin's arrest, we are weakened in the eyes of the government.
They'll come for us.
Let them come.
We'll be waiting.
Keep a cool head, Quino.
Joaquin is the most notorious among us and the DEA had their eye on him.
It was in the government's best interest to arrest him.
The president can show off his capture to the whole world.
What we need to do is plan on how to continue by ourselves.
What do we do? Who will make Joaquin's decisions? All decisions will be made here, between us.
OK? Sounds good to me.
I know we need to keep the business up, for everyone.
MEXICO CITY [Agent Smith in English] Mr.
Today, and after many years of hard work and collaboration, we celebrate the fall of Joaquin Guzman Loera.
For this, and in the name of the United States of America, we congratulate you, and trust you will fulfill the final objective of this mission.
We expect to be celebrating his extradition very soon.
[in Spanish] Cheers.
[man] Cheers.
[all toasting] [Esteban] I want to thank the support that you, and your government, have offered us during this operation.
And I assure you, by the honor of the Mexican people, that Guzman Loera will face the full weight of the law.
We'll punctually meet every step required for his extradition.
Respecting the due process at every moment as well as his human rights.
Thank you.
Cheers! [Muñeca] You are gonna die here, Chapo.
Or even worse, you'll be extradited.
You are fucked for good.
[officer] Silence! Who's talking? "LA MUÃ'ECA" ARTURO BERNAL LEYDA'S LIEUTENAN 3578, you know the rules very well.
Yes, sir.
And that's why I request permission to speak.
I haven't been allowed to contact my lawyers yet.
And I have that right.
That's not going to happen.
Orders from above.
From the warden? Allow me to talk with him.
The warden will talk with you whenever he decides to.
Don't waste your time, 3578.
The orders come from somewhere higher.
[guard] Lights out! [door clangs] Fucking gringos They want everything.
We can't extradite him.
He knows too much.
If we hand him over, he could speak about the party.
But here we could always silence him.
What can the gringos do if they find out that we don't want to give him up? Threaten with stopping subsidies, cutting funds, press us with closing Plan Merida.
They'll need to settle for his arrest.
The DEA came, celebrated.
Everyone's happy and satisfied.
We need to stall the extradition order, approve every appeal from his lawyers.
I'll take care of that.
[Miguel] Berta, we had something real.
People spend their whole lives searching for what we had.
Had, Miguel.
We don't have it anymore.
But we can still count on each other, right? Always.
When love is real, you never forget that person.
Maybe, but I'm after something else right now.
And I get closer every day.
[Berta] All of it is about to take off, Miguel.
There will be time for the rest.
Good evening.
How was dinner? Fine.
You know, DEA pressuring us.
Nothing we didn't expect.
Do you think that people never forget those they love? Are you talking about your ex? No.
I'm thinking about that boy, the one you left for this.
Did you love him? No.
Don't you miss him? You really forgot about him? It was just another fling, Berta.
Some boy I knew.
Good night.
I want to see you.
[Franco] Come.
I can't.
It's too risky.
Be patient.
I'll find a safe way to meet.
[Sol] I'll call you.
You got 20 minutes.
MARTIN CAMPOS ALTIPLANO PRISON WARDEN [phone ringing] [Sol] Is he alone? [Martin] Yes, Mister Secretary.
He can't share the yard with anyone else.
Has he had any contact with his lawyers? No.
We are following your directions to the T.
No visits, no calls.
[Sol] Keep an eye on him.
Knowing Chapo, he must be planning something.
[retching] [Ismael] What is happening, Valdovinos? How long will we have to wait? They have to let him talk to his lawyers.
The order comes directly from the Secretary of the Interior.
He instructed the prison's warden not to let him see us.
They called it a special case because he once escaped from a Supermax.
We can't just wait.
What do you propose? Appeal to those who love him.
[retching] [Chapo] Muñeca? The food got you sick, right? Wouldn't you want to have decent food and medical care? They can't keep us like this, man.
No one cares about you here, Chapo.
You might have been a king out there, but here, you're a piece of shit.
[Chapo] That's why we need to attack them from the outside.
I don't have access to my lawyers, but you do.
I'm not going to eat this trash anymore.
- It's rotten! - [guard] Silence, 3578.
Sit down.
I won't eat it either.
I'm on a hunger strike until the government treats us with dignity and respect.
They can't give us rotten food.
Or deny us medical care.
Feel welcome to join.
Hey! What the hell? [indignant shouts] Silence! Sit down! - Hit me, too! - Sit down! Give up the hunger strike, or you'll end up in deeper trouble.
We are only asking for the basics.
Decent food, medical care, and access to our lawyers.
The press already knows and they'll go after you.
[Valdovinos] Joaquin and Muñeca's strike worked.
The media is asking for every lawyer's statements.
We'll hit the president where it hurts him the most: his public image.
We have a surprise for him in Culiacan, too.
[reporter] The Sinaloa Cartel boss will face charges in Mexico before any chance of being extradited.
Nevertheless, hundreds of protesters left their homes in Culiacan to demand Chapo Guzman's release.
Men, women and children attended after being anonymously summoned through social media to march in favor of the famous drug lord and oppose his extradition.
[reporter] Some of them arrived on private buses.
Chapo forever! 701 forever! Long live Badiraguato! [reporter] Protesters showed up at other municipalities as well, with messages supporting Chapo written on signs and shirts.
WE WANT EL CHAPO FREE [reporter] Meanwhile, in Mexico City, Chapo Guzman's lawyers are about to talk about the hunger strike started by their client at the Altiplano prison.
[reporters] Valdovinos! Would you leave me alone, please? [Valdovinos] We'd like to inform the press that over 1,000 inmates have joined the hunger strike to protest the awful conditions they endure at the prison.
There are no guarantees today that any inmate can survive there.
That isn't the proper way to treat anyone in Mexico.
That's why we have called on international human rights organizations to visit the prison and speak about it.
But the main question is: Mr.
President, are you aware of the fact that in Mexican prisons, human rights are being violated? The eyes of the world are on you, Mr.
[phone ringing] Hello? [Esteban] What the fuck is happening? This is outrageous.
They want to hurt your image, Mr.
[Sol] Let's issue a press release.
And what do we say? That we agree with the inmates' demands.
Are you crazy, Conrado? That's the best course of action, sir.
We give into the demands because we have a principled, humane, compassionate president.
Not a tyrant who abuses his prisoners.
A president who respects human rights.
Very well.
Take care of it.
[phone ringing] [Sol] Martin, we're going to give them what they want.
But be on your guard.
I'm sure El Chapo is plotting something.
I don't believe he started the strike out of concern for the prison's conditions.
Do not worry, sir.
We'll keep an eye on him.
[Sol] Francisca, I'll be unavailable for 15 minutes.
Excuse me, a question.
Is there always this much movement? Yes, sir.
This is the shift change.
It's done twice a day.
Thank you.
I know how we can see each other.
[Chapo] Ma Don't worry, son.
It's just old age.
Your mom is so worried, she doesn't sleep.
What do you worry about, Mom? Everything will be fine.
How could I not worry? I don't know whether you'll be sent to the other side, or killed.
That won't happen.
You know I'm immortal.
And the girls? Fine.
Look what they made for you.
Valdovinos? I have an assignment for you.
[Chapo] We need to thank the captain for the operation.
Send him a carton of cold beer.
MEXICO CITY Francisca, I'm not available for anyone.
I'm going to eat with my wife.
[Francisca] Yes, Mr.
Hi, Francisca.
And my husband? He already left, ma'am.
He said he was going to lunch with you.
I figured you'd meet at the restaurant.
Do you want me to call him? No.
It's fine.
I probably got it wrong.
Will we meet here from now on? No.
We'll use a different apartment every time.
I'll get it.
You will receive a text with the address here.
Use it only for that.
Don't store any number and don't make calls.
We'll switch the SIM card after each encounter.
These are security protocols.
I learned them from Joaquin.
What if I want to see you? How do I contact you? That can't happen.
We'll only meet whenever I can.
What's wrong? I'm not sure I want to live like that.
Paranoid, hidden.
That's the only way, Sebastian.
Each time we see each other, I'm risking everything I've worked for.
What about me? What will I risk if I accept this? I found it very hard to be fine again after we split, Conrado.
Now I'm a counselor.
I feel at ease.
I don't want to lose any of that.
And I don't want to lose you.
You are the only reason I'm willing to risk so much.
Isn't that enough? [Chapo] It's good to see you, sir.
Did you fulfill my request? [Valdovinos] Yes.
It should have arrived to its destination last night.
[Chapo] This is the plan.
I'm getting out of here.
I need your help.
[officer] 3578, back to your cell.
Now! Leave him.
Go away.
I will leave hidden in one of the food trucks that come through customs.
[Chapo] We need to reach the DICE director to deactivate the security cameras from the outside.
You only need to contact him.
Valdovinos will take care of the negotiations.
As for you, tell us your price and we'll give you twice as much.
But if you don't want to help, we'll go after your family and the pictures won't be as pretty.
Don't make that face, buddy.
He'll help us.
He has no choice.
Where do you want to begin? [Berta] You saw him again.
You scared me.
Who did I see again? Don't deny it.
That boy.
You haven't forgotten about him, and you saw him today.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't deny it.
I had you trailed.
You are ruining everything, Conrado.
For both of us.
My godfather does not forgive treason.
I only saw him a couple times.
I swear.
Please don't tell him.
It was only a hunch.
What? I did not have you trailed.
I didn't know you saw him again.
But don't worry.
I won't say anything.
I don't care whether you fuck Lalo or anyone else.
I just wanted to know where I stand.
What do you want for your silence? Nothing.
All I want is for this not to affect us.
Are you sure the boy is trustworthy? Yes.
[officer] On your feet.
Joaquin Guzman Loera.
From this moment on, there will be a guard keeping watch over you every hour of the day.
You won't be allowed to speak with any other inmate.
You won't be visited by family, or have any contact with your lawyers.
[Sol] Tell him whatever he wants to hear, Martin.
Where do you want to begin? [Sol] We'll take care of your family.
We'll take them wherever you tell us to, and place them under constant guard.
What about him? Joaquin will be under new rules.
[Martin] From this moment on, you will be completely isolated, Guzman.
This violates my rights! We had a deal, you fucking traitor! Son of a bitch! Silence! Get used to your new company, Guzman.
The guards will be your family until the gringos take you.
[Valdovinos] The plan failed.
They isolated him again.
It will be impossible to see him.
What did he say? I think that this time, Joaquin is gone forever.
Subtitle translation by Roberto Tijerina