El Chapo (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

1 [Ismael] What did the Human Rights Commission say? They're dragging out the case.
It's been too long, Valdovinos.
Nobody's seen my compadre in months, he's completely isolated.
I'm sure he's trying to get in touch with us.
[door locks] [guard] Head down.
CONTROL CENTER [click] What's that asshole staring at? I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return - Permission to speak, sir.
- Quiet.
Do you know why us Mexicans are so bad at playing pool? - [bang] - Quiet! [jingle] Dinner time! [door opens] [guard] Move it.
Come on, move it.
Do you know why us Mexicans are so bad at playing pool? [guard] Quiet.
[alarm] Don't call him by his name.
Use his number.
And only when absolutely necessary.
[guard] Don't let him talk to you, and don't exchange any sort of information with him.
You the new guy? PRISON SECURITY [locking] Dinner.
Do you know why us Mexicans are so bad at playing pool? What? It's a joke.
Do you know why us Mexicans are so bad at playing pool? Because we like to scratch our balls.
[ring tone] DON'T WORRY.
- [knocking] - [door opening] They're here.
[footsteps] [Conrado] Diana.
Beautiful, as always.
Hello, Conrado.
I was admiring your Melendez.
Isn't it intriguing? Just like you, honey.
Maybe we'll find a matching piece at the auction.
For sure.
Shall we? [Diana] Let's go.
TWO DAYS LATER [alarm] [puff] My mother's religious as well.
Don't look at me.
They'll know I'm talking to you.
When I saw that rosary of yours, I thought of my mom.
She must be worried since she's heard no news of me.
You visit your mom often? [Joaquin] Does she live far away? She died.
Sorry about that.
One's mother and children are the greatest things.
Can I ask your name? No.
Move, please.
[alarm] Can I have a pen? I'll write a prayer for your mom.
Leave it on the tray.
[Joaquin] It's a prayer my mom says for my dead father.
[guard] Thanks.
[Joaquin] You're welcome.
[Joaquin] What's your name? Tobias.
[reporter] There have been protests in some states calling for a response from the Government regarding [reporter 2]requesting clarification about the students' whereabouts [reporter 3] Demanding their safe return.
Today they've taken the city of Chilpancingo [reporter 4] They've been missing since September 26th PROTESTERS MARCH FOR AYOTZINAPA STUDENT'S ATTACK You must make a statement.
No, let's wait for things to settle down.
Sir, 43 students vanished in a very suspicious manner.
Not making a statement is a poor choice.
That will just fuel public outrage.
I know how to handle this.
Anything I say right now will later be used against me.
Thank you for your concern, Conrado.
I will not intervene.
It's for the best.
[Tobias] What information do you need from outside? Anything.
Every day's the same in here.
Well, currently Ayotzinapa is all over the news.
[Tobias] A bunch of students are missing.
Some say the police took them.
One's been found dead, but no news about the others.
There are protests everywhere.
The President won't talk.
The government and the people are not on good terms.
Everyone says the President is useless.
That's bad news for me.
He'll wash his hands of the matter.
He'll use me to improve his public image.
He'll try to extradite me.
He'll send me overseas [Joaquin] And I won't even get to say good-bye to my family.
I really miss them.
Just like you miss your mom.
I don't want them to send me away before I even get to send them a message.
A message, at least.
But no can do.
What message do you want to send to your family? [Tobias] Pineapple juice, please.
[vendor] Of course, sir [Tobias] Mr.
Joaquin asked me to send all of his love to his mother, wife, and twins.
He also said you'd give me a "Lora.
" That's a real message from my compadre.
No guard would know about Lora.
What does "give him a Lora" mean? It means this Tobias will be our connection to Joaquin.
[alarm] Did you like the watch? [Tobias] A lot.
Thank you so much, Mr.
No need to thank me, Tobias.
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
Deal? MEXICO CITY [Franco] Miguel, your recovery is going really well.
You must understand that this isn't about an illness.
It's a habit that bends people's wills.
For me, my parents were a great help.
That'd be all from me.
[Franco] Thank you.
[vibration] 101 ATENOR SALAS, NARVARTE.
If your wife hasn't said or done anything yet, she must be on our side, right? We should use that.
Use it for what? A short vacation.
Short enough we can be together without having to hide.
Right now, I can't.
I'm the Secretary of State.
It's not that easy to go unnoticed.
I can't take any risks.
Is this good enough for you? It's not what I want, but it's better than nothing.
And it's only temporary.
Temporary It will be even harder once you become President.
[phone vibration] CALL FROM BERTA Hi, what is it? He's an idiot.
[knocking] Watch.
[door closing] [reporter] In May of 2013, Hey published an article including photographs of "La Paloma", First Lady of our nation, in a luxurious and modern home in one of Mexico City's most exclusive neighborhoods.
After a few months of research, it was found that this house is not under her name, nor the President's.
The property's estimated value is 7 million dollars, and it's registered under LAGOS Construction Group.
This same group won the tender for the Mexico Krevle project, obtaining a revenue of $8,800,000,000 pesos during the President's State Governor period.
This group also hired aircrafts to support his presidential candidacy.
Only an idiot would think this would go unnoticed.
His public image is in shreds, especially since he refused to talk about Ayotzinapa.
He's going to hit rock bottom with this.
If his image keeps taking these hits, people will be sick of him by the next election, and of us as well.
He'd better respond this time, and quickly.
I hope you're calling to help, not to judge me.
[Salinas] I'm calling to tell you what you have to do if you want to make it out of this one.
First, cancel the bid that LAGOS Group won, and reopen the bid.
I'm working on it.
And you must come out and refute these accusations.
I guess you just learned that being silent only makes things worse.
I'll check my options.
Thanks for calling.
This asshole really believes he's President.
He'll ruin our future plans.
One more hit, and he won't stand back up.
[Joaquin] Find out who's controlling these cameras.
[Tobias] What for? To avoid extradition.
The longer I'm here, the likelier it is for them to take me.
You want to escape? Get me their names, and I'll take care of the rest.
I'm sorry, sir, but I can't help you with that.
You already helped me once, Tobias, you don't have a choice now.
Are you going to get me those names, or not? They're DICE officers, Mr.
I could get in trouble.
You're already in trouble.
You agreed to give my lawyer a message, and you accepted a gold watch.
I know how to treat my friends right.
And I think of you as my friend, Tobias.
If you help me, you'll get the life you always dreamed of.
If you don't, your life's about to get way harder.
[alarm] [Tobias] Fuck! Can you please take me to the bus stop? Thanks a lot.
MEXICO CITY Ready? I don't get it, why can't it be you? According to my advisors, people are fonder of you.
They'll believe you, not me.
Are we ready? You're a jerk.
[man] Five, four, three, two Good morning.
I chose to speak to you because you deserve the truth.
And I have nothing to hide.
I have worked hard for many years, and I possess the funds to buy properties.
I have acquired my estate thanks to my work, work I have done for over 25 years.
Up until now, I have paid only 30%, this is why the property is still under LAGOS Group's name.
It will become mine only after I pay 100% of its value.
[phone ringing] [secretary] Senator, they're ready for you.
because I will not allow any further slandering about me or my family.
[cellphone ringing] [Conrado] This is a lot worse than silence.
I told him to face it, not to send his woman.
Now they'll not only call him useless and corrupt, but a coward as well.
[Salinas] We're losing our grip on the matter.
He was supposed to be PTI's new image, but he's ruining us.
Put a leash on him, Conrado.
Your future is at stake.
- If he keeps this up - Sir, I know.
One more blow and there'll be no getting back his image.
Not for him, nor for you.
[alarm] It seemed strange to us that guard Tobias Sanchez asked so many questions.
[officer] When we checked the recordings, we realized there's a blind spot between the two cameras on J hall.
They're there right this moment.
[typing and clicks] Got the names? I got two officers' names.
I'm missing three from the day shift and two from the night shift.
[officer] There's a delay between cameras when he's with this particular prisoner.
But that's not all.
We found out some other things.
[officer] Take a look yourself, Warden.
Something shady is going on between this guard and prisoner 3578.
Thank you, officer.
- [guard] Door.
- [snap] Sanchez, come with me.
[Tobias] My shift's not over, sir.
Come with me.
Stand up.
I'm not done yet.
Yes you are, Chapo.
Starting today, all meals will be in your cell.
That's against my rights, warden.
You broke the rules, not me.
Your friend, Tobias, has been discharged.
And the two DICE officers that gave him their names have been transferred.
Starting today there'll be two guards watching you 24/7.
You'll only get out of here dead, or extradited.
Take him.
[guard] Hands on your back.
[grunt] [Martin] It's under control, I just wanted to let you know as soon as possible, sir.
What measures did you take? [Martin] We doubled surveillance, there's nothing to worry about, sir.
It's impossible for Chapo to escape.
Listen well, Martin.
CONTROL CENTER [Martin] Turn the monitors off.
Sir? Turn them off and stop recording.
Orders from above.
What's going on? What's going on? [grunt] [Joaquin] Where are you taking me? Where are you taking me? Where are you taking me? You can't extradite me.
I've got the right to see my lawyers.
[panting] Are you still trying to escape? You gonna extradite me? No, quite the opposite.
I'll help you escape.
But it can't be just any prison break.
You're going to use a tunnel.
I will grant you access to the prison's drawings myself.
What are you playing at, Conrado? Your president's already screwed.
If I escape, the image of the Administration crumbles.
That's not good for you.
You'll get the drawings and you will have the support of any office you need so that your escape may succeed.
Just make sure this escape stirs up quite an outrage.
Leave the authorities to me.
[Joaquin] Are you gonna catch me? You'll help me escape to make a fool out of your president.
And then you'll catch me and become a hero.
A hero that makes a worthy president.
I will not let his screw-ups mess up my opportunities.
You'll be the final nail on his coffin, and once he's buried, it's my chance.
I already told you the one who should be in prison is you.
I won't stop until I catch you, Joaquin.
But it won't be quick.
The outrage caused by your escape should be enough to put the President six feet under.
After that, I'll become your most relentless chaser.
I know you.
I understand you.
You don't stand a chance against me.
If your presidency depends on catching me, you'll never reach the top, Conrado.
Once I'm out, you'll never find me.
We will see.
Did you take care of the cameras? Yes, sir.
No one will know you were here.
This will be our secret, Martin.
No one, not even the ones you trust the most, should know I was here.
I will reward your support greatly.
I will contact you with further instructions.
Turn them on.
- Hello.
- So great to see you, Joaquin.
Elba sent this.
She'll be here on visiting day.
We've got a lot to do.
First, I need you to get me a civil engineer.
[secretary] Come in.
Thank you for coming.
At your service, Secretary.
Don't be so formal.
We know each other well enough to get to the point.
What do you need? The drawings of a particular zone inside the Altiplano Prison.
I want you to hand them to Chapo's lawyer.
I'm the Head of Security.
If Chapo escapes, I'll be the prime suspect.
This Administration is falling to pieces, Eduardo.
We ought to start planning the next one, in which I will be the protagonist.
Do you understand? Can you promise I won't be imprisoned? You have my word.
[Conrado] There will be dirt on your hands after this, but, at most, you will lose your position, and a few years later, we will give you a better one.
[Valdovinos] We've done our part.
The rest is in your hands.
[Conrado] It goes without saying that this is a secret.
My wife and the former president should not know anything.
[man on TV] Today, in another edition of Building Review, we will talk to the man in charge of the impossible.
[man] When I handed in the first drawings, they called me insane.
[reporter] Building this bridge has gone beyond the boundaries of Architecture.
[drilling noises] Subtitle translation by Vianey Avila.